UFO Report: Spectral Data Matters

We’ll get to this morning’s dollop of daily data droppings in a second. But first thing up is an important reader “heads-up” on how to read the pending UFO report.

Consider yourself having dropped into Ure’s Old Man Lab in the woods for a “quickie briefing” on trans-dimensional Physics.  Which is what the report is all about, whether anyone wants to use the term yet, or not…

How Spectral Data Matters

To understand precisely what to look for when the UFO report is released, it helps to have read my book Dimensions Next Door: Hacking Space-time.  Because in DND, you will find spectral data (literally: from “DC to Daylight”) related to anomalous events collected for analysis.

Some examples – and frequencies – to amuse your mind:

  • Ships horns:  There seems to be an effect related to massive ship fog signals in the 20-30 Hz audio spectrum.  Example: USS Cyclops (AC-4).  Multiple disappearances. Related:  “strange fogs.”
  • Time Travel while Driving:  thumping on pavement expansion joints.  Examples may be found in stories like this one and occasionally phoned-in by George Noory’s Coast to Coast followers.  Best one was in southern Oregon 20-years ago…  Anyone besides me notice the federal urgency to replace expansion joint interstate highways with “continuously poured concrete” which results in a “thump-free ride?”
  • Acoustical-driven events involving Aircraft: Examples: RAF Air Marshal Sir Robert Victor Goddard (1939).  More recently, Bruce Gernon’s 1970 account of  a dimension rip in a Beech A36 Bonanza routing Andros Bahamas to West Palm Beach.  The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon.
  • Tibetan levitation reports.  Example (*I showed you the other day the layout) was the (1938) Kjellson’s report of massive stone-lifting.
  • Philadelphia Experiment:  Best data was left behind by the late Robert Beckwith regarding experiments on  the M/V Martha’s Vineyard, recommissioned IX-97 in WW II as an experimental platform for “radar invisibility” that seems to have gone much further.  In fact, if you read Beckwith’s US Patent (US20020013139A1) “Infinite speed space communications using information globes” much is revealed.  This is how zero flight time/taurine crystal communications arose.  More on the Peoplenomics site.
  • This work likely impacted the rumored events at Montauk, New York (and a 410 MHz acq. radar, an odd rhyme on Gernon who whose experience was near the Navy deep-water naval warfare studies group (with high powered acq. radar) at Andros’ Tongue of the Ocean.

Back-Engineering Portals

The process I’ve been slowly, methodically following is quite simple:  Make a list of all the known frequencies involved in anomalous reports and then quest after commonalities.

Which brings us to the (likely highly sanitized) government report now pending.

The real KEY data will be high-precision spectral captures.  Because this is where the modern world “flips on a dime” into something out of sci-fi.

You see, when we can bend space-time by nibbling a ways into Beckwith’s “separated space” then time AND dimensional travel become real.  With some side effects like levitation and the like.

We can all collect the frequencies – most of it is in the open literature.

Sound travels at 1,130.25 feet per second at 75F.  But, as any good “ears of the boat” knows, sound travels faster (4.3-times) in water.  Since Navy footage shows transitions in and out of water, should be we scouring the ocean floors for Deep Underwater Alien Bases (DUABs)?

More likely:  High energy sound produces a cavitation bubble allowing hyper-sonic speeds underwater.

You’ll want to read up on Supercavitation because in my work, the same phenomenon that generates hydro-cavitation likely has a space-time analog.  Following?

Buried in Open Source

I had forgotten a case some years back that showed up in one of the MUFON reports.  The story went something like this:

“‘Bout two decades ago, a mil SATCOM operator team happened to lock onto a larger “hub” UAP, and it then proceeded to launch several “fast movers”. They were in the process of linking up with a comsat that broadcast locator beacons at 7.6 and slightly more than 7.6 Ghz, so they were watching gauges.”

Some data we “keep in the family.”  But we’re pretty sure…

Why Spectral Matters

Any additional [public] detail about the spectral capture from this event was never released.  But, with my “researcher hat on”  the key spectral data (*to reverse-engineer this technology) will be noticing the “number of bumps” in any spectral display. Spacing and amplitude.  The more waveform detail, the better.

Imagine you have a spectrum analyzer.  A great open source one over here  is under $100-bucks,though it falls short of 7.6 gigs.

If you look at a spectral display and see a single sharp vertical line, that’s a carrier wave. If the vertical line is less sharp – fuzzed-out, then that’s modulation of some kind. (Square waves generate lots of harmonics, for example, so more hints from width of display…)

Now, if you see two vertical lines, it will mean something very useful:  It will allow you to backtrack (down) to not just one audio tone series, but two.  Three bumps reduces to three driver tones, and so forth.

Remember that it’s not just Kjellson’s Tibetan lifting that’s rumored to be part of a “lost technology” – there’s also the possibility that the massive stones used in ancient megalithic structures could have been moved this way, too. A few drums and flutes and up you go?  Jericho – shofars(Jewish ram’s horn trumpet) and who’s to say how contact  was made in rituals inside the Holy of Holies?

That’d be around 375-385 Hz primary with moderately even 2nd, 3rd, and 4th harmonics in case you left your Fast Fournier Transform (FFT) audio spectrum analyzer at home today.

