Markets: A 10-year Rally then “Double-Top?”

My old, dog-eared copy of Technical Analysis has been one of my better friends in trying to understand the market.  And one of the most interesting of stock pattern formations is something called the “Double-Top.”

To save time (and because its summer and I’m lazy and this ain’t Peoplenomics), here’s the short-version of it from Wikipedia:

“The double top is a frequent price formation at the end of a bull market. It appears as two consecutive peaks of approximately the same price on a price-versus-time chart of a market. The two peaks are separated by a minimum in price, a valley. The price level of this minimum is called the neck line of the formation. The formation is completed and confirmed when the price falls below the neck line, indicating that further price decline is imminent or highly likely.

The double top pattern shows that demand is outpacing supply (buyers predominate) up to the first top, causing prices to rise. The supply-demand balance then reverses; supply outpaces demand (sellers predominate), causing prices to fall. After a price valley, buyers again predominate and prices rise. If traders see that prices are not pushing past their level at the first top, sellers may again prevail, lowering prices and causing a double top to form. It is generally regarded as a bearish signal if prices drop below the neck line.

The time between the two peaks is also a determining factor for the existence of a double top pattern. If the tops appear at the same level but are very close in time, then the probability is high that they are part of the consolidation and the trend will resume.

Volume is another indicator for interpreting this formation. Price reaches the first peak on increased volume then falls down the valley with low volume. Another attempt on the rally up to the second peak should be on a lower volume.”

So, how is this useful in today’s world?  Well, let’s take the Wikipedia sourced chart (by Altafqadir) and lay it into a graphics program and then adjust the scales of the S&P 500 to see if the pattern looks, oh…you know….similar:

Obviously, this is not financial advice.

I figure, if my view is incorrect on this, there will be a larger-than-zero (try four-figure trading loss) in one of our accounts.  Such is the price of continuing financial education.  $5-grand is not insignificant tuition.

On the other hand, we know a couple of things that increase my confidence in the notion that this fall could “end badly.”  The general outline I’ve presented in the past has been  based on a kind of “intuitive approach” but now I’ve gotten up early, spliced the two charts together, and I think my outlook for the fall is abundantly clear.  Besides, that $5-grand “downer” is an unrealized loss.  Which simply means that if I do (in some wild quantum alternate-future) turn out to be right in my outlook, then a five-figure gain is the other possibility.  To me, that’s an “interesting risk” if you’re a mad man.  Which, conveniently….

When Do I “Reform?”

That’s simple enough:  When we get a weekly closing high that is significantly (1-2% might do it) above the old all-time highs.  Remember, though, all three indices have to break higher since I look at things in an “aggregate view.”  This means sure, some fund can arbitrage the Dow higher.  That’s only 30-stocks.

For now, though commodities are screaming that the “end is near” for the dollar rally.  And as evidence, we’d point you to the German DAXI which was up about 1 percent yesterday and as I write this morning, it’s up a further 2/3rd’s of a percent.  This doesn’t have the “feel” of runaway “strong dollar” European disintermediation, at least to me.

Moreover, the metals….well, more on that on the site tomorrow.

For this morning, the majority of the “investing herd” doesn’t see it, and instead = absent meaningful data until the Fed notes tomorrow – they remain with their noses planted directly in the herd-member in front of them.  Which is why the market may drift up a few more days – and I don’t mind some additional bloodletting on my account in the interim.  When it turns, things should be spectacular….or I get the realized loss.

I’d point out – for fans of the inflation is here club that no such thing is happening.  The 10-year Treasury note saw the yield drop to the 2.82 range in Monday trading and, as Don Bondi – our senior bond trading whiz in Houston says – the kind of pricing we see in the markets right now is almost insane.  At some point, he and I both figure, something’s gotta give.

That’s because if the Fed was really going to raise rates again this year, there would be moves already to begin to drift up to higher yields – which would be dropping the price of bonds and that would push money from bonds and intro stocks.  But, when rates are coming down?  No such movements will have legs.

On the longer-term charts there is a caution, too:  There’s no technical reason why the PoG (Price of Gold) can’t fall to under $1,000 late this fall or in early 2019.  Sure, that would mean some “flight to safety” of the US Dollar to some, but it could simply mean the beggaring of the American Middle Class.

Markets Telegraph the News in Advance

When one is lucky-enough to see the future as it MIGHT play out in the charts, it becomes an easy task to look for “big news.”

What we see is “Big News” will arrive in the first week of September, or so, and when it comes everyone will be caught off-guard.  Well, almost everyone.

