U.I. Claims, Philly Fed #’s + Amazing Woo-Woo Tale

We will try to be brief because of some AMAZING woo-woo floating around in dream and physical realms.  But first, a word (or many) about the market which is due to rally at the open.  So hint futures.

Philly Fed First

Always an interesting bellwether to keep an eye on:

“The diffusion index for current activity increased 15 points to 39.0 in November, its highest reading since April. Nearly 42 percent of the firms reported increases (up from 40 percent last month) in current activity this month, while 3 percent reported decreases (down from 17 percent). The index for new orders increased 17 points to a reading of 47.4. Nearly 48 percent of the firms reported increases in new orders this month, while less than 1 percent reported decreases. The current shipments index rose 2 points to 32.1 in November.”

By the way, one other economic data point we’ve been waiting for:  Seems the Port of Los Angeles (as of 5 AM Central) had not-yet posted its monthly cargo operation stats for October.  September was still showing.  Given that they promise data by the 15th, we wryly note they can’t seem to unload TEU data any better than they can unload ships.  Still baking?

Thanks for the supply chain mess, California!  You too, Brandon!

Unemployment Filings

Since we are not fooled by “seasonally adjusted” (political bullshit) numbers, we were expecting a little bump in this week’s report.  Instead, we got this:

Eventually, people will see through this as the U.I. presser is selling 1.5% unemployment, yet the official rate in the latest month is 4.6% (see here).

When government is pumping out contradictory numbers like this, it informs us that there’s total war on against America having a fully informed electorate.  Fully brainwashed is more like it.  S&P futures up 11, Dow up only 20, though.  So one group of investors is bound to be disappointed.  We’ll just throw popcorn on both sides because the sane people are already out of markets and enjoying life.

You remember the market lows in 2009?  Dow around 6,400-something?  Up how much now?  Six-bagger, is it? (Done with smoke and wild-as printing, but pay that no mind…)

We would caution you that despite all the D.C. spew and happy-talk, there are still fewer people working today than in pre-pandemic 2018.  If you think that the economy is back?  Congratulations!  The 31% increase in the monetary base has worked its magic on you, as well as most of the rest of America.

And we wonder why we have crappy leadership?  Simple!  Truth-telling doesn’t work.  You gotta tell the free-Luncher’s what they want to hear.  Don’t waste any time on reality with ’em.

War Watch

CNN has missed the point I’ve been making here and on Peoplenomics Maybe I haven’t been clear enough, but let me repeat:  The Global War begins by my birthday.  I’ll be 73 in late February.

What CNN  reports is “Analysis: What a US diplomatic boycott of the Olympics would mean.”  What they didn’t say is that this assures us that Taiwan independence will be gone almost certainly before Memorial Day but maybe even by Good Friday.

See, here’s the thing:  China could hold off on Taiwan, but only if they see tangible value to the Winter Games.  When those come off the table (neocons and crooked lefties in Foggy Bottom are pressing) then China considers economic gloves are off.  Although that’s already a given.

The Eastern Front

While we watch China practicing and early prepping, we see the neocons are almost pushing America into a land war in Europe.  While most of the world appreciates the U.S. is an empty-headed tiger, the “fees” from Ukraine interests (hand me the laptop, lol) are still paying off.  As Lloyd Austin Welcomes Ukraine’s Oleksiyi Reznikov Amid Russa Tensions.  Predictable?  More U.S. bluster.

Which is not to say Ukraine gets things wrong all the time (but why did that prosecutor get fired?).  A possible example is Ukraine accuses Russia of wanting to wreck four-way peace talks on Donbass, except that the EU is doing everything but pissing on Putin’s boots to provoke him.

Patience, neocons!  The ground will be hard enough in January for the heavy Russian mechanized units to roll west into Ukraine.  Part 1 war of global war will be followed, by China within a month, or two.  While the Middle East lights up, with Iran in alliance with Russia.

Iran, for now, is milking the West for all they’re worth as Hackers With Links to Iran’s Government Targeting U.S. With Ransomware Attacks.

My, ain’t war-spotting fun?

Reality Bites

Rittenhouse Roulette:  Day 3 and the hype machines have lost it.  Jury in Rittenhouse murder trial to deliberate for third day…  We haven’t been able to find any sales figures for Bic‘s up there… Already, though, the theatrics of stupidity are on display 2 arrested during Kyle Rittenhouse trial protests.

