Which Rumor? What News?

One of my favorite old sayings of investing is “Buy the Rumor, Sell the News.”

Except, of course, it’s often the other way around: “Sell the Rumor, Buy the News.”

Which leaves we mere mortals (without a crooked HF Trading system to ‘legally’ front-run all civilian orders (ahem…) with the simple task of divining the future of markets based on headlines.  Sure, there a bits of economic data, and we’ll get to that in due course.  But first, let’s look at the rumors because salacious feeds into emotions.  And the herd is, if anything, stupid.

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Take for example the Grammy’s.  As Rolling Stone puts is “Bruno Mars, Kendrick Lamar Dominate 2018 Grammy Awards.”

But that’s not the real story of the Grammy’s: It was the politics of it all.  Even the BBC had to report Fire and Fury over Hillary Clinton’s Grammy cameo.  Suspiciously, Google had earlier today promoted this to the #1 story this morning.  So goes life among alien life-forms.  No, Hillary LOST you fools!

Are we surprised?  No.

We have always taken it as an article of faith that not only does the music industry lean a bit left, but with Trump, they’ve taken to the task of monetizing hatred…even before Trump’s track record in office could be ascertained.

Like the clown posse at the top of the election-rigging FBI,  the Deep State does dandy manipulating “artists” as its sock puppets.

As a further example, we’d point to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution story “JAY-Z calls Trump’s Haiti, African comments ‘hurtful,’ Trump tweets response.”

The short form of the story is JZ got up and did the  poor us speech – what we’d expect at a former music event turned ugly political event.  But creds to Trump for tweeting:

“…Somebody please inform Jay-Z that because of my policies, Black Unemployment has just been reported to be at the LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED!”

I’ve mentioned this several times in recent weeks, but the Clintonistas and the Schumerviks don’t want to hear it.  They know that a big LIE, repeated often enough (which they’re expert at) will eventually be held as Truth.  Like I said, the herd is dumb.

With the Mueller fishing expedition in trouble and missing emails and texts from the warped top of the FBI now being revealed as political partisans, not even-handed law enforcers, the left really needs a new line of attack.

Especially with congress closing in on former top Obamanistas like John  Podesta.  I can almost hear them now: “Fire Another Distraction!”

Sex sells, correct?

So, now we see the left mounting a campaign to cut off Trump’s pechewzelwhacker by promoting the idea that his marriage to Melania is in trouble.  With amazing predictability the NE liberal bastions have started banging out stories like “Trump Hits Alps, but Melania Is Frosty in Florida.”

It spreads downstream and  the next Hate Trump pile-on begins: Bill Maher Compares Melania Trump’s Marriage to the Holocaust.

Now that the meme has been dispersed – seeded by the left into their socialsphere – here comes the me-too’s with stories like “Melania Trump’s Aide Slams ‘Fake News’ Amid Rumored Icy Reaction To Stormy Daniels Report.”

Don’t you see?  Denial proves fact…except when a Clinton is involved, of course.  Trump didn’t palm an automatic exoneration card…his bad.

For those ignorant of history, people who rise to hold the office of president are often seriously driven.  And among their drives (feign surprise, please) are high libidos.

Democrats, many of whom become preachy about alleged Trump indiscretions, might be well-served to remember Slick Willy and the WH “depends what you mean by sex” nonsense.  Yet, he wasn’t removed from office. Democrats are really good at sex, if you hadn’t noticed.  They have it with the whole country on things like deficit spending.

And need we remind you of the “Sex Life of JFK?”  National Geographic’s coverage is even-handed here.

We are always reminded of “old sayings” (which seriously miffs our lefterly readers.  Particularly when I bring up a Biblical quote on point…in this case, John 8.7 “”He who is without sin among you, let him throw the first stone at her.”

Partisanship is a dirty business…so in their zeal to screw Trump, may I remind you it was the left throwing the first Harvey as SJW became piranha-like in nature.

At any rate, back to the economic theme here, since this is only ONE of the rumors that may weigh on markets – the State of the Union tomorrow night.  If Melania no-shows there, then look to the market to collapse in a heap Wednesday morning.

