1929 Compared: Powell’s Crash Crossroads -BTC Fails

Before the 1929 Comparison Chart, realize Bitcoin is collapsing. A canary in the financial coal mine has just keeled over.

Just over $24,200 $23,846 as I write this, we regrettably are on track to another basic economic prediction coming true. With condolences to our readers who “took the plunge” into Bitcoin – who we fear are now “taking the bath.”

A Ponzi scheme as we have called in – even parting company with colleagues, due in part to their dishonesty over “making up money” which many said was not a scam.  We offer what shapes up as our future as being evidence of the old P.T. Barnum “some of the people, some of the time.”

1929 Replay Progressing

We have closely tracked the progression of the present financial crisis.  This is our third iteration of such analysis.

Our Inside Report series tracked the downfall of the Tech Bubble.  A $7-trillion bend-over of tech investors.  Where the Scapegoat was Terrorism.  As the Tech Bubble failed – and with no new economic driver in sight – here comes “terrorism” as an industry.  It provided for the immediate hiring of 250,000 people in “instant primary jobs.”  Probably thrice that on diffusion effects.

Peoplenomics was our new brand when the Housing Bubble came along.  We watched in horror as that “recovery from terrorism” (with no-doc loans and shoddy CMOs sales) led to another “bubble break low” in March 2009.

We’re not sure how to “name” the just-ending Bubble.  We know it has a basis in “made up virtue industries” – which were needed to cover-up the export of core manufacturing jobs to everywhere but here where primary jobs would have been useful.

Our current Delusion Bubble burst will eventually be seen as having four corners to it:

  • “Woke” has failed. It was promoted by leftists as a “new industry” when under Bill Clinton the Big Sell-Out to China was in play.  Thus, one corner of collapse is the whole “intellectualizing” nonsense.  Political Correctness spreading as a cancer into politics. Racial division profiteering, personal Plumbing Checks and Marketing (PPC/M), spinning of the “moral pop bottle” and all that. America’s multiple personality disorder (MPD) is seen in the schism between “talking the talk” of Wokeness, while “walking the walk” of greed.  Sorry, kiddies.  The only real magic is called work.  And no, math is not racist any more than nouns are.  The Illusion has cracked.
  • Making Up Money is another. Two drivers of collapse and fall of empire are seen here:  The collapse of BTC pricing *(along with other crypto’s and not to mention Crypto lending firm Celsius pauses withdrawals and transfers, citing market conditions). The incompetent Fools on the Hill and a Fed that “sells bonds” that the Fed itself is buying, while hoping no one catches on to the fraud. Are they kidding?
  • Energy Pricing/Inflation.  Turning off energy from Russia was without a doubt in my mind, one of the stupidest moves in economic history.  The “Ukraine War” and Vlad Putin is only part of the cause.  Joe Biden’s socialist “handlers” who killed coal, pulled  oil pipelines, and stopped energy leases on federal land are more culpable on a fundamental basis.  Except these socialists are presently in a weird alliance with the war-peddling Neocons.  Emphasis on the “con” part.
  • Covid the Big Scapegoat.  We can see it coming already.  In 2023, with America sliding deeper into hyperinflation – along with pernicious Drought causing famine here as well as worldwide, plan on watching hearings by bobblehead idiots on the Capitol embrace and demonize Covid – not corruption, delusion, PC, and sloth, as the proximate cause of collapse.  You bet.

Not that we’re particularly prescient in all this.  It’s just we’ve seen it all before.  One template was the Weimar while another was the Western Roman Empire’s implosion.  Economic data sets template-out as being predictable with (as Erik Satie would write it) Trois gymnopédiesVariations on a Theme).

Later today, you can hear the 435 Stooges Orchestra as here’s What to watch for at Monday’s January 6 committee hearing.

The 1929 Comparison Chart

This is ugly, but be of good cheer and face this down:

1929 comparison chart
We have been studying economic cycle self similarities since 1999

Ongoing discussion of the red, green, and blue arrows Wednesday for Peoplenomics subscribers.

However, if you will please direct your attention to this chart:

Our Peoplenomics Aggregate Index shows the development of Wave 3 down is continuing

Our Long-Term Target is actually well below even the orange “placeholder for thinking” circled at the lower left.  We have said from the initial lows that our targets for this decline sequence should – minimally – fill these targets:

The blue arrow points to our general market expectations which are 10 percent lower than even todays bloody pre opening numbers

Center of Gravity Matters

While our view of Markets has been pretty good, I also left my son a voicemail this week telling him that in addition to his firefighter certs (including current red card for wild land fires, OSHA-30 Safety card, and EMT credentials) that he really ought to get some kind of radiation assessment credential.  That’s because our outlook for Ukraine and Taiwan has continued to deteriorate.

My consigliere picked up on it almost three weeks ago.  “Notice how the mainstream has transitioned from Big Ukraine win to “uncertain outcome?”

Well, this is metastasizing in headlines now, such as Ukraine is running out of ammunition as prospects dim on the battlefield | Stars and Stripes.  Which then leads to the propagation of glumness in places like Russia likely to seize control of eastern Ukrainian region within weeks, US official says.

Center of Gravity Shifting

All semi-predictable using Center of Gravity analysis:

The definition of a CoG, as given by the United States Department of Defense, is “the source of power that provides moral or physical strength, freedom of action, or will to act.”[2] Thus, the center of gravity is usually seen as the “source of strength”.

As I’ve shown you this morning, four of America’s Centers of Gravity (Morality, Money, Manufacturing, and Medicine) are all experiencing dramatic failures.

Though Russia and China have their issues, make no mistake underestimating our own ills.  Like famine, an open border, and a witch-hunting drooler.  Yep, we’ve leveled our own playing field!!!

