Government Hiding Money Figures – Scamming Us??!!!

Used to be that if you wanted to get a bead on how the economic future of America was holding up, you could jump over to the U.S. Treasury website that offered (updated often) the U.S. Public Debt to the Penny.

No more.

If you go to that site these days, you’ll be politely informed:

“Just Housekeeping?”

No.  This is about as blatant “hide the sausage from the vics” as possible.

Because, dear Reader, if you go there, what you get is a grand tour of government DataLand.  And a chance to download the data.

Of course, you’ll have to make a decision first:  Do you want the .CSV version of the data?  The JSON version?  Or, how about the XML version?  It’s on the right side of the page and looks like this:

The Problems are just beginning for the hapless (attempting to be) Well Informed Citizen.  Because not everyone on the planet (well, except Ure and a handful of former colleagues) have ever masterminded SQL migrations in a “can’t fail” setting.

In fact, to folks like us, .CSV (comma-separated value) files, or a chance to play with XML (extensible mark-up language) files offers the rare chance to actually think.

And that’s the whole trick of it.  It “Hides the Sausage in Plain Sight.”

Hardly Dinner Table or Bar Talk

The government has, now, embarked on a massive scheme – pioneered by sausage slinger Alan  Greenspan, who axed the Fed’s reporting of M3 years ago.  Because it was getting too easy to see how money was being “made-up.

Then, several month’s back, Jerome Powell executed the “next step” in hiding the facts of America’s economic collapse by halting the weekly revelation of how fast M1 and M2 (measures of how much cash was being “pumped” into the economy.  Such that it’s now on a wholly USELESS couple of months DELAYED basis.

When the economy is sucking hind (you know what), the best way to help ensure the papering over with printing presses works is to ensure the facts are only available to the “Expert Class.”

Let’s head for the dinner table and I’ll show you what I mean…

“Say, Aunt Matilda…”

“Did you do like that nice old geezer in the woods – George something – said and go download the latest “Up to our Asses in Debt with no prospects of Economic Salvation Report” that he says reveals all about our future?

Why no, dear.  I did like you said.  Bought a copy of Office365 and downloaded the .CSV file just like you said, but all I got looked like this – I printed it out for you…because to me, it doesn’t make any sense!”

About here, you gotta start nodding in Agreement:  Old Aunt Matilda doesn’t have a clue as to the nuances of data formatting in Excel.  I mean, after all, she worked in retail sales and took a retirement.  Lives in a house going up in value that she refi’s every 7-years or so to pay back taxes and such.

Foolish old biddy doesn’t even realize that by doing so, she’s screwing her heirs out of an intergenerational wealth transfer – right before her eyes.  Then her words come back to you, though:  “What else could I do?  Taxes had to be paid and my taxes are over $8,000 a year on the House now…”

Money Slosh Uglies

The fact of the matter is that the Fed (on its runaway own) and Treasury (which operates at the pleasure of crooked office holders) have begun to change an American Ideal that has its roots in those of us from the “Halt and Catch Fire” days in computationally competent places like the South Bay and the Eastside of Seattle.

My Key Point?

We have lost the notion of a Digital Democracy and we have enter the era of Digital Disenfranchising.

To prove the point, I want you to ask everyone you know today three simple questions:

  1. “Do you think it matters that America owes a lot more than our GDP – that is, what the whole country produces every year?”  Most people (*with half a brain, which is less than 50% already) will say Well sure!”
  2. “Do you know how to download a .CSV file and reformat it for a useable display in a spreadsheet on the fly?”  About here, most people – even people who fancy themselves well-informed voters, will look you bang in the eye and sayHuh?”  
  3. “Do you think there’s a data-privileged class of people and everyone else is being screwed by the government?”

The answer to this one doesn’t matter.  The “digital revolution” a/k/a Digital Uprising is being run by controlling the data.  Because Aunt Matilda and the vast majority of Americans don’t work at their lives.

They’re joy riders.  Unwilling to put out anything beyond minimal effort, join the closest convenient mob that appeals to their gender, race,  national origin, or similar self-delimiters.

And that’s how America’s lost it.

The Quest for Transparency is over.  The Data is going away.  Mere “little people” are the flock of sheep, periodically sheered by a rising Data and Financial Engineering class who have taken over.

Sucks to be you.

Oh!  And Aunt Matilda!

Here’s what the data looks like reformatted:

And for God’s sake, learn about hiding of data and what’s really going on with the Nation’s Monetary base.  Because as John Williams notes over on his  (brilliant) ShadowStats website, as of this morning (Fed efforts to hide data, or not) smart people really know why the market goes up:  There’s too much “slosh” for it to go anywhere else!