Fox under fire:  Conservative Cable Network Gets Behind Biden’s FCC Nominee.  Who is radically left…but then what has the Biden insurgency done but stir the pot (OK, and pass something up to Pops).

Speaking of Buying Off Big Media, go read: Reconciliation Bill Gives Special Tax Handout to Big Media | Americans for Tax Reform (atr.org).  Then, do your damnedest to feign surprise.

Speaking of Pops:  Democrats question whether Biden will actually run in 2024 | TheHill.  Anyone with half a brain already knows laughing stock are too slow to run…

Climate Change Shills listen-up:  Tropical cyclone activity below-normal in 2021 across Northern Hemisphere & US tornadic activity also below-normal | Climate Depot.  CD get’s bonus points for coverage.

Does gun control in NYC work?  Teen critically hurt, three others wounded in Bronx drive-by shooting- (nydailynews.com)

Speaking of law and order and friendly democrats, see where: Illinois official fired over law enforcement certification given to Howard Buffett – Chicago Tribune.  The Howard Buffett is, indeed, the son of the Oracle of Omaha.  No word if his contributions will be returned, but I’m thinking no…

Sounds to us like a false advertising case:  China: Man banned from all-you-can-eat BBQ for eating too much – BBC News

Constipated, or what?  1 in 2 Humans Cannot Celebrate World Toilet Day – This Is Why — Global Issues.  (Global tissues?)

11:12 Woo-Woo

It had been a delightful afternoon on the screen porch. Elaine and I each had a glass of Pisano.  Afterwards, trimming up a couple of NY strip steaks, burning those on the grill and munching cauliflower with a cheese sauce drizzled.  With the sun dropping into the trees, it was still 78-degrees out. Indeed, these “Golden Years” might have something to recommend them, after all…

A little TV followed – nondescript stuff.  The kind you can turn off any old time and hit the rack.  Interesting enough to remain awake, but just marginally so.  A thick slice of fresh French bread, melted butter and honey on it, put me down about 7:30.  We’d had a great day and another was just ahead.

“Elaine, are you awake?”

I am now…what is it?

“Hear that timer going off?  Did we set a timer?”

No.  Turn it off and go back to sleep…”

Neither one of us had set the timer on the stove.  The only inside cooking gear used at dinner had been the microwave.  The infra-red grill did most of the cooking.

I wandered into the kitchen where the stove was bleeping.  Went over to it, turned on the hood light.  Pressed Timer, Stop.

Then a shiver ran up my spine.

The clock revealed: It was 11:11 PM.

If you don’t follow our Comments section, some of the best writing around here shows up there.  Lately, the Urban Mass Consciousness seems to be focused on Owls which reader Andy has been experiencing lately.  I haven’t had the heart to tell him about their negative aspects.

The other topic is a reader or two has been citing dreams of a particular time:  November 12.  11/12.

I’d just had an inexplicable run-in with 11:11.  Odd, for sure.

Thought about it for a second or two.  But, since there was nothing I could really do about it, other than spot yet-another coincidence in passing, I went back to bed.  After noting out the master bath window that Zeus the Cat was warm and comfy in the BBQ cover. He was using it sort of like a hammock.

Transitioning back into The Dream Realms was pretty simple for me.  I’ve written a fair amount about the lucid dreaming process and how it can really help us reconnect and build the very personal relationship between our “inner” (spiritual) body and our “outer” (gross, physical, subject to death) bodies.

Waking into this particular Realm, I found myself in a familiar roll as a “business consultant.”

One of my observations about the Dream (and place we likely go when Dead) is that spirits seem to engage in very much the same kind of activity (when dreaming or dead) as they do when alive.  Except, their behaviors are accentuated; sometimes grotesquely so.

I was in an upscale office.  Furnished somewhat like a bank or software start-up.  Reporting to the CEO, I was there to help him get done what needed doing.  It was a start-up company.

An IPO for the first inter-dimensional company was being planned.  A number of investors were on hand and I was (not sure how) answering many of their questions.

