It’s Nov. 12, 1930, CFNAI Out, Space-Time Woo-Woo?

We do some mighty strange stuff around here.  One of which – and we’ve been updating at least weekly since the Internet bubble suffered a blow-out in 2001-2003 – is comparing the present day to the last major collapse.  In our work, we’re going into this week (equivalent to Nov. 12, 1930)  from here:

As you can see, the market MAY have already put in its peak.  But the Fed is still printing money.   Can they keep staving off collapse?  Beats us.

If they had NOT done, so, our projections of where a “zero-inflation” work out would have landed us would be in mid November 1930.

There are more charts and how we work up this comparison over on the Peoplenomics subscriber side.  But morning’s like this, it’s useful to keep in mind that the markets would be headed at least 50% lower than present values if the Fed hadn’t just materialized more than $1.6 trillion dollars.  Oddly coincident with the arrival of the “plandemic.”

Of course, only a damn fool would observe that major economic declines had their “tracks covered” by massive “news” events.  Why, to even think that the War on Terror/Twin Towers was a cover-up for financial failures and the Internet bubble’s end…why, that’d be nuts, right?

Or that the arrival of the “plandemic” was oddly timed in the grand historical view with a [possible] long-term peak in financial markets.  One that would justify massive (nearly hyper) inflation in order to paper-over disaster.

How It’s Papered Over

When we go back a ways – say February of 2020 – which is when the markets really began to collapse (plandemic) – we can see how Printing has “saved the day!” Plausible deniability before the herd.  They demanded aid, after all, right?

The top line of the chart below is how real printing led to present day market levels (up dramatically) and how a constant (honest) dollar would have ordained an immediate 50% collapse (lower track).  America was placed in “print or die” as a global power.

You see, thanks to the (turns out almost certainly human-engineered virus as we’ve said from the beginning) makes all manner of economic distortions plausibly deniable. 

The U.S. Dollar clings to its global Reserve Currency role, with a complicit G20.  But the final assaults on America’s sovereignty continues on many fronts.  The Globalists want it ALL.

Some are obvious attacks on baseline Western values.  Take (Tokyo Olympics: Kiwi weightlifter Laurel Hubbard to become first transgender athlete to compete at the Games – NZ Herald) as one example.  Other attacks fan the flames of  racial and economic divides.  Stories like Applaud Juneteenth progress but not pushback on critical race theory and ‘It lessens my bills’: $500 payments tested in upstate NY  argue the case more eloquently than we could.

Notwithstanding BTC at $32,604  early on, the world is still nuts.  And though aghast, there are “accidents” we should take our eyes off, but somehow can’t.

Oh, and we figure the $28,000 handle in time on BTC.  Fortunately, we do commentary not financial advice.


Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator is as much a psychographic assessment of American brainwashing results as it is economic judgment material.  Do we continue to “buy lies” that eventually pivot into Truths?  Well, of course!  Here’s today’s read on it:

“Led by improvements in production-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) increased to +0.29 in May from –0.09 in April. Three of the four broad
categories of indicators used to construct the index made positive contributions in May, and three categories improved from April. The index’s three-month moving
average, CFNAI-MA3, rose to +0.81 in May from +0.17 in April.”

Dow futures up nearly 200 though there was a 3% bloodbath in the Japanese markets overnight.  After this rally runs its course this morning, we’ll have to look at shorting, again.

All of which leaves Elaine and me debt-free, low-profile, hiding-out in the (*sweltering) woods of East Texas, waiting for the whole shitteree to collapse.  Which it won’t, at least today.  Patience and stress-free living are what matter in your 70’s.  And time in the garden.

Data-Based Reality

Is that Americans have been becoming increasingly concerned about Fed policy and resulting inflation ever since the lockdowns began.  Here’s a 5-year Google Trends view of “inflation” as a search term:

Tells us that people are worried – and rightly so.  But on some things, like Lumber, commodity price spikes may have been more a function of Fed largess and corporate greed more than fundamental change.

