Woke Desperation, Market Sags

This whole “Woke” thing is on the rocks.  But, sadly, not giving up without a fight.

Case #1:  Lightfoot Out

As we told subscribers:  “Woke Got Fired.”  As The Hill reports: The Memo: Lightfoot is latest Democrat to fall to anger over crime.  Nor will Lightfoot likely be the last.  We hear from people in Oregon, privately, that many in the People’s Republic of Portland are not pleased to see the once “Rose City” begin to wilt as agenda-left government wrecks the southern part of the software forest.

Case #2: Attacking Diets

Story in the NY Post is a must read – followed by a must-think. Begin with their headline “Why keto and paleo diets are the worst popular weight loss fads: study.”  What the Post fails to point out is “Whose standard of “worst” are we talking, here?

When you click into the source material, including this Eureka Alert, you’ll see “worst” has nothing to do with medical outcomes or weight loss.  

Turns out, this is agenda-hype (attacking Keto and Paleo) because these diets “…scored among the lowest on overall nutrition quality and were among the highest on carbon emissions.”

Ex-squeeze me?

Ten-year-olds can see through bullshit like this.

Real science (not herd engineering) reports in Ketogenic Diet – StatPearls – NCBI Bookshelf (nih.gov) that “Appropriately tailored diet regimens for weight reduction can help manage the obesity epidemic to some extent. One diet regimen that has proven to be very effective for rapid weight loss is a very-low-carbohydrate and high-fat ketogenic diet.”

We don’t fault the NY Post too badly.  They try to walk an “aware path” in a city bulging with ultra-lib crazies and many have TWD – Terminally Woke Disease.  Still, we are somewhat disappoint that the Wokees aren’t even doing the simplest of science they purport to worship.

Dumb kids in the land of cow farts and street corner activism.

More Woke War?  Congress Votes to Overturn ‘Woke’ Biden Investment Rule, Teeing Up First Veto.  And from Faux: I’m a college professor cheering on this great American pushback against woke education.

And in the kleptocracy of Gotham:  New York City plans to dole out $21,500 each to 2020 Black Lives Matter protesters. Marxists as in “money.”

Trust a Grown Up

Trust no one, believe nothing, and follow your own head and heart…  Everything is a Business Model.  Remember where you heard it first- more than 20-years ago?  Grownups have already cocked-up most things young people are just getting around to screwing up.  Ask an elder how things work.  We’ve got more than a half century of failure to reference, kid.

UrbanSurvival will be turning 25 in December...Dec. 1998 we are in Archive.org, so Dec. 2 of this year we will officially hit 25!  A one-man news, economics, and long wave econ site – kind of amazing, ain’t it?


For Grownups:  Econ Data

Labor Productivity and Costs is just out:

Nonfarm business sector labor productivity increased 1.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today, as output increased 3.1 percent and hours worked increased 1.4 percent. (All quarterly percent changes in this release are seasonally adjusted annual rates.) This 1.7-percent increase in labor productivity for the fourth quarter of 2022 is 1.3 percentage points below the preliminary estimate of a 3.0-percent increase.

Of course, that’s because of Covid Skew, right?  When we dig deeper we read:

From the same quarter a year ago, nonfarm business sector labor productivity decreased 1.8 percent, reflecting a 0.7-percent increase in output and a 2.6-percent increase in hours worked. (See table A1.) Annual average productivity decreased 1.7 percent from 2021 to 2022. This is the largest annual decline in the measure since 1974, when productivity also decreased 1.7 percent.”

And then it gets worse… (Truth leak!)

Manufacturing sector labor productivity decreased 2.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2022, as output decreased 3.0 percent and hours worked decreased 0.4 percent. In the durable manufacturing sector, productivity decreased 3.1 percent, with a 3.5-percent decrease in output and a 0.4-percent decrease in hours worked. Nondurable manufacturing sector productivity decreased 2.2 percen , as output decreased 2.5 percent and hours worked decreased 0.3 percent. Total manufacturing sector productivity decreased 1.9 percent from the same quarter a year ago.”

Oh goodie!  Let’s all go be sub par.

Also out is the weekly reading on new Unemployment Filings:

With this, the market is looking at a “Show Opening” – Dow higher, reality lower.  But we wouldn’t be surprised to see an early to mid-session low (very short term, swing-trading) and then fresh happy-talk hype to rally into the weekend tomorrow after perhaps something of an S&P led “nosebleed open.”

