Falling Market, Rising Money, Side of Woo-Woo

This isn’t a column – more like a book today.  So tomorrow, Charts only on the Subscriber side (Peoplenomics).  There’s much that needs to be said.  Everyone needs to hear.

Employment Costs and Personal Income are the “hot stories” to begin with, so let’s dispense them, first:  1) Government workers are doing better than you:

“Compensation costs for state and local government workers increased 2.3 percent for the 12-month period ending in December 2020, compared with an increase of 2.9 percent in December 2019. Wages
and salaries increased 1.8 percent for the 12-month period ending in December 2020 and 2.5 percent a year ago. Benefit costs increased 3.1 percent for the 12-month period ending in December 2020. The prior year increase was 3.3 percent.”

We in  the working class are still getting the “second fiddle” treatment:

“Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 0.7 percent, seasonally adjusted, for the 3-month period ending in December 2020, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Wages and salaries
increased 0.9 percent and benefit costs increased 0.6 percent from September 2020.”

Bottom line:  Private sector comp was up 2.6% but bennies up only 2.1.  While government workers were up 2.3 but bennies…OMG up 3.1%.  See how this works?  (Take a comp day off to think about it and get back to us…)

The tea leaf to read is how wages are impacting the price of goods production.

We then skip on to the Personal Income story which is a bad joke on anyone not in the top ten percent of income earners:

Personal income increased $116.6 billion (0.6 percent) in December according to estimates released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Disposable personal income (DPI) increased $111.6 billion (0.6 percent) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) decreased $27.9 billion (0.2 percent).

Real DPI increased 0.2 percent in December and Real PCE decreased 0.6 percent. The PCE price index increased 0.4 percent. Excluding food and energy, the PCE price index increased 0.3 percent.

After the Data?  Dow futures down 250. But then the happy-talk came in so only down 150… Hype ’em Cowboys!

In the background:  “Dow futures extend losses after J&J says vaccine less effective against some Covid variants.”  Dying to learn that, right?

A Rally-Spiking Money Spank?

Latest look at the H.6 Money stocks:

Blow Up Cash at more than 60% annualized and you’ve built a hell of a case for one more upside blow-off run... Or, at least not utter collapse until after next week, lol.  Well, maybe

You may be wondering why, with fundamentals either on the rocks (or about to mash them) everywhere, why did the market rally Wednesday?  (Besides so I could short the indexes from higher levels?)

Two reasons – one from me, and one posted by Don Bondi:  Mine is simple:  Dead Cat Bounce.  If this is the beginning of a major decline, the first big down day was 1 down.  Wednesday was 2 up.

We will wait to see if 2 up will be an a-b-c, or whether it’s “over and done for.”  Not that it matters.

The second reason (tips hat to Don Bondi) is that cratering the market this week could really kill 401k statements.  Paper over, keep sniffing hopium.

Hard sell off early and then big rally to the close is our morning dart.  To keep them 401-k statements friendly and Greater Fools in the game.

Hot Date Roulette

While there remains a case (weakening, though) for a new all-time high between now and the day-after president’s day (Monday, Feb. 15), there’s also a case for a Larger 1 down being in its infancy.

Dates matter and some of the hardest decisions you may ever face will be the one coming this afternoon half an hour before the close.  Got the balls to go short over the weekend if there’s a run-up at the close?  Or to go long over the weekend if we retest the Tuesday lows?  Real test of skill time.

Robinhood’s Death…

…oughta  be along shortly.  Lots of moving pieces to this, of course:

One problem is Tech – which as we have hinted – is now the real government of the United States, since if you’re blackballed by Tech, you’re seriously f!cked.  Ask Trump.

“Google rode to Robinhood’s rescue after it was review-bombed and lost its four-star rating.

As “Congress plans hearings after GameStop stock frenzy and Robinhood trading freeze,” we also see that “Robinhood raises $1 billion and taps credit lines to make trading of GameStop available to customers.

With support from search, Congress in the wings, and big money raised, how can this end in the death of Robinhood trading?

My consigliere and I were kicking this around Thursday and he bottom lined it this way.

“They need to remember where the power is and who makes the rules.”

Death by regulation?  Yep.  The financial industry owns the playground and we figure the “free trade” mentality stops when it involves Wall St. money and the (should all be illegal) trading of naked options.

“He who sells what isn’t his’n, pays the debt or goes to pris’n.”  Fits.  Naked options is something we’ve railed against for…what…22-years now.  To no effect.

Another Joe Blow

We warned that a Biden administration would likely attempt to unwind the progress made in the Middle East by the Trump administration.  Sure enough, we are not surprised now to read that “Biden pledge to reopen PLO mission in Washington faces legal hurdles.

Bidenista’s (and the Kamunists) don’t seem to understand that if the PLO was a warm, loving, hard-working bunch of people, Egypt would have embraced them and their territory decades ago.  If Egypt doesn’t want anything to do with ’em (and they are neighbors) what the hell are we thinking?

What’s that?  Not at all!  Right.

Stuff & Such

Following the Pied Piper?  Bitcoin Soars 15% On Elon Musk Tweet.

More to it:  When I saw the headline Airbnb travel report says pandemic is boosting popularity of affordable, nearby vacations, I realized we could “vacation in our guest room” for a change…

Nancy with a side of paranoid?  Nancy Pelosi: “The enemy is within” the House of Representatives.  Which is aimed at republicans who want to carry.  Honestly, Nancy…it’s a Constitutional Right to bear arms, at least until that’s wiped too.


Here they come!  Constitution be damned.

With the NRA bankruptcy, and pending move to Texas, it concerns us that the Gun-Grabbers (including, I am embarrassed to say, one sponsor in Texas) are demanding registration of ALL firearms.  Text of Gestapo Bill HR 127 is over here.  The gun-grabbing (weaseldick plan) is not to prohibit but to REGISTER…and price gun ownership out of everyone’s reach with bullshit like owners would need to…

“(iii) demonstrates that, on issuance of the license, the individual will have in effect an insurance policy issued under subsection (d).

Get this:  In order to own a military style weapon (such as:

Woo-Woo:  What A.I. [Really] Means

Ever since writing my book (Psychocartography: Mapping the Human Dream) I have been focused on trying to remember all of the details of my “adventures over there – in the Dream Realms.”  Not every night, but many, for sure.

A few readers ask, now and then, why I don’t discuss the dream work or woo-woo much. So this morning a whole “short story.”  This is an account of just one intensive 6-hour dream (today) and the insights that followed.  I think you’ll agree, this is “far out” stuff.  On the other hand, some of the ideas coming back are amazing for their clarity and “contexts in conflict” resolutions.

