World War Web is On

Is World War III underway already except no one knows it because it’s hidden in plain sight?  Are you immune to it yourself because you fail to view your phone or computer as a “battle space viewer?”  Strong case to be made for that… one that who;s we’re locked in an unwitting World War Web.

Today we review some of the US military’s concerns about social media.  Including the shifty nature of ISIS (Daesh) on social.  And yes, the Russians are worried about “color revolutions” on their soil, too. Aided and abetted by the West. Dangerous battle space.  Many escalation paths.

Which is why – unreported in the stupid MSM – troll-farms and NGW/IW is the new locus of Russian and Chinese military doctrine.

It’s a critical time to review the Information Warfare Operating Environment, don’tcha think?  After our morning ChartPack and a few headlines, with more coffee, of course…

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19 thoughts on “World War Web is On”

  1. presenting facts seldom trumps biases, but this does not trump the obligation to do so. words cut both ways, it is what it is. if words don’t cut both ways it is indicative of personal biases. words cutting both ways, generates the appropriate and proper bifurcation of thought. most people avoid this dichotomy of conscience. it is a sign of confusion and a willingness to seek justification, in order to rationalize a lack of self reflection.

    • Huh? Since you don’t come up as a PN subscriber, how does this relate to this morning’s PN? Help me here…I’m kinda slow…
      I mean it’s an interesting collection of words and all…but is there some direct point you’re getting to?

      • I should have said …. HUH….. and I thought I rambled on about useless and meaningless… Gibberish OTFLMAO….

  2. Ben Said: We are not listening to each other and we ( as a human race)won’t think for ourselves in a critical fashion.

    I keep seeing this over and over. I am Afraid we will soon descend into chaos no telling what if anything will emerge. On the other hand we have been stumbling along somehow(maybe and outside force?). Mr. Ure has some solid ideas and whether he knows it or not a following. Maybe if we start talking and communicate/cooperate among ourselves then something good can emerge.
    Just a thought.

  3. I am good at puzzles and this is definitely a puzzler. It seems Ben is using trump as wordplay in the first sentence. The first part means that Trump likes to stretch the truth despite facts to the contrary. The second part of that sentence means Trump is very well aware of what he is doing. The rest of that paragraph goes on to say that Trump is taking right wing biases (mostly made up by Fox and right wing nuts) and using that to appropriate birfurcation of this nation. Trump is the great divider.

    The last three sentences are confusing, but if I follow the train of thought on the first paragraph, he is saying most people…and I would be in that category, don’t fall for this Trump BS. The GOP avoids any rationalization of Trumps words. They don’t challenge him or ask him to justify his actions. They take him for his what he is…and in doing so, they create confusion and rather than self reflect, become a zombie to Trumps rhetoric.

    But I could be wrong.

  4. George, on your Second Grail Quest, look at the Stochastic Momentum Index with the following settings.
    %K: 5
    %D: 3
    Signal: 2
    Hi Margin: 40
    Low Margin: -40

  5. WW III or World War Web has President’s Trump attention when he proposed a 6th Military Force, called the “Space Force”. He is on top of the situation.

    One question is will the Space Force guns be pointed both inward & outward, at both our earth bound enemies & at our Alien enemies attacking from space (or have they already landed).

  6. George.. I just wanted to say thank you for all the wit and wisdom you have shared with me all these years..
    Today I started to reflect on how I even came here in the first place..
    I was really sick.. actually didn’t think I would survive and it sure shocks the heck out of me that I am still kicking and commenting.. I can’t even tell you how much pain i was in.. anyway I was up in the twin cities getting tests done.. and an old friend of mine ( professor type..) got me in a deep conversation with a friend and colleague of his.. named Dennis.. They got my mind off of my miseries by discussing Fractal time shifts and graphs.. His brother did a lot of research on fractals in time and graphs on just how they all relate to each other and came up with some interesting theories.. anyway Dennis told me about your site and how I should check out your site that I would enjoy your blog very much .. when I couldn’t use my hands and was stuck in a chair.. swollen and mottled your site kept my mind busy.( I keep looking for him to show up in comments so I can thank him.. so Dennis.. if your here thank you from the bottom of my heart.. I have read all your brothers works to by the way. You kept me sane..( well maybe not sane) during the dark days). your site interested me when I wasn’t able to concentrate on a book ( and the tv show the x files to.. great show good non thinking show that it doesn’t matter if you miss some of it or not..) gave me the ability to think about something else other than my situation.
    I totally didn’t think I would be here today.. not in a wheel chair or a walker but sporting an ugly had and cane.. I do realized that the medicines I take to keep me up will get me one day but oh heck I have to go anyway itsjust part of the journey..

