The Uncertain Future of “Money”

There’s a very subtle shift going on in America right now:  We’re slowly seeing the underpinnings of society under attack on the one hand (monetization of racism, Marxist-Digital Insurrection).  But on the other, we’re seeing the hollowing-out of the modest residual purchasing power remaining in the “American Dollar.”

In fact, if you Wiki “Federal Reserve Note” here’s the key thing to understand:

Federal Reserve Notes are authorized by Section 16 of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913[2]. These are issued to the Federal Reserve Banks at the discretion of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System.[2] The notes are then put into circulation by the Federal Reserve Banks.[3] They then become liabilities of the Federal Reserve Banks[4] and obligations of the United States.

Read that last part again:  They are  liabilities of the Federal Reserve Banks.  Which means, there is an “out” for the tatters of the FedGov:  Simply reconstitute the Fed if times get bad enough.  Turning it into “something else.”

Where’d the “Value in Money” Go?

The Federal Reserve doesn’t talk in great detail about this “hollowing out” process. With the exception of former Congressman Ron Paul, not many on the Hill either.  “It’s a Club,” as George Carlin put it.  “And you’re not in it.”

A quick trip to the Minneapolis Fed website (which rather honestly is a .org not .gov site!) reveals that in 1913, if you had $100-bucks, you’d need how much today just to remain “even?”  $2,588.06!

Divide 100 by this latter number and we find the “residual  real value of our money” is just 3.8639%.

Then It Gets Worse

Any damn fool can click over to the Fed’s H.6 money stocks report and behold the increase in M2 in the past 52-weeks.  It has been 32.4% on a  cash basis (M1) and 21.6% on a “cash and some savings” basis (M2).    If prices are stable (semi) this is how you “paper-over” an economic Depression.

To confirm – since the Fed has lied its way out of reporting  actual M3 – there is still John Williams’ excellent website we  see on the chart (on this page) that the reconstructed M3 annualized is running about 26-27%.

Calculator ready?

Let’s take that 2019 basis number ($2,588.06) and multiple that times 1.26 (to toss in current inflation since the March 2019 Fed admission).  We see that what had cost $100-bucks when the Fed filched U.S. money controls for central Banksters, today is denominated at $3,260.95.

Last step – if your hair isn’t on fire yet?

3.066%.  That means:  The dollar  right now buys about 3% of what it did in 1913.

Whee!  Ready for more fun with math? 

We can double-check by remembering that a “good steak dinner” was $1-dollar in 1913.  You can go out and have a steak (if you can find a socially-distanced, still in business and open eatery) and for a good steak dinner $33-bucks is hardly a royal sum.

Reserve Currency = License to Steal

Governments all over the world are pondering the same problems we have.  When does “Making Up Money” blow up? Ure doesn’t buy Stephanie Kelton’s argument that “making up money” really works.  She’s been a Bernie-nomics thinker.

Money is not just a medium of exchange.  It’s also (in theory!) a storehouse of value.  

If you can just “make up money value” you’re not making up “money.”  Its just scrip and people are having one put-over-on-them by the Banksters.

Banksters Wants Gold 

What holds value?  Gold, platinum, silver, rare earth metals, precious gemstones.  Which has pretty hard to counterfeit.   Unlike paper.  History is still about gold grabbing!  (We’ve been “fed” such slop on this point, I cringe.)

We know that when Libya wanted gold (and there has been periodic talk of an  Islamic Dinar),  what happened to Quadaffi?

We also remember what happened to Venezuela:  There, something of a sham election took place.  And the West decided to recognize the (banker-backed) loser.  This has been followed by the collapse of Venezuela and a fight over which government in Venezuela was “real.”

Steal Gold -> Fuel “Socialist Failure”

Remember how much gold Venezuela used to have?

“Before 2012, the Central Bank of Venezuela, Banco Central de Venezuela (BCV), held about 211 tons of its 365 tons of gold reserves in American, European, and Canadian banks. In January 2012, however, Venezuela completed the move of 160 tons of gold bars (valued at about $9 billion) back home..”

