US Markets: Peak Week?

While the early futures today point to a modest 60-points up around the opening, there’s a very interesting question we have about Global Money Flows.

Our logical thinking goes something like this:

  • We notice on the commodity side that things not pegged to the dollar are up.  Gold is up $10 and silver is bouncing.  And look at overseas goods that would benefit from the strong dollar (by going down in USD trades):  Brent crude is up.
  • At the same time, the recent strength of the dollar prompted us to lay out the “elevator discussion” for subscribers this past weekend.  Our view is that the elevator (rising dollar) may be nearing a short-term top.
  • Evidence of this notion is seen in the European and other global markets.  Which (because the futures we watch are denominated in USD) are also up.
  • The troubles of Europe may be passing – at least for now.  Germany, for example, was up almost one percent in early trading.

The problem for each of us – as simple-minded investors – is to understand that once the European markets begin to bounce, the US could begin a short-term decline, at least into the end of the week after next. When “Hot Money” sees the global indices are bouncing, they US may comes down this week.  And, as it does, the US markets may decline a bit.  Again, we refer to the Peoplenomics’ elevator discussion.

The US Market  – even when we crank in the present future’s prices – is not set to best the Aggregate reading of August 8th.  This leads us to think this could be a “turn-around Monday” when the market may have to reconsider its recent rally.

Here are some of the things we see weighing:

  • This week is woefully short of data.  The Wednesday release of the Fed’s discussion notes from their last session may be instructive but that’s not until Wednesday afternoon.
  • Between now and then – and lacking a big round of domestic data other than minor earnings to hype – the real events may be driven by Europe.  If Asia and Europe continue to strengthen, the “hot money” will likely notice and that may drive down the US Buck.  Based on the notion there is “Only so much money in the world.”
  • The political chicanery isn’t going away.
  • But we have a holiday weekend in 11-days…and by then, we would expect the market to drop – perhaps a decent amount.

So that’s the view:  Between now and close of trading Wednesday, we’d expect a possible pullback – and if it carries into Friday, a turnaround next Monday or Tuesday and then something of a rally going into Labor Day.

After that?  Well, by then we are getting close to when democrats will start the footwork to make their next moves apparent.

D. Schumer will be meeting with Trump Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh today and he’s gunning for any excuse possible to torpedo a fine jurist.

Meantime, the sometimes “too liberal/left for us” NPR has a report that “Brett Kavanaugh Investigated A President, Then Voiced Concerns About Doing Just That.”  If you’re on the left, that’s a flaw.  If you’re more rational, it reflects someone always second-guessing themselves which we all know as the road to self-improvement.  We look at Federalist Society membership considerations the same way.

If you’re the bipolar Left, the Federalist Society is a dangerous group.  And you know why?  Look ’em up on Wikipedia and you’ll spot it in an instant:

“The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies, most frequently called the Federalist Society, is an organization of conservatives and libertarians seeking reform of the current American legal system in accordance with a textualist or originalist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. Founded in 1982, it is one of the nation’s most influential legal organizations. It plays a central role in networking and mentoring young conservative lawyers.[8] According to Amanda Hollis-Brusky, the author of Ideas with Consequences: The Federalist Society and the Conservative Counterrevolution, the Federalist Society “has evolved into the de facto gatekeeper for right-of-center lawyers aspiring to government jobs and federal judgeships under Republican presidents.”

The problem is obvious:  The Left – the people who are piling-on into the socialist/leftist/antifa/et al Webolution via social media and such – are afraid as hell of any group that remembers we are a nation of laws and that checks and balances (oh, yeah…and borders) really do matter.  And they’re not going to sit idly by and just be reasonable.  Not when they can make up “opposition research” and impede the duly elected President.

Is Social Blowing Up?


We found this headline as hinting in that direction:  “Asia Argento Paid Off Sexual Assault Accuser (Report).

How to Monetize this?  How about “Rose McGowan heartbroken over report Asia Argento made deal to pay her own sexual assault accuser…”  McGowan brand power grows riding this?

