2nd Depression Notes: NFIB & PPI Data plus 4M Woes

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2nd Depression Notebook (2DN)

BTC hit $20,834.70 overnight.  We told you these were digital tulips back at roll-out and wanted nothing to do with them.

More 2D Notes:

#1:  We are now on the part of the 1929 Replay chart (see Monday’s column) to where no matter what the Fed does tomorrow, a severe recession is already baked in the cake.

People didn’t just wake up in December 1929 and say “Hey!  We’re in a Depression now!”  People don’t recognize big, fundamental change that fast.

The term “Depression” as relates to the economy didn’t emerge until British economist Lionel Robbins titled a book The Great Depression – in 1934!

If you have a hard time keeping up with our economic yammerings, be of good cheer.  Dawn comes slowly with massive, historical-level change. Consciousness takes 2-4 years to grasp change.

#2: A note from my deflationist pal Jas Jain – a retired DSP PhD. – who is not very optimistic about how current events will all work out:

“Delayed Response to the Bad Policies During Covid

INFLATION today is a result of the most irresponsible fiscal and monetary policies in history. Economies of the West are totally unprepared to deal with the debt, especially with high rates due to unavoidable inflation, a result of loose money. Criminals took control of the policies.

Markets now are the only disciplinarian to the democratically elected politicians and politically appointed central bankers!

When the Fed Panics the Crisis Is Already Knocking at the Door!”

The Treasury Public Debt to the Penny was $30,395,962,543,534.33 last Friday.  But even Treasury is spinning for the faithful.  That debt number doesn’t deal with the compounding effects over time.  So $30+ trillion now is really probably around $50-55 trillion and with rates going up, maybe $60-70 trillion in the longer-haul.

Both political division and monetization parties wildly overspent, especially Trump – whose fiscal policies sounded conservative.  But the National Debt is now piling and compounding like mad and Biden and the Witch Hunters are no help.

4M: Collapse Workflow

First – if you slept through (or skipped) our Monday column?  4M refers to the four simultaneous created/planned crises that America faces from enemies of the States:

  • Morality:  Toast.  Replaced with gender check and whatever Woke BS. Laws for sale to the highest  and most connected. Criminalizing lobbying might be a start.
  • Military: Gutted by Obamanistas and now PC idiocy in the ranks. Can a military organization really virtue signal enemies and not lose badly?  Doubt it. If you can’t figure out personal plumbing, can you figure out C-4?
  • Money: Trump was the “Spender in Chief” but before Biden’s gone, dems are likely to face hyperinflation supreme. Prices do not go up – the purchasing power of your money goes down.  Purchasing Power is displaced by Debt Loading!  About 3-cents of purchasing power remains left in the 1913 Real Dollar – before Congress abdicated.
  • Medicine: Try these on for size: Healthy young people now dying en masse across Australia, and the corporate media still won’t dare mention vaccines. And gay men are cautioned about “monkeying” around: UK Reports 104 More Cases of Monkeypox, Mostly in Men.  99% of cases being among gay men.

Ding, ding, ding! Bonus Round!

This is only part of the set-up.  Here’s the rest:

Our Aggregate Index was designed to “take the BS” out of financialist hype. It represents equal dollars into the Industrials, the 500, and tech. Our data goes back to 1999 for present waves.

We’re still looking for a low ideally around 28,773 and this morning we were at 31,576-ish.  9-percent more downside from today?

That will only be Wave 3 down, in our counting.

Supporting Data:  NFIB and PPI

First, the small business optimism report.  Which – and this is why our wild prepping for an awful future is central here – is at 48-year lows!  ISYN.  Here’s their press release:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 14, 2022) – The NFIB Optimism Index fell 0.1 points in May to 93.1, marking the fifth consecutive month below the 48-year average of 98. Owners expecting better business conditions over the next six months decreased four points to a net negative 54%, the lowest level recorded in the 48-year-old survey. Expectations for better business conditions have deteriorated every month since January.

Twenty-eight percent of owners reported inflation was their single most important problem in operating their business, a decrease of four points from April. The net percent of owners raising average selling prices increased two points to a net 72% (seasonally adjusted), back to the highest reading in the 48-year-history of the survey last reached in March and 32 points higher than May 2021.

“Inflation continues to outpace compensation which has reduced real incomes across the nation,” said NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg. “Small business owners remain very pessimistic about the second half of the year as supply chain disruptions, inflation, and the labor shortage are not easing.”

Business confidence heads for the toilet.

PPI is Right Behind

Glum and glummer.  PPI is the Producer Price Index.  It gives a “sneak peek” at how inflation is loading into the supply chain. Frame this as retail in 60-120 days.

“The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 0.8 percent in May, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. This rise followed advances of 0.4 percent in April and 1.6 percent in March. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, final demand prices
moved up 10.8 percent for the 12 months ended in May.

In May, nearly two-thirds of the rise in the index for final demand was due to a 1.4-percent advance in prices for final demand goods. The index for final demand services increased 0.4 percent.

Prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 0.5 percent in May after increasing 0.4 percent in April. For the 12 months ended in May, the index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services rose 6.8 percent.”

The Fed – in their other-worldly detached – way of thinking, works on prices less food and energy which is crack-o-nomics, near as we can figure.

To summarize:  More inflation is coming, democrats are pissing away valuable time on a witch hunt while Rome’s out here burning…

The Washington Witch Trials drag on.  

Though we wonder if Trump had secretly but pre-emptively pardoned himself, could Congress even do anything with remnants of a real Supreme Court still in place?  Give me a problem I can solve for X.

Drought and Its Pals

My son’s fire line exploits last year aside, I can’t even imagine the cardio impacts of fighting fires up at “tree line” altitudes. Arizona wildfires: Firefighters face hot conditions as blazes grow near Flagstaff. The elevation at Flagstaff is around 7,000 -feet.

All as More than 65 million Americans are experiencing ‘severe to exceptional drought’.

Which means what – and why worry?  Well… Fourth-generation farmer: ‘Food shortage is coming’ (newsnationnow.com).

I started telling you in December of last year – to get your hands in some dirt and start growing food.  Here we are – six months later – and stories like this are popping up around the edges: Take holiday to grow food, Sri Lanka tells civil servants | eNCA.  Yes – government workers taking time off so they can grow food.

Toss in stories like The War in Ukraine Has Exposed a Critical American Vulnerability – The Atlantic and our criticism of the Fools on the Hill is really far too gentle.