By the first week of October,  we should be into the right shoulder rally and a short-term “solution” to whatever the September crisis should SEEM to be passing.  But, no, it comes back with a vengeance prior to Turkey Day – which I will leave for you to discern whether than means Elections or Thanksgiving.  The double entendres around here are sometimes intentional.  We’ll get turkeys, in either case.

But which turkeys?

That question is really the only one that matters, so lets get the baseball bats and go take a couple of swings at….

The Morning News Pinata

As I was just mentioning, “Futures gain ahead of planned U.S.-China trade talks.”  So one turkey could be those talks blow-up, the Chinese storm out citing bad faith, the Chinese cancel their leader’s visit, and North Korea’s buddy-buddy-ballistic relationship with the NorK’s comes out into the public eye.  This wrecks the “Trump Bump” story the GOP wants to tell and sell and the Blue Wave in November – led by socialist idiots – assures the compound-interest reality crack-up of America prior to 2028.  Whew!

Our next bash with the bat on the pinata of Life scores Reuters catching up to our view of the Global Currency War in “Futures gain ahead of planned U.S.-China trade talks.”  With growing jitters about when “truth ain’t truth, anymore” which Mayor Rudy lit-off in an ambush interview he could have avoided, the Rest of  World (RoW) as we figure it, may be ready to dump US stocks wholesale and head back to their respective countries.  This sets up the massive economic decline, rips-up any chance of a Fed rate hike until the free-fall and nose-bleeds stop and leaves democrats with a few more seats and that will insure at least two more years of do-nothing government.

In a way, we’re impressed with what the Founders mapped out:  It is a political system when 25-50 conspirators of the Deep State have scuttled a large fraction of the Donald Trump presidency by pulling security clearances and delaying confirmations and distracting the real work of running the country.  And if the first two years weren’t hitting on all 8-cylinders (10 if you drive a Viper or 6- if you drive a Targa) you ain’t see nothing yet.  Democrats in control will shut down virtually all economic progress while promoting Mengele sex choicing for victimized children programmed by insane (what was Mel Brook’s line?)  Abby Normal parents…and thus completing the work former Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev couldn’t get done.

(If you’re a child, you may not remember him saying “We will bury you!” (Youtube details)  but no one would have believed that he’d do so by handing liberalista teachers free shovels.  Hell of it is?  It’s been working like a charm which is why a smart guy like Ben Carson gets eaten-alive in politics and a “ruling by division” player like Obama wins, but you know all that, I presume.

Old Newsman Note: Did I ever mention Francis Gary Powers who was shot down over Russia flew the traffic plane for the sister station of the one I was news director of?  Yep, flew a Cessana Cardinal for years for KGIL in the San Fernando Valley – back in the day when Buckley Broadcasting Corp. owned the station.  Gee, where’s my meds….)

So, meantime, back at the pinata….

Oil Depletion isn’t on the horizon, yet:  Alaska North Slope a ‘Super Basin’ Ready for Oil Resurgence as Oil Production Expected to Grow 40 Percent in Eight Years, IHS Markit Says.  But that could cause the Ruskies to get pissy up North – a seriously under-weighted future resource conflict in our view.  He who owns the resource, calls the tune…

Or, how about Microsoft Uncovers More Russian Hacking Attempts Ahead of Midterms as foreplay to the above.  You know, everyone thinks this collusion crap was all made up to go after Trump.  But, in reality, there’s a completely off-the-wall (except here, where I study data all day) possibility.

Russia Wants Alaska Back.

Remember how we got Alaska?  Again, we go to Wikipedia because people’s memories are about as long as male petchewzelwhackers – vastly over-estimated in size/length!

“The Alaska Purchase (Russian: ??????? ??????, tr. Prodazha Alyaski) was the United States‘ acquisition of Alaska from the Russian Empire on March 30, 1867, by a treaty ratified by the United States Senate, and signed by President Andrew Johnson.

Russia wanted to sell its Alaskan territory, due to the difficulty of living there, apparent lack of natural resources (gold was later discovered in 1896), and fearing that it might be easily seized by the United Kingdom in case of war between the two countries. Russia’s primary activities in the territory had been fur trade and missionary work among the Native Alaskans. The land added 586,412 square miles (1,518,800 km2) of new territory to the United States.”

You getting this?  Vladimir (prince of the buff workouts) Putin has designs on getting Russia back to the size it was in Pre-Alaskan Purchase times.  His nationalism is based on something like Latter-Day-Tsarism thinking.  Reconstruct the old Empire, huh?

