3 (1) (v) Complete? Personal Income Tales

In a word, maybe.  But maybe not. Takes a bit of explaining.  Follow along here because this is like “financial detective work.”

To begin with, the Big Picture as of the 5 AM-ish Futures pricing was running to the upside. The reason is that in our Aggregate Index work – as we showed Thursday – we still needed to fill that “ghost column” for the 3 (1) (v) down.  Today, we are looking at bottom of range, lower right here:

As you can see, we did hit – but it was a bare squeaker at best.

Is there another alternative?  Why, sure! (Isn’t there always?)

There is a chance of a good rally today – maybe even carrying into Monday (depending on Gaza and other) – and then a subdivision into the end of next week.  A possible outcome there would be a serious selloff (-500 kind of Dow thing) and panic in the techs which are in-process of sobering up from the A.I. highs.

Then, we could get a rally for a month – and maybe to year-end.  That will, of course, depend on current world events.

I know.  You’re asking, “Stop writing Ure, and just get to the point, when is World War 3 – the nukes going off – likely to happen???”

PK, but this may get weird…

The “Andy Case”

We need to begin with a little history and timing.  Often – just as a thinking exercise – you can toss a dart and GUESS that waves 1, 3, and 5 down will be of similar length.  It’s a maybe, kinda, sorta.

My DSP PhD friend Jas reminds me chasing time is a fool’s errand.  He loaded up on Jan 2025 puts on techs (among others) and is relaxing as the world implodes. Still, timing is everything if you’re an ADHD day trader like…er…guess who

Look again at our Moving Average Trend Line Crossings, because if you can’t see the Elliott five waves down in this one, see an eye doctor.

The problem is?  We reckon the odds of (v) breaking lower at 50 percent plus.  Which opens the possibility (because it’s not uncommon) that (v) could be 1.5 times the decline of (i).  Which is how we get into circuit breaker country next week POSSIBLY.

See the CME Fed Watch Tool today? Again, NO ONE is showing any chance of a quarter point hike, which I fear MAY be in the cards.

A couple of things could drive that.  Imagine ahead (surmagine) that the market rally comes now, but we only go back to the declining trend line (or slightly above) (Mondayish) and then we collapse on a Big Inflation number implied in the Housing Data from Case Shiller due Tuesday, ahead of the Fed announcement in a week.

The Fed gets pressured by rising interest rates and soaring home prices – in their all items less food and energy view of things – and we get a “surprise” small rate hike.  By Thursday of next week, the damage is mostly done, the indexes are down and THEN we get the real bottom of 3 (1) (v).  With me?

What does Andy have to do with any of this?

If you do a lot of work in “The Realms” (and listen to the Dude) he will often lay out ideas that don’t make sense at first, but will – in the fullness of time – expand to explain things with utterly amazing clarity.

For now, all you need to know is that Andy is a prescient person.  He recently shared a WW3 Start Date vision for late July of next year. In the Comments section. I know this will sound (superficially) nutty, but let’s look at how such a thing might happen.

Step back and look at the market decline from the all-time high Nov. 8, 2021.  That was followed by the significant low on 10/12/2022.  Took a total of 338 days to evolve.

This was followed by the market rally – which went from October of 2022 to 8/31/2023.  That was 292 days of rally.  We also make note that the wave duration for the rally was 86.39 percent of previous.  If this is a kind of “variable coefficient of human change-state recognition, then the Wave 3 bottom could come as early as 252 days (or even sooner, depending on events).  8 months and 9 days after this is April 8th, 2024.  There are 115 days from that point to August.

Toss in a little “English” to account for this “recognition coefficient” being nonlinear, and we can easily see how nearly a potential top of Macro 4 could jump right into a classical ‘fifth wave failure’ and that’s where WW 3 gets horribly real.

Of course, for now, things in the Middle East are on a slow simmer.  We happen to know that the U.S. is moving support forces that have never-before been moved (in the Six Days War) or any of the other conflicts.

But right now, Andy’s conversations with “the Dude” and quiet moments of contemplation, seem to have come up with a very realistic potential wave count for the Largest Degree.