Excess, Collapse, Hunger, War

We’re always willing to distill five-years of “future history” into sound-bite size.

We haven’t touched on the “war” part, yet.  The Excess is done (giving away Covid checks, for example), the Collapse is rolling strongly now.  The stock market is already down 10.51 percent since the right-shoulder high on June 2.

Hunger we covered under the smoke, fire, and dust of Drought,  So, let’s skip ahead to the chapter after Hunger, OK?

Strait Talk:  China sets up US conflict by laying claim to Taiwan Strait | World | The Times and China Wrecks US View On Taiwan Strait With Exclusive Claim: ‘No Such Thing As International Waters’ (ibtimes.com).

Turkey-Syria:  Turkey starts laying Black Sea natural gas pipeline to wean off reliance on energy imports (republicworld.com)  And did you catch where Israel issues highest travel warning to Istanbul, asks its nationals to leave Turkey amid possible Iran attacks?  Pass the canned mushrooms.

Ukraine drain:  Russians control 80% of contested city in eastern Ukraine | AP News.  And while this evolves, notice German howitzers soon to be ready for use in Ukraine – minister.  The problem?

We don’t know what the specific line in the sand is that Vlad Putin is measuring.  Howitzers?  No, if anyone bites on Ukraine Has Enough Ammunition but Needs Long-Range Weapons -Zelenskiy – by actually sending more long-range war materiel, then that’s when you’ll want batteries for that old Civil Defense field survey counter.

ATR: Greenhouse Fans Paid Off

I’d give you the detailed, blow-by-blow but the bottom line is the small exhaust fans worked brilliantly!

Been surfing the Ag Extension web sites looking for heat-related issues.  One article worth reading is Heat wave in the garden: how to identify and prevent heat stress in plants | OSU Extension Service (oregonstate.edu).  Lots of others, too.

In just the time since the air exchange was speeded up, afternoon extremes dropped from over 100 to around 96 to 97.

Which is still to hot for some plants, but tomorrow, we may begin a survival gardening guide on Peoplenomics.

There are tons of garden books – I’m trying to distill a ton of gardening down to survival basics with an engineering flow sheet. 10 pages, tops.  For people like (did I say Mike in NM?) who may find it useful to eat, but who were born minus the green thumb.

PFE – Personal Food Engineering.

Three for the Road:

G2 checked in from (*on project somewhere) in the field.  “Dad – $6 dollars a gallon for diesel! Can you believe this shit?”  Yep.  $5.016 on the Triple A report this morning.

I re-explained that “Energy prices are ALL ON BIDEN.  Since all Europe has  ONLY made promises to turn Russian oil by the end of this year.  Europeans are habitual liars saying they’ll block most Russian oil imports by the end of 2022. Bought six months to make up excuses.  All of it is BBSS (Biden bull-shit stumbling). He’s MAKING FAMINE!  Commies and their stooges ALWAYS go for the food lever, son. No one besides the Ure family seems conversant in the Stalin era collectivization genocide in Ukraine!”

One of my daughters checked in from Seattle:  “Can you believe it’s raining again up here?”  Higher hiking grounds in the PNW up into BC still have snow around.  And east of there for the back country types?  Yellowstone Floods Wipe Out Roads, Bridges, Strand Visitors.  While the South is begging for rain.

Last call:  At click time, the Dow futures were up a lousy 77-points. BTC $21,902.

Write when you get rich,


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  1. The only large cap cryptos which aren’t down 25%+ in the past 30 days appear to be those tied to the US dollar.
    That was yesterday’s news. Today looks worse. Cryptos continue to do their job: burning capital that could be used to build American industry. Oh wait, if the money wasn’t being flushed down to the crypto dark cesspool, it would just be carted offshore by the MBA’s to their foreign masters.

  2. Answers to Poll Questions.
    1. I see your mail chimp announcement in the Email every day. I rarely open it Because I usually have already read your column. For me, you can save the money, I am coming here to see what’s up usually by morning break time.
    2. Something that allows me time to get a cup of coffee and read at morning break time, 10-15 min. You usually fill the time just right.

  3. Dam dude, no mention of Rover this morning ? After his ass got trucked yesterday, figured you would be a weeping and wailing about it today…”I’m looking over, my dead Rover..” Shows how much I know..jeeze! On the bright side today – no more covert19 test requirement for US citizens(tax donkeys) entering back into the land of the lost..USA, USA, USA – So that is taken as a Win for the bcn !

    Never get tired of Winning – it is like one of my favorite things to do. So be backing up the truck to BTC as bestly I can..maybe – I always get “hacked” and lose coins..thereby driving annual claim for a LOSS on Tax Return..the bitcoin nazi Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiins again!

    Its ,1 Shot at a time…make em count, fckrs!

  4. 1. Axe it. Save the money for growing more food.
    2. Just about right as-is. No need to go longer for sure.

  5. “There are tons of garden books – I’m trying to distill a ton of gardening down to survival basics”

    One Gent that lived in our spare room.. was an centurian that ended up with nowhere to go.. anyway.. he landed on D Day.. was on the force that liberated Auschwitz.. he didn’t tell any stories until we were watching either the piano player or schindlers list.. when he made the comment .. they didn’t look like that.. then I delved deeper into his story..
    anyway.. during the dirty thirties and dust bowl years he said that the ground was so hard from no moisture that they would just scrape the ground then toss down potatoes and cover it with straw.. then water it.. the straw held the water and kept them moist.. and the potatoes clean..
    I was reading the book by Ruth Stout and her lazy mans garden.. about this and thinking on some old posts by Bryce.. was at the hardware store and one other gentleman that I work with there a lot.. was telling me he did the no dig garden..
    So.. I put some dirt in the bottom of a cattle food tub tossed in the potatoes and covered it to the top with straw.. I was beginning to think .. that is a crock.. but plants are now coming up and out of them.. we shall see if it works or not in a few months..
    the best year I had potatoes and everything was the year I planted in old horse dung.. a friend has horses and he had a huge pile of horse manure several years old.. I needed dirt because where I wanted to garden is all brick and clay gravel.. ( when I built our home the contractor for the foundation ran off with the deposit.. so at the end all I had money for dirt work was fifty seven loads of gravel and one load of clay..I did acquire my ten thousand dollar hammer though and a form stake.. LOL LOL ) anyway back to gardening.. that year in a four foot by eight foot area.. I raised over three hundred pounds of potatoes.. ever since I have been lucky to get fifty.. I did bucket sweet potatoes once and got three potatoes that filled a five gallon bucket.. so we shall see what straw.. I did buy the sterilized straw this time.. the first time I tried straw bale gardening and only got weeds.. when I tried the tower potato bin.. I got three pounds..( three potatoes._)
    these are looking promising.. but won’t know until harvest..

