Global War Lite: How the Future Gets Here

Reader Note:  This is just one aspect of a more complex discussion about “How the Future Gets Here” that’s in prep for our subscribers tomorrow.  But, since the Economic Fractalist figures we may have a few days left before the fractal math goes critical on us, a prediction worth considering, we will share a bit more than usual about our (admittedly) odd thinking processes.

The Future on Rails

Remember our warning some time back  – in our December 25 column UrbanSurvival 2022: War Year?  The part where we warned quite specifically:

Odds are rising the “hot word” of 2022 will be “NSNW.”  As if Covid 19 was not enough of a context scapegoat for financial markets, the odds are seen growing that the “next step” along the path will be war. Possibly of the NSNW sort.”

Welcome to Ure’s world.  As this morning we see out of Pravda that Russia considers revisiting Soviet Barguzin missile carrying trains (  These are adaptable systems.  They can be used as NSNW platforms or for ICBM/strategic launch.


(How The Future Gets Here)

Won’t go through the whole litany here (that’s for the high-rollers with $40-bucks to subscribe crowd) but let’s say the future is semi predictable.

We can also [very roughly] divide how it gets here into long-term and short-term aspects.

A long-term prediction, while interesting and useful for governmental level (glacial speed) society planning, it’s useless from a specific investment standpoint UNLESS it spots a mega-mania, like Bitcoin and the Crypto Craze in the delivery room.

A short-term prediction is more generally useful (to the masses).

So, our focus (on Urban) is more on the “What tumblers are falling right now in the big lock of Future.

High Level on Global War

There are two obvious and one very suspect Global War STI’s (*short-term-indicators) we’re enthralled with:

  • The plans of Chinese to retake Taiwan.  
    Which will make the U.S. a “techno-bitch” of the Chinese – even more than we already are.  The Chinese have been  patiently waiting (no interrupting an adversary while they are injuring themselves) a task innumerate governance and social media are almost totally wrapped up with.
  • The plans of Russia to reestablish a Buffer Zone between themselves and the megalomanias of the European Union.  Who have – at least since 2014 – have spoken of plans to extend the EU from “Portugal to Vladivostok.”
  • Then there’s the Bioweapon.  Although governments are unable to admit to the Mengele-like Gain of Function reality, recent Fauci data dumps make a compelling case that there’s been a several decades Lab War to evolve new and improved ways to kill-off specific people.  Your ACE2’s may vary.

Where Finance Fits

Long-time contributor (the Economic Fractalist) has offered some new remarks on timing – specifically as they relate to the 24th of this month.  Which is why we are very concerned about the economic Coriolis effect that may paralyze America in the next month.

You may wish to study his comments here. but one especially juicy part offered is this:

“”Black Monday 24 Jan 2022

A 65 trillion dollar equivalent property bubble in China is past its peak valuation and will wreck havoc on the population’s predominant investment vehicle. Evergrande, already with a 90 % devaluation over the last year is following an 8 November 2021 to Black Monday 24 January 2022 decay fractal series of 9/24/23 days :: y/2.5y/2.5y. The Shanghai property index is following a 30 July 2021 to Black Monday 24 January 2022 22/46/56 day ::x/2x/2.5 xy decay series terminating in a 17//(12/29 =40) day 56 day third subfractal and a terminal 30 December 2020 3/8/8 day :: x/2.5x/2.5y 3 phase decay fractal series.”

This is NOT to predict this will happen on schedule in six days’ time.  However, given that our Aggregate Index work just broke below critical support last week signaling a prudent time to be short (or in the safety of cash) is a troublesome coincidence.

Hypersonics, Kriegs & Glaciers

Hypersonic weapons are already an “off-the-shelf” as every Outback Texan already knows:

“The .220 Swift remains the fastest commercial cartridge in the world, with a published velocity of 1,422 m/s (4,665 ft/s) using a 1.9 grams (29 gr) bullet and 2.7 grams (42 gr) of 3031 powder.”

Kriegs, of course, refers to this Wiki entry:

Blitzkrieg (/?bl?tskri??/ BLITS-kreegGerman: [?bl?tsk?i?k] (audio speaker iconlisten); from Blitz ‘lightning’ + Krieg ‘war’) is a military doctrine in which a surprise attack using a rapid, overwhelming force concentration that may consist of armoured and motorised or mechanised infantry formations, together with close air support, has the intent to break through the opponent’s lines of defense, then dislocate the defenders, unbalance the enemy by making it difficult to respond to the continuously changing front, and defeat them in a decisive Vernichtungsschlachtbattle of annihilation.”

If your coffee hasn’t “hit” yet, Blitzkrieg is slower than hypersonic.  But, a Blitzkrieg is NOT as slow as glacial speed.  Which is?

Glacial motion can be fast (up to 30 metres per day (98 ft/d), observed on Jakobshavn Isbræ in Greenland) or slow (0.5 metres per year (20 in/year) on small glaciers or in the center of ice sheets), but is typically around 25 centimetres per day (9.8 in/d).