Lumber is sitting on the $900 handle and just up $55 bucks from the high in August of last year – so a 6.5% price rise.  Still, traders look for any excuse to “run the sheep” and, well…mission accomplished!

Bookmark Wealthion

In Ure’s ever-so-humble, better financial perspectives than the mainstream are out there.

Take for example ALERT: Analyst Predicts 80% Market Crash This Year. Here’s How to Invest Now  when you get time.

The interview with Lacy Hunt here Inflation Today, But Deflation Tomorrow | Lacy Hunt – YouTube echoes our concern the Fed is “shooting its wad” early.

Very much in harmony with our views.  In other words US Economy May Have A Tricky Rebound.

A Few More Data Blobs

Plucked from the newsroom wastelands:

Domestic loudmouth politician working “the divide” department: Ft Lauderdale mayor faces backlash for calling Pride incident ‘terrorist’ before facts available.

Cleaning voter rolls:  Georgia Secretary of State Outlines 100,000 Names to Be Cut From Voter Rolls.

File under Biden and Predators.  Hunter’s note?  Pleas For Biden To Save Gray Wolf Population.

And some criminals are just nuts:  42,000 pounds of missing pistachios leads to possible illegal pistachio operation.  Wonder if it was run through a shell company?

Father’s Day Woo-Woo?

As (especially Peoplenomics) readers know, I have been nibbling on notions related to busting space-time ever since writing the book Dimensions Next Door.  On Amazon, BTW.

What I’ve been working on is trying to recreate the “electronic fog” that was reported by Bruce Gernon in his book about flying into a time-warp in 1970 in a Beech A36 Bonanza on a flight from Andros (Bahamas) to West Palm Beach.  The Fog: A Never Before Published Theory of the Bermuda Triangle Phenomenon.

Super good case  because Bruce laid out enough details that I figured that the sound and electronic fields might be reverse-engineered.  So I work on that now and then.

Although there have been some intriguing photos, like this one:

The effect is very likely a CCD imaging issue, not the fog.  Still, the lens was clean and no condensation at the time of the shot…

Still, not particularly noteworthy – bright sun and such.  Dismissed by an expert as such.

Sunday’s Odd Results

Sunday, though, I was running more spectral scans.

The connecting theory between all of the cases of time-travel/wormhole type reports and levitation, is that there’s a frequency and waveform that is reputed to do odd things.  But only under very specific conditions.

Kjellson’s observations (1938, Tibet) involved a semi-circle of three sound sources including “farty sounding” long deng sheng trumpets as well as two types of drums (large and mid sized kettle drums).  These were placed at specific distances from a sound-reflecting mountainside cliff and were used to levitate rocks.

Since we can estimate all the sound fields in Kjellson’s report, and since we also have details on the Gernon flight, we can overlap the sound parameters and come up with some interesting ideas.

However, it’s not precise. In fact, after doing some sound sweeps Sunday, I didn’t feel anything particularly strange.  Blew off the day’s work and said to hell with it.  Off to read.

THEN, about 4 PM, Elaine came in and said “Did you move those rocks on the retaining wall between the house and shop?

“WHAT???”  Hell no, of course not, I didn’t move them.  It was 94F and humid outside by this time. I’m a chilled reader.

Well, come look…they’ve been moved.”

Pardon the blue lines, but they show how the rocks had been moved.

Even more interesting was another rock that seemed like it had tried to move but settled back in its place:

See around the edges, especially lower, it looks like it was moved.  Shouldn’t be gaps around it.

Notes to Home Experimenters

Are we stumbling around a yet-to-be-patented way of moving things.  Like Edward Leedskalnin at Coral Castle?

Here are the sound field basics:

I was using multiple frequencies.  Primary sound field was 97 db worth of brown noise.  Mixed with this was a secondary square wave (going for harmonics here) between was 2450 to 2550 Hz. Various wave forms.

This was piped out the front mains in the home studio using tri-amped speakers:  Dual powered 10″ subs, Bose 201’s for mids and an array of four 3 inch tweeters.  Mids and tweets fed by a Crown 2X60  amp on each side.