    • If you use manure from off-site make certain that they have not used a broad-leaf weed killer called “Grazon”! If you get any of that stuff in your garden you can kiss it Buh-Bye for years!

  6. Cancel the primate service and stick the 300 iron men in your poke! Whatever todays length of manuscript was cut it in half. Your burning daylight that could be used shoring up areas that need attention for what’s coming! Just my 3 cents worth! Used to be a buck in 1913!

  7. “One of my daughters checked in from Seattle: “Can you believe it’s raining again up here?” Higher hiking grounds in the PNW up into BC still have snow around. And east of there for the back country types? Yellowstone Floods Wipe Out Roads, Bridges, Strand Visitors. While the South is begging for rain.”

    One of my siblings heading to Seattle to visit a family member is stuck at the entrance of Yellowstone.. the story is that the bridge and roads are washed out by flooding..
    four of my family members moved from Oregon and Washington state.. ever since the BLM and Antifa got their way.. the city is so filled with crime.. then on top of it.. a few extra people in the form of illegal refugees from the come to america plan… is taking up a lot of space and the homeless population and crime is on the rise.. from what another of my siblings said.. they are all leaving the states.. ( about time.. the radiation issues from fukishima.. don’t want them to get cancer later on)

  8. 1. Pink slip the mail chimp. I check back when I have time throughout the day. Hearing the ding, checking email then clicking over hasn’t really been used here.

    2. Shorter columns are good, but I love the information of the longer ones. – On the short “guess what we’re talking about” columns, I get cues from comments and play off them. – A few links (even without much column discussion about them) would be fine … I know how to search.

    As long as you at least, say “Hi” every morning, I know you’re Ok and I have a better day than what it could be.

    Blessings Brother

  9. George.

    1. Go ahead and cancel the MailChimp service. Buy Elaine a nice present for her 80th with the $300.

    2. Your morning reads are just right for me. By the time I check out a couple of interesting links, one cup of coffee down. We are all aware of you having a couple of health issues and would prefer you stay healthy enough to write a daily column even if it is shorter. Your summaries save me a lot of time looking for intelligent life on other sites.

    Appreciate your work.

  10. Hi George!!!
    I do not need the email updates to alert me to a new posts. I know you post pretty much daily, and if something unexpected does happen…well…no post that day…pretty simple stuff!!!!
    The length of your articles also do not bother me. I read through the whole article each time and find so much helpful info, the length is of no consequence what so ever!!! I do appreciate all the time you put into each on though, so thank you very much!!!!!!

  11. George
    I have a black thumb
    I am really interested in the distilled gardening information.
    Length of columns?: When you are on a creative tear make them long. Let the subject determine length

  12. Added Kratky method hydroponics to the small garden I keep every year. May add a small setup for green leafys in the spare room. PVC cubical quad has done well in preliminary tests on 10m ham band. Other experiments and projects keeping the noggin busy. Retirement is hard work…

  13. “… BTC hit $20,834.70 overnight. …”

    I have looked around and can’t find the answer … but what is the break even price point to MINE one Bitcoin?

    As the price drops Bitcoin mining is going to react just like REAL mining does to a price drop, reduced mining activity. Those that are “high cost” mines stop mining early and the mine is mothballed until better days arrive, while “low cost” mines can keep operating at least until it becomes unprofitable for even them to mine.

    Since the book keeping aspect of Bitcoin is actually provided by the miners … if the miners go off line so does the Bitcoin book – at least that is what this crypto ignorant person would think. Anybody have a better expanation as to what happens to Bitcoin if it’s price drops below what it costs to mine new Bitcoins?

    • Heres your answer Stephen 2:


      Central bankers are targeting more wrapped /airdropped Bitcoin for their pockets.

      HODL your underlying Native Crypto currency off of the exchanges. JPM has unlimited paper used to cover their cash settled [naked] shorts.

      It’s a holiday sale in July. Not your keys not your crypto.


      When a Tulip curator creates an air drop or stake with an underlying crypto currency as collateral. They are only making up money in the same way banksters create the virtuous circular reference in fiat. if youve left your crypto on the exchanges it is possible that in select scenarios the exchanges have provided access to your crypto keys on a given blockchain in return for an “air drop”. If you dont hold your keys and Native[ unencumbered] tokens in a cold wallet before these drops and account sweeps took place, you may find some other entity has the ability to unlock your value on the blockchain.

      The first clue that this is all going somewhere for the PTB is when ledger released their first products for retail, they had already been scarfed up by institutions for creating multi-signature cold wallets. A trap door around confiscation by other means, think about rhyming with ’33 gold bullion grab. Today its federal Lawsuits, bankster market raids et. al…

      Tells me something(the event, which could take weeks / months to play out) is about ready to get a cleansing crash and re birth into real price discovery. You need to think about what the underlying crypto currencies will be exchanged or demanded for goods and services on a tangible basis. The federal reserve note price quote will be insignificant. AKA hyperinflation and FRN repudiation. The other risk that non correlated assets hedge against is an FRN recall and repricing for the coming US Treasury dollar (which will have a cbdc component), by 2025 at the latest.

    • “The two men who lead Berkshire Hathaway didn’t hold back their fire when it came to discussing bitcoin at the April 30 shareholder gathering. Buffett’s criticism of bitcoin focused on the cryptocurrency not being a productive asset….”

      “… Buffett’s conclusion was that bitcoin is “probably rat poison squared.” Munger was no more charitable.

      “In my life, I try and avoid things that are stupid and evil and make me look bad in comparison to somebody else — and bitcoin does all three,” said Munger, who is vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway”


      You have to admire the Bluntness of Octogenarians!!

      • “… Buffett’s conclusion was that bitcoin is “probably rat poison squared.”

        I agree with Mr. Buffett’s opinion.. he is one nice guy to.. reminds me of my father..