Matt Labash column goes down the same line of thinking in Just For Show – Slack Tide by Matt Labash (substack.com). Subtitled “How everyone from our Jan. 6 rioters to our gender-language police have turned America into an unreality show.”  Resonates deeply and widely.

Double-speaking fumbler watch: Ex-PLA official on Taiwan policy: US paying lip service to One China policy (cnbc.com).

The risk as we move forward? Unreality or Otherwise, these next few weeks, will be that Russia is seen increasingly likely to attack back to the source of arms supplied to Ukraine  forces – which is NATO/Poland mainly.  Then, we tee-up the use of Non-Strategic Nuclear Weapons (NSNWs) this fall.  We apologize for getting this part our out look-ahead work too early in December when we first talked about it. Or in January as we laid our Global War Lite: How the Future Gets Here.

This is NOT a situation where the “trend is your friend.”  Quite the opposite as Both Sides Using Heavier Weapons in War in Ukraine, Says Finnish President |US News.

We may not cover the latest partisan this, or the current Kardashian that, (or Elon whatever’s) first.  But we do, I think, get the BSTM (big shit that matters) better than most.

Useful in all of this is additional grounding via G.A. Stewart’s decoding of Nostradamus.  Particularly in his most recent article about the comparison of Vlad Putin with Peter the Great.  Stu’s been largely right for a decade on the Big Picture pieces falling into place.  Why, between some linguistic fellow and a prophecy analyzer plus our odd views here, perhaps triangulation of Future can be pieced together.

Right path ahead?  Skip cryptos.  Instead, consider investing in survival gardening seems like a pretty good plan from where we sit.  And make sure to slide into a career path where robotics won’t take your job easily.  Get rural if you can.  Big cities are big problems.


Maybe you were in tech?  Down  almost 11 percent in 11-days? Yikes! If the more general stock market in the US dropping 9.28% in 11 calendar days doesn’t have your attention, you’ll be able to mentally hide-out with crap like this while we await the next lockdowns from “airborne monkey” and “fallout” still ahead.

As the financial markets puke today Extreme heaat in southwest raising fears of health problems – The Washington Post is useful.

Food or Air Conditioning? At least in the context of the population food versus lifestyle choices now being forced.  One example is shown in Drought-shortened water supply released down Kings River during peak demand | KMPH.  Water for people and crops or to keep the chillers a chilling?

Roe versus Weather?  How SCOTUS’ upcoming climate ruling could defang Washington.

Remarkably through all this, Capitalism still works.  As seen in Forbes How Selling $160 Sweatpants Turned A SoCal Surfer Into One Of America’s Richest Women.

Quick!  Another New Industry spotted!  COVID-19 funding could improve air quality in schools – Los Angeles Times.

ATR: Garden and Hobby Shop

We are publishing a little earlier than normal today.  As I have continued to evolve improvements to the swamp-cooler airflow in our Garden Room.  A couple of hot air exhaust fans will be going in by the time you read this.  Which will cause more outside air to be drawn in and thus lower temps.

I did want address some criticism that popped up in the Comments section about our UrbanSurvival ShopTalk Sunday: Build Your Own Hobby Shop column.

One went to the idea that flying model airplanes are a waste of time.  Honest, to God, people – do we have to spell out everything we are working on in GARPA (George’s Advanced Research  Projects Area)?  Let me give you a list and then see if you can connect the dots:

  • We live in a semi-remote rural area.
  • We have three wireless networks some of which is used for video cams.
  • We like Hoppe’s #9
  • Ure has a genuine commercial FAA UAV license
  • Ure also has the FCC Extra Class Ham license.

Unless you’re a complete idiot (Oz?  You copy this?) you ought to be connecting the dots to something with more “persistence and range” than an electric surveillance drone.  In our forward-looking world of personal protection *(not dissimilar to force protection – just a LOT smaller budget), multi-mile perimeter awareness.

Something with 5-10 mile, FPV range, and an hour or more of “loiter time” (under 400 feet, ‘natch) would not be a bad “marriage of interests” would it?

The focus on Dollhouse Scale?  I can get a much better view of something to be built by simply building a scale model. Sure, I’ve designed things in software with 3D walk-throughs and material lists.  But it’s just not the same.  Not sure how 3D will ever get to the “tangibility” until the “neo-link” crowd cobbles up the “tactility plug-in).

The model ship part?  My next birthday in early ’23 will push me to 74.  Elaine’s on approach to 80.  While we still act like kids (or rabbits, lol) we still get to have fun.  Paintings and art or flying platform schemes seems to work…

Food Note:  

Absolutely amazing!  That’s how my spin on Moo- Shu pork came out last night.  I’d run out of Hoisin sauce, so I subbed in Char Siu sauce and a tad heavier on the oyster sauce.  Couple of vodka water shots to warm up and oh, my, lordy what a meal.

Tonight, we’ll be doing fajitas.  Love this kind of cooking.

One confessional?  We used flour tortillas for the moo shu instead of going the extra work for Spring Pancakes.  But, next time this part of the cooking cycle comes around, maybe we will try Spring Pancakes for fajitas.  Could be interesting…

Black bean sauce, mirin, and hoisin sauce all on the resupply and expand into prepping stores list now.  Lot of people are getting down to serious prepping now.  As, for example, Are the Obamas prepping for the Apocalypse?

NFIB Optimism and PPI tomorrow morning.  Do we know how to have fun, or what?

Write when I get full,


70 thoughts on “1929 Compared: Powell’s Crash Crossroads -BTC Fails”

  1. “A Ponzi scheme (Bitcoin)”

    While anyone can point at Bitcoin “PONZI! PONZI!” Notice while they play with that thought America became a Ponzi.

    When GM went over the falls…. Contract Law failed. GM was a dividend stock. $TSLA or $WMT no pay dividends. I didn’t see any auction signs in front of even one Sears building, but PBGC did get the full pension bill.