Say, you don’t think barricade lefties are really the same double-speaking crooks who pay off people like they are so anxious to accuse others of being, do you?

Tisk, tisk.   Back in the days before socialist media, we used to have broadly agreed-upon social values.  One, some 2,000-years old is in Matthew 7.5.  Try it, #metoo’ers…

I won’t do start with another “ I told you these were lefties...” rant but do read how “Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: I ‘fully admit’ our bias is ‘more left-leaning’.

Ure’s Axiom 807: (Resurrected from our Internet Bubble coverage days) “A sack of shit with billions is still a…what?”

Also see:  Axiom 813: “An anti-Trump, left-leaning partisan in control of a huge platform backed up by a PR machine and teams of lawyers is still a…?

McCarthyism, Redux

We don’t suppose Donald Trump ever reads UrbanSurvival (though we’d be honored if he did..the plug would help us monetize, lol….), but did you notice that our recent article “Mueller and the “McCarthyism” Echo” seems to now be coming from DJT himself?

Donald J. Trump?Verified account @realDonaldTrump 24h24 hours ago  

Study the late Joseph McCarthy, because we are now in period with Mueller and his gang that make Joseph McCarthy look like a baby! Rigged Witch Hunt!”

We did and we wrote and now it’s echoing about.

The President’s views on Social Media over the weekend also seem to echo our long-held views here:

“Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices. Speaking loudly and clearly for the Trump Administration, we won’t let that happen. They are closing down the opinions of many people on the RIGHT, while at the same time doing nothing to others…….”

While we would love to get a thank-you mention, if he’d just pin the word “WEBOLUTIONARIES” on the social(ist) media, that’d be fine with us…Oh, and long overdue.

As we laid out in our Fourth of July graphic  (see: Battle Clicks of the Republic), America has a Constitutional Government and the Online Insurrection.  Just like the South had Confederate Dollars in the Civil War, the WEBSOLUTIONARIES have digital tulips called cryptos.  (I mean, we’d have a different view of cryptos if we were tax evaders, but we’re not…)

If the WH would refer to WEBOLUTIONI think it would make the battle lines a little clearer about the time the #yesmebribem2 movement is due to arrive.

Oh, wait:  the WEBOLUTION is still ongoing and here’s a Newsweek piece “When Trump Is Jailed, Giuliani Can Visit Him and Say ‘Don’t Worry, Donald: Prison Isn’t Prison’.”  This is humor?  My, oh my…where’s the America that used to be here…

Oh, and it gets even MORE tasteless as “Dem Rep. Hastings gets big laughs for joking about Trump drowning in Potomac.”  Joke? Where’s the Secret Service?  Got a hell of an opportunity for overtime, fellas…

More?  This caught my eye, too: “John Oliver Made an Explanatory Video to Help President Trump Understand Trade…”  I’m not much of a fan of Oliver’s efforts at humor.  But, when someone’s a young comic and someone’s an older billionaire, the premise is is assuredly political, not humorous.

Left and Trump-haters better pray Trump wins 2020 – they won’t have a reason to live when he’s out.  Hate needs an object or it just…poof? 

Hate in a whole GLOBAL INDUSTRY NOW….never4 thought I’d live to see it, but there you have it.

Meaningful Quakes

More dead people in Indonesia from yet-another earthquake.  Which makes the scorecard look like this:

Meantime, think back of what I’ve mentioned before:  We are atd the bottom of Solar Cycle 24 – sun spots are all but gone right now – and this is followed by global cooling.

There has been discussion in the literature about cooling that this will cause the crust of the Earth to contract and that would set off a large series of (mainly Pacific Ring of Fire) quakes.

So get used to ’em.  Oh, and if you live on the West Coast, do you have an Earthquake Plan?

Things to Know

Attention warhammer (our .mil analyst):  “Russian military braces for massive war games in the east.”

M^A Dept: “Here’s Why Pepsi Is Buying SodaStream for $3.2 Billion.”  No straws, maybe?

Was Columbus a sammer?  “This 1491 map may have influenced Christopher Columbus.”