To make it simple for the social-media-deranged to follow:  An American Real Estate Grab screwed Russia out of Alaska…and now we’re ruled (nominally, when democrats stop obstructing long enough) by a what?  REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER!!

Yeah, I totally get why the Russians have a problem with us.  They should have done a  99-year lease which would have given them the area back just before the North Slope hit.

Oh, speaking of Sarah Palin…what did I see about her this morning? Oh yes, “Bristol and Sarah Palin get candid in first ‘Teen Mom OG’ teaser.”

No, that’s not news, but not much of anything is this morning.  Which is why I’m going to pig out on breakfast and then work on commodity-stock market linkage models this morning for the folks in the loge section ( tomorrow.

Here – tomorrow morning – be sure to read our prepping and survival piece “Extended CPR for Shock-Induced Cardiac Arrest”  – especially if you’re a ham radio operator, do solar power work, or are a power company lineman or electrician…

Now, back to finding my meds… moron da ‘morrow…

33 thoughts on “Markets: A 10-year Rally then “Double-Top?””

  1. Inflation will come home to roost, but it will be inflation of need based items (food mainly) and deprecation of want based items a 4 bedroom home, fancy cars, tvs, etc.

  2. George: ‘Socialist idiots,” ‘Deep State.’ Really? Do you listen to yourself? All because they want to give a hungry kid food, or a cancer victim radiation? Or not dump chemicals into ground water? Instead, give the money to rich people who comparatively don’t spend it?

    Before you get too excited about the Trump bump, anyone can juice a good economy at near full employment (and cut corporate taxes to boot) via deficit spending/borrowing onto the national debt. You act like it was some magic.

    Conservatives always bassackwards: Austerity in bad times; deficit stimulus in good times. That cost us $3 trillion, plus $2 trillion just put onto the debt for tax cuts, plus $8 trillion for the Iraq war — about $13 trillion there alone that Conservative/Republican policies put onto the national debt. How many school lunches can you buy for $13 trillion?

    BTW, George, get your language straight. No one is talking about taking the means of production, which is ‘Socialism.’ They are talking about not forcing Grandma out of her one bedroom apartment because they cut her social security. Of course, if someone calls tracking down potential crime at the highest levels a Deep State, then obviously accuracy is not their thing. Best, Mike.

    • Grandma may need a safety net, and I’m all for it. The problem is that the landlord needs a stable income that’s tied to necessary costs, a padding for unexpected events, the right to evict if she’s a problem(yes, grandma’s can be as bad as anyone else), and a profit to justify taking an enormous risk in housing her. Said landlord also needs freedom of action in running the place, without having to hire an accountant, lawyer, and multiple licensed “perfessionals” to deal with too many bureaucracies formed to regulate and over-regulate his business. This applies everywhere, and it’s one reason I stopped participating in much of the economy at all during the Odorbama years. I have better things to do in my short life than feed the pig.

      Socialism works(badly) until it runs out of other people’s money. It’s a strong disincentive for engagement with society at all. Have you been tracking Venezuela recently?

    • Mark
      I was thinking while reading your words “cut social security” and it occurs to me that I have never heard of SSI benefits decreasing. They may stay the same for a while, due to CON-gress monkeying with the inflation rating, or grow slower, but I have never once heard of a period from one year to another, where the benefit was decreased, that is to say, “cut.”
      Can you?
      If you can tell me of any two year period where Social Security was “cut” I would like to see you report it here, with the difference between years.
      Or STFU about cutting social security.

    • “Grandma”

      I wonder….

      Why doesn’t grannies hubby take care of her?
      Why doesn’t grannies parents take care of her?
      Why doesn’t grannies children take care of her?
      Why doesn’t grannies grand children take care of her?
      Why doesn’t grannies aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins take care of her?
      Why doesn’t grannies in-laws take care of her?
      Why doesn’t grannies friends take care of her?

      Why does everyone hate granny so much so that the women is left to us? And why is it your responsibility to make us ensure she doesn’t die alone in a one bedroom?