Doesn’t mean Hamas and Hezbollah embeds already in America won’t be activated, but it means there is a possible window next year where we are nearing the top of a fourth wave and then the fifth wave fails in a flash.

Now, turning to other news…

Fractured Moneytales

The Gubmint says we’re rich, but why aren’t we? Today’s financial fairytale (boys and girls) involves (alleged) personal incomes and expenses.  Perhaps we should call it American Overspending Debt Festival 2.0?

Personal income increased $77.8 billion (0.3 percent at a monthly rate) in September. Disposable personal income (DPI)—personal income less personal current taxes— increased $56.1 billion (0.3 percent). Personal outlays—the sum of personal consumption expenditures (PCE), personal interest payments, and personal current transfer payments—increased $175.1 billion (0.9 percent) and consumer spending increased $138.7 billion (0.7 percent). Personal saving was $687.7 billion and the personal saving rate—personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income—was 3.4 percent in September.

Now think back:  Didn’t someone (here!) tell you when inflation comes along it goes into self-reinforcing mode if you’re not careful? And was the Fed careful? Um…what do you think?

The good news for stocks is people are still pending.  Rally fuel or fools, stand by for the answer.

Sorry, we take these numbers with a shot of scotch and a ‘lude.  Because it’s nowhere near real in our circle of friends.  (Oh, wait, we don’t have any…)

Tearing Down the Wires

Manhunt continues for the mass murder suspect from Maine: Maine residents on lockdown. Police search for Robert Card | Fortune.

War #1 Check (Ukraine): Russia is executing soldiers who refuse to follow orders: White House. Body count horror continues as UKR reports Russian military death toll in Ukraine rises to about 297,680.  Global war as a form of population control, anyone?

War #2 Check (Gaza, Points east):  US fighter jets strike Syria weapons facility amid concerns Israel-Hamas conflict may spread.  Closer to the Hamas lands IDF Conducts Second Ground Raid In Gaza.  And payday!  Israel releases new video: IDF, Shin Bet kill Hamas Commander Madhath Mubashar in Gaza; IDF drone falls in Gaza.

War #3 (in training): US military says Chinese fighter jet came within 10 feet of B-52 bomber. Meanwhile, people on the US supply chain outpost island of Formosa are playing “spot the aircraft carrier”. Oh look! China’s Shandong aircraft carrier spotted south of Taiwan.

Down in Messapulco: 27 dead, multiple missing in the wake of Hurricane Otis in Mexico | San Luis Obispo Tribune.

Personality Check

Let’s see what Teslas, PowerWalls, making bot-spinners pay for manipulating public opinion on X-Twitter, and, oh yeah, keeping Starlink up for Ukraine will earn you?  Scorn from CNN, of course! Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover, the platform and its cultural impact have fundamentally changed | CNN Business. Seems a little “dog in the manger like to us…with maybe a dash of “trading on his name” which we suspise, too.

See the bash. See the bash go viral: Twitter/X under Elon Musk: A year in review | Mashable/ And rebashed: Elon Musk bought Twitter one year ago. Here’s everything he broke there. (slate.com). And re-re-bashed One Year After Musk Twitter Acquisition: X Users, Ad Revenue Decline (variety.com). And re-re-re-bashed Year Of Musk: X Faces Slashed Valuation And Fewer Advertisers One Year After Twitter Takeover (forbes.com).

Before you “buy the bash” though consider a) Musk may be smarter than you and b) Musk may be smarter than most people. And c) he may be building a convergence of crypto with non-bank transaction clearing: Elon Musk predicts X will replace banks in 2024 – The Verge.

Our next personality profile of a liberal (bundling and bungling for liberals) is SBF In His Recent Testimony Says He Believed Taking FTX Customer Funds for Alameda “Was Legal”.  Right – and I’m the Pope.  Never heard the concept of segregated customer funds???  Hello???  Anyone home?

