Waiting for the Coup Attempt?

We have been patiently gaming out what little we understand about the plans of the left who hope Monday to steal the election away from Donald Trump.

Schematically, the process maps something like this:


For a discussion of “Media Stunts” see the Coping Section which follows.

A Google News search (here) reveals that both sides are accused of death threats. And hopefully, the Charlotte Observer is correct when they opine “Don’t look to the Electoral College to upend Trump victory.”

The problem, in strategic terms, is that while the odds of a massive change are small, that is no doubt what the Tsarists in Russia were thinking in 1917. That’s when the Revolution happened.

Given that we have so many “neighborhood organizer types” and Saul Alinsky students floating about, I think estimates of a “less than one percent chance” are wildly understating the problem. Personally, I would put the odds much higher – perhaps 10% – but that’s only because I’ve seen up close and personal how totally desperate the swollen egos of politicians rebel when faced with voter rejection, or in this case, defeat at the hands of process.

It is axiomatic in business that in order to run a business, you need to first process map it. Once you “own the process” you own everything else. If a stubborn employee, or department, is not playing the game the way a manager sees fit, owning process allows the functional aspects of the rebel’s jobs to be “re-mapped” into other (usually better run but certainly more compliant) departments.

Once the remap is done, then it is a simple matter to declare the “rebel stronghold” excess to the needs of the Organization and prune it off, keeping only the healthy team players.

The reason for this management-level discussion is that you don’t have to look very far to see that the pres. Elect has exactly this kind of game plan rolling around in his head.

Donald Trump threatens ‘political reprisal’ against rebel Republican Electoral College voters,” says the UK Independent. Sometimes, the clearest views are from far away.

Media Still Biased?

While the Electoral College (and the sorry-ass coup attempt) is pending, we have become rather fond of hitting the www.nytimes.com website where almost every morning, we can find the liberal anti-Trump views being espoused.

This morning, their left-hand (which is somehow interesting in itself) column offers this kind of story: “Available to the Highest Bidder: Coffee With Ivanka Trump.”

Similarly, the drum-roll over allegations of Russian hacking are admitted to be “tough to find and tougher to prosecute” but at the same time, president Obama is promising retaliation.

We take it all with a grain of salt however; It sells newspapers and the market is New York, not East Texas.

Nor is it Moscow. There, Vlad Putin is quoted as saying words to the effect “Prove it was our hacking or shut up.”

We know a few people who read 2600 who can make a hack look like anyone you choose, too. So if online people can “leave whatever fingerprints” you don’t think government agencies and NGOs can’t hire equal talent – that is if they are not already onboard?

BTW, 2600’s “Off-the-hook” notes that hackers were the third runners up for Time’s Person of the Year.

You do know I once might have had .KY and .IS addy’s, right?

Trumps Relations With Russia

We do expect big changes for two reasons.

The first is that T. Rex (Rex Tillerson, pick for SecState) had – as one of his main jobs at ExxonMobile – to get along with Russian oil interests.

The second is that what we’ve termed the Nasty Nest of Neocons at the State Department (who blew up five countries with their arrogant approach to “regime change”) will likely be at long last, thrown out.

The simple facts are you can’t have ‘regime changers’ passing out Cookies in Kiev to bolster the failing EU and have Brusselcrats talking of pressing the EU as far east as Russian Vladivostok without Russia noticing and responding. Good-bye Crimea, good going Neocons, huh?

A note from our former oak leaf cluster pal Warhammer picks things up from there:

“There’s been a lot of heat regarding Russia’s apparent love for Donald Trump. Putin is all about reestablishing and securing the Motherland, but the complete lack of a viable ‘military-to-military’ dialog, let alone a routine exercising of the old Cold War hotline, leads some to worry that the Obama administration in all likelihood increased the prospects of accidents and misunderstandings leading to a nuclear end game.


