Markets: Run and Shear; CV-19 Stats

There is not a lot of real news this morning, at least in the headlines.

Besides the mainstream media making fools of ’emselves with this Rittenhouse Roulette nonsense.  Used to be in America, we embraced process (including jury trials) because (write this down and review daily) process is your friend.

Even if you move overseas.  Like some of our Ex-Pat readers have.  Sure, living in a different country is “different.”  But, you can quickly adapt if you just get to the root of “local processes” – how, and why they evolved.

Processes in America Hijacked

Whole point of law is to ensure equitable processes.  However, since Nikita put his shoe down in the early 1960s, the American communists have been actively destroying processes in [what used to be] America.

Let me give you a fine example:

The U.S. government has a process to get at information the government is covering-up because bureaucrats don’t want to be held accountable.  When the law was enacted, government response was reasonable.  But, since government is not more honest than any other thug, government stopped doing the People’s Business.

A current example of how government can’t even follow their own rules is evident reading “Wait what? FDA wants 55 years to process FOIA request over vaccine data | Reuters.”

Ass-covering takes time.  It isn’t like “releasing documents” is a real issue.  Besides, everyone but the Stupid Elite knows all the docs are already in electronic format. 10-minutes to copy the world.  Hello?

But,  that’s another problem.  If we had a responsive FDA, they would actually publish everything including job offers of all FDA employees to move over to the dark side (capture regulators who own the process of drug approval).  But they don’t, they won’t. Joe’s part of it, Harris is part of it.  From the top down we are Ruled by people who can’t even follow their own.  Freakin’ dandy.

Latest CV-19 (UK) Data

Notwithstanding, the manipulation to ass-cover has not set in over in England, so far.  But as soon  as QE2 departs this world, we’ll see UK processes collapse, as well.

BUT!  In the meantime, their simple data releases tell us things our own government can’t speak of:

UK Govtg Werek 46 CV Report

The problem in the US is (as the lefties did in the courts) our deviation from honesty (<–gee, that was gentle) came as the result of process-jacking in government in general and in CDC/FDA in particular.

Words Matter

From the very top.  Where the lawyers in charge of lying to the customers (*us) even had to change the definition of “vaccine.”   When government tells the truth and then “explains it” but only in a certain way, listen for the sheep shears.

We don’t roll up our sleeves for liars.

The risk of Elaine (or me) dying of the ‘rona is (top line) no question 3.22 times greater because we haven’t vaccinated, yet.

But, now the math lesson:  Of the 65.6 in the unvaccinated 70-79 year old’s in the UK study, how many of those who died were in hospital (or had been)?  Because in hospital, blood thinners would have been mainlined…because cardiac issues it’s a known risk of the disease  and some if not all the mRNA vaccines.  Thing is, if there baseline care isn’t nearly identical, then (‘oh duh’ moment here)  results will vary.  Especially since simple aspirin in one study showed aspirin reduced mortality by 47%.

Let me roll with the B-school beanie hat on for a minute.  If one reduces the mortality rate by 47%  (*30.83 humans from the unvaxxed UK data pool in 70-79 demos, but let’s round to 31 because I’m lazy.

When we back out “saves” that might be inferred from the article on aspirin, we can go with either 34.768 People, or 34.6 – depending on your philosophy of rounding – I figure our non-vax risk is somewhere in the 1.7 times area.

Since no one ever comes to visit us, though, and since we do drive-by shopping and WallyZon does the rest?  Well, if anything sneaks through that, we’re down to well-powered immune systems: The NAC, vit. D, vit C, zinc, selenium, multi-vits and all the rest?  Yeah, I’ve thought about Prozac…

You did read New study finds antidepressants like Prozac may help patients survive Covid-19 (, right?

Meanwhile, hats off to the UK for putting a few details out.

But it sure would be nice to see the “un processed” stats, here in the Colonies..

Though we do understand, the socialist Amerijacking continues.

Short Takes

On the economics side, this is a “fart in church” quiet morning.  A minor report on something around 10, but the shearing looks good.  Ran up the indexes Thursday, now drop to cover…

Since the turkey flies next week, a good sell-off into the close today, could set up a predictable rally ahead of the Holidays.  This would be based on the Elliott idea that when our last Aggregate Index current all-time high came in (Nov. 5), we saw a minor 1 down, with 2 possibly completing Thursday.

That would suggest today a Wave 1 of a larger 3 down, into Turkey day for Wave 2 of the larger 3,  Then serious downside in December.  Has me eyeing early spring put options out of the money.  Depends on the Ukraine news flow.