People don’t follow “real money” (gold, silver, precious metals and FTL capable precious gemstones), but the New York Times reported this month that:

“Nicolás Maduro Can’t Sell Venezuelan Gold at Bank of England, Court Rules”
It would be unlawful to allow Mr. Maduro access to the gold, a British High Court judge said, because Britain’s government recognizes his rival, Juan Guaidó, as Venezuela’s rightful leader.”

The Organization of American States didn’t like the election, though.  Despite Maduro winning re-election in 2018.  Banksters have their hooks deeply-set in politics, you see…

A delightful perversion of process – the Brits deciding who really won the elections in Venezuela after the fact.  Empowering itself to declare a “winner take all.”

Sad fact:  Guaidó and/or Venezuela will never take good delivery on their gold.  Banksters keep it to themselves.  Instead, they will get the (momentary) paper equivalent which will immediately erode quickly toward zero.  It’s what paper does.

In the meantime, lacking gold, Maduro (and Venezuela) are trying to reconstitute some national wealth.  But, that is made difficult by collapsed energy prices.  How convenient, huh?

Banks as Criminal Enterprises

Regrettably, there’s too much discussion by Marxists and their allied groups (like BLM) on the superficial day-to-day of oppression.  Too much marketing of genderism and too much emphasis on “high tech Saves!”  This is one area where we need some absolute equality applied!

No one asks (except us – in rare lucid moments) abound the  underpinnings of our socialization.  In this case, it’s the gubermint’s ability to  declare what has value.

Hint:  It’s NOT paper.  Paper is only a  promise And paper promises get broken all the time.   As in, for example, marriages.  Contracts don’t mean diddly.

It’s OK with banks, though.  They love to enforce  contract law when it suits  them.

Already, we’re seeing in the grown-up press warnings of what’s to come.  Last week, in the Harvard Business Review, for example: “How Banks Can Avoid a Repeat of the 2008 Foreclosure Crisis.”

The Bigger Game is YOU

This larger context picture escapes most people, but here’s the  Cliff Notes version:

When you were young, your grandparents likely didn’t have a mortgage.  They owned their home, their car… everything.

Then along came your parents:  Sort of owned a home – typically about 70% equity position.  And on cars, one was paid for with a car loan on the other.

Today?  No one has equity (that’s been systemically seized by the Banking Class via their Marketing Minions.  Side order of “narrative” with that?

With little home equity and autos on leases, people are largely being forced into the “Rent Your Life” business model.

The Missed Alternative

If someone can Tell You what to Do, you are not  free And the only way to be  free in today’s world, is to work out a way to exit the Control System.  Obvious, huh?

We suffered for years because Ure advocated (and still does) the concept of voluntary lifestyle reduction in order to  buy your freedom.

By George (*Henry)

We have lived in a double-wide trailer in the woods on agricultural land.  We have regular harvests, too.  We try to grow things of value.  Go read up on Henry George and this theories of all value springing from  the land. Still very much worth a read today:

“His most famous work, Progress and Poverty (1879), sold millions of copies worldwide, probably more than any other American book before that time. The treatise investigates the paradox of increasing inequality and poverty amid economic and technological progress, the cyclic nature of industrialized economies, and the use of rent capture such as land value tax and other anti-monopoly reforms as a remedy for these and other social problems. “

We won’t brag about an absurdly low monthly operating cost for our household.

Instead, we’ll simply reiterate once-again that anyone can do it.  Once they unplug from marketing driven consumption and decided that things like power tools and the means to grow some kind of crop, are better stores of value than a cabal of Banksters with friehgt trains of printing ink.

Own Things, Not Paper!

The number we’re hammering on now is reducing our “bank denominated wealth” (about 18.2% as of this morning). Moving into more of the “hard wealth” that encompasses everything from an old gun to a piece of farm equipment to a welder to scrap steel to stored seeds…

The Truth of the Game is in plain sight.  It’s become very clear in Venezuela. Free classes if you can read between lines.

And elsewhere, too.  Anywhere the “status and consumption monster” lurks, there’s a Bankster in the background.  Representing the leech-class of non-producers – who hold up themselves as worthly of skimming the good efforts of the honest working class.  Have ink, will rule.