Bitcoin – hitting $23,722 yesterday has dropped to $23,428.  And speaking of horrific carbon squandering, where are the Woke Diet Attackers who should get all over the Crypto Con miners like white on rice for pissing away planetary resources on Greed?

And watching the absolute insanity of Digital Crypto, A.I, is coming for Hunter Biden’s NFT hosiery: Binance’s AI-powered NFT generator hits 10K mints in 2.5 hours. Move over Hunter, but leave the duchy.

Feeling refreshed, yet?

Snews Patrol

Stories worth “pulling over” to think about:

Let’s piss off China, some more, shall we? Proposed missile sale highlights U.S.’ growing trust in Taiwan: Analyst. The State Department clown posse keeps working us into a later this year two-front war:  Europe and Asia.  Gimme an “Amen for the Death Industry!”

How do we know China is pissed and planning? Easy! China sends 25 planes, 3 ships toward Taiwan.  Training op. But wait!  There’s more:  Taiwan Reports Second Day of Large Chinese Incursion Into its Air Defense Zone.

Ukraine Slug Fest and Ure’s “Tanks Dream” are still in play, too: Ukraine clings to Bakhmut; Russia says it battles saboteurs in cross-border raid.  The other side of the daily agitprop offers counterpoint as “The Russians entered the center of Bakhmut: They took the north and east side of the city – Russian maneuver dismantles the defense of Chasiv Yar.”  Notwithstanding, the happy-talk continues that Russia will be out of ‘military tools’ by spring, Ukraine’s top military spy says. Apparently not too clued-in into how Russia defended against Nazi Germany in WW II?

Near as we can figure, Everyone is waiting for Israel to go “first nukes” because then restraint will come off the table.  But you talk about “happy-talk” Israel and Iran are edging closer to war, experts say.  Experts?  Academics get things wrong all the time.  Color us skeptical.  And remember the “bomb in 12-days” is down to Bomb in 10.  This weekend, or next, Israel may have no time outs left.  Got a market strategy figured for when the shit hits the fan?

Musk-Market Disappointed:  Tesla 2023 Investor Day: ‘Master Plan Part 3’ focus on sustainability.  Long on vision, past works, not much specifics going forward was the gist some are citing.  (Disclosure: We are on Starlink which works dandy…)  New plant in Mexico?

Studies Found

We love checking in on Study Finds because they come up with so much good and useful information.  Three reads today are likely worth your time:

Vitamin D supplements may help prevent dementia by cleaning up the brain – Study Finds

New robot can 3D print biomaterials inside human body without major surgery – Study Finds

And Diabetes stunner: Scientists say everything we know about insulin doses is wrong! – Study Finds.  On this one, don’t do any changing until you talk to your doc – glucose level management is serious business!

ATR: Plywood Play Day

Busy here with three projects at once.  One is the drywall finishing in the guest room.  Love the idea of drywall, but the dust – what a PITA.

Then there’s the old Sears Radial Arm Saw restoration.  Got the plywood cut for the new table pieces.  Now I just have to lam them up to 1.5 inch thick slabs.  Three pieces are used:  Front table which will be 18 inches, the back thin spacer will be 3 and the thick back one will be 7-inches, or so. A fourth piece – single thickness of 3/4 inch ply – will be the fence.

Using a 4-foot sheetrock square and a pile of “squeeze clamps” and making careful measurements was done right out of the pickup bed.  Which is a dandy place to cut down 3/4 ply into project rough cut sizes with a circ saw and the square clamped as a guide.  Finishing runs through the table saw after breakfast.  There was some tear-out with the circ saw.

Found a ton of .stl files online so everything from dust collection to new dust port can be printed.  Fun being able to find retro parts and print them locally.  This also got me sidetracked into a study of high-temp filament with carbon fiber in it – may have to try a roll or two.  But no more brass nozzles – carbon filament needs to print with a steel tip.  Super hot, too.

Chicken Marsala last night – yum.  Scale didn’t mind, since I skipped lunch…

Today, plywood trimmings and work on taxes.  Can you guess which one I will do first?  Duh…

Write when you get rich,


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67 thoughts on “Woke Desperation, Market Sags”

  1. “Near as we can figure, Everyone is waiting for Israel to go “first nukes” because then restraint will come off the table.”

