Year-end Mini Rally – Reasonable Outlook for 2023

The market today will be starting (based on early futures) with a modest upside bias.  Which is due after the “downstroke” of the M that we posited earlier.

Our outlook continues to expect a major decline in over-priced housing over the next six-months.

Not to Be Conspiratorial


My consigliere and I are both very worried about the next month.  Especially what might happen this coming (long) weekend WRT Ukraine.

See, the U.S./West is, in our view, trying to goad Vlad Putin into popping a nuke over either Poland’s (or other) NATO stronghold.  Ostensibly to slow the West’s flow of war materiel flowing through Poland into Ukraine.  The longer Putin delays the West’s plans for limited nuclear conflict, the more materiel will oppose Russia’s repo of eastern Ukraine lands.

Which is why, we are reading headlines like Major issue on Russian TV Poland: “There are only Polish soldiers on the fronts of Ukraine – It’s regular Army”.

The idea of Peace Talks is total bullshit, for now.  Damn shame, too.  Ukraine will not talk peace until Russia has left the Russian-speaking southeast of Ukraine.  And KGB Colonel material (Putin) is not likely to step back either.

Ukraine bombarded in ‘massive air raid’ as Russia launches dozens of missiles after…

As for this morning’s action reports (being glossed over in the Western press because we ARE the side pouring in arms (economic stimulus in defense sector) and needing a scapegoat to blame (“Those damn Russians”) with the West’s paper assets House of Cards blows over.  The Bankster Class will kill to protect itself.  And they’re not particularly discriminating, either.

What has the West in a knot is that Putin has, so far, not fallen for the trap.  And the heating up in the Carpathians, the reignition of the Kosovo-Serbia conflict will likely be Putin’s goal when – early in 2023 – the Russians head West through Moldova and into the lower European mountains.

The gran denouement will likely then come in late Spring.  As the West throws Polish (and other) forces into the Ukraine fronts, Belarus takes the northern flank, and Russia regulars work up in an enveloping horn to cut off Poland and thus split NATO.

The problem is that World War III will be playing out elsewhere by then.  Since China is still planning a forced reunification with Taiwan – which we will have to defend against because of critical semi-conductor facilities there.  Which China can counter with a modest nuke in the Phoenix region where major fine-pitch semiconductor plants are expected to come online in 2024.

Just now, we’re reading how US approves USD 180 million anti-tank weapon sale to Taiwan.

As you can begin to sense, with things hitting the fan in Europe, and the possible stress of NATO countries backing out of nuclear suicide, we will have the nightmare of a two-front war around May, which is a good weather window to hit Taiwan, usually.

During this, we could see North Korea make a massive drone attack on South Korea and effectively take that region offline for American consumers.  Elaine and I have penciled in a possible late spring acquisition of a new chest freezer and a few appliances, since those could become rarium and unobtainium in the period following.

All of these possibilities are why the Peoplenomics report Wednesday may have sound a bit “Out there…”  Because it focused on one of the structural faults of human language.  The maniacal focus on now.

See, when “average people” read, they don’t slow down, generally, and posit directionality of the news.  This is no doubt by design and the fact we exist in an expediency-based world.  If we were in the least strategic in our thinking, there would not be 8-billion people in the world.  There were only 3.7 billion on this rock when I was born and even then, we managed to come up with World War II.  Just think how much more fun and blood sacrifice WW III can be with twice as many people to kill.  Why, that’s human progress, ain’t it?

The World Economic Forum’s master swindle (Great Reset) was not ushered in by Covid.  But trust me, as soon as the first nuke is used on a battlefield, we can plan on a corporate government alliance power-grab that will dwarf anything seen in this “war on Terror.”  There will be unprecedented social controls, mass adoption of a Chinese-like social credit system, restrictions on travel such as never before seen, plus an alliance of Woke idiocy and power-grabbing bureaucracies which will be breathtaking.

Your freedom is in peril RIGHT NOW but you’re not supposed to see it, yet.  You must be “shocked and awed” into compliance in a serial lowering of the corporate spin on the Iron Curtain, which is why CCM (crooked corporate media) isn’t telling us the Truth about much of anything. Instead, we’ve stood up an aging fool to be the Marionette In Chief as special interests’ game out their most beneficial ploys from choices that include nuclear war and “deadly variants.”

You can be either afraid or seriously pissed.

Being the latter, and seeing it for a long time coming, we are playing the best Defense we can.  Low profile, no calls to action, and working on personal food, water, and shelter while buying up (and installing) used solar gear which will keep the lights and freezers on, no matter what.

If you want to play gender police, racial victim, or in other ways support the Big Con to Steal Freedom, BCTSF, have a nice time.  It’s clear to our masters, though: 8-billion people with pitchforks cannot be trusted to keep them in cushy control.

They’re right.

Do promise me one thing:  When, perhaps sooner than anyone would like, we hear the hysterical media telling us “A nuke has been used against…”  Don’t be afraid.  And do reject the accompanying social controls that will inhibit your freedoms of speech and movement.  Reject simplistic US versus THEM jingoisms and hold to your core values.

A limited nuclear conflict might actually occur.  But it’s no reason for surrender to authority.  My wife Elaine is a downwinder – so named because she grew up in the “down wind” area from the U.S. atomic testing in Nevada.

When it comes – and the bum’s rush is on Russia now, the fact is “Between 1951 and 1992 a total of 928 nuclear tests were conducted at the NTS, 828 of which were underground.” 100 above ground.

The NTS is the Nevada Test Site…although in keeping with the times, it’s now the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS).

2023, we think, could see the biggest outbreak of nuclear hysteria since the Cuban Missile Crisis.  We got through that one, and we’ll get through whatever comes next year, as well.

