You Ain’t Seen Nothing in Markets, Yet

Bubble players are fascinated with anomalies like GameStop and Bitcoin.  (BTC $31,565 at click time.)

But eventually – as the notion of “bubblehood” seeps into the public mind – such deviations from what used to be normal regress to historical means.

Did you see where Reddit co-founder calls GameStop frenzy a ‘bottom-up revolution,’ shifting power to small investors?

There are, therefore, plenty of guideposts offering advice on how “reversion to the mean” can happen.  We begin with one of our Peoplenomics charts that we share here from time-to-time.

The data set from 1929 offers the idea that we should see a total decline of 3% before a 1.5% rally.  I’d love to see that going into the weekly close tomorrow.

We don’t offer advice, of course, though as the chart above hints, if this is the same kind of collapse as a 1929 event, then a 60% decline from the all-time highs would be possible in 55-trading days from the top.  And the fireworks, though hinted at for Impeachment Week, there are many dandy possibilities suggested by history.

One of these might be noting that the total decline from the 1929 high to a good low (down more than 15%) came in what pencils to 25-trading days from now.  After that, however, a violent rally followed.

October 4, 1929 the Dow closed at 325.17  to 352.69 on October 11, 1929.  Someone with a road map could have bagged a gain in that period of  8.46%.  Which might be magnified in present-day markets by using index funds, however that brings tremendous downside risk, as well.

In fact, over in the Peoplenomics Master Index somewhere is a discussion paper about how far down a market needs to go in order to “break” leveraged products.  Not a matter of return on your money now, so much as it’s time to hedge bets to insure the return of your money.

Five Classes of Market Declines

If you don’t have your copy of Computational Economics, 1998, vol. 12, issue 2, 97-114 saved and opened, you have a problem.  That paper by a trio of three geniuses (Youssefmir, Huberman, and Hogg) has been somewhat “disappeared” from the free Internet.

Believe it, or not, there are “roll ups” being made of wide sections of intellectual property.  In order to monetize, of course.  Because?  (repeat after me) “Everything is a business model!”

In said cite, on page 17, are the results of a large-scale multi-agent model.  The general case showed what we see as a “normal” rolling top market.  Another showed how the formation became bifurcated, depending on the placement of news events.  (For clarity of thought, we use “news” as analogous to “money” because the placement of money has a similar effect as news in our own scribblings.

OK, then there’s  “news” (or in ours, “money”) coming too late.  IoW after the market peak.

Too far and you get a semi-crash.

Here’s the Rub, Though

Measuring “money” is fairly easy.  We will get the H.6 report after the market close today, for example.

What’s harder to measure, though technical indicators like On-Balance Volume are useful over long time-frames (3-6 months), and very short-term (intraday when day or swing trading), it’s hard to keep a running-tab on how crazy people are at any particular instant.

In my view, long time-frames and generalization seem to be surer guides to desired outcomes.  Which is why the Peoplenomics data is based on our Aggregate Index work.

A couple of “poster-child” stocks illustrate why:  GameStop continued to rise despite shorts getting killed.  Boeing stock got hammered because of crappy earnings.  And some of the FAANG stocks…well, a bit mixed there.

My point is, you can look at the entire market as an entity.  Or, you can look at the current “hot darlings.”

Historical hotties have included (variously) Tulips, South Sea Trading Company, the Radio Trust, most of the tech stocks when the Internet Bubble burst, over-levered banks when the Housing Bubble burst, and here lately, we see stocks like GameStop and Tesla (to name two) that may have moments of reckoning ahead.

Same goes for Bitcoins – which are in the same category as “confederate money” and “greenbacks.”  Again, though, we simply wait for panic.  And, as Baron Rothschild (was it?) said:  “Buy when the blood is running in the streets.”

We now have more crypto’s (nutech) than we had automakers (nutech) in the Twenties.  Getting a feel for this bubble stuff?

Good News About Panic

Panic is opportunity time.  The trick is not to have been in the bubble-makers too long.  Like overstaying your welcome, kind of thing.