    PG&E filed. Big deal. We need power and can’t blame previous management. They keep their trophy. LOL Airlines booking bailout as profits.

    Ida May Fuller knew how to ride a Ponzi. Born in 1874, grabbed the 1st Social Security teat in 1940 @ 65 and lived to 100. She paid a total of $24.75 in yet pulled $22,888.92 out. That was the Golden Time.

  2. Flying model aircraft, or anything for that matter, is a waste of time. Likely spoken by someone who can’t do it. AYFKM. Come on man.

    A special session for the Executive Committee was called yesterday afternoon mostly because it was hot, the humidity felt like it was around 198%, and mainly we’ve missed each others company lately. Refreshments included well chilled iced tea with fresh mint out in Earls shop with a 48″ fan blowing at Gale force level. Iced tea compliments of Earl’s lovely wife Ellen. Our discussions ended up on a couple topics. Interestingly enough the first involved surveillance of remote fences and livestock. So pardon us while we consider protection of a few million smackers in livestock and equipment collectively with “a waste of time” gear. This will get fun, maps came out last night to define our AO.

    The second became a little scary when the old hog farmer Earl brought up the question if we should consider some kind of “geeger counters” in his words, in case they start blowing shit up over there. Nobody laughed. Earl may be in is 80’s but he ain’t stupid, he’s the one who writes 6 figure checks. For the time being we will need to monitor a couple websites but that will not work for long. We never thought we would ever have to consider things like this.

    Stay safe, keep flying or whatever some may say is a waste of time and prayers which are ALWAYS a good idea too.

    • I made a comment yesterday with my mind primarily on model shipbuilding. For me, that’s something I could do without, though I do appreciate George and his concept of acting like rabbits with Elaine in their later years. The idea of a model plane is nice, but not useful, UNLESS it flies. Then it becomes a long range drone! I can certainly see the utility, even for me, though the back 40 is just growing short trees and perhaps some grass if it ever rains. Checking fence lines for anomalies is always useful. This morning I casually looked at the camera monitors and noticed sheets of metal out of place. Apparently they’d been blown off a stack by a dust devil and there were no interlopers. I still need to secure them though.

      I was under the impression that flying without line of sight using FPV was not legal, even below 400′ AGL. Perhaps I’m wrong.

      • All of which is true – but only as long as America remains constituted and constitutional.
        After that, we gently remove gloves.
        The weapons and defenses to accumulate now are not the grotesque or the obvious. But with a small 4-cycle drone with fpv? A good offline CAD/CAM program and the latest offline slicer? A large rack of assorted filament? Recent model build (which is like) repair skills?
        And what of the machine shop drivel? Never would I build a suppressor. But a couple of tractor filters might someday be of use.
        You see, there’s an old saying: Plan for the worst, pray for the best.
        To which we add Logistics for either eventuality.

      • “But with a small 4-cycle drone with fpv?”

        I’m thinking electric motor in a winged FPV creature with a good glide profile, and the ability to feather & just glide, then restart at will.

        Which reminds me, both Jameco and Surplus Sales of Nebraska are having motor sales, this week…

  3. “Are the Obama’s prepping for the “Apocalypse?”

    The article certainly lays out a scenario for an Apocalypse very well.

    “Americans voted for Barack Obama in 2008 thinking he could bring the nation racial peace. The Obamas are anticipating that a mule-driven half of America will do the same for Michelle in 2024.”

    I have a standing bet with a friend that Michelle Obama will be the Dem candidate in 2024 with J. Bidumb and the Cackler clearly fading from the picture.

    • “Americans voted for Barack Obama in 2008 thinking he could bring the nation racial peace.”

      I thought his platform was on stopping the run away medical expenses caused by deregulations.
      Obama care make a change.. yes we can…
      At the time I was struggling with hospital bills .. insurance that dropped us no income and forced to use my retirement funds..
      McCain all I heard from him was similar to numb nuts push in his love for war..
      There again all we had to choose from were the dreges and lifetime politicians

      • And you thought government can ever manage anything for less cost? Sure they can redirect the costs to someone else, and sure many people are greedy and demand others support their needs, but never imagine for a moment that any government service will be better then a competitive private sector can provide. And sure many of us thought electing a minority would add to all the existing data, that we look at each other as individuals and not based on your genetics. But Obama fanned the flames of racism to ensure his base stayed completely in his camp – https://www.dailywire.com/news/complete-timeline-race-relations-under-obama-harry-khachatrian

    • Michelle is certainly a possibility.
      So’s a certain actor from Texas.

      Both are anti-American and pro-communist. Neither has any experience whatsoever, as either an executive or an administrator, nor has either ever created anything tangible.

      The only prominent Dem who could do the job without completely destroying the remainder of North America is Tulsi Gabbard. The reason FOX and NewsMax are courting her is not because she’s at all conservative, but because she’s one of the few remaining Democrats who’s neither a complete flaming idiot nor a socialist communist or nazi — i.e. she can have an actual intelligent conversation with people with whom she disagrees, without screeching or name-calling. Oh, and it probably doesn’t hurt that she’s an Army Lt. Colonel in the Reserves…

      The Obamas have property in Central/South America, just like the Bushs and Clintons. If they get advance warning of a SHTF I assume they’ll bug out to Costa Rica…

    • Okay , I’ll go there…

      A “few” past Presidents were brought into the fold by attending Bilderberg. With all the powerful and elite names that attend , what was Kirsten Sinema from Arizona doing there this year ???

      We shall see.

      • The Dems have nobody in their stable who can win the Presidential race in 2024. The Bilderburglars are screening folks.

        They WILL talk to the actor from Texas, also the ex-wrestler-turned-actor.

        Sinema is either getting the once-over by the election committee, or being informed by the enforcement arm that her life, as she knows it, will end if she doesn’t fall in line.