Because, dear reader, the “secret sauce” that seems to “bind” most of these anomalous events together is a controlled offset group of frequencies.

We have calculated many candidates from books like Gernon’s.  Another “rich source” is Martin Caidin’s “Ghosts of the Air: True Stories of Aerial Hauntings.”

3-Blades of Mystery

The Gernon flight involved a three-bladed prop.  As did a later-in-life flight in which the “electronic fog” was seen developing.  And anecdotal remark from a former FAA ATC boss  to the effect “Yeah, we see the effect sometimes” are also instructive.

Mainly at or below 10,000 feet.  Mainly three-bladed slow-movers in and out of class B airspace.

And, definitely in some “separated space” because as Martin Caidin noted in one encounter by British bombers over Germany, a bomber “impacted” a flight multiple UFOs but no damage was done.

This gets us to a real “sticky wicket.”  Because, you’ll find in ‘the literature’ work going back 35-years, paper’s citing a “nothing to see here” such as Propeller Modulation Effects on a Scanning-Beam Microwave Landing System on JSTOR.

Effects are more pronounced says a genius at MIS/ILS design in areas of mountainous terrain.  Palm Springs is one where in addition to propeller modulation, canyons may act as cavity resonators changing the effects.

Our Bottom-Line Share?

Look for spectral data in the government release.  Count bumps in the spectral.  That’s the frequency offsets.  That’s key to reverse-engineering.

No spectral capture data (the government has a good bit, we hear)?  Then another delaying game is on to keep humans down for another 30-50 years.  Allowing the PTB to profit immensely from a slowly-timed release.

No worries:  I tend to run 10-years ahead of current news.  My 2012 book “Broken Web” is just now coming into view.  Since DND was written in 2017, we expect to know more by 2027.

Oh, in case you hadn’t figured?  Ure’s got a five-dollar side-bet there won’t be ANY useful spectral data included.  We have a antique technology to preserve (reaction rockets and conventional aircraft) at great profit.  Got to get population under control and the global government installed, first.  And that means one more Global War to go, more’n likely.

Above all, our Guiding Research Principle remains:

Everything’s a Business Model” 

It won’t all make sense until it makes cents.

Ham radio’s Field Day in almost here – spectral discussions are almost as hot a “campfire topic” as how week the new solar cycle will be…

Dancing into Data

Well, there is that…Huge pile to roll through:

Durable Goods

International Trade and more



Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 6.4 percent in the first quarter of 2021, reflecting the continued economic recovery, reopening of establishments, and continued government response related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The increase was the same rate as the “second” estimate released in May. In the first quarter, government assistance payments, such as direct economic impact payments, expanded unemployment benefits, and Paycheck Protection Program loans were distributed to households and businesses through the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act and the American Rescue Plan Act. In the fourth quarter of 2020, real GDP increased 4.3 percent.

Don’t let ’em bullshit you:  This is all the Fed making up $1.5-trillion in phony money buys?  Annual rate of WHAT???  6,4 annualized with 30% more money sloshing?

(I sometime feel like the only realist left on Earth.  Everyone else been abducted and implanted?)

New Unemployment Filings

The headlines were blaring:  “Another 411,000 filed this week…”  Only if you are stupid enough to buy into Seasonal Adjustments.  In reality, filings were down on an unadjusted basis 14,720.  Incompetence or pabulum lappers?  Your call.

Corporate Profits

Let me just bottom line you here:

Profits of domestic financial corporations decreased $3.6 billion in the first quarter, in contrast to an increase of $17.5 billion in the fourth quarter. Profits of domestic nonfinancial corporations increased $12.4 billion, in contrast to a decrease of $48.2 billion. Rest-of-the-world profits decreased $9.0 billion, compared with a decrease of $0.7 billion. In the first quarter, receipts increased $31.0 billion, and payments increased $40.0 billion.

Toss in Bitcoin around $34,130 and gold kissing $1,780 with Lumber busting the $880 handle to the downside, and you can see the hysteria running the rally on up.


Anti-virus legend John McAfee is dead.  John McAfee had ‘WHACKD’ tattoo and once said if he was ever found dead in ‘suicide’ he ‘DIDN’T kill himself’ (the-sun.com)

We have a pet theory:  Says McAfee held “the powers” at bay by knowing they had backdoors into anything worthwhile on the web.  Having him come to the States and a chance to appear in open court when he might slip out too much of the Truth?  Well, that just wouldn’t be good for National Security, would it?


Madness on Bordering continues as Kamala Harris To Visit U.S.-Mexico Border Amid Republican Backlash.  We keep waiting for some aspiring young law-slingers to attack special priv’s for illegals as “Equal Protection” statute violations…

Political Correctness Disease claims another victim: Roosevelt statue to be removed from front of NYC museum after 80 years over ‘racism’ complaints | Daily Mail Online.  Nice to see hate-mongers turning on a democrat, though.  Popcorn?

Meantime we’re pondering: ‘Hyper-sexualized’ Marilyn Monroe statue sparks protest.  Help an old man along here:  How can MM NOT be hyper-sexualized?  Wasn’t that the whole effing point?  Jeez… FMTT.