So pour another cup…

Working in the .MIL

As last night’s adventure began, I was working on some sort of military project, designed to improve communications between the dream states of people and their waking-side “mirror personas.”

I’d been working on a kind of “transmitter” which was more like a “channelizer” because it would help open – and keep open more of the time – human’s abilities to be in touch with their ‘higher selves.’

The electronics bench I was working on was devoid of the usual entrapments.  Just a large, brown (like tempered Masonite) surface.  Around the room were racks of equipment.  My job was adjusting the equipment and this was done using your “mind” to tune for “maximum clarity.”  A few knobs on the front of the machine, but most of the filters were set by the mind.  A few tools and parts on the bench, but very little.

I had just finished the set-up (alignment) of this channelizer, and had stepped into an equipment closet, when I heard a commotion outside in the work area.  There, a tall gangling looking guy with slicked-back greased-down hair was yelling at everyone about “the project” and screaming about…well, it was muffled.

In a moment, though, several small parts – the three or four I’d left – sailed through the door and landed on the floor in front of me.

Meet My “Advisor”

There’s usually an “Advisor” with me in my serious dream realm adventures when they involve people and situations beyond Elaine and me.  I sensed the presence of my Advisor as soon at the parts landed.

“Who is that sonofabitch and WTF is he throwing my parts around for?” I asked.

That’s General Twining.  Although the military doesn’t control what goes on over here, there are a lot of left-over military types who like to throw their weight around…”

“I’d like to kick his ass.  Disrespectful prick.”

[I remembered to make a note to look up whether there was extensive Dream Realm interactions with key people on the Manhattan Project and other events from the previous century.  It would take time, but seemed like a good thing to look into.

A short look on waking reveals that a certain general Twining had a key role in what?  “General Nathan F. Twining and the Flying Disc Problem of 1947.”  Hmm… Which now – writing “over here” in the waking state, is a rather odd bit of [whatever] to bring back.

Problem  is Nathan Twining was Air Force – and as he brushed past the equipment closet, the fellow in the dream was in camo, not blues.

The surprise came when I learned that Twining had a brother who was a Marine Corp general.  General Merrill B. Twining.  It was a hell of an oddity to come up with in a dream, though.  Did the UFO work the Air Force General Twining worked on ever get “kicked around” (or more) with his brother Marine General Merrill B. Twining?

More ponderous was the question “What is this stuff coming up in a Dream Realm adventure of a guy who’s trying to be semi-retired in the East Texas Outback?

I didn’t get much time to reflect.  My Advisor was telling me something.

General Twining is going up to meet with the Old Man now.  Maybe you should go up there and see if there’s anything you can do to help…”

In a twinkling, I was standing outside the half-open door of The Old Man who was runs the project.

Curiously, none of what they were talking about was clear; it was all muffled-like.

Then I noticed that under a desk was what looked like a loose speaker.  Large – about 10-inches in diameter, it was held in the air by four wires and it was sort of flapping.

Not sure how, but I recognized it as a “confuser.”  Designed to make sure that conversations in an area would sound “confused” to anyone outside the immediate vicinity.  Like infrasound.

Off to a Trade Show

Standing outside the office, an assistant (to the Old Man) was telling me I needed to be at the Science/Trade Show.  It would be in a different city and it would be fine to bring Elaine with me.

A twinkle later and I found myself standing at a table in a large – but mostly empty hall. I have a few mechanical parts laid out on the desk in front of me.  Understanding that having real waking-world physical parts (even though just a few nuts and bolts) was a very Big Deal over in Dream Realms.

One curiosity:  On the wall (it was the north wall of the hall in dream realm coordinates) there was a strongman.  All posed up and sweating profusely, trying to get people to come over and see the display he was putting on.

Mind you, it was cool in the hall, so I asked him “Are you sick, or something?”  Turns out he wasn’t and it was all part of an act he did.  Most strange.

Klepto’s Appear

A moment later, a short older man (balding) walked by and stealthily picked up what looked like a binding post (knurled on one end bolt) and tried to walk off with it.

I noticed and confronted him.


He lied about having it, but when I forced his palm open, the part was exposed.  Slightly ashamed at his clumsiness, being caught, he returned to my table.

Then again, he tried to swipe a nut from my collection of parts.  Again, confronted and now I was threatening to call the police.  I don’t like kleptomaniacs.

About here, the tall woman with “big hair” picked up an apple which was on the table.  I’d picked it up for Elaine who was off wandering the show.  The woman thought I’d been paying attention solely to the parts-grabber.  She was a klepto, too.

When I turned, she hid what was about a quarter of an apple by now in her hair.

Well, this was the last straw.  Having super powers in the Realms, I escorted both of them outside.  We walked a ways – sort of like around the block – while I fiddled with a communications pack on my chest.

After finally making contact (and having police summoned) it was back to the hall which was a half block away at this point.

Cops Not Interested

As I stood with my two captive kleptomaniacs, one of the show attendants came by, just as I noticed a white, black, and yellow police car leaving the parking lot.

“What the hell?  Aren’t those the cops I just called to have them arrest these klepto’s?”

Yeah, the cops told me they weren’t interested in arresting anyone. Don’t do that anymore.  They said the matter would be handled by a squad from Adaptive Integrity.”

Took me a moment to “get it.”  Who the hell is Adaptive Integrity?

Gently, the voice of my Advisor spoke.

George, time to go back over to Waking.  But I’ll leave the channel open for a while.  You may have questions…”

“Good because, yeah, I have a lot of them.”

Back In Bed, Waking, Learning

It was another interesting night in The Realms, for sure.

“Alexa:  What time is it?”

“2:04 AM”

I must have laid there for five minutes, or so, playing back every detail I could remember and trying to form a coherent question.  Then suddenly, the voice of my Advisor was there.

Remember the train sets you and your pal The Major had when you were growing up?”

“Sure I do…of course.  What does this have to do with my adventures?”

I’ll explain…try to follow along.

As young boys, you would constantly try to get the locomotive to go around the corner of the train layout opposite the mountain tunnel on two wheels.  Not so fast that it would fly off, but well past the safe limits of operation.  Remember?”


Humans are a planted species.  My race goes around the Universe, finds a suitable planet, then does a little DNA hacking to speed things along.  And we use these “planted planets” and “custom creatures” (like you) to test various evolutionary possibilities.

It’s a kind of interactive, multi-factorial learning system.  

We set up a planet with single major incidents of all sorts.  Then we combine them to make our students grow.”

Not Quite Clear?

“Huh?  Wanna be a little more clear, please?”

