Global War in ’24?

Right.  But is that hours or the year 2024?  This morning we consider the structural problem of “quantum futuring” and ponder our simplistic views of probability over time contained in our language and thinking styles..

We don’t propose any novel new ways to approach such profound Truths – as what lays ahead for the upright apes.

However, what we can do is begin to sketch out an approach to the problem which is likely to pay off well down the road a bit.

Because despite mathematics and music, we have an supra problem with Future because we haven’t cleared the land between lies and probabilities…

After the Wars Check and the ChartPack, of course.

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George Ure
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49 thoughts on “Global War in ’24?”

  1. “Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just turn Ukraine into a U.S. state?”

    Hmm.. we don’t protect our own borders… and it would have been cheaper to just have given them the guarantee that NATO would not progress further east.. and MOVED THE DAMNED MISSILES OFF OF THEIR BORDER.. when they begged pleaded to have us do it.. what is that kind of actions called.. Hmm morals ethics no.. OH here it is GOOD MANNERS….the only winning move is to not play the game.

  2. “”How can we be so stupid?” ”

    It isn’t WE… if it had been any of us making these decisions.. it wouldn’t be an issue right now..
    IN my opionion Congress’s only interest is that it is to interested in the booty they get.Maybe a new insider stock deal is in the making.. who knows… heck I bet they didn’t even know that during the civil war and the first ww and the second ww that congress didn’t go home on recess or take the many many many days off that federal workers get and the even more days off that congress gets. except for the seventeen hundreds those are the only times that that happened… they worked twenty four seven on the issues at hand.. I know our congressmen are still taking all those days off and more..
    so they aren’t to concerned over any of this at all if they were.. they would read and discuss what they are proposing and even take time to discuss this with some seriousness…. the rare events where any of them even show up at the capital is enough to say they have been bought off.. in my opinion.. we are all screwed..

    • “”How can we be so stupid?” ”

      Because, there’s “land between lies and probabilities…”

      Can’t get to where we’re going on the truth. So, lies are tossed around to ascertain the possibilities. Notice when folks stand up, the lies tend to back down?

      Democracy use to be a good word but it’s being realized that the new definition means, fallacies. All manifesting different dysphoria, someone wants to be accepted.

      It’s becoming clearer that there is no (good) future based upon deception. This is all leaving us weak and vulnerable … things that as history shows, collapses societies. Bad becomes good and good becomes bad … only out of weakness … weaken the foundation and regardless of how sound the roof is, it will collapse too. Yep, all the way to the top.

      When the dust clears, there are either a new generation of pawns or a people who refuse to be bullshitted again, who will make something of themselves.

      I see a lot of divide with the attempt to conquer. I’ve seen things divided too much, which leaves nothing. Som things go too far. Too much, too fast.

      Funny how we are lied to about everything from population control to climate change, to UFO’s … when truth, understanding and compassionate leadership would actually work better.

  3. “what point does the Mexico border swing into being an invasion”

    Southern states will have to keep busing ‘invaders’ North until the North learns their lesson. Denver is still flush with resources to room & board so they are clearly hard headed. This could take a decade or more.

  4. Yo Wordsmith,

    Its INTERACTIVE, da Earths.

    ..We can learn the codes(many take yearz to distill), once you have asked for and “downloaded” them..every Living thing (Rocks included) contain Codes..kinda what they are getting at with “hug a tree”…just need to Imagine and Think about Codes and Downloading them “into Ureself”

    It is that Easy , at the same time that Hard – subtle be the way of Ure minds distilling of them… again can takes years to understand.
    Yes – for the more adventurous certain, “acts” of Sex Magic with “willing” partner of like Intent are the same way in distillation of the “codes” produced ..

    * F – obummerZ war..doomed to failure he is – “NO Juice”, all illusion..

    ** Going to criticize PooterZ, best to stay away from any and all windows.jss

    • I think I may ave had the download,

      still waiting on the decryption matrix dwnload to work out if it’s what I suspect it could be…….
      damn things move too fast to read the symbols, pretty colours though…..