Now I’m not insinuating that Trump is single-handedly going to prevent nuclear war. There are too many wild-card players in today’s game of deterrence. Besides the permanent, sitting members of the UN Security Council (U.S., Russia, China, France and the U.K.), Pakistan, India, N. Korea, Israel and ‘perhaps’ Iran have nuke strike capability. Plus, the Saudi’s have expressed keen interest in either building their own nuke arsenal or ‘renting’ nukes from Pakistan, primarily as a regional deterrent to the rise of Iran.

What I do find interesting is that the former WWII allies, who defeated Fascism with the help of the U.K. and then turned into each other’s worst nightmare during the Cold War, are now approaching the same value set regarding the control of nuclear proliferation and the regional conflict which might result in radioactive warfare.

Chief among the concerns of both powers is the rise of extremism and anti-nationalism, i.e. the Islamic State’s intent to form a religious Caliphate encompassing numerous states in the Middle East and S. Eurasia. Extremism is a threat to good international order, fair trade and diverse educational exchange leading to new technology development. In essence, ISIS is bad for modern living and freedom of literally everything.

Sure, China is still a giant pain in the posterior in the S. China Sea area. Odds are, with all the other regional chaos percolating around the globe, China will eventually get what it wants – control of the S. China Sea, an alliance with Indonesia and Singapore, and the peaceful annexation of Taiwan (all of which were prognosticated back in 1995’s Air Force 2025 research study).

But China does not want to annex any territory abutting Russia. China does not want to blow up Wall Street or the Pentagon (unless it feels it has to). China is not swarming the Russia or America’s border will illegal immigrants.

Sound, proven nuclear deterrence doctrine worked in the 1950s through the 1980s, and it can work still with any rational nation willing to come to the negotiating table. Russia’s history has proven it is one such nation. Putin understands the U.S. arsenal can obliterate 80% of Russia’s populated area. America, likewise, knows the terrible cost of waging a nuclear war with a nuclear superpower. China is no dummy on this matter either.

There’s an old saying: “Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer.” So it should be with Russia. Both nations are faced with extremist attacks and economic uncertainty. Limiting the chaos thru stated or silent alliances is not the worst thing the two former Cold War opponents could do.


Since we’re coming up on the holiday period and some “down time” you might also want to look on Youtube for the Phenomena Archives report on how when the Soviet system failed, their space and missile technology was “Up for Sale.” (Episode 12 in the series)

The West made the decision to waste billions upon billions to keep unemployed Russia experts from selling their skills to Iran and other players looking for lift and offering big bucks. As outline in the report this was yet-another bad idea cobbled up by the US State Department and it cost us an effective International Space Station which turned into a bureaucratic disaster rather than a first step into space-faring.

A better decision would have been to hand out the IQ tests and buy the best and brightest Russia had to offer. And have no restrictions on sending money home to the Motherland.

No, instead State dictated space policy through its desire to control the market for weapons and missile system talent – which is springing up all over, anyway.

Silicon Valley has successfully turned much of India into a “farm club” for outfits like Cisco and so forth, and when called up “to the majors” a world class brain is up to the challenge.

Why State couldn’t see the template and apply it to missile and warhead technology with a much higher payoff is one of the reasons we are ready for Big Changes in the overall management of US space, military, education, and economic policies.

And if you follow the stock market’s rise since the Trumpdency, you’ll see financial sector agreement.

Facebook as the Truth Police

Yes, NPR has a good story about how FB plans to combat “fake news.”

We would note that it’s kind of ironic that one of the biggest time-sinks in American businesses is now going to root out “fake news.”

There’s a tendency to ignore (or conveniently fail to remember) stories like NBC’s report earlier this year about how “Time Wasted on Facebook Could Be Costing Us Trillions in Lost Productivity.”

We tend to think of it more along the lines of “Icon-pressing primates consuming sugary content.”

I wouldn’t be comfortable with Zark Muckerberg being on a jury should I ever break the law. And I’m no more comfortable with him going off to lynch “fake news.”

The risk is that an inconvenient arrangement of facts is not FAKERY. It’s a different viewpoint.

