Coping: Big Screen Bolsheviks Gunning for Trump

First thing this morning I have to get off my chest is the article in the New York Post Thursday which got my blood pressure so high it was squirting out of my ears. It was so bad.

The story is headlined “Celebrities beg electors to be ‘heroes’ and vote against Trump” and features an assortment of Hollywood types who are asking Electors during the Monday meeting of the Electoral College, to vote against Donald Trump.

To be sure, the odds of this being successful are low, but what it has done for me – personally -is to identify another group of folks who I put in the same junk heap along with those National Football League players who would not stand up for our National Anthem.

The actors involved seem to have missed what happened when the NFL became more of a political football than a pigskin on the field: Former football fans have the good sense to call timeout and walked back their tickets and TV revenue collapsed.

Let me suggest – if I may be so immodest – that the following list of actors are now on my do not watch, do not support, boycott their product list:

Martin Sheen, who I would’ve thought knew better. Maybe we should retitle that TV show West Wing as Left Wing, huh?

Debra Messing, James Cromwell, BD Wong, Noah Wyle, Freda Payne, Bob Odenkirk, J. Smith Cameron, Michael Urie (no relation. Thank heaven), Moby, Mike Farrell, Loretta Swit, Christine Lahti, Stephen Pasquale, Dominic Fumua, Emily Tyra, and last but not least Richard Schiff.

These people have in effect, spit at America.

The reason for the Electoral College is simple: it prevents a runaway mob of free-lunchers and promise-breakers from seizing control of government. And yet this is precisely what is being attempted by this unruly crew.

They are attempting, whether they realize it or not, and I’m sure they do – and at HRC’s behest – to throw the election into the US House of Representatives where someone other than Donald Trump might have an infinitesimal chance of being selected the next President.

We reminded our subscribers this week that both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan filed presidency papers in January of this year (2016).

Look:  You may not like what Donald Trump has outlined for his first actions in office. Sure, I would have a different agenda, too.  But it’s not my gig.  Not these actor’s gig, either.

They may not like the fact that he has a different agenda than the liberals of Hollywood. Well, oh my God, is that a surprise, or what?  D’uh.

I for one have yet to meet someone who is extraordinarily rich by their own doing, who is not also gifted with extraordinarily capabilities in other areas as well.

Just because I’m too damn dumb to “get it” doesn’t mean someone is bad.

I would suggest to the Hollywood elite that they take a lesson from how PROCESS works in medicine.

Doctors who begin to practice outside of their specialty area run a particular legal risk and that risk has a name: malpractice.

By the same token, it is my not so humble opinion that actors who begin practicing politics are deserving of the same public ridicule and derision heaped on malpractice perps.

This is all about Bad medicine.  For the whole country, too.

America is not only the longest running democratic republic around, it’s also a place where Process is honored for the stability and durability it brings.

Now that they have self identified, I am pleased to defund their efforts at entertainment until they repent and stop practicing politics. They should hold their speaking lines till they are on a set.  Try to remember what Clint Eastwood, Fred Thompson, Al Franken, Jesse Venture, Jerry Springer, Sonny Bono, Shirley Temple-Black, Ben Jones, George Murphy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ronald Reagan had in common. 

They did the real gig. It was NOT pretend. We cut them slack.  It worked.

(Give me hoo-rah brothers brothers and sisters.)

Please join me in NOT FUNDING the Bolsheviks of the Big Screen.

Vote Every day.  Vote with your wallet.

P.S. Was this an PAID gig? I mean did they ALL do this gig free, no lunch, no promises? Inquiring minds want…yada, yada…

And can we check that with SAG/AFTRA to confirm?

Stronger note to follow.

News from

Got a note from them pointing out they now offer 6-day weather forecasts for international destinations. 

But wait….didn’t they already have this for flights outside of Texas to foreign countries like, oh, New York, for x-zample?  Or, even more foreign:  California?

Nice Kitty-Kitty

Zeus the (ranch) Cat sends his regards to the pets in your household.

He wanted to thank everyone for the well-wishes and prayers during his recent encounter with the pack of four wild dogs.

None of the bites became infected, and the dogs haven’t been seen since.

Zeus, however, is not taking any chances.  We got him a couple of very small emery boards for Christmas.

There’s Good Friday and This One

If you happen to be one of our combined brood of offspring, the annual patronage checks will be cut today.

This means they should arrive next week.

So be listening for the clatter of very small hooves on your mailboxes.