      • Fascinating to watch the runes, but there’s no way to record them for study and understanding. I appreciate them and wish I could grok whatever they mean. More confounding than badly written C code. Colors may or may not appear.

    • Sex magic, with a willing and complementary partner and possibly some chemical enhancement is truly powerful. Few know what they’re doing, unfortunately, but there’s a great deal of potential here if done with awareness and loving kindness.

  5. 2% compounding

    If I had won the $2b Powerball, I’d be rich.

    Likewise, Ure’s 2% plan must have a flaw.
    I mean 2% compounding weekly gives a really big number.

    2% = doubling every 25 weeks.

    Assume Ure’s been at this for 40 years, ergo,

    40 x 52 = 2,080 weeks

    Doubling every 25 weeks: 2,080 / 25 = 83 doublings.

    Opps, that’s more than all grains of sand on this dirtball; probably more than in all the universe.

    Ure could make all of us a Powerball winner.

    • Start with a penny Jan 1 and double it everyday until Jan 31. It’s just that easy. If you’ve got 5 grand skip ahead and start @ day 20. :)

      “On day 15, you’ll have $163.84, and on day 20, you’ll have $5,242.88. As you keep doubling that number, you’ll end up with $5,368,709.12 at the end of thirty days.”

    • 2% compounding on the winners only. Downside losses can have a disproportionate effect. How to bet reliably and with understanding in the moment is beyond what I’ve learned on this site and elsewhere all these years. Some are good at it and others less so. I’ll still try, but there’s something fundamental that I’m missing. I do think it helps(in this case) to be ADHD and impulsive.

  6. “The Language of God”… isn’t that Hebrew? Perhaps studying Chris Tyreman’s translations could give you a clue, since it is an ‘action oriented’ language like no other.

  7. George,

    Thank you for the kind words. This is long, so I hope you will indulge me. I wouldn’t say that deciphering Nostradamus’ prophecies was a calling; it started out more like the compulsion of a crossword puzzle.

    And yes, at the end of every year when I am standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, I gleefully read the tabloid headlines exclaiming that Nostradamus predicts this and that, knowing that the writer is really a clueless hack. The joke is on them.

    Are you EWO ready?

    Coincidentally, one of my young, brainy techs is named César. We always have a good laugh at the fact that I sell Nostradamus and he has the same name of Nostradamus’ son, to whom the Preface of The Centuries is written. It is a universe full of strange coincidences.

    Nostradamus is a 500-year-old business market and every Nostradamus Commentator has their marketing spin. Sadly, Nostradamus has grown stale because of that. Who do readers believe? Who is the expert?

    So, thank you very much for that vote of confidence. For me, Nostradamus has always been a tool, especially after 9/11. With stinger missile teams on the rooftops of where I work, I remember my Project Officer coming in to my office in the days after. Phony Nostradamus’ prophecies had gone viral on the Internet. He knew of my interest, called me an expert, and asked me if they were real.

    They were not. I recognized that somebody had cobbled together various Nostradamus prophecies to fit the 9/11 events, and hence, G.A. Stewart was born.

    Nostradamus did predict 9/11, but no one, even today, bought the July 1999 date in Quatrain X-72, which is the only exactly dated prophecy in Nostradamus’ work.

    Nostradamus Quatrain X-72
    The year one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine
    [1999] seventh month [July],
    From the sky will come the great King of Terror,
    Resuscitating the great King of the Mongols,
    Before and after Mars [war] reigns by good luck.

    That was the month after George W. Bush declared his intentions to run for the Presidency and in July his father, George H. W. Bush, assembled the Neo-conservative team, the Vulcans, who called for a “new Pearl Harbor”.

    Nostradamus gives us the actual starting date of an event. I have come to call this The Nostradamus Butterfly Effect.

    If I tell readers that World War III began in 2011, they would scoff, even though the Pope said the very same thing in 2014.
    Pope Francis warns on ‘piecemeal World War III’ 13 September 2014

    Nostradamus Quatrain I-49
    Very much before such intrigues
    Those of the Orient [Russia/China] by virtue of the Moon [Islamic Army]
    The year one thousand seven hundred [1700 -2011] prepares the great to be marched away
    Nearly subjugating a corner of Aquilon [NATO].