And one for the right:  US right-wing radio host Larry Elder ends 2024 Republican presidential bid | Reuters,  Damn!  I’m sorry to see him drop out. He did put his support over to Donald Trump which will make the splintered Grand Old Party even crazier than before. (Wait!  Is that even possible?)

Around the Ranch: Cold Weather Ahead

As you may have guessed by now, our Fall Dirt Garden out here was a complete and utter disaster.  The whole garden was overrun with morning glories that came up all over the row crops.  I’ll be opening a Donner Party Diet Center soon, since we qualify for a franchise now.

The lean-to greenhouse is doing dandy, though.  A good number of bell peppers and we just had a decent bloom on the older tomato plant while the new ones haven’t flowered yet.  I may “pump them” with some Maxi Bloom.

Reader Hank’s Hawaiian Peppers are 2-feet tall but showing no interest in flowering out yet.  We’re patient.  And the bok choi are doing well, along with the Detroit Dark Red Beets.  Another clipping of the Swiss Chard will be along shortly, too.

But cold’s coming.  Go look at our year-old Chinese Diesel Heater in the greenhouse.  You still have time to set one up.  Some time back, I told you I was going on a buying binge for inexpensive Chinese “parking heaters.” These are similar to the Webasto and Espar units that have kept truckers warm for decades. Thing is, these are about 1/1oth the price. In fact… https://urbansurvival.com/shoptalk-sunday-greenhouse-chinese-diesel-heater-install/

I will be upsizing the battery for this and rewiring the solar, but the heater is great and even cold as it was last winter, plants were held to almost 50F overnight…might have hit 45 one night.

I’ve come to the conclusion that a semi-sunken large greenhouse is in our future.  We need to do some “sun survey” work to see what the best location will be, but if there’s a glowing future out there, semi-earth bermed greenhouses that minimize energy inputs are a topic of great interest.  Send along links!

Off on a food run (pick up, never getting around people).  Then Peoplenomics writing for next week and ShopTalk Sunday – where shop cleaning has been the focus this week.

Go have a wonderful day and remember: just three more workdays until Monday!

Write when you get rich,


45 thoughts on “3 (1) (v) Complete? Personal Income Tales”

  1. George, have you hit the peppers with a little banana peel juice? That usually gives my hot peppers the boost they need to flower.

    • We dug up our pepper plants, got the dirt off the roots, potted them and when the leaves died off, we pruned them to about 1 foot tall. Now they’re dormant but still very much alive in a dark room for the winter. Watering occasionally to keep roots a bit moist. That’s how we get a head start next season when the outside garden reopens.

      We do VERY Well this year.

  2. “He recently shared a WW3 Start Date vision for late July of next year.”

    for years I would wake up at three fifteen.. exactly.. in a cold sweat and had dreams that something was important about that date..
    But what of planning.. would you want to have a war when everyone is comfortable.. or stress the situation weather.. there was a reason why someone was running around those terrorist activities.. handing out cash like it was sugar candies.. to put stress on everything and to get compliance of them doing what they wanted them to do expand the situation do damage and destruction…. the same with why there were antagonists to get the herd mentality moving on Jan sixth. we will never know how many people that were doing that was either in the terrorist groups or in agencies sworn to serve and protect… once it gets started then they step back to obsserver..
    when I was a kid.. it was great fun to go to a regular busy corner.. and stare into the sky.. people would come up.. and they would look.. then ask.. what are you looking at.. I don’t know for sure but it is really odd.. it was there for a little bit then it was gone.. and it keeps coming back.. before you know it you have a whole lot of people gawking into the sky with nothing there… and you can walk away and watch the fun as these people explain about this mysterious object in the sky.. LOL was it a UFO or just some smart ass bored kid…
    But if you wanted to get control of the masses.. dam if monkey werx on youtube didn’t hit on a thought a while ago.. Weather modifications.. all from with in the USA.. seemed that for a while every state that had congressmen that questioned the ethics of the family business was getting weather mod planes hitting small storms headed their way.. Now with Israel you don’t hear anyone at all bringing up the crap they got away with.. LOL LOL LOL a non issue.. Trump will be penniless.. they are stripping him of his assets now.. what bigger blow to his mount Everest ego.. and he is to old to rebuild it..
    OK.. winter.. we seen how the hundred year storm almost took down the grid..we seen how there was a major blackout several years ago by a squirrel and realizing that our grid is not made up for national security but for profit.. Hmm.. a few weather mods and then take down the grid in the harshest of temperature and you get the weather doing ninety percent of the work of killing off the masses then come in later as the saviors.. the USA didn’t make plans for the citizens only a few at the top..since the enemy probably knows their bunker systems better than those that built them.. once they go down seal them in..