Aged Parmesan? “Archaeologists Have Discovered the World’s Oldest Cheese Inside an Ancient Egyptian Tomb.”

Monday BP Check

111/70 pulse 54 before writing.

121/71 pulse 55 after.

Dow futures up 55….

And yes, moron the ‘morrow.

32 thoughts on “US Markets: Peak Week?”

  1. About the humor/sarcasm of the Newsweek article you referred to…
    From the SF Chronicle…”On Sunday’s “Meet the Press,” NBC’s Chuck Todd challenged Giuliani on his oft-cited concern about Trump being lured into a “perjury trap” if he were to submit to an interview by the special counsel in the Russia probe. Todd raised the sensible question of why Trump should be concerned about perjury if he simply told the truth.

    Giuliani demurred that it’s not so simple.

    “Truth is truth,” Todd said, true enough.

    “No, it isn’t truth,” Giuliani replied. “Truth isn’t truth.”

    Giuliani’s concern is that Special Counsel Robert Mueller might believe a conflicting account from his erstwhile fellow in law enforcement, fired FBI Director James Comey, over the account of the president of the United States. As Todd noted, in a follow-up question Giuliani avoided, that perhaps the special counsel would take into account the history of veracity of the 45th president.

    It’s becoming abundantly clear that, absent a subpoena and prolonged court fight, Trump is not going to sit down for an interview with the Mueller team. It’s equally apparent that the president’s obsession with the probe is only escalating. On Sunday he tweeted that it was “McCarthyism at its WORST!”

    He also took issue with a New York Times report that White House counsel Donald McGahn has been speaking extensively with Mueller’s investigators. Trump said the story implied that McGahn’s cooperation suggested “he must be a John Dean type ‘RAT.’ ”

    Process that one, fellow Americans: A public servant who spoke truth under oath is called a “rat” by the president of the United States. In a word: sad.

    • Did you actually read the tweet? Trump was not calling him a rat, he was unambiguously saying that the NYT was twisting McGahn’s role, and that they were making him appear to be a “rat” when he was cooperating with the investigation with Trump’s blessing. You can think what you want about Trump and what is going on, but you are outright misrepresenting what Trump actually said.

    • Your post only makes sense if you believe everything Pres Trump says is wrong. So far everything he said or tweeted has proven to be right on, except in SF OR CA, assuming they Are in the same country.

      • Yes…I believe everything Trump says is wrong. He cares not about you and me. Only himself, the perception of himself and the loyalty of other to him. Everyone else is trash.

      • Compared to Pres Trumps detractors, of which there are many, he is acting like a gentleman. In the Nov 2018 election, the RED WAVE will prove this statement correct with a Republican landslide. In CA in the 2016 Presidential election, Pres Trump received 4.5 million votes, of which none pooped on the streets.

    • Mark ,,, the reason someone in that position cannot tell the truth is the chess game ,if you told someone what the future moves that you had planned then you couldn’t win the game against an opponent.

      Yes some things are kept secret ,
      and some things Are kept from the opponents especially if the opponent is evil and satanic and twisted and pedophilic. Wouldn’t you agree mark!!

      • BLPG,
        I may agree with you if it was anyone else but Trump. I just don’t think he has the brain capacity to actually think about future moves. I doubt this man has ever played the game of chess in his life. He is more of a simpleton “go fish” type. Let me ask you something. How rich do you think you would be today, if 30 years ago you were handed over $200 million…)this includes his dad’s estate…?)

        With just simple interest you would have over a billion dollars. He isn’t a businessman…he isn’t a negotiator…he isn’t anything but an egotistical jerk.

        You know what I would like to happen? I would like our own George Ure to interview him and ask him tough questions about our economy…and expect real answers…not just the answers he always gives, like ” Our economy is really the best…the best economy ever…no President has ever has a better economy that me.”