You see, I hope, the point?  Wars and disaster arrive at a variety of speeds.  Some are as fast as a NSNW‘s fission flash – considerably faster than early American “rocket’s red glares“.  But sometimes, wars arrive as slow as Bill Clinton’s traitorous greenlighting supercomputers to China which then worked up the Lop Nor crowd’s plans to point sharp sticks back at the U.S. a decade later.  That Mrs. Lolita Bill can even be considered in 2024 boggles us no end.

Events are leaving us confused as to who is slower?  Democrats or Chinese strategic planners?  Equally dangerous, seems to us.

Battlefield Assessment:  Pacific Theater

Military affairs contributor (and oak leaf cluster, retired) warhammer has a very solid view of “things out west” today:

“The U.S. Navy has docked one of its 14 Ohio class ‘boomer’ (nuke armed USS Nevada) subs at U.S. Naval Base Guam at Apra Harbor, aka ‘Big Navy.’ USS Nevada: US Navy ballistic missile submarine makes rare appearance in Guam – CNN.

Not necessarily headline news, save for the fact that the Navy seldom (if ever) openly discloses the precise location of any of its nuclear armed boomers, each of which carries up to 20 sea launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs).  One SLBM carries multiple independently targeted warheads (unclassified estimates range from 3-8 warheads per missile).  So one boomer carries a serious load of whoop ass.

Not to worry about the media disclosure and resultant loss of stealth, as the USS Nevada is capable of hitting its targets from port in Guam.  If China lets the fecal matter hit the rapidly rotating blades, the Ohio class boomer can independently respond in-kind before Beijing can figure out what hit them and from where.

The deployment of the USS Nevada to Guam is really all about the strategy/policy of nuclear deterrence, where having a strong nuke defense allows for either retaliation or a counter-offense via diversified, globally deployed nuke forces.  Pacifist find this line of thinking totally repulsive. Realists understand that nuclear deterrence prevents naked aggression and potentially saves countless lives.

And why disclose this deployment of the USS Nevada to Guam.  Perhaps, just maybe, intel indicates the PRC is contemplating a move against Taiwan.  How to stop that scenario.  Wasn’t it Teddy Roosevelt who famously declared “speak softly and carry a big stick?” The Nevada carries 20 big sticks, each of which carries up to several megatons of nuclear ?? whoop-ass.

I’m a former nuke bomber guy, one part of the ‘land/sea/air’ strategic nuke deterrence triad, but my hat goes off to the boomer and attack sub communities.  They are the last lines of defense and the first lines of retaliation for our nation and its peace-loving allies if ever attacked.  Always remember that America has a “no first strike” policy.  But if tensions rise in any corner of the globe and a nuclear capable actor starts to throw their weight around, America’s nuclear arsenal looms like Clint Eastwood in Pale Rider.  “Won’t shoot first, but when he does shoot, he never misses.”.

I’ll bet my last can of beer that Chinese President Xi knows every detail of the USS Nevada deployment to Guam.  I’m thinking he’s not a very happy, card carrying, autocratic commie despot at the moment.

Xi wiz. “

Meantime, the dull-witted BSM (B.S. Media) continues to shy away from reporting the actual likely cause of the U.S.S. Connecticut “accident” last year:  USS Connecticut was tracked and collided with a Chinese HSU-001 unmanned submarine, according to a semi-official military news account in Bilibili : LessCredibleDefence.

As I have repeatedly told you, when China decides to “Go!” my consigliere’s view is that China will not make the mistakes made by Japan in the early days of World War II.  He points out that air cargo through Anchorage is vulnerable, as is Oahu generally, along with the West Coast ports, especially SoCal.

Have we all forgotten the (likely) Chinese demonstration of SLBM launch capacity back in 2010?  Mystery Missile: Launch of Unknown Missile Caught on Tape in California – ABC News (  Of course, the apologist press was quick to paper-it-over with stories like Eight Explanations for the Mystery California Missile Launch.   Still, is the word gullible in the dictionary?

Battlefield Assessment: Eastern Europe

American mainstream media have gone “deaf and dumb” on this HUGE story as Russia continues pressing on the borders of Ukraine.

A weak attempt at American intimidation came as US intelligence says Russia planning false flag operation to justify Ukraine invasion (  But we see the recent cyber-attack on Ukraine government sites as merely a pre-war softening action.

We’ll now ask you to jump back up a few paragraphs in this morning’s discussion to the “Hypersonics, Kriegs, and Glaciers” part to begin to understand at least the time domain of Hybrid WarUkraine claims Russia behind cyber-attack in ‘hybrid war’ | Tacoma News Tribune.

Hybrid war is already in our future:  genetic targeting will be one of the likely perversions of science we’ll live to see.  While epicanthal fold-targeting genes are not yet talked of (in unclas circles) we get “close enough for home use” in The adaptive variant EDARV370A is associated with straight hair in East Asians – PubMed (

Which then circles back to the opening round of Collapse. Over 5 1/2 million dead from the (*pretend it’s not a) bioweapon.  Which has driven the USGov to send out free money (taxed from genpop, but less so the uber-rich) in an effort to allow the privileged few additional time to find their seats well before the Musical Chairs theme ends. Late this month?