Psychocartography note: Bill Clinton had ‘nightmares’ about future of country after leaving office.”  That’s nuthin:  I had nightmares about the future of the country WITH Clinton in office.

Striking for Basic Human Rights: Indiana Students Sue University Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate.”  RFO! Because if the government can mandate anything about your body,  you can be killed at executive pleasure.  Everyone in America ought to sue who has been forced to take an un-trialed drug.

ATR:  Elaine’s Graduation

Only the tiniest bit of hip pain this morning as Elaine celebrates completing her double hip replacement physical therapy Wednesday morning.

First hip (with banding for bone fracturing) on Feb 8 and the second (flawless) on May 18.  Leaving only a doctor sign-off and cleaning up the financial crater to follow.

Off to it…have a dandy day and remember, if there’s no spectral data, the coverup continues.

Time to go watch the Powers bleep the sheep again.

Write when you get rich,


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  1. so much good news it put me to sleep . this gulag is damn predictable . ramp ramp ramp

  2. This guy follows military flights and volcanos(jets and ash don’t mix well). @ 2:00 min he shows a surface video of the Navy explosion off the coast of Florida that caused the earthquake readings. He also follows the flights in and out of GITMO, interesting stuff


    • I don’t think that the Navy explosion off the coast of Florida had anything to do with the given excuse. IMHO it was to highlight every submerged vehicle in the north Atlantic.

  3. Walking into “fog” is a sign of a portal according to some abductees. I’ll see if I can find a reference.

    • So is being guided through walls, flying through the air without a machine, and missing time. If you’re not already hip to David Jacobs from Temple U. look him up.

    • I actually think he was onto something there..heat up the cancer cells by putting nano particles to attach themselves.. from what I have read they are still experimenting with that.
      I always said.. IF… I ever won the lottery that would be one place I would donate funds to.. mostly because I think he was on the right track..the same with St. Judes and the shriners hospital.. they wouldn’t even be required to wear and ugly suit.. the same with the Lewis and Clark pipeline for water distribution.

      .. I get a chuckle out of that though.. Dr. Kanzius.. LOL he was an old broadcast engineer if I am not mistaken.. but then he deserved the label of Dr.. he just didn’t have the paper on the wall ..

      • He was like a lot of us OLD MEN.. he had his garage lab that he was dinkering in trying to find a cure for his cancer LOL LOL LOL.. bet his wife was upset he used her pans to experiment with LOL LOL LOL. I can hear her now.. You did what with my favorite Pie pans LOL LOL. I sure know I have heard that a time or two LOL or three LOL LOL

  4. George,
    This is not the first time I have reminded you that Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican.
    Fred from SC

    • It’s terribly unfortunate that the wokeists/communists removed a statue of an American hero, rather than one of the democrat usurper of the same name who presided over the Great Depression and WWII.

  5. George, I’m glad to hear things are going well for Elaine (and you). Some facets modern medicine are quite amazing.

    You definitely are on the right track with spectral analysis of UAPs. There are few other ‘unknowns’ that could be unraveled using this type of analysis, too. The ‘Ghost Light’ phenomenon comes to mind. When the discussion of this type of data analysis comes up you know you’re in the right group of folks. I would be greatly surprised if there is ANY data of this kind in the report, though.

    I’m open to being wrong on this report…hell, I would welcome it! Alas, I’m not holding out any hope that this fiction will be any different than any other fiction coming out of government.

  6. Roswell incident in 1947. My guess is the Phoenix Lights incident of 1997 was a search party for the little dudes that didn’t come home.

    2009, Bush and NASA Bomb the Moon. – looking for first signs of water the Chinese already found. (?) – or was it to destroy a UFO Base? G.W. was intent on destroying WMD’s and probably thought the man on the moon had some too. So, might as well bomb there too. Why not?

    Seemed to be quite an up-tick in UFO sightings since.

    And here we are, where activists want to save this planet by cutting (our) use of fossil fuels … meanwhile, China dumps fuel on Mars.


    So now humans have polluted (at least) 2 planets and 1 moon.

    Withholding information, is sometimes a good thing. But a lot of times, it’s withheld out of fear.

    For everything we do know, is but a grain of sand compared to what we are not allowed to know. And we aren’t going to know until a price can be put on it.

    Until then, we’ll just keep dissecting visitors, adding more space junk over our heads, dump fuel on other planets and blow sh*t up … all in the name of Science. I would love to hear what Aliens say about us in their media. Probably not very flattering.

    I need more coffee …..


  7. I kid about the disclosure. “They” aren’t going to tell us anything.

    Something I noticed in the examples listed today is the ship, aircraft and automobile (thumping on down the road) are all moving… and use DC electric while…

    the Tibetan monk and the Philadelphia Experiment are stationary…. and theoretically the Tibetan monk used zero electricity (zero emissions). I don’t know if AC or DC was used in the Philadelphia Experiment.

    Yesterday I was checking out lighthouse rotation mechanisms.

    The floating mercury design caught my eye:


    I did find a video for the “Levitron” branded levitating top and remembered the U.S.A. sits on a giant magnet called Earth.