  14. Love the C-4 comment George. Trump spend was also accompanied by an oil backed dollar and policies that allowed the US to be a net energy exporter. Ergo that money was backed by something. Pooh Team gets it by demanding Rubles for Oil. Weimar Republic didn’t use Oil to back their printing either. The outcome is predictable. Lets Go Brandon LOL.

  15. Hi George,
    Regarding Mail Chimp. Yeah, you can dump it. I look for your daily post after I settle in with a cup of coffee. You are a mainstay in my news feed. I enjoy reading the comments as well.

    As far as length, well, I figure there’s gold in what ever you have to say. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you have helped countless lives.

    • With a nod to my neighbor above (whom I don’t know), I say dump the mail chimp. Don’t wanna risk spreading monkeypox, now. :-)
      I don’t use the email notifications. And the column lengths are just fine. No complaints. I’m eager to read whatever Ure mind puts out.

  16. Hi, George,

    Please save your money where you can. No need for updates. Thank you very much for writing your thoughts, opinions, conjectures, and life experiences daily. I savor every word. You are a blessing, and so are the folks who comment on your words. I look forward every day to Urban Survival.

  17. Bay Area Real Estate:

    Mark made some interesting comments about the economy in California about 3 days ago and I just wanted to throw in some observations from here in the old industrial heartland.

    First … I think you need to take Mark’s observations as being more Bay Area Specific vs the entire state of California. He may not realize that but that is what it appears from someone outside the state.

    The Bay Area HAS BEEN AND IS the current center of the new technology that is being developed in the US and thus has been drawing in both REAL Profit money AND lots of Risk Capital money (which is hoping to invest in the next Google, Amazon, etc.)

    LA County and the LA area on the other hand has become the largest welfare center in the entire US, both in raw numbers and in overall % of people needing welfare of any large urban area in the US. The long and short is that while real estate prices may be high in LA it is NO LONGER generating an economic surplus for California but instead has become an economic DRAG on the state.

    Many Many MANY of the start ups that are being created in the Bay Area ARE destined to fail (duh) but the Valley mindset over the last 30 years is to get a company started, SUCK IN OUTSIDE MONEY from the rest of the country so the insiders can BAIL at a huge profit, and at that point in time if the company fails the insiders and California itself have been enriched by all the OUSIDE MONEY that came into the state from outside. If it succeeds that is great, but for the Insiders and California itself to make lots of money off of the start up all they need to do is suck in outside money, NOT to create a successful company.

    When the economy turns south Outsiders are MUCH less likely to risk their money on a money losing venture … and thus the Founder INSIDERS, those who reside in California, don’t have a chance to CASH OUT via out of state money and the state has much less so called “profits” to tax (California collects more of it’s taxes via Capital Gains than any other state in the nation)

    Recently I read that the amount of money going into the risky start up capital pool for 2022 was only running at about 10%-15% of what went in during each of the prior two years, so one can see this WALL of an inability of Insiders to bail (loot from outsiders!! LOL) coming up to hit them in their wallets.

    From where I sit it looks like the Bay Area today is much like metro Detroit was in the 1910’s through 1950’s (exluding the first 8 years of the depression), a great 50 year run. … Go Go business formations with MASSIVE numbers of business start ups with everybody and their brother making oodles of money with the new technology of the Automobile Industry. The key here Detroit being was MAKING REAL CASH MONEY, not just “selling dreams to outsiders”. Duirng those Go Go years of HIGH profits and easy business startups Detroit was unbelievably wealthy, but alas eventually the Gravy Train came to an end but with a massive Blowoff of profit making in real estate and by insiders at the very end of the train ride.

    Is the Bay Area now in it’s ending Blowoff Phase wrt it’s new technology /new business formation, ala the Detroit example?

    There IS an argument to be made that the Bay Area has NOW PEAKED wrt sucking in money from outside of California for it’s mass of new startup companies. LOTS of losses are now accumulating from what have turned out to be FOREVER cash drain companies (Uber?!!) (something that NEVER happened wrt Detroit – those were real companies making REAL cash profits), in addition to PURE FRAUD companies, such as Theranos (did ANYBODY ever look at the real science of that company before they poured a BILLION Dollars + into it?).

    Just like LA went from a huge profit center for the State of California to a huge economic drain for the State of California we may be seeing with this upcoming recession the swing “over the top” wrt the Bay area and for the Bay area to begin to copy the same dynamics that took LA down down down.

    Just a different take on California and the HUGE wealth transfer that has occured from the rest of the US to the San Francisco Bay area over the last 30-40 years.

    • “you need to take Mark’s observations as being more Bay Area Specific ”

      Hmm..not really just bay area.. because the poverty issues are running rampant..
      Mark is in that upper class observation point. He truly doesn’t have a clue about what’s happening below the clouds on his mountain top.. that doesn’t have any affect on his lifestyle or interest.. YET….
      When everything implodes then it will affect his lifestyle.. hopefully there won’t be a situation similar to past events happening..

      • So Mark doesn’t have a clue??? Loob & Stephen 2, you have NO clue: CA has the most SNAP recipients, but when measured per capita/per 100k, CA is on the BOTTOM of the list:


        CA has the largest population of all States:

        CA has a budget surplus of $97 billion, no we are not going ‘down, down down’ but your ridiculous skewing of facts and bashing of all things Blue and Democratic are!!

        Our gun laws also stopped 58 mass shootings, does your State do anything to stop mass shootings?

        TX does a good job of enabling shooting of children, the latest:

      • “So Mark doesn’t have a clue???”

        NO HE DOESN’T….@C
        Mark lives in a world of multi million dollar deals.. the don’t talk to me until you can make eighty grand a week lifestyle.. He looks at statistics and says yea that is it..
        But he hasn’t walked down the sidewalk in the HOOD..
        I worked with people in pain serious pain and injuries of almost every kind.. I won’t say I seen it all the moment I think that.. something new comes along..
        I was empathetic and THOUGHT i knew what they were going through.. then when it happened to me.. I realized I didn’t have a clue.. not one clue..
        we had the gent the can man that lived in a dumpster living in our spare room.. the things I heard about in his stories of his life.. I realized .. I probably couldn’t survive in that lifestyle.. the green network had a show I think it lasted six shows..only one person.. made it without cheating.. the show was taking someone in Marks lifestyle and placing them at the wage earners lifestyle without any of their influence or contacts money etc.. only one made it the thirty days.. and he was shocked beyond compare..
        Adolphs book covers that.. A child only wants to feel loved… a worker only wants to be able to provide the basics for his family.. Mark lives in a world where if he wants it he can get it..
        Naked and Afraid covers that.. takes people out of their comfort zone places them in a situation with one tool.. to survive twenty one days on their skills.. sitting at a desk doesn’t give one those skills.. My boss at the cabinet shop.. smart man.. built a multi million dollar money with his wits and backing from a group with cash.. BUT … he couldn’t build a cabinet if he tried.. well he did try.. LOL LOL LOL he was going to build his own kitchen.. only to discover that he couldn’t.. we had to tear it all apart and rebuild it for him.. did he know the business and could he make multi million dollar deals.. absolutely.. I have read books on surgery but I know I couldn’t ever be a surgeon.. or a dentist.. I may have the book knoweledge but not the practical .. that is why when you get blood drawn.. don’t go for the old guy that says he has thirty years experience.. he has worked behind the desk.. not sticking people.. you go for the young lady or gent that is talking about their date or weekend chewing gum..