    No bullets needed.. I am guessing that they will use the weather to their advantage.. and if they were successful in getting a Trojan horse force into the USA and other countries posing as refugees.. an easier transition of power.. Now I think it was stupid for Biden to do it.. but he has the one group of people that have been controlling puppeteers for thousands of years hierarchy on the edge of the cliff with them losing their status of ruling class and their wealth worthless.. that has never been a healthy thing..

    • the funny part of the Biden family business taking down the power structure of the true kings of the world.. was that they were able to get them to sell them out for what basically amounts to what they pay for lunch.. LOL LOL LOL… that is adding insult to injury.. pure madness.. LOL LOL LOL
      and they even said it outright..
      What I am curious about.. is what did they give to get the compliance of all the heads of agencies to support their business model..


    • “a few weather mods and then take down the grid in the harshest of temperature and you get the weather doing ninety percent of the work of killing off the masses”

      This is my biggest fear where I live LOOB. Grid down, heat out, water pipes frozen and survival time is very short at minus 20 degrees C. I have prepared as best I can for my wife and me in this scenario but not sure of the aftermath being livable as I know that 90% or more of my neighbours are totally unprepared.

      • your trying to get me to cry aren’t you …lol lol
        no ..I dont thing anyone can be prepared for what’s coming.. I believe the instigators to this global madness totally believe that they are.. throughout history the global elite thought they were immune to it..all we the people can do is pray for Devine intervention. to stop it before mankind is extinct..

        • No, as George will attest, no one can be “prepared” because no matter how well you prep for something, there will be something you forgot and something that breaks.

          In the worst of situations (like a hard-down grid in mid-winter) the survivors will be the ones who can overcome these issues.

        • @George

          Cold fluids aren’t good for most dogs, but Huskies and Malamutes are an exception. The pups like “snowball catch” because the “ball” explodes into ice water when they catch it.

          Yesterday (10/31) was the first day of the season when this game was possible.

          Trust me, in snow country, winter is a bitch, even for the completely prepared…

  3. What is the difference between a world war and, a world at war?

    Are we just waiting for a declaration of war just to admit what’s already happening?

  4. Intrepid Reporter G,

    Dude Ure news source from UKR is kaput, no good, full of schiesse, absolutely false. No mention of our 11 recon Marines getting waxed along with whole IDF squad, almost instantaneously upon insertion Wednesday going into Thursday ? bribens’ a real fucking genius hear.
    The zombie on the hill, is a complete and utter moron. His support staff/advisors-handlers = Worse still. Serious doubts as to whether or not all this is scripted and play acting, in spite of recent qtard developments. Still a .mil pysop – and I got no faith in anything coming out of that group of satanists.
    Uncle Bobby(https://www.nsa.gov/History/Cryptologic-History/Historical-Figures/Historical-Figures-View/Article/1620368/adm-bobby-r-inman-usn/) was last great military mind – he was featured speaker my cl.120 graduation. Hell- Sec Nav. seaman Lehman was graduation speaker when passed thru boot camp. High powered cowinkydinks at every step of my military career, everystep…could write a book, but alas still “restricted”.