Which brings us to a holiday.

Global Markets

Glow Bull markets are pretending (for now) that there’s nothing going on in Ukraine.  That will likely mean more of a “shock and awe” when it pops.  But if you know where to look, the guns are already in the hands of “itchy fingers” on both sides. Donbas update: Ukraine reports ceasefire breach by enemy forces, 1 WIA (wounded in action) while NATO keeps pushing the same (already rejected) Western  agenda: Dialogue “sign of strength”: NATO chief has faith in deal with Russia (

Still, nothing-burgers continue playing well in markets.  Europe is open today and little is changing, although in the early trading overseas today, we see a case for one more week of upside before we get into Dr. G’s fractal quicksand:

The light blue arrow on the right shows one dart toss LZ to keep an eye on.  In the meantime, take a look at Kyiv, Ukraine 10-Day Weather Forecast | Weather Underground.

You might “tank” us, next week or the week after.

Write when you get rich,

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    • The first full moon of the year also known as the wolf moon will appear this evening of Monday, January 17, 2022. It will peak at 6:51 p.m. ET. To catch a glimpse of the wolf moon, look above the horizon in the east-northeastern direction, according to NASA

    • 36 hours before * 36 hours after …getting into New Beginnings

      What would you like to start ANEW ? What is URE biggest GOAL in Life right now ?

      New Moon nRG can be The Initiator of new realities – just have to focus Ure conscious on a New Goal/Project/Idea – that is the kinda NRG available to All on the New Moon.
      Meditating on the New Moon NRG ..cosmic time codes are set to trip throughtout the Universe – Being Here, Now will act as an “opener” to receive “downloads”.
      No idea how the process of “downloading” and cosmic time codes/Math worx. Perhaps the cosmic rubber chickenbunny at Mcphees has an idea or 3..


  1. Please remind me of your recommendation for homeowner to avoid EMP damage. Thank you in advance.

    • 1. Learn from the Amish
      2. Install transient voltage suppressors and keep most things unplugged unless you are using them.
      3. Put a laptop and vital electronic stores in metal garbage cans.
      4. Review my EMP presentation for the local ham radio club over here.
      5. And general electrical generation and prepping here

      • We have a 40 x 40 pole barn with metal sides and roof. I’m thinking it’s a pretty good Faraday cage. Your thoughts?

      • Metal Garbage Cans are CHEAP. Make sure everything is welded on to them versus holes through the can and lid.

        Farmers and Ranchers know their value in keeping varmits out, and don’t like holes in them either so most are made with welded parts vs. holes punched through the can and lid.

        Do NOT set those metal cans on wood, you want them to conduct out any electrical charge that hits them. Setting them on concrete
        that is against dirt is much much better (basement floors etc) . Concrete is so so on the electrical surge drain issue but it WILL slowly drain away any current they are hit with … for a faraday situation much much better than wood which is almost totally non conductive. (why you do NOT store 12 or 24 volt batteries on concrete, they will drain out over time – for battery storage you WANT them on wood or another non conductive suface!)

      • 3.) Stick an RF gasket around the sealing surface on the trash can lid of the can you are using for the Faraday cage, and put the electronics in shielded dry bags before putting them in the can. For really important things, double bag ’em. Tossing a piece of that carbon attenuator fabric under the lid might help a bit.
        For things you have out to use, keep them in a good shielded dry bag with the opening folded and clipped in between uses.
        Digikey has Dri-Shield bags & EMI gasket material.

    • Assuming from Ure word choice you mean Electrical and Electronic Devices..

      Haha that scheisse can easily be replaced/repaired when rendered “faulty” foul/sick or ben Qi not so easy to remove, get rid of..

      Material man living in material wolrd..Its “Material” – Never mind the nanobots they be planing on making U inject Ureself with(“free will”,hahahah).. and no it “IS” not rogue AI

      ?how can it be rogue if it has a scaly tail?


  2. Perhaps a Mandela Effect but weren’t some of the posters predicting a ‘coastal event’?

    The volcano caused a coastal event that touched all coasts in the Pacific and nobody called it.

  3. we have already seen what this new type of war entails from the releasing of the manmade covid to the hacking of key infrastructures controlled by accessing the net. What you have not seen except in a very minor amount is how the OTHER electronic warfare is doing, as all LARGE parties (countries)are rapidly advancing electronics that can altar and or take over and or disable everything from ships to fighter jets and more. We are facing dire times that offer very real potential of mass destruction as it is NOT clearly known how far advanced each country is towards the others in this new game. I can assure you it is real and is and has been a behind the scenes frantic escalation to try to stay on top of it. We are NOT going to know for sure how well we have advanced to protect us until we have to use them and that could very well have some bad outcomes for us. All flags say war is imminent. lets hope they are wrong.