        I want him to explain in a detailed, professorial manner…Start with the simple ones first.
        1. Ask him…What are the Top 5 Leading Economic Indicators?
        2. What industries does the Fed’s core inflation exclude?
        3. How many one on one deals has he made with Asian countries after he dumped the TPP?
        4. Does he believe that Production and exchange – regardless of the balance on the current account – generates wealth? If so, then why impose tariffs…
        5. How does NAFTA works and would he dump the dispute resolution panel.

        I could go on…and I would bet his real net worth…of which I could probably afford…that he could not answer one of those questions.

        General Kelly, Congress and his cabinet are doing 100% of the work. When they want o get things done, they send him to one of his golf courses or plan a rally for his to spoilt nonsense at. In the meantime, stuff is getting done….much of which I like. I just don’t give Trump one bit of satisfaction that any of it has to do with him!!!

    • Mark..I am registered as democrat but I believe in being open minded. If you paid attention to what he has accomplished he’s been able to do more for the American laborer than any president in my lifetime. I think he actually cares about the people the country and the economy. By strengthening the industrial sector strengthens the dollar which as you well know makes the dollar we have to spend worth more. The way it was heading we were heading towards hyper inflation. I know you know how that is. You live in a city where poverty is set at a quarter million and a dump we all would tear down is selling for two million.
      I love the fact that what he says is not scripted and from the heart. He isn’t afraid to change his opinion either. He’s a businessman. Will he do things I don’t like absolutely. But he does care. He’s trying and getting things done without any help.

      • Mark… this is what we have coming at this time if we let the puppetmasters have their way.. I know it isn’t pretty to think about but it is true. we have been following the exact same plan of action. It is time to move away from their method of getting it done.

        some are afraid of war. I believe that if the presidential battle had been won by anyone of a political nature rather than a business nature then there would have been a great probability that we would have been embattled in a war. Historically the puppeteers are not the bargaining type. to date they are the lets take it type and have had the power to sway our politicians to move their way.

        we are what in 170 or is it 190 countries each of which have raw resources that are coveted.
        ask any five year old and he will tell you the strongest tower of blocks is one that has a strong base. our president is attempting to build a strong base to work on.. bring back american pride and manufacturing.. make the dollar you talk about so much worth more.. as a scientist I use to drink coffee with that wrote most of the books that is studied in college always said as we looked to the stars as he tried to convince me to look into quantum.. JUST THINK ABOUT IT

      • Again…none of that comes from Trumps brain. It started with Bannon and has morphed into Munuchin and company. Trump can’t spell economy, let alone direct it’s path forward. The man is the most clueless person to hold any type of office ever.

  2. Hey George, Have you noticed the up tic in quakes in the Middle East? Or for that matter quakes in general, the USGS site has been showing a lot of activity to a point where a warning pops up saying my device can’t handle all of them!

    • Unfortunately if what has been predicted continues..they are just going to increase in activity and severity. So will storm activity.

  3. George, realize that “textualist or originalist” was rejected as a doctrine in order to consummate the Louisiana Purchase. And further hitting the Rs where they live, if we followed that doctrine, the Sup. Ct. could not have overruled campaign contribution limits in Citizens United. Best, Mike.

  4. As we move In time to the Future, we see the light as it becomes brighter and we find out that we don’t really die so there is no death there is no use for taxes so the saying that you can be guaranteed death and taxes is getting ready to change in our future.
    I am a dreamer but only dreamers get glimpses of the future they behold,
    Some dreamers see a Sinister future Darkness evil satanic and other dreamers see a place of light ,a place of Happiness of Harmony and you say is there a separation or do they both have to live together no they do not have to live together in the future one goes along one timeline and another goes along another timeline and each individual has to choose that timeline that they want to live in and experience.