    I don’t see how? If Israel uses a nuclear weapon on an underground facility they will just claim that the radiation came from the reactor.

    • There is NO reactor in Iran or at the complexes … only mechanical centrifuges … which is why it has taken Iran so long to assemble the material that “might” be made into a bomb.

      With a reactor, Israel bombed Iran’s 35+- some years ago, it is much easier to make a bomb since the fisionable material, plutonium, is easily chemically extracted from the spent fuel (ala what N. Korea has done) … though the bomb design itself is much more complex .

      Because of having NO reactor Iran has had to go the enrichment route, which is a long process and requires a LOT of mechanical equipment, centrifuges, for extracting the uranium from the rock so that they could build a Uranium bomb.

      If a nuclear weapon goes off the debris will definitely show a different composition than that of just enriched uranium, there will be no denying that a bomb was used.

      • Israel is clever and diabolical. It also has reactors. I could see Israel nuking Iran with a purpose built uranium device if they wished to maintain deniability.

        After the fall of the Soviet Union, many devices and weapons went missing. It’s anyone’s guess as to who currently has them. Even if they required refurbishment, I could see them involved in something deniable, including potentially a false flag event.

        Thinking the unthinkable is not necessarily pleasant.

  2. Lightfoot is a gimmick. Projects legitimacy. If she had won we’d hear how the process is rigged.

    Right now most of the AZ heavyweights are denying Sinaloa cartel bribes but the story is developing.

    Blues states went are legit while Red states not so much.

    • In South Florida during the days when it was the “Drug Gateway” used by the gangs (the CIA apparently mostly loved Mena Arkansas for their importing) almost everybody was on the take one way or the other.

      Why would it be different in Arizona?

      • It’s all corrupt.

        Did you see the one where the Tennessee police officer who was videoed loving the department is now suing the department because they loved her? I think the department now owes her $100,000,000.00, after the judge drops a gavel anyway.

        Ex-Tennessee cop at center of sex-romp scandal claims she was sexually ‘groomed’ in new lawsuit

        “”Where Ms. Hall sought role models at her new job, she instead found predators,” the lawsuit said, according to the New York Post. “In place of offering professional development, her supervisors and the chief of police groomed her for sexual exploitation.””


        Looks like people are going into law enforcement structuring lawsuits before they are hired.

  3. Wordslinger: all hands on deck!

    Stay sharp today, wide divergence between DJ and the other Index futures all morning. The TNX trading at 4.07 doesn’t help (prior high 4.22 on 10/20/22). Yesterday the SPX broke the Egor master chart downtrend line. The action wobbled, trying to walk the line like someone failing a sobriety test, then fell cleanly below 3,950. Futures suggest a clean break.

    ATL: winter storm prep here, likely 4-7″ of heavy snow. Sadly I need to travel tomorrow but hope to arrive home in time to shovel (vs shelter in place at Motel 6 or sumpin).

    Write when you get spring,

      • Hey George, if you don’t mind a suggestion, I’d reconsider:

        “A fourth piece – single thickness of 3/4 inch ply – will be the fence”

        The fence would be better made out of hardwood vs a laminated product. I have a similar saw and think ply will splinter after the usual cross cuts. My fence board is held in place with clamps so it’s easy to replace should I want to.

        Carry on,

        ps – congrats on the BD (meaning the site)

      • “Always spring in Texas.”

        To which I reply, “HA!”. It may feel like spring 4 months of the year, but the rest of the time it’s hotter than hades or cold as a witch’s extremities.

  4. Found your site back in 98 doing search for “Global Disaster”, using Netscape Navigator and Dogpile. Global Disaster Watch run by a gal in St Paul/Minneapolis was also very interesting and she’s since moved her work to FB. Ure being 10yrs older gave me some heads up to “aging smarter” or attempting too anyway. Still alive and successfully retired now, so maybe it has helped. Stay ahead in the investing world, with another once in a lifetime chance coming soon. Thought 2008 was it, but it was just a bump compared to what’s coming, if the mushrooms stay off the keto pizza!

    • Are you the same “Mark” who sold real estate in San Francisco? If so, I’ve missed your comments of late.