    Levitron levitating top demonstrating spin stabilized levitation


    Today I’m reading up on “Barlow’s wheel” and the “Homopolar motor”.

    • “Levitron levitating top demonstrating spin stabilized levitation

      The Kids love that one… It always has amazed them.. the tough part was to get it perfectly balanced.. which reminds me I need to put a new battery in the spinner.. they sell a spinner that will insure that the top is going fast enough.. place a piece of plastic under the top on the magnetic plate then after it is spinning gently lift the sheet..
      My little grand daughter was the best at getting it to fly.. we have sets of kids engineering and science kits.. no kits like the one I had though.. I like my mother would freak out if the kids did something like I did that killed the cat..
      and no more showing how the sun can melt stone.. (I was sure the kids were going to burn the house down) instead I used the sun to show how to cook food ..( I gave that one to the salvation army.. not long ago someone said hey you should see this thing I got a while back.. yup it was the oven LOL the kids and I made LOL) and use the sun to freeze water into ice.. ( solar beer chiller)

      • I am actually thinking of making a smaller version of the Crosley Icy ball.. clear that the youngest can see how it works and observe the actions visually… nothing huge like the solar beer chiller that the older grand kids and I made.. LOL.. that one you had to add ice to it to keep the beer from freezing..

  8. Spent a lot of time in D.C. Had dinner at the home of the #2 in charge of the Office of Science and Technology his wife and 1 other gentleman. #2 ran the show, #1 was the political, Congressional, political guy.

    We were in the White House later that night after dinner and meeting the next day with 6 agencies in the Executive Office Building. Have spent time as a consultant at Kirtland AFB/Sandia Labs in Albuquerque. Same with LTV Aerospace, and many other corporations doing government work.

    Maybe it is time for Military Industrial micro technology that they have had in their hands for years to be released. Self-contained energy generation paks. Hang a briefcase sized energy pak on the wall of your garage and run your house, put one in the trunk of the car and run your car.

    They cannot release it all at once because it is just too disruptive/too quickly. If free energy technology was released tomorrow It would crash oil and gas, upstream/midstream/and downstream energy, and all the investors and businesses and pension funds reliant upon them.

    Dumbo Joe taking his pen and killing The Keystone Pipeline cost 10,000 jobs. Killing the oil/gas industry, electric generation, and natural gas companies would cost millions of jobs and would create an instant depression! No amount of papering over by the Fed could stop it. However, can you imagine all that money that is being spent on electricity and gasoline and energy generation being funneled into other markets. The world would boom! Boom! BOOM!

    And the green energy and human caused global warming idiots would be without a fiddle to play, an industry within itself that needs to disappear.

    Likewise with UFO technology. Too economically disruptive to release everything at once. The integrated circuit from recovered UFO wreckage was given to Jack Kilby at Texas Instruments to “invent”. They didn’t have to disclose where it really came from. He received the Nobel Prize in Physics, although there were others involved in the invention of the integrated circuit, including Robert Noyce at Fairchild.

    The integrated circuit which was reverse engineered over 6 decades ago has changed whole industries and still does. Chips have literally changed the world-everything from the 1st pocket calculator, cell phones, laptops, TVs, Cars, Aircraft, Rockets, GPS, Robotics, Defense, etc.

    The globalists want the technologies recovered from “other world” sources for themselves. After it is used by the Military, they dribble it out over time and make billions. Keep the masses of humanity in the dark. It makes for better slave labor and their ultimate control.

    • What I don’t get is why the energy, automotive and other companies couldn’t have capitalized on the manufacture and maintenance of the “free energy” technology years ago even though some of it could have been produced by tech savvy backyard types. Copyrights still are available as are lawyers. Factory produced technology will always be better than stuff made from off the shelf parts and it could all have been recyclable with planned obsolescence built right in. All they’d have to say is “lookie here what we discovered and here it is for just 16 payments of $19.99 a month.” for the smaller items.

      • We could work on our own cars up until the 90s or so. J.P. Morgan dumped Tesla in, what?, the first decade of the last century? The U.S. wasn’t the manufacturing giant it was to become just yet but it’s one avenue that could have been taken.

      • “What I don’t get is why the energy, automotive and other companies couldn’t have capitalized on the manufacture and maintenance of the “free energy” technology years ago ”

        Check it out Bill… all of them hold patents on their version of the technology ..
        Just waiting for the day it can be released..it took years before the USA let individual solar inverters into the country.. self cooling beer cans.. not yet.. there will come a day.. but it won’t happen until they figure out how to implement the technology and maintain control. Even now theres complaining about sd solar and they’re loss of sale of power. Some states are working feverishly to stop people from putting up systems. Ours is complaining because they have a loss of sale of over 400mw of power.

    • briefcase sized energy pack,
      that sounds like a tesla switch to me

      I would bung a link up to the diagrams I usually use but for some reason it’s not available at the moment……..

      (at least I have up to date versions of those pdf files in my system
      this…… This site has been temporarily disabled, please try again later. … is what I’m getting from a fine repository of interesting energy things that I usually recommend immediately after I recommend George to people…..


