Profits from Predictions?

Can people profit from knowledge of the future?  It’s an intriguing question. It’s come up a lot in my life. Particularly since we are fast-approaching our December 1 time machine experiment window. Although our focus this morning is on less-direct means of knowing future.

So, in addition to our usual look at the week’s news, and the expressions of fear and confidence in our ChartPack, we will begin a serious discussion about futuring, along with some ideas to keep in mind for 2022.

Like when to duck and when to cover…

Oh, plus a million dollar idea you might be able to patent in the focus section!

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48 thoughts on “Profits from Predictions?”

  1. “Both the West and Russia are positioning logistics and that’s something not super-sexy for the agenda drivers.”

    :-( Sadly they have been doing that for a while now.. scary to.. from my angle it looks like a poison pawn trap.. and the opposition is working on the idea that GREED will force the USA to take the trap..

  2. What to Let OSHA know what you think about Covid vaccine mandates?

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is already talking about expanding its COVID-19 vaccine rule, so that small businesses with fewer than 100 employees may also be required to force the vaccine shot on their employees or face stiff fines. The public comment period closes December 6, 2021

  3. nostradamus ure . bit of a catchy ring . is there nothing that you cant do . jack of all trades master of . really over this bs world and fake economy you love .. any little things today ?

  4. Wahoo ! Gong Xi !

    Huuuge win for ChiComs – demonrats Infrastructure Bill is set to In-rich CCP elites like no other
    Slo’s payback to Xi and company, aint it ever grande ?

    Globo chess board is looking Dicey – me thinks the blackglass will glow in ME before too long…what was that beachboy tune senetor mcstain used to sign acapella..bomb.bomb.bomb, bomb iraaaaaan…
    Not so fast bunkies, there is a new game board in play..Checkmate SU-75
    Unmanned nuke Subs, Unmanned advanced 6th gen stealth fighter, backed up wit S-500 anti ballistic/anti aircraft system – all for the 1/3 rd the cost of 1 single fighter or bomber program in US arsenal.
    2/3 rds of of current Military budget -every F-ing year to the Military Industrial Complex coffers

    – No Wonder the level of “FUCKERY” being perpetrated on the World Populace has reached such staggering heights.

    -Now if someone could just explain to the ungovernable (s)

    ?Why Are So Many People Around the World just collapsing, dropping dead on the spot – Its leading search inquiries on the goog machine this week? What gives – strange energies from space, heart attack guns from christiansinaction, posion blow darts, bionic mozzies – WTF over?

    • “demonrats Infrastructure Bill is set to In-rich CCP elites like no other.
      Slo’s payback to Xi and company, aint it ever grande ?”

      My question is… Which benefactor is it that is being paid back for the transportation of illegals across the border????

  5. George,

    Manfred Zimmel has some coincidental material. I realize that there is a great deal of common ground in Nostradamus research, but his work is the only other place I have seen some of my interpretations.

    Is G. A. Stewart his Prophecy Expert Wannabe?

    Free Amanita Newsletter 6/30/21: Manfred Zimmel

    ZIMMEL: For many years I have quoted 2021 as the (official) begin of the 27 years of WW3 until 2048.

    G. A. STEWART: From my 2010 Book, The Age of Desolation. Page 255

    Henri Selin is the hero of Nostradamus’ Quatrains and Sixains. When listing all of the predictions that he appears in it in essence becomes an outline of the twenty-seven year war initiated by the Third Antichrist and the Empire of Aquilon.

    Nostradamus Quatrain I-49
    Very much before such intrigues,
    Those of the Orient [China] by virtue of the Moon [Islamic Army]
    The year 1700 [2011] will cause great ones to be carried off,
    Almost subjugating a corner of Aquilon [NATO].

    Nostradamus Quatrain III-77
    The third climate comprising Aries [World War III]
    The year 1727 in October,
    The King of Persia (Iran) captured by the Egyptians:
    Conflict, death, loss: to the Cross great shame.
    The end of World War III will come twenty-seven years later.

    Nostradamus Quatrain VIII-77
    The third antichrist soon annihilated,
    Twenty-Seven years of blood will his war last:
    The heretics dead, captives exiled.
    Blood, human bodies, water, red hail covering the Earth.

    ZIMMEL: The Third Sargon [Kaiser Henry] will come in later times. He will destroy the servants of darkness
    with all her seed, he will uproot the evil by the roots.

    G. A. STEWART: From my 2010 Book, The Age of Desolation. Page 229

    Nostradamus’ hero Henri Selin who is a descendant of the Dauphin and the House of Bourbon and who will fight against the Antichrist in the American Civil War and go on to beat back the Chinese-Islamic invasion of the West.