One, a vulture capital type banker, was going through his copy of the IPO book (it was a kind of fluorescent orange) and insisted that he take it home to further study it.  I told him sure, what could be the harm.  He left.

A few minutes later, I bumped into the CEO and told him about the incident.  He wasn’t happy, but understood that’s how the venture game is played in the Realms.  People are not as direct as they seem to be on this side (life).  Instead, they tend to go off on tangents.  They wake up (or appear) in coherent dreams, but only for a few fleeting moments.  Then – like the V.C. guy – they are recaptured by their “carry-on baggage from this life” and wander (off stage) from the coherent regions of afterlife/Dream Realms.

We’ve got half a dozen units and they need to be shipped to China right away…” he was explaining to me.

The head of manufacturing had come in and he was patiently telling the CEO that “No, we can’t get the units into China because we need clearance paperwork from our military.”  From what I could tell, this required paperwork was impossibly hard to get done.

Suddenly, everyone in the room stood stalk still as the CEO bellowed at the top of his lungs:

Get out of here!  YOU’RE FIRED!

It was instantly clear to everyone present that dismissing one of only a handful of people would not solve anything, let alone get the “units” sent to China that needed to go there.  The small pre-IPO could blow up for a lack of employees, at this rate.

In a moment, though, a young woman by the name of Karen appeared.  She was offering to help.

Since I was in a consulting role, I followed them into a small office.  Karen was explaining the export issue.

“We are all set to ship on our side.  But the military has to sign off and the paperwork must be originals…”

“Can’t you just have them .PDF it and send us the blank form?”  I could see the CEO was getting hot under the collar.  He wanted this export problem solved like yesterday.

“I don’t think you understand…THEY have to do the paperwork because a .PDF copy won’t work…”

The CEO sputtered and fumed a bit.  Then corkscrewing up his face bellowed again.

“Get out of here.  You dreamers are all useless when it comes to getting things done here!  Out – Get out!!!”

My time was quickly passing.  Almost instantly, I passed through “the station” where people select their dreams each night.  Then a feeling of acceleration and then instantly, I was awake.  Hearing Elaine gently breathing.  I was totally relaxed.

Then things went sideways.

I realized that this had been a “Payload Dream.”

Very little is written in popular culture about the different classes of dreams and how to work with them.  But some examples are Resolution Dreams.  These are when you go to a particular Realm and spend your dream time approaching whatever perplexing situation you couldn’t fully deal with when conscious.

Then there are “educational Realms.”  I’ve spent many delightful days in these – including many with Elaine, though she doesn’t remember being present in her dreams which she has a very tough time remembering.  Several days at a time, with only an hour or two passing in physical life.  Great place!

But this one had been a Payload Dream.  One where you go through some experiences while dreaming.  And as you awaken (almost like the payload takes a minute or two to follow you back into waking) after a short time, you are flooded with knowledge. 

No idea whether the knowing is real, or otherwise, but it was of the same sort that led me to start the National Dream Center in the mid 2000’s.  A simple knowing.  Retired LtCol. (and multiple masters degreed) Chris McCleary has been patiently growing that site over at https://nationaldreamcenter.com if you didn’t realize it.  Dreams are a powerful way to see future and heal our deepest levels of confusion.  The site contains some of the “cleanest” dreams to be found on the web.

You can read publicly posted dreams here.  Chris kindly marks the ones with future-seeing content with a “Prediction” flag for later review.

Not to get too far off track, though, my dream contained a “payload.”

The “payload” from this dream had three simple components to it..

The first was about the special role of humans in the Universe.  As was “explained” (as this knowingness washed over me), Humans in all their dimensions (physical, spiritual, emotional, and so forth) exist as a counter to entropy.

“It’s all about the third law of thermodynamics…” came the knowing.  I vaguely recalled the Wikipedia entry:

“The third law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of a system at absolute zero is a well-defined constant. This is because a system at zero temperature exists in its ground state, so that its entropy is determined only by the degeneracy of the ground state.”

George, when a crow picks up a stick and uses it as a very crude tool, it does about nothing to reverse entropy.  Yet, humans do have the capacity to fight back and this is what makes them special.  Confused by their own mortality and hand-me-down-stories from religions.  But humans exist and are powered by their spirit to rage against entropy.”