History begins with singular incidents.  Tower of Babel, The Plague, Napoleonic Wars,  and so on.

We do this mostly – and this is key – as singular events.

Next, we introduce new technologies and run the simulation forward a bit. Mixes it up a bit.”

“Wait…this is all a simulation for a higher intelligence?”

Well, yes…and no.  We’ll get to that in the future.  The main thing to understand is that  We have arranged and monitored single major historical events.  And the simulation is just now getting interesting.

Because we have introduced the technologies so we can observe how you handle a communications disaster, fire no longer working when the grid goes down, ultimate war-making technologies, and all enacted with a slow-motion version of The Plague also running.”

“You gotta me shitting me, right?”

Not at all.

Interventions to Seed Technology

“As of today, you understand how channelizers are adjusted.  Which is why people can be “fed” inspirations that they can’t put into words where they’re coming from.  Only now, you see it.  When Tesla reported seeing “images” of fantastical machines and devices, it was just him linked via a channelizer.”

“So why are you doing all this?”

You are our Children.  Our goal is gifting humans with knowledge and to bring you to the highest levels of the Simulation so that you may cross-over into our Realms.”

“But, all that stuff tonight over there – the kleptomaniacs and the police not doing anything about it…what was that about?”

Just so.  In order to “collide all things” in a bloom or die moment for our Children, we not only need all possible crises to be present, but also both sides of Values.

Values come in two kinds:  Fixed and Variable.  We ran a lot of the early what you call “history” with “fixed values.”  We put these into your world through Prophets and Teachings and rule-sets.  So that’s the fixed values.

More recently, though, we have introduced variable Values.  And we’ve given them a clever name “Adaptive Integrity.”

“What’s clever about that?”

A.I. Means?

You will be facilitating massively divergent Values by modulating them with A.I.  Following?  Think social value scoring carried all the way from Birth to Death…”

“And the klepto’s?”

Your world is turning into a klepto planet.  And that’s like playing with fire.  We are trying to evolve and educate our Children so they will find and appreciation the fine balance between Giving and Taking.  For now, though, you’re totally overboard on the Taking side.  So much so, we’re thought about ending you Sim.

The Challenge is Here, Now

To make it clear, we’re explaining the plight you face: 

A global kleptocracy with runaway “adaptive integrity” – we want to see if you can figure out a happy ending for everyone with that.  With a plague, wars, and we’ll be sending in famine shortly.  

We just wanted someone “in the audience” to see what’s going on.  Neat, huh? We’re just here running the daycare for you.  But we also wanted to reassure our Children, we’ll all be together again regardless of how this Simulation ends.

Today, enjoy your shorting profits but keep an eye out for a run-up at the close.  Now, don’t you have a Peoplenomics column to write?

“Well, yeah, now that you mention it, I guess I do.”

Write when you get rich,


69 thoughts on “Falling Market, Rising Money, Side of Woo-Woo”

  1. Lol. Oh man, George. You’re gonna be on the nitro tabs before long! Clif was saying from Thursday through Sunday will be “high emotion” days and here we are. The trolls are running rampant on the NewsMax site. It’s going to be exactly like I said last week – the states will be the next line of defense as the “stroke of the pen, law of the land” mental breakdown in D.C. swings into high gear. Then it will be the local Sheriff departments falling to one side or the other and we will quickly find out where the military’s loyalties lie. Governor Abbott is playing the dueling Executive Orders game as Bribem attempts to dictate what fuels we can have access to and further destroys our economy. Yep, the agent provocateurs have moved into the White House.

    • Yes, I have been monitoring Cliff’s videos and posts as well on his web site. He is spot on some things, including understanding the extreme danger of the vaccine.

      As far as our new President, it looks like the Globalists such have him ruling by Executive Orders. No need for the legislative branch and the courts – just write up what you want and float it out there.

      Let’s face it, in the end, you can write whatever law or Executive order you want, but someone ultimately had to enforce it. I agree with you – it comes down to local cops and whether they want to tangle with their friends and neighbors. Ultimately, the cops and sherrifs are way out numbered and way out gunned, but the active duty military is another ball of wax. Yes, we will have to see whether they will kill their fellow Americans for the criminals in DC. The one thing that stands out to me is that most military officers live ‘off base’ after their initial training. Do they want to kill and arrest their neighbors? How safe are their families going to be when the military goes hostile on the people? We should know some of this within the next year!

    • Clif High and Web Bots, please give me a break! Bought a dozen Web Bot Reports. Wasted money.

      Let me read other people’s work, called a web bot scan, twist a little here, twist a little there, it’s klepto-nonsense that some people believe is futuring.

      Sorry, Nostradamus beats web bots and remote viewing. I have provided names and dates. Don’t give a crap who believes or not. It’s worked for me.

      Here’s my track record:

      Right now you don’t need web bots, remote viewing, or Nostradamus to see where all this is going.

      Get on the Internet, talk sh*t, become a guru and start a cult. All part of the klepto-universe.

      • I saw where someone said Nostra was predicting a “Zombie Apocalypse” in 2021. Could you clear that up for us? Might be nice to know but makes sense with the so-called “vaccine”.

      • “called a web bot scan, twist a little here, twist a little there, ”

        I use to buy those to stew. What I liked about it is it gives you a good indication to what the majority of the people in modern technical society are concerned about.
        I am sure that The Gov’t monitors that as well.

      • “I am sure that The Gov’t monitors that as well.”

        LOOB, Clif offered to give it to the Government. They declined.

        The only time our spooks decline a technology which offers an advantage in prediction or proximity is when they have a better tech already. Why do you suppose they ended the (successful) remote-viewing program…?

  2. Mr G-

    Jacob, the plains of Pineal and DMT.

    When is DMT released -present in the brain – NDE’s and REM sleep. Bet the prick (s) will Never tell U their name in the “realm”..its a control thing..

    George – can you connect an historical dot/rhyme -the Enabling Act/1933 Germany – to Anything talked about/discussed/modeled in DC lately from the SocialCommiesinCharge ???could be some scary scheisse..

    but the reality of it all – as World is about to find out – is 4th turning is just getting up to speed – as next stage- spilling blood comes into view.
    Not racial warefare, certainly not civil, but CLASS..The Have Nots versus The Haves!
    Its like Portland – if they knew what was coming down that river from Hanford shores..

    The power resides with the People – as Ure & globo buddies R about to find out.

    Got any worthless digital tulips U wanna Sell ? Go Short BTC big guy, surely it is worthless ponzi scheme destined end in ruins, and profits for a short seller like Ure self.

