Prepping: UrbanSurvival’s Kit Checklist

There are a dozen, or more, “kits” that we have around because we are so far from “civilization.”  In our case, that’s a town of 20,000 and almost a half-hour drive, at that.

As a result, we are more than “preppers” in the conventional sense; we are almost our own little shopping center.

That said, even though you may live in a micro home or a small-footprint apartment – mom’s basement for that matter – there are still a fair number of small “kits” to keep around at all times.

Statistically Prepared

The number of doom and gloom websites on the ‘net is up several thousand-fold since we started preaching the “common sense life” approach back in 1997.  The core of our thinking is that Life should be played to  complete and that means  play for minimal loss potential.  The (more glorified) approach is to live for maximum “like” in social; about as dumb an approach as there is.  Or, the “Screw everyone, I’m going for it ALL…” which may land you on an apprentice-like TV show, but may not be the wisest thing because the “max gain” lifestyle brings with it higher addiction, divorce, and burn-out rates.

Statistics matter, though.  And that’s what a UrbanSurvivor is ready for.  What are your real risks?  It ain’t that hard to figure.

  • Probably the biggest risk is an auto accident.

Some eye-opening statistics:  37-thousand people a year die in US car accidents per year.  About 6,500 are injured per day.  And in all, total accidents, from fender-benders on up, run in the range of 6 to 6.5-million a year.  (Who needs college when you can be an auto-body tech?)

One more:  About 17 pedestrians are killed every day by cars.

What, therefore, would be logical to have as a simple kit in your car for the (statistically almost inevitable) accident?

  • 4 copies of the state accident report form.
  • A notepad and pencils for exchanging driver and insurance information.
  • A modest first aid kit.
  • Extra pairs of nitryl gloves
  • A window smash and seat-belt cutting tool in each front seat door pocket.
  • Three road flares.
  • An LED flashlight.

The simplest way to prevent accidents?  Drive during daylight hours if it’s an option.  Never drink a drop if you’re driving anywhere in 12-hours.  And don’t jog, especially at night, especially on shoulders of roads.

See how easy a “Car Safe Kit” is?

The Boat Kit

The same kind of logic applies to boat at this time of year.  Every vessel operator, even a jet ski driver, needs to understand the main loss-of-life cause on the water:  Drowning, of course.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, which tracks such things: From 2005-2014, there were an average of 3,536 fatal unintentional drownings (non-boating related) annually in the United States — about ten deaths per day. An additional 332 people died each year from drowning in boating-related incidents.”

The basic safe boating it, having lived on a sailboat for as long as I did, has one main item in it:  A self-inflating or manual life vest.  While you can buy something for half the price, we sailed with both West Marine inflating life vests and the Mustang Survival Corp M.I.T. 100 Auto Activation PFD, Black/Fluorescent Yellow Green.

A lot of jet skiers think this is cowardly and non-macho, but if you whack your head as your ski comes down on top of you with you bust a wake deadly-wrong, the auto-inflated, head supporting vest is your only ticket back to the dinner table.

Same rules on no drinking (which is universally ignored) and a small 2-way marine radio if you’re on medium-sized lakes and up.

Natural Disaster Kit

Speaking of boats, we figured 2-gallons per passenger on our sailboat. So, with two people aboard and 200 gallons of fresh water, what was our endurance?  Up to 50 days.  Add showers and such niceties, though and more like 20-25 days.  (Plus a plan to get water out of the tank since the pumps were electric,…but let’s not talk about cascading failure plans today.)

Point is, no matter where you live, even a modest natural disaster will set you on the path to “victimhood” if you don’t have a lot of fresh water.  Without showers, figure 10-gallons per person, which would get you a week’s worth of hydration on a minimalist consumption rate.

Know-it-all’s of the pseudo-survivalist camp are death on things like having 10-meals ready to eat (MRE’s) per person.  “Too salty, too this, too that…”  But, they are ‘effin whiners in our book.

You can get Western Frontier 2021 and up Inspection Date, 2018 Pack Date, Meals Ready-to-Eat Genuine US Military Surplus .  That’s for 12-meals at $85, so round-off to $7-bucks a meal per person.  Should be enough nutrition for a week for two but you might be hungry.  (Pay attention to Pack Date and Inspection Dates!)

Since you will want more, toss in a 20-pound sack of a good white long grain rice plus some chewable vitamin C’s and that issue if off the table.