Unless you have made choices to put yourself in a “nuclear hostage” position.  In which case, our prayers are with you.

Back to Markets

Although this is a “pre-War” view of things, a best case (6 out of 10) year is possible if the Richmond Fed outlook can be massaged around:

Some Fifth District manufacturing firms reported modest improvements in December, according to the most recent survey from the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. The composite manufacturing index climbed into positive territory, increasing from -9 in November to 1 in December. Each of its three component indexes — shipments, new orders and employment — improved, with the index for shipments seeing the most notable increase from -8 in November to 5 in December.

Alongside a slightly positive employment index, the wage index increased notably from 25 to 37 in December, surpassing its October reading of 34. The local business conditions index remained unchanged at -6 in December. However, a larger portion of firms are pessimistic about local business conditions over the next six months, as the expectations index fell to ?20 in December.

We can only remind you that when the economy hits a real flat spot – as it did in mid 2000 in the Internet Bubble collapse, it was only a year following before major war (9/11, terrorism etc.) followed. Similarly, one of the first moves of the “Change” artist president, Barack Obama, was to “Recommit to Afghanistan” as the Housing Bubble was last gasping in 2009.

When a secondary Depression loomed in 1937, what happened shortly thereafter?

In the Meantime:

The stock market decline is worrisome.

But we should bounce, say futures.

Daily Distractions

Orange Man still polarizes – at least among people dumb enough that they’re not able to separate policies from personality. Team Orange simply “ran the clock.”  Trump Lawyer Celebrates Beating Jan. 6 Committee: ‘Waved the White Flag’.

Drooling on and polarize more:  Biden Suspects ‘MAGA Sympathizers’ Embedded in Secret Service: Book.  Oh, you mean like Constitution Upholding Americans???  Hint to Joe:  Defend American borders ahead of Ukraine’s.

Resumé padding politician’s outcome dims:  Rep.-elect George Santos under federal investigation.

Following the Labor Dots:  Big changes to retirement savings in new federal spending bill.  Bet you don’t remember that Number of people 75 and older in the labor force is expected to grow 96.5 percent by 2030?  Our cohort!!!

Southwest’s Meltdown – here come the Feds: Pete Buttigieg Just Put Southwest Airlines’ CEO On Notice.  Unlike most people, I’ve actually been in airline senior management (KX – VP sales, marking, and in-flight, mid 80’s) and can tell you the absolute LAST thing SW needs right now is big-shotting politicians.  Southwest is a little busy right now, trying to get the system back up.  And in a tight labor market, flight crews and repositioning equipment and gate assignments is a non-trivial problem.  The feds are doing the equivalent of yelling at a fire chief while the building in front of him is on fire.  Can someone please tell Buttigieg to park his ego until the SW’s fire’s out? Jeez, Louise, Pete.  Grandstander!

Rats, Ships, Jump School Dept:  Kraken Shutting Down Crypto Exchange in Japan Citing Weak Global Crypto Market – Exchanges Bitcoin News  Still, $16,606 at click time.  We’ve said from the get-go:  Ponzi Scheme!  Oh, and look!  Ethereum Whales Enter A Major Distribution This Month.

O-2 Oh-oh: Lawsuit claims the Apple Watch blood oxygen sensor has a racial bias.

More from the diagnostics lab? Sure: New blood test to detect Alzheimer’s disease developed.  Previously, our simple method was for people thinking they had ALZ was to have them make an appointment.  If they remembered to show up, they were at least functional… Both Elaine and I have APOE e4 and so does about 2o percent of the population.  Which is why we read deeply on anything new on PubMed that comes out. I think I mentioned either here (*or on the Peoplenomics side) that one of our strategies has been low dose lithium orotate.  If you are following this (not healthcare advice!) line of personal researches, did you see Low-Dose Lithium Supplementation Influences GSK3? Activity in a Brain Region Specific Manner in C57BL6 Male Mice – PubMed (

ATR:  Change of Insurance

We have parted ways with Geico.  January 2021 our six-month auto billing was $432 and change.  This year?  $923.  No claims, no accidents, and the vehicles are a year older. I was shocked.

We did some checking (similar coverage) and yeah, $380 by the time we nabbed a $40 cash discount from Progressive.

Key point:  Some auto insurance companies (like Geico) are passing out huge increases in some states this year.

The old adage “Change insurance providers every few years” is still in force.  Six years sending a gecko check-o and now we’re gone.  Newest car is still a 2005, we drive less than 10,000 a year, no claims in over a quarter century…

Lesson: Check over every bill you get and don’t be afraid to jump ship if “The Price Ain’t Right.”

Remember, too, we’re taking down one landline *$137/mo with DSL) for a $50/YEAR MagicJack, too.  A dollar saved is a beer earned.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. “Elaine and I have penciled in a possible late spring acquisition of a new chest freezer and a few appliance updates,”

    Hmm might want to consider that a little bit sooner.. I added another freezer to our mix.. the waiting period for the freezer was six months and I pre paid.. those that put a deposit down had a little longer wait time.. it was the same with another appliance as well.. so depending on your area.. and the ability they have to get appliances.. see with all this mess going on and all the illegals etc.. everyone has been afraid of all the crap going on and ordering more than what the factories can get shipped in..
    Just something that I would share.. call up your local appliance dealer and ask.. is there a list for appliances and if so is there a waiting period on getting it.. if there is a six month and you want it by lets say may.. then you had better get your butt on the list and get it now..