The rear speakers are (Bose) Interaudio bookshelf’s on stands.  A single Crown drives the right and left rear.

(Playing brown noise loud, it generates puffs a wind – quite noticeably…)

Now the hip shot:  Since we know from the data that Gernon’s route of flight took him from essentially sea level, and where the “time cloud” formed behind him, we can estimate formation of his “time cloud”  took place between 2-5,000 feet.  This then allows us to estimate where the reflected sounds should be.

By guessing at the  “space-time bending cloud” location, we can then begin to pencil back to figure how long to delay the return.

To do this, the audio from the front main channels is run through a Behringer Virtualizer which lets us adjust the delay time on the rear speakers.

Which means we have us to 5.45 seconds as our in-studio range.  And since sound (at 75 F – it varies based on temp, tool here) is 1133.25 feet per second, then our max test range is: 6,176 “sound feet.”  So our max test “altitude is 4,932 feet which ought to get close to the Gernon event.

When Gernon first looked behind him and saw his “cloud” it was (estimated) around 3,500 feet.   However, he was just passing through 5,000.  We find reason (in Kjellson’s work) to infer a much lower incept altitude.  This is because Tibetan levitation sound field work was at ground level.

Which is terribly useful because?

Because we can simply add distance from sound source to reflector (mountain) and infer 313 meters or 1,030 feet.  Only about 6 rocks per hour could be raised this way.  Up the mountainside for a new temple.  The rest were reduced to dust – think Jericho and sound fields.

The levitation effect, thus, becomes a much easier target but one I wasn’t specifically looking for Sunday:  I was trying to get a collection of magnets in the studio to spin.

Having said this, we can imagine UFO/UAP spectral signatures if ever released would not be single frequency affairs.  Which gets me thinking of multiple frequencies, which is why I’m using brown noise…which you can think of almost like a baseband.

Curiously, there are some “hot” (audible) mixing product frequencies which can be heard “tuning through” some of the audio spectrum.  Which has me considering purchase of a second Virtualizer so that phase as well as delay line effects could be discretely dialed in (optimization).

Which has us wondering there might be a continuum along which effects are noticed:  Gravity, space-time, and perhaps (the Prize) which would be portal tunneling.  In  which case, a spectral analysis of UFO/UAPs would have 3 major spectral “bumps.”

For now, it was a few rocks MAYBE moved. But we might be able to claim an “effect.”  If we could repeat and capture, since we didn’t have “eyes on.” when the movement happened.

Still, definitely no vehicles around and much too big for cats to have done.

Curious thing to note, as well:  The rocks that moved were high iron content.  Just like the rocks are Coral Castle are called “ironshore rock.”

Interestingly, the “Walls of Jericho” case involves a mudbrick on stone foundation.  Leading us to wonder whether simple small movement of high iron content rock (responding to acoustical energy) could have moved enough to topple the mudworks atop them.

Enough speculation.  Off to work on another book chapter (Packing to Die: Suitcase between your ears” for PN Wednesday.

Write when you get rich,

59 thoughts on “It’s Nov. 12, 1930, CFNAI Out, Space-Time Woo-Woo?”

    • dam Pete.. Now I have to take my magnet to the store and try it out LOL LOL.. thanks for sharing..
      what I find interesting what is the maximum allowable magnetic field exposure to our body. can ionic polarization and dipole rotation of an atom or molecules harm the body or cause damage to brain matter. there was a lot written about 5 g networking and it damaging the body with microwave pulses.. interesting I wonder.. could some of the theories be true….

      • Good to see another reader is aware of and reads Dr. Farrell’s blog. It might be fun to get him and George together for a chat, since Dr. Farrell’s hobby is antique pipe organs. We could place a bet on who levitates who first!

    • The magnet thing caught my attention.
      Have not had any vaccine or swab test, but refrigerator magnets will lightly adhere to my forehead even when leaning forward. A small pull can actually be felt as it nears contact. Does not stick anywhere else.
      I have no way to account for this, but it does happen.