      • Granpa Trump’s got inner cabinet ties with Putin:

        Help those at the very top (warning: income inequality discussed at the bottom of article, not for those who only see the world as Leftie/Rightie)

      • Grannie’s husband passed away after a long illness which ate up alot of their retirement funds;
        Grannie’s parents passed away decades ago;
        Grannie doesn’t have any children;
        therefore, Grannie doesn’t have any grandchildren;
        nor does Grannie have any living relatives;
        Grannie’s in-laws are either passed away or trying to survive themselves;
        Grannie’s friends have either passed away or are struggling themselves

        This scenario is MY personal situation going forward into the future. Divorced twice (and no, without kids the woman doesn’t walk away with much;, worked for 35 years but having changed jobs and employers frequently due to moves, never got an opportunity for a pension nor a 401K; back in 2015 lost whatever we had saved to HUGE medical expenses not covered by insurance thereby leaving us starting all over again at post-retirement age (as they say, good luck with that).
        Not that I am looking for the gvt to take care of me, what I AM looking for is to receive back the 100% I have paid into the ‘system’ in the form of SS and Medicare – NOT reduced ‘benefits’.

      • I am sorry for Granny ..
        back in the seventies and the eighties health care workers.. some were hired but a vast majority of the floor workers were volunteers.. you had orderlies and candy stripers.. I was an orderly.. along side of me was the daughter of one of the patients.. if we were short staffed then we would get volunteers from churches and from other organizations.. Yes work release and the hospital patients that were mobile.. (psych hospital LOL got some great stories about that.) mom stayed home with the kids and dad went to work..
        anyway we did it all.. yup everything.. today you have to have a degree to do a lot of the stuff we did then.. but i digress.. in the early eighties several things were done to undermine the family and the social structures.. deregulation and the outsourcing of jobs.. pretty soon mom couldn’t stay home to keep the house and make sure the kids were doing their homework etc.. she had to take on a part time job.. then the recession which caused the money saved for social security beneficiaries was added into the budget. I can see the president now on tv saying it will make social security stronger. this was done to bail out the financial systems that should have failed then.. today ss beneficiaries are viewed as leaches on society.. the money I put into it if it had been invested in something simple like savings bonds would have been worth millions of dollars.. but the daughter is now working a full time job the father is working one full time and one part time and still has to go to the government to find assistance for daycare.. yup three kids is over two grand a month.. food stamps.. etc.. the eic tax credit which is what is floating the economy now..
        so what happened to granny.. give me a @#$%*&% break.. she now has to sell her home give away every penny she had saved to pay for someone else to take care of her.. she sits lonely at the window talking about her son and grandkids her daughters waiting patiently for someone to stop and visit.. eventually her health deteriorates and the kids not seeing her has a hard time with her deterioration.. her room for ten grand a month is an eight foot by twelve foot space with a bathroom that is shared the indignity of having to depend on others.. the money she saved so long to pass on gone in a few short years

  3. There’s so much doom and gloom about this fall, as it relates to the market, it makes me think the opposite will happen… just like 2 summers ago when it was preached the market was going to correct big time and all it did was go up,… and then there was the ominous prediction that last August was the top and 1929 would begin as we entered fall. We saw how that turned out. Doesn’t the market like gridlock?

  4. Russia’s biggest fundamental problem is demographic. They have an enourmous land mass with gobs of resources, but they’re short on people to work or defend it.

    Meanwhile they have hostile Muslims to the south and their allies of the moment (China) to the southeast.

    If we had actually treated them as a potential partner post 1989 rather than as our scapegoat dejour, things could eb quite different.

  5. George, you are coming around to the Russia meddling issue it seems. Of course Russia was involved. Russian hackers were involved in the development and growth of many of cyber security companies like Symantec, McAfee and others since the 1990’s They would bring them into the U.S. to try to hack into their systems to improve their own products.

    Back in my ad and PR days in the Valley, one of our clients was SRI and they held a security conference in 2000 that featured famous Russian hacker John Vranesevich among others. It was a sold out event and ABC News with Peter Jennings covered it. The Russians have had a foothold in America’s technology for 30 years or more.

    Why are they so entrenched? It’s their upbringing. Consider what is mandatory in their elementary and middle school years.
    1. Theoretical foundations
    2. Principles of computer’s functioning
    3. Information technologies
    4. Network technologies
    5. Algorithmization
    6. Languages and methods of programming
    7. Modeling
    8. Informatics and Society

    In high school it really gets tough. They put America to shame.

    But to understand Russian involvement, you need to understand their investments and one man in particular…Yuri Milner. This article was written in Wired in 2011. A quote that hit me was “He sees networks like those created by Twitter and Facebook as steps in the development of a global brain.”

    Hmmmm. This is your theory George…except this is a quote from a Russian Billionaire. See article below.

    • Mark, you like to refer to Pres Trump as an idiot. Let me give you the definition of an idiot.