    Creator Image
    Sharon Michelle’s CRYPTO-VISION posted
    Hello from Capt. Jared

    Cheers to everyone!
    I am still working on the water, having to finish out my contract for the cruising season which ends in late October,,,,,

    *Editor’s note from George –
    The balance of this post was deleted as it is a repost from another site and we do not own coipyright.
    “Fair Use” is generally up to a paragraph and in context of a discussion with other points. This was not related *except existentially) so it had to edit out.
    A link to a post you think is of legit value and interest is OK most times but I’m a moody old man, so just be cool and don’t abuse me of my good nature…

  5. Trump said the story implied that McGahn’s cooperation suggested “he must be a John Dean type ‘RAT.’ ”
    the story = NY Times
    Put quotation mark after Trump said “NY Times implied

    I trust the NY Times to mislead those who would read their stories

  6. The other day ECS remarked: “You are sounding a little down on the world,” and shouldn’t I? I was watching an interesting clip on ‘YTUBE’ about Mussolini’s history. Pictures of 2 dictators I’d never seen before from that angle, (and their adoration, of both, by the public!!!) Conclusion: Not much will ever change, because of us, the public. ;-(( Eat, drink, and be merry!

    • Semi true Bruno. Core America, who elected Pres Trump(PT), are putting up a last ditch effort to recover America from the swampites. PT knows this & will not give up the fight. He may be an egomaniac, but his heart is good. When the likes of Besos find their billions confiscated by the government & put in jail, they will be screaming for PT’s help, but it will be after 2024 & too late. Support PT now, & Mussolini will not visit America.

    • Benny was universally adored — until he wasn’t.

      FDR was one of Mussolini’s biggest fans, but in the 1920s and ’30s he had huge support amongst the general population of the U.S. as well. Federal buildings and post offices have always sported photos of the current POTUS. Until Hitler took Poland, most U.S. Federal buildings and post offices had a photo of Mussolini alongside the photo of Roosevelt. In a society where everyone but the elites is a pauper, fascism becomes a tremendously attractive form of socialism…

      • I’m grateful you remembered with significance. I do remember also, but the small pebble in my slippers was more important at the time. ;-)

  7. Those rascally Ruskies! They’re wargamming all over Asia these days – Armenia, the NATO border zones and soon Eastern Siberia. And Putin himself will reportedly initiate these games, the largest in Russia since 1981. My wife affectionately calls war games “toys for boys.” With overhead assets and snoops on the ground, every action taken will be known and analyzed by the West. The main utility of a ‘combined’ exercise (types of games are single service; multi-service, or ‘joint’; and international, or ‘combined’) is to foster reliable communications and achieve synchronized maneuvering capabilities between the various actors. This gets all the more difficult when allies exercise together (Russia, China and Mongolia) due to different languages, operating tactics and military doctrine. Commanders often learn many valuable lessons from the errors committed during such ‘games.’

    • I truly am not worried about a war at this time..
      Jenping,Putin, and Trump are all very smart men.. each of them loves their country and the people they represent and wants to do the best that they can for their people and countries. in my way of thinking I see each of them as men of dignity and honor. They will go the extra mile for their country and yes if forced to will act. as long as we aren’t letting the puppeteers convince us at trying to take their resources and we are willing to bargain and not try invade destroy their cities and homes and kill their people to take what the puppeteers want..If we use logic and communication then I doubt that they would want to cause mutual annihilation..Now I see a complete different picture if we continue to let our special interest groups to buy and manipulate our politicians to pursue a more active roll to gain wealth for some.. OH THERE WASN’T ANY ONE PERSON OR COUNTRY THAT GAVE ME THAT IMPRESSION EITHER.. no Russian involvement on me anyway.. I can see how stupid the good old boy method is all by myself..

  8. It is good to keep track of the war games and mobilizations. It may be a truer weather vane of events to come. Consider taking another perspective.

    The Q Meme is in play. Is it real; is it a PSYOP? Regardless of your opinion, The Q Meme is Mainstream.

    I would say that the Washington June 11, 2018 unauthorized missile launch near Whidbey Island, Washington has been kept spectacularly quiet. Then to follow up, over a month later in the same area a Q400 aircraft was stolen by a luggage handler who knew how to do aerobatics; and then, he closes the airshow by plowing into Ketron Island, which could be an island straight out of James Bond and Doctor No.

    Suppose a missile was launched at Air Force One on its way to the North Korean Summit? That would be an instantaneous game changer.

