“Packing to Die” – The Book Continues

Connecting to Energy. Amped without trying is on the table this morning. Life as a Film School, too.

Along with F-Stops and Tapestries unfolding through Life.  As our preview of my book “Packing to Die: Suitcase Between your Ears” continues.

Of course, before we begin, we’ll size up the week’s  bounce (which looks to be pausing in the pre-open) and see if the ChartPack can give us some solace along the way.

A few headlines for a warm-up, too.  Since the noise floor can be distracting at times.

As with most summer weeks, with lots of people on their first real “vacation times” for a couple of years (lockdowns and all) we can’t get too jacked up over markets, or much of anything else.

After all, this is BBQ weather…at least some places.  Which leads into our first series of headlines:

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35 thoughts on ““Packing to Die” – The Book Continues”

  1. heres yah go again yah treasonous terrorists . enemies of the state at corner of wall and broad new pork city . goodnight

  2. George……
    getting kinda close their letting the cat out of the bag, even practice work………couple of centuries ago that kinda talk would have gotten you a fiery ending. Bravo

  3. PARTY TIME!! Covid is OLD History!

    Time to PARTY like it’s …. 1928!!

    One quarter Current Accounts Deficit of $195 Billion Dollars … works out to about $800 billion Dollars over the next year at this rate. How Long will FOREIGNERS keep buying enough US Debt to sustain that kind of trade imbalance for a country who’s government is currently spending about $2 Trillion Dollars/yr MORE than they are taking in?

    It works until SUDDENLY it doesn’t work anymore … and then the Hot Air Balloon comes crashing down in a spectacular firey accident.

    I put the timing as to when the Hot Air Balloon runs out of Hot Air as to when China moves on Taiwan and takes offline 98% of the High Tech microchips we currently consume per year (and 90% overall of the micro chips we use).

    The US Military is going to be SHOCKED when they can no longer produce much of their high tech weaponry … because of NO CHIPS. (they may have “some” chips for the actual weapons stocked up but the entire weapons PLANT or SHIPYARD will be shut down, or severely slowed down, because the chips needed to run their production equipment is no longer available)

    China not only no longer BUYING US Treasury Bonds at the same time they are seizing the manufacturing equipment for making the chips that go into what remains of US higher end manufacturing … but that’s OK because “FREE TRADE” is GOOD!! The NYC bankers and investment firms LOVE IT (Free Trade) since it is quick profits for them … and of course West Coast Ports LOVE IT since it increases their port traffic and profits too!

    OK … enough of a rant for me today.

    Go back to sleep and enjoy your Chinese made stuff and the fact that used car prices are UP since US auto manufacturers already can NOT get enough chips from Taiwan to keep their plants open. Just think … once ALL auto production ceases since NO chips will be available after China invades Taiwan your used vehicle’s price will go up up and UP! That’s a WIN … right?

  4. “As homicides soar nationwide, mayors see few options for regaining control.”

    Hmm.. I thought that was the whole reason for BLM and Antifa.. hobble law enforcement.. in the highest crime area’s over a few random events that should have been just handled the same way any crime is dealt with…

  5. Yo Mr. Ure, Kudos for this mornings column. Nailed it, for me, gives new meaning to what my wife used to say: ” Just remember Mark, this is all just an illusion”. And as for me, I have been trying to “find my way back home” since her passing six years ago. I guess “my movie” has yet to reach the climax. Still a ton of packing in my future….

  6. “The U.S. would be powerless to resist”

    Putin made a comment on Taiwan and the possibility of china reclaiming it in a CBS exclusive interview..
    I believe it was” what could they do, if china did ”
    And I think it was a valid point.
    We seen and still are seeing the effects of the supply chain being altered during covid. We shut down our industrialized cities making them low wage service oriented. 5 to 10 years to retool and train.. we sold our ports And some of our major tol roads..
    Our military equipment and just about every facet of our lives is dependent on their manufacturing capabilities..we have been busy printing our currency into bankruptcy..and we gave neglected our infrastructure to the point of collapse..just so a few filled with greed could get more..
    So with that thought in mind.. what would we do if they did decide to reclaim Taiwan?

    • “So with that thought in mind.. what would we do if they did decide to reclaim Taiwan?”

      Why would anyone of US citizens care?
      And I’m seriously questioning this, per se.
      Don’t YOU have enough problems @home?

      Why always “we” and “they”
      when it is just “you and I” that
      take care of our own problems.