  7. LOL god mark.. I love puzzles.. I had one here that would take the best of them a half hour to get apart.. and usually they would leave the thing in a pile for me to put back together LOL.. my eight year old grand daughter came up to me..( they kept telling me how slow she was..) and asked if she could play with it.. I said no.. I really didn’t want to put that damned thing back together that day.. eventually I gave in figured she wouldn’t get it apart anyway.. she took it and came back in two minutes and said that was fun now I am bored.. she got it apart and back together that fast.. I actually put my hearing aides in when she is around so I can hear what she is asking..
    I use to be a member of a group that thought they were special because they could see patterns in random sequences..I quit because they would infuriate me by giving me guff that I hadn’t gone further than I had.. the idiots.. Not everyone is subject to the opportunities that are offered to others.

  8. Stochastic Charting

    Below the candlestick stock chart, first I chart the Stochastic Momentum Index, below that the Stochastic Slow & then Stochastic Fast. There are only subtle differences in the 3, but it gives a confirmation. Maybe you will be better at reading them than me. I have great 20/20 hindsight.

  9. George, what happened to the REPLY button after each comment??? Where did it disappear to??? Please bring it back. Thanks.

    Ben, all I can say to you is get a knife, and find a fruit – see if it cuts both ways!

  10. China will break long before we do. We pwn nearly 89% of their economy.

    Mr. Trump is not imposing tariffs to generate income, he is layin’ it on the nations that’ve been abusing their trade relationships with the U.S. Heck, we had tariffs on over 10,000 imports before Trump fired his first Apprentice — and still do, as do other nations with us. ‘Thing is, we tax “country A” a dime, they tax us a dollar; we tax “country B” a nickel, they tax us two dollars. This is neither fair trade, nor free trade, and it sucks hundreds of billions out of our economy every year.

    Trump’s goal is to achieve actual free trade, with no tariffs imposed by anyone. His game is high-stakes poker. He’s bluffing with a royal flush, and hoping nobody calls because the object isn’t to break anyone (or everyone) else’s economy, it’s just to get everybody at the table to play fair.

    I know this, and also understand the potential for a Hoover rhyme. He’s walking the same kind of tightrope Bush43 and Greenspan walked, when the tech bubble and crash of March, 2000 should’ve marked the onset of the “Even Greater Depression.” If he pulls it off, he may postpone “The Depression from Hell,” which is what the next one will be, for several years. If not, well, seed’s already in the ground and the perimeter’s ranged…

  11. George,

    Just had the most vivid dream in years.

    Was in Alaska, in a small coastal community with industrial fishing infrastructure. Dark cloudy skies. Suddenly appearing on the shore: hundreds of large construction and utility type vehicles, guys in hard hats, a few people with bull horns telling us what to do. “Get inside, go nowhere, this is an emergency situation…” Walking down the shore to the building where my people are, I see even more equipment, hundreds of men, some with AK47, wading ashore, nobody in uniform except the “utility” garb, overalls and hard hats. A woman with a bullhorn explained again that we would need to stay inside while “the important work is done to prepare” for something.

    At some point, maybe an hour later, I tried to walk out towards the shore again, which was just across the parking lot of the building, and was stopped immediately by armed men and told to go back. It was obvious some massive construction was taking place, they were already pouring concrete pillars that extended from shore into the water. Like some underpinnings of a giant ramp.

    WWWIII felt very much like a reality. It was no civilian force swarming ashore to build something. The coveralls and white hard hats looked like costumes, the men looked military. The only woman was the bullhorn lady.


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