    ZIMMEL: The 73 years 7 months is a 737 code for the Boeing 737 in the center of interest since 2019, which is not a coincidence at all. The prophecy wannabe experts applied this timeline to the end of the Soviet Union after 73 years 7 months (November 1917 – June 1991).

    G. A. STEWART: From my 2010 Book, The Age of Desolation. Page 141

    Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 25:1
    In the spring there will be the first omens, and thereafter in rapid succession, extreme changes, permutations of realms and mighty earthquakes.

    Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 25:2
    With the increase of the new Babylon, miserable daughter, augmented by the abomination of the first holocaust.

    Nostradamus Epistle: Paragraph 25:3
    It will last for only seventy-three years and seven months.

    Like Babylon, the conqueror of Israel, the Soviet Empire was known for the persecution of its dissident Jewish population. And as I cover in Chapter Nine, the Soviets did develop a new technology and weapon system that can cause mighty earthquakes.

    Exactly as Nostradamus predicted, “seventy-three years and seven months” after the Soviet Congress took power, on June 12th 1991, Boris Yeltsin was elected the first President of Russia.

    I see the work of other researchers in there too. Mr. Zimmel needs to cite his sources.

    • hmmmmm Babylon has come up a lot lately…

      in my perspective. thanks for confirming that in your post. it even came up today with my visit by the 3 owls. the thing about owls is they see in the dark, what is hidden in darkness becomes known. what is mystery become seen.

      in the days when Babylon was in its prime, they name they gave for the full moon was nana, for the crescent moon Su-en which contracted to the word

      as i seen 3 owls this morning. one small one who turned to look at me and its eyes flashed like stars with the Moon behind it. one who flew over me about 2-3 feet flaping its wings, one who flew and sat next to me and one the one whose eyes shined like stars, flew over and landed on a powerline and again its eyes flashed like stars.

      but it was a full moon this morning… not a crecent.. perhaps what the Owels were telling me is that we have until the crecent moon for the Sin that is hidden to be seen? what is hidden in darkness will be made known?

      as it relates to babylon… since one ingredient or element to prophecies is “Time”.

      reminds me of that old movie “Clash of the Titans.” with the little owl from Athena and the dude with the Gifts from the Gods and The Kraken, which coincidently is the name of the new pro hockey team here in Seattle.

      and medusa’s head…

      one flying over you, and I had a really big one hovering over me this morning. symbolizing you will experience a fortune event in the upcoming days. also a symbol of wisdom. i been seeing that in my personal life for a while now…. lots of change. all around me. big change. change that adds to change.. growing change….

      wisdom, the application of knowledge. different than intelligence which is the measure of the capacity of knowledge. three.

      elements. three elements. logos, ethos and pathos… intelligence, knowledge and wisdom

      intelligence, beside me, knowledge over me and wisdom on a power line with eyes shining like the stars. hmmmmmm…

      but it could mean anything. THE DUDE, well.. you know. he speaks in a dynamic living energy and im a slow learner when it comes to what he is telling me. but he did bonk me in the head the other day with a balloon that came out of nowhere with big yellow smiley face on it.

      guess we shall see what it means. interesting that you mentioned Babylon this morning. and that has come up quite a bit. its just confirms my own seeings. my story of baby lion. hmmm

      thanks Mr Stewart!

      I am truly Blessed and Highly Fortunate! it is my hope, you are as well

      good day.

      • “THE DUDE, well.. you know. he speaks in a dynamic living energy and im a slow learner when it comes to what he is telling me.”

        Is that perhaps the same DUDE that talked to Hitler, Stalin, and Mao? I don’t think you’d like to be crazy as those guys were, perhaps? Mildly is OK, IMHO. ;-))

      • Andy my favorite poster, Listen to the owls, I live in the woods in the middle of nowhere, you can here the owls talk to each other, they stay in the tops of the 80 to 100 ft trees, these owls are about 1 foot tall, you can here them talking to each other for miles around, My wife could talk to the owls at night, she could call them in their language and they would come for miles and sit in the trees in are back yard, one landed on her arm and said something, rubbed his head on hers and took off, Learn to speak like them, (smile). They know something, think there was a saying about the wise old owl. I think it takes a few drinks to learn the owl talk . Real story, seen it many times, wa wa caw, at the right pitch, but never tried it my self, sight to see, all these big birds with pretty gold eyes looking at you, after a few drinks’ thought these birds could take you out if they wanted to, but meant no harm, just thought my wife was head owl, my owl goddess and the dudes friends, (smile) Tim. Love you Andy

      • “turn away the approaching darkness.”