And that’s where we roll back over into reality:

Dear Stupid President: Did you see this, Joe? Ukraine must have 2,500 km border fence with Belarus and Russia, minister says | Reuters.  Wanna ask your screwed-up commie libtards how fences can work for UKRAINE (remember the $$?), how fences can work in Israel. Berlin Wall…China’s Great Wall…remember em? Why, they even put up fences around the capitol up the street to protect The House Squeaker and Schemer back in January.  Where did you learn to slice reality so thin?  F**kin sushi school?  You can see through things sliced this thin, Joe.

Up the road a short piece: Belarus bringing hundreds in trucks to cross into EU: Poland.

Two-Bit Wedge Play:  Here’s the low-down on China threatens Lithuania over Taiwan office opening (   The play?  Two-fold: U.S. neocons are using Taiwan to get a dig at Putin in eastern Europe.  And because it involves a Russian-leaning country, slows the eventual Russia-China remarriage.  Still a few years out.

Banker Outrage:  I can’t even make this upBiden Treasury pick Omarova could lead to demise of community banks, banking industry CEO warns.  Wiki Ovaroma and you’ll see that… “In 2020, Omarova wrote a report for think tank Data for Progress, where she stated the “Green New Deal (GND) movement has successfully propelled [a] programmatic vision of an environmentally clean, just, and equitable future.”  Pass the Kool-Aid.  Another MMT rush at remnants of sanity.  Kazakh/Soviet-educated, no less. Well, till our programmers in law school, here in ‘Merica for her, lol.

Jimmy Hoffa’s still dead.  But this looks like a TV movie plot: Jimmy Hoffa: Deathbed confession sparks long-missing US union boss body hunt.

The the Urban Department of Useless Bullshit: Don’t be afraid to be the change, fearless youngsters tell UN Youth Summit.  Like our own one-worlder lefties in education aren’t enough, the UN-globalists are out programming kids, too?  In a land where exceptionalism has been axe murdered, I suppose nothing is too shocking to report.  Bring six kids to Geneva and pretend it matters.  Just freakin peachy.

Wasn’t it Freud or Jung who said “You’re cured when you agree with your therapist?”  Or, words to that effect.

Time for My Meds

Yeah…Mr. Cynicism is in a pissy.  Although, Friday night pot roast and a new Blacklist episode is ahead, so it can’t be all bad. Too cool today for the glasses of Piasano on the screen porch.  Thing is, though, cool working in the shop, too.

Debating which drone upgrade to roll with as a Christmas toysent. Our small surveillance pal is not very suitable for lifting Kevlar line over trees for antennas.

More tomorrow on PN and the ShopTalk Sunday column,

Write when you get rich,

70 thoughts on “Markets: Run and Shear; CV-19 Stats”

  1. Food will probably be the big problem. When the chickens/beef/pork are being processed, the meat is inspected by a USDA inspector. I’m reading that there is a large shortage of inspectors. If the system is fully staffed, there are about 6500 inspectors. Currently, they are about 700 inspectors short. Of the inspectors that are left, about 30% won’t do the Vaccine. The inspectors have received a memo that they have until November 19 (today) to get vaccinated. Because they are federal employees, the OSHA rescinding of the mandate, doesn’t apply. If the processing plant doesn’t have an inspector available, they have to shut down…’s time to start 1.) filling up the freezer, 2.) butchering your own animals… we used to do.

  2. Morning George. Do you have a link for the UK Study? I have not been able to locate it. Thanks and enjoy Happy Hour this afternoon.


  3. Aufhalten die druckerpresse! – Herr Ure.

    Die Bitcoinz ! One knock sheepy sheep, only one,today.

    As the the legend of Jellystone Park often told his Son, BooBoo – “opportunity only knocks once, BooBoo my boy”.

    Over at – Ure opportunity awaits the brave, the crazy, the sick and tired of being F-ed hard ,with no lube, no kisses, no thank yous, just the same expectations of Andy..greenmile.

    Know that BTC is in BTFD area of the BCN charts – long term mvg averages are starting to turn UP, with 200 day MA several days away from a dramatic, almost parabolic rise up to meet current price – this set up becomes a launch pad to the $100k by year end area of chart. Whoopwhoop!
    Not advice! – urgent plea to OWN a piece of the future.
    Dont check the box on the fed BOHICA form- shouldnt have to say that, but some are still “washed” and hard to get thru to. They are at war with YOU, why would you share with the ENEMY your vitals..