  4. Hmm… I wonder if Bob Moriarty read G.A. STEWART’S book,
    Nostradamus And The Third Age Of Mars
    The Prophecies Of World War III

    “Russia is prepared for war. The US and Europe are not. Russia will attack suddenly and totally. The US and Europe will lose. The world is going to change in a day. It may go nuclear and could end the reign of mankind over the Earth.”

    • We just spent 20 years in Afgan honing our military skills. Russia won’t attack. They may huff & puff but are in no way capable of defeating the US. Their entire economy is the size of California’s. Yes, they are a threat, but not a menace. No need to fear Russia, but keep your friends close & your enemies closer.

      • If our hasty ill-planned exit was any indicator, while some forward ops are sharp, command is a shit show.
        Wars depend on good command and we are helplessly fu9ted.

      • Who was the Commander in Chief during the Afghanistan exit – Joe Biden… an idiot. In a true war, the generals will be in command for the most part. Similar to Eisenhower commanding the Allies in the big one.

      • ” In a true war, the generals will be in command for the most part.”

        Ya mean all those Generals and Admirals who had actual field and/or combat experience — the ones Mr. Obama fired?

        Millie may be the best we’ve got above battalion commander levels, and he’s a prima donna with political aspirations and no relevant skillset other than the ability to suck a politician through the eye of a needle. His travel stickers don’t impress me. The last time he jumped out of an airplane, GW was requisitioning new keyboards for the White House, to replace the ones the Clinton Administration had sabotaged on their way out of town.

        Except for a very quiet few who escaped Obama’s purge, the U.S. doesn’t currently have “Military Leaders.” We have a training ground full of greenhorns and communist ideologues. That’s why the Fort Hood Massacre was publicly branded as “workplace violence” and the “training” manuals now have chapters devoted to multiple “gender inclusion” and “White privilege.”

        WAR is an incredibly unforgiving training ground. An actual shooting war with Russia will be over before our “commanders” are potty trained…

  5. If “China decides to “Go!””

    European powers will negotiate with them, probably already have. They have to live there. Like when your bother-in-law shows up in his RV and starts to fight with your neighbors. He’s got to go. You have to live there in the morning.

    Not to mention Europe doesn’t want hypersonics flying into Hamburg. They have no way of stopping anyone.

    Like EF points out, replace the $ system. China has already negotiated with the world, we’re odd-man-out & the $ will go. (We know China negotiated with the world because according to some reports China Bio-Bombed the U.S. and the U.S. military stood down).

    Once the economic *click* happens U.S. troops will be stumbling around the planet like former U.S.S.R. troops, selling equipment to whoever has the coin of the realm trying to get back home to mom and apple pie.

    But home will be lost to tribalism/balkanization. It’ll take years to sort out.

    Then in the future, future the U.S. will be like today’s Russia. Instead of Russia recapturing the Ukraine it’ll be the United States recapturing the Midwest.

  6. Any idea what time zone the fractalist is using for his Jan. 24 prediction? After all, it won’t be the 24th everywhere in the world at the same time.
    Just curious.

    • W Coast US last time I asked (10-years back). San D if the semi eidetic is still rolling. Still, limitations are that my Huperzine A, L-acetyl-carnitine, vinpocetine, and a fair caffeine load doesn’t work for everyone, lol. And his employer may have…

  7. When I saw the story about the boomer, “Hotel Nevada” It left me a little surprised. Did the Navy actually order this show of force., or was it the Administration? China knows that we are not going to nuke ’em over their retaking of Taiwan. So why are we pretending that we will ? You can carry a big stick., but if you are not willing to use it, why show everybody where you are keeping it? Makes it a damn easy, first strike target., “Iron Dome”, or not.
    – I guess my strategic chess is a little weak. Keeping a knock-out punch, that everyone knows exists, hidden in the shadows, seems to be a wiser choice at the moment. Showing the world where we are keeping a major asset is, to me, just bad pys-ops.
    * * *
    I love fractal math applied to the markets. Wish I was better at it.

    • You ain’t kidding bout hidden…

      Take for instance the unmanned Russian ZDV’s (ZirconDelivery Vehicles)off coast of Va/DC metro area. Called thusly due to what the denizens of the big swamp are destined to become…zirconicaly carbonized..

      Any bets on whether space based laser systems are fast enough to identify target and zap before they reach thier intended targets ..hypersonically?

      • Don’t need “hypersonic.” Standard Rus cruise missile running at 50′ above the water is 31 seconds from launch to detonation over D.C. — ’bout the same amount of time our nuke-tipped cruisers are away from Beijing. That’s why we’ve been flying a net of AWACS and fighters 24/7 between Philly and Kitty Hawk for many moons, now…

  8. Comrades,

    Head for the pharma drive-thru, folks! Health Canada has just approved Pfizer’s new covid-19 pill for use called Paxlovid. It is not meant to prevent covid but simply to address symptoms in mild to moderate cases. Canada has apparently ordered a million “treatments” of the initial 120 million that Pfizer plans to produce.

    I am trying to not bark up the wrong tree by memorizing that this ‘vid pill is called paxlovid and not pavlovid.