    • Ok Pete an update on the magnetic meat… first I bought a magnet , mine is so powerful that I I wouldn’t ever get it off if it stuck to the cooler..
      Nothing.. I asked the manager for an anti theft label..yup it stuck to that one..

  1. Business owners want another round at the bar. Since this is the case the peoples should get another no questions asked 6 month unemployment extension AND the 2K a month UBI retroactive from the declaration of Pandemic.

    As pandemic subsides, businesses push Congress for one more bailout

    “The plea comes even after Congress appropriated more than $1 trillion over the past year to support smaller employers through forgivable loans and grants. The Paycheck Protection Program alone delivered nearly $800 billion in short-term aid to 11.8 million businesses during the pandemic, with economists divided on the extent to which it really saved jobs.”

    The anomalies at your place are getting interesting. Tie-down in case you get sucked up into the… other world.

    Maybe you should setup cameras. Your experiments may pique the interest of inter-dimensional beings and it would be good to have video of any kidnappings/beings. Good work!

    • “As pandemic subsides, businesses push Congress
      For one more bailout ”

      I am sure they are.. one third on the eviction list and one third used credit cards. Housing costs up, and groceries 30 to 25 percent higher… fuel and I just learned this morning that in give months my cable bill is going to be a hundred a month higher.. not sure what electric is going up but they did say it’s going to increase..
      There wasn’t that big of a spending spree.. the don on law was just pricing a new truck…lol
      Lol it was as much as a house.. well what a house use to cost..

      • At this point I think theres very little they can do except put regulations on prices..

  2. A nurse told me that a magnet sticks to people because of the adjunct (spelling?) In the vaccine. After a few days the magnet no longer sticks because it is dispersed all over the body.

    I wonder if animals from other countries need to have an antibotic a few days before slaughtering to be able to be sold in the US.

    • You’re probably referring to adjuvants. These toxic things are designed to promote a non-specific inflammatory response and allow for less actual antigen(or mRNA). They’re good for an immediate reaction, but can promote autoimmunity over the longer term.

      The magnetic “sticking” seems to be specific to the mRNA vaxxes. IMHO, this can only happen if there’s some programming to attract, reform, and otherwise alter iron from the blood. There’s not enough of anything magnetic in a shot to hold even a neodymium magnet to an arm when the shot is deep within muscle tissue. The entire issue is unresolved and needs to be explored, but I won’t be volunteering my arm.

      Another unresolved anomaly is that both the mRNA and the modified spike protein have been found in many organ systems(including the brain) far from the injection site. All safety protocols were designed around the idea that the deep muscle tissue effectively sequestered these products.

      • its called food seasoning/meat tenderizer here on planet Earth.
        – when applied/injected into a human being it is called mRNA – which by the needs absolutely no adjuvents to cause an inflamatory response.
        – for it was/is the exactly the inflamatory responses that lead the the pharmaceutical industry to Reject mRNA for years.
        ..Something “helped” change their minds two years ago….$$$$$$ from op. warp speed?
        – all of a sudden – the inflamation issues just went away – new/old adjuvants I guess.
        Thiomersal vax cocktails – stupefying and healthy at the same time! FMTT

      • NMMike, the first recipient of a covid vax died after one year; in the UK. His autopsy showed the covid spike protein in every organ, all over his body, where it should not be. Poor ole Soul.

  3. Let’s start with appreciating the double holiday this weekend – the honoring of Father’s Day, and of course, the Summer Solstice!

    Enjoy now – Winter is coming!

    • It’s a quad triple one weekend.

      Friday was a 4-event witching day on Wall Street. I don’t remember the particulars.

      Saturday was a new Federal Holiday, Juneteenth (to be called something else, I’m sure) that was celebrated this year on Friday; Sunday was Father’s Day; and today is the Summer solstice.

      And to top it all off, Mercury retrograde ends Tomorrow.

      • “Quadruple witching refers to a date on which stock index futures, stock index options, stock options, and single stock futures expire simultaneously. While stock options contracts and index options expire on the third Friday of every month, all four asset classes expire simultaneously on the third Friday of March, June, September, and December.” source: Investopedia.

