A “Double Ten” Short?

A national holiday Monday was part of the reason we entered a short position ahead of the weekend.  In Wednesday’s report, we fretted about the odds of a large upside bolt as G20 nations are desperate to avoid the appearance of vulnerability of the global economic system to normal economic fluctuations.

Not that such things are bad.  It’s just that they can  get out of hand when conditions are just so.  Falling confidence – suspicious economic reports totally overblowing economic strength, and prospects for a better life.

We are, as some readers have expressed it, already in a “stealth Depression” which – with all the major homeless camps and illegals pouring in – sure have that Hooverville replay vibe to this.

This being the weekend, our focus is mainly on our ChartPack.  Based on the long-held idea here that a meta index – comprised of multiple indicators – can give a far more accurate view of market shenanigans than single indices.

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55 thoughts on “A “Double Ten” Short?”

  1. Comrade Ure,

    WAR , What is it good 4? -https://youtu.be/wrZkHKANrNw?si=jLZenYMbfiLJwkWc

    a) https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/nato-web-site-op-ed-calls-for-nuclear-war-preparation



    d) https://halturnerradioshow.com/index.php/en/news-page/world/israel-under-attack-800-missiles-fired-from-gaza-hamas-enters-israel-by-land-and-by-air-idf-declares-state-of-war

    Fugly is operative word for ME yesterday/today/tomorrow.

    Cant imagine WAR breaking out in middle east will effect Oil prices..Nah, nothing to see hear.

    ? Gold – central banks and Canada – why o why does Canada of all countries have NO Gold Reserves ? I am unable to understand why this is so. Do the wokies in ottawa think they can just dig some up on demand as needed ? Not only UNBACKED – no wonder they call it a Loonie, moar like UNHINGED.
    As for RKM 4threich/wef and puppet frontman/monkey, darth squab..
    – Mr Pooteeen is on record now..”wef days are numbered” VP -https://www.theinteldrop.org/2023/10/06/putin-warns-globalist-terrorist-klaus-schwab-his-days-are-numbered/

    Natasha – we must roll back the darkness, and stop the classholes quarterbacking for World Economic Fucks U.

  2. “China”

    The local $WMTs by my are loading up on Christmas stuff but I haven’t looked at the country of origin labels on the artificial trees or anything and just assume Chinese craftsman threw them together.

    I noticed files at Big Blue home improvement are made in India so changes are happening.

    Did anyone call the ‘surprise’ attack? Nice of them to ‘surprise’ over a Western weekend.

    • “ Did anyone call the ‘surprise’ attack? Nice of them to ‘surprise’ over a Western weekend.”

      I honestly didn’t think Israel could be (surprised). They have all the cool war technologies.

      Wonder if the guy in charge of turning on the Iron Dome got bitch slapped this morning or patted on the back. Or maybe it’s works as we as our emergency broadcast system … when there’s and emergency.

      Hillary has been a bit vocal lately … hmmm

        • Once again, that section on Israel disappeared from my September 22, 2023 post, THE REMOTE VIEWING AND WEB BOT CHALLENGE.

          I mentioned that it is was missing in your September 28, 2023 comments section. I linked that and showed a screenshot of my comment, just to show people I wasn’t crazy.

          I had restored everything, and once again it was gone when I published today’s post. This time, Nostradamus’ “Princes of Jerusalem” Sixain was missing too.

          It’s all very strange. I have restored what my conclusions were regarding Clif High’s “Ejecta.”

        • One of the strangest things of the web, Stu, is people like (Clif, too and likely the RV croiwd) will from time to time find various posts missing, and even though the can sometimes be restored, it’s as though the Universe has some rules like “You can see some of the future because you asked and came at it with a clean heart. But, don’t spoil it for the folks in the bleachers who didn’t earn it.”

          We can get mad about it, and all that (believe me, I used to) but any more, it’s just “Hmmm…” and move along. Life’s too short to re-do things the Universe of Bleachers aren’t ready for yet.

          Have cold one and any other forms of “Stay frosty” that come to mind.

        • I hope people understand where this is going.