Where Antifa (and other such groups) run off the rails, though, is in failing to table a workable plan for millions to voluntarily downscale in advance.  When it becomes non-voluntary?  That’s what we call an Economic Depression.

Patience, please.  One will be along shortly.

Watch  Res Judicata

Oh, one other thing – being maneuvered to become a massive foreclosure wave just before the election?

Pennsylvania Extends Foreclosure, Eviction Moratorium To Aug. 31.  This is all setting up a “misery squeeze” on Trump going into the election.  Crash market, evict people, and here comes the Slow Joe.  You can see the wheels being greased for it if you read widely-enough:

Getting virtually no coverage outside of – which has excellent coverage of it – is a case where filing of  two foreclosure actions were contested.

I won’t try to summarize what happened, except to say if you beat foreclosure on a “technicality” the default doesn’t change.  At least in Pennsylvania.

What does  Res Judicata  mean?  Well, it’s something like double jeopardy…

“In the case of res judicata, the matter cannot be raised again, either in the same court or in a different court. A court will use res judicata to deny reconsideration of a matter.[1]

The doctrine of res judicata is a method of preventing injustice to the parties of a case supposedly finished but perhaps also or mostly a way of avoiding unnecessary waste of resources in the court system. Res judicata does not merely prevent future judgments from contradicting earlier ones, but also prevents litigants from multiplying judgments, and confusion.”

Except in Pennsylvania now.  There it’s clear now that a deficient first foreclosure filing does not prevent a lender from filing a second (and presumably other) filings.

This, boys and girls, is how we can see the “skids being greased” for massive foreclosures to come.  People unable to pay are about to experience that “Running the clock” is coming off the table.

Recent Gains All Due to M1?

If you don’t read our high-priced subscriber content (Peoplenomics is $40/year), here’s a useful gem to remember:

In the 13-weeks from April 10 to July 10 closing, our Aggregate Index was up 15.1% for U.S. stocks.  In the latest H.6 Money Stocks report, the Money Supply (M1) was up 15.7%.

If you think there’s real growth in this economy, you need to get your head examined.  Failing that, see your eye doc and get refracted, right?  The ONLY growth in America has been in paper.  Think not ink!!!

The Weak Ahead

Consumer Price Index tomorrow.  We expect firming.

Retail sales Thursday.  We expect squirming.

Industrial Production and Utilization (plus trade data) Wednesday.

In The Shorts?

You mean what really matters here at U.S. Ben Dover Festival Finals?

Dow Futures up 200 on more “vaccine hype”.  We must be the only people who read and understand the reports that “Immunity to Covid-19 could be lost in months, UK study suggests — Exclusive: King’s College London team found steep drops in patients’ antibody levels three months after infection.”  Investors are herd animals, not  heard thinkers.

Second Source: IMF Predicts Worst Mideast Downturn In Half Century.  Again, they have herd, not heard.

13-million CV-19 Mark Today.  As Trump and advisers attempt to discredit Fauci amid top doctor’s blunt warnings about coronavirus.

Passings: Grandson of Elvis Presley dies at 27.  And our condolences to John Travolta as Actress Kelly Preston dies aged 57.

OK, primed, primped, and ready for another self-defined Monday?  Off and running, then!

Write when you wake up,

36 thoughts on “The Uncertain Future of “Money””

  1. George, attached video by Dr. Kelly Victory is the most informative I have seen on COVID 19. Much more common sense than the hype that is the main stream media. I continue to err on the side of caution but a little common sense goes a long way…..

  2. yep the l game goes on .. the old gold bulls have been betrayed after 25 years by the big gold capos and there slimey mates. what a sham every blogger is in on it .. there wont be any correction in anything now .. everything we were taught watched and lived is now thrown out by the bosses who have sold out .. sad but many bulls I lived with have died watching this crime so long .. so what to do ?suck it up and stay the course .. I think .. I feel so betrayed and isolated at the dis respect and treatment by these select few .. anyway put on a good show tonite and keep up the pandemic stories

  3. “a “good steak dinner” was $1-dollar in 1913”

    I don’t get the comparisons to the past.