Holiday Schedule Announced

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Long piece coming up Saturday as we have as (*4,700 words, really???) report on progress with the Light Crown Project.

If you are not all over the newly arriving tech called photo bio modulation, the article here might be of interest.

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Write when yiou break-even,

20 thoughts on “Coping: Big Screen Bolsheviks Gunning for Trump”

  1. What those political puffing celebrity’s dont understand is the ‘back wash. I cant watch “Sharks” now because Cuban was daily mouthing off. Or the “Avengers” (Iron man,Thor)
    Even Johnny Depp made my POOP list! When entertainers turn political hacks, they no longer entertain because they have made themselves naked for the world to see. I am so mentally tired of “lies” and what the news clowns havent figured out is “Most of the population knows that they are lying.On a brighter note,I get more done around the house because the TV is “off” except for maybe 2 hours a day. Got to watch Judge Judy, and filter thru the days news.

    • This a good thing, for we will all have more productive lives if we leave the obnoxious sports and entertainment industries behind.

    • I’m with ya. Millions are, that’s why the NFL is suffering, Target is suffering, JC Penny is suffering, Macy’s is suffering, the entertainment industry is suffering, (movies, cable, repulsive tv shows with repulsive people) and there are many more cracks starting to show, not to mention the msm; people are alert to the lies, awake to the manipulation, sick of it and taking action. If this Republic is going to be STRIPPED down, I will not participate in the stripping. If it isn’t obvious, what the globalists have done to this country in the last 24 years with THREE Presidents’ help (and the last EIGHT years with massive unconstitutional help from Obama) then those people who are ignorant, will reap the whirlwind. WHY? Because they forget rule #1, whatever the globalists have used America for to destroy other countries, economies, and people, they will do TO America without flinching. That is why this site is so valuable.

  2. Just stand up while using your computer and your blood pressure will go down automatically ,causing your heart rate to go up a little bit, which could be a good thing

      • Yes, but it wasn’t on point with the discussion and I don’t post links to other people’s websites unless the content is UrbanSurvival related. Sorry, but them’s the breaks.

        this is a two-part YouTube series from Project Camelot this man is 93 years old and they’re saying things something similar to what I’m saying the day before the part they are not talking about that I’m talking about is the shocker system

  3. Funny … I’ve only heard of two of the infamous famous celebrities. I don’t pay too much attention to run of the mill celebrity types these days. Too much mouth and very little brain.

    • For me, the hardest one to ignore product from will be Freda Payne who is an accomplished jazz/r&b singer
      Still, I believe that voting with one’s wallet is the right thing to do to try and “build a wall” between entertainment (to entertain us) and politization of entertainment which is to use positive artist identification to spread a viewpoint.
      Take Payne, for example. Part of this attack on Electors is asking them to become faithless. Help me here, but what to democratic operative machinations have to do with Jazz or R&B? Or the performance arts? It’s like the fishmonger endorsing a software engineer, if you follow.
      But that’s my point. We bow down to the wrong things – we confuse our cultural iconography. No, a rap artist is not welfare reform. A rich guy isn’t a racist because he’s rich, either. Yet the de voux makes it seem so. Which is how we end up with a neighborhood organizer who is in charge and the rest of us as left just “Standing in the shadows of Motown” wondering WTF?
      Vlad Putin should have endorsed Donald. Castro should have endorsed Hil.
      But the public is onto this politization of entertainment, even if we can’t yet articulate the change. Call up some NFL attendance stats lately.
      Politics and entertainment are (at least in revenue-optimization models) like Church and State. The further apart they are, the better the outcome for all involved.
      Especially the public.
      (from the shows of…peace out)

      • Great discussion on the Electoral College, George! Many people question the logic or legitimacy of the Electoral College in today’s progressive political environment. The Founders favored a system of open deliberation that ultimately proved effective, even if it was not entirely efficient. One must keep in mind that, according to the 1790 census, 12 of the 13 States had slaves living in them (Massachusetts being the lone exception). Virginia was a powerhouse, with huge numbers of slaves. Yet many founders disapproved of slavery. The Electoral College was, in part, designed-in to prevent Virginia and other large slave states from hijacking the presidency or the congressional legislative agenda. In the Federalist papers, James Madison expressed his deep concern over “factions” he called “citizen groups,” which might unite in their sharing of a common cause that would either violate the rights of others or could do grave harm to the United States (e.g. ‘slavery’). Worried that said cause of these factions would be embraced by over 50 percent of the voting population, Madison feared that united factions could eventually “sacrifice to its ruling passion or interest both the public good and the rights of other citizens.” In Federalist 68, Alexander Hamilton saw the Electoral College as the means to insure only a person eminently qualified for the office of President would be sworn into the office. This is the declared basis of the H-Wood “plea to the people.” But in my mind, the EC clause in Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution insures America is a much a ‘federation’ of ‘United States’ as it is a democratic nation. Representation in Congress and within the EC insure that each state has a voice in national affairs proportionate to its population, which determining the ultimate election of the President. When electors go against the voice of the people and change their votes to replace the outcome of the state which they represent, they do the very thing Madison feared, sacrificing “the public good and the rights of other citizens.” While it is most definitely the right of any citizen or U.S. resident to voice their opinion, they should strive to internalize the wisdom contained within the Constitution before protesting that time tested charter.

