Trading Box Fills, Absolute Equality, Lumber $$$

Let’s begin with a “freebie” for you.  Made possible by those $40/year high-rollers who subscribe to our Peoplenomics newsletter.

We use an Aggregate View of markets to reveal what the real money flows are telling us.  This arose from my frustration when – in the wake of the NASDAQ blow-down as the Internet Bubble popped 2000-2003 – the financial industry quoted only “Indices of Convenience.”  Those that were going UP; not the ones on the skids.

This approach has given us a unique view of the economy over the years.  And this morning, a set of “trading boxes” ( a simple visual tool to understand Elliott wave relationships ) will be completing with today’s open which was a shade-higher on the futures:

As should be clear (it won’t be) the top of the smallest trading box was exceeded briefly yesterday and is likely to poke higher at the open.

But to us, there’s an Elliott count screaming “Caution” though we don’t offer financial advice.  Just commentary.  Of the “Don’t crush that Dwarf and Hand Me the Pliers” type.

Doesn’t mean we can’t get yet-another sub-division of the wave structure.  Just means don’t walk under ladders.

Racism and its Reverse

Much is being made in the liberalista press in news stories seeming to cast White people as discriminating against Black.

An inference example?  “White farmer wins temporary halt to program for Black counterparts ( as an example.

Long ago, when I was teaching young 1970’s Broadcast Journalism Interns (UW CMU 367 was the course) I said the easiest way to test whether a story was “balanced” was to rewrite it with roles reversed and see how a Policy would sound.

In the example above, the headline would re-write (roles reversed) as “Black Farmer wins temporary halt to program for White counterparts.”  How would that play in the mainstream?

If the story wouldn’t “play exactly the same” there’s a crooked Policy revealed – one that doesn’t support FULL ABSOLUTE TOTAL EQUALITY.  (Which we DO around here.)

Simply “flipping your thinking” reveals the underlying  social divider agenda in the Biden administration. Making up money for one race and responding with a program of White-shaming in the press when caught doesn’t seem to us like its Good for the country.

America’s Big Slide

This inability to simply “flip the story” – to see the other side of things –  is not only part of basic critical thinking; it seems to be a massive historical shift.  Humans now accept things based on unsp0ken, unvoted Agendas of others.  Gibberish is accepted on its face while deeper agendas must not be questioned.

I was chatting with a highly decorated military fellow about this recently.  He said something remarkable in passing:  “Actually, these days Hickam has been morphed into its neighbor, and the whole mess is called Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam. Horrible name.”  Unremarkable?  You think?

The observation prompted (“The Pen is Mightier than the Brain“) Ure to write back:

“LOL – just like my life-long pal “the Major” bemoans about “Jib-Lum” – Joint Base Lewis-McChord down the street from his place.

“When the Army flies BUFF’s and the Air Force digs trenches, then perhaps it would make sense.

But here in the Outback, this “gender slippage” between the service branches was merely a set-up to the grand psychological “de-barrierizing” that has moved on to merging sexes, genders, races, preferences, religions, national origins, and so much more.

We have taken a melting pot, confused it with a Blender and turned it on.

It’s “Waring” on me.  And my reaction will get me “Oster-cized” for sure.”

Critical George Theory sights the shadow of something not mentioned by the Anti-Fragility sheep:  As complexity multiplies, people “combine notions” – often incorrectly – in a misguided attempt to cope with information overload. Simplify to stupefy.

Apple’s persistence in computing I believe traces to having only ONE mouse button, not two.  Easy-peasy for the hazy-lazy.

Not following?  Check your plumbing and get back to me.  Just realize that if you even countenanced the thought of looking, you may have already passed the Point of No Return.

Tyreman Answers the Why

Before we get to the personal income data (you do like a good
“official jo9ke” right?) remember that America has a terrible strategic issue looming.  We are being “climatized” into financial disaster.  My friend Chris Tyreman’s done a piece on how A.I. and Driverless is already bearing down on us:

The Big Ugly Financial Obstacle (*BUFO) for America’s future is we have too many people and robotics and A.I. are all lining up to invoke a Technological Feudalism on us.  One where Balancing the Books won’t matter.  The Warlords of Tech will just “declare” and it will be So.  Crypto cynic, anyone?

Already, we can see how Tech is handing out payoffs to ensure corporate autonomy.  In stories like Microsoft Exemption From Antitrust Bill Followed Company Donation to Top Democrat.