    About 2,000 years ago 40 pieces of silver could by a clay mine, “Potter’s Field” Today, 40 pieces of silver wouldn’t cover the survey.

    • I took out a mortgage in the late 1980s. It was two sheets of paper, printed both sides. One was the mortgage and conveyance vehicle, the other the promissory note.

      I took out a mortgage (actually co-signed) in the late 2000s. It was 127 pages, single-spaced, printed both sides.

      A bureaucracy was created to insert those 123 pages into that document. One was created to review it, and a third created to process it. A lot of people got paid to process what was, 20 years earlier, a simple document.

      How big a piece of silver? You DO know where the English Pound got its name, right?

      You can’t compare “pieces of silver” or “pieces of gold” between different historical periods unless you have a reference point for the weight of the PM, and you can’t compare accurately unless you take into consideration the litigiousness and lack of morals of modern society.

      • “The good news Ray is we will have thousands of dollars of marketable timber on the property.”

        The bad news is if we continue at our current rate of makework bureaucracies, in a hundred years, it may take your entire forest to produce sufficient paper to buy/sell a house…

      • Welcome to being a co-writer of doom porn. By then, there won’t be a computer.
        But there will be cadres of (invading) immigrants in a totally corrupt “civil service” to annotate and dot each tittle.

        Imagine this is how the Chinese Admiral felt upon returning to China from his seventh voyage only to find the country had gone mad and turned inward.
        Admiral Zheng He’s exploits did, however has lasting importance:

        Make-work bureaucracies and great public works to come as the “common good” will be the mass marketing catch-phrase to shake what little remains in private hands while the last of the government leech classes burn out in Depression II.

        How many people – approaching late life – consider the joy of throwing their own urn on a potter’s wheel?

        “The moving finger having writ is at once smashed…”

      • “Welcome to being a co-writer of doom porn. By then, there won’t be a computer.”

        Thaanksss {grin}

        This is why everyone should watch the movie “Brazil,” several times over, until they understand what a bureaucratic, bureaucracy of bureaucracies is. Russians may have wanted free markets and human Rights, but I have absolutely no doubt there were people in the streets, crying and screaming with joy, when the Soviet bureaucracies went away…

  4. That line from the movie Little Big Man- This paper is good for as long as the grass grows, the river flows, and the wind blows. And we all know how that worked out…………………..

  5. You said, nobody has equity anymore…

    That’s only remotely true…pun intended. Urban areas carry the most upside in value, because they are close to the core of jobs and good schools. Rural areas, not so much. The value of land is based on the VOLUME of buyers that value a place based on lifestyle and convenience. Demand shortens supply, raising prices…building equity.

    Case in point…A 30 something couple from my home State with a lot of money really wanted a house listed at 2,699,000. So, knowing the comps (average sales of similar homes sold) we decided to go well above that and bid $3 million all cash. We came in 7th and the house sold for $3.25 all cash. It sold for $550,000 over the list price. Now..this house is in a great school district, (Rated 10 out of 10) near a cute downtown area and across the street from a very popular suburban park. Location drove the price up…and the neighbors with similar homes just saw the value of their property rise over $500,000 overnight. This is the reality of urban real estate. I see this everyday. I was successful with this couple in another neighborhood yesterday…similar scenario, but only had to bid $315,000 over the list price. Buyers were happy…neighbors happier.

    • Kenny Rogers had a pithy song about knowing when to hold ’em and knowing when to fold ’em. We had a similar but more kinetic version when I flew airplanes for a living: When you were on the deck at 600+ MPH and lost an engine, you performed a “Zoom and Boom,” which used your airspeed to gain altitude and put yourself in a position to step over the side and give the jet back to the taxpayers. Ejecting before it was too late was the key to surviving.

      Another way of saying there is a finite cycle on EVERYTHING, and history rewards those who know when & how to walk away – at the right time.

