Yet Another Trading Scheme

Maybe it’s the weather.  Or, having my UrbanSurvival website go down on Friday and spending from 8:15 in the morning until about 2:15 in the afternoon fixing that – all while having contact lenses issues from all the computer-time.  And then writing until 4 PM to finish today’s report…

Whatever the reason, though, Ures truly has a new approach to trading to unveil today.  While it holds a lot of promise, we’ll have to see how it works out, but I’ll lay out the basic algorithm. 

Friday, once Urban was up again, I was the guy deep in the spreadsheets singing “Stormy weather...:”

Be careful what you wish for….

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10 thoughts on “Yet Another Trading Scheme”

  1. Harvey Update:

    So far, here in far north Houston, the storm has dropped 6 inches of rain per the gage, after making landfall last night @ Rockport. This isn’t as bad as the Tax Day rainstorm we had last year, which dumped 8 inches on us in a few hours. Yes, there is flooding in the usual parts of the area that flood. Unfortunately, one of those areas is my back yard, but the water is still 5-6 inches from coming in the house.

    You can watch the coverage, but I strongly suggest you do so with the volume OFF – the adjectives these news and weather announcers are using are pure hyperbole. This is honestly just a typical Gulf Coast hurricane, and I have been riding them out since I was born, well over a half-century ago.

    We are fortunate that Rockport and Port O’connor are not metro ares – initial damage is, overall, way below estimates based on the Cat 4 rating of the storm. The usual boats bashed up in marinas, trees uprooted, tin roofs torn off and the occasional collapsed roof or wall of a house. Lots of barns missing tin and there will be cars flooded aplenty before we are done.

    What finally happens will depend on how fast this thing dissipates over land. Once it does, then it will stop pulling so much water off the surface of the Gulf and dropping it on land. I’m no weatherman, but after 30 or 40 of these you can tell, when it hits, if it is going to be a bad one.

    I’m not impressed so far – ho-hum…

    • Thanks for the first hand account. I was sincerely hoping someone from that area would make a knowledgeable report.

    • Oil Man:
      What do the refineries, chemical plants, etc. do in recovery for these things, and how soon will they start?
      I am a 40 yr PE Chemical Engineer looking for a contract for the rest of the year. Will they put on temp help to fix everything?

    • If we see the Dow open up 20 to 30 and then drop Monday, I will be the guy buying armloads of puts, lol

  2. Nice piece on displaced moving averages. With some trial & error it could produce some profitable trades or at least keep me alert. I was able to duplicate your charts using the ChartPro app on my tablet. I am going to try the 15, 20, 25 MA’S & the 45, 50, & 55 MA’S to see what happens. I was using TQQQ & SQQQ. I was not able to generate a buy or sell signal. That will take some work on the learning curve.

      • George
        I worked out the 2dma, 4dma, and 9dma this weekend and can see the entry point for shorting as you pointed out, but didn’t really see the entry point for going long. What do you use to tell you to go long in that system?
        Is it just the 9dma and the 128dma?
        wondering what signal you are using there.

        • When the current crosses above the 2dma after approaching the trend channel bottom (*under the mid-channel line), Al…great question and make subscribing to Peoplenomics worth it, huh?

  3. George, the SEC has halted several bitcoin penny stocks. It happened late last week. BITCF is one of them. It has put a chill on the bitcoin frenzy. Now the big fans of bc are saying its a precursor to a bitcoin etf. Also saw where Vietnam is preparing to make bc a legitimate form of currency by 2018. Your thoughts appreciated.

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