Thus, while the YHH paper is genius with four workouts (normal), news or money early [which we saw in 2020], news or money late (rising possibility), or news/money much too late leading to Crash.

We figure by President’s Day, we may have a good handle on whether the Fed and the newbies in the White House have enough street smarts to cope and hold at the 20% down level.  Imagine a Dow around 24,500.

If they don’t – and Wednesday’s Peoplenomics on an average 20.4 year cycle argues the possibility – then markets 40% of present prices rolls into view, massive real estate and job losses and…hate to write this…A Second Depression.

Think of a world where the Dow is halved.  The S&P drops into the mid 1,800’s, or worse, the 1,500’s.  Tech? Dead and dying.  Because in that kind of workout, people become afraid.  They sit on their wallets.  Ad budgets dry up.  And how does Tech work then, with no one to underwrite the monetization of Consumer data?

Almost unthinkable stuff.  So I will STFU for now.  But this weekend on Peoplenomics the update  of the fifth edition of “How to Live on $10,000 a year, or less” will likely continue.    Since I first published it, the inflation-adjusted $10,000 from the first edition to the fifth now is nearly up to $15,000 – and that’s just since 2003.

Sobering reminder:  Prices don’t go UP – the purchasing power of money goes DOWN as more and more DEBT is loaded into our ‘money’ – stealing from us all for a cabal of greedy Banksters and a complicit, if not treasonous, Congress.

Take of Skepticism Pill

Whenever I see a story like Gold Demand Shrinks In 2020 On Virus Fallout: Industry, I wonder:  “Hmm…Is someone talking their book?”  Or, is this a way to keep people from acquiring the “yeller dog” before more inflation hits?

Hard call, actually:  Monetary inflation argues gold prices to the Moon.  Market waveform says we may still have a deflationary bout and negative interest rates and a lot more market downside.

When markets collapse, traders sell everything, which is why gold doesn’t go up when big crashes are about…

Kinda like airline stocks.  As American, Southwest post record annual losses as recovery remains elusive. Yet, fundamentally good companies…it’s the playing field that’s buggered.  Sickened, too…

Actual Data

Enough of the big and potentially grim picture.  Maybe it will all muddle-through OK.

Let’s move on to the Not Seasonally Adjusted Reality of new Unemployment Claims.  As always, the Yellow Highlighted numbers matter.  The S.A. numbers are for deluded people (politicians, media, and statisticians):

That was good for us…was it good for you?  Must have been good for someone ‘cuz Dow futures were up 68 171 after.

How About GDP and International Trade?

From BEA:  (Bureaucrats of Economic Analysis)

“Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 4.0 percent in the fourth quarter of 2020, reflecting both the continued economic recovery from the sharp declines earlier in the year and the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, including new restrictions and closures that took effect in some areas of the United States. In the third quarter, real GDP increased 33.4 percent.

As always, the misdirection in the GDP is enabled by issuance of the report in dollarized form.

In other words, ceteris paribus (or cunctis aequalia if you prefer), the real Wealth of Nations is measured on goods and services.  How many tractors made, how many cups of coffee and donuts were served.  In a world of massive financial injections (here, bend over…) dollarized data dangerously deceives the deluded.  (5D)

Back out growth of money and then you’d  have a legit view.  But, you knew this, of course?

International Trade


“The international trade deficit was $82.5 billion in December, down $3.0 billion from $85.5 billion in November. Exports of goods for December were $133.4 billion, $5.9 billion more than November exports. Imports of goods for December were $215.9 billion, $2.9 billion more than November imports.”

The look-ahead was forecast by the Chinese president last week.  They are making China the “world’s indispensable economy.”  Meaning, too valuable to attack when they come for Taiwan.

Tomorrow: Employment Costs along with Personal Income and Are You Kidding Me?

Distracto Dept.

CBS rolls with “Schumer vows to move forward with Trump impeachment trial.”  Schumer is an idiot.  He’s also an attorney.  But, I repeat myself.

Re-Shearing the Sheep:  Since they’re too freaking dumb to understand heat-islanding and figure that the flip side of “rising sea levels” is really erosion of land masses (rain), the political hack class can run any storyline they want.  Example de jour  cited as “Biden signs orders strengthening efforts to battle climate change.”