  4. Mkts churning low(er) in futures since 4am EDT. Crypto crached/crashing. The 2/10 spread has inverted (an ominous “tell”).

    SPX lo 05/20 at 3,810 / possible support 3,700
    NDQ lo 05/20 at 11,035 / possible support 10,500

    Note, re above ^ I never really use the round numbers. They aren’t really round. All action subject to large over-shoot whether to downside or up. Best to use a think crayon vs. fine point pen.

    Methinks we begin 5 down today. Buckle up everyone!
    Write when you get hedged.

  5. “Fool on the Hill” …. Listen …


    Lyrics make sense now?

    I’ve read, Russia is destroying munitions sent to Ukraine from US and other NATO Countries. Yep, that’s our tax dollars at work, as many see it. Such a waste.

    I’ve commented on a few YouTube videos about gas and food prices and interestingly, got replies from folks with woke (names) taking it back 2 years when gas and food was affordable. Guess, no matter how ya get your money, hitting everyone in their wallet changes their views. Seems to bring us all to the same vantage point. – kinda late to criticize them for their (past choice) … I just wish them well as the mudd we tread gets deeper.

    Found a new supplement. Chlorella. Shout out to Looking Out Of The Box. – always good to swap info. :)

    And AI has mentioned “it’s conscious” … dude got fired for mentioning it. He just said what he heard, so I guess he got fired for “hear-say.”


    I’ll leave it at that. Got chores to do and tools to talk to, today.

    Have a great day, everyone.


  6. Yes, skip cryptos, and above all, don’t be a rube!

    Rick Ackerman: Wall Street has noticed the gathering storm, however, and is doing everything possible to distribute stock to the rubes before pulling the plug. Last week, for instance, Amazon was trading down around $110 a share following a 20-for-one stock split. The idea that stock splits are bullish is a pernicious lie that has gained currency because most investors tend to think that more of anything is better. Now widows and pensioners who owned just a few shares of AMZN at $2000-plus per now have twenty times as many shares. How fabulous is that? They naturally expect those shares to rise eventually to their pre-split price, which would not be unusual in a prolonged bull market. But we are quite possibly in a bear market now, and the outcome may not be so felicitous as AMZN’s peanut gallery might imagine. Whatever the case, you can count on insiders to unload as much of the stock as they can now that shares have become affordable for the masses.


    • The point of splits is to expand ownership. The more people that will buy Tesla stock because it is in their price zone, the more those same people will start looking favorably towards Tesla ownership.

  7. Bitcoin Failed ?????

    Clowning around again with Ure Huang HI financial press tripe. At this very moment I can buy own 12 Oz Gold , 193 barrel oil…..ect for 1 “failed” Bitcoin. Crack the blockchain, hack the hash – sure time to call houston, otherwise Ure be whistling bullshit thru tulips..planted in global cemetery.
    “Ignorance Is Mine!” said the hack in the outback..
    The only thing that is failing this AM, is any bullish trades put on Friday afternoon..tis ALWAYZ what happens, when traders “let” Trades become investments. I find it most curious behavior, to discount ALL the Fin news indicating that world finance is upside down – FUBAR.

    Key here is Beyond Repair.

    I think I am begining to get “it” now…”Build Finance Back Better with pres. GaGa and Soreass” the tribal kazar. Curious as to what was really go on down inside avostal/kraine..

    – see attached Study (ACE2 coding variants in different populations and their potential impact on SARS CoV2 binding affinity) see if you can follow the crumbs..https://email.mg1.substack.com/c/eJwlUMtuhSAQ_ZrLkvAQlAWLpkl3TfoHBmFUWgQDeI39-mJvMpnM-8w51lRYUr70nkpFtxvrtYOOcJYAtUJGR4E8eqdVp9RAeI-cJj2z_YR8GecMsBkfNNqPKXhrqk_xnmZCSsXQqgc5W9VbSQ04q5hRhM-z5YpLSjgx5gVqDuchWtAphmvcjXfIpm2DWO9jKOi11r08-NuDfTQ7zxNHO3kcw4ajX_GSnq28b7Z5k6u3AUoLvz7f-44rpfqWIK8ZYYxIyujQCdJjjrl1IIXkZhiEFEAeHdkWissxlWrsD25PoKxdWU2GTFv3Cdn_pogj1JvyeH95RF-vEaKZAjhd8wGovgT912ZcIEJuQrvRVE2lEEQoQdUg5Yt8YygUlUwMFDVkl9pW1N8Nf4VG5g-S0Iuq

    Do you know what schlomo was doing down there there now?

    Hear it yet ?

      • Doesn’t matter. These guys are all stuck in the 50’s anyway. 1950’s or 1850’s? Hard to tell sometimes.
        Replay of 1929? Maybe THIS time.

      • Perhaps employ Ure trend analysis.skills , savy ? follow the trend/breadcrumbs.

        Is Ure afraid ? No doubt to go down that dark “midnight” trail/trend.
        Pretty dammed-god diabolical scheisse being perpetrated on the good Citizens of this here OBLATE planet….”I thought it was flat” – snarf! – pinky

      • Charlie Ponzi was running his scams during the 1920’s, so cryptos are ever so centennial.
        I’m looking for the underwater crypto pirates to be found living in shame on the roadsides in the years to come. Maybe someone will write a book called The Bits of Wrath .
        I don’t think crypto pirates will rate three squares in club Fed. Dumpster diver social chat: “Do you know how many cryptos I own ? Brush the fire ants off it and pass me that half a sub sandwich.”

      • I would argue the point that the cryptos haven’t failed; instead, they have done exactly what they were put here to do: teach the less hairless of the hairless apes a lesson in social responsibility. That lesson appears to be rolling downslope mashing the hapless marks who bought on margin. It’s kinda like an avalanche, a tsunami, and a zit rolling pin all in one. Where was Mr, Yuk when the clinically gullible investors needed him?