Hell of a thought.  But it fits well with something – I think it might have been Robert Beckwith – who rejected the idea that any of the physical ordinates was unidirectional.  All axes extend both directions from the “here and now.”  What we don’t fully grok is that spiritual beings – in the course of fighting entropy – reduce – and may in time – be able to reverse entropy.


The second part of the “payload” was no less interesting.

In order to advance the battle against entropy, we need to immediately begin work on inter-dimensional communications.”

Huh?  Between alive and dead?

We are able to communicate when alive and in the waking state.  And we communicate in Dream Realms.  But the real advancement of pressing back entropy will come when humans can claim all their power while both awake and asleep (and dead).

The problem is that technology has never considered trans-dimensional communications seriously.  Although, there have been a few reports in the EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) field of a “large transmitter” being built in the Realms) hinting that non-local transmissions are either in progress or planned…

We need – as humans – to stop wasting our time on social media and work on the two-piece puzzle before us:  In order to communicate with the dead and dreamers, we need to develop a two-part communications package.  One part must be mental only, for it must be a knowing that we can transition with our personas (souls) as we cross into Realms.  The second part of this communications system is the leave-behind.  The one that stays here – in this world.”

The “payload” package here was pretty interesting.  Yes, I had read about the Big Transmitter on the Other Side in my deep read of EVP’s.  There’s also a dandy Quora article Does the spirit box actually work?

The final part of the “payload” cost me $11.83.

I now own two web domains:  SpiritualDevices.com and SpiritualDevices.quest.

Whether I actually build a website out of it, or write the book from all this,  remains to be seen.  But, these matters of humans to fight entropy, to reconnect their fractured selves (shattered between dimensions), seems like the adventure of ALL lifetimes;  present and not.

I’ll keep you posted as events warrant.

Oh, there’s also a whole business plan that was “downloaded” as part of the payload.  I’ll put that up on Peoplenomics, maybe as next Wednesday’s focus piece, since we now know when the wars break out. Before Memorial Day or Easter.

ATR: Prime Rib

ATR=Around the Ranch: I think it was a note from “Bullish Bob” Bagley (bullish.org) that inquired how I knew Wal-Mart had Prime Rib Roasts in for the holidays.  “Was it an ad, or flyer?” wondered Bullish.

Nothing so fancy.  Because like a fast sports car, prime rib is also in that category of things that “Don’t need much advertising.”  Like our Porsche 930 in my slightly wilder youth.  Or, our Beechcraft.

I just happened to put it in as a search when entering a curbside order at the local Wally World.  Shezam!   There it was.

A special note here:  The prime rib is not cheap, even at Wally’s.  I think the one Elaine and I will be having during “food week” (which also includes the big turkey dinner with everything, plus Ure does Chinese complete with char sui BBQ pork) came to just under $74.

Found it humorous, though.  Bullish asking about prime rib.  All humor offers a connection with something relative, I ‘spose.

Shiraz with that?

Write when you get rich,


58 thoughts on “U.I. Claims, Philly Fed #’s + Amazing Woo-Woo Tale”

  1. George,
    Just before you posted this AM there was a 4.0 EQ in SE Missouri and several smaller ones in the past day or so. Is the other side of the planet -https://peakbagger.com/pbgeog/worldrev.aspx – is also active (between Eastern Australia and New Zealand-northern edge, a 6.3 in the New Ireland area). Is New Madrid beginning to wake-up?
    Reports today that, like the US, Red China now has an ‘earthquake machine’.
    Any thoughts/comments?
    Al B.

  2. Owls? Read this wonderful book many moons ago. I Heard the Owl Call My Name by Margaret Craven (Author)
    A nice read.

  3. Comrades,

    A wise owl previously noted that tonight is a full moon. This will coincide with the longest lunar eclipse in almost 600 years since the time of the vaccillating madman King Henry VI and his scheming wife Mary of Anjou. Under his incompetent tutelage, almost the entirety of the French possessions were lost, the 100 Year’s War reignited, and London had to be rescued from chaos by its citizens. The mint at Rouen did find opportunity during Henry’s reign over the two kingdoms to produce the highly collectible Salut d’Or (Golden Hello) featuring the Virgin Mary and the Archangel Gabriel, patron saint of messengers.