Do Housing Starts Forecast PopGrowth?

Here’s the press release just out from Census…


Privately-owned housing units authorized by building permits in November were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,201,000. This is 4.7 percent (±1.1%) below the revised October rate of 1,260,000 and is 6.6 percent (±2.6%) below the November 2015 estimate of 1,286,000.

Single-family authorizations in November were at a rate of 778,000; this is 0.5 percent (±1.4%)* above the revised October figure of 774,000. Authorizations of units in buildings with five units or more were at a rate of 384,000 in November.

HOUSING STARTS Privately-owned housing starts in November were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,090,000. This is 18.7 percent (±6.7%) below the revised October estimate of 1,340,000 and is 6.9 percent (±7.3%)* below the November 2015 rate of 1,171,000.

Single-family housing starts in November were at a rate of 828,000; this is 4.1 percent (±7.5%)* below the revised October figure of 863,000. The November rate for units in buildings with five units or more was 259,000.

HOUSING COMPLETIONS Privately-owned housing completions in November were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1,216,000. This is 15.4 percent (±13.5%) above the revised October estimate of 1,054,000 and is 25.0 percent (±15.0%) above the November 2015 rate of 973,000…”

And 45-min to the ding-ding the Dow futures were up 40. Look for a chill near the close.

No, not global warming. Small worries about Monday, maybe?

Moscow Mules for breakfast Monday?

46 thoughts on “Waiting for the Coup Attempt?”

  1. Trump is the President. Trump will never give that up, ever. President Trump has surrounded himself with a rather large Military presence, many with huge chips on there shoulders. They also have the allegiance of much of the US military. Why ? President Donald Trump will initiate a full scale civil war to save the Nation. We won’t have to wait a long time for this to occur, 6 to 8 weeks will do it. Sound preposterous ? Can never happen ? Silly ? So was the election of our now President, Donald Trump. This is not conjecture or theory, but rather a full scale battle plan. No reason to plan or prepare, no time for that. Who’s side will you defend ? Don’t kiss your goodnight, kiss them goodbye.

    • OH, BS, and bug off, too, Dave! Trump won because people like you can’t think and can’t see what is right in front of them. We (many of us) saw that he would win way back in January of 2016. He stood head and shoulders above the crowded field. MILLIONS of us were NOT surprised, only the ones who stopped using their eyes, ears, and brains were surprised. I tell everyone who is crying, complaining, protesting, carrying on with their protestations of shock and dismay and awe, next time go talk to the common man/woman, therein lies the heartbeat of America. You will NOT find it on CNN or any of the mainstream media corporate owned propaganda spewing outlets.

      • Ahh yes the common American where 1/2 of us believe that the world was created in seven days and 2 out of 3 people don’t have a college degree.

        “Then all the odds are on the man who is, intrinsically, the most devious and mediocre — the man who can most easily adeptly disperse the notion that his mind is a virtual vacuum.

        The Presidency tends, year by year, to go to such men. As democracy is perfected, the office represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. We move toward a lofty ideal. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

      • Wavecrave you are starting to sound like a moron. We just spent 8 years with HOPE and CHANGE for a slogan! Why come here if all you have is BS and grief to share? Your opinion? The problem is it sounds only like 1 chord. Learn how to play some music wave!

    • If there is a civil war, it won’t be Trump’s side that initiated it. Those seeds are planted by the cultural marxists’ refusal to accept the results of the election.