      • I’ve seen no foam-flecked rants regarding typical conservatives and MAGA people with this one, nor vaunted fantasies about the city the other one lives and makes his living in. If this is that old Mark then he must have had a few magic mushrooms slipped into his lattes. This one appears to be a fresh, new body.

  5. Congrats on 25. Good work. Been around since the beginning.
    I’m reminded I still have the second Sears Radial Saw in the shop to finish getting back into fighting shape but I am damned if I can figure out where to put it. My first one gets used a lot and I sure don’t want her to get jealous of her new playmate so maybe the paint locker will move to the lean to with the pipe and metal storage. Wife and budget department says NO! on the new shop building for the tractor and baler. Aw come on, only wanting 38 X 60 and I’d even settle for site built sliding doors. Budget dept says MAYBE in 24 or mid 25 while wife just gives me the look. I used to think that look was like the Lauren Bacall stare but now its more like where did you say those branding irons are. Yikes.
    Stay safe. 73

  6. Haven’t heard the National Broadcast System sounding any alarms, nor have I heard,
    “This is only a test …” followed by that ungodly sound.

    But we seem to be … I think … maybe … kind of … under a national emergency …


    Let me know. I’ll wait.

    And, Finland gets a fence … and we still don’t …

    Finland starts construction of Russia border fence https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-64802457

    • Doubt whether it will even keep Russian draft dodgers in. Certainly useless against a T14!

    • Fences are useless and a waste of money!!

      Don’t believe me? … just ask Kamala, or Joe, or Schumer.

      Too bad Nancy didn’t ask them before she had one build around a hill in DC, she could have saved the government a bunch of money.

      • Someone should tell Finland which is making a fence with
        Russia. Tell Israel, too about the Palestinian keep out plans…
        No, Slo Joe needs to blow – show him the door in ’24.

        • A lot of former conspiracy theories are fast becoming MSM factoids this year. What are the odds that the control mechanisms that the Eurasian brownshirts are using to loot the US treasury will make it to the NBC nightly ?

    • Fences and walls are always useful – IF they are manned and monitored 24/7! Cameras and sensors can monitor, but there needs to be a proper, quick, and effective armed response – within seconds. Walls and fences will nearly always delay an attempted incursion.

      We had insane winds here last weekend, and one of my own fences blew down flat. In wind country, the best fence is chain link or other blow-through fence. Solid fences/walls are best made of reinforced concrete. The weather is horrible here today, so the fence will have to wait.

      • “but there needs to be a proper, quick, and effective armed response – within seconds.”

        Phalanx, chambered for 5.56, with targeting set to kill anything that moves and is larger than a softball…

      • Well Mike, it took a while but those winds hit here in W. Texas yesterday evening with a fine haze of dust following the hydro-blast precipitation. Wind gusts of well over 30 dove on us all evening re-arranging anything not nailed down. It all came out of the West but should have been here before then. Must have stopped off at a few Quick Stops along the way to pick up a few allergens as my nose is itching like crazy this morning. Time for the Chlorpheniramine Maleate so I can at least start the day.

      • “there needs to be a proper, quick, and effective armed response – within seconds. Walls and fences will nearly always delay an attempted incursion.”

        Hmm.. did you imply going Adolph .. you didn’t see anyone crossing into Germany on purpose.. they were trying to get away from germany..
        Or go by their own laws sharia law.. since they come from an enemy state..

    • It’s kind of odd to me that every now and then, there’s a new huge discovery there. – With the technology the PTB have (and have had for a long time) it’s more like a slow revelation show. Letting out little secrets after covering the secrets they keep for themselves.

        • Of course it’s odd.

          Maybe the ground penetrating radar we’ve all heard about is a sham? Or they are in on something.

    • Unless it reveals a Hall of Records which Edgar Cayce says are under the right fore paw of the Sphinx.

      Nah, nothing to see here, unless we have had our sight restricted.

      See, those fancy scientists oughta take that amazing see through device on down to the Sphinx.

      I saw that Dr. Zahi Hawass is still there overseeing it all.

      • I thought for sure Hawass was ousted years ago. He must have some serious leverage after being convicted of the thefts and malfeasance he’s committed in the past.