    • ” If free energy technology was released tomorrow”

      Exactly.. just consider what is affected if free energy was plentiful.. everything and everyone is dependent on the industry maintaining the balance.. A drum of oil costs less th hand 2 bucks to fill..what could be done is price regulations..
      I had a friend that was trying to release information on hydrogen.. simple system.. he was visited by not very nice men. Recommended he stop.he did ru ight then and there… he worked for the Gov’t.. he stopped.. I mentioned several times ..build it for yourself..they don’t care but dont try and sell it.. like the bloom box.. you don’t see that for sale anymore..herman Anderson was the only one that used his died of old age.. Texaco in the sixties had a car with what a four hundred mile to gallon car . Its not new..

  9. Hi, George,

    That is certainly great news about Lady Elaine’s fast recovery from double hip replacement. I am looking forward to my second knee replacement surgery in one month, this time on the left knee.

    I have held the belief that frequency rates were changed on the rocks quarried for the enormous rock structures located all over the planet. That may well explain how the rocks were placed so very close together that a piece of paper cannot be inserted into the seams between rocks, because the frequency change made the rocks “pliable” for their intentional placement.

  10. RE: UAPs/UFOs, logic demands we follow the tech development curve.
    – Manned balloon flight happened in 1783
    – The Wright Bros first powered flight was in 1903
    – The jet engine first flew in Germany in 1939, and in the UK in 1941
    – The sound barrier was broken by Yeager in 1947
    – Uri Gagarin successfully orbited the Earth in 1961
    – The SR-71 first flew in 1964 (Mach 3+ and over 80K feet in altitude
    – Apollo 11 reached the moon in 1969
    – Voyagers 1 + 2, launched in 1977, are both still operational and both have reached interstellar space

    Move forward 40+ years from Voyager. Did U.S. and industrial nation technologies stand still? No, of course not. The real question is, how did aerospace tech evolve so quickly over such a short period of time? Did Earth scientists randomly develop a tidal wave of brilliance over a 75 year peroid, or did they receive more than a little help, intentionally or literally accidentally, with their rapid development of radically new aerospace tech? Help like integrated circuits, lasers, kevlar, stealth technology and fiber optics? The occupants of reported unidentified craft seem, so far at least, not to be a viable threat to Earth and as such, they are of little interest to Earth leaders and scientist. If there are such craft, it is their technology that is the coveted prize. Humans are ‘tek-o-holics.’ It’s in our genes. But that is another story for another time.

      • Col Corso kept industry busy with the “presents” from his file cabinet, didn’t he?

    • Good points.

      “Did U.S. and industrial nation technologies stand still?”

      The first Moon landing, 1969. Five years later NASA had the ability to film landers leaving the moon. If you click, notice the camera tracks the lander.

      That tracking indicates at least a robotic camera arm…. and all the goodies needed to make a robotic arm follow the lander, unless it was an entity human or otherwise.

      Apollo 17 Liftoff from Moon – December 14, 1972


      There we have to remember Arthue C. Clark, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” But the Americans clearly filmed a lander departing from the Moon.

      • “That tracking indicates at least a robotic camera arm…. ”
        It isnt something special nor a conspiracy theory..because
        They had the ability to track…as kids we checked out a camera lens and mount and would track planes coming in for a landing at national airport..

  11. Anyone trading the “VIX” (since there are a few to choose from) which symbol do YOU use? Thanks.

  12. Disclosure – yet another psi-op from our most evil cia – 100% bullshit.

    Have the clowns in action told the truth about anything? ever ?

    No, We will hear nothing of the agreements made on Our behalf with vicious, slaving off-worlders in the 40’s. Nothing of On-going Human genetic experiments,manipulations, out right hunting party atrocities, ect going on everyday in and around a DUMB near you.
    * In Edin-they kept us pens – wonder what Hebrew translation for that is ? in greek it is like paradies ..U know what it is in Sumerian/dragon ?

    imho – the most authentic, accurate – and verified (worlds top remote viewers) is book The Alien Interview, McElroy.
    ..the Domain -they is real, they exist out there – spreadout all over space -Safety. And NO – No Earth satellite (1 or 2) has ever broken out – thru the barrier.

  13. “Anti-virus legend John McAfee is dead. John McAfee had ‘WHACKD’ tattoo and once said if he was ever found dead in ‘suicide’ he ‘DIDN’T kill himself’ (the-sun.com)”

    …And yet, he committed suicide, rather than be extradited to the U.S. to spend the remainder of his life in a country club prison where his billionaire status would buy him damn’ near anything.


    Anybody want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge?

    I hope McAfee planted data-nukes that the PTB can not keep from surfacing or going mainstream…

  14. “You see, when we can bend space-time by nibbling a ways into Beckwith’s “separated space” then time AND dimensional travel become real. With some side effects like levitation and the like.”

    No I don’t see ;-( but I see that I’m much too old for this stuff and therefore I’m out of here for some time to return to normalcy, if that is possible. You’re all too smart for me.

      • Thank you George. Indeed, there are a few more gems on your site beside the author’s opinion. It pains me, though, to read “again and again” US pissing against the wind w/o realizing that most problems are the result of inferior building blocks being used to create this wonderful edifice named civilization.