          Some notes and observations from my 2019 book with some ball park predictions:

          “I began thinking of periods of “a thousand two hundred and threescore days;” so I mapped those periods out until the year 2038, the end of World War III according to Nostradamus.

          What I discovered is that these same dates appear in Nostradamus’ prophecies at significant points in The Apocalypse timeline.”

          1) December 10th, 2009: Barack Obama was crowned with a Nobel Peace Prize.

          2) December 10th, 2009 + 1,260 Days = May 23rd, 2013: Edward Snowden Scandal.

          3) May 23rd, 2013 + 1,260 Days = November 3rd, 2016: Podesta-PizzaGate Scandal. Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th President of the United States on 11-6-2016.

          4) November 3rd, 2016 + 1,260 = April 16th, 2020: Global Economic Collapse and War, The Reign of The Antichrist. (COVID-19 Pandemic Declared on March 11th, 2020 and most countries instituted Lockdowns that crashed the economy.)

          5) April 16th, 2020 + 1,260 = September 28th, 2023: The False Peace. (On October 7th, 2023 Hamas attacked Israel. Israel declares war.)

          6) September 28th, 2023 + 1,260 = March 11th, 2027: The Rise of Al-Mahdi.

        • “I hope people understand where this is going”

          I .. similar to the vast majority of the people .. am trying to NOT think about where this is going..
          with the article I read where a think tank has assessed that potentially eighty thousand elite troops have been sent here under the cover of refugee.. what happened in Israel is definately a possibility for the USA..
          It started in a different region though than I expected.. it started in Iran.. not in North Korea.. I figured Kim would be the one to light things up..
          now are they waiting for the USA to make a move to help Israel.. to further weaken our countries defense.. before another country jumps in this mess.. or they turn on the go signal for everything they have brought into our country.. time will tell

        • @ LOOB

          “what happened in Israel is definately a possibility for the USA..”

          It is not a “possibility.’ It is a “dead certainty.” The only question is “When?”

          “I figured Kim would be the one to light things up..”

          Kim is not going to start anything with anybody. It’s not in his nature, or his best interest. He’s going to periodically rattle his sabre to scare people into leaving him alone, and because he gets off, seeing the Japanese soil their bloomers every time he shoots a missile over their wind’ard isles.

          Understand, North Korea is an island. They have zero commerce, except that which Russia and China permit. Kim can not win a war against Russia or China so for him to become “aggressive” he would have to go South. He also can’t win a war against the USA (which is whom he’d have to fight if he repoened festivities with South Korea) and because of the world’s current tenuous diplomatic situation, would have neither Russia’s nor China’s backing unless Seoul attacked NK (which ain’ta gonna happen…)

          “now are they waiting for the USA to make a move to help Israel.. to further weaken our countries defense.. ”

          The Gerald R Ford (CVN-78) and its attack group are flanking it out to the Eastern Med as I type. This is an interesting manœuver because it puts the Ford in-theatre for Ukraine, the Caucasus countries and Iran, Turkey, and obviously every nation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. This also leads me to wonder whether it is being positioned as an attack force, or an historical redux of the USS Maine. I wonder what the Ford CAG’s rules of engagement are, and with whom…?

  3. Bear on the boat:

    I don’t much trust mkt machinations Friday, week end, or … Monday, when the canary in coal mine sings not. I see a reasonable minor (*) wave count down? over? TBD. Trust not ticker travel when some members of the chorus are silent.

    Speaking of coal, when will MSM realize and mention even “green” societies like in the Fatherland (Germany) are refiring coal plants now? They take a long time to spin up and, so-called leaders assume using less fossils here help?

    Me? I’m looking at cords of hardwood spilt, stacked, and ready to drive away the chill. Firing the genset is on the (a) list. WeB ants while grasshoppers preen and play. Welding on tap! Heavy labor assigned to Padawan learner.

    Speaking of (v2): If Goldilocks wind arrives … we sail. All the above is pushed to a tomorrow list. Or the next?

    Chill, Egor

    (*) the reason I count SPX lacks “smoothing” of some blends but … is viewable _by the other guy_ (who doesn’t have a long term proprietary special sauce soup)

  4. One other thing Peter Zeihan was saying was that he doesn’t think China will actually make a move to take over Taiwan due to the fact they’d lose the protection of the U.S. Navy in their supply routes through the Indian Ocean where pirating is in high gear. As precarious as their economy is the loss of this constant supply of raw materials and other goods would cripple them quickly making this wet dream a disaster for them in short order.

