Global Market Entrainment and Historical Resonance

While we sit around waiting for the Global Upside Breakout (or fifth wave failure) to clarify, we have some interesting theoretical ideas to bounce around this morning…

In coming weeks, we will get back into the more prosaic problems of Urban Survival in the Age of Funny Money…but for now,, we’re seriously focused on helping our readers maintain a sense of calm, balance, and purpose while the doom porn machines and the Trump bashers duke it our for mental processor clicks.

Around here, other than shrimp pizza and a glass of Paisano, little takes processor time away from making the other kind of dough.

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3 thoughts on “Global Market Entrainment and Historical Resonance”

  1. George, What if the markets are still evolving a new system for investing because of the influence of software driven programs and the old methodology(elliot) doesn’t quite work the way it used to? Kind of like armies preparing for the last war instead the next. How could we figure out the new methodology needed?

    • Good point, Doug. These are not markets out there anymore, with the majority of trades being done by computer without human intervention. I call them psychopath markets. Just because they look human, and walk and talk like humans, inside they are a completely different animal that few can imagine. Same with the markets, they go up and down, appear to be affected by external events, but once you look under the covers, they are nothing like markets. They only move up or down when someone makes them move, fundamentals mean nothing. Corporate profits are crap, stock prices buoyed by stock buybacks financed by near zero interest borrowed money. Then there are the brokerage accounts, with their fees, and their potential for bail-ins of your funds if the brokerage goes belly up. And don’t forget those fees, and the tax due on your profits if you do luck out.

      Some people just gotta play, but don’t gamble your grocery money in the toilet of a casino that George still calls the market. For years, I have said the markets are simply a channel to move money from the pockets of the little guy to the big guys. I have yet to be proven wrong.

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