Techno Dark Ages

Ure flips again.  Under Feudalism of the Middle Ages:

“…nobility held lands from the Crown in exchange for military service, and vassals were in turn tenants of the nobles, while the peasants (villeins or serfs) were obliged to live on their lord’s land and give him homage, labor, and a share of the produce, notionally in exchange for military protection…”

We rewrite Future History as:

“…Technology held lands from the Government in exchange for financial service, and corporate vassals were in turn tenants of the Techs, while the mere citizens (or serfs) were obliged to live on their corporate land and pay plus a share of their labors, notionally in exchange for government protection…”

Unholy triad.

A sketch of present direction.  Which ensures Globalism triumphs because with A.I. and travel limits, vax, food, and social controls, the only alternative is appeasement.

Speaking of Appeased

So much for  “Feel-Good data” when comes to Personal Incomes and Expense:

“Personal income decreased $414.3 billion, or 2.0 percent at a monthly rate, while consumer spending increased $2.9 billion, or less than 0.1 percent, in May. The decrease in personal income reflected declines in pandemic-related assistance programs.”

Which will drive the markets up, at least till someone figures out we’re in a balloon bigger than  the Hindenburg.

Lumbering Down?

Great economics observations are being tallied with the price of lumber falling almost to the $840 handle overnight.  Still haven’t seen much in the Mess Media admit the histrionics about “Adding $40,000 to the price of a new home” needs a little updating.  Charitably, give ’em time.  Real data is hard, you know.

Since we have a deck project pending, I called the local lumber emporium this week and found prices are little changed from April when I first started pricing the job:

Several problems are coming:  Not the least of which is son George II is on a 6,000 fire line in Oregon today.  Small compared to the Lionshead fire at over 100,000 acres last year, but looks like building materials could be a fall & winter to “thread the needle” as supplies edge toward tight next year – depending how the fire season rolls.

That and Brinks might want to consider armed escort services for sheet-goods.  Glue-ups and planers to the front of the line, please.

Passings:  Robert Felix

The Obit speaks volumes:  Robert Felix | Obituaries |

His work on climate was monumental.  We hope the website continues.

Notable News

Heads-down, but empty:  Strategy Analytics: Half the World Owns a Smartphone.  Is half the world dumb?

Lucky you, Tax chattel:  ‘We have a deal’: Biden announces bipartisan infrastructure agreement.  $950 billion worth of special favors and paybacks.  Can a made-up economy outlast the Great Depression or do we all sober-up at some point?  ZeroHedge takes it apart in Goldman Throws Up Over Biden’s Infra Deal: It’s Too Small, It Probably Won’t Pass And We Have No Idea Who Will Pay For It.

Like we didn’t notice? Rep. Jodey Arrington: Biden’s border crisis is hammering our states. Time to affirm their sovereign powers.

Not in the Constitution: But the power grabs continue. San Francisco will require all city employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19: report.  Meantime ‘Single most qualified’ mRNA expert speaks about vaccine risks after he says YouTube banned his video (reports  We’re still isolated and in our own control group.

Recalls:  Check Your Fridge for These Recalled Egg Products (  Also did you see the note from PRO/AH/EDR> Foodborne illness – Ethiopia, Somalia: camel meat?

Chips ahoy!  Taiwan chip manufacturer TSMC flags price rises of up to 20% (

BTC was trading $33,549 this morning.  Dow futures were +100 with an hour to the open.

Ham Radio Planner

Have a Great Friday.  Ham radio Field Day Weekend so it you see a bunch of radio aficionados throwing things up in trees today, this is our idea of “radio sport.”  Drop in and talk to ’em.  Everyone is welcome.

I will post my CW (*Morse) plans tomorrow morning and offer some ideas on band conditions and such.

When Field Day is history remember there’s the Fourth a July with no mail (or markets) on Monday July 5.  Also this time of year, a good chance to pick off a new ham radio certificate if you’re into that kind of thing.  Might we recommend the radio “13 Colonies Special Event” stations?

Whine when you get rich,

63 thoughts on “Trading Box Fills, Absolute Equality, Lumber $$$”

  1. yeah Baby !

    Freudian slip , or something else ? * WHITE POWER !