    Pop back some lunch as DJ Ure spins a Fab 4 cure for what ails thee: “Dr. Robert” !

  9. “American mainstream media have gone “deaf and dumb” on this HUGE story as Russia continues pressing on the borders of Ukraine.”

    However, YOU have fallen into the same trap as the “American mainstream media” by refering to Russia and Ukraine, while it’s just a “game among a few WARMONGERS” which real names, like youn and I have, that cause problems. JMHO!!

  10. All the discussion on this site about nuclear war the last few days brought back a memory for me.

    When I was a young lad in high school, we used to practice our actions if a nuclear bomb was dropped on us. Go under your desk, cover your head and don’t look at the flash. One day, I asked my teacher “Don’t you think we’ll need a bigger desk?” – to steal a similar line from a much later movie, Jaws. I was punished with a detention for being a smart alec.

  11. wrt if a War occurs:

    Take out Anchorage and get some combat aircraft into there to control the skies … voila our direct air route to Asia is cut off

    Neutralize Oahu, don’t need to invade it, just take one of the adjacent islands and get air superiority over Oahu and VOILA … our southern air route across the Pacific and to Asia is mostly cut off … and of course just like we did to the Japanese in WW2 without the ability to IMPORT food and other needed goods such as diesel to run their grid power generators those islands would soon face mass famine and huge potable water issues. (without LOCAL air superiority no freighters or fuel ships are going to be docking at ANY of the islands)

    IF the Chinese, of Chinese combined with Russia, could also get control of the undersea arena of the Pacific Ocean then Midway, Guam, and Okinawa can be left to wither on the vine. since with no ocean resupply shipments coming in they would face the same predicament that the Japanese faced on the islands we just bypassed in WW2 … LOT of troops with lots of ammo no food, nobody to fight, and NO WAY TO LEAVE.

    China is clearly going for CONTROL of the seas, first the Western Pacific, and then for CONTROL of the entire Pacific. Their naval buildout IS impressive … and they just keep building building building, while improving the technology of their ships, and their crews, at the same time.

    The US’s ability to project power away from it’s geographic base is because of it’s Sea Power. WithOUT that control of the Seas the US becomes a landlocked power, even worse than Germany was in WW2 and Russia is today since we don’t have borders on the countries that my be a threat. People seem to either FORGET or have never learned, that the US’s ability to project power outside of North America comes because of our sea power. NOT air power, SEA power. (though air power is clearly now part of HOW you control the seas).

    For a sea faring nation who’s entire power base relies upon Sea Control it is sad that we have EXPORTED virtually our entire civilian cargo sea capability.

    There are now very very few American Seamen for crewing freighters. Very very few American freighters too, though there are some ships crewed by FOREIGNERS which could be reflagged – but we do NOT have the crews to recrew them with Americans if that happens. OH … and for building NEW commercial freighters? We only have a few yards that can make them AND the engines to power them (about 25% to 35% of the cost of a ship) ALL have to come from South Korea or Japan.

    The Chinese commercial shipping fleet is now about 50% of the world’s commercial shipping fleet (in tonage) and they also build about 50+-% of the world’s output of new ships (tonage wise) yearly, with the South Koreans and Japanese making up another 40+-% (most of the rest are Europe). The US just does NOT BUILD commercial ships anymore!! It only builds about 2% of the worlds commercial ships per year these days (tonage wise).

    For a Sea Power Nation our Navy has become a DISASTER when it comes to building new ships, even ships just to replace the old ones that are being retired.

    Our Navy has shown a unique INABILITY to get NEW ships built and operational, and the newest model ones it has built have been so problematic that it is retiring them now before it’s older ships. It’s Zumwalt class of destroyers are so bad that they stopped buying ammunition for it’s deck guns since each round costs close to a million dollars … and each Zumwalt destroyer has cost about what an aircraft carrier costs and seveal of them are supposed be needed to protect each carrier!! Every one of our NEWER Littoral surface combat vessels has had to be TOWED IN from the open sea MULTIPLE times due to engine failures!!

    Finally our latest and greatest aircraft carrier, the Ford was supposed to be operational and join the fleet in 2018 … now they are saying “maybe” 2024. Sure it floats and is commissioned … but it still doesn’t work. MULTIPLE systems on the ship do NOT work, it isn’t just one system but multiple systems that they are having to be re-engineered and built again (the contractors do NOT mind … they make MORE money, a LOT more money the longer it drags out!!). The aircraft catapault system has now been re-engineered and rebuilt at least twice … and STILL doesn’t work like it is supposed to so it is being REBUILT AGAIN. Ditto the elevators for both carrying ammo and carrying airplanes (don’t worry this is NOT a complete list of the MAJOR failures on that ship). Can’t even make a working elevator? sheesh!!!