    Who are you gonna Trust going forward – Ure guvmint – dont print answer, FumblingBumblingIdiots – aka American Gestapo are monitoring everything, looking to lock up and indict some innocent, loving Parents from school board/PTA meeting near you.
    * speaking of meine friends at the Neo Axis Powers – you see recent the RISE of FASCISM in Austria & Germany …were baaack. bwahahahahahahah

    No Bitcoinz for U Tex! horse done left the exchange..but maybe a lottery ticket in SHIB..woofwoof.

    • “speaking of meine friends at the Neo Axis Powers – you see recent the RISE of FASCISM in Austria & Germany …were baaack. bwahahahahahahah”

      YOU prefer BOLSHEVISM=democraczy it seems to me?

  4. Pot Roast sounds good. Haven’t had one in years.
    Food and access to food is a biggie that needs to be looked at. Maine is doing something about it. “In a historic first for the U.S., Maine voters approved an amendment to the state’s constitution ensuring their right to food
    The Maine amendment, which was approved by 60% of voters, officially declares that individuals have a right to save and exchange seeds and “grow, raise, harvest, produce and consume the food of their own choosing for their own nourishment, sustenance, bodily health and well-being” From Dr. Mercola.

    Here in Costa Rica we have had some talk to limit seeds to “approved”seeds as was done in the EU (I do believe) so the people could not save Heirloom seeds and swap them with their neighbors. Total control of what you could grow on your own place! We are of course resisting.


    • “The Maine amendment, which was approved by 60% of voters, officially declares that individuals have a right to…

      Who originated “individuals have a right to” (whatever)?

  5. RE: Freud or Jung – not sure about which gets credit for the ‘therapist cure’ quote, but Herr Freud famously opined that “America is the most grandiose experiment the world has seen, but, I am afraid, it is not going to be a success.” Siggy possibly believed this to be true because the fundamental nature of American politics and political parties entails an endless stream of ego driven Faustian bargains. A Faustian bargain is: “a pact whereby a person trades something of supreme moral or spiritual importance, such as personal values or the soul, for some worldly or material benefit, such as knowledge, power, or riches.” [per] America is a democratic republic fueled by capitalism. Bankers/investors need ups and downs to earn profits. War brings both. A society governed by competing, egotistical power seeking puppet masters sounds on the surface like a generally bad idea. But then, no other major nation on this rock is demonstrating a better way of governing or giving the sheeple as path to financial gain. From where I sit, the future of ‘Merica and the human race for that mater is looking rather schizophrenic at this delicate point in our collective existence. So eat, drink, play the markets, watch the chaos unfold in the comfort of your well provisioned homes (thanks in part to George’s sage advice) and hope that the dice fall in our favor.

    • As they say in Mother Russia:
      Under Capitalism, man exploits man. Under Communism, it’s the reverse.

    • “The-rapists” have always seemed interested only in getting you to “forgive yourself” for your mistakes and avoid taking on truly challenging objectives. In no case do they seem to encourage you to take serious risks to get what you need or want, but rather do their best to change your desires to something meaningless and inconsequential. IMHO, they’re a blight. They charge an enormous amount of money to just talk, without adding value to whatever you’ve already thought of, nor giving a clear direction to how to solve whatever problem you really have. They can’t accept your words at face value, but rather try to infer something else – and that’s usually wrong. I’m very careful with my words. I do have a good friend who is a counselor and respect her, though we agree on very little other than financial and practical things.

      Getting someone to suppress their real desires in favor of some stupid socially “appropriate” one is truly wrong, but I suppose it does allow them to claim “success”.

  6. “Yeah…Mr. Cynicism is in a pissy. Although, Friday night pot roast and a new Blacklist episode is ahead, so it can’t be all bad.”

    Hmmm… Blacklist was on LAST night (Thursday) in my part of Texas. Are you running a day late and a dollar (or more) short?

    • Pissy ! Wait he finds out eating pot roasts, prime ribs and or juicey tomahawk steaks laced with bovine spongiform, from Brazil – will relieve him of all responsibilities, morals, and values. See berkelybreatheds’ cartoon character – Thhhhp! -Bill the Cat….aaackaaack!

    • I’m not answering for George, but I have installed Kodi On my fire stick so I watch tv series and movies when I want. Kodi is free. A wide variety of “how to download and install” vids are available on YouTube.

  7. Amistad International bridge has been closed for an indefinite time. Guess the next big slug of illegals is getting close. Wish the Gov would put out the word for all able bodied civilians to mass down there to “repel boarders”. We’d have more people down there than Creepy Joe could ever imagine and enough bbq pits running to take care of the feral hog problem in Texas.

  8. To be frank, the US people need to know that their government has died and gone away. There is no sense being frustrated about poor or non-existent government services or policies.