    Knew Ure was grand, but the wizard thing I never saw coming …

    Nice summer time tune to set the mood for the weekend ..Under the Boardwalk ? Nope – going with – On the Way to KKK


    • You’re an idiot. Pay attention. The problem is if Black Power is OK, then White power must be, as well.
      Otherwise…oh-oh…someone’s discriminating!
      Look up “Equality”

      • Exactly George.. was it Stanford or Harvard that did the study.. by sending students into various neighborhoods to see the response.. in many ethnic neighborhoods the students had to be rescued..
        I was very fortunate to have been raised by the parents I had..
        They were color blind and taught us to judge the person for who they are not the clothes they wore, their size or shape or the color of their skin..
        I in turn teach my kids to be the blind man.. a blind man can only judge you for who you are inside..saddly many teach hate..

        A couple of my Hollywood heroes.. they would be welcome at my table or in my home any time.. Morgan Freeman sounds just like my father.
        We let the neighborhood raise our children and network tv and evil game programs to give the kids the it’s ok to do these things.. JMHO

  2. George
    “the only alternative is appeasement”.

    My Butt!

    7.62 X 51mm at 2900fpm!!!

    Think it can’t happen?

    At 72 I will not let my grandkids become slaves!

    Think I’m kidding?

    If I have the balls to participate in turning keys and vaporizing a million people think again!

  3. I always enjoy Chris Tyreman’s videos. He is a super down to earth thinker. The AI automation world is most scary to me. So we have machines serving us and doing all our work for us. What the hell is our purpose in life? What is life like when the dignity of work is completely gone?

  4. While were flipping characters we’re justifying the content. Black Farmer/White Farmer – all farmers are going to want a lot of bailout come Fall. And they’ll get it too. Nobody says stop.

    The first “Farm Aid” is in most of our earliest memories, 35+ years ago. Remember that emergency? LOL Worse than Boeing and GM combined. I know we need food. Recall the opening scene in Grapes of Wraith. Broke farmers losing their farms. American farmers being poor and having great need is in the American psyche.

    Maybe these farmers should work a new skill like programming or fast food.

    I drove by the Ford Wayne Assembly yesterday. The lot was packed with new Broncos. There’s a nearby overflow lot on Belleville Road that’s also getting full of new Broncos.

    • “all farmers are going to want a lot of bailout come Fall.”

      My guess… to keep the noodle moving it will take a substantial amount of water on the table.yesterday the news story was they extended the evictions another month..
      I’m almost willing to bet they cant figure out why..
      As a mouse in the corner you can almost hear the words… but we gave everyone another stimulus… that would be from people that have never been in a financial death spiral..
      I was in one that had me so terrified.. all over a 37 dollar check. It ended up costing a few thousand before I got it stopped. Those on the eviction list and those that used credit cards to survive are there. The country is there.. the interest and penalties are outpacing income..

      • Here in MI the tart cherry growers are complaining they lost most of the crop due to an early Spring/late cold snap.

        The sweet cherry growers didn’t have it much better AND they say market share is being lost to the sweet cherry growers from Turkey.

        The apple crop was doing good so far. But the wildfires in California will be redirecting all the rain to the Midwest for the next 10 days so that may negatively impact the apple crop.

      • Try watching what missing a $3.75 or so payment does to your credit rating. Lost a bill in the pile by my computer here a couple of months ago and cost us a small boat load of points. Need to develop a better filing pile.

    • “I can tell by that look in your eye, you’re an American, and so am I. Hi bub, howdie, how do you do, and while we’re on the subject, while we’re on the subject, and while we’re on the subject how’s the old wazoo!” ~ Firesign Theatre :-)

      • I am American far enough back that there wasn’t yet an America. 1620ish
        Several ancestors fought in the revolution, some regular Army, some as “irregulars”. My grandfather fought in the “war between the states” in the Army of Northern Virginia. So I guess that makes me a real American albeit a little biased.

      • Our ancestors may have come over on the same boat back when New York was New Amsterdam. The story goes 4 brothers came over to these shores, took four different spellings of the name (bureaucracy was hated back then, too) and spread out from there. We were the welcoming committee for the “Original” 300 here in Texas so they got to ask them “what took y’all so long to get here?”. Then a few of the “uppity” ones in our clan got into a little 18 minute scrape down in San Jacinto and commenced to growing things and making babies after that. Now all our branch seems to have is girls so this may be the end. Good run while it lasted but I’ve still got time to to tick off a certain group of Yankees.

  5. “So much for “Feel-Good data” when comes to Personal Incomes and Expense:
    “Personal income decreased”

    Interesting that you brought that up.. around the wastelands of the plains the only ones receiving an increase in wages are the executives.. the low incomed hourly wage employees are seeing .. benefit cuts, less working hours being scheduled and no wage increases.
    All while theres an increase in prices on food, planned increases for utilities, housing etc.