    China now has 3 aircraft carriers, 2 of the older British style with no catapault and 1 newer catapault one – with at least 3 more of the newer style ones to be in their fleet by 2026. Six Chinese aircraft carriers in the Western Pacific combined with their other ships, particularly new submarines and the AI driven unmanned mini subs, that the Chinese are building, is going to make them a formidable Pacific naval power before the 2020’s are out. One that may well “outmuscle” the US Navy in at least the Western Pacific, maybe the ENTIRE Pacific, before 2030.

  12. “That Mrs. Lolita Bill can even be considered in 2024 boggles us no end.”

    Is it too premature to chide with an “I told you so…?”

    Leftists are like children. Because of that, they can come up with no end of amazing ideas. Unfortunately, because they are like children, they have no way of knowing how to implement those ideas, or even if they’re “good ideas.” This implementation thing is left up to Rightists, upon whom the blame invariably falls, when some Amazing Idea cannot be made workable.

    Because they are like children, they have few (or no) potential candidates who’re qualified for high-level jobs. Therefore, they play (indeed, they MUST play) the “name-recognition game” instead, and that means Hillary, or Michelle Obama, or Jimmy Kimmel, or Katy Perry, or…

    {Get the idea?}

  13. A matrix isolation problem is in progress?

    There is a drive-slow protest by 30+ semi-drivers on the Canadian side of the provincial/USA border against tightened covid vaccination requirements as of last Saturday for transborder truckers. The highway that they are on is the main north south corridor between this province and the USA.

  14. “Have we all forgotten the (likely) Chinese demonstration of SLBM launch capacity back in 2010?”

    Or the Russian “demonstration” a couple years previous, over New York Harbor…?

    Or the North Korean sub sighted several times as it perused around Florida, and well-within our International boundary?

  15. Yo Jorge, as the Wuflu narrative devolves into a heaping pile of rubble, I noticed a strange thing on the “news at noon” on a local station. Only one Wuflu story in first 20″. Eight stories on weather and one on the continued masking of students in Virginia after new Govener ended mask mandates. It appears to me the narrative of the Wuflu seems to have just disappered, like a fart in the wind. Lets all keep an eye out for the treachery to follow as the rats desert the sinking ship. I Iook forward to Nuremberg 2.0 and accountability.

  16. Whatever is said here do exactly the opposite. Just a psyoptic lie centre . Cannot beleive the audacity of the endless stories . Swing long markets and get ready for China Russia and USA to form some sought of global pact . Buddies . What garbage

  17. Were I the top Russian or Chinese military planner, I would NOT want to engage with the U.S. in a ‘force-on-force’ conflict. I would take the key lessons from Vietnam and Afghanistan, both a collection of relatively low-intensity conflicts spread across the country where the opponent used irregular warfare tactics which the U.S. was unprepared to counter. For this, both Putin and Xi must line up effective proxy forces, those pain-in-the-ass guerrilla units who hit and then run. It is a time proven method, one that General George Washington deployed with great effect against the far superior British. We know how that ended up. Then, I believe the savvy Russian and/or Chinese military planner will use additional tactics which will wear down the American public, which recent history shows quickly tires of funding long-term conflicts and watching dead and mutilated young men return home. Augmenting a heavy does of irregular warfare, I fully expect both potential opponents would add heavy doses of “political, covert, psychological, and digital” conflict to the mix, per this very interesting read:

    America must prepare to fight more irregular wars and less kinetic ones. Oh, the irregular may blossom into force-on-force battle, but Russia and China will do all they can to avoid making that mistake. Wear America’s will to fight down. Drag out the conflict. Make citizens at home feel the pain. Buy elections for politicians who will reject fighting aggressors overseas. Afghanistan and Vietnam set the standard for that line of thinking. It will happen again, if there is another major kinetic war. Russia and China are planning for it.

    • “Russia and China are planning for it.”

      …Which annoys the hell outta me. Every ROTsee, Cadet, and Middie has to read Sun Tzu, Napoleon, Liang, Clausewitz, Machiavelli, and a bunch of other military tactical theoreticians. Do they have NO retention or what?

      It seems by the time they make rank, all that stuff simply goes away and they become as stupid as other newly-gradjuwated kollege kidz…

      We train SEALs, Delta, Marine and AF SpcOps, etc., in irregular and asymmetrical warfare. ISTM we should be training every recruit in it and civilian judges & prosecutors should have a set of DoD/FEMA guidelines regarding how to deal with guerilla fighters, and how to treat those who defend themselves from same…

      • Ray suffers the delusion that government is honest, works for the people, and is not a sociopolitical powermonger with a side of financial shakedown artist.


      • “Do they have NO retention or what?”