    Ukraine is being utterly destroyed, they no anti ANYTHING that works. Russian EWF is second to none, and they havent even Re-unveiled their trick shit capabilities. Nothing Nato has picked up out their aging inventory and sent to the kraine is effective..from froggy surrender buckets, kraut tanks, himars, atacams, 70’s eras fighter jets…nothing.
    Modern Murhican forces have never fought a battle/war in middle east against Real warfighters/forces.
    – they are engaging now with a force that sports superior weapons, superior EWS, superior Aircraft. Aircraft carriers you say ? See Drones(underwater&airborne), Missiles, Nuke Limpet mines..quackquack. If looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, AND walks like a duck…https://youtu.be/17ocaZb-bGg?si=74VKkF_Mhj2RjyOt it is prolly a duck.

    ? What happened to the TRILLIONS of Tax $USD$ spent every year on Defense budget. Any of youse soon to be glowplugs FEEL REPRESENTED by Ure “ELECTED” govmint?

    Well – Do Ya Punks?

    CCR run thru the jungle? indeed -satans on the lose no doubt, but more timely – I feel a bad Moon rising..https://youtu.be/3GaE_X5k3iE?si=MrfWoopwZet0eHfV

    • no one knows what happened to the trillions printed up to rebuild infrastructure.. there weren’t any checks and balances for it..but..if you multiply the half million to the amount of refugees that the administration wanted to give them and the amount of children they lost connection with.. hmm it pens out pretty close to what was created.. where it actually went we won’t ever know. it could just be a number in some offshore account for all we know.

      • Youse guys are silly. Didn’t you watch the movie? You know “the movie is the message, right?

        They’re building floating arks in the Himalayas, of course…

    • ………. and it’s said: “Nothing happens w/o the dud’s approval,.” and while I type this I get a cramp in my hands. (Take this for a hint from HIM, Andy ;-)).

  5. The manhunt/lock down in Maine. Rumor was Robert Card left a suicide note. He may have hid himself somewhere and suicided never to be found. An unsolved mystery/time traveler conspiracy. The man hunters are going to rake in the O/T and may be on the clock 24/7 for years.

    The lock down is the better part. Imagine Hamas shutting down 1 city in each state. 50 to 100 people and the country is locked-up tighter than the Roman legion after eating cheese wheels for months on end.

    Again Musk is positioned right with the coming bullet resistant Tesla Cybertrucks. Some Cybertrucks deliver food to the sheltering while other Cybertrucks become improvised tanks.

    BREAKING: Cybertruck seen on the highway potentially gone through bullet proof testing


    • That was on ZH, too. They used 9mm in the Tommy Gun. I’d like to see what a magazine full of REAL bullets, say .308 or better, would do to that “truck”.

  6. Got a similiar heater last year when you were talking abt it; haven’t done anything with it yet. I heat the house with a French pot type diesel heater, like old US kerosene heaters, no wick.

    Thinking the truck heater MAY be more efficient burning because of air pressure burning and much less chimney heating. 20′ exterior double wall steel chimney gets hot,

    Any efficiency thoughts?

    • Steevo – like pedo joes brain – there is no such thing as a cowinkidink

      Yesterday -big card – 2 pictures of the specific 2 reporter’s to call on AND the question they will ask the Rutabegga – and It fucked that up, badly. Wicked disgrace to normal intelligence’s around the country, and yet so few act out against the tyranny and oppression(oppressive tranny) of the feeble minded asshole.

      USA lib/left populace deserves what it is about to receive, for doing NOTHING, Not speaking out, Not Fighting against EVIL – is as bad or WORSE than the original Evil Acts/perpetrators.

  7. The Day After (1983)

    Julian French: We tried hooking up an auxiliary pump up to a backup generator, and we’re still only getting a trickle.
    Dr. Sam Hachiya: I don’t understand. Did they burn out?
    Dr. Austin: They could have been subject to the EMP effects.
    Dr. Russell Oakes: What’s that?
    Dr. Austin: “Electro-Magnetic Pulse.” When a large nuclear device is airburst at high altitude, a lot of electrical disruption can be created, principally with radios, communication systems, electrical wires, computers, cars, transistors. Of course, it’s all theoretical. It’s never happened before. In short, very little electricity.
    Dr. Sam Hachiya: Forever?
    [Dr. Austin shrugs]

    • “You blew it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!”