      • “California Has the Highest Poverty Rate in America. Why?”


        “… There are two different ways to measure poverty, you see. One accounts for cost-of-living in different states; one does not. The method that accounts for living costs (the Supplemental Poverty Measure) is more accurate, and it was introduced in 2011 by the U.S. Census.'”

        “According to this measurement, the poverty capital of America is not Mississippi. It’s California, PolitFact says….”

        “… California Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayer … “But if you use the supplemental poverty measure, we are in the lead. We have the highest poverty rate in the nation — higher than New Mexico, higher than any of the Southern states, Louisiana, Alabama, higher than Idaho.”…”

        “…it is home to about one-third of the nation’s welfare population despite having just 12 percent of the population…”

        To Add to the above:

        Per this Stanford study LA County had a poverty rate of 23%, the highest in California, in 2019.

        my comment:
        LA County has the HIGHEST LEVEL of poverty in the state of California, the state with the HIGHEST LEVELS of poverty in the United States. If someone calls that “WINNING” and showing how well the poor are doing in doing in California I think they need to rethink their priorities. 23% in poverty in LA County is NOT a good number no matter how you massage the explanation.

      • Tisk, tisk – your CPA-ishness is showing. As the democrat stooges remind “Don’t bother us with facts, we’ve already made up our minds.” Facts don’t matter when you are possessed of a mind that can at once berate Trump while at the same time honoring Biden. That’s plain fucked and the plain truth of it.

  18. June 14, 2022 by George Ure
    All of it is BBSS (Biden bull-shit stumbling). He’s MAKING FAMINE! Commies and their stooges ALWAYS go for the food lever, son.
    George, you hit this nail squarely. Can anyone still be so blind they cannot see the population reduction moves being made by the Malthusian administration?
    To me, agriculture is the ONLY essential industry. Everything else becomes secondary to adequate nutrition.
    Recognize that ALL the gold on earth won’t buy the last loaf of bread.

  19. “4M”

    Long ago I heard when Hitler knew it was curtains time he came-up with a master plan that would wreck the planet order after his demise. One of his last books. Anyone?

    Depressions are financial dog baths that rinse the fleas. Think of Depressions as trimming the financial suckers off the financial tree.

    Since the last ‘Great Recession’ wasn’t enough to pop the bag O’ Boeing/Amtrak/GM, we all have to go down for them.

  20. Quick Questions –

    – Keep the renewal emails. although, I guess it doesn’t really matter for me because I can no longer trust the U.S. mail system and have been indirectly forced to go on the line.
    – Stop with the length questions. Sometimes sex is 5 seconds, other times it’s an hour. What can you do?

    I mentioned this in the past, you need to speed-up comments. There’s more than one way to skin this cat.

    • “Sometimes sex is 5 seconds, ”

      That’s the one nice thing about getting older @Out of work Steve.
      You can not be coined The Flash anymore..
      The old saying…
      What I use to do all night, now takes me all night to do..

  21. The other day I was cruising the $WMT canned meat aisle.

    The Keystone meats haven’t been back in stock for quite some time, weeks. Funny thing is the online inventory system indicted they were in stock. The shelf price tags showed values bounced from $6.something to $8.something on the beef. 25%. 12 oz cans of fruit are almost $2.00.

    Don’t forget the Starving Time. The ‘siege’ rhyme was lock-downs.

    ““The starving time” was the winter of 1609-1610, when food shortages, fractured leadership, and a siege by Powhatan Indian warriors killed two of every three colonists at James Fort. From its beginning, the colony struggled to maintaining a food supply. Trade relations with the Virginia Indian tribes were strained because a severe seven-year drought stressed food supplies for everyone in the region. Captain John Smith had some success trading European goods for corn in the first two years of the settlement, but his strongarm tactics also angered the tribal communities.”


  22. 1. Loose the Chimp. 300 smackers/year is better spent elsewhere.

    2. Go with what you think is the best for column length. George you present an amazing amount of data and information that in my opinion is worth several times the amount of your subscription and a lot of it is on the “free side”. While at the same time it is not only what is presented but the packaging, or how, it comes in that is also well worth the readers time.

    The survival gardening focus is an excellent idea.

    Sometimes less is more.Your time is valuable as well. I am regularly impressed with your time management skills that let you get so much into this blog and look forward to your daily missives. I am finding it difficult to accept slowing down as I get older and I’m under a lot of pressure to reduce my work load and even to consider moving closer to town. Not going to happen and the family is all on board, or not whatever, with me deciding what, if and when things change.

    So drive on sir.


  23. Cancel MailChimp…

    Look, it doesn’t take a notifier to know when stuff is posted here, and on days when George’s column gets a hundred replies, the notifier becomes a spam mailbomber.

    If you want to know what is going on at PN or US (and you don’t want to write a PERL script to serve it to you), try this:

    Highlight “today’s date” from the latest column (this eliminates typos or formatting errors), then hit


    This initiates your browser’s search and inserts “today’s date” in the search field.

    There’s a table on the right side of the page which hosts a column titled

    “Recent Posts”

    Count back 7 days from “today’s date” and click the link (George closes replies on posts older than 7 days. There’s no point looking for new posts in closed threads…)

    If it is your first visit of the day, hit [F3]

    This brings up your browser’s search field and populates it with “today’s date.”