      • wow! The one percenters buying real estate are truly facing difficulties, aren’t they (are those top schools in the pricey neighborhood open next year)? Mark, I’m so glad someone on the list can keep us filled in on these daunting problems of the upper class….

        For the rest of us (or at least HealthCare Workers, it’s a daily issue of life or death due to greed)…
        Health care workers could have a protective shot of plasma antigens (but Pharma too cheap for protecting workers, will only allow IV drip with plasma antigens for patient who are already sick)…and George, I wouldn’t tell your son about it, it’s too horrifying!

    • Here in two-dimensional flatland, the newspaper prints a Saturday real-estate pullout which has been imploring local realtors to send in their “house sold” examples for publication. The page is half-empty and last Saturday many of those featured had sold for less than the asking price.

      Hopefully the Cali cash buyers are not simply maxing out their lines of credit.

    • The VALUE of the land is the utility provided to the owner! The cash equivalent value is whatever people are willing to pay, given that the owner is willing to sell. Real value is not easily equated to dollars, or even gold. Things that I’d never voluntarily part with have no dollar equivalence, and most people would throw them out.

    • @MARX

      I want to thank you for recommending the book about Trump…’Too Much and Never Enough’

      I have read it and I agree with you about one have say over and over again in your hatred rants about Trump””this book will help you to understand the problems that have been created around this country and who has been responsible for them…

      What I take away from this and thank you again for being so determined to change minds…is that NOW I can relax about the number 1 problem that I have encountered in the past 3 months..the shortage of toilet paper..this BOOK …will now fill that void…page by page…no shortage in my house….now

      Thanks again…

  6. Funny how Juan Guaidó never ‘ran’ for president rather, in the spirit of many dictators and coup folks simply “declared” he was president and all those wonderful advocates of “democracy” are willing to crown him el presidente without an election.

    What a crock.

  7. George

    ” Instead, they will get the (momentary) paper equivalent”

    Several years ago I transferred my ownership in a truck from myself in Mississippi to a relative in Louisiana. As the license on the truck had more than a year left before expiration I went to get a refund on the remainder which is legal in Old Miss. They gave me a refund all right! What they gave me was not cash but a credit on any future tag I might need. The crooks at the state gov kept the cash as they figured you might never get another tag.

    At every level of government all you see is corruption and ways to screw the people!

  8. George,
    -The recent devaluation of the US dollar of which you speak could have been 1/2 as much, had the Conservatives actually acted to get the virus under control, instead of trying to B.S. their way through it. Instead the US is in the virus dumpster with the rest of the Third World. With over twice the damage to the economy, the Fed now has to double the printing.
    -And now Fauci (and his science based team) won’t play ball with the propaganda charade, so of course he has to go.
    -Systemic and universal incompetence–well done, Conservatives.
    -If Conservatives would spend but half the time they spend on PR and propaganda actually making stuff work, then they wouldn’t have to spend their time on propaganda and PR campaigns.
    -And you, George, how about a little analysis on the root causes of the USD’s devaluation. You also went radio silent when the Conservatives added $2 trillion to the national debt (instead of passing a strict immigration reform package). How about starting with St. Reagan tripling the national debt and setting these R’s on their path of spend and borrow.
    Best, Mike

  9. George,

    The wife surprises me at times with her insightful way of looking at things. Out of the blue, she suggested that the Leftists/Democrats will let Slow Joe make a fool of himself just before the convention; which will give them reason to replace him with a more viable candidate. That plays out if they cannot wait for a possible election victory, at which time he will resign shortly after becoming President; allowing the far left VP to take over.

    Either scenario sucks (IMHO).

  10. Thank you George, today’s gem of wisdom is a concise mantra of the stairway to economic sanity.
    Trees are a good thing, my wife and I are parked in the middle of them.
    The spruce bark beetle devastation has reeked economic havoc, albeit unrecognized by some. Since I build with logs, I started harvesting asap prior to the trees just prior to turning into mush (punky loss of btu’s). Not my neighbor, who wouldn’t listen to free advise, and turned down an offer by a processor. Then my neighbor offers them to me to harvest????
    I politely declined, duh.
    Opportunity lost and eyesore to gain. Widow makers heaven to boot.
    This is the economic and physical landscape we must navigate as a people without a clear vision.
    Of course my neighbor is a weekender from “LALA” land.