Kiss Off Portland, Seattle

Looks like the Left Coast commie uprising in Portland we’ve been yammering about for months is becoming clear to others.

Take Forbes this morning with “Death of a City:  The Portland Story.”  Along with commentary like Andy Ngo’s “How the Media and Politicians Aided Antifa Rioters in Portland | Opinion.

Yep.  We hold certain truths to be self-evident…

Even as 186-miles up CommieState-5 in Seattle, “Activists criticize proposed changes to Seattle Police’s use of force, crowd control policies.”

Gee…why would activists argue for neutering police and protecting property?  Oh…cause they don’t have any and don’t want to be busted for being lawless assholes robbing from workers???

Science of Militaria

With NuWar raging on the net, the future is coming into focus if you know where to look.  Our .mil affairs whiz, Warhammer, offers this:

“Some random Woo science stuff for your reading enjoyment.  First up, space-time modification, unfortunately weaponized.

It kinda reminded me of the long rumored but academically ignored work of Russian physicist Eugene Podkletnov . . .

. . . and NASA’s subsequent quiet follow-on research on Podkletnov’s ideas:

In a nutshell, indications are that much research currently being done is intentionally shielded from the public eye.

And then there’s one of your passions, which may not be so be paradoxical after all . . .

Do quantum effects play a role in consciousness?

Photobiomodulation, the application of red or near-infrared laser light, has also shown promise in treating various brain disorders, as well as improving attention, memory and learning (BBA Clinical 6 113)”

The cited BBA Clinical article takes you to this link.”

Which reminds me:  Yes, we are still using the Light Crown and direct 660/NIR 850 nm light and feeling great, thank you.  I only use the Speed Crown (based on  a green LED array on the right temple and a blue LED array on the left temple (such that both are over the trigeminal nerve pack) twice a week, or so.  Literally, I can get “over-charged” (picture a manic high with no downside, sort of like  the drug NZT in the TV show Limitless).

I’m still learning how to “light dose” and it’s virtually free and safe compared with things like Modafinil and side effects of light?  Ever go into a dark room? 

As Long as our Lab Coats Are On…

Latest update from Chris Tyreman whose son, you’ll remember, is doing the YouTube series “Step-by-Step Millionaire.

You’ll remember Chris’ son, Judah, now has a net worth of $350,000 at age 16, so not like it can’t be done.  So far, the video I found most interesting was “Five Secret’s to Increase Your Luck…”


We have now hit a level where YouTube is now recommending our videos.

We received  about 1000 recommendations from them that netted 45 views.  Considering how many other things are on the page, that is a GREAT click rate.

If you feature the video I sent yesterday and a decent amount of people click on it from your readers, it should crank our recommended views by YouTube way up.

So far, even with the limited response, we seem to be slowly working up their charts at a much faster rate then normal.  A lady who saw Judah’s stuff sent him a letter with a complete optimizing schedule to him, which helped us match what their algorithm is looking for.

I will send you the analytics on Monday so you can see the effect your viewers have.”

Just fascinating!

Chris sent along a picture from the latest video (which is here and is very good, as usual).

Shows what happens when a gallon of hot water is thrown into the air at -51F.  A warm day in Canada this time of year….

OK, writing and starting to wire up the new rack of solar panels on the agenda today…

Write when you get rich,

43 thoughts on “You Ain’t Seen Nothing in Markets, Yet”

  1. G,

    didnt anybody ever warn U that “channeling” causes serious mental problems for channelers, on their next go around here in the HU (holographic universe)?

    Why if I didnt pay close attention to the authors sources/works cited, I would have thought Ure was the acting General Manager of the Bank of International Settlements.
    To quote Agustin Cartsens (GM-BIS) “Bitcoin is a combination of bubble, a Ponzi scheme, and an environmental disaster” – smell the fear in this statement ?

    BTC is also currently best indicator of pending hyper inflation.