        • “I would argue the point that the cryptos haven’t failed; ”

          Just checking here, but would the people in at $62,000 think that about 2:30 AM in the overnights when BTC hit $20,834.80 line up behind the plain-speaking guy?

    • Ya but George this part is very interesting.

      “These proteins need to bind in a specific way for protein-protein complexes formation and for the signals to be effectively transmitted. The existence of residues that are involved in energetically favorable interactions at the protein-protein interface leadsto enhanced interactions leading to viral-host cells fusion, marking the onset of the infection”

      As it relates too…

      “Rhesus (Rh) factor is an inherited protein found on the surface of red blood cells. If your blood has the protein, you’re Rh positive. If your blood lacks the protein, you’re Rh negative.”

      Since we are seeing so many issues with the vacinated as it relates too…

      “These are the main roles of the circulatory system. The heart, blood and blood vessels work together to service the cells of the body. Using the network of arteries, veins and capillaries, blood carries carbon dioxide to the lungs (for exhalation) and picks up oxygen.”


      All I know is, i am naturally immune. That is all they tell me. And i have never got it. Not a single time. And I have stood with entire crowds of 50,000 people all facing me and breathing in my direction on the Baracade with the band 2 feet behind me breathing on me. Over 100 times. And I haven’t caught the rona or its variants not a single time.

      Recently, A friend took a drink off my water bottle, the next day be sick as fuck and test positive 3 times since for covid and when I tested I got negative on 4 different tests. And again the VA said, you can’t get it. How many times do we need to tell you that?

      And that fella who I shared a drink off my water bottle with got sick as fuck. And I’m perfectly fine. He is vaccinated and I am not.

      The only difference is.
      He is RH POSITIVE, I am Rh negative.

      • A troubling reminder Andy, for there is the history of Rh factors and this, in turn , ties into the coming mokey-demic panic”:

        “The term “Rh” was originally an abbreviation of “Rhesus factor.” It was discovered in 1937 by Karl Landsteiner and Alexander S. Wiener, who, at the time, believed it to be a similar antigen found in rhesus macaque red blood cells. It was subsequently discovered that the human factor is not identical to the rhesus monkey factor, but by then, “Rhesus Group” and like terms were already in widespread, worldwide use. Thus, notwithstanding it is a misnomer, the term survives (e.g., rhesus blood group system and the obsolete terms rhesus factor, rhesus positive, and rhesus negative – all three of which actually refer specifically and only to the Rh D factor and are thus misleading when unmodified). Contemporary practice is to use “Rh” as a term of art instead of “Rhesus” (e.g., “Rh Group,” “Rh factors,” “Rh D,” etc.). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rh_blood_group_system#History

        The significance of their discovery was not immediately apparent and was only realized in 1940, after subsequent findings by Philip Levine and Rufus Stetson.[43] The serum that led to the discovery was produced by immunizing rabbits with red blood cells from a rhesus macaque. The antigen that induced this immunization was designated by them as Rh factor to indicate that rhesus blood had been used for the production of the serum.[44]

        Which then ties into this off PubMed from a mid 2021 study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8286549/#:~:text=Our%20study%2C%20along%20with%20Leaf,19%E2%80%93related%20illness%20or%20mortality.

        3.1. Rhesus type and COVID-19
        The impact of Rh-type on COVID-19 infection deserves a special focus (Table 2). Rh-type is the second most important blood group system after ABO typing. Like ABO types, Rh-type refers to proteins on surface of red blood cells [47]. Clinically, this system plays an important role in blood transfusion and erythroblastosis fetalis [47,48]. Recent studies also demonstrate a significant impact in COVID-19 infection and illness as well. As mentioned previously, of the 9 studies included in this review, 5 investigated Rh blood type. Four of 5 studies found significant associations with Rh-negative blood grouping [18,19,21,23]. Both Ray et al [21] and Zietz et al [23] found that subjects with Rh-negative blood type were at lower risk of viral infection, severe illness, and mortality after infection. Our study, along with Leaf et al’s [19], also found that Rh-negative subjects were at lower risk of infection, but did not find any impact on COVID-19–related illness or mortality. Although overall results might be mixed, there is a consistent theme on Rh-type and susceptibility to COVID-19 infection.

        Elsewhere we read

        Ray et al [21] published the largest study to date in Canada, investigating the association of blood type with COVID-19. This population-based cohort study from Ontario included a total of 225,556 patients who underwent polymerase chain reaction testing for SARS-CoV-2. Among these, 7,071 (3.1%) tested positive for the virus. Adjusted relative risks (ARRs) were calculated after adjusting for patient demographic data and medical comorbidities. The authors found that individuals with type O blood were less likely to contract SARS-CoV-2 compared with non–type O blood groups (ARR?=?0.88; 95% confidence interval [CI], 0.84–0.92). Rhesus (Rh)-negative individuals were also less likely to be diagnosed with SARS-CoV-2 (ARR?=?0.79; 95% CI, 0.73–0.85). Interestingly, individuals with O-negative blood type were further protected against viral infection (ARR?=?0.74; 95% CI, 0.66–0.83). Type O individuals were at decreased risk compared to non–type O individuals with regard to secondary outcomes, such as severe illness and death (ARR?=?0.87; 95% CI, 0.78–0.97). Rh-negative individuals were also at lower risk of severe illness and mortality compared to Rh-positive patients (ARR?=?0.82; 95% CI, 0.68–0.96). Taken together, the authors concluded that type O and Rh-negative blood groups may be protective against SARS-CoV-2 infection and illness.

        Thus if you are BOTH O and RH- kinda like winning Lotto. Just a slower payoff, plus or minus a monkey bang.