  5. “The energy index decreased 6.4 percent for the 12 months ending March, and the food index increased 8.5 percent over the last year.”

    Silly Question… What state or country does one have to move to to get that low of an increase.. LOL LOL LOL
    energy is up thirty percent so far.. ( and going to increase)
    Food is way up.. my guess is fifty percent.. some more some the same.. unless they are just keeping tabs of the stuff that no one buys..
    Home expenses up taxes doubled..
    so if you have an idea where someone would have to move to find that awesome of a deal.. it would be greatly appreciated..
    OH just visited with one gentleman in management of personell at the hospital.. they dropped four hundred Nurses.. with the fall annual witch hunt.. and the VA hospital is half staffed.. because of the same thing which made him have to work today….
    I believe that the glory of those numbers is just a feel good number sequence..

    • BREAD: Went up $2.00 a loaf this week -now $4.97. Loaves are shorter (only 15 slices) and not as tall; thus, a slice of cheese no longer fits but hangs over by an inch.

      • YUP.. your seeing the exact same thing I am at the store.. not a six cent or twelve cent increase.. over a whole year..
        Heck I went to buy a candy bar the other day.. about fell over.. 2.79 for one that when I was little sold for .05 cents.. the big boy sold for .25
        I don’t even have a clue what the big candy bars are selling for now days..
        can goods.. a couple of months ago I was paying way under fifty cents.. now we are looking at over a dollar for the same product.. Oh yeah they went from sixteen ounce cans to fourteen ounce..
        Our Cow goes in next week for processing.. I am terrified to find out how much it will be up from last year.. Last years cost per pound averaged out to 2.47 per pound roasts and burger etc.. ( I don’t get steaks.. the boss hates steaks so I buy a few just for myself the same with bratwurst or hot dogs.. I would love to make some of my own but I am the only one that eats them…. I usually do that when the kids get a deer then I will make deer brats or the kids get the idea they need a few…

        • “Beer Brats”: Boil your bratwurst in beer. Can be refrigerated at this point for later. Next grill them. Served on whole wheat bun with mustard and saurkraut. Is my German side showing?

    • “Silly Question… What state or country does one have to move to to get that low of an increase..”


  6. “The Russians are good chess players and the story that needs to “soak in a bit” in the West is “Ukraine war: Leak shows Western special forces on the ground – BBC News. Act of War if True.This doesn’t mean the leaked documents are “real”

    I liked the part where the announcer said they were trying to figure out WHO leaked the papers.. LOL LOL LOL
    beats me.. probably some schmuck without any morals or ethics.. maybe a drug addiction and addicted to taking what he wants and has access to all the top secret documents on the DOD site..Hmm.. good lord who knows it could be one of many…. …..



  7. always worth reading George.
    I wok up to auto work in the driveway and didn’t see the ME untill I came in from that.
    I was thinking this is how the Uniparty keeps the cash laundry going since enough people called their Congresscritters to cut off funding for Ukraine.
    it looks like UKR was driven from the news cycle which may be what they want if Western boots are on ground (UK?).
    I’m sure both wings of the uniparty will use this as an opportunity to flap more cash into their pockets.
    All of our politihacks are condemning Iran not Hammas, because they are the puppet master.
    Iran also pulls the strings of Mr.Pen-&-phone, who in turn is pulling the strings of FJB. I wonder if this is just a means of getting Israel to drop the big one, since Pooty has shown too much restraint.
    That would give everyone a green light to drop something.
    Working hard now on the first shelter outside Birmingham, then to the “Self Organizing Collective” at .y friends in the Way Back boonies of another state.
    Trying to figure heap and easy way to be able to show “residency” in other states without changing “Citizenship”.

    • “Trying to figure heap and easy way to be able to show “residency” in other states without changing “Citizenship.”