    As we watch the loser class try shut down robinhood – wallstreetbets…the “kids” are schooling the big dogs /hedgies – “wait what U didnt go to harvard business school?!” and it is most awesome.
    Next up on the hit list – Precious Metal Miners – here comes some real F-ing pain for the bankers – Check . Blood will run soon enough, once the “kids” are unleashed on the Miners. got any qwik clot?

    • The run up today prolly to hand off to 401(k) accounts tomorrow. Robin Hood clears through Citadel, Citadel is bailing out Melvin the hedge fund and I think one other – Citadel paid Yellen $800k in speaking fees – Robin Hood locks out the wallstreetbets folks – dot connecting. They said they were monitoring the sell off and movement in the most shortest names yesterday but no mention of monitoring the melt up today – they weren’t locking out investors when TSLA was screaming upwards every day did they? and no mention of who shorted oil to -$40 a barrel or calling for an investigation did they? It’s a big club ….

  2. “Schumer is an idiot. He’s also an attorney. But, I repeat myself.”

    I needed a good chuckle today and you certainly provided with the above line!

    Good article today.


  3. You wrote: “They are making China the “world’s indispensable economy.” Meaning, too valuable to attack when they come for Taiwan.”

    The flip side is that because American chip makers are falling behind their Taiwanese competitors, Taiwan is now too valuable to let go.

    George, the line of thinking that economic interdependence makes a major war unthinkable was prevalent in Europe, prior to the outbreak of World War 1. Europeans rationalized that to start a war would lead to economic catastrophe. It did. The War happened anyway.

    • Correct! ‘Reason’ has never stopped a war from happening, nor estimated casualties or deaths. When the cycle for war commences (as it does frequently), it just happens. People can put whatever ‘reason’ they want for the cause of the war, but it was ‘time’, as it is time for the sun to appear on the horizon each day.

  4. Hey George, if hypothetically speaking, someone was looking for a good point to buy a couple more gold or silver coins, where do you think the best entry place to be in relation to a market decline?

    Thanks for any hypothetical insights

    • Hypothetically, it may be too early. When we look at the July high to the Nov low, we might count that as a wave 1 down in Elliott. Wave 2 took us to the 1940 range, but that leaves an ugly downside range for wave 3 as low as 1436 to a high of 1540. After a wave 4 rally the ultimate washout low might come around 1,329.

      This will piss off a lot of people, but the wave count offers the notion that the making up money efforts which fueled the recent blow off in the markets may lose effect going forward. When it does, a move from today’s range (call it 1840) would be a decline in gold of 27%.

      This is, this would change is a) sustained making up money works or they try to make it work. But, that would feed pernicious inflation into everything….

      The good news, such as it is, is that from present prices, the kind of deflation (actually DISinflation) would be it would price the Dow around 22,500, which ain’t THAT far from the 24,500 number I mentioned in this morning’s column. “Somewhere down there.”

      But in terms of money burning a hold in my pocket? Reduce debt to zero, year’s worth of all consumer goods, and prepaid expenses and such…prepaid water and invest in energy independence and food makes sense to us.

      Until the D.C. theatrics settle down (and they reduce our second check to $600 from $1400 on this round or whatever) I’m only playing short-term shorting (Elliott counts) and plugging my nose as the noisy trading continues.


      • George, you have some good points, and I’ve seen massive price drops happen back around 2012 or so. There’s more of that historically. What’s never mentioned is a good hedge against PM declines! I’m not sure if there is one, but it would be a good thing to know about. It might even be a good subject for a focus piece.

        Buying and selling PM’s are both tricky without lots of vig going to dealers and possibly taxes too. This is one area where virtual coins have some advantage, though I do prefer intrinsic value.

        Living free of debt and mostly autonomously is quite peaceful. Unfortunately, not all of us can pay utilities a year in advance, since the recipients won’t take the money. We can allocate, but that’s it. Due to various statutes and ordinances, turning off utilities(even if unused) is not a good option.

      • Thanks George. We have paid for house, two cars, 1 yr cash in the bank; and PMs. But I am always looking for the right time to add to the PM stash. Or should I say to the stash I used to have but was recently lost in a boating accident – lol.