    The short – you are on your own. You will live or die by the decisions you make or do not make. The government is not going to tell you if so called covid is a real risk factor, the government is not EVER going to tell you about the truth of the vaccines – to do so would be to admit to genocide.

    The good news? Yes, great news – you can evolve much faster without the government telling you what to do. The ‘government’ is composed of fools and grifters. Accent on the grifters. You don’t need them.

  9. Re: Amistad bridge closure –
    Oh, never mind. It’s just for “maintenance”.
    “DEL RIO — U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Office of Field Operations (OFO) Laredo Field Office will temporarily close the Amistad Dam International Bridge until further notice.”

    “On Thursday, November 18, 2021, the Amistad Dam Port of Entry, located on Texas Spur 349 in Del Rio, Texas will be temporarily closed and cease all normal operations 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. until further notice. This most recent closure is due to maintenance.”

    Everything else remains operational as long as you’ve been vaxxxed.

    • Really? I read and understood that land crossings into the USA were exempt from the vaxxing requirements. I understood that vaxxing was only required for air and sea. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

      I may visit Mexico for my own reasons and that’s off the table if they require these injections.

  10. Looks like someone else agrees with you, too, George –
    Official Public Health England Data Says COVID Infection Rates Higher In Vaxx’d Than Unvaxx’d

    “Fresher information has fortified this conclusion of the summer. In every age group over 30 in the UK, the rates of Covid infection per 100,000 are now higher among the vaxxed than the unvaxxed. Indeed, in the cohorts aged between 40 and 79, infection rates among the vaccinated are more than twice as high as among the unvaccinated. PHE’s fruitlessly rechristened body, the UK Health Security Agency, frantically clarifies that the data ‘should not be used to estimate vaccine effectiveness’, a caveat which I include for the sake of accuracy. But the differences in the infection rates are drastic enough for you to draw your own conclusions.”

    Shriver then summarizes how that data demolishes the reason for implementing vaccine passport schemes.

    “Gatekeeping of pleasure palaces promotes the wrong impression — statistically, the lie — that the unvaccinated riff-raff exiled to the pavement pose a far graver threat of communicable disease than the diners in the nearby banquette who, like you, have righteously got the shot. In truth, the double-jabbed airline passenger in 24A can be just as risky a seat-mate as the great unwashed banished from the flight.”

    Meanwhile, the Times reports the results of another study which “found the double-jabbed are just as likely to pass on Covid-19 as unvaccinated people.”

    • I think at the start we posters here predicted the Vaxx would make people sick and the virus would be blamed?

      More Vaxx’ed Americans have died than all of WW2.

      What are the people up to Jab three, maybe Jab four? “It’s just my body.”

      • I sent a former co-worker the link to Glenn Beck’s “Crimes or Cover-Ups?” video, the latest of many, many I’ve sent, and she wrote back and said “What a mess we are in and we have had 3 shots.”.

        There’s a spot on the wall that is beginning to conform to the shape of my forehead.

    • these official charts tell a much different story:

      Why worry about wars with future enemies, our biggest killer lies within…

      U.S. Drug overdoses for the first time top 100k for 2020-2021:

      U.S. 500k overdoses, 1999-2019:

      U.S. overdoses (500k) top all WWII deaths (420k):

      • What I find silly C is even though everyone agrees that opium based drugs are not only caustic to the human body. More addictive and dangerous.. that they are still the ones that everyone sees as the approved medication than it less lethal non addictive alternative. Even though the alternative solution has hundred of thousands of beneficial uses. All because some multi billionaire wanted more..

      • Look at your sources. That says it all. They’re all beholden to the Big Pharma money hogs and Left leaning philosophies. Should be a surprise to you.

      • HEADs UP,, two sides to every coin, heads I win, tails you lose
        vax deaths,,,,

        “The results are alarming. The summary of the analysis states:

        Excess mortality can be found in all 16 countries. The number of Covid deaths reported by the RKI in the period under review consistently only represents a relatively small part of the excess mortality and above all cannot explain the critical issue:

        The higher the vaccination rate, the higher the excess mortality.

        The most direct explanation is:
        ? Complete vaccination increases the likelihood of death.”

        tele-marketers are not your friend and neither is the Lame Stream Media,,, CNBC, shit fresh off the street, or Biden’s ass, which ever smells worse

        Humm, more drug deaths,, but does any of the articles mention the increase of Chinese fentanyl in America? The war from China continues, supported by left wing socialists/commies/traitors
        I could not view a couple of your links, cookie monster blocker.
        the one I could view [CDC] did mention fentanyl, BUT failed to mention China,,, didn’t want to upset their master.