        Unfortunately Stu.. I don’t think it can be turned away… look how far down the rabbit hole we have gone down in less than a year..
        Just take a look at just a few of the things going on and it hasn’t been even a full year into his presidency so far…
        500,000 shipping containers stuck offshore
        108 cargo ships stuck waiting to be unloaded
        80,000 truck driver shortage
        100M work force shortage
        Inflation rate at 6.7% and rising
        Car & truck rentals up 49%
        Gas up by $1.30
        Hotels up by 19.8%
        Prices for meat up by 19.2%
        Milk up by 3.2%
        Eggs up by 12.6 %
        The Biden administration will now be adding an additional 1.75 trillion dollar gasoline package to the fire! and closed pipelines
        things that were not tolerable a year ago are now normalized because of who it is that is doing them and everyone is expected to adjust to the new normal..

      • wow! That is awesome Tim! Super good stuff. Owl speak. Hmmm. one day a new language to learn. thanks for sharing.

        afa living in the woods… well we wills see what THE DUDE says about that. Right now, the beach and the City is where i am. Thy will be done.

        love it!

      • well Choices. I know this stuff in my life can be pretty amazing and quite outlandish at times and sometimes borderline insanity by most of the worlds standards. Trust me, it trips me out. i say quite a bit in my life. The Fuuuuuu! what the actual Fuuuuu.. Oh! hahahahah funny guy THE DUDE!

        I send pictures to George to hold me accountable. he knows I am legit. everything i say is honest as i can remember and proof is presented. Like i said, I’m not here to convince you of anything other than Think of for yourself. which you are good at.

        i dont even tell half of the amazing stuff that happens in a regular day with THE DUDE, sometimes like getting bonked in the head literally 3 seconds after i say out loud, Yo God! Give me a sign DUDE! i dont understand what the HE is telling me till 3 days later in the shower and I remember the Balloon I Sent HIM 9 months ago about my concerns, problems, desires, wants and appetites’. Why appetites’? because most of the world is ruled by its apatite.

        They dont have a relationship with GOD, God is a Genie in a bottle they rub when they are in trouble. or rub to satisfy their appetites. kind of like when comes to the porcelain God, to pray and swear off drinking ever again. they have a relationship with their appetites not THE DUDE. So i just gave HIM them to fix too. I dont want to be ruled by anything. Not even THE DUDE. I just want to be friends with HIM. I’m not ruled by my friends. I don’t worship my friends. LOL
        I think the DUDE has enough people worshiping him. I think what HE wants more than that is to people who work, have fun and hang out with HIM. that is what I do.

        Apparently HE is working on all that because sent back a balloon with a smiley face. we made a trade. I think it is a pretty fair trade. ya cant out give THE DUDE.

        i have to speak at a spiritual dinner tomorrow night, the psychic fair the next day. about 9 months ago, i went up to look at the ocean in Bellingham and sit by the board walk, wasnt sure why I was event there. i sometimes do stuff like that. go a place, have a look around and not know why I’m going there. then some months later I’m there for something else. Then we have the Seahawks game on Sunday. be there for that too. I have security working the Cougars game tommorow in pulman. have a whole bus load going there to assist and the Kraken tomorrow night. I been in the office for 14 hours now. but I think everything is done and well… time to go home and head to bed.

        I will see ya around. later Choices. good to see your words.

      • Tim; my Grandma used to love telling us this poem in her beautiful harmonious sing song voice:

        There was an old owl who lived in an oak;
        The more he saw, the less he spoke;
        The less he spoke, the more he heard;
        Why can’t we be like that wise old bird.

      • LOOB, and less we forget, they are selling our oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve per the last spending bill that was passed.

        But Lookie here; been at it a while and planned until years into the future:

        I wonder, what if the New Madrid ruptures, do you think it will take out the underground storage facilities for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

    • for the record. i never fear things such as these.. the seeing owls, or getting bonked in the head by a smily balloon.

      i understand something about the girl i was scared of.. it wasn’t her is why I was afraid…. it is what the symbolism behind her and her beautiful brunette friend.. reveal to me. when i look at things from a different angle. sure, everything is to be enjoyed, experienced and appreciated from my humble position as a “Friend of THE DUDE”. THE DUDE is always talking… and for me, there is always two. the beautiful blonde and and the beautiful brunette in my life.. symbols of deeper meanings. since i can cascade levels of understanding with ease in my mind. … i mean enjoy life as much as anyone. and in the same breath, i can see the dialog of living and dynamic symbols

      ya see my most recent ex, is a blonde who like alot like a super fit yoga version of I dream of Genie. The one before her is a Brunette, the playboy bunny. born on the day of the Hellraiser… follow the white rabbit. many cascading symbols within both genre’s.