  2. phew.. I will probably hear some flak over this opinion..
    Ukraine and Russia’s involvement and going into the country.

    what was it 96% or the people asked for his help from there.. In my honest opinion.. to me that is like if 96 percent of the people in Hawaii asked for the us to help them in some matter or if Hawaii broke off from the country and needed our help.. go for it if I was a ruler and a small faction of my country that had broken off and almost all the people asked and begged for my help I would be there in a heartbeat..
    As for Trump wanting a good relationship with foreign countries.. absolutely.. there is way to much conflict in our world now. I think it would be beneficial for our country to negotiate rather than take.
    till now it seems to me if some big company sees something there that they want.. ( follow the money)rather than negotiate for industrialism there instead we march in there to save the people that in most instances don’t want us there.. tear up the country and the big companies march in and do what they want.. all in the name of humanitarianism. Yet you didn’t see us marching in when Idi Amin was in power or the clubbing of different tribes Industry didn’t see anything they wanted..
    for me it is time to negotiate not take.. am I the only one that would love to see the buildings and country visit with the people of russia..or the gorgeous temples and heritage of china and their wonderful people and their heritage the sphinx and the great wall the way things are now there is to much fighting and paranoia.. Personally i think Trump is doing the right thing.The proper thing that any good leader or businessman should do..Negotiate work for the best deal that gives both sides the feeling that they are in a good deal.
    we need to think about america for a change make our economy and industry our cities and our local economies strong again make the dollar strong be the negotiator not the conqueror

  3. Again, there are about 444 nuclear power plants world wide. There is a potential of 444 Fukushimas once the bombs start going off. Idiots. I am glad the Adults are back in charge.

  4. These d**ks are still lusting after a nuclear confrontation with Russia (and China).
    WTF is wrong with them?
    May GOd save us from the clutches of the evil warlords, especially the nobel peace prize winning lunatic

  5. Think about it. Do you honestly think President Donald Trump will just walk away quietly ? if the left manages to pull some type of crap on him. Think back to all the FEMA camps, all the guns and ammo the Gov. bought and stored. The placement of aggressive military equipment throughout the USA, the building of underground bunkers etc. You can’t deny there existence. Try this on for size, the left and one world types are instrumental in setting this entire stage. It will be a world wide coupe. You opined on this type of thing many times, and now it’s here.

    • Yes, but we have wee little Mike above with no understanding of the years of effort George has given away for FREE on his site. He can’t grasp the BIG or little picture.

      • OHH!! I have been away for a while but things have change. I though this site was a financial place and for the good of USA not for political parties. If you have been here a while you know George have gotten few things wrong. Nobody is perfect.

        My mother told me that 2 wrongs do not make 1 right and now I hear people state fact that Obama did wrong as an example that Trump is better. If that is your argument and you have no more facts you about the subject in question your argument should be dismiss.
        If you insult somebody in your argument like a 12 year old your argument should be dismiss. I though this place was for people that what better facts but has become another Facebook.

        When the take out all the regulations and the companies are just getting more monies and we are all in such a state like China (you cannot breath clean air or get clean water) then we will talk again about Make America Great Again.

        George have said it many time that all our jobs are going to computers. So lets see how a bunch of uneducated people can find a job.

        I hope that Trump does want he promise very fast so we can stop speculating about the future and see it first hand.

  6. Hey George, How about something on Trump’s projected (by Fox Business) $11 trillion addition to the national debt, and how that is going to impact things. And if we are destined for that much more debt, where the best stimulative places to spend it are.
    Also, anytime you stray outside of economics, you seem to stumble. Are you just trying to gin up readership with this inappropriate use of the ‘coup’ word? If a descriptively appropriate use of the word there is, it would be more appropriately used about the Ruskies and the Republican FBI director jointly bringing down a candidate. You might apply a bit more thought. Best, Mike.

    • That is an artificial weapon if you will that those draco’s use against you listen to your elders if your 60 and they’re 80 listen to them if your 70 and their 90 listen to them if you are a hundred and twenty and they are trillions of years old listen to them