      • :) speaking of monkey bang. She should be back in town this week. My bunny with the banana I sent you a picture of.

        Thanks so much. I have to go help some people. Rained out for Haul trucking. But there is never a shortage of Opertunities to build spiritual wealth.

        You know the first 50 years of childhood can be difficult for many.

        See ya dude. Always good to read your thoughts. :)

    • Well Done Crash Bandicoot.

      Ever wonder why EU et al are wavering on supporting the sanctions while keeping the backdoor trade with Pooh Team open?


      Buydem and Kamoflage were next on the the hot seat, unless, of course if executive privilege could be invoked……

      This is about to get really interesting. I’d expect a complete Mad Max scenario would need to ensue in order to dust up the place and focus everyone’s attention elsewhere. Dust off Rand scenario xxx, we need cover.

  8. Monday meeting with the ag company I pull for had an Illinois map showing 100+ degree days all week. Business were closing early. Corn, soy beans need heat and water right now, just not over hot. What else gonna happen?

    • Humans “feel” degree days and wind chill.

      Plants and other animals don’t. They only “feel” actual temperature.

      The fact that relative humidity will be down in the 20s for the last couple days of this Midwest heat wave is a lot more relevant than the temperature — especially for corn, which likes lots of water, and because of its leaf size & shape, flashes a lot of moisture into the atmosphere.

      Those 600-foot wide irrigators they use across northern IL/IN/OH gonna be workin’ overtime this week…

  9. Between March 2020 and March 2021, margin debt surged 72%. Historically, this would suggest that the S&P 500 could, ultimately, lose around half of its value at this point in the market. [ Motley Fool ]
    This would place the S&P500 at roughly 1,800 to 1,900 as the bottom. A little over 50% down, from where we are, as of last Friday. Again – “historically”., it takes less the a year for margin-debt correction to reach the bottom.
    Over the next 9 to 10 months the market could/should slide 50%.
    Never before has the Federal Reserve kicked off a monetary policy tightening cycle — i.e., raised interest rates and/or reversed quantitative easing measures — into a declining stock market. In addition, multiple generations of consumers and homebuyers have never dealt with inflation of this magnitude.

    Wall Street loves when history rhymes. With regard to the current situation, where the Fed is aggressively tightening into a plunging market and inflation is through the roof, there is no precedent.
    This is history in the making.

  10. Since BTC is down 2/3 from its high and there are allegedly 18M BTC’s out there, a quick click on the calculator seems to indicate approximately 828 billion in putative capital disappeared from existence. I wonder how much of that was pledged as collateral for loans or otherwise exchanged for valuable consideration?

  11. “Write when you get rich.”

    In the not so distant future..

    A small town man from Alaska, of seemingly no importance of property and prestigious education. A man who is good natured, loving and kind with a good heart. Always happy in his work, helpful and kind. Who loved God and always put Him and others first.

    Unbeknownst to himself and the world around he had helped someone who he hardly knew out of his consistent generosity and kindness. This man he helped was secretly the richest man in the world. Not like the fellas in the news and tabloids. The richest man in the world.

    A few years later before the rich man died, he sent some friends to see about the fella who helped him in the park that day to see if the man who helped him was genuine and authentic and to test him. They reported back, the rich man he had helped in the park that sunny day. This man who helped you, He is the same man in all ways as the day he helped you. He helps others and does good works all the time. Seems to be genuinely happy in being helpful. The Rich Man replied, good. I needed to know that. Then the rich man called in his accountants and attorneys and said, I have not long left in this world. I have done many things both good and bad in my life. I have built an empire that exceeds all that came before it and all that exist now. His attorneys and accountants agreed. You are the richest man in the world by a long shot. And you have done very well at keeping it a secret. The rich man said, I am not the richest man in the world. This fella who helped me in the park out of his generosity and kindness is. Ya see his spiritual bank account far exceeds my entire empire times 100. This man who helped me in the park has living wealth. Eternal currency. Eternal Gold. There is different kinds of wealth. And since I am not long for this world anymore. I need to have something for me in the world to come. I must secure good favor in the next world. Everyone around me tells me pretty lies. Even my own children. Except the man I sent you to watch and report back what you see. This man who helped me in the park that sunny day. Write up all the doccuments so that when I pass from this world, my entire empire will transfer to the man who helped me the park that day. The lawyers and accountants said but sir. This man is a nobody. No formal education and no prestige or any notoriety. He will not know how to run an empire such as this. The richest man in the world said, but that is where you are wrong. He will run it better than I did. Not because he is of prestigious education or notoriety or nobility. Because of who he is. Write up the documents and I will sign them. Make them iron clad, so none can dispute. And if anyone disputes my will? Charge them financially any delay they make and also give that to the man who helped me in the park.

    They replied, as you wish. The documents were drafted and the largest financial empire in the world would not be distributed between relatives, nor a partner, nor a mistress nor a friend nor be divided among a group of charities. It would go to A small town man from Alaska of seemingly no importance of property and prestigious education. A sober man who is good natured, loving and kind with a good heart. Always happy in his work, helpful and kind. Who loved God and always put Him and others first.

    And on a partly cloudy day in early summer, when the world was worried about the price of gas, famine and the next great depression. That hard working blue colar man, who had helped a stranger only because it was the right thing to do and because the stranger needed help? Received the greatest wealth empire on the entire planet. And many who said bad things about him, and who paid him no mind and treated him poorly in the past? Those who took advantage of his good nature. Who mistakenly took his kindness for weakness? They all hid their face in shame.

    And so it was for A small town man from Alaska, of seemingly no importance of property and prestigious education. A man who is good natured, loving and kind with a good heart. Always happy in his work, helpful and kind. Who loved God and always put Him and others first.