    Barack Obama ordered NATO to attack and destroy Libya in 2011. We see this year repeatedly in Nostradamus’ writings.

    Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII
    The year one thousand six hundred and nine [1609-2014] or fourteen [1614-2019],
    The old Charon will celebrate Easter in Lent,
    Six hundred and six [1606-2011], in writing he will place it
    The Physician, by all this is astonished,
    At the same time summoned in person
    But for certain one of them will appear.

    In 2014, Barack Obama led the NATO coup d’état and takeover of Ukraine; in 2019 we had COVID-19, a NATO creation. Why does Nostradamus call his main antagonist the Physician of the Great Disease? From my work, readers can deduce that the Physician of the Great Disease resides in Brussels.

    Nostradamus Sixain XXX (27)
    In a short time the Physician of the great disease,
    And the leech of unequal order and rank,
    They will set fire to the Olive branch,
    Positioning driving, one side and another,
    And through such fire their Empire accosted,
    Reigniting the last of French saliva.

    Readers should note that in Quatrain X-72, Nostradamus warned that the events on 9/11 would cause the power of China to rise again. Edgar Cayce gave us this same warning.

    Edgar Cayce 3976-15
    If there is not the acceptance in America of the closer brotherhood of man, the love the neighbor as self, civilization must wend its way westward – and again must Mongolia, must a hated people, be raised. Is it filling its destiny?

    Therefore, with Russia threatening to nuke London because the Russians feel that “London is the main hotbed of all nastiness,” we have to rethink Gog and Magog, who are the symbolic guardians of the City of London.

    This challenges the belief systems of a great many Christians. Currently, Christianity has been vilified in the West. So, who really are Gog and Magog? George H. W. Bush’s Skull and Bones nickname was Magog.

    Prophecy is the nuance of our spiritual existence. You can accept it or not, but the difficulty is whose interpretations do you believe? My work is for me. I work at a major nuclear target, so I wanted to identify some clear road signs to pay attention to before it was time to get out of town.

    Those signs are appearing, almost exactly as I have written. I work hard at trying to convince people that Nostradamus was the real deal. Unfortunately, we are down to the nitty-gritty, and whether any of my readers accept Nostradamus’ prophecies or not, I have grown apathetic. We are all responsible for our own paths through life.

    You are THE ONLY website host who has promoted my answers to the Nostradamus’ puzzle, and I sincerely thank you.

    Your ideas and websites are cutting edge, including time travel, and that is where I’m at. I would much rather investigate the true nature of magnetism than Nostradamus, but puzzles, by their very nature, are compelling. As I said, we live in strange times, and so I am compelled to provide a public service message.

    Many thanks,

    • I look forward to and appreciate your comments here Stu. We do live in strange and indeed dangerous times. George provides a forum not available anywhere else on the internet.

      Thanks to you and all the others that give us the benefit of years of learning and experience in many different fields. It helps in trying to make sense of a world seemingly gone mad.

    • Stu,

      You have done wonderful work … and personally I do believe Nostradamus somehow could see future events, though because of his times he was required to write what he saw in riddles or be executed.

      As always when dealing with prophesies or dreams from people who have a proven record of being at least moderately accurate it is the “timing” that gives fits to even those who have seen the future via some break in the fabric of time. You have come as close as anyone I have read at divining the long term timing riddle of Nostradamus’s timing (I have seen some with the “gift” get very short term timing projections for very large events very accurately, ie: to within a couple of days from a view 30 to 90 days out)

      Keep up the good work. Russia is on the cusp, as it the Middle East, as is China, as is the perennial European problem area – the Balkans.

      When the major events break this time I do believe Russia WILL go for the juglers of those that oppose the continuation of Russia as a unified country – ie: London for sure and probably also NYC, though Boston, DC, and Greenwich Conn. may also be in the mix since in the US those areas are where the anti Russian factions mostly reside and work.