Home Emergency Kit (Medical)

Everyone gets sick.  We find the following list covers most all of what we run into  out here:

  • Neosporin or a generic
  • BandAids (assorted)
  • Tweezers to take out slivers and stingers
  • Alcohol (isopropyl and Everclear, depending on what ails you!)
  •  Old Spice spray men’s deoderant – seems to keep chiggers off in the summer.
  • Household ammonia: Can take the sting out of most spider and bug bites.
  • An albuterol or epinephrine inhaler if serious allergic reaction.
  • EpiPen  for the same reason.
  • Benadryl  or the generic diphenhydramine hydrochloride to   Allergy relief, also a hell of a sleeping aid.
  • Aspirin and ibuprophen for when life is a pain…

The Paranoid/SHTF Kit

Although the odds of a war breaking out on American soil is unlikely in the next 10 minutes, we hearstily recommend you pop the almost $70-bucks for a  Kindle copy of Tactical Medicine Essentials and read it.

Second part of this klit is either a $350 Elite First Aid Stomp Medical Kit or a $150 Officer’s Patrol Tactical Gunshot & Trauma IFAK Kit w/Headrest Mount.  Mainly you’re after tools to stop chest air leaks and slow bleeding…

The minimalist kit would be a belt, pocket knife, and $20-bucks worth of QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze .

This won’t get you “through everything” but this “basic kit” approach is something you can dial-in, depending on where you think the risks are in your life.

It’s “fun” to be “scared” by the doom porn sites, but we like to stake a more steely-eyed view of the data (almost like an insurance actuary) and ask “ What’s my real risk, here?)

If you own a car, you need a kit.  Boat?  Kit for that, too. Living in anything taller than a 1 story building or where there is any kind of natural risk?  Then water and food just make a lot of sense.

And, even if you don’t plan to go close the Mexico border singlehanded, if you own a gun, that’s something to be taken most seriously along with one supporting statistic:

39,673 people were killed with guns in the US in 2017 according to CDC data.

Write when you get rich,

20 thoughts on “Prepping: UrbanSurvival’s Kit Checklist”

  1. Be sure to tie down (or otherwise attach) those seat belt cutters.

    In an energetic collision everything in the front seat will go somewhere else (even the shoes on our feet); many things will exit the vehicle through the shattered windows.

    You need those cutters to be tied to something that doesn’t move.

    I know.

  2. Quick clot….

    I have kept quick clotting bandages in the medical kit for years..
    First I keep a jar of cayenne pepper..
    I also take one pint of vodka or you if your rich can use everclear.. and one cup of cayenne pepper.. close it up and shake it.. put it in a dark place ..shake it vigorously every day for two weeks.. then strain out the pepper and bottle the liquid in dark brown jars. ( you can use vinegar to apple cider) I put some in a small dropper bottle. This is perfect for small cuts and abrasions.
    A bottle of cayenne pepper for deeper wounds..
    To make quick clot bandages you will need kaolin clay (bentonite) you will probably find it in your wife’s beauty stuff..they use it for facial..( i also keep this in a lab duster.. dust this around your floor boards and any critter with an exoskeleton will dry up and die)
    Then take a sterilized bowl put white vinegar in it. Dip panty liners ,4by4’s in the vinegar with sterile gloves on drain excess vinegar off and dip in the ketosan clay powder .. wanna double dip go ahead ok.. now place on a flat pan freeze. ( I freeze dry and vacuum pack ) after you pack it make a small cut on the side for an easy open package..
    Now the ultimate deep wound..

    Ok you can do this two ways..

    Put in a blender and chop then into small bits.. take either a 25 or 50 mil syringe drill the front out .. I tried several different size openings till I got to the proper size that would allow my chunks to flow freely. ( a meat injector is the perfect size syringe)

    The second method of the meat sponge is dark it in vinegar dip in cayenne pepper then compact it and dry it.. then blend it..

    Either way works..the second bgg as varying results.

    I can vouch that it works I slipped once and nicked an artery..stopped it in seconds..

  3. Most people have a lot of first aid supplies at the house, and probably in the car. The things that people don’t have are tourniquets, clotting agents, and packing gauze. One of the things I have picked up from reading books and Youtube prep sites authored by special forces types is that you should pay more attention to things that can kill you quickly before you can get help. There are a lot of ways to cut or skewer yourself other than with firearms, especially if you do outdoor work with tools. First aid supplies for stopping major blood loss are not paranoid, they are priority items. I keep a couple of the cheap elastic tourniquets in the primary vehicle bag, and in the medicine cabinet. I need to look and see if I stuck one in the tractor box, now that I think about it.