    The 300 year rule in England by the House of Plantagenet of Anjou ended in the Times of Anarchy.

    Your message today is duly noted. Thank you.

    • It’s lip service. The Archbishop has a boss that agrees with the Vaxx’ers. The good Archbishop should quit his job.

      “United in Faith” means praying. Trump held the National Day of Prayer Rallies in late 2020. Remember the “”Miraculously” go away by April” shtick. Do you see any sign of that National Day working? Going into year two.

      What the Anti-Vaxxer needs is a place to go.

      When a fellow AV loses the job for resisting they need a place to live. Like a vacant Catholic church. Catholic schools/churches have places to sleep and kitchens, like an army base

      Separately, Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand at work. If the AV’s open their places to other AV’s eventually AV gangs > AV armies > AV countries and then an AV planet would rise.

      • Who likes referencing pop culture movie clips and rock bands but perhaps Plato or Socrates were the rock bands of their times.

        In this lengthy scene replace the adjective “Jew” with “Unvaxx’ed.”

        The Vaxx’ed man could of stabbed the Unvaxx’ed Hunter on behalf of the Unvaxx’ed and stopped the madness right there, possible self-sacrifice aside.

        The take away is no matter what a member of the Vaxx’ed tells the Unvaxx’ed member, they chose to be and always will be marked as Vaxx’ed.

        Inglourious Basterds Opening Scene FULL


      • “The Archbishop has been in exile fyi- because he is diametrically opposed to the current Pope and direction of the Church…”

        The Archbishop just became a hero of mine.

        The current Pope is a Marxist communist who has used every means available to agglomerate power to The Vatican, including a number of means which are — not very “Godly…”

        Not a Catholic…
        but having seen the commies rip through my church, I feel qualified to say: Also, not a fan…

  4. Monday this week I sent you email about a dream that blew my mind. I was in a control room of sorts in the dream realm and had been sent into “life” in China to purchase illegal tax free cigarettes. When I returned to the control room we celebrated what was seen as a technical achievement.

    I’ve been dreaming a lot about this control room.

  5. Wars and rumors of War – how horrifyingly lovely this be.nien,nien,nien!

    Death and Destruction – and I get the feeling these entities “envested” in TPTB, truly enjoy the spectacle of Humans killing each other..War Pigs – and everyone thought Ozzy was off his rocker..Huh, like witches at black masses, wit a big ole owl in background.

    Eyes on the Donbass..
    -Ruskies will not initiate, will not start squata (part of their “deal”) they will however Defend and Finish. Mr PooooooTeeen was trained/ accomplished slickshit,cold aze killa – his rep in late 70’s early 80’s = “coldly efficient”.- a true “Closer”.
    Wonder if he ever utilized the Bulgarian poison umbrella tip for satisfactorily completing an assignment?

    Vladd versus “wizards of the west” – personal choice here – Lets GO Mother Russia!

    Last place on planet I would be provoking, but Nathaniel’s’ boss wants War – He gets WAR! always does…Yes, napoleon took the “deal” from mayer, and called in “sick” to battle of waterloo..

    ? Why is the dome on the rock – at temple mount ? Was it really built to commemorate Mohammad’s riding on the winged steed Buraq ? * Know that Farsight just released their latest project “Mohammad’.
    – Barrack the winged steed – that is CORRECT – spinning silver disk – large Reptilian on board with other “human’ looking types” please refer earlier post regards wigs and disguise for the “dragon gods” as time/history went on.
    – freaked ancient people the hell out to see a 6 ft tall – talking inside Ure head, reptilian – no tails=good guys, cept POS Enil/marduke, tails = not so nice/good, females generally decent.

    Think – Ure stomachs gonna turn when you see one, without mental exercise – blocking skills, wretching burning bile – like having a heart attack…or is this reptilians/dragons being our the Creators just a Mess opatamin nightmare? https://youtu.be/_kuf7Aztiso

    Now if someone could just help me locate a “Changer”, and Abgailian..Aw and/or Wa ?
    I needs to go chat wit the Dolphins, they will know – guess I better go load up on fish..Also looking for a BIG Oregon Sunstone – bigger the better..