        What can they do.. they read the books Hell most high school kids have read the books.. at the bookstore they are the number one sellers….
        Seriously it doesn’t take a genius to see what is going on.. but like the police that has been neutered in high crime area’s.. they are pretty powerless to do anything..
        In the past year Our countries laws ethics and morals have been flipped completely around …

      • ” they read the books Hell most high school kids have read the books”

        It’s been a minute since you were in high school, hasn’t it? The only stuff they read now is “Naruto” or maybe “My Hero Acadaemia(sp?)…”

        The police have been neutered, but that’s not the problem with the “military.” Our Military are simply not taught the stuff they need [be taught] to be battle-ready in the 21st Century, and their “leaders” can’t. The brass is more-interested in not offending the currently “noisy” political paradigm than they are, learning how to lead men into battle (and back out again…)

  18. the biggest heat in the ukraine is a spicy chicken kiev .. hey theres and idea !!! have recipes one day george for nukes and market crashes!!!! love to see the ideas from the usual suspects

  19. FRIENDS,

    How was wildcard weekend? Will this be the time that we will look back upon and say, yep, China sure pulled off one heck of a quarterback sneak on the West. Superbowl here they come!

    Yesterday the US president was parading before media in Philadelphia packaging food for folks in need. Feeding the people? What!? Things have gotten so damned bad that the president is going around personally handing out food alms? What kind of message is being sent to the world? Gosh golly, guess we can’t feed ourselves? The optics are an absolute disgrace!

    Meanwhile, on day at Day 1 today in Davos at the virtual World Economic Forum, a Leader spoke. The address began as follows:

    “Professor Klaus Schwab,
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

  20. Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease
    First published: 28 October 2020
    Aims of the study
    Patient comprehension is a critical part of meeting medical ethics standards of informed consent in study designs. The aim of the study was to determine if sufficient literature exists to require clinicians to disclose the specific risk that COVID-19 vaccines could worsen disease upon exposure to challenge or circulating virus.

    Methods used to conduct the study
    Published literature was reviewed to identify preclinical and clinical evidence that COVID-19 vaccines could worsen disease upon exposure to challenge or circulating virus. Clinical trial protocols for COVID-19 vaccines were reviewed to determine if risks were properly disclosed.

    Results of the study
    COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralising antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated. Vaccines for SARS, MERS and RSV have never been approved, and the data generated in the development and testing of these vaccines suggest a serious mechanistic concern: that vaccines designed empirically using the traditional approach (consisting of the unmodified or minimally modified coronavirus viral spike to elicit neutralising antibodies), be they composed of protein, viral vector, DNA or RNA and irrespective of delivery method, may worsen COVID-19 disease via antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). This risk is sufficiently obscured in clinical trial protocols and consent forms for ongoing COVID-19 vaccine trials that adequate patient comprehension of this risk is unlikely to occur, obviating truly informed consent by subjects in these trials.

    Conclusions drawn from the study and clinical implications
    The specific and significant COVID-19 risk of ADE should have been and should be prominently and independently disclosed to research subjects currently in vaccine trials, as well as those being recruited for the trials and future patients after vaccine approval, in order to meet the medical ethics standard of patient comprehension for informed consent.

    George – while emojis may be inane points of levity in a comments section, punctuation enhancements like underlining, bold face and letter color would be a great enhancement to your gracious granting of our gift of comment that would indicate the importance of any part of a message. The last half of the Results section needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

      • You need to begin underlining with a pair of arrows <> (opening and closing the html).
        turn on underlining with a u in the arrows. Turn it off with the /u (where / mean turn off)
        Similarly, b and /b turn on and off bold while i and /i turn on (and off) italics.
        So, your highlighted would go between the opening call brackets <> and the turn off call.

      • Ah. And all of this can be within the normal text of a comment? Sounds like fun … with another cup of coffee.

      • Seriously…

        Every time I’ve tried to put anything in brackets, WordPress has deleted that portion of my post…

      • Previewing on an HTML editor can help, sometimes:

        Page, paragraph and border commands didn’t appear to work. Only a subset of text formatting seemed to work. I was able to make italics and bold work. Underline, color and font size didn’t seem to take.
        I left off a semicolon after the code for the last emoji, exposing the code text, but emojis and strings of emojis work.
        I haven’t hand coded HTML in a long time, so most of the problem is probably with my unfamiliarity with the freebie editor I used, and lack of recent practice. After I posted, I figured out the editor was correcting the display of sloppy code, and changing the suspect code to red to flag that it needed to be corrected.

  21. When I was in high school in Salt Lake City during the early 60’s we sure of being on the first strike list. Of course we the duck and cover. We also knew that the valley would be turned into a glass bowel. We joked about carrying bomb survival instructions on a single piece of paper. 1. Read instructions fully. 2 bend over. 3. kiss your ass good bye.

    A certain church in the area understood the possibility of nuclear warfare and built a vault for their records etc.( thunder mountain style) in a granite formation at the base of little cottonwood canyon.

    • SLC can’t be First … WE were on the First of the First Strike List!! You couldn’t have been “First ” because we were the First of the First!!