  3. Gun owning ~ just my opinion of course but The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that “Where rights (liberty) secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no legislation which would abrogate (abolish) them.” (Miranda v Arizona) What’s that mean? Well, it means that in order to lawfully effect a Right/Liberty protected by our Constitution (nullify it, limit it, license it or restrict it) the powers that be (state or federal) are required to comply with the Constitution’s Article V Amendment process (amend the Constitution) before they expediently make an end-run around our Constitution. Merely ‘passing laws’, to take away (or “infringe” upon) your Right of self defense protected by the Second Amendment is unConstitutional.


    • reasonable regulation is reasonable. no right is absolute. laws/regulations only have to comply with the equal protection and due process clauses. some town could pass a ordinance that prohibits protests between 9PM-9AM because the town is worried about noise from protests. that ordinance would stand. courts apply one of three levels of scrutiny to determine if the right was violated by .gov: rational basis, intermediate or strict scrutiny.

      first on my google search: https://www.wneclaw.com/conlaw/stepsinconanalysis.htm

    • The problem with that is they can string the back and forth of legislation and legal actions for a decade before you get your rights back. The best thing to do is when they send you your tax forms for your guns is either send them right back leaving some DNA on them or just ignore them. They may require a license for ammo but that’s what reloading is for.

      • If reloading becomes a thing that threatens those in power, they will simply regulate the materials for gunpowder. Or even easier, will sue those manufacturers every time someone is injured with a device using gunpowder. No one can withstand the unlimited resources of fighting the government through the courts and government paid judges know where their bread is buttered. Yes we are reaching the point where we will need to decide to ignore these laws and some will pay a very high price for doing so. Do people these days have the stones to follow through? How many are willing to pay the price that most who signed the declaration of independence had to pay? https://www.weeklyregistercall.com/2020/07/02/what-happened-to-the-signers-of-the-declaration-of-independence/

      • Well, Joe, first they came for the Trumpsters, but I was a neutral person because I like my peace.
        Then they came for the Pro-Lifers but I didn’t say anything because I believed in personal choices.
        Then they came for the Free Speech people but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t like rocking the boat for ANY reason.
        Then they came for the anti-immigration people but I didn’t say anything because I don’t live in a border state.
        Then they went house-to-house taking our guns and hauling off those that resisted but I didn’t say anything because I don’t believe in ’em.
        Then they started taking everything over $80,000 in income because they said it was plenty to live on even though inflation was officially hitting double digits but I didn’t say anything because I had everthing paid off and was happy on $45,000.
        Then they came for everyone that would’t put a BLM or Antifa logo on their house but I didn’t say anything because, hey, it’s just an idea.
        Then they jacked the price of diesel up to $10/gallon and put price control on fresh foods but I didn’t say anything because – hey, price control! It’s what’s fair, right?
        Then, eventually, they came for me because everyone else on the block was either dead or incarcerated and they needed someone to work on the government farm because the immigrants were getting too much subsidies to get their hands dirty and here I am in my retirement years knee deep in muck trying to learn Chinese.

    • I would guess > 70% of what the federal government does is not constitutional. But the governing could care less. The just start doing what they want and test in the courts. All they need is 5-4 decision or maybe soon 7-6. I mentioned this yesterday, the Feds authority to regulate carbon. They simply declared carbon a pollutant, even though it is part of our native breathing cycle. The courts agreed 5-4 and now the federal government fully controls how carbon is consumed. Recall at one time they had to have a constitutional amendment to bring alcohol production under their control. Now just simple strokes of the pen they control plants and elements, with judges replacing our legislative bodies. We have become a true democracy where the mob gets what it wants and the rule of law and individual freedom is dead. The world is full, where do we take the next Mayflower for find some freedom.

      • Agree with most you say, but would increase to 95% of what the federal government does is not constitutional. Then again, I am 68, so have a longer timeframe.

  4. Guns

    You missed out on the next group of guns that they will regulate:

    (x) Daisy “Red Ryder”, or any equivalent, or more powerful guns, of the same ilk

    As we all know from watching the old B&W movies Daisy “Red Ryders” are a very dangerous weapon (they are specifically mentioned in the movie “The Christmas Story 30 or so times) … and they have magazines with multiple shots contained therein ready to go. They can injure just as sure as gunpower fueled guns and on occaision have been handled recklessly and have caused injury (note again … Hollywood movies that have had them in the script).

    Obviously under the theory of this proposed legislation Daisy “Red Ryder” owners will need to Register their guns, AND undergo a psychological exam before they can qualify to own such a weapon. Left over “Red Ryders” from one’s childhood that haven’t been removed from the old toy box and seen the light of day in 30 years will NOT be excluded from Registration and the owners will be subject to the same penalties for non-Registration as those who own the other types of weapons listed.

  5. Dark Synchronicity

    I stay away from end-of-world musings. I figure this world has been through severe crap time and again and will survive for eons.

    That said, it shakes me that just last night I was watching an old TV drama episode that included a thread that mirrored your end-of-world theme, AND it brought to mind an elaborate story I had read some 20 years ago about how humans were seeded on this planet.

    • I red somewhere that we got here because we escaped some really really bad Evil and the ancient ones put a a barrier on the door. That some residual evil had got through and has been trying to get the door open and that is the real purpose of Cern. To get the door open.

      I also read a story that Marry the Mother of Jesus was hermaphrodite and had both male and female parts and she impregnated herself. That is how Jesus was made. And that those in power are saying that this will happen again soon and they are waiting for next Jesus.

      Saw that “meme” before their was a thing such as “memes” on an old episode of Battle Star Galactica back in the day too.

      I also read a channeling that said Elves created this world for men and sung it into existence so man would have his own world to explore and dwell and stop messing up theirs.

      Seth speaks. And whole bunch of other peculiar phenomenon.

      Next ya know David Wilcox is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce. Except that Edgar said if he was ever wrong? He would never give another reading. I guess he changed his mind when he was reincarnated as David. Because David is a Charasmatic New Evangelist and often wrong. Lol cue Wheres the Beef?! So much for I am Raw.

      I seen the end of the world predicted on GLP alone 1 million 5 hundred and fifty five thousand times and atleast 500 self proclaimed mesiah’s here to save us all.

      There sure is some weird shit on the interwebs. Lol where is my tinfoil hat.

      God speed and good luck to us all.

      • Crowely worked one into existence – supposedly – a portal that is. – cept the crazy bastard spilled innocent blood during the “working” – bad juju that, all sorts of dark “shit” came thru – right around the time of WW1 – a legend in his own mind.