  6. “Half the World Owns a Smartphone. Is half the world dumb?”


    When 5g started..the small ipad we have that was used for doctors visits etc. All of a sudden doesn’t work with 5g technology.. neither did the cell phone. In order to have one it had to be upgraded to smartphone..
    The ipad.. the same thing..the old one still works just fine just like a computer with windows 98….guaranteed sales for tech

  7. > It’s “Waring” on me. And my reaction will get me “Oster-cized” for sure.”

    Oh, George… Gonna take a Ninja to get you out of that one…

    • I wanted to buy a blender off the internet but I didn’t . . . because it had mixed reviews.

      • “uh…anyone see a punch line around here? I wanna get in it…”

        Well, if you really want punch I suppose you could throw a bunch of fruit in your Vitamix. Make sure you have the Action Dome on tight though, or you’ll end up with a wall of Cuisin’ art…

  8. G –

    Whats up wit HAARP – Alaska ? thought the air farce shut that bad boy down, after destroying Hati..via earthquake ? No sooner do NORTAM warnings go up – No Fly and large condo building one block away from Ivanka & Jareds place comes crashing down in middle of the night…Did they miss the target ? Dates posted for warning 6/21-6/25..

  9. Have had a preference for print books since childhood. It gives me time to think and reflect on what I’ve read. Maybe reread to put things more in perspective. I have to follow audio/video now, since I’ve lost much of my vision to old age. One of my favorite authors is/was Robt Heinlein, particularly his “Future History” series. Mostly written more than fifty years ago, many points are dead on with current activities. He has hidden his insights with “Science Fiction” so they are ignored by the unwashed heathen. Well worth reading, though. Some of his writings where I have worn out several copies are:
    “Citizen of the Galaxy”, “Starship Troopers” Original, not the movie script, “Friday”, “Cat That Walks Through Walls”
    Each is wild, speculative fiction yet each has a background of where the society has altered with time. Well worth wasting time over.

    • I find many Sci Fi writers more prophet than poet. Heinlein, Ray Bradbury, Harlan Ellison, H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Frank Herbert, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Mary Shelley, J.R.R. Tolkien, just to name just a few. I’d add film makers/screen writers such as the Wachowskis, James Cameron, Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott, Robert Zemeckis, John Carpenter, James Gunn and George Lucas to the mix. Keep ‘em comin’ folks, because as the great NY Yankees catcher and manager Yogi Berra famously said, “the future ain’t what it used to be!”

  10. Too late for this old coot who has had 2 doses of Pfizer COVID vaccine but this just released paper on Ivermectin might be useful for those of you who have not yet taken the shots.

    Here are the conclusions this peer reviewed paper.

    “Meta-analyses based on 18 randomized controlled treatment trials of ivermectin in COVID-19 have found large, statistically significant reductions in mortality, time to clinical recovery, and time to viral clearance. Furthermore, results from numerous controlled prophylaxis trials report significantly reduced risks of contracting COVID-19 with the regular use of ivermectin. Finally, the many examples of ivermectin distribution campaigns leading to rapid population-wide decreases in morbidity and mortality indicate that an oral agent effective in all phases of COVID-19 has been identified.”

    • Picked up our Ivermectin back in December at the feed store and took a few hits of the oral, so-called “apple flavor” and put it and a couple more oral syringes back in storage just in case. If you’re curious there’s no apple flavoring in it at all. Almost totally tasteless and the consistency of thin whipped marshmallow spread. Based on the human dosage rate I got from the Internet sight of the doctor that was begging the CONgress critters to put it on the allowed list of meds for Covid one notch on the syringe is good for 50lbs of body weight if I remember correctly.

    • Dr. Enqiang Mao, chief of emergency medicine at Ruijin Hospital, Shanghai, stated that his group treated ~50 moderate to severe cases of COVID-19 infection with high dose intravenous vitamin C.

      “The IVC dosing was for 7-10 days, with 10,000 mg for moderate cases and 20,000 mg for more severe cases.

      All patients who received intravenous vitamin C improved, and there was no mortality.

      There were no side effects reported from any of the cases treated with high dose IVC.”

      This was reported in March 2020.