    Decrement “today’s date” by one, then hit



    If there was a post or reply made to this day’s column, between George’s last forum-check (usually between 4pm and 5pm CST) and midnight, your browser will automagically drop to the post. If it doesn’t find a post, you can increment your search by one day and hit [F3] again. This will tell you if a post was made to this particular thread between midnight and the time you dropped in on the thread.

    Hit [Alt+(Left arrow)] to go “back” to “today,” then rinse & repeat for each succeeding day, until you reach “today.”

    Before I scripted it, I used this method to search the posts on George’s sites.

    Using this method, most people should be able to search the past weeks’ posts for fresh comments, faster than the time it took to read this post.

    MailChimp is a waste of our time, and George’s money. It needs to go away…

  24. Well.. I dropped the care package to the single mother off.. I’m glad I did..
    She started to cry..she only made 84 dollars for the month of june..no food in the house and according to Gov’t she made to much for any food assistance..
    She hasn’t been able to get any shifts at all.. most of the places are doing similar to my wife’s employer.. working the salaried employees longer cutting hourly laborers and working short because of the rising costs of operation because of the biden economy fiasco

  25. “What is the ideal length/depth for our reports?”


    There is none. The “ideal length” is whatever it takes to get your daily talking or discussion points across to the unwashed masses (uh, that’d be us…)

    One day it might be 680, the next, 2300, and only you can make that call…

  26. George, I never use the mailchimp service. I wait a day or so and review the comments as necessary and desired. If there are any special clients that really need email updates, you could probably handle it with a script.

    I like the longer columns, and appreciate that you have very little fluff. If Ure in the mood for writing, let it flow. If not, then do something else after a few words. It’s Ure’s to decide, and this is the free side anyway. I don’t always read everything immediately, and sometimes I fall behind when there’s a critical project, but I do read every word eventually.

    It would be really nice if there was a master index for US, like the one in PN. You could put it on the PN side as a benefit if you chose to do so. I understand that the current format is helpful for SEO, but it’s a real bear if I want to go back a couple of weeks and look at something.

    Thanks for the thoughts, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s gardening writeup. There’s masses of info scattered around, though it’s hard to find a simple recipe for how to grow calories and protein. One new thought for survival food is how we might provide for essential fats. Gardens generally don’t grow much in the way of these.

  27. $30 Trillion in debt? Not according to KimdotCom. He says the total US debt is at $90 trillion, which together with $169 trillion in US unfunded liabilities totals $259 trillion, which is $778,000 per US citizen or $2,067,000 per US Taxpayer.

    Now, the value of all US assets combined: every piece of land, real estate, all savings, all companies, everything that all citizens, businesses, entities and the state own is worth $193 trillion.

    Our total debt, $259 trillion minus our total net worth, $193 trillion equals negative $66 trillion of debt and liabilities after every asset in the US has been sold off.

    So even if the US could sell all assets at the current value, which is impossible, it would still be broke.

  28. Last summer, a friend and his wife left their good paying jobs, sold the debt-free house, three automobiles (Jeep, pickup, older Miata), and liquidated almost everything they owned (I made out like a bandit at the garage sale – still upset I didn’t see the new-in-the-box arc welder and cart that sold for $25) and moved themselves and the two teenage kids to southern Mexico. They planned to live a few months in one country then move on to another, intending to live out their days (they’re both hitting 50 soon) living off his big investments in crypto; no way to lose because one of them was tied to the dollar! I’m pretty sure he was a millionaire in digital tulips. Ignored any but this or but thats. I figured he had taken a loss last month in a big drop, but only learned last week that he’ll soon be looking for some online only work, and the forecasted 30 year retirement plan is only funded for another six months.

    • Electrons can disappear in a short cicuit FLASH!! I just can’t figure out why people don’t understand that.

      If you can’t see or touch the product they represent … well those elctrons can be just like one of those long duration lightning flashes. Bright and Glowing for a short time and then POOF, gone. Can be fun to play around with, and may make some good coin while doing that (but only if you cash out some and put it elsewhere), but do NOT put most of your eggs into that basket without taking some out regularly, that is for sure.

      Personally I have never understood the selling everything here and moving to another country with NO escape ability to come back here (until you have been there a few years and are settled), but people do it regularly. Of those I have seen do that MOST (all I have personally known!) regret it a couple of years in and then can’t figure out how to be able to afford to Buy Back In to the American Dream. Those who KEPT their stuff (houses and furnishings) here while they “SAMPLED” the foreign living thing and then come back have ended up fine, though it still took a couple of year transition when re-entering the job market here when they came back.

      (and as to why if you did that you would move to a county that is a known crime /payoff ridden state that speaks a foreign language – Mexico – makes me scratch my head even harder)

      Hope your friend lands on his feet, but so far it doesn’t sound like a happy outcome is in the wings.

  29. I do my best not to have notices sent to me as I have enough “incoming” to deal with. As far as length of your posts do what you think is best under the circumstances – and we’re headed for some interesting circumstances in the very near future. I’ll eventually get to whatever you post. Always appreciate your insight.

    Here’s something from over at J.S. Mineset –

    Five U.S. Megabanks Have Lost $300 Billion in Market Cap in One Year; Crypto Is in Meltdown this Morning; and the Fed Will Hike Rates Further on Wednesday

    There’s a run on Chinese banks and it’s being ignored by the world
    Many people have said the collapse will start somewhere over the left or right pond and then head our way.

  30. “Both political division and monetization parties wildly overspent, especially Trump – whose fiscal policies sounded conservative.”

    As you well-know, the President doesn’t “spend,” the House spends…

    Clinton, under a hefty Republican House, was the last Prez who didn’t spend us into oblivion, because Gingrich’s disciples wouldn’t let him. The Dems DID get the Unfair Housing Act through (that’d be the one George refers to as the “no doc loan program”) which enabled people without means of support to buy houses, which led (a few years later) to the housing bubble and the government assuming hundreds of billions in default-debt.

    Neocons are Leftists. They have no better recognition of the Law of Unintended Consequences than their communist bedmates. The Congressional Republicans’ headspace had in many cases been supplanted or compromised by neocons, and they morphed into light-Leftists (hence our inability today to differentiate between Repugs and Demonrats.)

    People no longer know that the “Tea Party” was formed in 2006 — NOT 2009, as a result of spending policies foist by W and pushed through Congress by a slim Republican majority. It was this spending (and the beginnings of the bursting of the housing bubble) which fathered both the “Tea Party” demonstrations in Boston and Indianapolis IN 2006, and ushered in a Democrat takeover of Congress in 2007.