      • Categories you know if you got just one category or restricted but if we got two or three then you have more categories which under one subject urban survival are they can pick from to enter into because the other three categories can be conflicting within themselves but at least they have the avenue to express themselves and either one of the three categories you see where I’m going with this I’m starting to become not only multi-dimensional but multifaceted it says they cannot have what we have this one I love you don’t want to talk in that way and you just not interested well you can talk in this one and if that don’t fit your needs will we have this other one you know so that’s what I’ve been telling you all along if you need at least 3 different blogs on one website and they’re eight separate of course they do have the ability to cross over and the way they cross over it with the comments they say you have block number one plug number 2 and block number 3 that’s a blocked number 3 is the worst in the world you know and number one is the best and well you know so choosing between now automatically plug number one and two and three are different and they can’t communicate with each other except through the comments it’s like hey I usually hang around and block number one and I would like for a block number 3 thing to come forward here because it’s really good I know that the person is not that great and most of the things that they said behave they have a point here but listen to this you see where I’m coming from okay I mean you got a good thing going there but I like that the rationale of having step one step two step three and they’re all interrelated at some point somehow because being without the knowledge of number 3 or number 2 or number 1 leave you out in the cold and it’s like well I can’t accept that or I can’t accept this but at one point during the duration of your lifetime you will find something from all of those points because they’re all alive they all are real they just differ in opinion so that’s the ultimate that I see so far I mean you can break it down into smaller category if you want but one two three under u.s. witches urban survival which is urban survival not witches

    • Excuse me.. has everyone forgot about compounding interest…. we spent decades borrowing from other countries and obligating ourselves to other countries concerns rather than our own. we let the progressives move industry outside the usa to make a healthier profit margin all the while they refuse to pay taxes by keeping their companies and personal gains outside our country leaving the middle and lower class to foot the bill.they left us as a consumption nation that is willing to spend money someplace else but won’t even attempt to work on our own infrastructure and citizens in our country. its time to get someone that isn’t afraid to say hey lets tax incoming goods and services give tax breaks to industries willing to hire Americans and produce in the usa.. be strong again. will it cost us.. absolutely but if we tax corporations and individuals that make money in the usa even though they keep it outside the continental usa.. it won’t take long for us to catch up..

      • make a buck here pay a tax on a buck made.. if you are not a citizen instead of getting huge benefits and not have to pay taxes.. pay all the taxes and a non resident tax.. without benefits till you get your citizen ship..
        Why should we be giving away total college scholarships to individuals from other countries yet leave our own children and their families to pay huge costs for an education..
        Somewhere we forgot about america and Trump is on the money.. we need to think about america and the citizens living here.
        our cities and communities our factories and rebuild for the future growth of our own nation.
        same way in medicine pharmaceutical companies charge americans huge charges because they supposedly have to pay for the development yet the citizens give them grants to develop medications and the companies instead charge us up to a thousand percent more than another country.. if there is a development cost then the price should be equal to everywhere else instead of making the citizens of the usa pay for it..

      • Thank you, certainly a common-sense approach and decision making. The question is: How Far Down do the dumbwits want to take America before it is America no longer? Does anyone really want to live in that newlydesigned America? We just had 8 years of a globalist makeover and racism and all manner of ills has increased 10 fold. I’m good with going back to basics, boy it sure is gonna hurt those middle men now ain’t it?

    • The problem with you, Mike, is you never seem to apply a bit more thought at all. We just watched Obama spend 10 trillion dollars in 8 years, he spent it on his illegal invasion of America globalist agenda, he spent it on his illegal refugee resettlement plans, he spent it on his obummer non care plans and give a ways, he spent it on his failed energy policies, he spent it on his hidden war in Syria and his takedown of Libya, he spent it on his H1B Visa resettlement policies, he spent it on many other aggressive destructive non constitutional plans, agendas and policies, but you come on here and bloviate about Trump. We get that you hate him, just like a little kid, hate is all you have in your liberal hater heart, you water this site down every time you comment with that hate speech. Didn’t you know that Love Trumps Hate? Have a little more LOVE in your heart for Trump, dear.

