Where is my Damn Rally?

Yee of little faith.

No, our blow-off may not begin today (as we have been hoping with a very large long-side position on the table by our standards) but we remain hopeful the world will shortly see things our way.

Allow to to explain how markets work in our nut-job  point of view:

If you happen to have something like a TR3-B space plane handy and you can get high enough, you’d see that all financial markets on Earth operate in a sort of linked/entrained Unity.

Then, under the Big Onion, if you want to think of it that way, there is the U.S. market.

Now here’s out picture of this Global Market which I don’t mine sharing because Peoplenomics readers will get the update whole enchilada tomorrow and the numbers are only meaningful when the game of musical chairs/money stops for the weekend.

But here’s what’s going on:  A Global Breakout to the upside appears to be at hand and it could swing in today’s trading…


The point being that if we can pop up even 50 points on a global basis over the coming 8-hours of trading, then we will be in a position next week when the quants who advise Big Money what5 to do will stare at their math and decide that the market has a LOT more room to run on the upside.

When this happens, all that money which has been piling up on the sidelines will come pouring into the market on as longs and we should still hit 22-thousand on the Dow in April if this crackpot view is anywhere near valid.

No, this is not trading advice.  Just a chat amongst friends.  But I’m a patient fellow and tomorrow in Peoplenomics we will not only discuss how we got to this, but we will also discuss something I call “dampening factor” which is a calculation to correct for why market dynamics are not more PRECISELY tracking historical data as they should.  Works out to 0.998731734294463 if we can close at 21,056 today….but we’ll just take our cues from the day’s action trading.

Now, is there other REAL news than making money and getting read for the weekend and Spring sometime next week?

NO!  So let’s go over the “morning filler” that passes as news, shall we?

Merkel and Who Cares?

Big headlines about Angela Merkel going to the White House today.

We don’t think it’s much of a story.  If she didn’t leave, well THEN that’d be a story…

North Korea Ready to Pop

SecState Rex Tillerson is getting tired of babysitting the whiners in North Korea.  He’s turned down the idea of talks and says the era orw “strategic patience” is done.

We look for the Trump administration to toss a preemptive attack on all kinds of NK militaria.  All at once – massively – and it will be seen as a kind of “Shock & Awe II” that will not just total the next decade of despots in the North, but which will also demonstrate to the whole Rest of World (Row) which includes China that Trump is not one to be trifled with.

There’s patience and then there’s bullshit.  Too much of the former inevitably leads to the latter.

Hopeful, the Obama coup-types will send a message to Iran on point, too.

The great thing about a preemptive attack on NK will be to hear the Liberalista fifth-column whine.  Maybe Rachel will get even better ratings from Generation Brat. Refer to previous “too much patience” dictum.

Ure’s Personal Boycotts: McDonalds and SNL

WWLP is reporting that “McDonald’s “hacked” Twitter blasts Trump.”

What that story doesn’t mention is that McDonalds communications director is an ex-Obama spokes and I haven’t seen what I’d take as a serious apology or explanation of how the Twitter account was checked.  Russians maybe?

I’m on a Mac-free diet till I see more corporate remorse. Although “legal fictions” the Courts seem to treat corporations as super persons – with super rights, too – so a major act of contrition is in order, methinks.

Meantime, I’m not going to watch SN L, either, until they stop acting like revolutionary stooges of the Obama whatever it is.

I don’t need to watch TV for a Trump bashing finale to a busy day, thank you.  So I vote with my wallet.

SNL is acting (in my opinion) like the video version of a flash mob.  Kicking a guy non-stop when he’s up, too.

There’s humor – to a point (like 10% of content maybe?) but past that it becomes mean-spirited and vicious.  The worst of wrestling hiding behind humor.  Think we’re past that.  Again, Generation Brat.

For heaven’s sake, Trump is the President.  Remember that you didn’t see George Bush skulk off to attempt leaks about Obama and lead counter-revolutionary activities in D.C. when Obama won, did you?  No.

Where are the democrats of the middle?  The stylish ones?  The reasonable ones? 

Either one of ‘em would be welcome about here.

I remember when democrats were smart – like Scoop Jackson.  Remember when America had a middle instead of dueling mobs?

Is NY After Free Speech on the Net?

Is this an attempt to “sanitize history,” or what?

NY State Rep (and democrat) Tony Avella of NY is asking for a state law in NY that claims a right to be forgotten…

“Requires search engines, indexers, publishers and any other persons or entities which make available, on or through the internet or other widely used computer-based network, program or service, information about an individual to remove such information, upon the request of the individual, within thirty days of such request.”

Called the Right to Be Forgotten law it features a $250 per day fine included in the proposal.

Sorry, but scrubbing data in search engines?  I’m pretty sure that private citizens already have recourse  under Times v. Sullivan if something is malicious or libelous…

Nader May Be Right

I’ve told you that most of America has been electronically hypnotized into a kind of mass stupidity which the corporate exploiters are working for all their worth.