    The Obama Administration outspent all 43 Presidential Administrations which preceded him.

    The Trump Administration began in a fiscally-responsible manner, then Trump discovered: In order to rebuild the military which had been decimated by Clinton and not rebuilt by Bush43 before Obama decimated it further, he’d have to sign on to obscene levels of Democrat spending foist by both Dems and the neocons. When he signed the 2018 omnibus bill, he told Congress “never again.” After a CR, but before he could sign the actual 2019 bill, COVID conveniently came along.

    I laud Gingrich, and I don’t blame Trump. However, damn’ near everyone else on the Hill between 1998 and 2020 sucked rotten eggs, and blew chunks of budget emesis in all our faces…

    • “Dems DID get the Unfair Housing Act through (that’d be the one George refers to as the “no doc loan program”) which enabled people without means of support to buy houses,”

      Usually it is a pretty lady that has me tear up…lol lol
      Well @Ray… I never made enough money to qualify for that free money home loan lol..
      I had to take high interest personal loans with a temporary balloon lol..

  31. “One of my daughters checked in from Seattle: “Can you believe it’s raining again up here?” Higher hiking grounds in the PNW up into BC still have snow around.”

    Actually, some parts got a dusting of snow, yesterday.

    {Mentioned as the heat index here just crossed 120°}

  32. George, been reading your columns too many years to count. The early writings were almost book-like and were mostly thoroughly enjoyed. The education about life and technical subjects you provided were worth much more than the cost of a college degree. Thank you more than I can express with words.

    • I agree with you my friend. I have been reading Urban for over a decade and a Peoplenomics subscriber for nearly a decade.
      Getting a college degree from here is no exaggeration.
      I too cannot thank you enough, George.
      PS Bag the MailChump. I never received them anyway.

  33. Cut the MailChimp. I have two sites I check every day, yours and SuspiciousObservers. I try to read yours in the morning cause they give me nightmares at night. NS.

    I agree with everyone else about length. Whatever the subject calls for. I always read the comments section…great extra info in context.

  34. Toilet paper USD dsi never been so high . Gold dsi never been so low . So you may say . Well I say you must have the pea brain of that chimp thing

  35. Government food programs support the general price level.

    At the end of the month the SNAP jockey wants a cart full of food. They don’t care what the price is as long as the allotment looks about the same as last month’s allotment.

    A $95/mo increase is about $25/wk. For the $15/hr labor person that’s about 2.5 hours of their labor extended to the unlaborer. And that’s only the bump. But by the State ‘giving’ the new food bill goes up for ALL Michiganders. The new general price level is being buttressed by the state. Wordsmithing.

    “Michiganders can keep LESS of their hard-earned money”

    If you qualify for freebies, government works! If you don’t qualify, you’ll look mean ‘n nasty saying anything.

    Michiganders to Receive Additional Assistance in June to Lower the Cost of Groceries

    LANSING, Mich. – Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced all Michigan families who are eligible for food assistance benefits will continue to receive at least an additional $95 monthly payment in June to help lower the cost of groceries and ensure Michiganders can keep more of their hard-earned money. The additional assistance will help approximately 1.36 million Michiganders in more than 700,000 households.


  36. State Senator Cornyn is going down the slippery slope now of interpreting what the 2nd amendment means. It means the start of elimination or total control of every facet of fire arm ownership. I think it was Joe Rogan who said we have a mental health problem disguised as a firearm issue.

  37. Jim
    From the Northern Territories again.

    I have just started using it occasionally.
    Save Ure money.

    I always check back to see what the whiners have to say!!


  38. Mailchimp = Useless, I won’t miss it.

    Column length, whatever you want and whatever it takes to get the job done.

    About that debt…

    Historically, the puppet masters only have 2 tricks in the playbook: Print more money or War. The first option has been exhausted. My guess is ~2028 some sort of world-wide crisis will be full blown with US involvement (every country).

  39. “The risk of coming food riots…
    The same organizations that used the death of George Floyd to foment an attempted popular revolution in 2020 could use high food prices and potential shortages to foment 2020-like unrest. What’s worse is that government efforts to alleviate pain – such as giving people extra money for food and gas – will only compound the problem by increasing demand for a finite supply.”

    Courtesy – the LDS…

  40. congratulations .. you have lost markets world wide now !!!!!!!!!!! yep they are lost to save the USD .. dumb is just 2 much of a compliment for you guys . close in o8 /09 but this time they are gone . YAYYYYYYY

  41. Quick hits:

    Nasal vaccines for COVID-19 offer hope and face hurdles

    A squirt up the nose could reduce coronavirus transmission, but the vaccines have challenges to overcome


    Swamped US Vaccine Compensation Programs Mean Years of Waiting for People with Vaccine Injury Claims

    Vaccine makers in America have special protections from liability. Instead of suing for an injury or death from experimental coronavirus “vaccine” shots or one of the many shots included in the CDC-recommended childhood vaccination schedule, people are left with the course of pleading their cases for payouts from special United States government-created compensation programs.


    W.H.O. Will Rename ‘Monkeypox’ to Remove Stigma, Racism

    The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) announced on Tuesday that it will officially rename the monkeypox to address concerns about the stigma and racism associated with the word.


    Australia news LIVE: Energy market suspends trading to shore up electricity grid; Fair Work Commission raises minimum wage by 5.2 per cent; RBA predicts 7 per cent inflation by end of 2022


    Sydney Morning Herald news feed…

    Crypto lender Celsius hires restructuring lawyers amid mounting problems

    On Sunday, Celsius told users that it was pausing all withdrawals, swaps and transfers between accounts because of extreme market volatility.


    Coinbase lays off 18% of workforce as executives prepare for recession and ‘crypto winter’

    Coinbase is laying off almost a fifth of its workforce amid a collapse in stock and crypto prices. The cryptocurrency exchange will cut 18% of full-time jobs, according to an email sent to employees Tuesday morning. Coinbase has roughly 5,000 full-time workers, translating to a head count reduction of around 1,100 people.


    Ukraine has ‘crossed all lines’ – DPR

    DPR has requested additional forces from Russia following heavy shelling of Donetsk’s residential areas by Ukrainian troops


    Russian Army Will Be Deploying To Nicaragua For ‘Humanitarian Operations’

    Is this the beginning of a Red Dawn scenario? Probably not. The US has already suffered a communist invasion from within. But, the recent announcement by Daniel Ortega, the president of Nicaragua, that he will be allowing Russian troops, ships and planes into the region for humanitarian operations will certainly upset the current mainstream narrative that Russia has been “isolated” from the rest of the world by Western sanctions.