    • And George was teasing me about ‘getting fat’ when I bought a new fridge a few months back… at a great sale price. Cash and carry. Strike when they are in stock and on sale!


      very few ever visit a nursing home.. just stop in and say hi to some of the residents.. then ask yourself.. do I really want to live to a hundred and twenty.. then ask yourself.. they can keep you alive for as long as you can afford it..
      way back when I worked at the cabinet shop.. one of the guys I worked with and I were sitting on a bunk of ply .. having coffee and he said he and his brother were going to build facilities.. which they did.. ( they went bankrupt.. see the amount they were allowed to charge wasn’t enough to pay the expenses..) they built thirty seven of them..
      anyway.. a couple years after they started.. the friend says to me.. come work with us.. I have people throwing farms and houses at me..
      an assisted living center.. is a hundred grand a year.. you have to share a room.. a nine by twelve space.. shared toilet.. and you still have to pay for all your medical.. ( you have to use their pharmacy which is higher.. like half of a two dollar bottle of tylenol is five hundred a month type costs) and you have to pay for all your travel etc.. but if you have it.. go ahead and spend it for that..
      which is another reason why we take in those that have no place to live.. so they could have a quality of life when they didn’t have any before live in a home environment and keep them off of the streets..the can man that lived in a dumpster.. you would think he was living in a palace..It was the best thing he had ever experienced and was grateful for the opportunity to live like a king ( his thoughts.. he would get a box of little debbies and thought he had just been given a box of gold LOL he had such a hard life.. he was a hoot to.. we went to the bank to make a deposit before we went shopping.. and he got this shocked look on his face as I was talking to the teller.. and he said.. if your planning on robbing the bank.. let me out first LOL.. ( he couldn’t walk ) and the teller and i had the most shocked look on our faces thank god I had known her for years…. she laughed and sent some candy out for my friend LOL )) ……

      • You have hit the nail on the head. What people actually want is youth extension, health extension, and then life extension. In other words, It does you no good if you live to 120 but spend the last twenty years of your life sick and bed ridden.

        Also, in other news, George made a typo. According to the United States census the world population in 1950 was 2.5 billion.

  2. “Your freedom is in peril RIGHT NOW”

    Hmm.. I believe freedom is similar to CONTROL… It’s an illusion.. we think we have freedom.. yet we read about how our texts and our computer search habbits.. working at the landfil and seeing men come in on a regular basis and go through someone they picked at randoms trash.. scouring the mail they threw away. Big brother is here now.. no matter where you look there are camera’s.. that they can log into at any time.. our whole lives and every track of life is on the cloud.. had a man from a govt. organization show me a list of fuel acquisitions of the general population. He overheard a conversation I was having with someone else and pulled me aside to tell me that is exactly what they seen coming to…. the average they used and how much they had bought and stored..
    Your whole life is on the cloud..
    control is the same thing.. since I believe that covid is a man made bio warfare biological.. those that released it.. believed it was controlable.. when in actuality.. we control nothing.. see it all the time.. people that thought they had made all the right decisions in life.. get the one two punch of fate and end up living in our spare bedroom.. the one that had the hardest time accepting his fate.. was my engineer.. he had all the right diploma’s had the lifstyle he grew accustomed to.. was making the coin.. wiped out and homeless with the one two punch of fate.. He couldn’t accept his fate because he was smart had a great iq etc.. it happens we have no control.. we have to MOOve along with what the powers that be want us to do their way..

  3. GU: When, perhaps sooner than anyone would like, we hear the hysterical media telling us “A nuke has been used against…” Don’t be afraid. And do reject the accompanying social controls that will inhibit your freedoms of speech and movement. Reject simplistic US versus THEM jingoisms and hold to your core values.

    Good advice, George.

    In political communication, the phrase “you’re either with us, or against us” and similar variations are used to depict situations as being polarized and to force witnesses, bystanders, or others unaligned with some form of pre-existing conflict to either become allies of the speaking party or lose favor. The implied consequence of not joining the team effort is to be deemed an enemy.

    • We’ve learned of the power to influence and control the masses, partly thru George’s musings. As both a student of psychology and a former member of the U.S. armed forces, I’m drawn to the psychological operations (PsyOps) aspect of social control. Siggy Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, famously wrote about the power of ‘Propaganda,’ in his seminal 1928 work of the same name. His book became a template for Nazi control over the German and Austrian people, helping Hitler rise to power. After the war, Bernays changed the title of his work to ‘Public Relations,’ which was gobbled up by Madison Avenue and used to get homemakers and parents to buy all sorts of aggressively marketed products using Bernay’s tactics. Politicians across the globe knew how to apply PsyOps to their rhetoric, and media – especially television – was recruited to push out key PsyOps messages to the masses. ‘Appeal’ was weaponized, and the fight was on to win over a population’s appeal, be it for corn flaks, automobiles or political office. Protesters in the 60s and 70s, many of whom became community organizers, teachers and media types, embraced the ‘medium is the message’ mantra version of Marshall McLuhan. Others, like socialist advocate Saul Alinsky, provided instructions on how to take the information lead over one’s opponents and seize social control. See:
      Perhaps Nostradamus was an empath, able to pick up on the social angst permeating this reality and capture it in careful phrases, so as not to raise the alarm of civil and church leadership of his and become identified as a sorcerer, literally roasted for his ‘witchcraft’ quatrains. I thoroughly enjoy Stu’s musings and translations of the great mystic. Although I believe seers such as Nostradamus observe ‘one possible future,’ perhaps the most likely one of all the possibilities. But as Max Tegmark informs us in ‘Our Mathematical Universe,’ physics now shows us how we are but one of countless universes born of the big bang, and every moment, every decision we make splits our universe into one where we took the blue pill, and one where we took the red one. If this happens for every conscious being on the planet, the possibilities are infinite. [mind blows]. Using some strange process, we likely choose the reality we experience. So as George advises, take your ‘universe’ by the horns and do your best to control it. Who knows? It might help the situation in your small corner of reality, however you might define it. And if we all seek to manifest the same reality, maybe it will come to be.