      (if Oligarchs keep falling to their deaths it adds an economic element to the events so don’t forget the US financial people who work and reside in the Greenwich Conn area – that is where the attempt to take over Russia and rape it financially in 1999-2001 to a large extent, combined with NYC and London, came from – LTCM and it’s various “friends” )

      • Remeber the CIA recently said they had trained teams embedded in Russia and it could very well be these operatives that are throwing these guys off of buidlings.

      • “I do believe Nostradamus somehow could see future events, though because of his times he was required to write what he saw in riddles or be executed.”

        ALSO, don’t forget that a Nostradamus would have the same issues as a Bible Prophet. How would Nosty describe an airplane, a car, hell, even a bowling alley? 150 years ago we were pissing in chamber pots or the street, and unless they were wealthy, newlyweds were sleeping in their parents’ beds. Corn and oats were animal-feed. 500 years ago they were still making cart wheels out of ash…

      • “personally I do believe Nostradamus somehow could see future events, though because of his times he was required to write what he saw in riddles or be executed.”

        it is the same thing here now with the powers that be..

    • I must add my voice of ‘thanks’ to you, Stu. I have always looked at interpretations of Nostradamus with a skeptical eye, but your analysis is the first I have seen that makes logical sense. And to watch it unfold in our lifetime is disturbing, to say the least. Best wishes for you to be out of a target zone in time.

    • Much appreciated commentary! I have a terrible time reading most allegorical writing – especially one that’s deliberately obfuscated. Nostradamus is impossible for me to interpret, similar to the Bible and other non-linear texts, so I rely on those with decent track records for clues as to what was really meant translated into modern English. The handwriting seems to be on the wall such that regardless of our desires, we’re being set up for a hellish war against multiple enemies, and it’s largely our doing. Forewarned is better than blindsided, I suppose.

    • LOL I actually bought the book again.. because it was able to go on the kindle that way I can carry your books with me….. love your work.. scary but definitely well thought out and makes so much sense.. thank you for taking the time to do the work on it..

  8. “Because for those who are “compounding impaired” if you can start with $1,000 and  can make 2 percent a week on your stake, by the end of the year your pile of loot will be up 2.8 times.  Or $2,800.33 in a year,
    And if you do 2.8 times for five-years, you’d be up to $172,000.  So just relax, compound away.  10-years on plan and you’ll bump into $30-million.  Following?”

    the lecture I have given all the kids and grandkids..
    savings bonds were at 4 percent..
    if they put just the portion of what is deducted for income taxes out of their payroll. they would be as wealthy as a sanfran realtor..
    my calculations was between fifty and a hundred million and change..
    the reverse works to.. most don’t realize that loans are calculated on daily interest.. make half a payment every 2 weeks and your knocking off a third of the time.. because an employer tossed me and all his other employees under the bus playing stock market .. I couldn’t get a loan for less than 18.9 percent..with a 5 year balloon.
    if your bank allows it.. then make an extra five or ten dollar prince payment on the loan..your actually paying three months payment for the price of a fast food meal

  9. “as consumption continues (and indeed expands due to population), the future will likely become much dimmer in 10, 50 and 500 years.  We’re not living a better future in advance.”

    I believe mankind is more like the carpenter ant..
    if the stories of the human race being developed as a slave race to mine gold for filtering the atmosphere of a distant planet is true..that would answer why our habits and desires are the way they are.
    we have everything we need to provide for the human race..the issue is it doesn’t fit the business model of more..with just a couple hundred people planning the events of the human race.
    to change our destination will take time and efforts.. but won’t happen or begin until it’s an absolute necessity.. right now we see that the human race has been shoved back thousands of years every once in a while.. with mankind starting from square 1

    • … Gold was mined for its “Universal Value” by both “sides” Enki-Osiris/Horus & Isis(Good) vs(Evil) el/enlil/zeus & annuna.
      ..later on it became necessary to refine/cook it down to mono atomic level and mix with annunaki spouses (legendary /armaggi/female/underground/abzu dwellers) “lifes view” or menstrual blood. It was this “concoction” that enabled the fearsome annuna warriors (annunaki) to stand the “pressure”, the qi, the nrg of this living on this Planet we call Earth, and “they” called Uras..dense bastards

      • Yup gold has been used for many things..