  7. George, I can relate directly to your “re-mapping” since I was a vicitim of just that; as a federal employee [USPS] I finally had enough of witnessing corruption [including criminal activity] and after 15 years became a whistle-blower at the local level. Sure enough, I soon found my job abolished and given a choice of either 1. bidding out of my facility to a larger installation where I’d be lost in the shuffle, or 2. walking out the door never to return. I chose the option one. But: in the process, they short themselves in the foot because their action only strengthened my resolve and my new position gave me not only more responsibility but also direct access to D.C. – so, I doubled-down and started filing field reports right and left that may be ignored by the local gang of thieves -but not HQ- and they once again despised me since I had them over the proverbial barrel [my job entailed Health/Safety of facilities/employees/Customers and even touched upon domestic terrorism].

    What really ticked them all off was my refusal to turn a blind eye and keep my mouth shut about what I saw and documented. BOY! Do I have stories I could tell!

    Five years later, when the stress factor started to affect my health I finally bailed and took an early retirement. BEST THING I EVER DID! Of course, the corruption’s still rampant but at least I can say I tried to improve a very broken system and in several small ways did just that.

    Your comments about Facebook also rang a bell with me; before retirement I never used social media and considered FB to be just another useless aspect of modern society. Recently though when I do pull it up I am amazed at how many of my old USPS co-workers [including mid-management] are regularly on there during business hours posting comments/pics about nothing and once again I thank God that now I am on the outside looking in, instead of the reverse.

  8. All I can say is thank the lord that trump surrounded himself with LOYAL military generals. He was hedging his bets in case he NEEDED them. I really hope it doesn’t come to a civil war, but at least trump has the fore sight to align himself with the military. Is this really the USA. We have become a banana republic! e.

  9. Observations from a relative newbie about your views.

    I still don’t get it. I will never get it. And, I am not sure why you don’t don’t get it. I am talking about your respect for Donald Trump.

    About his latest Tweet storm. I refuse to patronize anything with his name on it, but friends of mine have been to the Trump Grill or Trump “Grille” in Manhatten. It is spelled both ways. The name of this restaurant is as inconsistent as his sentence structure. According to my friends, so is the look of the restaurant, which they describe as a cross between a gaudy/nice nursing home banquet room and a Chili’s. The food is on par with an Outback or Texas Roadhouse restaurant.

    And that’s basically the review it received from Vanity Faire. And, rather than attend security briefings or attend a pre-scheduled and then cancelled press conferences, he decides to Tweet and berate the leader of the Magazine, a man Trump has called a “Sissy” (How 2nd grade of him) Graydon Carter.

    Maybe it is a sociographic thing. He has been described by both parties as a “poor man’s idea of what a rich man is like”. And maybe that is who he is trying to con into eating at this faux/No Star restaurant.

    Has there ever been a politician or anyone in any leadership position that as thin skinned as Donald Trump? He re-defines the meaning of Bully-Pulpit. Will he Tweet Bully his way through his 4 years as President?

    When Angela Merkel, who is not a fan of our President elect, makes an astute observation about his lack of international intelligence, will he Tweet ” Angela Merkel is mean and ugly…a 2 in my book, with a stumpy body. A person like that can’t run a country”
    That is about as deep as he can go in terms of sizing up his adversaries too.

    By the way, my sources told me that the tech meeting he had yesterday was a total Sh** Show and waste of time. It was basically a photo Op meant to bring a perception of unity to those left coasters that despise him so much. Many in attendance were embarrassed for Trump. Those in attendance yesterday are responsible for a majority of our nations future growth. The nations top three companies (Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft) in terms of valuation were in attendance. Amazon and Facebook are #’s 6 and 7 respectively. And Trump evidently made it all about him. He laughably stated, “I am here to help you folks do well” OMG! All the tech industry needs is for him to get the hell out of the way. They just don’t want him to screw it up, which is their real concern. They have done quite well without him, thank you.

    And, why are his kids always at his meetings? Could you imagine the right wing media’s reaction if Hillary were elected and the Stanford educated Chelsea was in on the meetings?

    And finally, in the meeting, Jeff Bezos offered Trump a trip into space—on a rocket operated by his Blue Origin space flight company. Hopefully, it was a one way flight.