    My experience in rockets, jets, helicopters, and flight simulators triggers all-kinds of red-flags. Clearly, a picture of a surface-to-air-missile was taken at 03:56 AM on June 11, 2018 near Whidbey Island.

    President Donald J. Trump and North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un met in Singapore on June 12, 2018.

    This is followed by a baggage-handler doing barrel-rolls and loops in a stolen 76-seat, twin engine turboprop over Puget Sound and the same area as the alleged missile launch. That really strains my Coincidence Meter.

    You know where I have been at with this, George. It’s been a long time coming, but that day is here.

    Powerful forces are in opposition right now. They don’t teach you about the reality of Satanic cults in War College or any college. I have called it The Great Scandal for over 11 years now.

    It is a civilization buster. Foundations will crumble, and enemies will take advantage.

    Follow the hardware…

  9. It is so glaring obvious as to seem embarrassing that the “left” & “right” in America continue to argue over absolutely everything. Practically the entire mainstream media, generally “left”/ anti-Trump but also “right” leaning, are all run by the same people (the slide showing the connections has been shown on Zerohedge many times) so they should be entirely discounted as to their merit & definitely not fought over as it’s all rubbish. That they are actually watched/ read speaks volumes for where America is now. Furthermore, that people think Trump is the “right” & he cares about America/ Americans is crazy from an outsiders point of view. He is not a billionaire, he’s been broke since the 90’s when he got bailed out (to big to fail) & has been in the pockets of the friendly bailers ever since. Everything he has done thus far has been for the good of these benefactors. The man has done amazingly well (even bagged me a few $$ with his delightful defeat of Clinton) but to think he is working to help America is, to me, so blind as to be wilfully neglectful of yourselves. My advice is to stop holding on to an enigma, it’s like the left still thinking Obama was/ is a really great guy when the evidence shows he was just as evil as the last. I assume that one of the reasons we are all here is for honest analysis & opinion (whether we agree or not) & we get it in spades from George & in the great comments section. Urbansurvival/ PN is real news, from the horses mouth, from actual people, most everything out there in the mainstream media is fake bs, controlled for the most part, so please, discount it all, left & right as soon as you can, for the sake of yourselves & for the sake of America.

    • Yes, you have to ditch that the MSM tells any truth, and gives a crap about any American citizen. They have proven they don’t care about the citizens of the USA. There is too much money in DESTROYING the Sovereignty of the USA, and they have had a 50 plus year head start on their agenda; this latest round of ’emotional pursuits’ is just furthering their agenda. If the AGENDA isn’t quite clear to everyone yet, then you all haven’t been paying attention. It’s not an Agenda that will be stopped by voting, in case you haven’t noticed, the border is still wide open, the refugee resettlement plan is full-steam ahead, the transferring of YOUR wealth to your neighbors, lazy or not, is continuing unabashedly, and on and on it goes, where it stops….ahhhhh, WE KNOW, and that’s why we PREP! And, of course, VISIT this site.

  10. Damn…my wife just hit e with a question I couldn’t give a logical explanation to..
    Sitting out having a good cup of Joe and reading a great book.
    KANT..the German philosopher.. And she asks..
    Why are you reading it backwards..from the end to the beginning..
    I don’t know..just seemed logical..didn’t even realize I be honest…

  11. “So that’s the view: Between now and close of trading Wednesday, we’d expect a possible pullback – and if it carries into Friday, a turnaround next Monday or Tuesday and then something of a rally going into Labor Day.”
    You’re the voice in the wilderness ;-)! Something of substance, IMHO. Right or wrong, you’re the man!!

  12. Don’t underestimate Trumps ability to challenge his detractors and get them on the run. I think this fall, the web thats being cast by Trump to expose the ” security clearance monetizers” and their affiliations with social media, the CIA, FBI and msm accomplices, as well as the MIC, are all going to be part of a new investigation launched by Trump. Theres a reason why we don’t win wars anymore. Its too profitable to have unending enemies. That gravy train may be coming to an end.

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