Coping: Trapping Unlimited “Personal Energy”

Self-Improvement:  This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart because several times recently, readers have asked “Where do you get all your energy from?

For one, I suppose they look at my “Lst of S*t To-Do”  [LoSTD] which I share every so often and are amazed at how much is “on the list” and then, next tine I mention it, how so much (usually all) has been accomplished.

The fact of it is there are a handful of hacks – that anyone can employ – that will not only unlock what feels like unlimited personal energy, but can be used to massively magnify how much you get done both in your personal life and in the work world.  Thought this would be particularly useful this being a Monday morning, and all…

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Here are the Personal Energy Hacks

  1. Live in both brains.

Did you ever notice in school – when the teacher was droning on and on about something you didn’t give 2-cents about – that you could daydream?  That’s an example of your inner personal world.

Of course, you don’t have to daydream there.  You can plan, assess, engineer, design, outline, even paint there.

The other world is the physical one.  That’s the one you remember from being pulled out of a daydream when suddenly the teacher calls on you.

The trick – and I learned it because I was very ill at times as a child – was to remember that there’s a “body’s world” and there’s a “mind’s world.”

The difference is simple:  The body runs on calories.  It needs food for energy.  At some physical level, so does the mind, but in a much wider range.  It can be crystal clear, even if your body is starving.  In fact, I know some people who are on various fasting diets and they have even remarked on how clear their thinking’ has become.

What has happened to them, in a nutshell, is that they are differentiated mind world and body world.

This is what makes for people in elite military forces a bit “different” than those who haven’t been schooled:  Exceptional physical demands will breed it into someone: this toughness of mind (which has unlimited energy) and with it they rules the physical body to do things all but impossible to others.

2. Manage Your Self-Talk.

When you realize – whether through serious health issues, military, and some religious disciplines – that you can at will tap into unlimited personal energy (and power) –  an odd thing happens:

Every has a “voice in their head.”  You can program this voice to either roll with you into the land of unlimited personal potential, OR that damn little voice will tear you apart – wrecking even the most-carefully laid plans.

I can tell pretty quickly when I meet someone whether they are a “hitter” or a “loser.”  It reflects in their conversation; the topics they talk about.

When someone is engaged in a “oh, poor me” conversation, or they waste your valuable time “complaining about things they can’t help, or change” you can bet this isn’t a Person With a Plan.  People with goals, you see, make things happen.  They don’t have time to hear tales-of-woe,  unless there is some way they can help by solving the problem.

I’ve had people tell me this is a typical male characteristic – and that women are not so focused on either managing their two minds.  They just go with the flow.

Sounds OK, but I’ve met lots of highly successful women who think exactly like I do.  So, I don’t think it’s a difference between the sexes.

More, I think, has to do with how someone is raised.  If you grow up in a  “family of doers” then your odds of becoming a “doer” in your life are a LOT better than if you have to stumble around half your life figuring it out.

There are books on managing self-talk.  It’s a hardcore mental discipline.  But, when you master the voice in your head so that it comes a coach, not a petty tyrant, it’s a major move toward claiming ALL your powers.

3. Value Your Time as a Millionaire.

Imagine for a moment that you had a good-sized bank account.  Let’s make it $10-million dollars in checking, how’d that be?

But there’s one catch:  You can’t spend any of it YET.

The fact is, even if you can’t spend it, that much money will change how you value your time.

People are always says stupid things like “When I get rich, I’ll do XX, YYY, and ZZ different.  Yes sir, you just wait and see…”

These people will always BE poor.  They don’t know that to be rich in power and energy is to be rich in ALL things.  Money’s just a symptom of great inner wealth; at least among people who have made it themselves and who are therefore successful people at their core.

4. Expect a Rich, Healthful, and Bountiful Life.

If you have not visited the website provided by our Chief Financial Astrologer,  you should.  The site is

There is a single teaching on this site but it relates to the Self Talk and it is simply this:

“This Week I WILL Experience a Miracle                     Having to do With Money.”

Simple, huh?

And it works.  Amazingly so.  Yet, like so many of the other grand truths of Personal Achievement, deniers sit around (broke) all day long and says “It ain’t so.”

As above, so below?  Deniers are so actively wanting to denial a bountiful personal world that they actively attack and hate people who ignore their bad counsel and go on to a happy life.