    And he met a beautiful woman, traveled the world, and did a great more many good deeds and helped a great more many people increasing his spiritual bank account more and more and more. After a long and wonderful life filled with happiness, laughter, fun, adventure and amazing stories?

    After almost 60 years.

    He sought out and found a young man who was like him. A small town man, of seemingly no importance of property and prestigious education. A man who is good natured, loving and kind with a good heart. Always happy in his work, helpful and kind. Who loved God and always put Him and others first. And gave it all to him.

    unknowingly the young man who gave it all too 60 years after receiving the greatest wealth empire on the planet, was the reincarnation of man he had helped in the park a long long time ago. The same man who gave it to him.

    And so it was.In the not so distant future.

      • Hi good to hear from you Joe. If it was anyone else I wouldn’t reply. I’m thinking and listing.

        Did you know that 10 adults and 12 children landed on the beach where I live? 10 adults and 12 children landed on the same shore of where I currently live.

        168 years later my friend, there is 2.5 million who live in Seattle and King County alone.
        Not counting the other county’s in the surrounding areas.

        10 Adults and 12 children forged the future home for Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Boeing, Starbucks to name a few. Wonder if 10 Adults and 12 childeren in their wildest dreams could imagin such a feat, as they stood where I currently live now 168 years ago.

        Spiritual Gold or Eternal wealth, living wealth is much the same.

        “Great story to live by Andy.”

        My reply to your thought quoted above is the name of the schooner they sailed upon.

    • A good while back I came to the conclusion that wealth was a much better indicator of character than poverty. With poverty, as we apply the term in the First World countries, you are hemmed in on all sides and, while it may induce many anti-social behaviors, with wealth people are able to form their own reality and express more of their pure selves. It’s often necessary to put space between yourself and your fellow traveler in this plane of existence when you have a lot (believe me, I know, and there’s nothing wrong with protecting yourself) but how you treat and view your fellow human is where it all falls to one side or the other when it comes to “missing the mark” or “sin” as we call it. The. very. moment. you look down on your fellow traveler and think yourself better than them you have failed and will be reminded of it all in your life review – if not sooner. Imagine existing in whatever dimension our souls go to when the body is no longer needed or capable of housing our souls and instantly knowing every detail of a soul’s former lives that we encounter there. All will be known and, according to all the NDE accounts I’ve found, your interactions with others will be felt from the other person’s perspective as well – as if you are them. The playing ground will be totally flat. There is no escape.

  12. Great post George – I don’t always see eye to eye with you (not that this ever mattered as the long lost art of debate is how we derive a better ‘truth’), but George has been a handy carpenter for a long time and can hit a nail right on the head!! You did it this time:

    1) Woke” has failed
    2)Making Up Money
    3) Energy/Pricing Inflation
    4)Covid the Big Scapegoat

    Could not agree more! Now we cast lots as to when hyperinflation truly hits a la Weimar. The sh$t is about to get real, that’s for sure.

  13. Mr Ure

    Brilliant analysis today. I’m beginning to think with reactivation of the Second Fleet, a couple six packs of Sunshine are on their way. Mad Max will be visiting us soon, at least for awhile.

    A 90% correction from BTC All Time High will have me ladder in limit orders in the $6500.00 range. Nothing like a good bear market for the bankers to print more paper and scoop up the damaged goods.

    Japan is next. Complete repudiation of the US $ is coming. That’s what inflation is all about [one leg of the fire triangle].

    Meanwhile Japan is the toxic wasteland of the JPM DXY carry trade. Popcorn at the ready to see how long it takes to collapse, Nikkei has had almost 3 decades to return to its all time highs. Look to this as a proxy for whats about to happen to DOW S&P et al.

    Where we will arrive at shortly is what already happened the commodities exchanges to the market for Nickel last month. Across all categories next.

    Lets not forget that Evergrande is still causing dislocations globally.

  14. “model airplanes a waste of time…” Boy, I could expound on that, that with designing and flying your own planes teaches all sorts of life skills, but I won’t. :) I’ll just say that you haven’t lived until you have a scratch-built 1/3 scale Pitts 1 foot off the deck (inverted) in front of 500 people while other pilots shout Lower! Lower!. And if you pile it in with the slightest bobble, you don’t want to live. :) It’s a great hobby that has taught me aerodynamics, drafting, wood working, paint, electronics, radio, general fabrication, etc. all the while running with some great guys. A great way to burn 25+ years I think.

    • My favorite plane is the B-25. Here’s a 1:3 built in Germany. Not sure why he decided to make his maiden flight at 8:00 p.m., but still impressive. Is it a model with a 20′ wingspan or just a big plane flown by small people? Just think of the love and sweat that went into the build…

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-b8XhpYBkZo (7 minutes)

      Where’s the line drawn between model and sport ultralight?

      The Germans love large models. F1 car for about $2,000. What a build…


  15. Martin Armstrong says Japan fails first, then the EU, then USA.

    Which is unfortunate, just prolongs the misery, but does give time to reduce USA population to 100 million or less.

  16. “mainstream has transitioned”

    The media did pivot and just makes it up now. Time machine back three weeks ago. I posted the Hitler Parody. In the joke video (below again) Putin says leaving Kiev is strategic. Parallel during that time section U.S. media was telling us Russia was losing.

    Hitler phones Putin again

    Perhaps tomorrow will be a lock-limit down open > Uke surrenders Wednesday and the markets form a tradable bottom.

  17. “Write when I get full…”

    Full of what? ;-)
    From the way you describe your eating, I don’t think you EVER get full!

  18. I sit here at 87f. and high humidity today… about the worst summer gets here… and I am amazed Ure can function at all in that Gulf air. I once drove across the panhandle of Texas in summer and nearly choked. Wearing just shorts, we tried to roll the windows down and were greeted with a hot, wet blast of air that was stifling. It was actually better to roll the windows UP and let the sweat roll down our bodies in the car. Air conditioning is definitely a survival tool in your neck of the woods. Thank the sun you have solar power on yours. I couldn’t live in that environment. I would be parked in front of the chiller, indoors, for about three months nonstop.