    Lucky Life Lottery Tickets are on “sale” this AM at around $0.0000419 per SHIB.
    Will prolly go lower before turning around – like lottery ticket odds are looong with high probability of losing Ure entire stake, that is why it is a lottery – you take Ure chances and let Ure Nuts Hang! U too Ladies.https://youtu.be/7BUgcCDANk4 – language/discretion advised.
    E-A-G-L-E-S ! Pennsyltucky – firearm Black Bear Season starts Saturday for 4 days.
    The full Moon Eclipse overnight – pick a door, any door..think there are 36 to choose from?

    • “-Ruskies will not initiate, will not start squata (part of their “deal”) they will however Defend and Finish. ”

      I agree.. I truly believe that it is the same way with China..Just like vietnam that pushed their borders.. China marched across vietnam in less than a week to prove their point.Just like Russia They don’t go into a country until they are forced into it or are asked. We on the other hand go in so some body not even associated with the USA can reap the things they covet.. The UN forces and the USA are doing all they can right now to irk china into making a first move..If we leave them alone I believe that China would be satisfied to absorb the USA through industrial means alone..
      the old he’s touching me..

    • Damn. I think you are on to something Clawsy. Not being an American, I ask, is it possible that Congress can do this? If so, they would have to do it before November 2022 when the Republicans slaughter them in both the House and the Senate. Interesting!

      • “I ask, is it possible that Congress can do this?”

        Phew the way things look to me bob is right now congress and the administration are pretty much doing anything they want legal or illegal..

    • Which Hillary do you refer to ? Original witch that passed out standing on her feet at 9/11 Ceremony in NYC years ago ? Or current triple?
      Dont know what happened to #2, think she looked too young and fit.. very unlike the original canklesaurous. Either one, just as unfit to hold office of the President as the current zombie in chief. Good plot for a comedy horror flick.

    • The other day I said that Pelosi would not take VP if it were offered.

      That’s not quite true. Pelosi WOULD accept the position if her underlings could be relied upon to “25th” Creepy Joe, once she’d moved into the Naval Observatory. Hillary would accept it under the same condition. If the timing of the “25th” can be arranged so it happens between the first Tuesday in November and the last business day in December, the VP would be eligible to serve as President for 10 years…

    • Biden wouldn’t live long enough to retire if Hillary became VP. He’d be Arkancided by the time she took the oath.

    • Give Hoot, and give ALL the dems the boot!

      An Owl named Molech from bible ? There is a little owl on the front of the USD – you can see his little self -top right hand side, just on outside border around the (1) on one dollar bill. Why is there a tiny owl on the largest symbol of our forced slavery to the “beast” ???? figure that out and you will know the meaning of the three sixes to Man.
      Ya I know – more conspiracy theories-its the times..

    • On a more mundane note than George’s, owls prey on cats and other critters at night. They’re almost silent and can scoop up a cat with their claws. Black cats are safest from this threat, though owls have even better night vision than cats.

      I hope Zeus stays safe.

      The military has been studying owls silent flight in an attempt to emulate it.

    • Can’t remember if it’s Plains Indians (e.g. Kiowa) or desert mountain Indians (White Mountain Apache?) but there is a tribe or tribes which regard the sighting of an owl as an ominous sign — as in impending death, ominous.

      ‘Never put much stock in it, but then, I’m a “woods” kinda guy and we see owls all the time (got a screech owl and a brown hawk who perch in my front yard & keep the field mouse population down for me…) I knew Owls “make no sound” when they fly, but until a few years ago never realized they actually make NO SOUND AT ALL when they fly…

  6. Russian mechanized units to roll west into Ukraine…..not going to happen. Unlike American military planners who LOVE quagmires, the Russians are smart enough to stay out of Ukraine. What if NATO units move into Ukraine? – that’s where you use the many Russian tactical nukes, vice large ground forces. Ground troops in today’s warfare means – stalemate and quagmire – remember you have to continuously resupply troops out of your home country and the troops can be quickly surrounded or at a minimum, harassed by attacks. Nope – only US politicians and US military planners go into places that they cannot easily extract from. I don’t preclude a Russian ground intervention if it is a quick surgical strike in and out – that could happen, but if you are my friend Vlad, he does not want a small wound becoming a gaping wound like Afghanistan and Iraq (throw in Vietnam also).