  7. 25 years..remarkable G, just remarkable. Hell I can remember you doing/taking “street reports” from around the country…street price for a bag o buds. Yep figured you were a “decent dude” with that kind of “range” in Ure writing.
    25 years later finding a “decent dude/dudette” = eyes not wide shut, outside of this community is a taller task than ever. But as always there are “truths” to be found amongst Ure & community, and it is these “truths” that keep me coming back. Plus the tough love of reality dispensed on the regular..”get out of debt” .
    One of my favorites is of course all the genius ideas/hacks and workarounds that everybody is kind enough to share…By the by – Browns Gas aka HHO,oxyhydrogen, hydroxy gas and knallgas not only Health bennies, but Nuclear Decontamination..Loob, “nuke spooks” come on man, we gonna be in desperate need..soonly for decon hacks..unless of course you roll as a Qigong Master, otherwise nuc rads are very nasty to human health.

    “WAR is good business” while true is only half the story, the WHOLE truth is WAR IS GREAT BUSINESS .

    Why the 12 families operating behind 12? Societies (the Masters of the Game) always go for WAR – it is great business. Obvious and most current example being the WAR on Health of the Populace – see how much money that one particular tribe is making off covert19 – all members – including head of PFE..strange cowinky dinks wit THAT tribe throughout history of the world..all the way back to the first pope, at least . What “society” member (hint cardinal) just happened to be in the alley where duke Ferdinands’ car “crashed” after being shot, and administering last rites.
    Think bout why some peeps/”tribes” regard Friday the 13th as unlucky (bad day for christians) – while others celebrate it as a lucky number/day. hmmm there is wisdom in that conundrum, as there is Friday the 13th in October.

    So it is with all that in mind that I hunt for volume disparities in Put option buying in critical stocks/industries, same with Calls as I would imaging Oil popping once nukes start popping of in ME.

    So the question we need ask ourselves, with admiral Gorskov stationed in Bermuda area, is Got Glass? …if Ure answer is Yes, you might be interested in Browns Gas..jss

  8. I never got my 1099 form from Social Security so I went to the downtown office for a print off. I was told that many people were coming in for their tax statements. Since they are mailed to be received in January it makes you wonder what the problem is.

    My daughter went to the post office to mail her state taxes and the post office was jammed with military personal getting passports. This is probably a common occurrence but one she never saw before.

    I think I’ve been following you close to your beginning. Mostly as a lurker since I was more interested in news than in the stock market. Thanks for all your hard work.

    • You got into the door of your tax office.. dam lucky there..
      I worked day and night just to change an address and failed by phone because they didn’t take visitors.. ( COVID) I would dial them up and sit all day long on hold.. till the office closed.. it was a nightmare.. I sicked a friend of mine in Homeland to call them.. LOL LOL LOL they picked up first ring.. LOL LOL LOL then when it dawned on them that I used homeland security to get through to them they hung up on me LOL LOL LOL…
      You are one lucky girl.. My grand daughter is still waiting on last years tax return LOL Covid did some serious damage.. then you have to figure.. they only work half time .. LOL LOL some of the busiest people on the planet LOL so you are lucky speaking about that.. I don’t think I got mine either..

  9. can you add pictures of the table top for the sears radial arm saw. i still have mine and love it althoguht my daughter lets me borrow her chop saw.

      • Thanks George! I was given a 10 inch Sears radial arm saw a few weeks ago that had been sitting outside under a tarp for at least 10 years. I took it home and plugged it in and the motor ran. Besides a blade, it needs some serious TLC. The STL files for doodads and such sounds like a Godsend. The old particleboard deck and other bits are all rotted out, but those seem easy enough to make and replace. Ideally I’d sandblast some of it, but a bit of derusting and painting the base might be enough. It would be good to have an alternative to a skilsaw here.

        Congrats on your 25 years of great work! I found you early in the game – late 90’s I think. It’s been worth the time to read and keep up as best I can.

        • Search back on the comments regarding restoration of my Sears radial arm saw. I made many of those comments as a kind of “left-handed” restoration guide for George. My saw had been lent to a nephew who used it at outdoor jobsites for several years. It came back in roughly the same condition as you describe for yours.

          I recommend using a Birchwood Casey gun bluing kit to treat the column and screws. You may need to wire-wheel, then use alkali electrolysis to derust the deck thumbscrews, because they’re pretty much irreplaceable.