      • I saw a youtube video with that bunch of whiners that was VERY slickly made. It used every psychological trick and was timed perfectly with cuts to the next person. The tell was their facial incongruence, indicating that the were all LYING and trying to hold a straight and balanced face! I’ve studied these things for other reasons and I’d say that this was very well financed by someone, and will no doubt sway the less cynical.

        Their call for electors to be faithless is borderline seditious.

  4. So a part of what this 93 year old man who works with the government for all those years as saying that all our presidents are in the Draco kind of thing and the president-elect Trump is not he’s one of the good guys

    • And this 93 year old also describes how things work out in the open back in the from 1922 on up they weren’t classified because when they’re classified everybody wants to know about it so they did it right out in the open that way there was no real big questions about it

      • , and that’s why there’s so much going against them it’s like you know the evil empire against the good Empire well anyway I hope our thoughts have wings

  5. Looking at both sides in a neutral observation-

    we also have Hollywood celebs that went to N Dakota to support the efforts of water cannoned in below zero- peaceful, prayerful protesters against a pipeline that peeps in Bismark said “Not in my back yard” so they moved it to Indian territory; as though indigenous is ‘less than’ human for consideration.
    NOW- heads up folks-
    as for those Hollywood and celeb/or elite rich types in this Bolshevik-like soft coup and for ALL the OTHER threat mongers (toward the ELECTORS)there are TWO major concerns here law enforcement should be paying attention to:

    1. Influence peddling.

    Using one’s fame/money to influence an issue of National Security such as a presidency. Where are the Secret Service in this?
    Correct me if I am wrong, that this is a crime worthy of prosecution. Will these folks be on the FBI list of SWAT teams to bang down doors at 2 a.m. to arrest and indict?

    2. Making threats- death or otherwise:

    Again, teenagers have had FBI SWAT teams bang down their bedroom door for making immature idle threats on FACEBOOK, and sent to juvie for it- yet its okay to make threats to an ELECTOR?

    Where are George’s vice grips?

    AND, if it is published as such, then is not these media outlets whose hubris thinks it will influence the public to sway to the other side, then is that not a violation of 18 USC 4- Misprison of felony?
    why aren’t the MSM (1st amendment aside) held accountable for sedition as a national security threat with the talking heads fakery? Is it not THEIR propaganda that is fostering a greater threat to our national security and safety?
    Well, there is at least ONE MSM station in Georgia USA that is getting the real news out there. (see below)

    I must agree with Putin, ” Prove it or shut up”.
    It seems these Russian hackers are actually insider leaks at DHS and disgruntled Democrats over HRC taking the campaign away from Sanders.

    Atlanta channel 2 news affiliate breaking this news: their election servers were hacked by our very own DHS!

    sourcing Zero Hedge:

  6. Thank you for your rant on ACTORS. first and for most let us remember that most of these people have never done a real thing in their lives. they are ACTORS. nuf said. another thing that does quite annoy me about the hollyweird crowed is their constant rally against the 2nd amendment while every night during prime time churning out any where from 6 to 11 brutal murders using firearms. can we say HIPOCRACEY??? I have done watching network TV.

  7. Why is it that my postings don’t seem to make the cut and get posted??? maybe you should lay out the “rules” or frame work for what you will , will not accept.

  8. It’s going on 9PM here, and am reading this now because I saw this video about an hour ago, and am also waiting for my blood pressure to go down. And it’s normally 90/60, so it’ll be awhile.
    Gee, I’m already boycotting companies due to their anti-Breitbart activity (Kelloggs, 3M), not shopping at Target (bathrooms), and other companies for supporting the DARK act. Only Walmart seems to have the sense to stay out of politics (as far as I know). Guess I should buy a 3D printer and never leave the house.

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