Rumor #2:  The Fed Meeting

The Federal Reserve meeting starts tomorrow with a rate decision Wednesday.

Rumor #3: Jobs Data Friday

We still have some time before the ADP and Challenger data rolls out in advance of Friday morning, but that doesn’t stop the nail-biting.

Security Oops!

Fitness data map reveals information about secret US bases…

Data Points

Just in from the Bureau of Economic Analysis:

Personal income increased $58.7 billion (0.4 percent) in December according to estimates released today
by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Disposable personal income (DPI) increased $48.0 billion (0.3 percent) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) increased $54.2 billion (0.4 percent).

Real DPI increased 0.2 percent in December and Real PCE increased 0.3 percent. The PCE price index
increased 0.1 percent. Excluding food and energy, the PCE price index increased 0.2 percent.

Dow still looks to open down 50 and Bitcoin is in the descending channel (still) around $10,900 at press time.

Speaking of BTCs: “Japan raps Coincheck, orders broader checks after $530 million cryptocurrency theft/”

Stock to Think About

You see where Lockheed Martin takes $2 billion charge Lockheed Martin revenue beats, profit to rise in 2018?

I’ve been following their Compact Fusion engineering project which seems to be coming along…

Don’t know what the stock will do, but it sure is tempting…and no, I don’t own any and this isn’t a tout.  It is just something that from a science and engineering angle looks very damn interesting.

Turkey on Wry?

After all the warnings about the risks of embracing Turkey into NATO, here we read how German president: Moving troops to Jordan was ‘right choice’.

That is, German troops are out of Turkey and in Jordon.  And off in the background there’s talk of a need to get Turkey either back in the NATO fold 110 percent, or get ’em out.

Attention Truck-Driving Schools:

Autonomous Trucks and Buses to Reach 188,000 Vehicle Sales Annually by 2022, According to Tractica.

Will a CDL (commercial drivers license) still have value in 20-years?  Do the math…

All in all, a tame & lame this morning – but moron the morrow…dew drop inn.

42 thoughts on “Which Rumor? What News?”

  1. Hey George, I thought the Compact Fusion deal was already on line? I remember reading a couple of years back that they were only a couple of months away from production, it will be a game changer when it comes!

    • my guess is it will be stalled..
      as long as the dollar is valued and based on the oil industry anything that shows as a threat to the value of the dollar it cannot exist and will be stalled or discredited.
      economics 101 you cannot have free energy or low cost energy.. it would affect almost everyone and their employment..
      energy is everywhere it is us and all around us all the time.


  2. I said this in my last comment. I am all on board with the GOP agenda, but you seem to give Trump the credit. Trump deserves every bit of bad news he has received. The man is not well mentally. The media is just pointing out the obvious. If Trump were to be put in handcuffs tomorrow, the markets, economy and frankly the entire mood of the country would not change. The tax plan would be still in place, the GOP agenda would be strengthened by a more normal politician in Pence. The stock markets may even get stronger. In fact, rather than the so-called Trump bump there may be a Pence Pile-up.

    But, in reality, as I have said before, a President has no bearing on the actual workings of government. Not Reagan, Clinton, Bush 1 &2, Obama etc. The only policy change that a President has is in the decisions made in a media board room…about how to spin his words, actions and foils to increase viewership and bring in advertisers. Fox made tons of money on being anti-Obama and CNN is doing the same with Trump.

    Listen to the words of Trump. What do you hear that the rest of us don’t?

  3. George you know as well as I do that Lockheed is doing very well as they pick the taxpayers pockets, and will continue to do very well as long as they are permitted to do so.

    As far as the Trump situation and the media goes we have no idea whats going on behind curtains 1-2-3, but it sure is a great scam to keep the electorates minds off from what is going on behind those curtains of endless debt and more debt,no George I’ll wait to see just how many go to jail, and bet not a one ever see the lock-up,simply the way it is when a government becomes as corrupt as ours making little difference be it the ass or the elephant in the oval office..

  4. I read recently that a CDL would be a good thing to have in the future for small, independent drivers/businesses. Today I see that a having a CDL in the future might be worthless as automation takes over.
    Now I am confused … ?