  11. FDA wants 55 years ? Kinda like releasing the JFK info … we’ll get there and, “oh wait !! Not yet, someone’s still alive who could be prosecuted!!” What a joke !!

    Everything goes full circle and those who waited the pandemic out, used common sense and treated symptoms for what they were, will be waiting at the finish line. I sense those who followed the guidelines and mandates will have a difficult time getting there … if they even do get there. Hmmm

    Meta verse … the ultimate selfie and tour of your house. But hey, it’s just a game.

    Following the algorithms like the yellow brick road in Oz … makes ya forget about your biorhythms.

    They’re canceling culture? Truth is, they’re “changing culture” With no structure, it’s like entering oblivion. – kinda like stopping fossil fuels, on the (promise) of everyone using solar panels … panels that don’t exist. Where ARE those confounded panels ??

    Biden wanting an investigation to see if corruption is what’s causing rising gas prices … kinda like calling the police on yourself after you rob someone. Duh.

    Local groupies calling for folks to stock up … for at least 10 days. Guess they’re finally getting nervous. Lol !! Damn, what took them so long? – Well, there goes the toilet paper again.

    Girls be on YouTube who done lost their dignity and guys thinking their journalists, who don’t know shit. Who raised these kids?

    And to see people drive by, looking out the passenger window wearing a surgical mask … you can see it in their eyes … they’re prisoners.

    Thank God It’s Friday


    • Remember, they are still going after 95 year old Nazi women who manned the work camps, but we can’t get access to the JFK murderer info nor the Pfizer docs. Tells you all you need to know in the “Controlled Socialists States of AmeeriCaCa”

  12. George, the communists had nothing to do with the vax data. That’s what you get when the revolving door between BigPharma and FDA/CDC is spinning 3600RPM.

    And that’s due to capitalism, not communism. Gordon Gecko, Ammirite?

  13. In regards to yesterday’s posts. When I was 10, or 11.., late 50’s., my grand mother told me: Whenever you see the clock at eleven past eleven., make a wish ! I have done so ever since. ., and I wonder if 11:11 has to do with the end of WW l – ??
    – 11:11 has been around / recognized for quite some time.

  14. Childcare tax checks were extended for a year. How great is that?

    John Deere got 10% raises across the board. How great is that?

    John Deere must make the world’s greatest farm equipment. Hopefully the next bailout gives to the poor family farmers. They haven’t had anything rain since the The American Rescue Plan Act back at the beginning of 2021.

    • JD used to make great farm equipment. Now they make subscription equipment where you must have your equipment serviced by JD or it will break somewhere and you’re not allowed to repair it. Bear in mind that some of their machines cost near a million dollars and downtime is not an option during harvest season. There are efforts to pass “Right to Repair” laws, which should be unnecessary in a free country.

      I’ll stick to my old Massey and other stuff from the previous century.

      • John Deere landed in the BAG with Boeing/Amtrak/Gm.

        John Deer leadership wedged themselves into being backstopped by government dole. It’s a clever management decision.

        JD can pay themselves what ever they want. The raises will be covered in the 2022 farm bailout. Nobody is gonna disagree with McConnell when he says, “We need food. Give the nice family farmers bailout.”

        I’ll go out on a limb here and wager the temporary 2021 Childcare Tax Credit checks get a bump up in 2023 if this system is still in place.

        To me it looks like the entire food Eco-Chain is on dole from implement maker through end user tools from Kimberly-Clark, if ya know what I mean.

  15. What the world needs now is a good de-wormer, that kills cancer
    can’t get the ivermectin? try a dog de-wormer Fembendazol
    see this dude, gets sent home to die from un-curable cancer, beats it with a dog de-wormer.
    What the frickin hell are the corporations and their lapdogs FDC CDC NHI and etal hiding from US? Are they killing US for profit $$$$$?
    “NO CURE for YOU, stupid sheeple” says the owners of the human herd!!!!

    • Cured of cancer AND can lick his own balls. Sounds like win-win to me.
      Tribal shamans in the darkest rain forests also have success stories.
      More art than science.

    • You can get it through Amazon. Both animal and human versions if you’re picky about it. My question is how long do you have to stay on it? Till the doc says you’re cured (if he’s still talking to you) or forever?

    • “Cured of cancer AND can lick his own balls. Sounds like win-win to me.”

      Speaking about this AG.. years ago I was at a picnic and we were having a few adult beverages.. when the gent next to me nudged me and pointed to a dog licking his privates.. and then he said.. dam wouldn’t that be nice to do that.. I was shocked and said.. my god man you haven’t even petted the dog yet…..
      Needless to say.. he didn’t think it was funny but everyone at the picnic table thought it was hilarious..