        “On their planet Nibiru, the Anunnaki were facing a situation we on earth may also soon face – ecological deterioration was making life increasingly impossible. “There was a need to protect their dwindling atmosphere, and the only solution seemed to suspend gold particles above it, as a shield.”

        However, gold was an exceptionally rare metal on Nibiru and so it was decided to exploit the earth’s more abundant gold resource. Thus, the Anunnaki “launched Mission Earth to obtain it.
        Homo sapiens were made in the image or likeness of the Anunnaki, although it was not an achievement that resulted overnight. Working in a creation chamber, the ‘essence’ of the blood of a young Anunnaki male was mixed with the egg of an earth-born female hominid. The fertilised egg was then implanted into the womb of a female Anunnaki in a process similar to modern day in vitro fertilisation. Through trial and error, Enki’s desired result was reached. Once perfected, the mass production of Homo sapiens took off.

        However, ‘production’ of Homo sapiens could not continue indefinitely and this new breed of primitive man was given the ability to procreate. Eventually, this new breed became so numerous that some were expelled from the Anunnaki city centres and gradually spread over the planet.the Anunnaki eventually decided to leave the earth some 6 000 years ago. He states that ancient Sumerian inscriptions report that the human civilisation in Sumer, Mesopotamia, was set up under the guidance of the Annunaki ‘gods’, and human kingship was inaugurated to provide intermediaries between mankind and the Anunnaki.”.there are several legends..

        oxford press.. near eastern myths Sumerian legends..
        todays.. research well I won’t bury you in academic research and studies on the uses of gold nano is a couple .. canada has been doing quite a bit of research on nano particle air and water filtration..for me.. the logical one for me to follow was the uses for either electrical energy generation.. or filtration.. even though there are biological and medical uses for the same particles.. if the story that we were made after the image of them the annunaki.. and even though they used by gene splicing.. to get us to be in their image.. what is to say we didn’t take on some of their negative traits as well.. which is what could have driven us to treat our planet the same way.. and even now.. we hear the stories of we should go to mars.. or this or that planet.. for what to do the same thing.. it repeats itself.. we are just to dumb to see that it isn’t the number in the business model that is important.. it is the way we develop and overcome the issues at hand.. until we can do that.. we will continue to play the same loop over and over and over.. but then that is my opinion and I am no one .. the lowest on the totem pole here..

  10. “Now, pause and ask “What kind of Future is out there in 2023 (and beyond) in a world where expedient thinking alone, is employed?”

    This made a little bell ring in MY head: Are the millions, perhaps billions of zombies who’re living in gameland or on social media contributing anything to our lives, on a quantum physics level? These folks don’t think at all, let alone expediently or cogently.

    If they ARE contributing, is it a positive contribution or an albatross…?

      • Thanks to all!

        And I absolutely agree. This is why, as George has said, the message is in the movie. Predictive Programing gets all of our millions of quantum connected brains working on the subliminal messages and goals of those powerful interests.

    • “More than 1,200 Polish soldiers have been killed so far in Ukraine and another 12,000 are on the various fronts in Donetsk and Lugas.”

      Poland reminds me of Formosa. The Polish homelands have been conquered by other nations/peoples more than any other piece of geopolitical dirt in Ureup. The Poles have a centuries-long nasty habit of using their military to do the wrong thing at the wrong time. I can just see Putin and Lukashenko flipping a coin, to decide which one has to keep Warsaw…

  11. All I know is the ultimate compliment for George . Would be a pleasure to be in the trenches with him . Ask yourself this of a man . Could you go away for a week and leave your wallet, car keys and hot wife with . When you return your car not driven your wallet still the same and your wife hasn’t had a pass . Yes I can certainly say yes to george . Death to the dark side long live the Jedi !!! No fear !! P.s been dead twice gives incredible mind process. Thanks G

  12. Re: War ring ’24 feat. No Bull


    Feliz Navidad! In addition to His Majesty’s joyous Christmas Message recorded at the burial chapel of The Late Queen, the BBC offers a delightful holiday remedy vignette to enter 2024 sans festering baggage. It seems a province in Peru holds a Christmastime community justice gathering. Citizens are able to settle accumulated scores amongst one another via fights. Once the air is cleared, prizes are awarded.