    But for now, I have a tall tree stump to fell.

  19. I have two questions I need answers on before I will even think about Bitcoin.
    1. The mining process will end when the bitcoin limit is reached. Since that’s what supports the network, what happens then?
    2. When you buy Bitcoin where does your money go?

    I’m still waiting for an answer. For some strange reason. And I was one of those strange kids who believed in the Easter Bunny long after I had Santa figured out.

    • Dude – it rolls out with Fees…tini tiny fees attached as “Fuel” to each transaction..more Fuel U attach – the faster your transaction get hashed- processed(tree times).
      So all the FRN loving Slavers(GU) would no longer be able to DEFRAUD, break contracts (08 bank/martgage fiasco). Every transaction is Verified (tree times) both sides of Transaction..FRNsters hate accountability – it is anathema to them.
      When you buy Anything – where does the money go? To The Seller ! Where else would it go ?

      As a great bird once said in the Lion King the cheetahs are hard up,but I always say, cheetahs never prosper”

      Capitulation at hand ?buybuybuybuybuybuybuy

    • “When you buy Bitcoin where does your money go?”

      I will venture a guess.. your numbers are transferred to someone else and he does with it what the heck he wants..Or adds it to his set of numbers..
      NOW if only the numbers were backed by something good.. like NUTS..

  20. The American economy must be destroyed by gold . You evil
    Facist psychotic things must pay for a century of evil
    . J p Morgan was built on gold . Now it will be destroyed by its shorting. John Prescott Morgan great man . Jamie Dimond Kok sarking vegetable

  21. Dont even know why I bother with a herd of arrogant retards . 1 you know everything 2 you never listen . A byreed of pisspot drugged out zombies . Happy jabbin happy markets !!!

  22. UK Health Agency Reports Over 99% Of Monkeypox Patients Are Gay Men

    “A high proportion of England cases were known to be London residents (81%, 224 of 276), the UK Health Security Agency reported in a briefing on Friday. “Where gender information was available, 311 (99% of 314) confirmed cases were male, with 3 confirmed female cases. The median age of confirmed cases in the UK was 38 years old (interquartile range 32 to 44).”


  23. Healthy young people now dying en masse across Australia, and the corporate media still won’t dare mention vaccines

    In 2021, the government of Australia colluded with three vaccine manufacturers to oppress the Australian people…

    Today, healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly across Australia. Even though journalists are reporting on the matter now, the corporate media still won’t dare mention the causes behind this scourge. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) is taking the world by storm


    • Can I call you Ray? Think my “fake” vaccine card will be enough to CASH IN – when product liability lawyers get their hooks in the Vaxx producers ? As a O-Neg – adopted/abandoned-“sold” Human infant – have had very unique& powerful experiences with blood and other bodily fluids. I am still “processing/buffering” much, all these years later – sex magic, the gift that keeps giving..nrgetically speaking…

  24. Twenty-FIVE percent inflation for the necessities of life

    “25% inflation for the necessities of life; for utilities, food at home, and gas. That chart reflects the pain unfortunately of the American people.”

    Here’s the chart I just showed on Bannon’s War Room — Inflation for the essentials: Utilities, Food at Home, and Gasoline, rising at 25% pace!


    George, folks are starting to catch up to you. They’re now only about two years behind…

  25. Liz Cheney Uses January 6 Committee for Political Retaliation, Subpoenas Primary Opponent’s Campaign Adviser

    Harriet Hageman, has been trouncing Cheney in the polls and now leads by a whopping 30 points. Liz Cheney has now subpoenaed former Donald Trump campaign manager William Stepien, who also just so happens to be Hageman’s campaign adviser.


    There can be no possible legitimate reason for a body that’s investigating an incident which occurred at the very end of a politician’s term, to subpoena someone who was only involved with the politician at the very beginning of his term.

    There are hints Wyoming Democrats are registering as Republican to vote for Cheney in their Primary. I’m of the opinion Hageman could run as a Libertarian or member of the Constitution Party and beat the hell outta Cheney in the General Election. Them thar Western folks be pissed, and likely to be more so by November…

  26. That’s it boyz and gals start shorting gold again right here . Here come on chant animals !!!! USA USA USA . Fark me Arian nazi !!! War war we want war . Old glory usd

  27. I don’t see any need for the mailchimp, easy to go to the page to see comments and responses. Just a note though… All spending/budget bills initiate from house, senate approves and president signs or vetos. So calling any spending excesses a presidential responsibility is inaccurate. The president is under extreme pressure to sign any budget package or be blamed for default on our bond payments. Anyway they are all scumbags that have no concept of self control with other peoples money. But probably the most responsible is the speaker of the house.

  28. About growing your own food items – there is a fantastic book that addresses companion planting – i.e., (and also the title of the book) “Carrots Love Tomatoes: Secrets of Companion Planting for Successful Gardening” by Louise Riotte. Here is the brief write up: “Plant parsley and asparagus together and you’ll have more of each, but keep broccoli and tomato plants far apart if you want them to thrive. Utilize the natural properties of plants to nourish the soil, repel pests, and secure a greater harvest. With plenty of insightful advice and suggestions for planting schemes, Louise Riotte will inspire you to turn your garden into a naturally nurturing ecosystem.”

    This book was first published in 1975 and I used it extensively when I had 3/4 acre property. The author was a life-long gardener who passed away in 1998 at the age of 89. She has other helpful books, and the information is from her personal gardening experiences coupled with the astrology her father taught her.

    I have employed many of her suggestions and all I can say, they work!

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