See any problem on the right, there, Matilda?

(Chart courtesy of John William’s ShadowStats.  You can get a damn close estimate of what the Fed is hiding by clicking over here: Money Supply Charts (  Williams is, in our view, a fine Digital Patriot.  Thank you for your service.

“Distracto News” Lives!

OK, just because we’re all locked in a country heading for a brick wall, no reason to let on to the sheep, is there?  Hell no!  News pigs deserve the slop they get.  For example?

Let’s see who can connect the dots from this morning’s rant to the following headlines, shall we? “Oil About The Benjamin”: Oil Hits 3 Year High As BofA Now Sees Spike To $100 | ZeroHedge.

Must Pay to Know Hunter, huh?  DOJ Nominee Worked with Hunter Biden at Law Firm Tied To Ukrainian Energy Giant (  Nothing to see here, Citizen, just move along…

Hey…long as we’re at it, let’s excuse Crime, too, shall we?  Clarence Page on Chicago weekend of violence: ‘A lot of the problems are internal’.   On track for 800 murders in Chicago?  I told you when we “went to ground out here in the sticks” 20-years ago “Flee the City while you can!!”  Better to be early than late, right Aunt Matilda?

Not enough idiocy on crime?  MSNBC contributor: Recent New York City crime wave ‘is actually the fault of the police’.  We have to ask, why does the MSM give people like this tube-time?  So you won’t read about the blowing up of value and money stocks?

Yes.  It was likely a bioweapon.  (Rand Paul: Coronavirus “In All Likelihood, Came From The Lab”)  And sure, Trump was maybe right on that.  But now it’s become mainly BS and theatrics as Republicans slam Biden’s ‘vague threats’ to China over COVID stonewall.  Oh, wait, it always was.  That and a population die-back.

Since America’s low on “juice”  the Slo Joe infrastructure plans are far from a sure thing: Schumer faces Democratic divisions and skeptical Republicans as Biden agenda hangs in balance.  In the end, though, who will not vote for “free money”, regardless of consequences?

On Tap

Well, a little early for beer.  So another day “in the chair” working on the new book – more chapters on Peoplenomics tomorrow.

Also tomorrow: Current account  deficit.  Lots of data Thursday morning, too, including GDP and such.

In the markets this morning: Futures are trying to rally a bit following the “Air Bubble Rally” Monday.  Japan got in a good bounce, thanks to intervention and hype.  On commodities  Lumber rallied to $926’ish, but gold and silver hint at deflation to come, so we’ll see if this turns into a “turndown Tuesday” by the end.

BTC down to $29,830 and still heading toward our outlook of $28,000. Or less.  Which is why we don’t play cryptos.

Write when you get rich,

35 thoughts on “Government Hiding Money Figures – Scamming Us??!!!”

  1. Dam G-man – foreshadowing shit to come wit Ure slapping “waltzing” Matilda upside my sleepyhead this morn.
    Now I got shelia’s nat. anthem stuck looping in mi brain..thanx dude.

    ‘Energies from space” been working overtime trying to frybroizzle mi brain – so much for Shen,practicing Shen, becoming Shen…just trying to keep calm and party on.. keeping “Agni” locked down in personal mental hard wallet – taint easy – when the whole world is now F-ing Inverted and Upside down, wars being fought without Armies/Ships/Planes moving .
    ..Military Intel vs Big Pharma “Cartel” rumors ..see D. Rock Jr. – apple fell straight down on top of wicked diabolical roots 6ft. in ground..

    Waltzing Matilda – the story behing the song – its what for Ures’ and mine futures…Cheers!

  2. ” intergenerational wealth transfer ”

    Callers to a Detroit radio station complain about a tax scheme that happened in Detroit. They say “the city overtaxed homeowners by at least $600 million between 2010 and 2016”.

    As a result some old folks on fixed incomes lost their houses at the auction…. now they are renters.

  3. The World changes in three days, disclosure of space vehicles. Don’t forget what you were doing when you hear.

    • Interesting comment. Hope it’s real time and not a video or photos. Your source?

      Having visions about who will materialize next to the Prez at the podium — will it be 4′ grey Thor, or the 7′ Reptilian Venom? First impressions are important, you know…

    • Big maybe. I’m expecting the same lies and obfuscation we’ve come to expect from our Federalies. At their very best, the message will probably be something like, “yes we see them too; if you have any info please let us know”.

  4. “Just Housekeeping?”
    No. This is about as blatant “hide the sausage from the vics” as possible.”