      “I can`t believe I lost the election to Trump. It’s not fair. Everyone knows I am a lovable, honest person & deserve to be President. I forced a smile once. You elected Bill, what about me? Must have been the Russians, they are so much smarter than us even though we bankrupted them in the 80’s. Hold on a second, I have to delete some emails. Time to write a book & make a few more millions. Where’s my ghostwriter? Sincerely, Hillary.”

      I guess that is the kind of government you prefer.

      • ECS,
        Why do you Trump supporters always defend him by mentioning Hillary? Stupid logic. I didn’t for for her. She is definitely his equal in the criminal “behavior” department that is for sure. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I would like to see any GOP politician except Ted Cruz, be at the helm right now.

      • The reason she is mentioned (along with Obama) is there are two sets of laws in this country – one for the dems one for the reps. Take campaign finance. Obama screws up $2-million in FEC campaign accounting and writes $300K fine check. Dinesh D’souza screws up $15,000 donation and gets a felony rap.
        the list goes on and on… so that’s what drives it – less than equal protection under the law

      • George,
        You could not be more wrong. You are going into the two wrongs territory. You must understand…Trump did this to himself with his big, ugly mouth and twitter fingers.

        Trumps men are exactly the reason I refused to vote for Hillary. I knew she would just bring in the swampiest of swamp creatures to run our government. I wasted my vote on a write in. But Trump has proven to me that he is much worse. This is the most corrupt presidency since Richard Nixon…and it will way surpass Nixon in the end.

        Look for Wilbur Ross to be next with his ongoing SEC investigation. There are rumors his entire staff is quitting to protect their job integrity. Staying may hurt their future job prospects.

        But so far, it has been a revolving door (23 have resigned, left or have been fired) of disaster for Trump. Fox News is ostracizing Cohen and Omarosa for their shameless recordings…but consider the distrustful nature of their boss…Trump and his shady character gave them no choice. His actions were so outrageously swarmy, that they felt they had to protect themselves. These recordings have followed Trump going back to the AccessHollywood tapes. Stormy has tapes TOO. Do the Russians have tapes? Probably…You can’t make up weird stuff like a pee tape
        . This just shows the reckless nature of this President. He is vulnerable and brings it on himself.

        He thought a reality show Presidency could work. 30% of his base in his rally states like West Virginia buy into it, but the educated core do not. President Pence May sound boring…but after the disaster of our experiment with this remedial loser we have in office now…Mike Pence will bring decency, integrity and a gentile calm back to the White House.

      • Trump is no idiot.. even an idiot can see that he is on top of the game a little narcissistic but no dummy at all .. Mark.. I was impressed when he out of the blue was upset over a post.. I am not sure if he knew why he was upset at the news post.. but the reason I think was the irritation to him was the negative subliminals that were everywhere..There are very few people that can spot them or even realize they are present.. like all the smiling flowers on the pre universal studio movies.. its on every one and the guy jumping for joy.. you don’t spot it unless you catch it and I even knowing it is there can’t always spot it and have to go back to watch it.. like the movie that was promoting the spiderman movie by having spiderman running across the road in the background of one scene or maybe it was a dual scene.. that is in the movie Italian job.. great movie..
        he has lost it and regained it and learned from each event..and built up a future that I know I will never be able to get..

    • Ha, Russia meddling! What country literally buys & owns practically all US politicans? All your elections have been extremely successfully meddled with for about 50 years & it hasn’t been the Russians. If you are too blind to see this, please continue waste more brain hours on this Russia sham. Enjoy!

    • It was not Elaine’s decision ;-), so her reaction is “gossip” IMHO. You know what it feels like: Lousy!

      • I agree Bruno. I should have keep my mouth shut. I can be an a__hole sometimes. I apologize.

        Based on the aftermarket, it could be a down day tomorrow. I am still holding SQQQ from last week since my charts never said sell even with the current semi rally.

      • DAMN ECS… my wife tells me I hold that position of A@#hole..I thought I was the only one.. LOL

  6. The alaska pipeline is down to about 500,000 barrels a day. A flow rate so low that there are plans to build heating stations along the route to keep the oil pump-able.
    Adding 40% to this flow over 10 years is good, but, only 200,000 barrels a day.

  7. The house of cards are crumbling for Trump now. Could this be the downside omen George has referenced the past few weeks?

    At this point Cohen and Manafort have no reason to protect their former “boss” anymore. Back in the day, when he ran the “family” business, they may have had more to fear the lives of them and their family. Trump has made it very clear what he feels bout loyalty as a President. Imagine what it was like when he didn’t have the accountability of the government, media etc. prior to public service.