          These old radial saws were made by Emerson Electric. Pre-90s saws are very high quality (still imprecise, but that’s the nature of an arm-saw.) They can be easily wired for either 110 or 220 by moving the wires inside the right-side motor cover.

          I didn’t previously mention it, but I also installed a ¾” plywood shelf using the predrilled holes in the legs that’re a few inches above the bottom of the legs. This made a very stable tool, even more stable, and provided a shelf for my planer to rest on, when not in use.

          One other thing, my fence is a piece of 5/4 SYP, but I also built a dedicated rip fence made from the melamine-faced particle-board shelving the box stores all sell (glued to a poplar 1×3 to give it some strength). A radial saw doesn’t rip quite as well as a table saw, but it ain’t bad, and there are times when a body might NEED to rip something with it…

  10. “Busy here with three projects at once. One is the drywall finishing in the guest room. Love the idea of drywall, but the dust…”

    Yes, the dust, grandpa Cristoforo was a plastered back in the day, the days before drywall, and the dust and the Chestefields gave him emphysema, but he still managed to live into his 80’s.

    After work he often stopped at the local pool hall, and when grandma wanted him to come home, she’d send her daughter Connie to fetch him. So there would be this little kid standing in front of the pool hall glass window, her mission was only to be seen, she was not to gesture or speak. When grandpa spotted her, he would subtly nod his head as a signal, and she would go home, letting grandma know he would be right home.

  11. I once had a job where I didn’t want to leave piles of dust when finishing the drywall. Instead of sandpaper I used a big, flat damp sponge, like used for tile grout joints. The surface of the compound gets softened then you gently wipe away, then rinse out the sponge, using a lot of finesse, of course. It’s not that difficult but the technique can wreck the feathering on the final coat if you get close to the edge. If done right, the final coat needs hardly any sanding or smoothing.

    • ps: use a bucket of water to rinse the sponge and don’t dump the sludge at the bottom down the drain.

    • TotD
      That is called wet-sanding, not my forte yet.
      My taper for drywall taught new union members the technique of standard taping and sanding for speedier work.
      He would on request, use All-Purpose to set tape then with experienced precision apply two or three coats Topping Compound, extremely thin to a no-sand finish. Takes me at least four coats but the end product is a delight , especially for prime and paint.
      Forced air furnace and duct-work loves it also.
      Congratulations in advance of 25yrs. Been appreciating since 2004; late bloomer. Thanks G

  12. I discovered your site over 20 years ago, I don’t remember how, could have been a link from Cliff’s site. My internet access then was a microwave DSL link from the island to the mainland which would drop out when the wind shook the towers. I know I was quickly hooked, and it has been a daily read since then.
    Congratulations and Damn Well Done! Thanks!

  13. Doubt whether it will even keep Russian draft dodgers in. Certainly useless against a T14!

  14. Congratulations at turning 25!! Quite a ride too!

    I am still amazed at the breadth of your curiosity and willingness to enlighten the rest of us who haven’t delved into many of the esoteric arenas that you talk about. Thank you for helping us all become more broadly educated in ways and in areas that we were clueless about what we didn’t know that we didn’t know!!

    Looking forward to the next 25!!

  15. Our winter storms have taken their toll on the Volcano Ranch here. Passing downpours on already saturated grounds, and high wind gusts with these microbursts last night split my Lychee tree in half. Heard the terrible ‘crack’ and crash last night. It took out my longwire ham antenna, but no other significant damage. Gonna be a chainsaw day… between more passing rain bursts. Got NSAIDS? I’m sore just thinking of the volume of stuff to be cut up and trucked to the green waste facility.

  16. Congrats on 25 years

    Can not remember when I joined it been so long ago. Keep it coming, please.

  17. Heads up for the leftist coast nazi’s- March predicted to come in like a polaroid..shake it ! Same dutch dude (hoogerts?) that predicted the Turkyie -Syria quake (s) is predicting a HUGE rumbler, and left coast USA good as any location probability wise .

    That dam “pale horse” of a comet may just have something moar to say to us all in the coming days – his window for shaking was 3rd thru 7th. Have not seen anything from the home grown expert – Dutchsinse, but will be keenly observant as the weekend rolls.