      Speaking about alternative medicine though.. even with the tens of thousands of pages of studies done on cannabis and how it works with cancers and antibiotic resistant viruses and bacterial infections.. there is still this huge push to keep it illegal.. by so many industries that once it is legalized and all the beneficial uses of the plant can be used will affect their business..
      I had been reading a lot of papers that dealt with cancer tumor reduction and malaria treatment used in ancient china for years using sweet wormwood.. well a friend at the time had four brain tumors that were not operable and had an estimated month to live.. so after reading it.. I bought some at the health food store.. she made it a year.. after he passing I continued to read the research done and that is when they discovered I had several tumors and enlargements etc.. and suspected pancreatic cancer.. at the time I was having a lot of discomfort when I laid down and couldn’t sleep on my left side at all it was so painful.. and I thought ok.. if this stuff kills off iron rich cancer cells.. and if I have pancreatic cancer or possible pancreatic caner.. what difference would it make.. so I started to take it three times a day.. I did that for six months went in for my six month checkup the oncologist had one of those looks you see when he doesn’t have a clue.. and he said.. everything that showed up the last time is gone.. I can sleep on my left side I am not in discomfort at night..
      and I keep a months supply in the medicine box for just in case.. was that what caused the problem to vanish.. I don’t know don’t have a clue.. the doctor wouldn’t support a twenty dollar cure.. why should he if he can get the two hundred thousand dollar treatment..
      Met a guy years and years ago.. I made cleaning chemicals.. one used food grade hydrogen peroxide.. we needed a barrel of it.. the company we got the raw chemicals from didn’t have any but told us about a farmer.. we went out to see one of the most beautiful farms I have ever laid eyes on.. all his cattle were nice and healthy looking..He sold us a barrel.. in our conversations I had to ask.. why in the heck do you have so much .. he said he was given three weeks to live.. they had a trial at the mayo clinic in Minnesota and he was part of it..
      In studying they descovered that the water at lourdes france was high in hydrogen peroxide..

      Anyway.. they had him put three drops in his morning juice.. and do this three times a day..
      I then asked.. SOOOOOO… how is it working.. well that was almost twenty years ago was his answer.. he died at a very old age..
      My wifes uncle.. same thing.. he was given a couple of months to live with his cancer and he used bicarbonate of soda and molasses in warm water
      He is still kicking around today and that was over thirty years ago. He is now in his nineties…

      Now.. do they work.. that is not for me to say.. and this is definitely not me giving medical advice telling you you should try any of these alternatives..
      the same goes for Ivermectin.. once upon a time it was under ten dollars to buy it.. should you use it.. I won’t say that is up to you and what you decide.. I do know a doctor that is using it for his kidney cancer and he is doing really good on it..
      I use the cream that is on Gayes site..
      I can swear by it for my arthritis and I love CBD for my arthritic pain.. the sad part is the opium is cheaper.. Kratom I love that.. for one tsp of red menge kratom and two tylenol or two whatever over the counter pain killer you use.. twice a day gives me more pain relief with my arthritic condition than that of oxy or hydrocodone..

  16. There may be times today when US believe that the world is falling apart – but it isn’t, so lets get a grip and get on with the task that’s there in front of US.

    Forget about what’s going on outside your front door, it’s what you do “indoors your minds” that matters! ;-))

    • good points choices..
      I was visiting with one of the sweetest young ladies the other day.. she works at a restaurant I love to eat at and she is my normal waitress.. she is from china.. been here on a visa to help her uncle..
      anyway she asked me.. would you be afraid to visit communist china.. I said nope.. there are good people and bad people in all countries all sizes all races and religions.. be the blind man.. judge everyone for who they are not for what they wear or how they look.. and if all these idiots would just grow up and treat everyone the way they would want to be treated instead of trying to satisfy some greedy azzholes covetous desires.. then I would love to visit china.. there is so much heritage and things to see.. my one would be the beautiful hanging water gardens.. dam would that be nice to walk around in..
      It is the same here in the USA.. I would be more afraid walking down the streets of SanFran or NYC that have been pushing defunding of the police than walking around on the streets of Singapore or Beijing..

  17. Just a heads-up on the Prozac. The REASON it helps in the survivability in Covid-19 patients is the same reason aspirin does It’s a blood thinner, just like low dosage aspirin. As a matter of fact there’s warnings about taking Prozac while on blood thinners.

    In other words if you’re taking low dose aspirin, no need to add Prozac.