  11. Comrades,

    Our building has been waiting weeks for Ol’ Lonely to show up with a replacement part for a laundry washing machine. Today after returning from the back 40, I learned that a second unit has failed.

    Please telegraph the slow boat from China because the clock is ticking on “jit”.

    • The girls were always bringing up their need to diet. No matter what function..the subject came up.. so .. I was going to take the drum and the inner wash drum out of a front loader washing machine hook it up to an exercise bike and mount the drum on a stand. Put a simple drain hose on it then when the girls bring up they needed to diet.. I could say..I am here to help honey.. dont forget the spin cycle..
      I almost got it done. It took a trip to the appliance store to get the junk front loader.. I had pvc pipe for the mounting frame the exercise bike..( cant give them away if they dont have a garment rack) and th ed wheel converted to a flywheel pulley.. then the little woman came out and asked..what ya doin.. I told her my plans and she explained to me that it was not funny and I wasn’t going to do it..I thought it would be hilarious but she couldn’t see the humor in my the stuff went to the landfill and iv ed never brought it up..

      • I’ve found that exercise equipment often has useful steel for repurposing. The rest goes to the dump.

      • “I’ve found that exercise equipment often has useful steel for repurposing. The rest goes to the dump.”

        Around here the second hand stores won’t even let you drop it off..seems disposing of it at the landfill was costing them money. My wife.made me get rid of it all.. I still think it would have made a lot of laughs during family get togethers .
        I went in today looking at freezers.. there aren’t any to be had.. I went to all the appliance stores..the one I usually buy from told me they were two to three months behind to fill an order .. needless to say our cow is coming the end of September so I ordered up front .. now to wait..

  12. Hi George,

    About China. In Hawaii there is a secessionist movement towards restoring the island back to a Kingdom. The leftist education has many ppl believing Hawaii was stolen from the Hawaiians. There seems to be a lot of ppl that support this.

    Meanwhile, I believe the CCP is behind this. Puppet kingdom would be eventually & easily be acquired by them. (Who would really benefit from this?)

    I expect property taxes to go through the roof as tourist dollars are pretty much gone, People would be taxed out of their homes.

    Could the CCP buy up distressed residential properties? You betacha. The CCP has already bought distressed covid hotels. Gotta wonder how many military aged ppl can be housed (er vacationing) in those hotels? Infiltration instead of invasion.

    Guns already have to be registered. And gun legislation is back on the table. They want to jack up the taxes on gun and ammo sales.

    The GOP here is in name only and clearly is just controlled opposition. Such a sad state of affairs.
    Even the Republican Assembly appears to be co-opped.

  13. We’ve been going through some old, OLD papers in the various families that have filtered down to us and ran across several blasts from the past. One was a receipt for taxes in Texas’ Washington County on 50 acres of land from back in 1878 which, I think, would be Oil Man 2’s stomping grounds. (The hand writing in old fountain pen ink is unbelievable!)

    State ad Valorem $2.65
    County ” 1.33
    Revenue and School Poll 2.00
    County Poll .50
    Total 6.48

    I don’t know how the inflation rate figures back before 1913 but I think prices were pretty stable back then except when the over supply of silver hit from the Western discoveries in the 1870s and prompted the creation of the Morgan dollar. Either way, though, I don’t think the paltry amount of $6.48 could possibly be inflated out to the massive tax liabilities we face in Texas today. I’ve sent letters to Governor Abbott and my State Rep. complaining about our tax assessors who basically answer to no one and received no answer back as yet. I’m sure they’ve got plenty of other letters like mine to contend with.

    • So to convert to modern we divide by 3% from 1913 to present and taxes (including school) should run about how much?
      Which would be a reasonable deal. EXCEPT the pop density is higher (10 times?) which would push taxes to $2,160….