      • George,
        “But in terms of money burning a hold in my pocket? Reduce debt to zero, year’s worth of all consumer goods, and prepaid expenses and such…prepaid water and invest in energy independence and food makes sense to us.”

        My strategy to. Never been a better time to stock up down under. A life times worth of good foot ware, clothes, enough food for a year long siege.
        Mostly sorted, but prepared in mind for the next big adventure elsewhere if it all goes pear shaped.

    • Gene, if Ure’s truly numbers are correct there is a wonderful technique called cost averaging. Divide your iron men that you have allocated and divide them equally along with a time line. Going all in at once can get you killed for sure. Look at your
      purchases as a insurance policy against whatever, not an investment, and you will sleep great at night!

      • Dah wise bear has spoken!

        BTW, the runup today was earlier than I expected to now I’m thinking a sideways day tomorrow and then down hard next week – all of which goes out the winder if the S&P sets a new ATH in which case I go back to case until mid Feb.

    • Keep an on the SLV – as Blackrock & JPM get set to defend the great silver short.

      wallstreetbets/kids are targeting the SLV now, just like GME &NOK,AMC..

      – they looking to force a squeeze, forcing physical delivery on comex.

      “squeeze it!’

  5. Hey George, Your comment on Schumer being an attorney brought to mind one of my favorite jokes. A young lady in sex education class asked the teacher if a woman could become pregnant from having anal sex, the teacher’s reply was yes, where do you think attorneys come from………..
    you don’t have post this I just thought you would get a good laugh

    • I have to post it as part of our America Needs Sex Ed. campaign.
      Apparently sex act from congress (screwed us out of $1,400 with the Trump and switch BS) isn’t enough!

  6. You and me take a loss on a trade and it’s time to suck it up and be insulted with condescending advise from idiots. Big fat shorty takes a much deserved loss and the teams of lawyers run to their brokers, the exchanges, the sec and even the potus office feels obligated to make a statement.

    Let’s say someone is stupid enough to buy a closed end or open ended fund. A normal person would assume they own stocks in whatever the fund claims to own, but if they read the disclosures, most stocks are loaned out and the fund mostly holds low yield cash substitutes as collateral. (btw, popular stocks to short cost a lot to borrow, gosh the fund didn’t disclose those gains for some reason). Big shorty dumps the equities on the market to try to destroy the price. Now 2 people think they own the same shares. Somehow gme gets 140% of their stock dumped and nobody yells “STOP THIEF” or notes that most of the shares trading are nonexistent. The only fair fix is to destroy shorty and only allow company issued shares to trade. But I don’t hold much hope for regulators that allow high frequency traders to front run other peoples trades and punish traders for exploiting the high frequency traders’ stupidity.

  7. “…in the late summer of 1929, a shoe-shine boy gave Joe Kennedy stock tips, and Kennedy, being a wise old investor, thought, “If shoe shine boys are giving stock tips, then it’s time to get out of the market.” So the story says Joe Kennedy sold all of his stocks and made a killing.”

    Aside from the poor choice of the last word… we’ve reached this moment with GameStop. History does love a good wink, a nod, a rhyme. Like the shepherd’s crook, tapping our woolly butts to move us along in the right direction.

  8. George,
    Would it be different if you use the gold to dow ratio to figure the economic cycles?
    Would that make a difference. How much does gigantic government spending stretch the cycle?
    Everything the FDR admin did in the 1930’s extended and prolonged the depression.Those deficits got rolled over to the War deficits. Is that the purpose? Just random thoughts.

    • You’d think so, Jesse, but that assumes anything today is honestly priced.\

      For example, one could point to the GLD or the Kitco price, and that may not it quite right, either. In part because anything that is monetization (*paperized, lol) is also virtualized. Naked shorts, borrowed, leased, re-leased – god-awful mess.
      There’s the Dow but in historical terms, ask what would the “honest Dow” be if they hadn’t made all the changesw to THAT index over the years.
      I can look good too, if I throw out my bad years…know what I’m saying?
      Since Slow and his crew have very much a Roosevelt Nanny State mindset, I think we can be adssured they will extend any recession until 18 months before elections…

  9. Good report.

    The coup continues with the DC military tour extended and Biden now tampering with the Supreme Court.