      Since that time the hospital staff has been taking 5-10,000 mg of vitamin C powder (ascorbic acid) mixed into water to sip all day long. There have been no cases of COVID-19 among said staff.

      Given that my copy of Physician’s Desk Reference states that ascorbic acid has “no known toxic levels”, it is cheap, safe and effective, why would anybody use anything else?

      Go to and look up Klenner, Cathcart, Cheraskin, Feingold, Gerson, and so on more information.

      Especially focus on the amazing work of Doctor Klenner.

      Before starting on vitamin C, read INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO TAKE HIGH ORAL DOSES OF VITAMIN C DURING ILLNESS, by Robert F. Cathcart III, MD. on that site.

      Anybody who has taken the experimental (non)vaccines should be taking vitamin C to neutralize as many of the toxic side effects as possible.
      It should be noted that some insurance companies are refusing to cover hospitalization caused by the non-vaccines because they are “experimental”.

      Just my 2-cents worth.

      When some doctor want to tell you that high dose vitamin C is dangerous, point them to the latest report from the American Association of Poison Control Centers which states that, yet again, there were NO deaths from ANY vitamin supplement in 2020.

      Could it be that the “danger” they are referring to is to their bank accounts? I should mention that (A) I am over 72 years old, (B) I have been taking vitamin supplements since my teens, and (C) I have not needed the services of a medical doctor is over 50 years.


      • Ditto to all of the above, though more than four grams of ascorbic acid has a massive laxative effect for me. I buffer it 1/2 volume of sodium bicarbonate(baking soda) to avoid eroding tooth enamel as much as possible. It also tends to keep the body more alkaline.

        The truth is out there, but it’s a massive time sink to actually recover!

  11. Hi all,
    Can someone please tell me where i can buy the anti aging NAD type supplement that he talks about in one of his videos? I did order a product that worked teally well for joint pain but it is very expensive.

      • Thanks, George, and I did check there…I am unsure which brand he would recommend and if there is a powdered form that is taken under the tongue that is cheaper…..sorry, i meant to specify from chris tyreman.

    • If NAD is out of your price range then you might consider supplementing with both Niacin and Niacinamide.

      “nicotinamide” is also known as niacinamide,
      and “nicotinic acid” is also known as niacin. Both are forms of vitamin B3, giving at least two pathways for NAD+ to be synthesized in the body.
      Both forms of B3 function slightly differently within the body.
      The infamous “Niacin Flush” when taking niacin for the first time is harmless and fades after a few weeks of consistent dosing until it is hardly noticeable. When I first started taking it (250 mg) I thought I had sunburn all over. After about 3 week of continually upping the dose to my current 2,000 mg, I hardly notice it. ALWAYS take with food at first to buffer the effect.

      “Biosynthesis (
      NAD+ is synthesized through two metabolic pathways. It is produced either in a de novo pathway from amino acids or in salvage pathways by recycling preformed components such as nicotinamide back to NAD+. Although most tissues synthesize NAD+ by the salvage pathway in mammals, much more de novo synthesis occurs in the liver from tryptophan, and in the kidney and macrophages from nicotinic acid.”

      • Good info! Note that tryptophan is a relatively rare essential amino acid and it’s usually the rate limiting component in the seratonin synthesis pathway. It has some side effects in high doses, and though these are sometimes enjoyable, it can be quite dangerous in excess when used with an MAOI.

        Significant supplementation with both B3 forms would seem to be the safer and more predictable option. As usual, YMMV.

  12. on a technical note…. especially for those seeking an appliance..
    We all know that the vast majority of new appliances are built to fail.. chips put in with a countdown to shut off etc.. I am not sure how it is for you but it is frustrating as hell for me..
    Well our two year old dryer failed.. luckily I purchase the longest repair contract I can get.. ( you cannot get a repairman with in three hundred and fifty miles without it) and the cost of getting one is as much as the price for a new machine.. so the repairman came out.. in order to clean out the lint the whole machine has to be disassembled.. I was on a rant about why they took out the front access panel for clean out and that the quality wasn’t there..
    he is thank god the head of appliance repairs of the company we purchased it from..
    He said.. yes.. they are horrible.. the only one that didn’t change the style.. is.. the speed queen washer and dryer.. you still have the front access panel and access to the pump to clear out anything.. the other thing is they have the longest warranty on the market..
    Needless to say.. I know already that our washer is on its last legs.. the five year warranty I had on it is over and done with.. and to get someone to come out and balance it.. would cost as much as a new machine.. I will be chastized by the little boss.. but.. I bought the speed queen washer.. better to replace it then wait till it gets cold out and they can’t get them.. they have units with a three year five year and seven year warranty.. (parts) you still need to get the warranty for them to come out.. but well worth it..
    Anyway.. for you guys that have endless bank accounts.. it doesn’t make any difference.. but for us.. well it is really a great tip.. if your looking for a new machine.. kind of like the bosch.. ( I can’t afford one of those though)

    • After getting married, my father-in-law told me to buy a Speed Queen washer and dryer. They both lasted about 20 years.