    My question is how will the market react? Will they rejoice knowing that finally a Republican with a brain and no drama will finally take over and run this country? Or will they over react because of few of his biker base are going to take to the streets and cause havoc? I am betting on the former. I think a huge majority of America is sick of Trumps crap and wants to get back to normalcy again.

    His Presidency was weirdly entertaining, but like the third season of a novelty reality show, his ratings are starting to wane in a big way and its time to get a real man in the office.

  8. Hello, this is small caps ben, you remember “gold is for suckers!” lol. not the large caps Ben that surprisinly disappeared after i quit posting. lol.

    Well, I have just dropped by to give you a little heads up! lol

    george’s view of the big picture maybe myopic. it’s planted in the recorded past before the emergence of events classified as uncharted territory. past history has no real “gains” in this uncharted territory era. its playing the nickel and dimes slots, poor odds, but who can really afford to play the market at these values? but, if youre happy playing nickels and dimes more power to you. lol

    Seriously, the big picture is empire building. The moves that are transpirpng are not generated for the sake of growing an economy but for producing submissions from enemies and allies alike, aka building an empire. lol

    of course, the strategy will be goldfingeresque, it will be the only game left to play. the strategy will also be played with the skills needed for poker and the luck of the draw! lol.

    So, how to make money if this strategy succeeds is rather simple, but remains a gambler’s bet, no odds! lol

    The true dominance of The U.S. resides in it economic strategic currency reserves. Our gold reserves dwarf our two closet competitors combined, by a three to one advantage. lol

    this places us, the U.S. in a position to leverage our advantage in the global currency exchange arenas. by flooding the gold market with a trifle 300 billion dollars worth of gold, the market will atrophy. the emergence of crytocurrencies will exacerbate the flight. Now, this will reduce the currency reserves of enemies and allies alike. This reduction of currency reserves will hamper everything from world bank loans to maintainimg currency values for exchange rates. lol

    We see the importance the Trump administration places on weakening the dollars strength. this is necessary for a more export friendly environment for our chief export, armaments. Because in a chaotic world what is more important? rhetorical? yes, no, maybe? lol. A weaken dollar is an important piece of the puzzle, not only because it is necessary to fulfill a campaign promise to reduce the trade debt but it clears the field to allow for a continuation of a trade war into the currency arena. a strong dollar is a precarious position to jump off into a possible currency war that may erupt from/during a trade war. timing is everything in war and love! lol

    so, with a weaken gold market, we still maintain a world dominance, which translates into control over the spigot. lol. This control, will allow the U.S to dictate terms on a wide variety of issues that are not only economically based. will this cause a reversal of the role the U.S. has played since the end of WW2? It’s a real possibility. So, if you chose to invest, you must alter your mindset from investing/participating purely for economic growth to a mindset of empire building! lol

    What must the price of gold drop to in order cause a scale of disruption that will allow the empire building to proceed? Lets look at recent history. In Dec 2007, China allowed the yuan to drop by 15%, this drop precipitated the housing crash of Oct 2008. Allowing for that uncharted territory event as recent history in this uncharted territory era, i would venture to say that a 20% drop in the price of gold from a high of $1370 in 2017, should do the trick. Anything in the range of $1100 for gold, and a successful weakening of the dollar by 10% from 96 to the 86 – 87 dollar range would be an optimal advantage. lol

    Countries, “friends and foes” alike have been hoarding gold since 2014 in preparation for a post recovery era. the adage George likes to qoute is “the market takes the most money it can, from the most people it can, in the shortest possible time”, paraphrasing! lol

    Gee, i really hope this wasn’t too loquacious, i really tried to make it as simple as possible. lol

  9. Kind of off topic but not really. Omarosa (sp) has shown us the future. We all know how much of our lives are captured on video these days, but we never thought that people we know and trust and consider friends and acquaintances may be secretly recording us for future usage as a vendetta or revenge, like Omarosa has done to Trump…I think that time is here. All people with cell phones can now become Gladys Kravitz meets east Germany, where neighbors turned in neighbors for cash rewards and whole cities were wired to eavesdrop on peoples conversations. Now those cities are wired with people and their cell phones. Soon all people will become like Omarosa and especially if the economy tanks and people bait other people into saying something that can be used against them. What a horrible thought hah? But thats what Trumps atty and Omarosa has shown the world…that no one can be trusted anymore if they have a cell phone. Where and what kind of world are we heading toward.

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