        JacK Parsons & L ron Hubbard did the “working” again – opened a portal – and we got the Hilarion “spirit” she/it is known by several names… Where do you think Parsons got all the knowledge from/ – not like he was a rocket scientist or something..

        Got Sex Magic ?

      • ECU, Crowley was a plagerist. He stole alot of stuff from Eckartshausen which Waite told him to start there. The first thing that Crowley read was A Cluud upon the sanctuary. I’m not a big fan of crowley. 111 and the 666 and his son and the 777 all that stuff. All Jin material and his seal is based off of Solomos keys or seals and the 73 Jin.

        Crowley had some good points. I’m just not a big fan of his. He way over thinks shit. Its all really simple.

        I read all his works and to be quite Frank alot of The Emerald tablets of Thoth that crowley wrote was taken from other sources. Back then nobody really access to that stuff. And so he captilized on the lack of free flow information and passed it off as his work. Lol. To me that means it’s not authentic and genuine. I can buy alot of cheep imitation shit from Walmart made in china. Its not the same as the original stuff.

        I know exactly which is the highest greater seal and the lowest Lower seal and if you possess both the big rumor is you can rule all the Jin. “One ring to rule them all.” I almost got the lower on my left and the Higher tattooed on my right hand. Ya have to have both and know which are which. Ya mess that up and ya will winde up on a screen of the exhorsist.
        But you know the deal with that. Michael shows up and binds ya by them and cast ya in the bottomless pit at some point. Lol.

        People are the greatest seal every day and have no idea what it means. If they are kinda aware they think it’s some mason stuff. Or illuminate, or they think it’s all from Atlantis, but all that is older than that. Lol. I mean the original emerald tablet is 38,000 years old. Long before cune writing and long before Atlantis. Lol

        Most people don’t even know if ya told a dollar bill on the back to make those seals touch, it makes one word at the bottom. ONAR. Who is Odin’s Father. Who’s name means “Becoming” and married “The Night” and gave birth to the Earth and Odin who got hitched and well rumor has it that is how we came to be. Lol. ONAR is only mentioned in like 2 really ancient Norse Poems as Odin’s Daddy. Lol

        Its almost like people think the Mayans were hella mathmaticians on a 360 degree circle or wheel within a wheel within a wheel but when the Spanish showed up they strapped their dead on beds made of sticks and drug the sticks behind an animal on the ground and never occured to them to put wheels on the sticks to make wagons? Lol. Nope. The just drug the sticks on the ground behind them. And nobody wonders wtf? You know 360 degrees but you can’t fabricate a wagon wheel to make life easier? Huh. Go figure.

        I like Carlos. Read his books way back in the day.

        It all kinda reminds of George and Buda. Buda was skinny before he found enlightenment. And after he found enlightenment he put on a few pounds. Just like George.

        That is my cue. ~white rabbit ~
        ~ Jefferson Airplane.

        Ephesians 5:13!

    • According to Terrance Mckenna Time Wave Zero. We should have slid off to oblivion a while back. And that was hugr scary thing back in the day and everyone was wondering who TimeTraveler_0 was and who Patient Zero was.

      I asked a seagul what he thought down at the Mulketeo ferry docks and beach. He just said some seagull squaks and flew away and pooped while in flight on a log.

      Which was probably what his Seagull Ancestor thought when Columbus landed and thought we have discovered a new land and the resident Natives thought they had discovered a new people. And the seagull laughed from above and took a dump.

      could be a sign. Idk. Just glad he didnt poop on me. Lol

      Beautiful morning on the sound. I went from meditating on Spokane or spoken to meditating on the sound. Lol.

      Yeah shit is weird. I’m weird. Everyone is weird. Back in the 1951, 5 out of 6 doctors recommend Lucky Strike Non filters for healthier lungs. I saw that advetisement on the wall of the bathroom of a 50’s diner in rat city. With a drawing of the Mirror on the center of the doctors head. Right where the 3 eye rests in the sinus cavity. Funny I forgotten all about doctors wearing mirrors on their foreheads. Never occured to me that they used to wear them where the 3 eye or Intuition rests before.

      Life’s not all Unicorns, rainbow and blowies. But sometimes it is. Lol.

      I looking for Knowledge of God’s will for me and the power to carry that out. Which doesn’t require much marketing.

      Maybe I will go over to Fort Casey today and have a look around. Haven’t been there in years. Maybe Sunday and take the kid with me.

      Have a good day.

    • It’s best not to dispel synchronicity out of hand. Start at minute 1:50 and listen from there – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50IoQwB-WwU

      I wish I was 10 years younger and had a ghost of a chance of surviving what’s coming. Remember, we’re all descendants of survivors. I’m “fixed” but I wouldn’t tell anyone.

  6. 1) Why are so very many people afraid to be free?
    And afraid to let others be free?

    2) Why do so many people need to dominate and
    control others? Including (maybe especially)
    the freedom of others say and think what they will?

    3) 3.999 MHz LSB by night. 7.299 MHz by day.
    After the balloon goes up.


    • “Why are so very many people afraid to be free?”

      “Freedom” means “grown-up and responsible.” Who would want to be free, when they could live their life as a child, forever?

      “Why do so many people need to dominate and control others?”

      “Bully” is the physical manifestation of “demonstrated superiority.”

      Hard-coded now…

  7. george
    you better read Carlos Casteneda, The Art of Dreaming’. you are meeting the emmisary and all the characters. the parallels and my own dream world experiences, and the characters, match up quite well. sorcery is not evil. it’s just a convenient name we can relate to.
    Lawton’s ‘Voices of the First Day’ will also convince you that your world of dreams may be more livable than the mess we wake in.

  8. Cool story bro. I really like it.

    Reminds me of one of my adventures in meditation. About waking up on the A.R.C.H. Which houses every living being from multiple world’s and we are all in a simulation to go through all these processes as a fractle in many situations. Where we are all 12 dimensional beings broken down to 4 different 3 dimensional brings that co exist in 4 differnt time periods in Different time lines in a simulation while out body’s develop over a period in real time so when we get to the new earth, we will physically full addopted to live on it. I woke up on the A.R.C.H and I saw my reflection in the cryogenic tube I was in and I looked like a grey alien. I had 2 fingers and a thumb and a little finger starting to grow. The person or entitiy I was talking to said I needed another 5000 to have my body be fully developed to live on the new earth and this was all a simulation, we were on an Ark like Noah’s Ark. But it was called A.R.C.H. The simulation was a resonance of possible outcomes of society etc etc. On the new earth so by the time we got to the new earth we had all and there millions and millions of tubes like the one I was in had gone through all these simulations as 3 D fractles in simultaneous that we wouldn’t repeat them when we got to our new planet.