    I totally expected them to do this long before June 1st. It doesn’t take a very smart person to realize just how scary this all is… and the repercussions of what they are doing. the big question I have is.. what else could they have done? We all know they should have let the correction happen when Jimmy was in office.. He tried to let everyone know that we needed to be solvent.. but they didn’t see it that way tossed the middle class under the bus and poured water on the table.. The DC two step.. Hide the Sausage or play the submarine games and get everyones attention on something else…
    the serious part of this is how long can they do it before it explodes all over the economy .. I read an article the other day about USA and Russia to team up against china.. now that is interesting since china is our industry and only place we get the things we need…

    • Sausage slinger Alan Greenspan, and Jerome Powell executed as “trusted” public servants.
      That headline is still missing. ;-)

  5. George. So many reasons to question the whole COVID thing that it makes the head spin. A few months ago, we were told that an 8 member choir singing in a church could spread the virus to everybody within 100 feet. We locked down everybody and told them to get the shot and try and beat the new variants that were coming from India and Brazil and were far worse than the first one from Wuhan, China. They all have Greek alphabet names now so as not to shame the people from the countries the virus came from. Politically correct for sure.

    We were told that we got about 30% protection from the first shot and 90% after the second shot. We now have around 70% of people in North America with the first shot and 30% or so with the second shot.

    Everything is opening up fast and we now have thousands of unmasked indoor screaming sports fans who may or may not be vaccinated. The virus seems to have disappeared miraculously just like Donald Trump predicted.

    Where did it go? More important, what happens if a new variant shows up that is immune to all the shots we have received so far?

    I’m confused.

    • mRNA vax provides ZERO Immunity . RNA functions as a transcriptor inside of each cell – it replicates 1000’s of copies, of what ever they put in there – inside of each and every cell in Ure body.

      supposed to “super charge” Ure immune system to fight off a viral infection of Ure body. think… cytokine storm on steroids.
      – without adequate levels of D3 in Ure system – vax potential to kill host with overcharged physiological reaction to invading infection – hence need to dose up Ure D3 – at all times
      fyi – D3 deficiency is a chronic cause of Dis-ease, usually related to low Magnesium..

      noodle baking ? R. Steiner predicted over 100 yrs ago a vaccine would be rolled out to the public in the future, that would disconnect Ure connection to Ure/Spirit..

      • I’m not vaxxed. I’m immune from having recovered from covid. I trust my immunity far more than the vaxx. My real concern is the high presence of the spike protein in all the vaxxed people, and the potential to be infected by it, not the virus itself. The spike protein is definitely pathologic on its own and can easily spread throughout the body and pass the blood/brain barrier. It’s been implicated in thrombotic events(among others), and the actual amount produced with all of the vaxxes(including both viral vector and mRNA types) is unknown. Any “one size fits all” solution to be jabbed indiscriminantly into all of humanity without at least a lifetime of testing will definitely provide unwelcome surprises.

    • You’ll have to consider that most often
      the entertainment aspects of the news
      supercede the facts, IMHO of course.
      All folks will eventually die, COVID or not.

  6. Oh, George! Now you’ve gone and done it! You’ve ignited my thermo nuke-u-lar pessimism reactor. To sum up my take on America’s state of the union:
    – too many (unemployed) people, too many mouths to feed and skyrocketing (medical) bills to pay
    – ideological tempers are inevitably flaring, adversely affection millions
    – domestic and international conflicts are on the rise
    – police are the enemy; punks and gagsters are the heroes
    – money is being created out of nothing, weakening the foundations of democracy and capitalism
    – this ‘vapor’ money is then freely handed out to placate the increasingly anxious populace and angry populace
    – humanity is adopting a ‘preferred’ (not evolutionary) non-binary condition
    – one’s racial identity is increasingly more important than their ethnic, religious, community or national identity
    – one’s political views are either ‘progressive’ or ‘wrong’
    – voting is increasingly unregulated and irregular, producing increasingly dubious results
    – ‘we the people’ are thus electing fellow inmates to run the asylum
    – the First Amendment has been deftly hijacked by enemies of democracy

    Quoting the lyrics of legendary (and arguably ‘non-binary’) Queen: “Nothing really matters. Anyone can see. Nothing really matters. Nothing really matters, to me!”

    • You were so on point my friend, Hallelujah!
      “Nothing really matters. Anyone can see. Nothing really matters. Nothing really matters, to me!”
      However, avoiding pain really matters to me ;-).