    • Like so much else, it will be a matter of luck and timing. Right now a CDL is a meal ticket – and ask Andy who’s mashing gears in Seattle!
      But, at some point, the rose will wither – and machines will come.
      And then depression for we can’t all live on made up money.
      And then human driven may make a comeback.

      But it’s all a crapshoot, no question about it.

      • Get it! while the getting good. Lol

        I’m not a long haul trucker. Heavy construction hauler.

        I have plans to move on to something else in them next 5 years.

      • exactly.. there is the part of the statistics that fall off the charts.. sadly we were in that category a few years ago for a whole year.. we were told by job service that sadly the workers that are in the fifty to sixty five year old age bracket are pretty much unemployable because the employers are looking for younger people that will be there for at least twenty years. that if you are trained or have a career path that they know you are going to expect a higher wage.
        you are not counted if you don’t receive benefits and unless you are with a company that lays off seasonal very few unless they are doing a mass layoff will allow you to get the unemployment benefits putting you on the rosters.
        if you own a home or have a car that is newer that eliminates you for most of the programs as well ..( at least around here. I have heard of area’s where you don’t even need a job to get a bank loan and they toss endless cash at you.. I just haven’t found these area’s my guess is those are similar to searching for a unicorn)

      • this is the one that gets me.. I knew a guy that went and watched this thing work for a whole day.. it runs on the principle of the old treadle metal lathes.. made by a guy in his shop.. LOL my friend said it is pretty scary to watch definitely don’t want to get close to its swinging arms.. what starts it is a small tread mill motor.. from what I had heard he sold his patent on it..
        simple direct..

  5. All my comments are going poof in the aether. Lol

    Didn’t Lockheed Martin invent that hypersonic drone that did 13,000 mph the Falcon plane? I remember reading about it falling in the Pacific Ocean a few years ago.

  6. LM’s Compact Fusion still has a long row to hoe before their project reactor is marketable. Still, such radical advances in technology can result in historical advances for humanity if ever realized. There are sure to be more than a few major issues with putting nuke reactors on commercial or military air, land or sea craft. Geographically stable power generation seems like the best bet for initial success. This concept reminded me of one of Gene Roddenberry’s failed TV pilots, Genesis II, in which nuclear power from the 20th Century was still working in the 2130s, powering the cities of the militant Tyranians. Pretty dystopian stuff for Roddenberry.

    • WTF?

      We ban trolls…you are welcome to disagree, but speak facts and don’t EVER try this 3rd grade bullshit personal trolling stuff again, right?


      • Hi there MrUre. I miss Jon a wee bit ,nuthin like a nemesis to keep us riled up.
        I would really like to know a what his take on the FISA memo would be.Viva free speech cos we all need a guid laff in these crazy times.As ma pardner said jus noo some folk can’t be saved.

  7. George, read you everyday on economics, where you have good insights. As you note, Melania is pretty tangential to the business of the Country. Of course the poor thing was publicly humiliated, again, but the media should just leave her to repair her shattered dignity alone in peace.

    But if Mueller’s is a mere fishing expedition, how do you explain the two whoppers landed and the other two still on the line? No. That’s no fishing expedition. But not to worry. Mueller is a Republican, and unless he finds something compellingly outrageous, he’ll let Trump go. Trump’s obvious $60 million Russian payoff by on FL estate, standing alone, is likely still not enough.

    And since we’re on fishing expeditions — the Secret Society thing was debunked. And how could there be a Deep State without someone in Washington leaking it to the Press? No. This nonsense attacking the FBI/DOJ arose as the noose visibly tightened around Trump. Before that, Trump was wrapping himself in the flag/law & order. We remember (when the black guys were getting shot so much) all the ‘Hey white guys matter too, you know’ stuff, right? Mike.

    • Whoppers? Jaywalking process errors before Trump was even around? Gawd, I love your fishing stories.

      Get back to me when the damning emails are released or the committee summary next week,…

  8. Excuse my City play.

    How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go .
    All these items can get very confusing and overriding everyone senses except for those who in the groove of that particular item.