  4. Good baseline advice. IMHO, statistics matter, but personal experience and understandings matter more. In daytime driving you have less risk from deer, elk, and other unseen obstacles, along with impaired drivers. At night, you have far less traffic, less or no construction, fewer inexperienced drivers and less concern about law enforcement. LE will call you out for doing erratic things at night, but during the day is when they’re out for the nits. Driving means that you concentrate on driving and nothing else. It means keeping yourself centered in a lane within an inch and the speed you choose within one mile per hour. I means checking gauges and monitoring for unusual noises or vibrations. It means anticipating stoplights or signs so that you rarely ever touch the brakes. It means driving such that you could put a cup of coffee on the floor and not spill it. It’s not singing to the radio, texting your friend or dreaming about the girl you wish to meet. I prefer to drive at night regardless of the statistics and that’s my choice. So far, so good. Others may choose daytime for the same reasons. Some folks have difficulty seeing the road at night for long spans of time, and I can appreciate that too.

  5. If your looking to practice your pistol skills using dry fire, try this from Amazon

    This bullet emits a laser beam when you pull the trigger to show where the bullet would hit. I used it & It works great. Supplements going to the range. Especially good for seniors who are passed the fighting stage & need to be ready to make things equal in a violent situation.

    • As a note, it helped me realize that at the range when I am doing rapid fire, I am not properly controlling my breathing & grip strength causing a low left drift bullet impact.

  6. Pen, instead of pencils. In most States, a document is only legal if written, and signed in ink. Some States (and the FedGov) go further and require blue or black ink.

    “The minimalist kit would be a belt, pocket knife, and $20-bucks worth of QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze .”

    Pay attention, young’uns. THIS is how it starts. My kids and I have thousand dollar GO-Bags. They were accumulated over a period of six years. I started with quality school/overnight backpacks, then when something went on sale, I bought three and threw ’em in. I built them on school-sized, rather than camping or expeditionary, because for a GO-Bag, weight and portability are the most important considerations. {Note, the “prepper supplies” sites which sell ready-made GO-Bags, use this same size backpack.}

    ‘Point is: START, and since you have to set a starting point somewhere, a quality pocket knife and a hank of Quik-Clot is an excellent place from which to build…

  7. Prepping really depends on the who’s what’s where’s…. A real war on our Motherland, for most of us is beyond imagination. It is for me anyway.

    During WW2 if you were in Detroit, you had it made. If you were in Stalingrad, you can read their accounts in the link.

    George, living out in the sticks may become a hospital site for the wounded or some kind of outpost after an EMP. (Pre-EMP whomever the military sides with wins.)

    When the Germans invaded Russia the Red Army along with the men folk and women folk made a stand in Stalingrad. This is a summary of what they went through.

    “Not one step back” – Stalin

    “There is no land for us beyond the Volga.”

    “Bitter fighting raged for every ruin, street, factory, house, basement, and staircase. Even the sewers were the sites of firefights.

    The Germans, calling this unseen urban warfare Rattenkrieg (“Rat War”), bitterly joked about capturing the kitchen but still fighting for the living room and the bedroom.

    Buildings had to be cleared room by room through the bombed-out debris of residential neighborhoods, office blocks, basements and apartment high-rises. Some of the taller buildings, blasted into roofless shells by earlier German aerial bombardment, saw floor-by-floor, close quarters combat, with the Germans and Soviets on alternate levels, firing at each other through holes in the floors. ”

    • “A real war on our Motherland, for most of us is beyond imagination. ”

      OOWS…. I think it has already began…..

      I guess I could probably go on all day with reading material.. but the thought is.. The red army the white army.. the Czar was in contact with the USA looking for help.. the people were starving.. climate wasn’t agreeable to crop production and he didn’t know what to do.. so he asked for help.. the USA send farmers to Russia to teach the farmers our new improved farming .. it wasn’t in time.. the people seen that the wealthy had everything.. the peasants didn’t have anything..

      Germany.. the semantic

      There again.. Hitler because of family ties had the initial hatred for the Jewish community because they were the Haves and the people still reeling from the Weimer depression had nothing.. of course it was the wealthy class that took the hit…

      ever heard the term.. LET THEM EAT CAKE…

      Now.. I am at the bottom of the class structure.. Yet even though I am at the bottom I am not at the bottom.. I know the struggles of the poor.. OOWS.. I am sure that unless you had a substantial amount of money set aside you to are seeing these struggles.. yet I don’t get public assistance.. I am not on food stamps or get daycare assistance.. but I live on an extremely modest income..
      Last years annual increases set my budget in a twirl.. it still isn’t quite figured out all the way..