    Speaking of pent-up passive aggression and clearing the air, a Chinese virus travel diaspora is underway. France24 noted one international flight alone from China to Italy featured a covid-19 infection rate of 52%. Separately Deutche Welle suggested from modelling that up to 230 million Chinese might currently be infected with the virus.

    As the invasion of the body snatcher wars continue, the German broadcaster also noted a change up in the domestic fast food marketplace. The Turkish döner has overtaken the German currywurst in popularity especially among the 18 to 24 year old demographic by 57% vs. 21%. The Association of Turkish Döner Producers in Europe (ATDiD) will be praising Allah at such abundance rendered to the profit!

    • The Chinese locked-down while taking a COVID drug even worse than ours. Very few have contracted the virus. Because of that, they do not have the natural immunity of Swedes, or of Americans with brains, or even the questionable, limited immunity provided by the jab, and they can’t get HCQ or Ivermectin. Every one has the potential to be a superspreader, especially if their bodies start cooking up variations or mutations the rest of the world hasn’t seen.

    • I know right.. and the ones that are doing the news site.. are all high security analysts.. thats their real world jobs..

    • No kidding.

      AFAICT the Poles are being very “semantically careful” in that they are providing mercenaries who’ve volunteered to go fight Russia — Belarus is being similarly careful. Eventually somebody is going to become less-careful.

      With that said, this sure looks like NATO is trying to force Russia to attack Poland. Putin is smart enough to not get sucked into the trap. I’m not sure anybody else in his chain of command, or the Duma, is. There are damn’ dumb Russians at the Kremlin who want a nuclear war as much as the Leftists in the U.S.

  13. The Dow.., Nasdaq100 and OEX all cooperated this morning.., and I am now officially up over 300 % on my trading for the year. Now.., where did I put those tax forms ??

  14. There is only one way this world survives . Sadly it’s appearing finished . Peace in the Ukraine .vlad has offered the olive branch . They want to kill him . Poor great man . Let’s see what happens

  15. “language of God”/ “language of Future” problem.

    I think the biggest pitfall people that are interested in developing and experiencing communications of this nature experience is that they expect these messages to be in the form of their commonly spoken language. Much more subtle, but no less important, messages are usually in the form of concepts and ideas out of nowhere that tend to capture the imagination – divine inspiration describes it best to me. The question that accompanies this, however, is where does personal mindset leave off and outside influence from across the veil begin? This is the big question I have when watching Penny Kelly’s “Look See” videos.

    I’ve experience, as a kid both times, a spoken word that could only be described as hearing inside the mind, that occurred in both a deeply contemplative moment (telling of a life altering event) and once in the middle of a inconsequential card game. Perhaps they were merely local spirits that took an interest in me. Who knows? But both spoke absolute truth that either came true eventually or immediately and these types of events always make an impression on you that you will remember forever despite all the other detritus that builds up in your brain. This form of messaging is the one I would look for if “God”/”Universe” has a particular job in mind for you. You’ll have your “orders” and any deviation will definitely get you in trouble. While I have often longed for more experiences like this the latter concern has often made me stop asking for them.

    Synchronicity, or hints in various forms, in the midst of personal struggle is probably a more frequent way in which any “help” from the other side occurs but personal mindset comes into play as well in this one. In times of turmoil it may be the only way in which outside, other-worldly influencers can make it through the noise going on between one’s ears and time will be the only way to tell if you followed the right bread crumbs.

    • I agree Bill.

      I love this level of play.

      my recent reply was also adressing your comment above.

      how the theater of life arranges itself around me.

      it has been my experience,
      in that place, where the the thought and the thinker become one. at first my reactions are whoooaaa wow. this is mind bending stuff, and I still have plenty of those types of moments. daily.

      however, as I progress deeper and deeper into this level of play, my reactions are more of like: Fonzi from Happy Dayz,

      okay cool. all right. right on DUDE.

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