        June 19, Juneteenth National Independence Day

      • National Independence Day is July 4th!

        “Juneteenth” seems to be something dreamed up by the communists currently running the show. I’d never even heard this term in my long and checkered life. Whatever it’s all about, it would be better off being around August 2nd, since we have a long gap in holidays between Independence Day and Labor Day.

        Whatever this holiday is, nobody seems to pay any attention to it around these parts. I never even noticed if the banks shut down.

        Perhaps if “Mercury Retrograde” ends tomorrow, my cheapo cellphone will start working again. Even the carrier can’t figure out what broke.

      • “Juneteenth” seems to be something dreamed up by the communists currently running the show. I’d never even heard this term in my long and checkered life. it would be better off being around August 2nd, since we have a long gap in holidays between Independence Day and Labor Day.”

        MIKE….. August 2nd. is out…. CONGRESS .. already has the whole month of august off.. LOL LOL LOL look for the new congressional holiday Jack Off in July it will be the best holiday for them.. that is about all they do already anyway might as well celebrate it… My other favorite one is Poinsettia Day in December (when I worked federal that was the one we made sure to take off the congressional poinsettia day off even made up posters to let everyone know how important it is).. gotta remember the important ones..

      • Juneteenth is real and has been celebrated locally in some shape or form by Black communities since June 19, 1865 (hence it’s name). Here’s the backstory — Why it was so quickly elevated to a Federal holiday after 160 years is another discussion.

        My main point was that for this website audience, having so many activities of interest converge at the same time was pretty amazing.

      • “Why it was so quickly elevated to a Federal holiday after 160 years is another discussion.”

        Joe..that one is an easy one…butter on the bread..gain the support of the underprivileged and poor…an example…

        In the early 1930s, the mood in Germany was grim. The worldwide economic depression had hit the country especially hard, and millions of people were out of work. Still fresh in the minds of many was Germany’s humiliating defeat fifteen years earlier during World War I, and Germans lacked confidence in their weak government, known as the Weimar Republic. These conditions provided the chance for the rise of a new leader, Adolf Hitler, and his party, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party, or Nazi Party for short.

        Hitler was a powerful and spellbinding speaker who attracted a wide following of Germans desperate for change. He promised the disenchanted a better life and a new and glorious Germany. The Nazis appealed especially to the unemployed, young people, and members of the lower middle class (small store owners, office employees, craftsmen, and farmers”
        It’s not a secret that the country is lop-sided just like it was then..all the benefits are granted to a select few at the top. Bonuses and vacation perks of all kinds given to a very few… so butter the bread grt the support of the masses that have been put on hold..
        A company I worked for has vacation condos, cruises, health coverage and bonuses, for the executive side while those working hourly wages are not able to take theirs..
        You would think they would have learned a thing or two from the old geezers but.. fast cash and greed shoved those lessons out the door. American laborers pride driven down.

      • “Why it was so quickly elevated to a Federal holiday after 160 years is another discussion.”

        Trump proposed it, the Dems rejected it in 2018, specifically to maintain their propaganda that he was a racial bigot. The reason Biden got the “win” is because he has been a notorious racial bigot, and his handlers feel they need some “preemptive damage control” to put as many miles between “you ain’t Black” and Obama being “clean” as possible, before Joe opens his mouth and ends up, up to his knees in a foot-eating contest…

  4. Interesting read, George.

    Once went walking one morning, up on a forested hill side in the autumn when the leaves were turning. It was foggy and dense. I followed the path between the trees and when the sun began to shine over the top of the hill, the sunlight illuminated the colored leaves and the fog around me became a gently moving rainbow of colors, pink, red, yellow orange and white. For a few minutes, it was like walking in a fairy tale. What was I doing it the woods that early in the morning? I was asking my ancestors for advice. They in turn, showed me something beautiful. – We are never alone in our endeavors in this life … ancestors hold all the wisdom of the past and, it doesn’t hurt to ask them … even if it’s just to know how to move a rock. “there’s nothing new under the sun”

    The Ghost Dance of my ancestors was banned until the Freedom of religion act was signed in 1967. By then, most forgot how to do it … but some remembered to whisper.

