We have lamented since the horrible 2016 election “coverage” (spoilage) and the subsequent attempted Deep State/ Media Coup, that the main problem ahead for America was that we have too many news channels, and frankly, a dearth of good analysis.  Which I get out of bed every morning at 5 AM to work on…

One highly ranked news site I clicked-on today, just as an example, had 52 “news story links” and of these, 14 where about American politics in one form or another.  Trump vetting dump, and did that Muslim congresswoman marry her brother to skirt immigration laws, and such.

To repeat: 27% of the news was about Trump and Congressoids and we can’t do jack about it till the next election cycle..


To real, busy readers of UrbanSurvival, there’s a much keener interest in data; not ‘political filler’ stories.  Items like Bernie Sanders wanting to just burn $1.6 trillion in student debt prove to us he’s unfit to hold office.  Toss in PokaWarren with her “free college” schemes and we have to remind you:  There is no ‘free lunch’ although you wouldn’t know it listening to the clown posse.

The news shortage shows up in other ways, too.  When we read stories like “A NEW way of measuring earthquakes may unlock the “holy grail” of where and when they will strike.” we’re disappointed by the quality of facts.  Mades it sound important.  However, it’s a 700 year data study in a seismically active area..not something that’s useful when deciding whether to lunch in a skyscraper next week in L.A.

When we begin to critically look at what’s passed-off as news, we can “block it” into topics which can then be prioritized.  Word that a “Weather bomb to unleash month’s worth of rain on UK before temperatures rocket to 33C”  91F?  AYFKM?  It doesn’t matter much, because it’s 4,700 miles from us, but absurd can never be far enough away.  This is what season? Summer, you say.  104 coming in France, OMG…(yawn)..

What matters to us is local conditions.  June has a mean temp this year of 76.8 F and there’s been 36.17 inches of rain this year.  Last year we had 22.9 inches of rain.  13.27 inches or about 2-inches a month extra.  Since last year’s mean temp was 81.8 for June, that means 5-degrees on average colder.  Which is how data reinforces climate skepticism.

People have been brainwashed into believing that “climate change” is something new.  But, ultra-smart person you are, you think back to your childhood:  “Hmm…no ice sheets then, either.”

More evidence of the brain-washing (filler) shows up in the BBC’s “Climate protesters storm Garzweiler coalmine in Germany.”  Yet, when these protesters go home, the wrong-headed *unbalanced* climateers expect their lights to work.

Oh, and if they really loved the Earth, they would have made the stupendous waste of energy in crypto mining illegal as a crime against the environment.  More energy use on that than half the world’s countries and no one gets fed (except a tall tale that feeds into egoism and greed).

But before we delve into things like the CFNAI just out, and think about the real economic data to come along later this week, we had to mention that ex-Trump, ex-Climate, ex-Political Idiocy, the actual useful news content on most of the “news sites” we look at is under 50%.

You can’t change weather and you can’t change stupid.  IF governments were serious about climate, they would shut down cryptos, they would ban corporate jets and ground scheduled flights with a PLF (passenger load factor) of less than 70% and so forth.  Ban sale of passenger cars weighing more than 3,000 pounds.  But, they’re not.  Which screams insincere bullshit.

That’s because news of Trump and its crooked twin Trump-hating is an industry just as sure Climate is an industry.  Why, combine the pitch emails in your inbox with the erectile dysfunction emails and perhaps the world condition is best assessed by the quality of our email.  Ever look at what the marketers are saying to get your blood pressure up so they can get into your pants (where the wallet is, right…)?

How to Be a Smarter News Consumer

Need to know the weather today?  Look outside.  Carry an umbrella anyway.  You can club a thug with it even on a clear days.

Need to know what the stock market is doing?  Futures point to +50’ish at the open.  If you’re a pattern daytrader, that ‘news’ is highly perishable: only a 1-minute chart matters.  Slow-trading is less demanding and guessing at the rally continuing to the second week of August is as good a guess as any.

Gold?  $1,407 at Kitco and $1,410 on the futures early on.  Silver was $15.34 at Kitco.  Environment-damaging silly money was at $10,873 each. Not to worry:  This is how the markets looked in the May-August of 1929 period, too.  And we may have much more to go…Dow 29,965 to throw a dart.

The weekly Wal-Mart ad runs through the 27th. You may get more out of clicking here than a whole week’s worth of news.

Last week, Woot had a flash sale on iPad’s (black, 16 gb with WiFi for $119.  Of course we did.

Gas Prices are running on average $2.662 says Triple A.

See how useful this kinda thing is?

The point here:  Politics, senseless open borders, and idiots in office won’t do much other than churn up your stomach acid.  The local weather, how Ure investments are doing, and what’s on sale at WallyWorld and Woot  (the better www) are a hell of a lot more useful than what?

If you’re looking for good reading, don’t waste so much time on news  Either get into the economics behind it, or get some self-education that you can use to build local improvements in your own life. Forget the fairy tale land of screen candy.

Dirty secret:  When I find a few spare minutes, know what I read?  Thing like back copies of Popular Mechanics from the 1930’s to about 1965, or so.

Your brain is no different than my hydroponic tomatoes:  To get any good out of ’em, daily tending is required.  Those “great ideas” we sometimes have that improve our life don’t come from “news stories” – they come from reading widely and collecting different “recipes” for use at your pleasure.  There’s nothing new, you just have to go find it.

Open your email and see if you can figure out the rest without further prompting.

CFNAI – Chicago Fed National Activity Report.

Led by improvements in production-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) rose to –0.05 in May from –0.48 in April. Three of the four broad categories of indicators that make up the index increased from April, but only one of the four categories made a positive contribution to the index in May.  The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, moved up to –0.17 in May from –0.37 in April.


+55 on the Dow after the data when we checked.

Possibly Useful Items (PUI)

Aw, phooey, today’s PUI:

Putin Extends Ban on EU Food Imports Until End of 2020.  Because of the cold wet spring, we may need all the food the world can muster next year.

Speaking of gremlins in the Kremlin: Russia Warns of Repeat of Cuban Missile Crisis – Reports.

Civilian border militia spokesman indicted for impersonating US officer: prosecutors. Government hates competition, does it?

Eldorado Resorts to Merge With Caesars in $17 Billion Casino Deal. Oh boy…Shreveport is just down the road.

Airline hopes that rabbit poo may provide sustainable fuel.  The idea of rabbit poo diesel just makes us jumpy…

And which browser are you on?  Google’s Chrome Web Browser “Has Become Spy Software” is going large.

And in the “Get high, go for walk” dept: Flying Wallendas traverse Times Square on a high wire.

I need to get out the ViseGrips or go back to bed.  Woke up on the wrong planet…again.

Moron the ‘morrow…

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