      Now consider.. Approximately 76.4 million households paying income taxes.. of that..More than 25 million eligible tax-filers received almost $63 billion in federal EITC during the 2017 tax year. The average EITC amount recieved per tax-filer was $2,488 during the 2017 tax year. An estimated 20 percent of eligible workers do not claim EITC.
      or approximately one third.. yet.. of the taxpaying people.. the figure is even more staggering than that.. its about 76% of the working population.
      One in three receive the other benefits.. like food stamps.. put this number in perspective to the food lines of the thirties.. there is now over twenty thousand people per Walmart store on food stamps… the same figure on Heating assistance.. daycare assistance, etc etc..
      at the Hospitals.. one in three walking in the door cannot afford the care they will receive.. clinics turn them away so that the only option is the ER… why do you think you pay twenty dollars for a bandaid or ten dollars for a kleenex.. a thousand to walk in the door..
      these expenses are passed down. I don’t know about there.. but here the cost for a doctor is someplace around three grand a square foot for clinic space.. not counting he pays wages benefits etc.. etc..
      It was all laid out years before I was even a twinkle in my papa’s eye..

      I really need to buy this book in hard cover.. it is my new scariest book.. the one before this book is the creature from Jekyll island.. great book.. scary how they turned the world upside down to buy into the emperors new clothes scheme of things..

      the thing is.. when we started to outsource our jobs.. and deregulated necessities.. we set the country up for failure.. the industrialists in my opinion before those days.. knew the importance of taking a smaller profit margine and keeping the family approach to their companies.. today its only about me.. what can I get.. our college kids are forced to pay off huge debts that keep them in line.. I think my grandson pays out about seven dollars an hour of his wage for his school loans.. the rest really haven’t discussed how much they make or pay.. he doesn’t discuss how much he makes per hour either..
      the real problem is the general public.. what does the kid working at McDonalds make per hour.. what kind of benefits.. a nurse.. ( right there in texas..) makes thirty dollars an hour.. sounds like a lot.. but take a fifteen percent of that off at the top.. then another seven dollars for school loan.. now that is a seasoned critical care nurse.. when your done it puts you down to the fifteen dollar mark. insurance not deductible..

      got kids.. daycare.. a teller at the bank I bank at.. makes just below two bucks a week after daycare and health insurance and travel expenses to and from work..

      NOW.. take the assistance away.. the 76% getting the eic tax credit.. the thirty percent getting daycare assistance and food stamps heating assistance.. etc.. give it back to the thirty percent.. the one percent will soar from the twenty nine percent that will be incarcerated in camps..

      Now.. downsizing these programs is in my opinion a double edged sword.. because if I don’t have a hundred dollars because I have to spend it on something else.. I won’t be spending it on stuff that isn’t on the necessity list..
      Just saying a little in a little out.. It could be fixed.. well maybe not at this time.. the interest on the national deficit is exploding as we speak.. and will if it hasn’t already become an entity that will be self generating and unstoppable unless our country claims total bankruptcy..

      take the assistance back.. the I WANT MORE GROUP.. won’t be able to get more.. give that assistance to the I WANT MORE group and the separation that is a river or lake now will become the grand canyon.. this is why Marie lost her head over it.. Hitler incarcerated the majority of the I WANT MORE crowd in internment camps leaving the upper crust of them to gain and with the support of the masses.. and the CZAR and his family lost their lives and the govt.. turned 180 degree’s in the opposite direction.. all with the support of the seventy six percent of the population masses.. even though in all cases what was happening was recognized as wrong and evil.. they were powerless to stop it once it started. because they depended on them for survival..
      the same thing with the I WANT MORE GROUP.. trying to destroy other countries overthrow their govts.. this disrupts their way of lives. and sets deep hatred in them over what has been done to them..

      of course all of this is just the opinion of an old fool… that maybe takes snippits out of so many different resources and puts them together to form a bleak picture…. the puzzle I constructed may not even be the right puzzle picture.. either..

      • Looking: Win the War on Drugs & much of our problems would be eliminated. But my concern is that if the war on Drugs was won, would it send our economy into a deep recession. What % of our GNP is drug addict dependant? If drugs were legalized & the government taxed it like alcohol, would that provide enough additional income or would a huge drug black market develop. Their is not an alcohol black market. But the problem is now the illegal drug trade is too big an apple to stop.

        I am surprised you don’t have your budget under control in June. I use a budget app on my tablet & know my situation on 1/1 & adjust it as needed, but alway making sure I have tucked away money for expenses & paid myself. A deficiet month is usually the Dentist’s fault.