    Whispering, has a different frequency than talking or yelling. Whispers are light enough to travel on the wind. What we (believe) is real to us. What others believe, is real to them. Simple knowledge and imagination when combined, is powerful stuff … when you believe. Then … it’s all about Trust … until the inspiration (answer) comes.

    For those of the Christian persuasion, “Commit what ever you do to the Lord, and He will establish your plans.” ~ proverbs 16-3. It’s exactly like that.

    Knowledge, is a funny thing. We’re suppose to have it and seek more of it but, in some cases … it’s outlawed.

    Prior to the pandemic, more than a handful of Holistic Healers (died?) Wonder what they knew?

    Psychics have gone underground, and seldom heard from anymore. Probably don’t want government jobs. Down the rabbit hole.

    Keep working George, you’ll figure it out. :)


  5. “magnet sticks to people”

    Is anyone friendly with a doctor? Go to a doctor for a vaxx and see if a magnet sticks to the vial. Spill the contents of the vial out on a nonmagnetic surface, ceramic plate and test the material by hovering a magnet over it to see if the magnet pulls the material off the surface.

    Old mechanical hard drives have powerful magnets inside. An old mechanical hard drive can probably be had from a second hand shop.

    • All references Ive seen to magnets with “The Jab” has been magnets sticking to the injected area of the skin, not the area being able to attract a ferrous object.

    • Great snapshot of what’s coming Steve, thank you. For a more in depth conversation of “they took our jobs” check out an interesting conversation:
      “The Artificial Intelligence Race and the New World Order” @ the CFR

      A discussion of advances in artificial intelligence, the effects on the future of work, and the technology race between the United States and China.

      Speaker Kai-Fu Lee
      Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sinovation Ventures; President, Sinovation Ventures Artificial Intelligence Institute; Author, AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order

      Presider Deven J. Parekh
      Managing Director, Insight Venture Partners

    • What’s not being factored in is people will not want to eat at a restaurant without human waiters. Part of the joy of eating out is the ambience. Might be worth some research to find out what the psychologists think…

  6. Morning George. Couple things. What was the actual altitude the Tibetans were at. Yes they’d have been at ground level but possibly high up in elevation.
    Second, at one time there was a live recording of the frequencies emitted by
    Plejaren ships. They displayed a huge range of high frequencies happening at the same time. Good luck.

  7. “The effect is very likely a CCD imaging issue, not the fog. Still, the lens was clean and no condensation at the time of the shot…”

    It’s not the camera, it’s the lens. Cheap consumer zooms are usually pretty bad for flare. Get an expensive professional zoom or a prime of any price, and things will be much better, and use a polarizing filter..
    The light gets polarized by reflecting from the low angle..
    A Polarizer would help to reduce contrast between highlights….Less severe sun glare can distort an image off of a reflective image.. Hope that helps solve the mystery… Nothing special it happens… clean lens or dirty lens back when I use to take pictures I use to try and get that affect while taking pictures of flowers and bugs.. get a good polarizing filter..

    • You know, in my life, I have seen the aura come off of physical things, like dressers, lamps, people, hands, etc., so it does not surprise me that a building will emit an aura from the occupants presence over time.

      I am getting ready to leave a home of almost 27 years; I know this house will miss me as I will miss it. The high energy in this house, will give the next occupants an initial welcoming level of peace, light, and love, that is for them to enhance or diminish, over time, as they choose.

  8. “our concern the Fed is “shooting its wad” early.”

    Hmm.. you would think as old as the Federal reserve is that they would not have the troubles with premature ejaculation of lol

  9. oh yeah!!!the guru watch the futures . oh we will just pick and choose when to go long short 2or3 times a week , short dollar , buy shitcon , buy yellow dog . so easy just watch the terrorists smash USD. its guru party time . scum . lowest form of scum ever

  10. pathetic criminals . even dagolio is back . and jimmy cramer sold his sheetcon eh . just vegetated jabbed zombie criminals

  11. Look into heterodyning the audio signals. Aircraft engines, while also dandy for powering aircraft, also are thousands-of-horsepower low frequency audio generators. They also rarely run in sync, so you get odd products (same as radio) from the sum, difference, harmonics and so on. You may have to add additional nodes. Just a thought.