      Most States consider you a “Resident” if you own property, and have lived, even a day, in that property within the past two years (which is how California got its newest Senator), or if you don’t own property but have lived in that State for 60 contiguous days. If the SHTF, nobody will be checking voter rolls, hunting or fishing or HAM radio licenses, drivers’ licenses, or vehicle registrations.

  8. “A national holiday Monday was part of the reason we entered a short position ahead of the weekend.”

    Nostradamus and The Third Age of Mars, The Prophecies of World War III, G. A. Stewart, 2019, Page 594

    This is a very important prophecy that Nostradamus uses as a temporal marker for a war in the Middle East that coincides with an economic crisis.

    “The heinous and execrable deed” certainly sounds like a false-flag event. “The Princes of Jerusalem very agreeable” also makes it sound like a false-flag attack conducted by Israel.

    This Sixain also has one of the most important clues to when The Global Economic Collapse will come. In fact, this false-flag event seems to initiate the collapse, “they will feel the effects of the bottomless purse”.

    Israel receives tremendous financial support from the United States, thus the interpretation seems to say, the time of “the bottomless purse” ends.

    See postscript.


    • LOOK got Punked.

      BULLSHIT That’s right-wing troll bait on X/twitter. That’s what happens with free speech though.

      For the more inclined toward reality (and not tolerating bullshit twits) try https://www.state.gov/israel-under-attack/

      “The United States unequivocally condemns the appalling attacks by Hamas terrorists against Israel, including civilians and civilian communities. There is never any justification for terrorism. We stand in solidarity with the government and people of Israel, and extend our condolences for the Israeli lives lost in these attacks. We will remain in close contact with our Israeli partners. The United States supports Israel’s right to defend itself.”

      Usually, I would trash such a post, but out of respect to LOOB – we can all see how critical moments are used by misinformation peddlers and their ilk to bait honest people into following them on twitter.
      Look at the URL. If it’s an assertion about government and the URL doesn’t end .gov odds of bullshit are high.

      Such cretins will defend as “satire” – but I ask such X narcissists to have the decency to wait for the gunfire to stop before making horses asses of themselves. (Not the Urban reader, the clown who came up with this swill) but the fool on x who posted it.

      Thank you – when someone as smart at LOOB gets snookered….it’s a critical reminder we all can be snookered. Know how many times I got punked as a newsman? Sheesh.

      • AMEN…..
        It didn’t dawn on me that it was a fake post until later.. I should have done a little more research into it before commenting.. sorry for the Misinformation ..

        • Yeah I got emotional when I seen the young girl begging for help.. and emotions took over before research. One of my biggest weaknesses is seeing someone in trouble and begging for help and the frustrations on no one going to help them….. Which is probably what they wanted to do.. get people’s passion and emotions up… then slam them with the BS to get the anger….

        • You did – twice now.
          That is not a credible source. betweenb right and extreme right
          A questionable source exhibits one or more of the following: extreme bias, consistent promotion of propaganda/conspiracies, poor or no sourcing to credible information, a complete lack of transparency, and/or is fake news. Fake News is the deliberate attempt to publish hoaxes and/or disinformation for profit or influence (Learn More). Sources listed in the Questionable Category may be very untrustworthy and should be fact-checked on a per-article basis. Please note sources on this list are not considered fake news unless specifically written in the reasoning section for that source. See all Questionable sources.

          When two sides don’t agree (in middle sources) about events, than someone is likely stretching or making things up

          Biden has been a strong supporter of Israel in all the documents I’ve ever seen on point.

          Far right media sources are not documents. Things from the Israel or US govt is where the event agreement seems good – for now.

        • You did – twice now.

          Unless mediabiasfactcheck lists itself in the “Questionable Sources” category, they are not a reliable bias checker.

          MBFC is Left-biased and inconsistent with its methodology. It tends to lean toward doing public relations for groups and individuals with whom it shares ideology, and tends to deem any person or organization that’s Right of perfectly centrist, as “extreme Right-wing.”

          The Washington Free Beacon is Right-biased, but they don’t fake the facts. I don’t know anything about “Trending Politics News” and never will, unless I need to.

          I don’t know if I can do a forensic analysis of the @USPalAffairs Twitter account (I’m reasonably certain I can’t), but I know I can’t do so without becoming a Twit, and that’s not on my list of things to do.