      • Isn’t that the truth I totally agree.. We as a nation should have been looking out for our own all along.. instead.. those in charge have been looking out for those that are not even citizens.. send the vast majority of our budget overseas instead of taking care of business at home just so some joker that has the most can have more..
        Now we have to question.. what would the morons.. OH I mean the edjumecated ones at the Feed trough in control do.. IF…

    • Its not “if” LOOB, its “when.” They have made that very clear. Sometime next year after the Winter Olympics makes perfect sense.

    • “Putin made a comment on Taiwan and the possibility of china ***** reclaiming it *****”

      A widespread fallacy.

      Formosa has been Chinese turf, but also Dutch and Spanish, and also autonomous. It was Japanese between 1895 and 1945. The native Formosans are a distinctly different strain of Mongoloid than any of the Chinese tribes (or Korean or Japanese sub-ethnicities, FTM) with rounder faces and rounder eyes — kinda like the Polynesian sub-ethnicities. What Taiwan IS, however, is the haven for the millions of Chinese who fled communism with Chaing, when Mao’s forces won their civil war.

      A “China-Taiwan reunification” would be a forced reunion of all those in China with their 6th cousins whose grandparents fled communism. A China-Taiwan occupation would be a land & resource grab. Who among us believes Xi is more magnanimous and less greedy or murderous than those who came before him…?

      Of course we should help. Unfortunately, the best time to have done so was before Rockefeller engineered (through Nixon) the removal of the PRC from the UNSC and its replacement by the Chicoms.

      Look, you have a bully, you have a nation that’s about to be bullied. If people didn’t help, we’d be speaking German.

      France didn’t have a stick in our Revolution. If they hadn’t bailed in, in the 1700s, Hitler would’ve taken us, and Canada, after conquering the UK in the 1900s and our “prewar” money would all have had King George’s portrait.

      The problems with helping Taiwan are the Chinese supply line, vs ours, and the fact Obama canned every General and Flag officer he could find, who was worth a crap, and Biden has canned the few who escaped Obama’s purge. The remainder are political hacks, not field commanders, and have no idea how to conduct the Military’s “business.” Therefore, anything we did, militarily, in a China-Taiwan conflict would likely be wrong, and any lessons learned would be really expensive.

      Therefore, what we “should” do and what we’re “capable of doing without screwing up” are currently widely-divergent.

      • And of course when China grabs the ROC there goes our chips, lifestyles, and we’re prepping 2 deep on solar and electronics while still avail.
        God, Ray, are we around Urban the only ones who read history?

      • All good points Ray.. the USA has its own bully tactics.. we are in how many countries now..just how much can a burger flipper afford..And why did we disassemble our industries and send all of it there.. let them buy essential infrastructure and industry..
        We Did it to ourselves..
        Now there is virtually very little we could do.
        The supply chain situation ongoing now should have given those in charge a clue..it didn’t though..we are divided in to many places..and facing opposition on to many fronts..

      • And like the Trojans.. opened our gates at the borders allowing those that dont have our interests in mind enter freely.. even paying them better than the burger flipper they expect to pay for it all..
        JMHO I think we are in a serious predicament.. with very few options

      • LOOB, for shame…

        We don’t bully, we bribe. Well okay, we might bully a little.

        Or maybe a lot…

        But only when the bribes stop working.

        After all, a politician is someone whose job qualifications are:

        Lie, cheat, steal, bribe, cajole, extort, and threaten.

        The better a politician is at these skills, the more-successful they are.

        And the only real difference between a politician and a diplomat is the politician may have a couple goons on retainer for threat implementation, where the diplomat has a NAVY which can do everything from form a blockade to bomb a country out of existence.

        Seriously, at this point in time, about the only differences between our military direction (as delineated by the CiC and Joint Chiefs) and that of a player like China is we are not “imperial in-fact” (meaning if we take turf, we eventually give it back, minus military installations and sometimes graveyards), and we do still have a higher regard for human life than those geopolitical entities whose histories include an emperor or absolute sovereign…

  7. Why aren’t we celebrating the Senate snatching victory from the dems on the “Federalize all elections” bill? Does no one but me realize how close we just came to the Nazi’s taking over? If that bill had passed, Republicans would never win an election? C’mon and join me in celebrating proof that our system still has a prayer!!

  8. The neighbor’s house now has a sold sign.

    Tomorrow would make it two weeks from the time I saw the RE agent walk in to his house. Thursday would be two weeks from showings starting.

    Seems fast for a title policy.

    • Had a sale close this last month with clear title in 5 days. Title was ordered on Monday, closing happened friday. Shocked me, never in my 39 years as a realtor has anything happened in less than 10 working days at least. Technology may have some influence ….

      Insane market though (Puget Sound area, not in Seattle thank goodness) not enough sellers to meet demand (yet)

  9. “As homicides soar nationwide, mayors see few options for regaining control.”