    • Sure lots of liberals don’t like you George, VERY funny since Trump has done MORE to save this country in a few days and is NOT even legally president yet! than Obama has done in 8 years!! so for those libtards who still down play George, I guess there probably is NO hope that you CAN wake up and smell the roses!! George gets it correct MOST of the time and IF you were smart you could see that and IF NOT why do you come to his site??
      HEY GEORGE!! keep up the great work and have a GREAT X_MAS!!

    • It’s like a refrain from an old song, ‘you may call them ISIS others call them rebels, you may call them terrorists others call them freedom fighters, you may call them nun killers, others call them contras, you may call them the people’s liberation movement, but others call them killers.’

      • Otherwise known as the new world order globalists which Obama tap danced to their drum for the last eight years.

  10. Yeah your process maps with just like your diagramming that would be a good thing to have your urban survival an issue that your initial website and on that you have three categories I mean you could have a 10000 categories if you want but three categories you go like this is what we’re talking about on this category here punching here and this is what we’re punching into number to cuz it’s a different category and number 3 now I know how enterprising you are and how capable even at your age of keeping up with three or four different objectives now you see we’re getting back to the John Rentz thing not rent John what’s his name who had the $1,000 program and made a million and one day so anyway we’re getting back to that is what I’m initiating this don’t sell yourself short George

  11. So far, Donald Trump has made rational and reasonable moves, and some of them are quite brilliant. I’m cautiously optimistic since chronic pessimism misdirects both resources and human vitality. The man deserves a chance, and the sore losers need to go away NOW.

    I’m sure our new president will accept perspectives and advice from those who have worthy ideas. Until I get better ones than those he’s implementing, I’ll just stand aside.

  12. Speaking of “Game show Government”… how come “American Idol” can get a vote within a 5 minute commercial break… hmm… if they gave everyone a vote box with 2 buttons on it, [the left button and the right button] it is the simplest of algorithms, use that quantum computer at NASA to calculate 320 million votes in probably less than five minutes. But then, no one asked me. I’ve also solved the oil pipeline issue, build the refinery in North Dakota where the oil IS but again, no one asked my opinion.

  13. I do not see a coup attempt here in the USA but rather a chain of events: to include the predicted economic downturn that may begin in China or Europe to spread here.The Arab Spring replaced strong men/dictators with fanatics who will use all weapons including the “ultimate weapons”.It will begin in the Crescent area and eventually spread to Europe. All weapons were made to be used which is something we in the US seem to think as madness. fANATICS see it as part of a tool kit to rid the world of the Crusaders. I do see Trump impeached as it is inevitable and our country may split into regional sections because we are not immune to the rise and fall of nations.

    • Sounds like right out of the UN bible, you only forgot the indigenous people having their own states.

      Trump impeached? What lunatics are leaving the asylum but reminding us daily how crazy they are, not you, sweetheart, just that whole idea while everyone watched the truly necessary should have been impeached president run rough shod all over ya’ll.

      • Well if it’s something akin to working to hold back the release of Americans held hostage, selling weapons to the kidnappers so that black ops wars can be waged where terrorists are funded that most certainly would lead to impeachment, right? On the other hand I guess lying about extra marital sex is the only thing worth impeaching.

        Or maybe it has more to do with party then ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ aye?

  14. The world truly is changing (or maybe I am) but I pretty much agree with Warhammer’s assessment as quoted in your column today. First time for everything. Yes, lets try negotiated global peace for a change. Given all the resistance still apparent from the old-guard neocon contingent firmly entrenched in DC, this will not be an easy task.

  15. The faces of the tech geniuses at the meeting with Trump was priceless. They could not believe that they had to listen to Trump’s proselytizing. It looked like they were all having some sort of acid flashback.

    I’ve found myself saying that a lot, ‘imagine the backlash if a democrat…’

    I saw you wrote in a candidate so probably like you I hate both parties and never vote for either.

  16. “Both nations are faced with extremist attacks….” ????