      * SAC base 3 miles from middle of my small town downtown.
      * Army Air Defense (Nike-Zeus) regional control underground bunker 5 miles, other direction from middle of my small town.
      * Nuclear missile battery (air defense missiles with nuclear warheads), for Air Defense a couple of miles from the regional underground bunker complex 5 miles from middle of my small town
      * Another SAC base and Air Force Underground Command Center 35 miles from middle of my small town
      * AT&T deep underground communications control center bunker for entire region of the US, 20 miles from middle of my small town
      * Surrounded by various cities with defense critical manufacturing within 40 miles of the middle of my small town
      * Another SAC base 50 miles from the middle of my small town
      * Another Air Force base, just fighters at that one no bombers or refuelers, 25 miles from the middle of my small town

      Even the teachers and school administrators thought the “Duck and Cover routine for us was a JOKE. We had the mandatory “practice” drills, during the Cuban Missile crisis at least twice a week, but NOBODY even got out of our seats everybody just ignored them including our teachers.

      I did know the Cuban Missile Crisis was BAD when the military showed up at our door and took my dad, a civilian, away with only 5 minutes to pack a bag. He was gone for about 2 weeks and when he came back would only say that they put him in an underground bunker somewhere, NOT at one of the SAC bases or the underground Army complex near town, for the entire time … and it was boring as HELL. He never would say where they took him.

  22. George you got some great points here. Lose GPS, and everything goes out of synchronization, everything. That’s simplistic explanation. wont be all at once either, I’d give it 24-72 hours to complete the degradation process.

  23. Actually, the Russa and Chinese only have to hold a waiting war as the USA is having a self-destructing war within itself

    • Hmm easier I think.. they just turn the shipping containers around… most of the shelves at the store were bare today… since they don’t march in and attack unprovoked.. they are waiting for us to leap.. once we do then I assume all hell will break out just about everywhere..

  24. California Weighs Doubling Taxes to Pay For Single-Payer Health Care System That Would Cover All Illegal Aliens

    California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) last Monday proposed a budget that would give all illegal aliens health coverage. In 2019, California extended health coverage to illegals 26 and under. In 2021, California began covering illegals over the age of 55. Now Newsom wants ALL illegals in California to have health coverage, and Californians may see a tax increase of roughly $12,250 per household.

    NBA Owner Who Said ‘Nobody Cares’ About Uyghurs Is Democrat Mega-donor

    Chamath Palihapitiya, the Golden State Warriors team owner who told a podcast Saturday that “nobody cares” about the genocide of China’s Uyghur Muslim population, is a Democratic Party mega-donor who has flirted with the idea of running for governor of California.

    I guess Mark isn’t bad, when compared to other San Franciscans…

    A Win for Parents, a Loss for Aztec Worship in Schools

    Earlier today, conservative education activist Chris Rufo reported: “Following a lawsuit from parents, the State of California has permanently removed the ‘In Lak Ech Affirmation’ from the state curriculum, which would have forced students to chant to the Aztec god of human sacrifice in order to become ‘warriors’ for ‘social justice.’” Yes, in case you’ve forgotten (or were unaware in the first place): The state of California wanted to make kids sing ditties to Tezkatlipoka. For those who aren’t familiar with the Aztec deity, he’s the literal god of human sacrifice. Oh, and cannibalism.

    The more I see, the less attractive California becomes…

  25. Virginia’s new AG Jason Miyares announces major investigations within hours of taking office

    Virginia’s newly sworn-in Attorney General Jason Miyares announced investigations into the Virginia Parole Board and Loudoun County Public Schools within hours of taking office. In a statement released on Saturday just hours after Miyares and Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin were sworn in, Miyares explained why he has launched an investigation into the commonwealth’s parole board as well as Loudoun County Public Schools. “The Virginia Parole Board broke the law when they let out murders, rapists, and cop killers early on their sentences without notifying the victims. Loudoun Country Public Schools covered up a sexual assault on school grounds for political gain, leading to an additional assault of a young girl.”

    Soviet-style posters mocking ‘Commie’ Biden blanket capital, leftists scramble to rip them down

    On Saturday morning, conservative communications professional Leigh Wolf noticed a bunch of unflattering, Soviet-style posters depicting President Joe Biden and Dr. Anthony Fauci, his chief medical advisor, had gone up overnight in Washington, D.C. Wolf photographed the four different designs and posted them on Twitter with the caption: “Somebody put up this incredible street art in DC over night. Knowing DC it’ll be ripped down within hours…”

    Twitter link:

    Not that much different than the Obama poster which was celebrated by the Californicators, but perceptions may vary…

  26. …And from the overseize bureau:

    China Humiliated as Images of Its Olympic Course Emerge: Pathetic Strip of Fake Snow Amid Desolate and Bleak Hills

    The Chinese government is attempting to perpetuate a snow job on the world — literally. With the Beijing Winter Olympics set to begin in less than three weeks in one of the driest parts of China, a lack of snow has organizers humiliated and racing to coat ski runs with man-made snow.


    Another Low Blow — Wind Energy Falters (Again)

    One of the countless ironies running through current climate policies is that that progress may be about to go into reverse, not because of climate change, but because of policies designed to combat it, and, more specifically, what looks more and more like a premature dash into wind energy.

    Good thing the treehuggers haven’t disassembled the coal-fired electric facilities yet…

  27. dont worry about it .. futures a bit red . fix it up real quick and happy days .. no problem watch the devil at work

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