5.  Life is School, You’re a Student.

If you haven’t yet read Richard Bach’s classic “Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah” there’s a wonderful line in there that eases a great deal of pain when even the best-laid plans go awry.

“In the path of our happiness lies the learning for which we have chosen this lifetime.”

I mentioned that in Peoplenomics this weekend in a different context.  But it deserves to be said again here.  Because when you think of this life as a school, the learning becomes tremendously easier.

Try it.

It is Monday, after all…

Electronic Detective, II

Next weekend, I will post the follow-up to our Sunday Electronic Detective case, though it will be less word-smithed and more soldering gun oriented.

I solved the problems of that troublesome linear amplifier – and there is a ton of useful how-to information that may be useful to fellow ham radio “makers.”

The weekend following, we’ll start on the Weed-Reduced Garden exploits in our weekend “Make:” section…

Write when you get rich,

10 thoughts on “Coping: Trapping Unlimited “Personal Energy””

  1. George.
    Appreciate the Monday morning message. Spot on for me and the self talk is a challenge, which I welcome whole heartedly.
    You say write when you get rich,so I am. Have felt a bit uncomfy about it at times since I came into it due to my brilliant, now 3 plus years, deceased husband of 25 years’ and his life endeavours and was fortunate to be a part of . So I appreciate it all the more and make it a goal to honor him and the legacy he left. He loved adventure and had a brain that never stopped. he used it well and it continues to show in his business that he co owned and created.

    I’m friends with backs 3,4 and 5. Love #1.thank you! #2 is the challenge i face along my path.
    Have to dust off the Reluctant Messiah and re-read. Last read it in college back in late 70’s early 80’s. It fascinates me…..that we choose our lives….always do believe this! Bring it on!
    Thanks again.
    Chillin in Florida

  2. I began diligently and enthusiastically using the MMT since just after Christmas and have been delightfully surprised with how well it works. This is just plain fun to use. I convinced a friend to begin, and she is having success with it too.

    As far as the accomplish a lot concept is concerned, I say balance the two worlds. As it says in “The Tao of Pooh”, we are human beings not human doings. Wisdom requires contemplation, and contemplation comes after results from doing. Remember, we only take our character and memories into the next realm.

    • If you don`t mind, please expand on your type of MMT successes & dollar values. I think readers would find your MMT use results very interesting.

  3. Ever since I read “Illusions” years ago, everything I own has lasted longer and required less maintenance and repairs! Go figure. Food for thought.

    My challenge is definitely more love than money. Perhaps the MMT will work as a MLT?

    Not sure, but definitely work pursuing, toward both ends.

    Life is definitely a school, and the lessons are in your face. The understandings are what take the real attention – both to realize them and allow them.

  4. There are a number of articles on the internet that discuss how fasting improves mental clarity. My understanding is that as fasting depletes the body’s store of glucose, the body will begin to burn fat for energy instead of glucose, in a process known as ketosis. I’ve been following a low carbohydrate, high fat diet for about 18 months and I can definitely report that my mental clarity is noticeably improved. I no longer feel like my brain is made of molasses. It’s more like crisp, clear mountain air! I also have tons of energy and very few body/joint aches compared to most others in my age group – I’m a year or 2 older than you. And I work 4 days a week in the mentally intense field of software development and plan to continue for 3 more years. I enjoy the mental challenge.

    Thanks for you dedication to keeping the rest of us informed on so many different levels. ?

  5. “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill. If you haven’t read it, make the investment. It pays back in spades!

  6. Good stuff Mr. Ure. This is what makes being a reader here interesting (besides Peoplenomics lol). Ill start applying this in my morning meditation sessions. I totally forgot about the MMT. Thanks again Mr. Ure for your wisdom and advice!!!!

    Also…. By some chance, is there a way to possibly get on a Skype call with you? I would love to ask your advice on some topics and get your outlook! How much do you charge per hour?

  7. Haye House has been giving away a free ebook download of Dr. Wayne Dwyer’s “Wishes Fulfilled”. This book is a great explanation of how to do the manifesting, of which you write.

  8. Seems strange that none of the McCabe articles about resignation mention the $200,000 from the clinton foundations for Mccabes wifes political campaign

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