  18. Catastrophes don’t end with a snap! They most often taper off over some time. During the “Mitigation Period” while officials and workers are doing their response work, VERY often things get considerably worse well before they begin to get better.

    Depending on its nature, the emergency itself may continue to pound you, and it all begins to feel like combat — and you’re losing. “Drills” never capture this dynamic because we’re Nice; and Nice people don’t put other Nice people through Hell for some kind of practice play-acting; so “drills” never really test to the max what could happen. Nice people are therefore never really prepared, never really experienced, until the Ugly Reality Balloon goes up. And then it could easily be Life-Or-Death-On-The-Job-Training. That’s when you discover what you overlooked in your preps. (Hope for several small emergencies first to help you identify those weaknesses before The Big Event.)

    Stocked supplies run out, workers get tired, nerves get frayed, overtaxed emergency facilities degrade and lose effectiveness, and in extreme cases law breaks down as some bad guys go all illegal and rampage.

    It doesn’t take many days for things to go very, very sour.

    Sometimes well-organized (but unexpectedly delicate) systems and procedural plans slowly unravel under stress from not too bad to Really Extremely Ugly as one encounters the “Cascade Failure” syndrome.” Put simply, things depend on other things — in series. Like when the fuel delivery truck itself runs out of fuel.

    Really, really good “Emergency Managers” know how to keep people functioning with decent morale and Hope as the shit gets thicker.

    We don’t know who they are until the shooting starts (figuratively) and we see who holds together and their operations stay as effective as they can be. Lots of E.M.s will collapse. (Trust yourself, only.)

    As The Event is unfolding, paychecks will fail. Normal life order will stop. Unpaid bureaucrats in seemingly uncrucial offices will simply go home in frustration. Support bureaucracy will cease operations.

    All this takes MUCH more time than you currently think, in all probability.

    I think IT is all underway right now. This is the leading edge of the on-ramp.

    Good luck (you’ll need some).

    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night. “15 & 45”

    — 73 —

    • The bad times have meandered between various business segments and ethnicities since 2008. Opportunities hit bottom for me 6 or 7 years back under the Leftists, and only began picking up again half way through the Trump years. So far, Joe’s administration has been neutral from my perspective, even if I don’t like a lot of what I am seeing. As to whether the next leg is up or down for me personally I wouldn’t hazard a guess, but being out of debt and having a good roof over my head mitigates the bad times. It is debt and homelessness that puts otherwise good people over the proverbial barrel. Hopefully the war talk doesn’t materialize. There is nothing to be gained by anyone with a major shooting war.

      • “So far, Joe’s administration has been neutral from my perspective”

        The same here.. but what I see terrifies me.. I think because I can visualize how this cluster f@@k can play out.
        Shocked and amazed at what is all being overlooked as if it didn’t happen or happening . I wonder just what everyone would be saying IF it was Trump or his family doing what has been alleged.

    • Necessary questions: If, or more likely when the services mandated by government for “habitability” either fail or become unworkable, should we continue to pay for them? That includes everything from real estate taxes to mandated electric service or garbage collection. Many of us can live comfortably with our own services and nothing that the local governments presume to provide is really necessary. Will paying our taxes assure that we get to keep our land? At what time(if ever) in this “reset” can we begin to have confidence in those who claim to govern? How do we retain our assets in times of uncertain governance?

      I don’t know the answers, just the questions.

      • “Will paying our taxes assure that we get to keep our land? At what time(if ever) in this “reset””

        That is a good question…Thinking about the what if.. what if .. theres an EMP… and 98 % of those alive perish as in all the studies that have been done. I think in a situation like that depending who’s calling the shots there would be a great rebuilding civilization would be changed from what it is now..
        I think if it’s just an Economic catastrophic event then it would play out similar to the last depression.
        “Property values plummeted after 1929 but tax reassessments lagged. Overall, taxes nearly doubled to 21.1% of national income in 1932 from 11.6% in 1929, according to a 1940 Tax Policy Institute report. … Local property tax delinquency rose to a record (still standing) of 26.3% in 1933, from 10.1% in 1930.Apr 15, 2011 ”
        In the seventies.. a taxman came by the house and you was taxes by what you owned . A color tv a dollar a month .. more than 1 tv .. vaulted ceilings.. more than one couch….
        Then a person has to consider..what’s lost.. schools, roadways water, sewage, fire and police ..( well they want them shut down and defunded now) military , government security, Medicare etc.. the list is huge.
        Look at what happened in greece..elderly were dumpster diving for food ..sleeping under bridges.. young women were selling their time and company for a can of soup..
        Where in places like china etc. Their elderly are treated differently than more economically developed when I started working healthcare.. I was a volunteer.. there an elder is cherished not a burden..