      • ECS… considering.. the war on drugs and sending the USA into a financial spin to the ruination of our country… HMMM… I wonder..

        47 billion just on the war on drugs..

        I wonder if we Run the numbers.. it is all a business model.. on what it costs for the legal system alone.. those incarcerated at the resorts is averaged out to fifty grand a year.. for personal use of marijuana..
        with an estimated one in three using marijuana your taxes would go down significantly .. on a what is it.. 53 billion average being spent to drug cartels ..

        not to mention that the marijuana plant has more than fifty thousand uses in almost every aspect of life..

        accidents are down.. and even those with evidence of marijuana use have a high alcohol content. Violent crime is down.. sales are up…


        phew good point.. but if I could literally save at minimum two dollars an hour on my personal taxes on an already low wage and probably more.. that would give me another five thousand dollars a year per working adult to spend.. it would give our congress more money to do the pied pipers bidding and blast the crap out of someone’s home and homeland so they can get more money and control..
        It would free up researchers to study the plant for life saving drugs.. reduce the use of opioids and give some pretty phenomenal options and life saving drugs to people suffering from cancers. The research in the UK is really a good argument as to why it should be legalized..

        My dad use to say.. take a piece of paper and write the good things on one side and the bad things on the other.. weigh it out.. see which is better.. then decide from there.. when I start doing that with this plant.. for the list of positive things on one side would take literally a semi load of paper.. OH HEY.. there was a story that the only reason it was pushed to be illegal is for TOILET PAPER and some pied piper that had a stack of saw dust and wanted to make money on it…. LOL…

        Now I don’t like anything that bends ones cognition but.. the people that are going to use it for recreation already are and do so even though it is illegal.. we discovered that during the prohibition.. and there are way more negatives on alcohol then there are on marijuana..
        regulate it.. tax it.. use the plant for what good it can give mankind and the country..
        like algae its easier to convert to oil.. and fuel.. chemicals for foams etc.. just a real great plant..

        the numbers all lean towards enough revenue earned and saved that the Dollar bill and federal reserve could be salvaged by strengthening it.. instead of the petro dollar it would be the hemp dollar.. of course the negatives are that the drug cartels and alcohol industry are spending billions on our congress to keep it illegal .. that’s a big industry.. I figure that maybe the oil industry is doing the same thing by donating money to our congress to since it would be a renewable alternative to crude oil.. and with them basically buying our legislators votes.. I personally don’t see it becoming legal anytime soon..

      • “I am surprised you don’t have your budget under control in June.”

        Me To… ECS… Me to…. I am anal about the budget to… and have it semi managed.. I can’t use the word control since there isn’t any real control over anything control is an illusion..

        the thing is.. wages are not increasing while essentials is increasing at what four percent or better…. the businesses around here are not increasing wages because of their cost increases. Where the wife works just announced last friday that they are doing away with a percentage of staff.. ( that is early.. health care institutions don’t usually go on the annual witch hunt till september october ) but because of their increased costs and that they cannot raise rates again this year the only option they have is cut..the only place they can cut is staff…
        Yet around here uncontrollable necessities are increasing about every three months…. the new one is cable internet just went up another five percent.. netflix about ten percent..garbage.. fifty percent increase..water and sewer that is about forty percent increase over last year.. ( they had to fix some roads.. to get the federal grants to get the job done the federal govt.. required they increase the service rates) ( this upsets me because if when they first put the systems in place charged an extra two bits a month to be put away for future they would have the funds to pay for the necessary repairs. Its like I always say.. stick away a hundred today and it will be a thousand in a couple of years so get the job fixed..the kids are stalled with needed repairs and no money to fix them.. both have professional positions.. ) property tax increases.. wow.. when I read what george has to pay I about fell off of my chair.. I could just about buy his place and make the difference in payments off of what I pay just for property taxes.. I even brought up to the wife that we should migrate to texas and buy a place..
        my skid marks are not what I can change but what I have no control over changing.. if you drink a certain beverage.. buy cheaper.. same thing with food.. buy a cheaper brand get the same product.. the next step is cutting away services some of which are deemed necessary but if you don’t have it coming in you can’t have it going out.. …

  8. The cayenne pepper is the most important – it will stop a heart attack or stroke and will also stop bleeding from a gunshot wound including internal bleeding. I have carried powder to mix with water for years. Recently found a Cayenne Liquid Extract at Swanson Vitamins and having tried one drop I am sure a few dropperfuls will get the desired result. Much faster and easier and not expensive.

    After that some trauma pad dressings, tape and an Israeli battle tourniquet that can be applied to extremities with one hand.

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