    • Actually I think it started with Pericles of Athens. According to Thucydides at the beginning of The Peloponnesian War, the war between Sparta and Athens, Pericles gave a speech in Athens to argue for war. It set the template for all political speeches in the Western World ever since. In summary it begins with the following concept: “They’re not like us”.

  4. Alzheimer’s,,, for me it is coconut oil, for the win. 9 years ago I used to forget what I was going to get, simply walking from one end of the house to the other end,,,”damn, what was I going to do or get?”
    Mother and grand mother both had it very severely.
    The only thing I did for it was coconut oil. Anything I fry in my cast iron frying pan gets coconut oil, and in the POPCORN maker.
    Google search gives me a bunch of bull shit when I did a little search for this post,,, poo pawing the use of coconut oil for AZH,,, fuck GOOGLE and their bias results. I mean, just look at how much BIG TECH has been lying to US all along, as Elon has been releasing their lies and influence over our information. So the FBI has been using Twitter to censor US and the CIA was involved in the JFK and RFK killings,,, and now Elon is releasing the FAUCI files,, has the good Dr been lying to US? Herd control=news media=CIA
    this is a repost of how the CIA used the NewsMedia to lie for them
    “If a man will lie to you he will steal from you” ,,, is what my father preached to me!

    There is no profit for the medical/pharma/complex in coconut oil, but they make money from you with the test and the drugs they kill you with. I have seen two people die shortly, within 2 yrs, after being prescribe AZH drugs, and they went down hill fast, memory wise and life wise after starting the pharmacuticals.
    I got my coconut oil advice from a female Dr on some video, she used to put it in her husbands oatmeal and saw improvement in him, so I said what do I have to lose, using it? It is an older video I purchased on a thumb drive, I could send one to you if you like. I have a couple of extras stored, after sending copies to my family members. Now I buy it by the 5 gal bucket.

    Now remind me, PLEASE, why cannabis and hemp were make illegal.
    Was it to increase the Corporations’ profits at our expense?
    LIARs they are!!!

    • Absolutely Mister !!!!!!!!!!!!

      Neighbor mans mother was in her early nineties and having spells, day after day . I talked him into trying the “Virgin Coconut Oil” routine and in less than 2 weeks, she went from having 2 and 3 spells a week to 1 and 2 a month,
      The video you referenced was about one of the Top pediatricians in the state of florida whose husband, had developed Alzheimers so bad by the age of 50, they wouldn’t even consider him in a drug testing program.
      It was Her research, that led to the fact that the properties in the Alzheimer drugs……….. are Naturally occurring in , yup you guessed it
      Virgin Coconut Oil.
      I forget the time line but he went from almost completely incapacitated to being able to tie his shoes and drawing a picture of a clock in a short amount of time,
      The neighbor put a big dab in his moms coffee every morning ,
      hey, what ever works !!!!!!!!!!!

      • I totally agree with the use of evco. Good for a lot of other thins too.
        I try to think positive and if I do get Alzheimer’s it’ll be nice to know for sure that I’ll be making new friends every day when I wake up. :)

    • Great info! Coconut oil and butter are both generally saturated fats, and I had a similar experience to yours when trying to lose weight and eliminating butter. I was not myself, and certainly not as sharp as I should be. This resolved when adding real butter back into my diet. I have some coconut oil, but it’s not part of my daily diet, though perhaps it should be. We need more saturated fats to make cholesterol, and our sex hormones and brains are made of these fat substances. Yes, there *might* be a benefit to the cardiovascular system from limiting these fats, but the cost in cerebral function is not worth it.

      • I personally love coconut oil for cooking.. and I love real butter.. have both.. I make my own margarine to.. at times.. it is easy enough.. and tastes as good or better.. depending on what you like to flavor it with..
        here is a good bath salt recipe..
        2 cups of epsom salts
        1 cup of hymilayan salt
        1/2 cup of baking soda
        20 drops of cbd oil.. ( if you live in an area where thc is much you put in it is up to you.. )
        20 drops of essential oil.. mix put in a jar.. take one tsp per hot bath.. its a topical..
        here is gayes whipped cream.. I personally love the pain cream for arthritis..
        if you want bath bombs..

        ½ cup baking soda
        ¼ cup corn starch
        ¼ cup citric acid
        ¼ cup Epsom salt
        ½ tbsp. water
        1 tsp cbd oil
        15 drops or a tsp of essential oil
        1 tbsp. coconut oil, melted
        Food coloring
        2 hollow plastic ornaments or spheres, halved or you can use one of these..
        Add the baking soda, corn starch, citric acid and Epsom salt in a medium-sized bowl and stir until combined.
        In a separate bowl, add the water, essential oil, coconut oil and food coloring and stir until combined.
        Slowly add the wet ingredients to the dry ones, a little at a time. Stir between pours to prevent the wet and dry ingredients from reacting or fizzing. (This doesn’t pose a risk, but you want to save that fizzing for when you drop it into your bath!) It should have the consistency of wet sand. If not, stir in ½ tsp of water at a time until it holds together when you press it between your fingers.
        Pack each of the ornament halves with the bath bomb mixture, then press the two halves together and place in the refrigerator overnight to set. The next day, slowly open each ornament and remove the top and bottom halves. wrap with tissue.. or you can get creative.. and use dissolving wrap..
        Drop into your next bath and enjoy!

  5. “We have parted ways with Geico. January 2021 our six-month billing was $432 and change. This year? $923. No claims, no accidents, and the vehicles are a year older. I was shocked.”

    shoot and for forty acres.. OMG… that is almost unbelievable I would have been on the knees kissing the feet of the geico salesman LOL…we were just pinged for our monthly donation … no tickets.. the last time I got a ticket was close to forty years ago..