      Who said it?: George Taylor

      The story behind the quote: The quote comes from the original Planet of the Apes film that was released way back in 1968. The film stars Charlton Heston as astronaut George Taylor who, crash lands on an unknown planet way in the future. The dominant species on this planet are intelligent apes who use the subjugated human being (who cannot speak) as pets and cheap labor. Thinking that Taylor is just another “ordinary” human, the apes capture him. The story revolves around Taylor’s attempts to flee the planet.

      The quote comes from the very end of the film. Taylor and his new female companion, Nova, escape to the Forbidden Zone, as apes are not permitted there. The earth astronaut, sees the ruins of the Statue of Liberty. Realizing he actually is on Earth after it has been razed by nuclear war, Taylor laments the fate of the human race and delivers the quote.



  8. Short of Roundup morning glory’s are a bitch to control. Do you use containers in your in garden? I have the most success that way since I can control the soil quality and limit a lot of soil born pests. Raised beds and deep mulch are useful. Since it’s just Diana and I our garden space need has shrank quite a bit. We just moved the patio furniture into the remaining hoop house an use the other half for several containers with greens. Shirtsleeves and a beverage of choice on a cold winter day under plastic is quite relaxing. I have a few Sub Arctic Plenty tomatoes started but I really don’t get to worked up about the flavor of them anymore.
    Stay safe. 73

  9. wrt Elliott Wave analysis:

    Anybody out there do an Inflation Adjusted Market Chart (adjustment done at least monthly) that one can then apply Elliott Wave analysis to?

    Back when RN Elliott was doing his work the most of data he relied upon had come from times when the dollar was relatively stable (with up’s and down’s around the mean) and thus the market charts/values were NOT being distorted by government created inflation.

    I would think that inflation adjusted market charting would be a much more valuable tool to apply Elliott Wave analysis to than just the standard market charts available.

    In the old DOS days (days of Meta Stock OMG!!) I did have a complete database of the market going all the way back to when the DJI was first created (1890’s) that I could easily manipulate but never got around to programming it to do that adjustment, I wasn’t an Elliott guy back then – I wasn’t yet convinced of the benefit of his work.

    Just curious since now I would love to see such charts and then see Elliott Wave analysis applied to those adjusted charts.

    • Everything changed after FDR.

      1920’s mortgages –

      “Short-term balloon loans were among the most common mortgages in use before 1930. They usually lasted for a short time, such as from three to five years, were written for no more than 60 percent of the property value, and required only interest payments during the life of the contract.”

      After FDR’s New Deal –

      “In fact, the 30-year mortgage wasn’t officially authorized by Congress until 1948 (for new construction) and 1954 (for existing homes). Given these facts, it’s not surprising that for much of the 1930s–1950s, the 15-year mortgage was the go-to option for many homebuyers.”

      So in terms of home mortgages would the K-Wave double in length?

      Back in the 1920’s if one needed a loan they’d go to the corner pawn shop and had 90 days to pay them back.

      Today many people carry CC debt from 18 y/o ’til death. I don’t think that happened in the 1920’s.

      • Yes, you are starting to understand. In olden times debts were forgiven on a 7 year cycle. Then came mortgages which went from less than 5 years to 30 years. Lifelong debt slavery is now normal. Who needs chains, shackles and whips when you have mortgage lenders and the sheriff. We live in a debt slavery republic. Better than pre-civil war US I acknowledge, but less different than the lender propaganda would suggest. I am starting to suspect that if you haven’t gotten out of debt by now, you won’t, unless there is real reset of the system, which will be even less kind to oldsters.

  10. George,
    About your hot pepper plant problem. Try epsom salt a quarter
    teaspoon per gallon each time you water or a light sprinkle around the plants. Also any time a plant or two needs a phosphate boost stick a few kitchen matches in the soil. Just a reminder to all contact your local extension service about soil testing.