  10. UBI by July!

    “As the Biden administration works to drum up bipartisan support for the president’s $1.9 trillion stimulus plan and Democratic leaders prepare to move forward on their priorities without Republicans, if necessary, a group of more than 50 progressives in the House is urging President Biden to include recurring direct payments in the legislation, though they did not specify the amount.”

    – Forbes

  11. George…You said…”we see stocks like GameStop and Tesla (to name two) that may have moments of reckoning ahead.”

    GameStop yes…Tesla, hell no. You need to get away from your forest and see through the trees…There a whole new world out there. Tesla will and is becoming the new Apple. Apple by the way is sitting on a pile of cash of around $195 billion……that’s about the size of Greece’s entire GDP! Apple and many other companies are super-cash-rich due to low interest rates and low tax rates and this capital WILL be deployed into the economy soon.

    Tesla is stockpiling cash as well. They also have the best auto product on the market bar none. Tesla is light years ahead of anyone right now and it’s not just the cars that fuels the company. To say otherwise is just being ignorant.

    Their battery storage is groundbreaking. Solar is profitable, Maxwell Technologies, which Tesla owns, makes ultracapacitors, energy storage etc is profitable, Grohman Automation out of Germany which is profitable, Deepscale a perceptual system company, Hibar Systems a precision dispensing pump company, SiLion, a Battery cell company, Neurolink which will change life as we know it, and there is a lot of IP sharing with Space X…the paradigm shifting, groundbreaking space company that Musk owns.

    To think that this company is due for reckoning is foolish. People said the same thing about Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter years ago. How many times was Apple declared dead in the 90’s. You can’t slow down the Silicon Valley….ever!

    • “Tesla is stockpiling cash as well.”

      Put in some eyedrops.
      840.79-23.37 (-2.70%)
      As of 2:21PM EST. Market open.
      50-Day Moving Average 743.46

      Price/Sales (ttm) 30.58 ($100 sales at lemonade stand. Mark buys stand for $3,058)
      Price/Book (mrq) 50.06 (Same lemonade stand has $20 of book value. Mark gives ’em $1,000)
      Dividends paid: 0

      Nice growth story.
      Remember how such stories held up March 2000 to late 2003?

      • YE of little faith. I live the day to day success here George. Apple at this stage of the lifecycle was in worse shape than Tesla is now. Get off if the dividend bandwagon. Dividends are stupid. It’s about stock value.

        The choice not to pay dividends may be more beneficial to investors from a tax perspective:

        Non-qualified dividends are taxable to investors as ordinary income, which means an investor’s tax rate on dividends is the same as their marginal tax rate.

        Marginal tax rates can be as high as 37%.
        For qualified dividends, the tax rate is either 0%, 15%, or 20%,
        depending on the marginal income tax bracket that the investor falls under.

        The capital gains on the sale of appreciated stock can have a lower, long-term capital gains tax rate—typically up to 20% as of 2019—if the investor has held the stock for more than a year.

        Companies often reinvest earnings in lieu of making dividend payments, in order to avoid the potentially high costs associated with issuing new stock. That’s my type of company!!! Long term thinking.

      • “Dividends are stupid.”

        Ah – all’s now clear: Cult warfare. Cult of Trump is itself obsoleted by Cult of Musk and Cult of Gamestop.

        Thanks for explaining!

      • Not to mention, you “rent” your Tesla, your NEVER own it. Safety? Ha! Replacement parts availability? What is that? Hefty fines coming down because manufacturing does not meet minimum gov regulated safety standard, too.
        Tesla does possess some amazing tech, but the flagship product is wanting.

    • Tesla makes a good product for its mission profile. It would only be useful to me as a third (licensed) car. It simply cannot compete with a gas or diesel car for range and rapid refueling. It’s good if you need to make an impression and drive under 150 miles each day. I sometimes make long trips 1000+ miles with few stops, and then only to refuel and relieve myself. There’s no pure electric car that can handle that mission profile – yet. I do appreciate pushing the envelope though. I wish Tesla had tossed out a minimal electric car system that was highly hackable and had few/no computers and no telemetry. THAT would be a fun vehicle – especially if it was a truck or van. The electrical guts could even be offered as a kit. I have no use for “self-driving” unless I can go to sleep for the duration. All the gizmos on modern cars are just a nuisance without a real function. Probably the best option(not offered by anyone) would be a full width front bench seat.