    • WofRR, the catastrophes of climate change won’t be tapering off over time, they’ve been increasing in severity and frequency, WA & OR had 1.5x – 2x more than typical rainfall for a season, Seattle ready to set a new record of 15″+ rainfall:

      Once in 500 year flood in Pac NW:

      Rainfall records over 10″ in 48 hrs, new flood record set:

      Climate change deniers, you’re all wet! Mix that with your ‘dry’ martini!

      • I’ve been living in the PNW for almost 60 years. We have always setting records for weather, whether it be rain, lack of rain, wind storms, cold, hot, snow. Right now in the rainforest we have had 22 inches so far this month and nearly 100 for the year with 6 of the wettest weeks left to go. Some years get over 200 inches. If I paid a carbon tax would I get more or less rain?

      • Why hello, Mr. Troll. I see it’s George’s turn to get trolled & spammed by you again.

        Seattle got 60 inches of rain on March 22nd, 1383, and well over 800 inches for the year.

        Why the panic…?

    • “Stocked supplies run out”

      Bought another 4mos worth of sealed cans Monday (dehydrated fruits & veggies, and eggs.) The package arrived today. If anyone else is so-inclined, Emergency Essentials seems to not be slammed at the moment…

      • I love emergency essentials..great company.. I still have to freeze dry a hundred pounds of potatoes..

    • “All this takes MUCH more time than you currently think, in all probability.
      I think IT is all underway right now. This is the leading edge of the on-ramp.
      Good luck (you’ll need some).”

      I have the same opinion you do William.. I think it is all in place.. the chess pieces are positioned.. we are in a precarious position and the sleeping giants are awakening now..

  19. So great guru of economics and wave master of the prikter academy!!! You knew today and you will swing long now for tirkey time ? You have got to really drink more or maybe less and maybe even get jabbed to get real der der der. Short hard always

  20. To the other brother darrell: RE: Fenbendazole dog dewormer
    If people want more info, search on “Joe Tippens Cancer”. I read of one woman with stomach cancer who used OTC dog ‘Safeguard’ dewormer and cured her cancer. Yes… these ‘cures’ are out there, but they keep them officially hidden because there is no profit in them. “Everything’s a business model”.

  21. Wow dude! Things are picking up pace in the paranormal field. I’m really tripping. Sober and of sound mind but whoooaaaa things are really manifesting fast and off the norm stuff is happening at condensed rate. Meaning more occurances. That or I’m becoming way more aware. Even for me.

  22. China threatens Lithuania over Taiwan office opening: “And because it involves a Russian-leaning country, slows the eventual Russia-China remarriage. Still a few years out.”

    NOT Russia-leaning. The best examples of the United States Government and our Constitution, unbastardized, are not us, but Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia. The “Baltic States” are more “American” than America has been in at least 20 years. The Soviet Union oppressed them unmercifully, and the folks who lived there came to regard the “American ideal” as the ideal means of running a geopolitical, socioeconomic entity. Therefore, when the USSR went into the crapper, and its States became “free,” the Baltic States adopted democratically-elected, constitutional, representative republican governments, with their constitutions written and delineated in a more-or-less similar to ours, manner.

  23. “the Urban Department of Useless Bullshit: Don’t be afraid to be the change, fearless youngsters tell UN Youth Summit. Like our own one-worlder lefties in education aren’t enough, the UN-globalists are out programming kids, too?”

    As I have told many mushy-headed humans:

    “Our society is the result of 10,000 generations of ‘best practices,’ learned through ‘trial and error,’ where ‘error’ usually meant death.”

    “Do not assume your ‘new discovery’ is really a new way, simply because it’s new to you, and never throw away known best practices because of your own ego, stubbornness or stupidity.”

  24. “When government tells the truth and then “explains it” but only in a certain way, listen for the sheep shears.”

    Dam… it’s the Bowen technique.. I thought it said the Biden technique lol

  25. I AM a vax free man, I DO NOT WORRY about the side effects, wish you well with your vax choice, I will wait and see,,, but the dogs and horses are alive and doing WELL! saw that some ZOO giraffes that got the vax,, DIED

    WHO is lickin there own ass now, the Biden ‘shit ass’ kissers

    before it is all said and done, my money and my life bet,, the vax will be more deadly the the virus. I had the virus and I AM alive and well @ 69
    Is it time to shame the shamers?

  26. ” Biden Treasury pick Omarova could lead to demise of community banks, banking industry CEO warns.”

    Community banks hell — ALL banks. She wants to eliminate all banks and go to a single, Government-owned central bank…

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