  7. Thank you for finding the numbers…. I will pay you George to tell me what is on those excel spread sheets. Always enjoy your columns, comments are a fabulous bonus.

  8. After the great culling, when all compliant and servile people are wiped out in a couple months time, the non-compliant survivors will be rounded up and handed scalpels (you are now a surgeon) or put in a nuke plant with a big red button to push in emergencies (you are now a nuclear technician), or given any of the other jobs now 100% vacated by the compliant-dead.

    This will lead to a 500 million people utopia on earth. The guide stones say so.

    Things might be a bit rocky, so the US will be divided into 13 zones, and to keep the non-compliant survivors in-line, a series of life or death games between the zones will be enacted to encourage the following: compliance, production of goods, and a chance to live in zone 1, capital city.

    I can’t believe nobody has made a movie, or series of movies out of this yet. I would call it “The compliance games”, or something like that.

  9. For those not aware, John Williams has his site, where he does his level best to decipher and reconstruct some of the absent metrics. This page shows a lot of data at a glance:

    This is useful to those who have neither the time nor inclination to do this rather challenging work. There’s a free and subscriber side, and the free side does plenty for a casual reader.

    None of this excuses OUR government from its overtly deceptive practices.

  10. scams !!! ? ???? you want the biggest scam !!! terrorists in the united states of america shorting the USD and calling themselves patriots . hang every single one of em .

  11. The numbers of homeless are still increasing locally. Saw one young woman at lunch time with an expeditionary shopping cart piled head high, complete with rain covers. She looked like she would clean up nicely, but was talking loudly to herself. I heard a rumor a few weeks back that local drug and MH clinics were losing funding and turning clients out on the street. I have heard no officious source comment on the situation, and wouldn’t believe them if they did. Seeing is believing.
    Meet the new bosses, worse than the old …

    • I have a friend in Washington State that asked if I could help him with his daughter.. his daughter had gotten hooked on drugs and needed intervention..
      I just happened to know a physician in that field up there at the time.. to get emergency housing for a homeless person was over six months.. to get medical intervention was longer..
      Then last year a friend asked me for help with her sister.. I was able to get her the help.. even there for an intervention it took almost four months.. then NO aftercare.. my guess is the sister is right back where she was before the intervention..
      Even though they clean up good.. IF you don’t have internet or a physical address or a phone.. you won’t get any position anywhere.. My brother was a big international sales manager where he managed a couple of big companies.. what he made in one year I could retire comfortably on.. he would give me all his old thousand dollar suits tux’s etc.. the most uncomfortable shoes that I used only for painting that he had made by hand for over six hundred dollars.. I would give those to homeless shelters just so a homeless person could go for an interview looking like he belonged.. I am a t-shirt and ugly hat kind of guy if my hair grows out I resemble Einstein.. what I found out is..if you don’t have a coloring book paper on the wall from some college you are only going to get the lowest positions no matter how smart or talented you are…If you go for an interview and your base wage was ten dollars an hour.. they will if they really want you offer you ten twenty five an hour.. just to keep it real.. Many of the larger companies rely on social programs as a benefit for their hourly wage employees so that they can give larger bonuses to the executives at full time perks and benefits..and show they have a higher profit margin for stock holders.. of course this is just my view from the bottom looking up..

  12. George,
    Such anguish from your readers.. Despair..
    Yes we will all die. Take the Vax or Don’t.Your choice.
    No I have not seen any credible evidence that the spike protein from the Vax will cause any problems. But we are still early in the process. What long term effects it will have are yet to be seen.. No I am Not and my wife has not taken it. Neither has my son and he is not going too.
    Front Line Covid -19 Critical Care (FLCCC) group have good info as does Dr. Campbell out of Great Britian. Both on line. Very good info..
    First shots in Bacterial Warfare..
    China told its troops in September or October 2019 to expect problems ,not the Flu..
    I believe in the Constitution, The Idea of AMERICA, E PLURIBUS UNUM. MY OATH from 1968 and 1979 binding for life.
    I will do what I believe is Right .
    Everything that is important to YOU matters to YOU.

  13. Here we go agin !!! Your with us or agin is !!! Short USD ramp futures . Treason terrorists . Facist motherfe$$$rs . Enemies of the United States of America

  14. TPTB up at the top have little to worry about if their caught scamming the nation and the world, no matter how dangerous, immoral and completely unethical they are. The media will report it but also cover them is by ranting, debating about it until we the people forget about it. No legal action ever really comes to fruition or substance.

    However, the little guys down here were the pitchforks are just a walk out to the shed, are trying to cover their butts in the event they get caught. – cowards.

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