    “As homicides soar nationwide, Leftist Democratic mayors see few options for regaining control.”

    Fixed that for Micro$oft (not the first time…)

    Show me a big American city with a Republican Mayor who’s not an outlier, which has a problem with homicides, or with crime in general that’s significantly above its statistical average (hint: Ya can’t!)

    One of the tricks of the current crop of Alinskyites is to take advantage of neo-Marxist mayors and governors whose policies destroy “good” and foment “bad,” then assign blame for the bad stuff… ‘cept they will place blame for rioting on “police,” like their ilk will place blame for racism on “politicians.” This stunt allows them to further assign blame, come election time. The cause in both cases is LEFTIST politicians, yet because they control both the narrative and its delivery, “blame” always get shifted to those of a more Rightist political posture.

    BTW, got m&m’s…?

    • Did you notice.. as homicides increase.. they mow want more restrictions on honest people buying guns…
      So the only ones having them will be the ones killing..

    • I’ve got my own Cacao tree in the yard. There will be no chocolate shortage here!

  10. Don’t know what George said but know . 1 george will not bullsheet 2george will not be intimidated or pushed around by anyone . 25 years we know each other . Constant relationship. As I say George is always the bloke you want in trenches to fight anyone

  11. Solid start to Ure current adventure –

    LifeReview – nooooooooo!

    U did NOTHING Wrong – EVER. Set the F-up, U were.

    Who were U before U came to the prison farm Earth? What was Ure name? What happened to your loved ones, your house, business, lands, friends,home planet, ect. ?

    The “old empire” really didnt/dont like creative types, peeps pushing change, combatants, peoples living on planets full of valuable resources.
    Why even the fine folks that brought Sanskrit/vedic poems to Earths people(outpost at base Himalaya’s) were violently attacked, murdered and imprisoned long ago – by (orions& pleadians)..several thousand or more lifetimes since they were murdered and imprisoned. – unfortunately their compatriots live outside of physical Earth time – so aint no rush to recover/rescue.
    On the positive side – their “compatriots” took control of our galactic”neighborhood” a while ago, and we are living and learning in the most Diverse planetary population in the Universe.
    not the galactic federation – they are willing to help, but need a lil muscle/backup, ? will “the domain” respond positively to our proposal? they received it very recently..

    Experience a life review = (unawares/stunned) U R in the prison system.
    – U wont remember any of it in Ure next sentenced & programmed lifetime – without assistance.. like (QHHT) Those “spirits” assisting with review/ transition are in reality nasty viscous grey – big bulged out heads, with big black eyes, telepathic slave race of the old empire (repto&tallwhites) – “calling all dogs” – mr mojo risin

    Every single experience across a SOULS ‘existence is reviewable on demand/intention , just like microfiche tape – cept it is in full emotion sensory “smellavision”.
    All of IT – all that data/info – experiences/feelings/emotions r stored in the “universal cloud”/akasic records – which we are all “wifi’d” too- WE r part of it.
    – like a library card or your muscle – dont use it- sehr difficult 2 get access..

  12. “Every afternoon, about 4 PM, my wife Elaine and I kick-back and have a cold (adult) beverage, or two, or….
    When you’re over 70 (as we are), it’s important to take time to enjoy each other. We talk about the insane-sounding projects here. The time travel experiments, “light crowns”, “speed crowns”. and the next hare-brained idea”

    Lol lol lol..that is almost a exactly what the little boss and I do.
    We live in a G rated household nothing with gore or satanic evil crap playing on the tv here..
    We follow the do unto other’s and lend a hand to those needing a hand up . ( not a hand out. so if a poor country boy can do it.. so can everyone else) I and all the kids carry chakras of course mine is the rose quartz… a waitress and I were talking and she feels stressed out and would like a chakra stone..so I will bring her in a key chain with rose quartz on it.( or something befitting a young woman )
    We have our stressful times but nothing like some experience. Our home is about the calmest household around..
    I love to meditate and listen to my meditation music while I read I find it not only soothing but opens my mind and the words come alive.

    • In the bad parts of any city you find crime.
      People in Texas though aren’t generally dumb enough to come onto a discrete ranch property without an invite.
      There is NO ONE in the rural area who is not “prepared to repel boarders” in a manner of speaking.

  13. And agin . 4.15 AEST . Bang smash the USD and juice futures . God bless the founding fathers of theUSA they would turn in their graves

  14. Truly the most pathetic thing I have witnessed in markets. Ritual of evil . 4.15 pm Australian eastern time everyday

  15. Stay short , everything except USD and TLT . Take no notice of 321 caryard or sheetco vaccinated

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