The Globe is just passing 13- million cases. Right now, today.  And the worldwide death toll is in excess of 570-thousand.

This gives you – the American news scavenger – an opportunity to do some serious “sorting of bullshit from fact”.

UrbanSurvival is (and continues to be) one of the few sites not focused on the “horrors” and “blaming Trump.” Instead, we try to make measured, reasonable predictions.  Then take measured, responsible positions.

We’ve been gloving and masking since February.

A number of our readers were appalledand promised never to return – when on March 9th, we presented the column:

Forget the Virus: Fear The Greater Depression

In which, while virtually no one else was “putting it out there” we unabashedly forecast that by July 12, the global case count would be in the vicinity of 9,525,218.

We were wrong.  It’s just now passing 13- million.

In that same report, we forecast a death toll globally of 333,299.

Wrong again.

The  actual came in over 570,000 dead.

We were LOW.

“Why Are You Mentioning This?”

Two reasons:

The first is to those cranky readers who blamed  us for spreading the word (and  fear) about the pandemic.  And who called this site a “doom-porn” operation.

The facts are becoming pretty clear on that point.  We were underestimated.

The second reason?

The stock market, a couple of hours back, hit what we have long-held to be the possibility.  That is, that our Aggregate Index would likely retest (and maybe better) the February 19 Aggregate all-time highs.  It would be fueled by made-up money, not reality.

On that one, we’ve been right.

Whether the market rolls over from here (possibility #1) or whether the Fed can continue to “Make Up Money” and further dilute the purchasing power of the U.S. Buck and we keep going up – at least for a while (possibility #2), remains to be seen.

But, I would match our simple, home-spun 5-day rate of change virus model as being at least as good – and likely better – than ANY other media (and our own government was forecasting) in the mid-March period.

We don’t know what you’ve done with the information; whether you stocked up “between the wave” or not.

A Final Point

In this morning’s first column, I mentioned a report that has projections from the IMF for the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa region.  In a nutshell, “sucks mightily” is too gentle a way to put it.

In the report itself (direct from the IMF report here) you can see in stark relief what governments ALL OVER THRE WORLD are doing:  Trying to “paper over disaster” by printing up too much money.

Here’s the part to pay critical attention to:  (See yellow highlights)

“What am I looking at?”

Overall fiscal balance line:  Going down 10.6% this year and a further decline of 8.7% next year.

But on the inflation line:  Up 8.3 and up 8.9 this year and next.

And for the oil producers?  EVEN WORSE.

Our Fed is pumping double the dough…which means we could see much higher inflation much sooner than later.

Fiscal Symmetry in Collapse?

Close enough for home use, Bubba.  Inflating money to “balance off” a nearly equal (or thereabouts) decline.

This is why the (crazy) stock market looks like it might yet on to new highs.  Because its like the airspeed indicator on an aircraft in a fully developed stall (which is what CV19 is becoming):  The ASI will still  read zero, as the plane’s wings are ripped away at terminal velocity.

That’s where the world is this very second.  

(You can thank  Peoplenomics subscribers later-  for making this site and our research possible.)

What matters most RIGHT THIS SECOND is to look clearly now at where WE’RE REALLY going.

The mainstream is too controlled.  The political parties too partisan.  The 1% only interested in themselves.  And the Marxist / Antifa types are two-bit thugs sensing a power vacuum.  Which it’s not.  Bernie-nomics is bankrupt…demand destruction has gone global.  The IMF calls it.

It’s something else. Something much worse.   It’s why I wrote in Mid March:

Forget the Virus: Fear The Greater Depression.

It’s almost time.   As Jimi put it:  “ …the hour’s getting late…”

Write when you get rich,