    • My Speed Queen dryer is going on 40 years and still works as-new.

      I have pulled the drum twice to dig (several dollars worth of) coinage out of the gasket. The last time I did maintenance (about 2003), I replaced the belt, cleaned/lubed the rollers (with NeverSeez), and replaced the thermal limit switch.

      ‘Should never have leaped for the sparkles and ditched the washer.

      When I got tired of playing the “new, every time the warranty expires” game I bought an old (ca. 1980), used Kenmore Model 70. It cost me $35, plus about $15 in petrol to go get. It has also worked, without issue, for the past 17 years.

      I really don’t CARE how pretty that new Whirlpool or LG is. I played the game, spent a ton on the “world’s finest washer,” then spent a bunch more because its electronics broke catastrophically every 10 months (and after the first, it became my out of pocket expense.) The dealer cost of the motherboard was twice the cost of a new, low-end washing machine. I bought the old Kenmore after the fourth time it shit itself…

      • what irks me.. is why I never talked to the head of repairs on their recommendations before now.. or why I hadn’t researched it.. I will keep the one I have now.. mostly because I can harvest the motor and other components out of it.. ( like I seriously need more crap to move around huh)

  13. “Heads-down, but empty: Strategy Analytics: Half the World Owns a Smartphone. Is half the world dumb?”


    The question is: “Which half.” The answer is, unfortunately, less than obvious. Sometimes I believe I’m the only one on the planet who can hear the screams of my brain cells as a few die, every time I pick up the phone…

    • “I believe I’m the only one on the planet who can hear the screams of my brain cells as a few die, every time I pick up the phone…”

      ME TOO RAY… the most irritating part of it.. I am paying for it… LOL LOL… I am always thinking.. dam and I am paying for the privilege of having a spam caller call me. and no one can stop it.. you sign up for the do not call list and they increase.. not to mention the electro magnetic wave affect..

      • My best move against spammers was when I first got my flippy phone(paygo) and got a phone number for an area where I know nobody and never visit. I get between one and three calls from that area every day and never answer them. In fact, I never answer that phone at all unless I’m expecting a call or recognize the number. Most of the time it’s turned off anyway. I keep that phone active because it’s so cheap and it’s still useful for the two factor stuff.

  14. never ever go long anything but these facists are bulletproof .. everything rigged , paid off , cant touch em .. yep be years to lay low for me . dont care .. some say they are tough . dont say jak sheet . just bunker down stay short everything , yellowdog in particular

  15. You know today was a day of up movies..
    The book is better but the movie doesn’t follow to far on its tail..
    The ultimate gift..
    Enjoy it take notes.. it’s as close to real life for those at the bottom … because I’ve been at the bottom and had an angel sd top to help is also i also go out of my way for others to lend a hand up.

    • The gift of labor, of loss, of giving, appreciation of knowing and growth and understanding.. appreciation of those that helped you gain your status. Of family and health..
      Cheers and have a great weekend..

  16. Little Marco called it to a T.

    Senator Marco Rubio Says “Pentagon UFO Report Will Leave Many Questions Unanswered”

    And we were told….

    “UFO report: Government can’t explain 143 of 144 mysterious flying objects, blames limited data”

    “UFO report opens more questions then answers”

  17. George, in your spare time put on a real coffee with Scott Adams podcast. Your bit about flipping the script for full equality shows how opinions are assigned to us by the news media. Even if we don’t watch the news, the lawmakers will… and thus when the news wants something we get it one way or the other, and opinions are the easiest thing to deliver. Both sides, right or left.

    Scott is the best medicine I’ve ever had for learning how to detect bullshit. Each podcast is full of micro lessons. The value is tremendous. The best part, and how you know it’s working, is that you don’t always agree with Scott, but you know goddamn well he’s pointing out something you need to think about. Balance in an unbalanced world. It’s a daily mental gymnasium for me like your column is.

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