    Sheriff warns against picking up folded cash in street, here’s why

    A sheriff’s office in Tennessee is warning the public against picking up folded dollar bills because of possible fentanyl and methamphetamine exposure. The Giles County Sheriff’s Department saw two incidents where a folded dollar bill was discovered on a local gas station floor that had a white powder inside that was later found to be fentanyl and methamphetamine, the office announced Thursday.


    PolitiFact Spreads Misinformation On Red Flag Laws And Due Process

    Let’s imagine a law that empowered a court to temporarily nullify the free speech rights of journalists who are accused by a third party of being potentially dangerous.


    BP bets on giant green hydrogen project in Western Australia

    BP (NYSE:BP) said Tuesday it agreed to acquire a 40.5% stake and become operator of an Australian renewable energy project that could become one of the world’s biggest producers of green hydrogen; financial details were not disclosed.


    As I said before: “Energy company,” not “oil company” or “petroleum company…”

    MIT’s new computer chip design lets you clip on parts like LEGOs

    MIT engineers created an electronics chip design that allows for sensors and processors to be easily swapped out or added on, like bricks of LEGO. A reconfigurable, modular chip like this could be useful for upgrading smartphones, computers, or other devices without producing as much waste. Additionally, it could be useful for artificial intelligence applications.


    A celestial loner might be the first known rogue black hole

    A solitary celestial object — more massive than the sun, yet far smaller — is wandering the galaxy a few thousand light-years from Earth. It might be the first isolated stellar-mass black hole to be detected in the Milky Way. Or it might be one of the heaviest neutron stars known.


    Biden opens another front in war on Elon Musk’s business empire

    The Biden administration issued its latest decision impacting an Elon Musk business venture Monday, forcing SpaceX to take more than 75 environmental actions before moving ahead with its rocket launch plans in Texas.

    SpaceX must take a number of steps and actions — like donating $5000 per year to both an ocelot refuge and peregrine falcon fund and operating a shuttle from the parking lot to reduce traffic — before proceeding with its proposed Starship Super Heavy Project in Boca Chica, Texas.


    Hey, no need to rush. The purpose of SSHP is to intercept and deflect or destroy an incoming comet, meteor, or asteroid, before it can destroy all life on earth. I guess that’s not as important as an ocelot refuge, though…

  42. Got a bid . Relax brothers wait till the shill jerk in mouth Jerome talks dribble . When they come to monkey hammer remember the great brothers that went before . And hit em with everything you got , everything, destroy and as you do remember the brothers that tried and tried and tried . [REDACT: We don’t do calls to violence on here -G]]

  43. Someone name dropped me to one of the largest security contractors in the US yesterday. They said you need this dude on your management team. Apparently when I was running passgate and baracade at Slipknot on Monday as a favor, someone was watching me.

    We had 4 fights infront of the passgate, the moshpit spilled into it, 3 drug over doses, 3 baracade jumpers (which I snatched up and they went outside) and nobody got past me. Nobody died and the show was a success. I only did the show as a favor. Because they know, when I’m on the gate if you don’t have the proper credentials? Im fucking Gandolf! ‘You shall not pass!” Hahaha

    I knew someone was Watching me.

    I got a call yesterday to inform me that the CEO of a major US Security company wants to recruite me to be on their management team. Someone saw me run passgate and baracade and Made a call and said you want this guy working for you.

    The CEO of a Big Security company lives in Texas and would call me today.

    I said cool. Cash talks bullshit walks. They said they understood and laughed.

    This morning i thought texas?? Hmmmm.. Friend of Ures?

      • Good policy. I mean I know alot of people. Alot of people from all walks of life. And i know that you know more people than I do.

        I have never went job hunting in over 25 years. Every job I have ever worked, someone I knew got me the job. And I only not work when I don’t want to work. Networking and buisness reputation, work ethic is a big thing. Every job I have had in 25 years someone called me or name dropped me.

        Thought maybe that was you. Because I don’t know who mentioned me to this guy. If the Money is there? I will probably jump on it. Mostly because I already have a union pension and the nature of the economy.

        Even when I was a casino inspector. My SQL server class mate in college got me that job. Same with the last job I worked at. This job, I got called by the guy who runs this company asking me to come back. Because he knows i get it done and I’ve never burned a bridge.

        So I will see what they offer. As it is now. I got a good gig. So it doesn’t hurt to listen to an offer

  44. They put meals on wheels on the gate with me and he says, “I don’t need a babysitter. I got this.” I taped a line on the floor and said you stay right here. You don’t go pass this line. You roll pass this line you leave the gate open if I’m handling shit. Don’t move past that line. He said man I got this.

    After the main call started there was a fight between these big fucking boys. 6’5″, 300 lb dudes in knock down fist a cuff and I moved infront of him and pushed one into the moshpit and the other back into the crowd going the other direction.

    I looked down at meals on wheels because if didn’t jump in front of him one of those big dudes would have landed in his lap and knocked the wheels off his chair and said are you ok? He looked at me with eyes the size of saucers and said thank you!!!! I said hold that fucking line and don’t move from it. He said yes sir. Then I turned around and grabbed a baracade jumper in mid jump and snatched his ass up and dragged him out the pass gate. Hahahaa it was a busy night.

    The head of Climate Pledge Arena said, it is sure nice to have you here tonight. I said fuck around and Find out. And he said yes sir and laughed.

    I did meet the head of security for the Cochella music festival that night. Wonder if it was him who name dropped me?

    But when I heard Texas. I thought he may be a friend of Ures. Hmmm.

    See what he offers when he calls. That is an $18 Billion a year company. They can pay me well if they want me to be there. :)

    Today I’m moving earth. Alot of earth.

  45. I have a strict personal policy of treating everyone with the same dignity and respect until they choose to warrent other. Like the fella trying to throw down with the medics outside the bank. He was pleading for an ass whopping.

    I treat everyonr From the janitor to CEOs the same. Because you never know who your talking to and who they know. And when that person may save your life one day or mention you to someone they know and bless you in return.

    Not alot of people are that way these days in the me me me society. We will see what THE DUDE says about it. HE knows the shit I don’t. I only know a little.

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