    Both have been/still Are the Extremist Attackers (Putin marched into Ukraine) still parked on Crimea’s border

    China building military island baseshttp://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2016/apr/04/donald-trump/donald-trump-weighs-chinas-island-building-south-c/, having skirmishes with Phillipine fisherman, etc.., recent nuclear plane flyover of U.S., underwater drone taken from U.S.Oceanographic ship


  17. Those of us who voted against Trump (by voting for Hillary) have cooked up a lot of wishful-thinking theories. Of course, it’s practically certain the electoral college will do what it’s traditionally done and Trump will assume office. But many of us are playfully entertaining notions of a CIA coup that will “set things right” by derailing a Trump presidency.

    Why hasn’t it happened yet? Idle conjecture suggests graduated options are being deployed, each of progressively increasing severity. First up was the “recount” plan – which didn’t work. Next up is the “faithless electors” ploy – which probably won’t work. The ensuing step would be for the CIA to cause the type of event for which it’s become internationally (and domestically!) infamous. That would be the most drastic course of action for many obvious reasons, so it’s being saved until it’s necessary – or so goes the harmless online nattering.

    If the path to the presidency was blocked by a destructive leak of incontrovertible evidence of profoundly unacceptable behavior, mysterious “hackers” could be accused. If the disruption were to be (ostensibly) medical, it could be chalked up to the inevitable surprises that sometimes come with advanced age. If the newsworthy incident were to be more flamboyant, perhaps “terrorists” of some sort could be blamed, possibly from the pre-packaged collections held in reserve by alphabet agencies for just such purposes.

    For reasons of secession, it would seem to be essential that whatever goes down does so before Jan 20 (Obama and his family will conveniently be on vacation in Hawaii for the next two weeks). And that’s the recreational speculation, all in good fun, that occupies members of a few online message boards.

  18. Trump won because he is NOT a socialist….plain and simple…and IF you do not count the MILLIONS of illegal’s voting in Calimexia….then HE won the popular vote….( the kool ade of socialism has been consumed by the citizens of this country for many years…from the 60’s to present)….some have NOT allowed themselves to be indoctrinated by the comrades….Semper Fi

  19. Well…you are way behind and a few dollars short, why don’t you up your game and pay for a peoplenomics subscription so you can get up to speed fast? Just showing up with your statedly biased opinion is just that, biased.

    Yeah, we know people who know people, too. Those old technocrats showed up to make sure the gov keeps pumping skin in their game, oh you mean, you didn’t know that facebook was government funded AND supported and that ole boy is giving all that info to the NSA? Hm, mmmm….all of em are suspect, they are just doing their regulatory ass kissing.

  20. I read that the 10th Circuit Court made a late ruling on Friday, that those states that mandate the electoral college voters vote as theyre told, are not bound to vote the way their state informs them to. It was ruled unconstitutional. Was this last minute ruling, according to the Huffington Post article titled, Majority Want Electoral College Vote Cancelled In Wake of Russia Scandal, part of a bigger plan to deny Trump the presidency? Of course this poll was done by a progressive group and we now know how wrong the polls were leading up to the Nov election. I hope we don’t have a constitutional crisis next week. All this challenging and unproven claims about Russia hacking DNC and Podesta’s emails, are only setting up a future where every election is contested by the losing side.

  21. These stories are so cute! Why it seems like only yesterday that the right was up in arms that Russia had annexed Crimea and now big daddy Trump says it’s the way things should be (whew!)…

    And the “election”! What a hoot! The right is falling all over themselves over the brilliance of a system that has delivered the executive branch twice now in five elections. Wait, those electors may not rubber-stamp Trump? FOUL! COUP! Please someone tell me, is it a great system or not that electors get to “elect”? (I’ll completely understand if you want to wait until after Monday before responding…).

    It’s all pretty fun (and very, very sad since it is so obvious what the “right” response would be if the shoe were on the other foot).

  22. Seems some of these folks are getting a little more stirred up than necessary. Maybe should shut down and let them go back to their lunatic sites.

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