          From the Free Beacon:

          “The Biden administration was forced to delete a Saturday morning tweet from its Palestinian Affairs office…

          …The tweet was quickly deleted following outrage from Republican lawmakers and Israel’s defenders, who accused the Biden administration of abandoning Israel…

          …When the Washington Free Beacon asked about the missive on Saturday, a State Department official confirmed the tweet was erased because it “was not approved and does not represent U.S. policy.”

          “The United States condemns the terrorist attack against Israel and unequivocally supports Israel’s right to defend itself, as the President and Secretary have both made clear,” the spokesman said.

          This tends to make be believe the Tweet actually DID exist, but was probably posted in error, and AOC, who’s not the brightest bulb on the tree, simply read it verbatim for the camera.

          The Biden Administration is a supporter of Iran. It is not a supporter of Israel except in areas where we share technology. Biden himself, as Obama before him, is not a fan of Netanyahu (Remember, Obama sent his entire re-election team to Israel to oust Netanyahu via an election coup, then created a scandal when it didn’t work?) Biden’s “support tell” is in the line I emboldened, above…

          The Administration “unequivocally supports Israel’s right to defend itself” is politickspeak for “The Administration unequivocally reserves the right to determine the definition of “defend” with respect to Israel. If Israel takes one step past what Obiden believe he should, the U.S. will suddenly move over to the “condemn their asses” side of the aisle at the U.N.

          Over 90% of “fact-checkers” have a Leftist bias. 100% of “fact-checkers” toot the horn of their own pet ideology.

          There is NO reliable fact-checker.
          There is NO honest bias-checker.
          There is no substitute for learning how, then doing the job yourself.

          There are no shortcuts. If acquiring knowledge is your goal and true and honest information is the vehicle by which you intend to reach this goal, you must do it yourself.

      • https://palestinianaffairs.state.gov/

        That Twitbait appears to be a quote (or near-quote) from AOC, which she made on the 7th, but from her apartment, not Congress or a DoS site, and certainly not from the Palestinian Affairs office, which is in Jerusalem. I saw+heard her make it, but pointedly avoid listening when she opens her piehole, because every time I do, I feel my IQ drop. I therefore can’t state equivocally that it is an exact quote.

        Eventually the idiots who voted her in will realize she’s a reflection of THEIR intelligence. I have no problem with the calling out of either stupid politicians, or of pols who should know better (members of the squad will never be in this latter category). I have a big problem with attributing stuff to a politician who was not responsible or at fault for said stuff, or for inventing shit to pile onto a pol who’s being attacked.

        AFAICT “The Administration” did not say this tripe. A person who’s credited occasionally by the media (but not by Mr. Biden or his Administration) as a “spokesperson for the Administration” did. She earned the moniker AOC for All Out Crazy. Eventually I hope people come to this realization…

    “Jupiter’s influence on your birthday will help you find new ways to make money over the coming year but make sure those ways are both legal and ethical. Be distrustful of anything that comes easy to you – what you work for the hardest will be worth the most”
    Our eldest’s 30 birthday today,
    also President Putin.
    Our Thanksgiving holiday is Monday,
    Enjoy and stay safe

  10. Barely got to 70 F this afternoon; 40’s are predicted for the evening, and the ground is still damp from showers this week. Hay is harvested, and the fire danger is abated.
    Along with the Fall changes in the air, we have anthromorphic prophesy and bogeymen aplenty wafting in from the internet. All Hallows approaches.

      • The power of positive thinking.

        The world WILL BE a different place on the 16th.

        You spent a lot of time mapping it out, and will be correct.

        It’s like when the people were partying outside of Noah’s Ark > then the door supernaturally closed. It got real, real quick.

        After seeing this Gaza offensive that U.S. southern border security is worthless. 10,000,000 or 20,000,000 South Americans could make ‘surprise’ appearances at any moment.

        You could be the first line of defense. Good luck.

      • George,
        New interim fractal target for major global equity low is in 15 trading days on 27 October 2023.

