First thing this morning I have to get off my chest is the article in the New York Post Thursday which got my blood pressure so high it was squirting out of my ears. It was so bad.

The story is headlined “Celebrities beg electors to be ‘heroes’ and vote against Trump” and features an assortment of Hollywood types who are asking Electors during the Monday meeting of the Electoral College, to vote against Donald Trump.

To be sure, the odds of this being successful are low, but what it has done for me – personally -is to identify another group of folks who I put in the same junk heap along with those National Football League players who would not stand up for our National Anthem.

The actors involved seem to have missed what happened when the NFL became more of a political football than a pigskin on the field: Former football fans have the good sense to call timeout and walked back their tickets and TV revenue collapsed.

Let me suggest – if I may be so immodest – that the following list of actors are now on my do not watch, do not support, boycott their product list:

Martin Sheen, who I would’ve thought knew better. Maybe we should retitle that TV show West Wing as Left Wing, huh?

Debra Messing, James Cromwell, BD Wong, Noah Wyle, Freda Payne, Bob Odenkirk, J. Smith Cameron, Michael Urie (no relation. Thank heaven), Moby, Mike Farrell, Loretta Swit, Christine Lahti, Stephen Pasquale, Dominic Fumua, Emily Tyra, and last but not least Richard Schiff.

These people have in effect, spit at America.

The reason for the Electoral College is simple: it prevents a runaway mob of free-lunchers and promise-breakers from seizing control of government. And yet this is precisely what is being attempted by this unruly crew.

They are attempting, whether they realize it or not, and I’m sure they do – and at HRC’s behest – to throw the election into the US House of Representatives where someone other than Donald Trump might have an infinitesimal chance of being selected the next President.

We reminded our subscribers this week that both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan filed presidency papers in January of this year (2016).

Look:  You may not like what Donald Trump has outlined for his first actions in office. Sure, I would have a different agenda, too.  But it’s not my gig.  Not these actor’s gig, either.

They may not like the fact that he has a different agenda than the liberals of Hollywood. Well, oh my God, is that a surprise, or what?  D’uh.

I for one have yet to meet someone who is extraordinarily rich by their own doing, who is not also gifted with extraordinarily capabilities in other areas as well.

Just because I’m too damn dumb to “get it” doesn’t mean someone is bad.

I would suggest to the Hollywood elite that they take a lesson from how PROCESS works in medicine.

Doctors who begin to practice outside of their specialty area run a particular legal risk and that risk has a name: malpractice.

By the same token, it is my not so humble opinion that actors who begin practicing politics are deserving of the same public ridicule and derision heaped on malpractice perps.

This is all about Bad medicine.  For the whole country, too.

America is not only the longest running democratic republic around, it’s also a place where Process is honored for the stability and durability it brings.

Now that they have self identified, I am pleased to defund their efforts at entertainment until they repent and stop practicing politics. They should hold their speaking lines till they are on a set.  Try to remember what Clint Eastwood, Fred Thompson, Al Franken, Jesse Venture, Jerry Springer, Sonny Bono, Shirley Temple-Black, Ben Jones, George Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ronald Reagan had in common. 

They did the real gig. It was NOT pretend. We cut them slack.  It worked.

(Give me hoo-rah brothers brothers and sisters.)

Please join me in NOT FUNDING the Bolsheviks of the Big Screen.

Vote Every day.  Vote with your wallet.

P.S. Was this an PAID gig? I mean did they ALL do this gig free, no lunch, no promises? Inquiring minds want…yada, yada…

And can we check that with SAG/AFTRA to confirm?

Stronger note to follow.

News from

Got a note from them pointing out they now offer 6-day weather forecasts for international destinations. 

But wait….didn’t they already have this for flights outside of Texas to foreign countries like, oh, New York, for x-zample?  Or, even more foreign:  California?

Nice Kitty-Kitty

Zeus the (ranch) Cat sends his regards to the pets in your household.

He wanted to thank everyone for the well-wishes and prayers during his recent encounter with the pack of four wild dogs.

None of the bites became infected, and the dogs haven’t been seen since.

Zeus, however, is not taking any chances.  We got him a couple of very small emery boards for Christmas.

There’s Good Friday and This One

If you happen to be one of our combined brood of offspring, the annual patronage checks will be cut today.

This means they should arrive next week.

So be listening for the clatter of very small hooves on your mailboxes.

Holiday Schedule Announced

Peoplenomics subscribers need to be aware that the weekly reports of the 24th and 31st will be the charts (an d trading model)  only.

That’s as close to a vacation as we get around here.

Long piece coming up Saturday as we have as (*4,700 words, really???) report on progress with the Light Crown Project.

If you are not all over the newly arriving tech called photo bio modulation, the article here might be of interest.

See the October 8 Peoplenomics report for background before reading the Saturday report if PBM light therapy LLLT is news to you.

More Monday…see you then.

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