      • But this was 1878 taxes, before the whole inflation thing was a notable event. It seems the more people there are the more there is to tax, more economic activity and more things to spend tax money on. Taxes still go up beyond the population and economic increases, though.

    • Bill, index to gold:

      Gold was $20/oz in 1878.

      Inflation or deflation tended to be a local issue, and dependent upon what one intended to buy, and the local wage. The local wage in West Texas was around $28/mo ($30 and “found” for a cowboy or range rider, ~$16 for an Army private — PFC, now.)

      I do a quick & dirty on stuff like this, if I don’t need an exact answer, and I use gold @ $2000/oz just to make the math easy. That’d place tax on 50 acres at $648, present-day, then you can drop down estimate since gold isn’t 2k/z and I come up with a $500 “conversational estimate…”

  14. Dam.. lol lol .. years ago I had someone ask me if I had any ideas on cheap adequate emergency shelters . Well I gave a suggestion and never heard another thing .
    The future husband of my grand daughter was talking about building a I went looking at shed designs and there it was.. the very same that I had suggested. The difference was I suggested corrugated plastic with a light frame the instant building I was looking at was made with 2by with steel outer covering.
    The question I was asked is for remote areas that needed emergency shelter. You could drop these by airplane palatized anywhere.
    I thought it was pretty cool to look at something was was just a thought and see it realized and being used..stake a shizt load on a flatbed air drop them anywhere. The only thing I didn’t consider and the reason they said that it wouldn’t work was they needed auto assembly..
    Anyway I was impressed to see one made and know the idea wasnt to bad..

    • Houses would be dirt cheap if they were allowed to be. Modern codes virtually require houses to be flammable, high maintenance, and easy pickin’s for burglars. External utilities that are always on are often mandated.

      That’s not the kind of “freedom and self-reliance” I signed up for.

      • Amen to that.. a note on the side of codes..they may seem stupid but in all reality they are there for the safety of the occupants.
        In small towns they need to lighten up on some things.
        I would like to put an overhang porch but the corner post would be to close to the lot lines. all country towns have mucked up lot lines..the porch would still be thirty feet away from the curb..
        I’d like a dozen chickens to..
        I can’t even tell you how tempted it has been to buy a miniature cow and put a collar on it with a bell labeled fido..then take it for a walk lol..

      • “Amen to that.. a note on the side of codes..they may seem stupid but in all reality they are there for the safety of the occupants.”

        Only somewhat. What codes are really for is “uniformity.” They ensure that an electrician who apprenticed in Scottsdale can put up a journeyman’s shingle in Buffalo or a carpenter from Hotlanta can hire on in SoCal, with no additional training required.

        The NEC/UEC ensures that a fuse or breaker box will be grounded in a certain manner. It does not guarantee that the ground will actually perform its function at rated load.

        Pipes seal by their threads. Pipe threads are cut on a taper, and seal once the male and female threaded bits close. The function of pipe tape or joint compound is to make is so pipes can be taken apart. Unless they’ve changed their tune in the last few years, teflon tape goes against code on volatile gas lines — you must use joint compound. There’s no rationale for this since the PTFE should be at least as stable and contaminate-free as the compound.

        Now, carpentry and masonry codes have merit at the mortgage desk, as long as they’re followed, to ensure a future purchaser isn’t getting screwed by shoddy workmanship or housing that’s not designed for the natural conditions of its locale (i.e. “quake resistance.”)

        The only people who genuinely appreciate building codes are remodelers, who have to deal with “old work” and make new or different bits, fit.

        I personally don’t care for codes, because when I’ve built something, I’ve built it so it was “not flimsy” and wired it so the wiring was not stressed — both of which tend to be several times better than code requirements. I also don’t generally build for others. It’s good to know you shouldn’t staple up zipcord to the wall, to make switch and lighting or blower runs (don’t laugh, I actually rewired a bathroom for a gf’s family member, which had been done in this exact manner) but it should be simple common sense that this is a bad idea. To remedy, I would (and did) use 12awg UF, make at least two circuits, and ground-fault them both at the breaker box. This is simply common sense and overbuilding, since Code neither requires remote GFI nor waterproof wiring.

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