        There are plenty good people in the world, but not “the majority of which democracy praises itself to be.” People are born w/faults, and those faults we witness in everyday life around us; Therefore, we individually cannot change anything but ourselves.

        So what’s the use for harping about events we cannot change? The answer is clear to me – it’s for entertainment! ;-) And perhaps I’ll give it another chance to stay for the entertainment!

        My prayers for You, Elaine, and Everyone else
        reading this (hopefully not last) message.

      • “People are born w/faults, and those faults we witness in everyday life around us; Therefore, we individually cannot change anything but ourselves.”


  15. “Political Correctness Disease claims another victim: Roosevelt statue to be removed from front of NYC museum after 80 years over ‘racism’ complaints. Nice to see hate-mongers turning on a democrat, though. Popcorn?”

    AYFKM? They don’t care about race or “racism.” Hell, they’ve torn down statues of Frederick Douglas and Rosa Parks. It is the Marxist “We destroy everything pertaining to history, then we rewrite ‘history’ to be what we want it to be and say what we want it to say” ploy. Peasants and proles ALWAYS fall for the rewrite, because as a GenPop, we’z stoopid…

  16. Good news: The cheap spectrum analyzer that can be hooked to a PC for decent viewing.

    GREAT NEWS: Elaine’s healing – just past Midsummer, but still June!

    Bad news: The passing of John McAffey.

    Awful news: The continued coercion of students and others to get vaxxed with an experimental injection against their will(even though that’s illegal).

    Fun news: The annual UFO festival is back in Roswell for the July 4th weekend:


    Since they don’t want the Marilyn Monroe statue in California, they’re welcome to send it here.

  17. Have you ever looked into The Coral Castle down in So. Florida? Built by one man, Edward Leedskalin, and no one knows how he did it. Amazing work.
    Thanks for all your info and direction.
    Mike Ray
    Reno, NV

    • Elaine and I have been through it 2-3 (maybe four?) times. Fascinating place! Problem is its far from clear what he was into EXCEPT it may have been the B-field. Another long discussion – see James Clerk Maxwell’s lectures –

  18. To me this is an explosive pod cast full of information from a very credible source the retired V P of Pfizer basically saying the vaccine is not safe do not take it. I emphasize the importance please everyone post to your social media lets make this go viral while CDC is holding meetings about heart problems related to vaccine

    Dr Michael Yeadon – The Thing To Be Terrified Of Is Your Government (bitchute.com)

  19. I am sharing with you information I have found on the vaccine first is clip of news article from Salk Institute then a link to the paper

    The prestigious Salk Institute, founded by vaccine pioneer Jonas Salk, has authored and published a bombshell scientific article revealing that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is what’s actually causing vascular damage in covid patients and covid vaccine recipients, promoting the strokes, heart attacks, migraines, blood clots and other harmful reactions that have already killed thousands of Americans (source: VAERS.hhs.gov).

    Critically, all four covid vaccine brands currently in widespread use either inject patients with the spike protein or, via mRNA technology, instruct the patient’s own body to manufacture spike proteins and release them into their own blood. This floods the patient’s body with the very spike protein that the Salk Institute has now identified as the smoking gun cause of vascular damage and related events (such as blood clots, which are killing many people who take the vaccines).

    • Ben over at Suspicious 0bservers made mention in his June 22nd video of the passing of Dr. (I assume) Robert Felix. In his eulogy Ben, very quickly, mentioned that Felix had “just got the jab” and his health declined like a rock off a cliff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmESfcgyvPk

      Things are speeding up as far as the decline of our nation. This pretend administration can’t keep the lid on The Jab, the border, crime it’s produced through its cohort minions in charge of our cities, etc. The forward-looking people I’m listening to project our country to be in total disarray through the Summer and into August and beyond.

      • “This pretend administration can’t keep the lid on”

        Sure they can, as long as the MSM is complicit.

        Ex-wife and I were talking last week. Politics came up and I commented about pervy Joe. She told me to put up or shut up. I sent her the link to his UK (I forget I’m the Prez) speech where he hit on the 14yo girl, and the link to the speech transcript at whitehouse.gov. After watching the speech (on a London daily) and reading the transcript on the official Whitehouse website, she called back to call me AND MY SOURCES “damn’ liars.”

        My ex- is, intelligence-wise, easily at or above the 95th percentile. She has also been programmed, nonstop, for 15 years with the same crap as our favorite Bay-area real estate peddler.

        As long as the mainstream media owns the communist propaganda machine and refuses to allow differing points of view, the leftist politicians’ policies and opinions are the only game in town…

      • I am sorry about your situation Ray. I’ll bet the Twin Towers event was just as explainable, too. Luckily my better half sees and believes her lyin’ eyes without my pontifications but the people at her office are just as happy with their heads in that warm, moist spot as so many others are, too. The boss is still a big Dim but knows not to say much to my wife.

        As things stand now the MSM can hide things for a bit longer (since there’s still a few out there who believe them) but as people start dropping and others start asking why, Arizona’s findings force their way to the fore while other states confirm the cheat and the border boils over things will become unavoidably recognizable this Summer. Events will begin to affect a wider array of people so when it DOES affect you and there’s no other explanation the dim bulbs will all start to come on.