    Amount: negative two hundred ninety seven dollars and fifteen cents– $297.15 Now that is the MONTHLY ping right off of the banking account web page as of this morning… and if I hadn’t gone with this company.. the last one was double that per month.. Home owners is about the same..
    taxes.. they average out to a couple hundred a month to.. just insurances and taxes amount to just shy seven dollars an hour if you have a job.. OR.. if you are on a set income.. one thousand dollars MORE than you get per month health insurance, car insurance,home owners insurance and life our life policies are policies we have had for decades.. each one was one we had at our employers..and it is just enough to shove your butt in the ground no extra..( no one gets the extra anyway it goes to medical facilities, hospitals and doctors) .. each year I juggle the budget big time.. trying to make it all balance out..How I have been able to do it and keep our lifestyle is still a mystery.. a challenge of challenges.. Health insurance was up until just a couple of months ago just shy twenty bucks an hour take home per month with a ten thousand dollar deductible and copay of fifty bucks per visit ten dollar copay for generic and hundred and ninety dollars for name brand co pay…( the one below that was fifteen dollars an hour take home and they didn’t pay labwork xrays and you were only able to see a doctor the maximum of three times in one year.. and you had to pay full price for medications) ..luckily.. that has been lowered with Medicare.. but is still two dollars and fifty cents an hour.. figuring for the average two hundred and forty eight hour a month work..
    LOL the more I hear of texas and the costs of living there.. the more I want to move there LOL if it just wasn’t so damned hot in the summer time LOL

    • LOOB,

      I agree with you wrt moving to Texas due to the cost of living, but ALSO about the heat. My body is definitely NOT a heat tolerant.

      I am familiar with the area George lives in and because it GET RAIN out there in East Texas it looks and seems much like the midwest, where I grew up and live; streams, hills, trees, lakes, all the stuff that imo makes a place a “pretty” place to live are there. West Texas and Mid Texas on the other hand seem to me to be a first cousin of all of the descriptions of Hell that I have read. For the life of me I can’t see the appeal of living in West or Mid Texas for even a couple of years, let alone for a lifetime.

      The HEAT of Texas is what kills the idea of moving there for me. The economics make sense from a personal viewpoint … having to live with the heat and humidity is the deal breaker.

  6. I have been exposed to military training along with think tanks, I was NOT a grunt. From my past, when you put ALL the pieces of the puzzle together this is what you get. I foresee a very high chance of a nuke response from Russia caused by either a view-point of first strike wins, or a dead-man retaliation strike ( in that case bend over and kiss it good by) we cannot stop their hypersonic’s at this time.
    Russia is NOT stupid as you know and as the MSM try’s to portray them. Russia also knows WHO is behind the continuing threat to their country and that it will NOT stop unless THEY stop it. That in itself should tell you what WILL happen. The only real question is when. and like I said remember it is known, first strike has the highest probability of who wins. so where would be the best to cut the head off the snake and that requires multiple hits at the same time. IF you get my meaning.

    • How is it that you and I and George and many others on this website can see this so clearly while others continue to walk around with their head up their ass? I won’t even have this conversation with 90% of my friends and family here in Canada. Life will go on until it doesn’t. Why even think about it?

      Warhammer’s comments today are excellent. You and he speak from a whole different perspective than most others including me. I have always believed that if you want to understand a situation, you are best to listen to someone who is not a GRUNT. The world is full GRUNTS and a large percentage of them wind up in politics.

      All this 80 year old who still has most of his marbles (I think) knows is that something is going to pop. This not sustainable. Geopolitically, economically or socioeconomically. The unknown is not the whether but the how and when. When you smell a skunk, you may not see it but you know it is close.

      Stay tuned.

      • I hear ya.. everyone I talk to think I am nuts.. because none of that can ever happen in the USA.. OMG.. then again.. they are watching the network news.. that has nothing to say about what is really going on in the world…. the biggest news story.. January 6…. and the evils of trump..

      • “How is it that you and I and George and many others on this website can see this so clearly”

        We see it because we use an alternative news stream (not to be confused with a stream of alternative news) and are therefore better-informed than the rectal self-examination squad.

        George was a news-nerd for (I believe) 17 years, and has “seen some things,” so he doesn’t limit his conversation (or ours) to the mainstream dreck. If’fn you think about it, we’re like a mini-c2cAM with a principal focus on finance, rather than the paranormal…

      • geniuses no realize it has always been, and will always be the “cake eaters” with scrambled eggs – you know the ones hiding under their desks whenever SHTF, the guys that award themselves campaign medals for just visiting a “conflict zone”.
        Rare is the “enlightened” military leader..See Gen George(St George de dragon killer) Patton for example..there aint many.
        clueless and blind they be.
        Nary a one has any training in Neural Engagement..ever

        doomed they are..not even aware the “They” are here in the physical..and that Russia is/was just a warning..

        world leaders are not even aware of the mental manipulations they are slaved to.

  7. Went to Lowes couple weeks back and bought 7cu/ft chest freezer for the wife for Christmas. Itwas a great price, $350.CDN.
    Wishing you and all a very happy New Years.

  8. A while back I was told by a “briefer” that Americans and Europeans and some others have a more irrational emotional reaction to nuclear weapons than the Russians do. To the Russians nooks are just much bigger and more efficient explosives — weapons.

    To Euro-Americans, nooks are in a Special Horror Category Of Vast Qualitative Evil.

    To the Russians, nooks, while terrible, are just another bigger bomb. To us it’s a Clear Boundary between acceptable combat and Crimes Against Humanity.

