America’s Thousands of Heroes

The heat is on in the West this weekend and into next week.  So a few words about the people who are (and will be) heroes of the heat to begin with this morning.

Then a few headlines and our ChartPack.

This weekend is ham radio’s Field Day so I will be spending 2 PM to 4 PM Central time sniping CW (Morse code) contacts from 14.010 up to 14.060 MHz.  Callsign AC7X.  Operating from solar at home.

Even if you’re not a ham, if you’re “out and about” and see a bunch of people with wires thrown up in trees and such, drop by for a look at the communications providers who are literally America’s last stand on communications should the web ever go dark…

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9 thoughts on “America’s Thousands of Heroes”

  1. “And did you see the latest in high-tech censorship? “Mailchimp Suspends The Babylon Bee – on PJ Media is worth noting”

    …Not sure I understand this. What is a Mailchimp and does it exist solely because people have gotten too stupid to run a Listserv?

    Understand this from me: I personally boycott every company which uses “Constant Contact” (as I did, others before them) because the only thing worse than a serial spammer is someone who hires someone else to spambomb their mailing list.

    It takes virtually no time to maintain one’s own mailing list and exactly the same amount of time to blanket-mail from one’s own listserv as it does to send a dispatch to a remailer for broadcast…

    • “only thing worse than a serial spammer is someone who hires someone else to spam bomb their mailing list.”

      Or Cell Phone… I bet I get fifty calls an hour.. spam calls.. I have more local numbers saved than there are residents of our state..

  2. Yo G Dude,

    U see where it only takes bout 30k US Jokers to buy a WHOLE Bitcoin currently? Couple other sheetcoinz looking real cheap here..hello Theta @ $6
    or Impracticability – force majeure – hey what happened to all the phyz Silver? U standing long for delivery @ the comex for July delivery (6/29/21)

    Imho – another one of those “lifetime” opportunities that only come around 2-3 times in a “prisoners” lifetime. Tonz of Jokers looking to get into cyrpto, with adoption bout to break out soonly..might be time to nibble on long dated Putz -Banks..

    ..we told him, he just couldn’t help hisself – the really smart ones never do..Bee good that is, its a dammed god prison after all..

    Domino # 1 got nudged over…and just like that the man who promised to eat his own dick if the price of BTC didnt reach $100k – has been “Epstiened” in a Spanish jail – just as he predicted, just like his father before him – Johnny even had tattoo on his arm that said “WHACKED”

    Secrets revealed indeed – some of the most shockingly grotesque trafficking info on Children,Women,drugs, crom. ..all controlled/operated by some of the most familiar names in charge Ure US govmint agencies..SubHuman they.

    Flags, Fireworx, hotdogs,cheeseburgers, pasta salad, potato salad, pot salad
    cold beverages and watermelons, waterice – makes for a fun celebration of what used to be US of A Independence!
    never mind the Davos crowd, we bee disposable containers – to be wrung out prior to disposal – dying aint cheap dont cha know – so dont forget to declare the pennies on Ure eyes – to irs

  3. Well I went looking for you with my little DMX-40 CW decoder, but you were only ‘sniping’ and not calling CQ… or hosting a pileup. The band was crazy full. But I have downloaded some SSTV images from the space station, and made a couple local contacts on the ISS cross-band repeater for our local FD group. “Space Cadets R Us”

  4. Florida is raising educational standards and is now requiring all students be taught both the evils of socialism and American Civics. Florida now requires that college students take a civics literacy course, and kollege kids will be required to undergo a civics literacy assessment, which they must pass, to graduate.

    Meanwhile, Oregon is suspending all academic requirements and proficiency in “essential learning skills” through at least the 2024 school year, as graduation requirements.

  5. Bird epidemics rage through the wild populations constantly. It is only when it jumps to other species, or starts causing mass casualties in the domestic fowl that the media paid attention in the past. I think Covid has hyper-sensitized the media to flying critter diseases, even if bats are mammals.

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