Ominous Calcs for 2022

No, this is not a doomporn piece.  Rather, it’s a sober look at where certain indicators are pointing from now through year-end and into 2022.

We will walk through it step-wise this morning and see what – if anything – can be done to profit from it.  Save making a little scratch which may not be too useful.

In a data follow-up, we’ll show you how Pete Buttigieg, governor Gruesome, and the slow-Joe and Kamala farce are watching the supply chain crumble. California is bringing down America almost single-handed.

Headlines, ChartPack and out comes the turkey to defrost…

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38 thoughts on “Ominous Calcs for 2022”

  1. The Rittenhouse movie was excellent. Hope you all still have a lot of popcorn left for the next feature,,,
    “Guardian of the Pedophiles” starring G. Maxwell

    this one will stir up the hornets’ nest

    in the other cinema, round 2, relieve the lying MSM of $ and make Kyle a very rich boy! ala’Sandman
    It is good to finally see crap go the RIGHT way,, almost forgot,
    Delaware County PA.,,,, seems there has been a little bait, for Freedom of information request, sent guilty people in to a panic and someone filmed the destruction of evidence., there is video in this link 2 min long.

  2. Buy Deere and Cat.*
    Gonna have a dozer shortage when all the mass graves are needed.
    *NOT investment advice.

  3. Some days it is hard to pick a topic to celebrate but certainly the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse is one. For those of us that still believe in the rule of law, the right of self defence and the virtue of the trial by jury system, we have a win………however

    We know what is coming from the left in the days ahead and it is depressing. I had the misfortune to have my TV stop on MSNBC last night. I hadn’t watched it since January. After 5 minutes, I was ready to throw up. These people are EVIL plain and simple. The cancerous rhetoric they spew will destroy this once incredible nation if we allow it to.

    George very accurately describes the building conflict with China, Russia, Iran and other nations. It is the enemy within that I worry about most. We fought the first 2 world wars as a unified nation. This may well not be the case for the next big one.

    • “We fought the first 2 world wars as a unified nation. This may well not be the case for the next big one.”

      you may be onto something there… lately we abandon those that would support us.. it is all the business model they go by.. But then what can you expect.. IF.. you cannot defend your grandchild and protect her from a criminal element.. how can you then expect that same person to protect the masses.. the herd in the illegal’s not willing to go through the process movement is just one example.. I have nothing against someone coming here to live and raise a family.. come on ahead.. but do it legally follow our laws and customs.. don’t expect to get the benefits that have been set aside for hard working american citizens in difficult times..
      instead we herd them in.. what use to be called Human smuggling and trafficking’s .. is now all legal and an every day activity.. I wonder what they would have said if Trump had done this.. LOL

  4. “Been a circus. Although in a big score, reports are that Kyle Rittenhouse will be on exclusively with Tucker Carlson Monday.”

    The big score is he’s going to be wealthy enough to buy a lifetime (or three) of insulation from the rabble, for his entire family.

  5. Interesting your holding back on “recommending” some MAR/APR/MAY Out of Money Puts -SPY,QQQ . Looks like some money is coming off some Tech (booking Profits) and rolling into bluechip dividend payers. All the coots defensive plays are getting Bid lately.. So yes starting to nibble on OTM SPY/QQQ Puts, like carrying cold hard steel blade on person – affords the opportunity to Split the scene quick unscathed..
    Also like the GDXJ ..its Gold thing.
    “Unscathed Capital” will be as hens teeth when this whole Cluster F of a Market blows…In the meantime a energy machine based on naturally occurring plasma is in Ure future.

    What kinda of energy machine ?? This one comes to Humanity from a dear departed Soul – “Lefty”

    Charge Density Plasma Machine..dial set to 30.

    Like “singing the stone” from the “Females” the natural Earth “tech” renders granite/quartz pliable..Charge Density Plasma Machine – the Earth “mothers magic” renders old dried out seeds into record breaking Super Seeds. Original machine was “confiscated”, permanently “borrowed” for research purposes from “Leftys’ lab- ‘guvmint-blackhats”. There exists a film that shows the machine in the lab – for a brief 10-15 seconds or so. It dont git any GREENER .

    * Pfzer CEO is/was Veterinarian ?? can we connect this to PZP chemical castration drug for Wild Ass Horses..2 Doses spaced out exactly like the current covert19 jaberdoos, with a Booster every 18 months for rest of physical Life..dam rabbit warren this corona horsehockey.

  6. “Where does Rittenhouse go to get his reputation back after smears?”

    The most difficult thing for social animals like humans to do is maintain an internal sense of worth, philosophy and direction when the rest of the herd is against them. It has always amazed me the pull that our internal programming has in our minds to go with the flow and resist embracing anything apart from that.

    That being said the most influential members of humanity, historically, have always been the ones that resist this impulse and either point us in corrective or altogether new directions regardless of what authority they may or may not have. In Kyle’s case he put himself at the contact point of opposing viewpoints in society at large and did the simplest thing he could which was to defend himself thus demonstrating and re-establishing one of the most basic rights and obligations of an individual. This is what makes our country stand apart from the rest of the herd of nations out there as opposed to the direction this pretend administration wants to take us in. From Kyle’s expression of this Right down to the lesser expression of it which we exercise on George’s Comments Section we celebrate that Right almost every day when people in other supposedly “democratic” countries face incarceration for such practices.

      • As I told my buddy Ray (who errored on it) I was working with the live system – which takes balls, stupidity, and a good sense of immortality and confidence in conquering all. Well, maybe not all that but it does seems to be working again…

  7. The Ukraine is a nuclear power and should be at par with NORK, Pakistan or the U.S. by themselves.

    The crash could be January. We when start looking around everyone being on dole has normalized. Millions of families, “When do we get that check again?”