    But as the planet lines up or your philosophically psychic lines up or the water in your bladder lines up just right the sunshine or the Rays that come in are shining down the rabbit hole and watching all the dark being schedule for places to hide and some say hey uncut let me help you and take you further down the rabbit hole.

    May all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it and remember those thoughts are more powerful than anything else in the universe.

    The catch is the choice

    • getting back to the basics what is your backup well let’s see it would probably be some eggs from the chickens and then that’ll last resort would be the chickens get back to the basics what is your backup well I say it would probably be some eggs and the chickens and then at a last resort it be the chickens and then we could have some goats because they’re producing milk but if we had to eat eat the goats and then hit be the Cowles because they produce a lot today gum milk when they’re fertilized and that would probably be the the most the most because if he study if things got bad yeah cows chickens any animal because you are an animal liter course unless you want to just become a vision. you have now just discovered and open your eye up to the things that it takes a survive but I plan it with things are dying you have to use those things that are dying to facilitate your community even if it means eating old people

      • But don’t worry about that I don’t think you’ll have to even think about such a perverse thing that’s going on because we live in a society where were able to with our technology and the ability to grow things so now we don’t have to eat old people that was just her I throw an attitude there to get your juices flowing in the right direction as far as growing food

  9. I think but yet I’m perversely stupid in my thoughts but yet my thought is that I thought that I think is that the Monroe Doctrine is similar to what president Trump is doing now.

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    So by advertising to the one or two or 100 or thousands of people that you have take give me XM out of money and watch you to make me grow I told you I was good at ever Tyson that’s what I did so anyway this would work this is a concept that nobody has come across yet.

    so let me a little late again about how it works is like if you got a few people they go like yeah this mass advertise cans of what you’re doing is your putting your message out because people will back you up if the message that your train is the same message they will they’ll put in there two cents worth you know and it accumulate and that’s the way it is but nobody has done that so far in that direction they say hey just help me out here to keep my website going.

    Or my YouTube channel but what they need to do or my youtube channel but what they need to do is say hey anything that you donate will go to the advertising of my website not this obtaining of my website that the person can sustain their own website that was add a memo.

    okay step 1 number one if you have a youtube channel or even a website what you do is you get donations that will advertise your website on YouTube and you clarify that’s what all the donations will go for this like people who get behind something want to push it forward and the going like yeah I like this I want to push it forward and if they see its working directly from that dollar that they put in wow you’ve got a force to be reckoned with.wpm

    • To put it in the kiss method is any dollar you give me I will put it in and show you how I put it into the advertising technique of this website or YouTube and I’ll show you all the procedures of how I do it so that you can do it with your website your YouTube or Yuri Facebook or your Twitter or your Instagram or your half a dozen more places that you want to do it the secret is is to tell people if you agree with me the money goes toward that advertising not for sustaining the website because if you can’t sustain the website and you’re nowhere so you have to advertise that for every penny they put in.
      Because people like to watch things grow as in a garden but instead it be your YouTube or your website get the message is a starting to sink in yet that’s what you have to do is direct your people to your thoughts

  11. After reading the tough reader reviews, perhaps altering the electronics in a Taser would or could bring future satisfaction. Bigger badder Caps or a faster peaking Transistor? How high can the Voltage be cranked in the delivery wires. “Hacking Tasers”?

  12. “No, Hillary LOST you fools!”

    And that was the alternative that seems to be forgotten, especifically internationally. ;-( IMHO, of course.

    • I am so tired of the garbage being tossed at the people I have actually quit watching the MSM news..
      the sad part is the vast majority will buy the story..

  13. Sorry, but that wasn’t a very ‘classy’ comment by the president – Was the fired head of the FBI supposed to be ‘hung out to dry’ while all the way out in California while on official business? Telling the replacement ‘guy’ that he’s a loser ‘like his wife’?

    That’s no way to run any kind of ‘business’ or government!

  14. “election-rigging FBI” shameful especially in light of russia gaming the election, the investigations into whether team trump conspired and what info is already in the public domain.

    If the FBI wanted to rig the election it would have leaked the info about investigating team trump prior to the election rather than sitting on it until after the votes were cast.

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