    There is way more to it than that. One things for sure the experiance I had In that place durring Meditation? Was more real than anything I have ever experienced ever including life.

    Maybe I will write it all up today. Lol

    Could just be the wild imaginations of a child still in me. Lol.

    Sorry, I havent been around. Did the world end? I may have been distracted to notice. We still got a virus and all that? I forgot all about that.

    Knowledge and Power. Saftey and security.

      • What do ya want George. I been posting Reddit links for a while and the Reddit community took gamestop by storm. Game stop. Get it. Billion dollar loss on the short of “game” stop. Lol and we got to see the big wigs on wall street shut down Robin -hood. So we can see their play as they clearly showed their hand in a game -stop – move.

        I mean ya gotta pay attention. Think a little deeper. Whadaya want?

        I don’t care if makes sense to you. We are dealing enties larger than us. Easy squeezy nice and cheesy. Lol

      • I can’t do everything. Jeesh. I’m just a little nobody. Every one wants 5 D chess but ya gotta use Ure noggin a little more to think past the 3d chess moves.

        You might not understand me. And that is fine. But I’m making big moves with the big entiies in the 5 D chess game. Me and the powers that be. Its like ethrical game.

        I can post something and nobody understands it and then a week later its big news. Lol. Its whole nother level of play.

        Why do you think I been on Reddit for a month. Lol.

        Did you watch my youtube video at the end I said clearly, I’m more of a “We the people fella” and 3 weeks late we had a movement of “We the people”.

        This all reminds me of that game Battle ship. B-13! The opponent says. Hit or Miss. Then they go. The only exceptions are it’s acrross many different platforms and you need to play the rules of the Kybalion. “They use the Principle of Cause and Effect, instead of being used by it. Of course, even the highest are subject to the Principle as it manifests on the higher planes, but on the lower planes of activity, they are Masters instead of Slaves. As The Kybalion says:

        “The wise ones serve on the higher, but rule on the lower.
        They obey the laws coming from above them, But on their
        own plane, and those below them they rule and give orders.
        And, yet, in so doing, they form a part of the Principle,
        instead of opposing it. The wise man falls in with the Law,
        and by understanding its movements he operates it instead
        of being its blind slave. Just as does the skilled swimmer
        turn this way and that way, going and coming as he will,
        instead of being as the log which is carried here and
        there–so is the wise man as compared to the ordinary
        man–and yet both swimmer and log; wise man and fool,
        are subject to Law. He who understands this is well on
        the road to Mastery.”-

        See the big problem for them is they been at it a long long time and I’m kinda gree pea. But I have God and and they have time and experiance more than me. They got special schooling and I just learn as I go. Nobody really taught me much but George did mention ring pass knot a long time ago and that got me to thinkin.

        Its big game on the big show.

        I understand the principles and how things work. Magic and all that. Working with entities larger than life. Invisible forces if you will.

        Anyway, nothing to see here. Just skip on by and dont your worry your pretty little heads. It won’t makes sense to ya because it’s different layer of play. Its all metetphysical, metaphorical and paradoxical. Wrapped up in mess of pun riddles. Lol.

        You are either playing the game or you don’t know it exist. Which is fine. You don’t have to know it exist. Its ok. I didn’t for a long time either. Lol

    • The same way we are right now! Selling debt to anyone that will buy it.
      Having seen and driven on many roads this year, I’d say the maintenance is often worse than the lack thereof.

      There’s also Policing for Profit – an essential element of most governmental budgets.

  9. Oh I been helping others find their way. I didn’t go to Philly or illinois the to Cali. Still may go to Cali for 3 or 4 day weekend soon. Airfair is hella cheap. $48 to fly from Seattle Non stop to Palm Springs. $158 to fly round trip to Maui from Seattle. That is cheaper than a trip to the grocery store for 6 bags of assorted crap to cram in the pie hole.

    I’m still in Seattle area. Watched a fast moving friget being tugged into the Everett Naval station yesterday. Forgot all about the Virus and all that.

    Rumor has it my ex wife gets the axe from the largest plane manufacturer in the world, they are moving to Texas and taking my 14 year old with them. I havent talked to her about it yet. She told my daughter I’m coming with them. I told my daughter, I don’t know about all that. She said they found a place where my new gf and I could have our own house on the property they are looking at and we would be welcome to move there with them.

    How odd? Lol.

    Shit george, I may be over to “borrow” a cup of sugar.

    Stranger shit has happend before.

    I better go get up to speed with things. Been focused on helping others become better others and not so much on anything else.

    Cue: ~ Rockey Mountain Way~
    Joe Walsh.

    Ephesians 5:13

      • Bro. I’m always lining things up. one letter at a time.

        Perhaps its time for a new youtube video. Lol

        See everyone thinks you need to a flurry of action and run around all half cocked and make a bunch of moves. I’m more of the quality over quantity methodo mindset. And George has all that. But it took him a long while to get up to 5000 words a day. I’m a green pea. So when I make moves. I do them in the subtlest sense and less frequent. Look how long it took George to get what urban Survival is today from it’s 1998 inception. Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say. It took many moons to get us to here and this sight, site. So, I keep that in mind as I ebb and flow my own ripples of creation stiring the primordial sea won way then ta other. And I make no mistake about trading my inheritance for a bowl of hot sour. No matter how hungry I am.

        I been around this site long enough to remember the goats. Lol. And my capricorn girl is my lovely inspirational She SEE Goat. I don’t need a farm full of them.

        I am mind full of the lessons presented here. And I took note before I started my own venture.

        Like I said, I never tell anyone what Im thinking. I don’t always say what I see and I take a moment to think before I make moves. We are right on schedule. Lol.

  10. The gun laws are merely intended to make every single gun owner subject to extra legal search and most importantly: seizure.

    Someone has to keep the community safe while they determine if you are in compliance. Once they determine that you in fact owned all that stuff prior to the new laws, they’ll still make compliance mandatory to get it all back.

    This is how they hope to seize all the guns, starting with people who can’t afford good lawyers but have big collections and politics/associations they don’t like. Boiling the frog slowly.

    The prison system needs a boost anyway. With pot being legal, they need more customers down at the big house. It’s an industry that relies on growth, like all others.

    This is a long term plan, and while it seems like overreach, if they get 10% of what’s listed here they can begin seizing and filling prisons. Thinks: Iron is the new crack. It’s the 80’s all over. Just say No to legal gun ownership.

    And whenever they want, they can treat criminal possession like drugs used to be. Arrest and long jail times for possession. They already know how to do this. Stop and frisk and mandatory sentencing.