    What are you guys using for software? I like the Trading View website but it’s not free. I want free. Anything?

    2022 will mark 246 years for the U.S. 246/34 makes one section 7.24 in years but perhaps should be using days.

    Right now I’m trying to see a pattern working backwards from the collapse of Western Consumerism. 2022 looks good.

    Little Bush told people to go out and spend about 3 sections ago, 2001.

    2013 was when the U.S. stores started opening on T-Day was about 1 sections ago.

    2017 Trump stated Americans can use the term “Christmas” again about .61 sections ago.

    But it could be nothing.

  8. Every single one of those commentators who called Kyle a “murderer”, or “vigilante”, or worse AND the corporations they work for needs to now pay up. It’s called Libel or Slander and it’s not how we roll in the good ol U.S.A.

  9. WCD- Oh, but leftists have the social justice franchise, and they can say anything as many times as they like, as long as it sounds like social justice talk, and no progressive judge will lift a finger against’em. So, what happens if a judge who isn’t a progressive gets the case? Answer – progressive judges have the social justice franchise, too. Besides, progressive lawyers have the civil rights franchise, and no civil rights lawyer is going to bat for someone who doesn’t fit the progressive narrative, or won’t sign away their life’s savings for representation. The kid’s best shot at a little money is film and book deals.

      • what is funny is the copy of the Bhagvad gita I had was one that was given to me by some joker in the airport years and years ago on my way home from bootcamp LOL…

    • I agree — it sounds like dynamite! However, it reminds me of the number of phone calls I receive where someone mumbles a few unintelligible word and then there is silence until it turns off.

      Our perception of “this DUDE” and our present knowledge of science doesn’t match ;-( so were am I wrong? Is it ALL about “Faith versus Science?” Then there is NO discourse possible, so sorry.

      Why did our creator put so many hurdles between HIM and US?

  10. “USA Today did an interesting report: Kyle Rittenhouse trial: How Fox, CNN and MSNBC covered the verdict, But then, they turned right around and rolled out mostly useless stories like Kyle Rittenhouse verdict: Gabrielle Union, Josh Gad, more celebs react.”

    In your journalistic days, did you ever have the misfortune to cover a high-profile jury trial?

    Perry Mason it ain’t…

    The Rittenhouse trial had to be the most-boring thing to hit the teevee in many years. Probably filled with witnesses who were experts, in their own minds at least, and minutiae of detail which was pieced from factual info and fanciful supposition, it would have been days of the most boring cinema imaginable, and those poor jurors would’ve had to sit through it all, and somehow pay attention.

    Faced with the prospect of being required to cover the most-boring happening since the O.J. trial, the talking heads are gonna spice it up, any way they can. It’s also not just the newsy crowd — Don’t think Hannity and Savage aren’t appreciating the wealth of material the leftist press is handing them. EBf*ingM! The sad thing about this situ is the easiest path to RoI is to push the “riot angle” and the libtards at the commie news network and MSLSD will push it until people riot.

    WHEN this happens, which it will, the pretty faces at CNNMSNBEABCNBCCBS and the Hollywierd, Burbank, and D.C. idiots will be the cause (even though not a single one will admit blame), and once that fire is going, we can look to FOXONNNewsmax and the conservative talkers to throw brown pine needles on said fire. EBM and everyone’s ratings are more-important than a few peasants’ lives, and a few billion in burned-out buildings.

    I strongly suspect the “jury deliberations” were a days-long discussion on whether the jurors would survive and what they would do, if they were doxed for doing the right thing. The kid was plainly innocent of the crimes with which he was charged — The prosecution showed a supreme lack of intelligence and foresight in even bringing Rittenhouse to trial. When the kid was exonerated by cam footage, and by the prosecution’s “star witness,” the ineptitude of the Prosecutor’s Office came to bear.

    • The highest profile event (other than the Seattle Seven, and similar) was the price-fixing allegations against former SF Mayor Joseph Alioto and a friend from those days, U.S. Attorney Stan Pitkin.
      It was some of the finest legal maneuvering ever.
      A fellow journalist in from those times (we’ll call him Bryan J and put a 4 on his) asked Alioto a question. Even though BJ had been offer Moscow bureau chief for one of networks, Alioto was top of form. His answer to the question? Can’t remember it precisely, but Alioto began his answer… “That’s not what I said. What I said was…” and then he proceeded to give the precise recitation of what he had said. BJ was like ONE WORD off in his question, yet Alioto – in doing so – was putting all of us rock & roll era reporters on notice “I got you bozos all out-gunned six ways to Sunday because if you get so much as a word wrong…
      To this day, BJ (who I think has semi-retired) is tops in Seattle electronic media. But Joe Alioto – with that flashbulb mind of his? Absolutely the sharpest counsel I’d met.
      Years later, getting over the PTSD of Life, I’d come to wonder “What kind of circumstances and training (omg the training to be able to pull it off!) must have formed Alioto’s mind?

      Could it be bottled?

      I look around the world today and the answer is clear. Not no, but hell no.

  11. “The problem has resulted in America being a land led by halfwits and people who largely fell into their lot in life by either luck or looks.”

    I can think of exactly two journalists — as in people with a degree in journalism — on the National stage: Sarah Palin (University of Iowa) and Andrew Wilkow (University of Florida), neither of whom is a practicing, professional journalist. Every Leftist news-face or pundit, and nearly all Rightists, are either failed attorneys or entertainer/celebrities. I’m sure there are others, but none whose Bio I’ve read or researched…

  12. I covered the Jack Ruby trial, but photographically. Unfortunately most of my coverage, other than a couple of press conferences, was in the courthouse hallway when he was escorted to/from the courtroom. However, I did notice that Melvin Belli was no dunce, and he was a showman.

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