    • It doesn’t have to be quick or surgical. Russia borders Ukraine, so supply logistics aren’t an issue for Russia. NATO’s supply line would have to run through Poland. Ukraine is one of the most resource-wealthy countries on the planet — which is why we (and the Urepeeins) want it — therefore, no nukes.

      With that said, there’s no reason to skirmish in Ukraine, as long as Putin can keep their EU-centric government out of NATO.

      Ukrainian War is Vichy Nuland’s wet dream, not Vlad Putin’s…

  7. George,

    I may have mention Bill O’Neil’s Spiricom Radio once or twice:

    Some stuff here:


    I looked over his old circuits. I was going to change some of his setup to use an Infrared Transmitter/Receiver setup, and then mix O’Neil’s 13 frequencies into some type of high-voltage plasma device, like a fluorescent light tube, and then feed that to the IF stage and then demodulate.

    My thinking was use light as the interactive medium with the other side and then feed it to a plasma, the organic form and first stage of the universe and physical reality, and then get electrons involved in the localization and decoherence process in the Intermediate Stage.

    So many ideas, so little time and money LOL.

    BTW, Caught Looking Out The Boxes reply to my comment yesterday. Clearly, everyone who visits this website is involved in “Chasing Away The Darkness”. And it will get “darker before the dawn.”

    I hate using cliches, but this is that moment in time. There is a scene in the original Ghostbusters that is apropos:

    We know the end of the story, the light wins, and each of us here is doing his or her part.

  8. Occam asks:
    Could it be endogenous DMT?
    Or an undigested bit of beef, a blot of mustard, a crumb of cheese, or a fragment of underdone potato?
    The only reality is that which the brain creates for its owner.

    • No doubt endogenous DMT is involved, probably as an antenna/receiver.

      We all know where the brain is, but there’s a great controversy as to the location of the mind.

  9. Asked a cop once about this full moon business.

    He said, “Easy. There’s more light for people to do
    mischief in and get into trouble — or cause some.”

    Works for me. “99% of the time, go with the
    simple explanation.”

    — 73 —

    • That doesn’t explain the increase in activity at psych units, including admissions. Some folks seem to be affected, but not all. A lot of the full moon weirdness seems to occur inside buildings too. Theoretically, according to the above light hypothesis, more car crashes should occur on the new moon.

      Occam is a useful guideline, but it’s not axiomatic.

      • Ask anyone with experience working in a pizza shop about the phenomenon known as the “full moon pizza”. Happens like clockwork. Coincidence? YOU be the judge.
        “I reject your reality and substitute my own.” – Adam Savage

  10. George, it’s interesting that you mention the 11:11 connection and some of the other numerical woo. Your further proposition about trans-dimensional communications is also damned interesting and something that I would definitely be interested in pursuing.

    Back, to 11:11, that set of numbers intruded into my reality quite a few years ago and still shows up on a regular basis. Last weekend, I was listening to a podcast (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhcII-q2BuI) with a guest that was talking about this very thing and the overall nature of the Universe and it’s relationship to the ratios of 3-6-9. As, I was driving along listening, the guest stated that more people are starting to notice 11:11. As he said that, I looked at the screen displaying the podcast, etc and the exact time was…you guessed it…11:11 am. I took a pic of the screen and texted it to the host of the podcast (Yes, I have his number) and we agreed that there really is something to all of this. This is also somehow related to the curse/gift of waking up at 3:30 am for no reason that is readily apparent. If you have one then you probably have both and maybe even some other things going on. That might seem weird, but that’s normal business around these parts, and I don’t know what any of it means.

    • Thats pretty amusing Maj. Dont take shit from anything or body!

      Used to be cursed with the 3:30 wake up..up until about 1 year ago. I was really getting frustrated..No – Pissed about it..@#%$@^ “F-ing archons!” you know “the principalities of darkness” – I consciously do not play their game anymore – cowards to the core they are, been my desire to snuff em out like the “spirit” roaches..”got to be fugly, they are so hard to see”.

      3:30 wakeywakey is not just a wake up, its is symptom of Ureself “waking up” ie Ure Sensitivity increasing..like the Warriors “knowing” – Original G-Dog – General Washington – many tales of his “miraculous” “knowing” , never a hair on his head harmed in all those armed battles.