    • Can NOT believe I actually agree with he whose name shall not be mentioned!

      Not only is Tesla going to be the biggest Tech company in the world, but also the best EV company – to name just a few.

      George – try to wrap Ure stiff old gray matter around most beautiful money making idea in on the planet…Running Ure Bitcoin Mining Machine off of Ure Tesla when not driving.

      – Kerpowel ! thats a brilliant use time and me da monay.

      “Why bother ? too much work, just wait for FedCoin” – they will be giving it to U, but good.

  12. all lies here . spit in your face and tell you its raining . depression my ass , bubbles ? you have never had it so so good ! liars everywhere

    • Yo Lenny – what chu think about Ure friend old salty, now that his hedge fund is going into that glorious solution to Kaszarian central banking systems..BBBBBBitcoin?


    I had an interesting observation today… We now have a President that is doing his best to go green technology… which I think is a good thing.. he is doing it differently than I think it should be done.. I think we should embrace all our forms of energy except nuclear .. ( just because we really don’t understand nuclear and fukishima is an excellent example.. and to dispose of the waste material is very costly and so far we really don’t have much choice )
    but instead the actions taken are basically upsetting to the oil industry overall…
    Our dollar which is basically not backed by anything.. the only thing making the dollar hold its dollar is the OIL INDUSTRY.. which is why it has been coined the PETRO DOLLAR… so what drives our economy.. the dollar.. we live and breath from it.. I was at the gas station and while filling up I noticed something pretty interesting.. the price per gallon had shot up almost overnight almost a half dollar.. for premium and thirty plus cents for the lower cost petrol..
    With our fragile and collapsing economy.. was that the flip the bird to the USA… the good ole F/Y try to neuter us.. what does a hike like that have on the economy.. if you travel any distance.. you pay more. that little bit for a rich man is nothing a donut and coffee to a laborer that has had to endure lost wages increased credit card debt and facing eviction.. that extra fifty to a hundred bucks a month is a huge deal…
    Once the word gets out global that the dollar isn’t backed by the oil industry.. hmm.. could that be the cause for the end of the noodle floating across the table…

  14. Comrades,

    Belated congrats – who could have thought that Bernie Sanders would be chair of your Senate Budget Committee?

    Accolades to your Congress for the speedy passage of H.R.335 now public law 117-1 allowing Mr. Biden’s selection for Secretary of Defense to take office 4 years retired from military service rather than 7 years. Talk about tearing a page out of Mr. Trump’s playbook!

    And what’s this, H.R.127 – Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act? It appears to outline the framework of a publicy accessible mandatory national firearms registry along with prohibitions on certain weapons and ammunition. Oh, the suggested license fee is $800.

    Please consult Congress dot gov if you desire further details on the goings-on of your hard working elected officials.

  15. A market driven mainly by ever greater fools will mostly certainly make every investor a king or queen (or perhaps both in some locations). Maybe you might like a limited partnership in a green royal marsh development? How about a rare new royal crypto coin – the rainbow puking, sh!ting unicorn crypto coin? The rainbow unicorn coin will be customized with a graphic likeness of the buyer appended to the unicorn’s posterior for graphical presentation. There is simply no end of the investment possibilities for the discerning greater fool. Oh, and what about those video game retail outlets Sir Elon recommended?

  16. SP500 futures down 53 in overnight trading – interesting Friday shaping up…
    Still holding my free $600 position from Jan 6th, what a great use of stimulus money, shorting the market!
    Not trading advice, what do I know – nothing – only risk what you can afford to lose in this casino world built on a house of cards or unlimited printing presses in the markets case :)

  17. depraved eh ? not as bad as rigging markets everyday . go on tell some bullsheet gold printing stories george while people starve freeze and die . creeps all of you . greedy facist creeps

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