  12. use yellow dog and gurus and treason against USD like traffic lights . oh and dont forget this wave aggregate fairy tale stuff . works wonders when everybody is in the scam herd

  13. “What I’ve been working on is trying to recreate the “electronic fog”

    An electro magnetic vortex plasma fog is what I think happens. Every recorded event has similar environmental conditions in an area that is well known as a point for extreme magnetic events. Add an electrically charged storm. As for the vortex the plasma spin depends on which side it’s being entered in for the north and south.. from one direction the spin will be clockwise from the opposite direction it would spin counterclockwise ..
    Just my thoughts on it

    • Ure NRG spins counter – clockwise

      E’s/Females NRG spins clockwise .

      At least it is supposed to…if Ure results vary – prolly should see a “practitioner”

      Always thought/”pictured” internal vortex”/my lotus flower – as NRG’s moving In and Out from Top & Bottom – but Ure absolutely correct – when viewed from diff angle it does looks like clockwise and counter-clockwise flowz.

  14. Now… I would be real careful In trying to recreate the electro magnetic plasma vortex on a large scale (aka time travel).. those that did survive were in planes and other vehicles protected.. a hug zapper does the same thing and we all know what happens to the fly that enters it..

    • That describes exactly what happens to Our light bodies – SOULS- loosh when We die..

      The “loosh” floats on up towards that warm golden light above/overhead – & the WHOLE dam “sky” is covered/dotted in amnesia machines/deathtraps/electrical soul “zappers” renders the light body STUNNED.
      Everyone gets “caught” in the “net” – Light body just has to get close proximity – U R aware of what is happening to U as it occurs…………..Re Incarnated thousands of life times and nobody can remember shit – due all the brain damage done everytime U get “zapped” – does not happen after every lifetime, if the SOUL is still befuddled from past induced damage.
      “principalities of darkness” got nothing on amnesia machines – fucking nasty violent – it HUTRZ bad and Ure SOUL will never forgets. Wonder why religious leaders never mention a word of this..?

      – QHHT – U can dive that deep with a skilled practitioner.

  15. should read the master guru FED salesmans take on rigging . busted the 218/222 but nah all good . eh working the yard at 321 sewer sales

    • Missouri armadillos must be a lot tougher than Texas varieties; I’ve never seen an armadillo move large rocks. Armadillos live off grubs and such. They root around in soft ground.
      I have seen feral hogs destroy raised beds bordered by rock just to bare their little pork butts. Maybe G____ has accidently discovered the world’s best hog call.

  16. I was just contemplating the magnetic nano particles and the 5g networks…since the thought that if these particles are being added to the vaccines and if so they are absorbed and settle in the brain and heart muscle…would placing an electromagnetic frequency to your ear have any affects to those nano particles?
    There has been an on going debate on the affects of cell phone usage and brain tumors and cancer.. if so would that affect how fast the negative aspects of 5g exposure works?

      • Thats what U think. Ure market research done shit the bed or Ure didnt do any…C’mon Man! pissing on readership legs and telling us its raining..ewe baaaaaad boy.

      • No, George, it isn’t. You will have a lot of sales. It’s trouble, though, meaning, work, orders, refunds, etc. Elaine can do the artwork. I vote for T-shirts with V necks not that sloppy round look, hats, flags, signs, your books in printed form (can self print), for starters. Bumper stickers are nice, too.

        Then, maybe, maybe, maybe another get together in time, a Saturday seminar of a multitude of topics, would be great!!! Videotape (cd), online presentations…gee, the skies, err, space is not the limit!!!

      • I second *Idea*!

        I still remember Tyler fondly, even though getting there in the heat was something I’d rather forget.

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