    So they don’t need to come for you (yet) so you hold on and keep quiet. But once the bear trap is on you, it’s too late. Good luck boys and girls.

  11. Hey dude. You ever watch that movie called ‘Predetermined’. I watched it yesterday. Its right up your alley. About time travel.

    This baby girl is dropped off at an orphanage then later as a woman gets pregnant by a dude. The dude disaperars who got her pregnant. Has a female baby and after she finds out she has dude parts too and has to have a a sex change to become a man because her lady buisness got all messed up having the baby girl. The baby gets taken. She is all bummed about that and ends up joining a secret government project about time travel as a dude. Where “she” uhem He time travels back and hooks up with her female self to get her pregnant. Then takes the baby back in time and drop the baby girl off at the orphanage. So she can grow up as a woman and later get pregnant by her self as a dude to be born.

    I don’t know who ever came up with that story but man, I took alot of LSD and many trips on bald rishi and cubensas and btw Berkely University Still produces the best mescaline ever made. Cleanest ‘tske a trip and never leave the Farm” stuff I have ever taken.
    I mean I been standing before in waist high shag carpet, seen the walls melt off and pterodactyls fly through the living room and an old native in full head dress and loin cloth wearing war paint, go past me roller lime green roller skates while beating a KFC Drum with a chicken leg bone before high. That is pretty High.

    But whoever wrote that movie script is on a whole nother level. Hahahaahah

    Its was outstanding! Highly recommend that kind of thinking. Ha ha ha.

    Ok, I gotta get. I have to go find someone to help have a better day because I exist. Seems better than sitting on my phone.

    • Andy, for those of us who are relative hermits and rarely see other people, how do we help others have a better day each day?

      I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering.

      • “how do we help others have a better day each day?”

        Smile…. everyone will wonder what in the hell your up to.. and it naturally brightens anothers day… but if you want to reach out and touch someone that needs a hand up.. then keep an eye open.. waitresses are good ones.. most are young single women.. drop a bigger tip.. I usually give a hundred percent or better.. if they are really rotten waitresses.. then I give less.. I rarely have to wait in line at a restaurant that I frequent..
        except for here.. I am pretty much a hermit… well not so much a hermit.. but I am sociable.. but I am not a social person.. I can talk your ear off.. love to visit but I will be the last person you will see going to a bar … If I am going to have a drink it is here at home.. when I go about brightening someone elses lives personally then it is usually anonymously .. I see someone that has a tough time.. I research them and their condition.. then make the changes needed to give them an oh my moment.. like giving away small stuffed animals with a gift card for mom and dad.. to kids with cancer.. or wigs.. locks of love is a great place to start.. parents are devastated emotionally and financially when a child has cancer.. a gift for them and a gift for the child gift catalogues.https://gifts-to-give.com/… a night out at a restaurant.. Its a good thing I don’t win the lottery.. just imagine.. you could strike lightning on someone elses life.. many places won’t even begin to give treatments until money is deposited.. one of my daughters friends got cancer went in and they said the good news was it was almost a hundred percent treatable.. when do we start.. when you drop off fifty g’s.. her sister had to take a mortgage out on the house.. the reality of healthcare.. so give someone a hand up.. the ones that fall through the cracks.. a few years ago I helped a young woman that was in an accident and they thought she had died.. unfortunately she knows it was me.. but we are still friends.. she got her feet on the ground and needed that hand up..tires.. dam I can’t even tell you how many tires I have bought.. children in hospital settings still love the idea of giving their family members things to.. so many ways you can brighten up a life.. and it doesn’t have to be expensive.. get with contractors and get things done for someone else.. except I was going to reroof and paint some old guys house only to discover that he was one of the wealthiest men around just didn’t want to spend the money LOL the same thing with the cat ladies.. they were eating cat food.. went and got them food etc.. only to discover that they were rich they just didn’t want to buy the food to eat and cat food was cheaper LOL…. I was stopped before I reroofed the old guys house.. but I did buy the old ladies food.. LOL LOL..

      • Good answer LOOB! Lots of info, but I really do only leave the property every week or two for errands. Smiling in the mirror is probably good, but only for me. When I’m out and about, I do smile, but how does that work when wearing a mask? BTW, restaurants and other socializing places are still closed in this state. It’s funny – with masks, etc., even holding a door for someone causes them to back away.

        I’ve considered talking with pastors and others to find out if anyone needy could use a part day’s work on something critical, but I’ve found many of the cloth to be more interested in converting me to their God rather than the one I already have. I moved and set up a mobile classroom for a school years ago and the pastor kept pursuing me to join his church, so I ended up cutting off all connection. I helped a neighbor by plowing out his driveway and yard after a bad snowstorm, and he kept trying to help on a project I wanted to do alone. I drilled some postholes for another neighbor and he kept coming back for more and more free work. It’s good to help others, but there’s a real need for balance, and there’s not much I need or want from most people other than mutual respect.

  12. Biden signed an EO prohibiting the words “China Virus”. Now EOs only apply to the FedGov, but the parrot media will surely comply and censor anyone who uses the words “China Virus”….. so don’t say “China Virus” whatever you do! “China Virus” speakers will become domestic terrorists. China Virus…. remember it.
    What about “Wuhan Flu”…. is that still acceptable?

    • I’ve always referred to it as the Wuflu. And are you certain that an EO would be created banning the usage of China Virus? I suppose, if China was putting the pressure on, I could see them talk about it, but do it? I don’t know. That sounds a little petty and insignificant, in the world of EO’s.

  13. Honestly, Nancy…it’s a Constitutional Right to bear arms, at least until that’s wiped too.

    Actually it’s an affirmation of our GOD Given Right to defend ourselves. The constitution has nothing to do with granting rights.

  14. What a colorful dream! It’s great, after all these years, to be able to dream like this. I still have very vivid dreams,and if it’s an active dream, I talk aloud and often wake up my husband. Your’s are alot about learning “why”. I like that.

  15. I guess Jen Psaki’s (WH press secretary) brother is a portfolio manager at Citadel. The ‘RH Insider’ story seems very plausible that both Citadel and the WH called RH and told them to stop the market on Gamestop. Seems like a major conflict of interest to me, but I have always known the ‘market’ was a casino!

  16. Can you pls explain: “fire no longer working when the grid goes down”. Did you mean to say electricity, or are you predicting a fundamental physics shift? Maybe gravity will decrease too; great way to lose weight!

    • (I usually mean what I write)
      Fire – all forms of internal and external combustion engines for example-use fuel that is moved around with [electric] pumps and so forth. Take out fire for a month and grim famine is right on the heels.