    That’s an important difference, and suggests that the Russian are a bit less constrained by revulsion from using nooks.

    Our freak-out level, should they pop one or a few will be far more complete than if the roles were reversed.

    This means — to me — that they are more likely then we think to use them.

    This leaves out wild-card asses like The Hermit Dictator of NORK, from EMP-ing us for fun. Moore County to the tenth power would eliminate America as a functioning country.

    Our civilization may hang from an even thinner thread than we imagine.

    Personally, I think Pooty-poot is quite likely to pop a nook to wonderfully focus everyone’s concentration. He’s in for a penny, and if he can’t engineer a “win,” he’ll be out of the game.

    “This will spin out of control, and we’ll be lucky to live through it.” (Fred Thompson in “Red October”)

      • The real question there is how does the leadership view the subject. I don’t know, but my guess is: as atheist modern communists they see people as a physical resource — like coal — and will use it to reach their goals. Very materialistic and utilitarian.

        Probably tactically, and not emotionally. Mostly unrestrained.

      • “atheist modern communists they see people as a physical resource — like coal”

        I don’t know william.. the people from china that I know.. are very much moral and ethical.. are there bad people absolutely that is human nature.. but overall.. the people of china are very very nice to know.. they have shown more than ever that they have ethical boundaries .. devotion to family and see others of value.. but then I have only met a few through my journeys in life..
        “Chinese Ethics
        First published Thu Jan 10, 2008; substantive revision Fri Sep 14, 2018
        The tradition of Chinese ethical thought is centrally concerned with questions about how one ought to live: what goes into a worthwhile life, how to weigh duties toward family versus duties toward strangers, whether human nature is predisposed to be morally good or bad, how one ought to relate to the non-human world, the extent to which one ought to become involved in reforming the larger social and political structures of one’s society, and how one ought to conduct oneself when in a position of influence or power. The personal, social, and political are often intertwined in Chinese approaches to the subject. Anyone who wants to draw from the range of important traditions of thought on this subject needs to look seriously at the Chinese tradition. The canonical texts of that tradition have been memorized by schoolchildren in Asian societies for hundreds of years, and at the same time have served as objects of sophisticated and rigorous analysis by scholars and theoreticians rooted in widely variant traditions and approaches. This article will introduce ethical issues raised by some of the most influential texts in Confucianism, Mohism, Daoism, Legalism, and Chinese Buddhism.
        Now how does the govt. there think about the people.. sure can’t be any worse than our govt thinks about the average wage earner here.. and from what those from the country have told me.. a whole lot nicer than ours.. now with the vast majority of the population of the earth.. they do expect you to follow their laws.. then you don’t see terrorist activities like what was seen with blm and antifa that destroyed cities across the country , the violence the pillaging and the raping etc.. they would have come unglued on those people .. and I sure wouldn’t have blamed them.. the belief in confucian principles is really big.. foundational principles of morality. The Four Cardinal Principles are propriety (?), righteousness (?), integrity (?), and shame (?). The Eight Virtues are loyalty (?), filial piety (?), benevolence (?) love (?), honesty (?) justice (?), harmony (?), and peace (?).
        I would not have any trouble going to and seeing the water gardens there.. or taking a stroll down the sidewalk of some big city.. now I would have all kinds of issues if I had to stroll down a city block in lets say los angeles or NYC or chicago.. heck preschool kids going to school or the store are shot just because they are in the wrong neighborhood.. or wanted to get some candy at the store..

  9. Holey Derivitives! Rehypothication Man,

    tell me & and Ure readerz youse have seen Zoltans (Mr Pozar to Youses) latest regards the new MATHS ?
    Simplified version (from simple mind) it goes sumting like this;

    Western Geniuses peg Oil at $60 bbl, all feeling f-ing fine (3f’s in a row) and dandy.

    PooterZ Pegz 1/2 a Gram Gold at $60.

    Think about the ramifications of those two pegs, Ure choice to PAY for Oil is $60 USD or 1/2 Gram of Gold. You ole fartz grok the problem here for Western Banks/Economies?
    Will this happen overnight ? nerp..but soonly it will start to dawn on the unmicrochipped, pure bloods.
    Dam illusions & holographs…need a F-ing small hand held laser just to see where Ure Not going out there…


    Is it real or is it memorex…Bwahahahahahahahahaahaahahahahahhaahah

    All youse readerz suspect, but the FEAR is is a survival tweak – so Ure mind never sees ..unless of course you manually lower the mental filters ala Psychedelics,meditation or what I call “going to the white wall”

    The WAR is here – so soonly we can start Chillin, after all the Thrillin is dispensed with from breaking out this “Dog” foresaken prison of a planet.

  10. Do you think this is a spiritual war, Russians rejoining the Orthodox Church, is problematic to dark forces. Has Putin found God also and doesn’t want to light a fuse on a nuke. They seemingly are quite capable of destroying our weapons as they arrive, leaving the home land defenseless except patriots.

    How do we dislodge the fs in Washington so do nothing good for our country.

  11. We’re all bound to the system.

    After the first nuke society will transition into the digital. The old paper world will be gone. I don’t know how it’ll work exactly but facial recognition will be deployed. It’s being tested now.

    Recall Little Bush, “with us or against”. He won a second term.

    TSA tests controversial facial recognition technology at major airports

    People traveling across the country this holiday season may come across a new component of airport security. The Transportation Security Administration is now testing facial identification scanners at 16 major airports. Washington Post columnist Geoffrey Fowler joins William Brangham to discuss the complexities and controversies around this new technology.

    • “After the first nuke society will transition into the digital. The old paper world will be gone. I don’t know how it’ll work exactly but facial recognition will be deployed. It’s being tested now.”