Well, here comes ol’ Ralph Nader – consumer advocate to this day suggesting the FedGov “Hit Google-Facebook-Apple ‘monopoly’ with antitrust laws.”

When you get tired of Alt-Real, please come visit us survivors our here in Real World and try IRL instead of digital swill for a change.

Snap Crackle and Drop

Speaking of “Money’s Out Here, Idiots are In There”  Snap has gone from $29.44 down to $19.89 as of the close Thursday.

Yahoo statistics page is an interesting read here, but you might want to bring some Quik-Clot along.

(Let me pop a few more cynical pills, yum!)

Eventually it should bounce and up things will go.

Social ETF SOCL may be ready to move up…we shall see…25.73 still overhead resistance to my eyes and no, not advice.  Just watching the pulse of things.

The Market Today

Hour before the open, futures were up 17.

Fed H.6 Money shows the Fed being presently accommodative to money.

And the Fed Industrial Production and Utilization numbers out in 15 minutes may move expectations around a bit.

21 thoughts on “Where is my Damn Rally?”

  1. Merkel and N. Korea are two issues which illustrate how Trump manages the ‘art of the deal.’ Per the Wikipedia entry on this 1980s Trump tome:

    The book . . . contains an 11-step formula for business success, inspired by Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking.[8] Trump’s steps are:
    1.Think big
    2.Protect the downside and the upside will take care of itself
    3.Maximize your options
    4.Know your market
    5.Use your leverage
    6.Enhance your location
    7.Get the word out
    8.Fight back
    9.Deliver the goods
    10.Contain the costs
    11.Have fun [9]

    Trump begins a negotiation by ‘firewalling’ to his total-win position, then negotiates from there. We are seeing it in everything the man does. Expect more of the same, cause as the old axiom says, “if it works . . .” [fill in the rest]

  2. RE: Merkel and N. Korea (and everything else) Trump is following his ‘Art of the Deal). Per Wikipedia:

    “The book also contains an 11-step formula for business success, inspired by Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking.[8] Trump’s steps are:
    1.Think big
    2.Protect the downside and the upside will take care of itself
    3.Maximize your options
    4.Know your market
    5.Use your leverage
    6.Enhance your location
    7.Get the word out
    8.Fight back
    9.Deliver the goods
    10.Contain the costs
    11.Have fun”

  3. The economy is generally the financial cloud swirling around humanity. The more humanity, the more swirling.

    So, until the world population bloom stops growing, the markets should continue up. However, think about the economy if the world enters a “downsizing” route? If population bloom every is stated as “stopping” – how does such an economy actually grow? Imagine trying to plan for 0% GDP growth for the next 1-2 years and what the markets would do with that “stability” indicator?

  4. How about ignoring the kindergartener running North Korea? USA will be much stronger from a balanced budget than spending cash to molest NK. Then the big problem what do you do with it after conquest? How does China cope with reunified Korea on its doorstep? Who will pay to fix NK? Not me!

  5. Not sure how many years you have watched SNL but I have watched since their first show in 1975 – every show in the 70’s and then off/on up until just this past weekend. For the past 10 years, some of the stuff has been funny, some not – but that is true of just about any comedy stand-up or show.
    SNL has ALWAYS made fun of every president in office – it isn’t just 54 being made fun of (although there will be more than enough material to use for the next 4 years).
    And as far a boycotting McD’s – didn’t realize you still ate that mystery food. Most definitively NOT something that will have prolong your life.

  6. George every time there is a little sabre rattling the cone trails increase over Albuquerque but this morning is almost unbelievable. This might be the real thing.

  7. George, does your peoplenomics algo foretell events like 911… Or is a terrorist event like 911, the elephant in the room and would change any market top predictions short or long term as the market would crash if any surprise event happened…

  8. “Fred Armison as Obama”

    Darn… here all this time I thought they got the real Obama to play that part LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  9. It might be that we know he annoys people, such as yourself, that we support. PC is out of control. We cant even fight wars and win them anymore. He’s not perfect , but he’s perfect for the message many people want to send…stop selling out America to the highest bidders at the expense of the American people.

  10. interesting on the cold fusion..


    What scares me about any reactor is what if it goes bad… we still haven’t figured out the fukishima accident and right now I think it is so bad that it actually might threaten mankind with extinction.

  11. yeap this is Trump: “vulgar, vainglorious narcissistic liar with a short attention span and no appetitite for reading books” and we could add:
    watches TV 6 hours/day, gets his news from brietbart/infowars, takes off each week-end (at a cost of $3-3.5 million to tax payers) instead of working as he promised to do during the campaign (he said that – unlike Obama – he would not have time to play golf and now he has played golf 10 times since inauguration)

  12. Amen, Robert, the will of the people has spoken. The will of the propaganda prostitute-selling out press is doing its best to bully and pervert the will of the people. It won’t work.

  13. Everyone keeps saying Trump is dumb but he’s running circles around his detractors. I’m still not sure whether it’s luck or does he engineer all these things. It’s very impressive.

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