        Had a conversation with a local “bright boy” who was wondering why the local charity BBQ wasn’t going as well as it has in years past. The local economy has been “dinged” by the shut down and people who have had money in the past don’t have so much any more. There are many franchises in the territory that left last year and aren’t coming back leaving many out of work, fewer consumables and durables ordered and many portfolios going shorter than usual this year. I bit my tongue a little as it will have to dawn on him what’s actually going on since he’s one of these incurably positive thinkers – and has done well for himself as a businessperson as a result. One would think such a person would be more in touch with local trends, though. Like I said – many won’t make the connection until it affects them, oh, and I wouldn’t do any flying unless you can confirm your pilot has NOT been vaxxxed until the end of the year at least.

  20. RE: Awaiting the financial crater from surgery. Six months now since my colon resection. Three statements from the insurance plan shows what they paid, and what my copayment SHOULD be. I’ve been saving my last stimulus check for the hospital payment, but here at six months out I still do NOT have a bill from the hospital for my portion. WTF? I’m starting to have fantasies that the hospital got some relief funds somewhere and failed to bill me. (I should be so lucky!) Six months… no bill… go figure.

      • Check your credit report for any nasty surprises. Many hospitals don’t bother sending invoices once insurance pays out, but immediately send the balance due to collections. The patient’s share is already 60-90 days old (from the original procedure date).

      • At this age, who needs credit? Part of Maturing (financially) is learning never to use credit except for the rare purchases like a first home, first rental, and things like thus and so.
        Car did you say? Buy when you can pay cash and avoid paying for bankster lifestyles.

    • It isn’t unusual for a hospital to bill 6x their contract price with the insurance companies. The insurance companies then enforce the contract, and you end up paying what you were supposed to. If you try get the same services without an insurance company in your corner, you are forced into bankruptcy and debt slavery. Contact the insurance company immediately if you get direct billing which appears to be an end run on your insurance contract price or maximum out of pocket. The next stop is lawyers and judges.

      • Not quite true. Ditch insurance. Join a health sharing ministry, pay cash, negotiate reduced prices. There is a hospital in Oklahoma who has posted all of their procedure prices online. No need to go bankrupt. People have to wake up, stop being hypnotized. Ask questions, get new answers. Head in another direction..

  21. Summary podcast is good listen Government Adverse reaction web site way under reported

    McCullough is professor of medicine and vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University and also teaches at Texas A&M University. He is an epidemiologist, cardiologist and internist and has testified before the Texas State Senate related to COVID-19 treatments. He holds the distinction of being the most widely cited physician in the treatment of COVID-19 with more than 600 citations in the National Library of Medicine.


  22. Finally you are all discussing the reason they might want to wipe out 2/3 of the people with a vaccine.

    Assuming this is all coming on line now, which it seems…

    Free energy – no need for all the producers, farmers etc.
    AI – no need for software engineers, nuke plant engineers. (the two classes of technicians essential to safely reach a 10 billion population)

    This is all part of the contract. The guide stones were our promise to keep the contract, hell, that is the contract.

    So the key is how to take it all down without breaking everything. They can rely on people in advanced countries to die quickly. What about the less advanced, a human zoo of hunter gatherers? That’s what we were 12k years ago, technicians moving stones magically and savages.

    Watch Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson on Rogan. They explain that every 12k years or so we travel thru a massive rubble pile in space. This is also the cycle of passing thru the galactic plane (high energy disk).

    Putting it all together (just my sense here), every 12k years or so they visit, see if we’re ready and if not, the wipe out ensues. This would explain:

    -The frantic push about everything AGW
    -The frantic push about vaccines
    -The lack of long term planning for anything to do with mass population, eg. pipelines, or how China is just moving the deck chairs around internally (giant useless water projects rather than desalinization).

    It’s pretty obvious that billions of people are not the subject of planning. Africa is another example. Everything is short sighted, and yet technology is ready to solve it all permanently. We stubbornly believe this is all human greed, and that is an example of the big lie in it’s true form. We only see problems based on our humble motivations, and then assign our motivations to people. It’s not greed, these aren’t retirees trying to hide the money from Gen Z.

  23. Share your stories???

    In my circle of friends 2 people have died from vaccine related injury

    2 people with diabetes since taking vaccine nephropathy is much worse

    One about 30 year old male sick on off for 2 months since taking vaccine was perfectly healthy

  24. Yo George, great article today about the sound work. Quite a few of us here probably have enough frequency gear/software to help in your testing. Just let us know some protocols or tests or such; kind of like distributed computing sort of. I can tell you that listening to a 375-385hz sq. wave slow sweep is pretty trippy. I usually play with sines but hey, this sq wave stuff has potential. All sorts of interesting sounding sound artifacts at various parts of the sweep. Let us know if we can help. You’re not the only one playing with freqs. out here. And you’re not the only realist left, yet. Carry on!

  25. “Some data we “keep in the family.” But we’re pretty sure…”

    I am right with you on that one..!