  11. Yo Greenshades,

    Youse Homegamerz see Gold priced in USD today ? whatwhatwhat

    I believe this current price of about $2014/oz is still at discount.
    Further – OIL looks to me to be a screaming BUYBUYBUY! Chevron and Exxon be BUYING..Hello!
    This of course can only mean one thing – the dodo turd on the hill be Selling OIL – sharpest bowlingball in DC..several microns “sharper” than PIGlosi, Schmear and the cackling ho..no that aint no kamel toe.

    One mo time – “I love it, when a plan comes together”

    How Trustworthy is Biden -Biden admin/statedept ?
    How trustworthy is US corps ability to Pay back UST debt ?
    Versus Trusting The Amount of Proven Reserves in Ground at Mining majors and Oil Majors, and their ability to keep paying coot massive cash dividends ?

    Thats right Homegamers – massive CASH dividends, or Reinvest at discount. woot woot good to be a Bandicoot (big rat)..nasty but kinda cute.

    – off to break some moar rocks..https://youtu.be/FKIzjF25sP8?si=WvaNFlRbhlq81eYb : )

  12. “semi-earth bermed greenhouses that minimize energy inputs”

    Key concept: a ‘Cold Sink’ walkway below grow level.

    None of this applies to the Hawaii year-’round green zone. This being an El Nino year, it will be a dry winter. (Normally our wet season) I’m seeing the stress already with a lot of water delivery tankers on the road, servicing catchment homes. I made a good decision to avoid that. My subdivision has a private well and distribution to the homes. Mauna Loa aquifer, volcanic rock filtered, 71 ppm minerals. Just like the bottled stuff they sell from Fiji and Hawaii.

  13. First, the blood-thirsty attack of Hamas on Israeli settlements is unforgiveable. Now having gotten that out of the way, you have to understand that Israeli economic repression and exploitation of civilians in Gaza isn’t much different from the US in the pre-civil war era, or South African apartheid.
    I was given personal insight into the mindset of Israeli intelligence from a former employer reputed to be ex-Israeli intelligence (died 2015). I’m trying to recover a meager pension from his successors. My most vivid recollection of him was the way he handled a problem with kids from the elementary school adjacent to the office climbing up the back side of the parking garage (evading cameras), and hot-wiring a couple of Company vehicles over a holiday weekend. He covered the lower level of the garage facing the school with razor wire.
    Until economic repression and exploitation in Gaza are resolved, the hatred will smolder and the violence will continue.

  14. “War #1 Check (Ukraine): Russia is executing soldiers who refuse to follow orders: White House. Body count horror continues as UKR reports Russian military death toll in Ukraine rises to about 297,680. Global war as a form of population control, anyone?”

    Or, or, the Administration and the ‘Krains are spreading propaganda, in a time of war…

    What would the death tolls in Ukraine be, had we not intervened and poured billions (and billions, and even more billions) of dollars into the war zone to prop up our economy, the Democrats’ graft machine, and the worldwide trade in prepubescent sex-slaves? Vlad and Volod wanted to negotiate a peace settlement three weeks after the initial Russian police action, but the Biden Administration flat told Zelensky he would not be allowed to negotiate until the Russians acceded to a “regime change” which permanently removed Putin from power… Remember?

    It is likely that a fair-minded and honest person could determine that the Biden Administration is responsible for every Russian and every Ukrainian death and casualty which has occurred since March 16, 2022, or thereabouts. The Administration’s resolve to fight a proxy war with Russia, unto the last Ukrainian, is morally and socially perverse beyond anything Mankind has done since the Mao and Stalin genocides. If we’re going to fight Russia, how ’bout the U.S. Government have the honor and courage to send a few million of our own kids to die — starting with the progeny of first, our elected officials, and second, those of every Federal employee…?

  15. “War #3 (in training): US military says Chinese fighter jet came within 10 feet of B-52 bomber.”

    Our Pacific-based B-52s are hangared on Guam or Okinawa (can’t remember which.) WTH would we be flying a BUFF through the South China Sea, except as a provocation toward China? IMO sane governments don’t do dumb shit. When someone does dumb shit and anything out of the ordinary happens, the results are less than optimal.

    This was dumb…

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