      If that happens, it will be before the first nuke flies. After the H-bombs and old-fashioned atom bombs are loosed, “digital” won’t exist, nor will facial, thumbprint, or iris recognition. Those who survive will engage in commerce using gold, silver, gemstones, and barter.

  12. When people are under pressure, strange things can happen. People get depressed, angered and/or creative. If all those “tent folks” weren’t stoned as hell, there would be hell to pay. To many people, drugs are a problem. To others, it’s been a real solution. If you get my drift.

    People are actually wising up lately.

  13. “You can be either afraid or seriously pissed.”
    – I don’t do ‘afraid’ very well., so I’ll take ‘seriously pissed’ for a thousand, Alex.

    I thought the markets would make a week ending rally.., but I did not jump in. Just gonna watch from the sidelines today.

  14. “Resumé padding politician’s outcome dims: Rep.-elect George Santos under federal investigation.”
    Now this is nothing new , is it Elizabeth? At least he’s not clamming (or identifying ) with a different ethnicity.
    Speaking of which, If it’s OK for me to identify as a female (even though I have a “hang me down” is it also OK for me to identify as black or native to get preferential treatment at my local college???

    • Of course. In fact, you should, as should we all. The only way this stupidity is going to go away is if everybody plays the game and makes it irrelevant (which it is, which MLK tried to tell us, two generations of communist indoctrinations ago).

      • Hmm…

        “The competent are leaving in droves, leaving the ambitiously incompetent at the wheel…”

        As I explained in How Things Fall Apart, The Blowback from Stripmining Labor for 45 Years Is Just Beginning and The “Let It Rot” Death Spiral, the competent are leaving in droves, leaving the ambitiously incompetent at the wheel while those keeping the whole mess glued together are burning out and retiring, quitting or downsizing to gigs with less pressure and more control of their work.

  15. Agree with George … do NOT panic at news of the first use of some left over suns. First use will just be a “warning use”, not a full scale attack.

    That, or those few, explosion(s) will give the West a bit of time to think about how much of their infrastructure and how many of their cities they are prepared to lose so Ukrainians can rule over Russian Speaking people and take over lands that were NEVER historicallly in Ukraine to begin with.

    Is Crimea, which was always Russian after they took it over in the early 1800’s – only put into Ukraine’s administrative district by Kruschev, a Ukrainian, in the 1950’s – worth 60% of the people in 10 American Cities dying for? How about 60% of the people in 50 American Cities dying just so Ukraine can take historically Russian land and then rule over it’s Russian population?

    Ukraine is certainly willing to sacrifice 150 million Americans to accomplish that goal … but do 150 million Americans really want to sacrifice themselves so Ukraine can accomplish that goal of Ukrainian ethnic domination over Russians in Russian ethnic lands?

    Europeans have been killing each other since history began … and they are going to continue to kill each other with their ethnic hatreds until the last two Europeans kill each other at some indeterminant point in the future. Once those last two Europeans kill each other … well THAT is when Europe’s ethnic hatreds will end and peace will finallly come to Europe.

    • Are you talking about ‘panic’ when seeing a mushroom cloud or panic when .gov orders us all to the DMV for a face scan before we can access out accounts because there’s a terror cell on the loose.

      Like the COVID Vaxx everyone who works goes home and can’t come back until they’re scanned. But it won’t be a law, you just won’t be able to go in to the employeres, but will be able too, but you won’t. Ha!

      A paradigm shift is coming.

    • “Is Crimea, which was always Russian after they took it over in the early 1800’s”

      Sevastopol has been a Russian seaport and Naval Base since the 1770s. Ukraine was a region in Russia the vast majority of the time from the 11th Century until the breakup of the USSR. I don’t know if Crimea was independent of Russia during those brief times when Ukraine was its own country, and I don’t care enough to research it. It is a moot point in today’s world. The point that’s not moot, is Russia will not surrender Sevastopol, or the surrounding turf, under any circumstances whatsoever…

    • or “We” just hit the key for leave behind nuke torpedo detonation – nuking the DNA outta of London and the city of london with blast wave & then the boiling hot radioactive sea water kahuna, cauterizing as it cleansez.. actually calculating a 2-fer on that glowing opportunity(london&brussels) to remove a large section of “the infection” plaguing Humankind.. a good start,no?

  16. Southwest’s “nobody cares attitude” is because they get bailouts anyway all along.

    The trains stopped running when the bailouts started decades ago. Never got better.

    A “Modernization of American Transportation Act” can’t be far off. Facial recognition and pension bailouts.

    We need planes.

  17. Given all the mess that’s in the news, at least from the news channels that will publish the truth of things, what I read here and elsewhere the desire and urge to buy anything whenever I visit gold and silver sites has become totally deflated. You can only carry so much and too much gathers too much attention. The desire to pass it on, as I want to, appears to be becoming more and more problematic as time goes on, too.

    I finally had a coherent dream that gave me pause in the middle of the night of what things may deteriorate into and such an environment calls for more of a castle and ample stores of leaded assets than PMs. Once overrun, however, finding one’s self on a forced march or simply wandering away from the fray with what you can carry personally doesn’t leave much room for all the extras of modern day life.

  18. Sam Bankman-Fried received some advice this morning from a high-end corporate defense lawyer. “Better get used to bad rap music and shave your head, you’re going to be there a long time.”

  19. I don’t know anything about the airline biz but I gotta say can they really be this inept? Maybe SW will be shut down or go bancrupt as a result, limiting your choices – escalating fares even more – restricting airline travel for most and narrowing your ability to leave the country. Lastly how is it we can covid check the Chinese coming into the country while not testing the millions of illegal aliens crossing the southern border.