  26. So much has been published by you, George, since we left for vacation last Monday. I figure somewhere in your volumes you’ve commented on Texas Governor Abbott signing in to law the latest 7 new laws including Constitutional Carry, Texas-made firearms suppressors are now protected, a law making Texas a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary State, a law preventing any government entity from disallowing the sale or transportation of guns or ammo during a declared emergency and prohibiting any government entity from contracting with any business that discriminates against firearms and ammo manufacturers and organizations such as the NRA and GOA. Also “holster choice” allowing firearms to be carried in whatever holster the bearer chooses and one other that allows travelers coming through Texas to store their firearms in their hotel rooms.


    I’m sure the legal entities have all geared up to entangle these new laws in any number of suits to shut them down but if I can score a Texas-made suppressor now without all the BATFE stamps and such so be it!

    I was wondering what all the “No guns allowed” signs were doing up on the doors of several of the trinket stores we went into.

    • An equally armed society I expect is a rather more polite society. In liberal hideouts like Chicago, some of the toughest gun laws anywhere have not stems the flow of murderous rape and pillage, fueled by illegal gang members – their own kind of special “protected class” now.

      Sorry to report, I am an Absolutist: I believe is ABSOLUTE Equality, and ABSOLUTE plain speaking understand on the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and fully passed Amendments thereto.

      To answer your question, the “No Guns” signs are most often at bars and restaurants that serve alcohol.

      People in Texas understand that use of deadly force is a vile and terrible thing. When such decisions are made, they must not be made “under the influence.”

      Care to place some side wagers on what percentage of shootings involve drugs or alcohol?

      (We can leave excess testosterone for another time!)

      The government is trying the Left’s slow-motion take down of Constitutional rights. Right to keep and Bear Arms doesn’t say “Just really noisy ones…”

      Besides, if you want suppressors, who’s to say what that 2-liter bottle and duct tape could be used for. Making possession of a metal lathe illegal as “suppressor making equipment?” So my trusty old 9X20 geared head makes me suspect?

      And what of the stack of oil filters in yon shop. Could my large tap and die set with similar threading be considered more than coincidence?

      People’s ability to use common sense is remarkably limited – on all sides.


    • We go through a lot of popcorn around here, most certainly. The oil filters are, as far as suppression goes, more efficacious than any manufactured suppressor I’ve been around. The problem is you can’t see over them when attached to a handgun, rifles aren’t so bad. But, a simple adapter set made to work with various firearms and filters is a lot more easier to produce than any other “can”.

      We didn’t go into any bars outside of those restaurants with a full bar in them. That’s never been my scene even in the Military. The only place I saw such signs were the T-shirt and trinket establishments but the places that have made 51+% of their revenues from alcohol have long had such notifications up in them with the force of law behind them. That being said I wondered how many firearms passed in and out of their doors on a daily basis anyway. Mine certainly did. The detectors at the doors were simply anti-theft devices.

      No, I said back in February or so that the path the various states will be taking, at least initially, will be to marginalize and go their own way as the Federal directives become more onerous. We’re seeing it with Texas’ gun laws and also with the several states that are sending LEOs to the Texas border now because the lack of control there is affecting them as well. Uncle Joe is being marginalized very quickly and one of the questions in the back of my mind is what is General Milley going to be called upon to do – posse comitatus notwithstanding – as he seems to be willing to lick any boot that comes his way?

    • “I was wondering what all the “No guns allowed” signs were doing up on the doors of several of the trinket stores we went into.”

      Perfectly legal, however, these originated with local gun bans issued by Marshals in “Wild West towns,” back in the wild West and, the one thing these towns provided was a secure place to store or “check” your guns. It is my considered opinion that any establishment which doesn’t allow the public to carry on-premise must provide a secure locker for the purpose of “checking” arms. AFAIK, local PDs are the only places who do. I’m waiting for someone to sue a non-carry retailer (or a government entity) to require secure lockers for gun storage…

  27. hope that choices fella dont pull the pin . we all need balance in our lives even if we are stubborn old wogs like me .. just short choices and dont look

  28. And agin !! All the gurus !!! The reset guys !!! Hell to greater he’ll !!! Ggggggrrrreeeeedddd!!

  29. hey herdies !!!!!!!!!!! you with us or agin us !!! buy gold destroy the USD the fed helping yah baby maybe even the government !!! oh say can you see the destroy the currency !!!! we love to rob people !!!

  30. Oh, just an interesting thing to pass along. A friend sent me this on how Smart Meters network and pass your information on to their base stations which, in turn, pass it on to the main office and billing. I’d always thought they used the electrical supply lines to send their information on because many, many moons ago I believe I saw a video or TV show that demonstrated that ability.


  31. I was looking around at homopolar motors yesterday and came across the name, Alexey Chekurkov.

    Some people seem to think Alexey created an anti-gravity device.

    The first video is from 2018. Some say there is a language barrier so nobody has been able to test the device. I say this “language barrier” reaffirms Earth is a ghetto planet.

    Any-who he’s shows working models and schematics.

    Alexey Chekurkov


  32. Condo collapse. Remember the national dream center? Years ago?
    I posted a dream about condos on the beach vacant because it was unsafe to live there anymore. I wish I could find it.

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