        From 18 August 2023 for the SPX observe (using trendlines to define fractal series and subfractal units) 2 sequential 3 phase decay fractal series : 5/10/11 days ending 21 Sept 2023 and starting 21 Sept: 5/8 of 12/ 12 days ending 27 October. If an interim low occurs on this Thursday, which is day 12 of the 12 day subfractal 2 of the 5/12/12 day decay series, this model is likely correct.

        For the Nikkei from 17 August 2023 low, the two sequential decay fractal series are 6/12/13 days and 4/4 of 10/10 days ending on 27 October.

  11. Rumor is Iran may have played a hand in the Gaza Offensive.

    Israeli/American hostages have been taken.

    Those two rhyme with ’79 when this current market run began. Theoretically the market should crash back to pre-Reagan days.

  12. George, Either President House Plant’s handlers (he is a senescent sock puppet after all) *initially* tweeted pap urging both sides to refrain from violence…or they didn’t. If the reports of that Low T (and now removed) tweet are in error, then the opprobrium you heap on what you call “unreliable sources” is valid. On the other hand, if, in fact the reportage of that wholly inadequate and niggardly response is accurate, your criticism is off the mark. If the National Inquirer reports that water is wet…the source is irrelevant…if water is, in fact,…wet. As to (in your view) Biden’s unwavering support of Israel…time will tell. I hope you are right. But Sleepy Joe…in one of the most feckless acts of “diplomacy” since Chamberlain returned from Berlin… recently provided literally billions of reasons to doubt it….All paid directly in United States currency to the real malefactor behind the carnage in Israel.

    • While we totally agree on President House Plant, as you delicately put it, the reason the post was removed is likely because too many people were point out what an asshole its author was..
      When you have been around news manipulation as long as I have (professionally forover half a century) you learn when you see a spurious click-bait bullshit post on X – and y6u think it’s “official” – it wasn’t – this may be cin ced in no time by simply reading down a few twit further. Really quickly it was clear that this was a click troll.

      It’s not that hard to do – just look at the last 3-4 things posted. Did they look offical? In the case of this turd’s screed, not at all.

      I don’t have any problem with Freedom of Speech, but like the lawyers pointed out in one of the big cases this weekend, “Speak is still free. But it’s the Lies you have to pay for.”

      Mssrs. Musk and cage chicken would be well-advised (were I a lawyer, I’m not thanks, but I talked with mine this weekend…) I would propose a portion in a revises EULA that said somethiung like:

      “When a user posts false or misleading information, the all legal liability falls FIR5T TO THE POSTER.

      See, we are dealing with a large circular echo chamber these days. The crux of it is People can post any silly, libelous, slander they want on FBnX.. The problem is the Fat Cats (and the cage chicken) enjoy immunity until (it’s early, I’m on drugs, but wasn’t it) Section 230.

      This provision can be argued both ways as it defines the Big Boyz in a “public utility” kind of role. T%he analogy would be water pipes coming into your home can bring in clean fresh water (here) or shitty lead-tainted water (way to go Michicgan liberals!). The people who put in the pipes are not the ones at fault. So liability should fall first to people “putting shit in the pipes.”

      Which is what the arrogant prickposter on X did – he shot off his big mouth and people like me said “Nope..oinly an asshole would post malicious content which does not support a reasonable outcome in the opening hours of a war where lots of people died and more were taken hostage.

      When you write “As to (in your view) Biden’s unwavering support of Israel…time will tell. I hope you are right. ” that’s not my view. But please notice, this is where the slippery slopes of moral hazard begin.

      My view is more complicated. Because there are several parts to it. 1) Joe Biden is (likely) in mental decline at some level. Yet, he’s got the Oval and handlers. He’s doing the best he can, in his mind, I’m sure. That he has a son with a crack and guns and bribe money issue, which he may have “sampled the the tainted fruits, ill-gotte4n gains, is another discussion.
      Similarly, I support Israel but at the same time, they do have an existential problem, a discussion of which would be book length.

      Look, I have a column to write, your comment is appreciated, and to (close?) perhaps we can all (pretty-please with sugar on it) good 4-deep in past content from FBnX posters so we don’t get punked as citizens, as LOOB did by thisd. To his great credit, he takes “suggestsions” like this to heart and is a high awareness fellow who it’s an honor to know.


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