    • Illegal Aliens are a “Protected Class” … and as such they get Special Privileges NOT available to people from the developed world.

      If you are Canadian and want to come to the US … well you HAVE to show proof of vaccination. Ditto if you are European. The Chinese are also in a separate special class and don’t need to be vaccinated, just test negative test for an ACTIVE case of Covid (an option NOT available to Canadians or Europeans or Japanese etc. etc.)

      Special people, those from South of the Border and those from China. Those people have MORE RIGHTS than anybody from any Western Style developed country (including Asian) when coming to the US.

      Now PAY your taxes so you can help support those who come in illegally and do NOT get tested for Covid, or any other disease, before they become a burden on the American Taxpayers. (education, health, housing, public services, EBT cards, etc. etc.) Remember YOU OWE THEM … they don’t owe YOU anything!!

  20. Well might be bullsheet that peace thing george but we are all getting used to that in this world george . But wow another great days writings . Mate you have reached elevated status in writing . Well done again . This is the only place I respect and read with analysis . I couldn’t be bothered with rest . Ozzie talk !! Good on ya mate !! Ripper !! You beauty !!

  21. “average people”…. average people definitely don’t live like you or me. my life far from normal once a while I get these moments of “Ohhhhh my fucking God! I’m nuts!!” because everyone around me owns homes, commutes 2 hours a day to work, comes home, pets the dog, has a chicken pot pie and watches re-runs of friends on TV, then slaps their old lady’s ass, maybe has sex and goes to bed and do it again the next day.

    and my life is so far from that. I’ve done it. it was super good. it’s just not my life now.

    I was talking to someone yesterday about new years. what are you doing for new years. they said, oh you know have a toddler, sit and watch the ball drop and go to bed. I said what did you do last year. she said Same thing. what did you do last year Andy? I said I was back stage at Dave Chapelle, shooting the shit with him before he went on stage to record his Netflix special. that after a couple of us took these two women out to the side walk. because one Spartan kicked the others chair and right crossed her and knocked her tooth out and it bounced off my shirt. she laughed and said that is so amazing.

    she what are you doing this year? I said well I have two more loads of crap to stash at my Alchemy Wizards house. then I’m taking off to Mexico to have tacos with a Shaman that looks like obi one kenobi, then heading out to the middle of desert to do drop a couple God buttons a fire ceremony in the middle of nowhere. she said are you serious? I said yeah.

    she said what did you do the year before Dave Chapelle? I said purposed to a stipple, in a bathtub filled with over 150 gold fish, wearing a cowboy hat, smoking a Cuban cigar and drinking a big matini. why?

    you ever seen those pug dogs tilt their head side to side when you talk to them George?

    same look on her face. same look.

    fyi: I will be sorta in Ure neck of the woods in 4 days. give or take 600 miles. I’m going to a town of less than 500 people in the middle of nowhere. DUDE insists, this is the way and apparently I need to be far away from the coast. gave me till the 1st to begin another walk about.

    I might have a tag along. she sure is pretty. but I ain’t waiting around for her. and I already have my own wheels to not drive me crazy. may stop and see the hippies on Mt shasta along the way. may see them after.

    eveyone says, where ya going. I think I will eventually land back Cali. not quite sure yet. DUDE knows and HE clearly set thjfnd in motion that …. well it’s time to travel.

    not sure why, but I’m definitely being sent to the middle of nowhere far away from any big city. far away. and I got 4 days to be there. got my list of items to bring. everything else stays put.

    FAITH ya know. if I do so happen to land in paradise. I will give ya a shout. :)

  22. uhem, toddie and stripper.

    stupid auto correct.

    anyways as willie put it, I’m on the road again. had no plans of being on the road. but I’m definitely pushed out of my roost. time to go. time to go.

    tacos in Mexico, God Buttons and a fire ceremony in the middle of nowhere with Shaman obi one kenobi. off grid and way away from everyone else.

    huh. okay DUDE. whatever you think is best.

  23. Phew…got the new social security letter today.. with the increase in Medicare costs.. it at least won’t be a negative.. but the positive increase is three dozen eggs or five hamburger helper meals lol lol lol… minus the Hamburger lol…so its not all bad..
    I was afraid the last increase they had was actually a decrease..

  24. “2023, we think, could see the biggest outbreak of nuclear hysteria since the Cuban Missile Crisis. We got through that one, and we’ll get through whatever comes next year, as well.”

    LOL LOL OMG.. I actually bought D batteries for the geiger counter and the radiation survey meter that I have .. LOL LOL LOL..
    I have a funny question.. I know it is stupid for me to even think about it.. but I was watching videos of the wheat fields in Ukraine.. that had all that hardware and steel parts scattered.. IF .. the crap is over by spring.. and people start to rebuild.. I wonder if someone would come along and help drag those heavy azzed blown apart tanks and stuff someplace so the farmer can plant his crops..
    and with un fired ordinances laying around and imbedded in the fields.. how do they find that without hitting them with the tractor and more people getting hurt and killed..

  25. “Team Orange simply “ran the clock.” Trump Lawyer Celebrates Beating Jan. 6 Committee: ‘Waved the White Flag’.”

    Except they haven’t. The Establishment (I wonder how long it’ll take the functional imbeciles who troll this site to figure out there’s a reason the Establishment Democrats AND the Establishment Republicans don’t want Trump in the White House, and are willing to commit any crime whatsoever, to keep him out) now has a “signal caller” who’s an expert in de-politicking politicians and candidates.

    Trump is facing legal issues in Florida, D.C., and New York. The object of this game is to keep DJT so busy with court proceedings that he has no time to campaign or run. If they are not successful, and Trump somehow becomes 47, they will “JFK” him because they dare not let an honest man take up residence at 1600 Penna Ave…

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