      • True! That’s why I’m a fan of old mechanical diesels and alternative sources of electricity that don’t need starter motors and are resistant to EMP.

        Of course, some things like Carrington events might simply make the use of electricity impossible on any level.

      • Once upon a time the distribution of natural gas and petroleum products was independent of the national electric grid. But then steam drives and gas fired drives were replaced by electrics in the name of efficiency. Boilers and steam generator sets were replaced by grid ties to control capital costs. Pneumatic controls and electromechanical relays were replaced by solid-state control equipment in the name of progress.
        My home has better surge protection than most energy facilities. Grid down means everything down. If you have seen what happens in the areas affected by a major hurricane, then you have had a preview. But with nowhere to evacuate to, and no fossil fuels to power the escape, major cities will be knee deep in excrement very quickly. Finding uncontaminated water will be impossible. Having solar will make you a target of jealous angry entitled looters. G____ will definitely fare better in a grid down scenario. And don’t forget the repo and eviction men. They will still have work in a grid down scenario.

      • I see. Thx, George! There’s a great series with the initial book titled “Dies the Fire” where the law of physics changes to no longer allow electricity to work; gunpowder stops exploding as well. It’s an interesting read.

      • “But with nowhere to evacuate to, and no fossil fuels to power the escape, major cities will be knee deep in excrement very quickly. Finding uncontaminated water will be impossible. ”

        You know what is funny N____ I knew a guy that worked for boston tech.. anyway.. we became friends and he gave me all kinds of guff over spending what I did on the solar.. then they had the hurricane on the east coast.. took out the power.. he had a standby generator.. and everything went down.. after a week he didn’t have fuel.. gas lines were shut down grid down.. he called me and apologized because he was able to cook an egg in his house without using any stove LOL.. after he retired he put in a solar power system and was so amazed at how fast it paid for itself..
        around here they use to have small community generators and would burn garbage and coal to make gas… I built a small gasifier.. they are so easy to make.. when I was a kid at a friend farm they had an old tractor that we played on in the shelter belt.. asking his dad what that thing was on the front of it.. he told us that back in the dirty thirties there was a ration on fuel.. so in order to plant the crops etc.. they would burn corn stalks and cobs to make gas for the tractor.. It was in the handbook on how to rebuild society up until Bush sr. got into office.. when they took it out..
        here is a nice sized home unit.. https://www.ebay.com/itm/141192540787?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-213727-13078-0&mkcid=2&itemid=141192540787&targetid=4580153133025350&device=c&mktype=&googleloc=&poi=&campaignid=403204659&mkgroupid=1224856168388240&rlsatarget=pla-4580153133025350&abcId=9300377&merchantid=51291&msclkid=f1009c0d71b51b2c45e9fc18c2953a21
        but seriously they are so easy to make that if you have any welding skills at all you can make it for almost nothing.. I made one out of barrels.. but had decided a more efficient design would be to make one out of old muffler off of a semi truck.. I never did get that done.. I think it would be more efficient and more compact.. easier to mount on a car or truck..
        then again.. why not use hydrogen.. from water.. ( I know everyone will say it takes to much energy.. but then they are looking at cracking water with brute force not coaxing it out with frequency)

      • Years after I had seen the unit on the tractor Mother earth news was driving around the country with their wood gasifier made out of a water heater.. which stopped by the fair and I got a look at it.. my mind went wild.. fantasizing about it and the potentials.. then one day in a local community I was looking at an old power station and that is when it dawned on me.. that is how they made gas for the community before the modernized gas lines.. LOL…..



  17. Comrades,

    Apologies to any in the midst of x & y SuperBowl whiteboard strategies as the marx are shanghaid. Folks, that “beeeep, beeeep, beeeep” we’re hearing isn’t popcorn in the microwave. It’s the moving truck! Shut the door, you say?

    (note: insert “buy American” eo to a Pop favorite “Boil the Breakfast Early”.)

    “Y” marks the spot? Battery banks of Cali electric car enthusiasts must be drained to read the multi-page spread from President Xi’s Xinhua news agency. It seems Shanghai-built Tesla Y’s began delivery to domestic Chinese customers 10 days ago. X models apparently started shipping to Europe from China late last year.

    Eton called Homer some time ago. See how the Springfield economy Burns down.


    • excellent post, thanks for sharing, and quite a ‘foretelling’ episode with the unemployment versus debt ridden power plant at play…

  18. Gun grabbers, Nosty zombies and dreamy f’n alienses. It’s never a dull moment at Ure site, G_____. The reduction in political hate talk is a welcome relief.

  19. Wow. Just reading these comments makes me think that I live in a land of crazies. You all are the reason why the world is so f#*cked up. Con(s)Piracy. The fiction writers on your equivalent of a comic book web sites and news programs that you all listen to have conned you and pirated your brains. Seek penance folks…

    • Mark, Perhaps you can explain why the FAA is suddenly slow walking the permits for the SpaceX SN-9 and SN-10 Starship launches! SpaceX was making incredible progress on their tech, bleeding edge engines and control systems until the current administration. Perhaps it’s all “conspiracy”, or perhaps it’s just that the current putative administration wants to kill our lead in space, just like Obama did.

      IMHO, SpaceX is a point of national pride for those of us who value real engineering on very difficult projects. I believe that there should be permanent “at will” flight restrictions over Boca Chica to encourage these endeavors! Other than a beach and a few homes, there’s nothing there anyway. The FAA doesn’t exercise veto power over NASA.

    • what jewish lasers from space intentionally starting forest fires in california run by soros and the rothschilds is a bridge too far?? 20% of the US population is willing to believe anything to rationalize their cognitive dissonance.

      “Well, Greene’s post suggested that the Rothschild banking firm is behind a supposed corporate cabal that engineered this whole space laser plot.”

  20. “but how does that work when wearing a mask? ”

    What do you see… people wear their mask .. I pray for god to let me see.
    I most generally can tell if someone is smiling if their stressed behind their mask..
    The kids won’t go with me.. the reason they swear everyone knows me.. a half hour trip runs into a couple of hours..
    People most generally are leery and suspicious..especially in the city..in the city if you notice..everyone is looking down..few will converse..compliments are a cause of panic. What’s the motive.. but if you believe it and your observant and consistent pretty soon its generally ok..


    A sibling was a big executive.. when he first got the position.. he said he carried a peanut butter sandwich in his briefcase. Eventually he was able to put work in it..
    The thing is.. what’s in the briefcase that your carrying.. open up..take a deep breath and take your gaze up look at the positive. Smile see the expression in their eyes and be courteous to those we meet.

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