      Thoughts are Things, more so than ever, as we roll this timeline – the Suppleness of it all incredibly POWERFUL.

  11. For anyone that may have missed it Glenn Beck’s free presentation of the Covid timeline is still up on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91Ib5NjSZ-o. Guess we should be thankful he hasn’t been cancelled by the YT demigods.

    Speaking of seeing numbers it has been a long time since I was seeing the 2-4-3 sequence every time I turned around, mostly on the various clocks in the house, but it could turn up anywhere. Then over the past couple of weeks it’s been happening again. It’s gotten to the point I have to force myself to keep from looking at the clock on the computer screen between ten or so minutes before till after 2:43 has passed because it’s a bit irritating. The only connection of note I’ve ever had to that sequence is that it was my favorite deer hunting caliber until I wound up with my .225 – and I haven’t really been hunting in years.

    Can’t help but wonder at all the various means of divining our future by everyone I come across pointing toward some seriously chaotic times ahead. Clif is diving deep into it over at Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com.

  12. I don;t understand folks who feel the moon has no effect on humans but has tremendous effect on nature .Plants,animals the tides etc.The 11-11 thing is just not on clocks,I have been cursed/blessed with this number much of my life.WTF it means i know not.Before the internet and wide spread sharing of information i never mentioned it to any one.3 am is the witching hour,in irish catholic culture and hill culture .I am descended from both.On restless nights i get up and walk around and it is usually during the 3 am hour.The other thing is dimes.Since the death of a couple of our elderly parents,both very wise and good people,dimes everywhere.You dont look for them,they are just there.You glance at the ground,there is a dime,not a penny or nickle.I have found 5or 6 this month alone.My wife was moving stuff to dust,3 dimes fell on the floor last week.Only dimes.Way more than a coincidence.I have found silver dimes several times in modern buildings,built way after 65.Something or someone is trying to get the attention of some of us.What it all means is beyond my comprehension.

  13. See, here’s the thing: Most all of us are sooo hungry for entertainment that we’ll even accept WW3 to satisfy it.

  14. Found a copy of the book, Nonzero,
    The Logic of Human Destiny last night.

    Never heard of it..

    Pretty cool totem. I needed a new book to read.

    Pretty interesting woo Hmmmmmmm. Pretty interesting.

    I always thought of those numbers, such as 1111, as spiritual GPS of sorts.

    I do have an app on my phone called 1111. It’s an Angel number. I don’t know about all that. But Im learning lol. I know in Hebrew mysticism is 11 is the symbol of the perfect witness, and a master number.

    Time set. 11:11. Hmmmm. Pretty cool George. Not sure what to make of it. Set is of course an Egyptian God and set is a group of similar things. Example. A socket set. A set of perfect witnesses. A set or masters. Since there is two elevens presented together as it relates to a Time signal. The timer on your stove. And stoves are thermodynamic mechanisms.

    All lines up nicely with your dream and time set.

    Thanks for sharing dude. Food for thought forsure.

  15. Soooo wonderful! Last night the house cat named “sparkles” comes in my room. She is just a slut for petting. Even let’s me rub her belly. She came in my room jumped on my bed, like she always does. Walked up and sat on my belly while I was looking at the book I found Nonzero, I looked over at her from behind the book and she let go of a live mouse and it ran up my chest and jumped off the bed. I looked at her and said thank you…. I think.
    She looked at me and with a look of, “your welcome. But you have to go get it if you want to play with it and eat it” then curled up on the foot of my bed. I put my new book down and rolled over and went to bed. She came up and slept next to me.

    So I a mouse living in my bedroom. Well im moving into a new place this weekend. I will leave the mouse for whome ever moves in that room. Seems like the neighborly thing to do.

    I was thinking as I was addressing GA the other day. About his last name. Stewart and I thought about Stewart little. The mouse. I don’t rightly know if I created that situation or not from a thought, or saw it or whatever. Everything is a business Model.

    Well this Mr Ures place. Let’s get back on the economics side of things. Ya’ll have a good day.

    I am truly Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope! You are as well.

    Cue: ~All right now~


    Free Band

  16. Be afraid… very afraid. Resident Biden will undergo a colonoscopy (in search of his brain?) today, and Residential Powers will be officially transferred to the Camel for the event.

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