    Off in the wilds of speculation and silly Russian rumors, if you had gained control of a SHEWs weapon (Russians) located near newly famous nuke plant, why wouldnt you be pointing it at Yellowstone area and flipping the ON switch ???
    What chu talking bout Willis? That geographic area seems to be pretty close to COG-DUMB peeps that are running this whole shooting match – that would be a pretty cool strategic move – taking out our “Nuclear Football” to cover detonations of their own nuke tipped “hypers” from sea or Sarmat frm above.
    “Natasha we stop the evil american nazi’s !”

  18. Happy Longwave Group Splinter Scion Silver Anniversary.


    The US Hegemony 1807 Quantitative 36/90/90/54 Year :: x/2.5x/2.5x/1.5x Longwave Pattern Ending in 2074

    A Wilshire 16-17/40/40/24 day :: x/2.5x/2.5x/1.5x fractal series from the Wilshire average absolute low on 12 October 2022 – and an interpolated 19/48/38/27 day :: x/2.5x/2x/1.5x series from a preceding secondary low on 26 September 2022 (which ended a 9/22/23 days series starting 14 July 2022) – will both end on 31 March 2023. Within these two interpolated series, the shorter sub-series fractal patterns have been remarkably elegant conforming to the asset-debt system’s ubiquitous self-assembly simple growth and decay fractal patterns.

    The current daily decay fractal model taking the Wilshire (and global equity markets) to a 31 March 2023 low is a y/2y-2.5y/1.5y decay patten starting on 30 January 2023 : 10/21/15 days. The first ten day fractal series is composed of a 2/5/5 day first fractal base. The second fractal is composed of two sub fractals: 2/5/5 and 2/5/5/3 days. Currently the self assembly system is on day 4 of the second 5 day subfractal (hence the increase in valuation today). The third 15 day decay fractal series which will likely contain the 1981 13/31 of 32 year second fractal nonlinearity will likely be either a 3/8/6 or 3/7/7 or a 4/8/5 day three phase decay fractal series.

    The ten year note (TNX), which had a valuation gap up today 4.07% , is following a March 2020 20/75/53 of 60 week x/2.5x/2x growth series(higher interest rates ..) It will not reach the (2x) 60 week third fractal valuation peak. As equities collapses, two events will happen; one: money will flow from equities (and bank accounts) into US debt instruments driving interest rates lower, and two: the Federal Reserve will reverse its QT and Fed funds rate increase policies.

    A lower low or secondary low will occur in equity markets about 15 months later.

    After equity peak valuations in 2000 and 2007-2008 fed funds rates nadired at 1.00 % and 0.25% in June 2003 and December 2008, 8 months after and 3 months before respectively, the nadir of the composite equities. A drop in the fed funds rate to 0 – 0.25 may be a marker for a near time frame nadir in composite equities. Negative long term sovereign interest rates will reoccur in Germany.

  19. Re: “Snews Patrol”
    feat. Climate Change March


    Leaving behind the stately mansion within Windsor Park that was purpose-built for Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III, let us cross the petri dish and take note of the drinking tap waters at one of her New World namesakes, Charlotte County, Florida. There a non-AI local Fox4 WFTX journalist has been ruffling feathers over a February 20th fatality in the county allegedly from a rare but almost always fatal waterborne amoeba infection. Someone apparently rinsed their sinuses with tap water to dire effect. Ms. Knapp writes that “The CDC’s response was concerning”.

    You mean to suggest rinsing sinuses with tap water can now be increasingly hazardous to human health? According to the CDC, global warming may be contributing to the problem…


    • According to some, everything is contributing to global warming. After all, lack of water purification monitors in public water supplies, surely could happen out of government incompetence, now, could it?

  20. Congrats on 25 yrs!
    Been with you all the time, lurking at first, then subscribed.
    Thanks George!!

  21. I think it was my youngest brother that referred me to your site, George. When I saw your site’s title I thought “Who th’ heck wants to be an URBAN survivor?”. It didn’t take too long before it became more clear as to what your views were and I became a paying customer back in ’09 and have been happy to be one ever since even though I’m no day trader. I do, very much, value your view of things … well, 95% of the time. What would life be like without a few differing views?

    Congrats on year 25! May God continue to bless and be careful with all the rotating equipment.

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