      and since i departed from both, just talked to shg last night. only as friends. two knew representations showed up. as friends. one blonde and one brunnete. both gorgeous and i was in a meeting with my eyes closed listing to the person read.. as i opened them last Saturday night, i saw the blonde say to the brunette, that is him and she was pointing at me, when they noticed i saw what she said that they were looking at me, they both quickly turned their look away. new versions or renditions of the old versions.
      hmmm… female yin and female yang. one the sun and one the moon. one is consciousness and light and one is dark, subconsciousness and mystery.

      everything in this world is a living dialog between THE Dude and me, and whatever your form of understanding may be.. creation is a dialog.

      at the same time, it is to be experienced, enjoyed, savored and sensational as it relates to sensory and phenomenal reality.

      see it might seem like, I’m just some rambling idiot at times. something in me fears the light of consciousness. has nothing to do with the beautiful blonde. i have to really take a step up to view it in different layers… as relates to them.

      the point being is everything we need to know is in the world around us. always present. an omnipresent dialog.

      and sometimes I dont want to listen. or think on my levels or layers.. i just drink coffee and listen to loud rock and roll music, smoke a cigerette and flirt a pretty girl. not read it all…. and yet even that is a dialog between creation and me.. and creation is the Language of THE DUDE.

      the question is. IF Babylon is a woman? Which one is she? The Blonde or The Brunette? because both are very delightful and seductive.

      • hmmmmm thanks dude. i will find out. the last rendition, the one born on the day of the Hellraiser. god only knows how i remember all this stuff. LOL had hanging baskets.

        hanging baskets? both of the earlier renditions have Double D’s. these renditions are a little bit more sporty, ;)

        not sure about the new rendition potted plants. but the brunette, she does have a spider tattooed on her heart. the blond, no tattoo that i saw. may have to investigate further.

        much to consider for a small town boy from Alaska with big blue eyes, with silver halo’s around the pupil, in a big city, running security checks for the grid around him. that much is for certain.

        thanks George, for increasing my understanding of the nature of things. funny, like the Alchemy Wizard and I were talking about last night.

        how it is human nature to create elaborate displays of architecture, rich in texture and color and call it “personality.” charisma, charm, intelligence and whit… the elaborate ruse the children of light play in this land called make – be – leave

        like those big displays at the store on game day. bags of chips and beer at a discount for the game.

        hanging baskets. well i will tell you one thing. my new luise vattan belt that i got as a totem, caught both their eyes. not as cool as Orion’s belt. I mean that is pretty cool even though we know that Orion is fixed position. he moves pretty well across the sky. fixed and and dynamic, simultaneously.

        maybe that is the answer to all things. i know for certain time is a solid in one dimension. in one dimension everything is a solid reflecting within a single emanating pulse.

        hope our time machine stuff works good. i look forward to hearing the news all about it.

        not i have to get. i have new assignment on the table from the boss. investigation of hanging baskets on the blond and the brunette. will do. i love these research assignments such as these.

        *Tips hat

        cowboy up!

      • ” it might seem like, I’m just some rambling idiot at times. something in me fears the light of consciousness. ”

        Don’t ever worry about that Andy — YOU’re a super asset for our community!! Most everyone enjoys your style of writing (though much of it reads like you’re full of it, IMHO!) but I don’t mean it in a nasty way. I’ve known too many people in my life and 99.99 are already gone to meet their particular DUDE. Ha,ha,ha,ha!

      • George one thing I saw the other day. I don’t say everything I see.

        I was giving a homeless person a ride from the gas station to over by where I work.

        We come around the corner in my car and both saw a dude standing there by a building. We went under and over pass and then looked and after we passed the pillar. The dude the disapeard.

        I said whoooaaa did you see that guy standing there at the cross walk. They said yah. Where did he go!!!!

        We stopped the car and went and looked for him. He disappeared. We never found him. He was standing there on the sidewalk at the cross walk. We both saw him. They said I saw him. I saw him. I said I did too. I was making he didn’t walk out in front of us when we went around the corner.

        Went past a pillar for the over pass and poof he was gone. What less than a second to pass the pillar of thr overpass. They were tripping as much as I was.

        I said what was he wearign. They said Wearign a blue jeans a black coat and red shoes. Black ball cap. I said yep. That is an exact description of the man I saw. We walked all over. I drove around the block a few times. Never saw him again. Poof! The guy disappeared. Don’t know who he was or what happens to him or where he went.

        We were both sober and of sound mind.

        Ya know ftr. All my abilities at reading the world around me and all my success in life and all my ability to see the future is a testimony of THE DUDE’S success and ability. I just want to give credit where credit is due. All my physical strength and all the Opertunities in my life are a testimony to THE DUDE and what HE can do with a little fella like me. All the “miracles ‘ and timing of such events and how many things i have done to change people’s lives in this life are the result of THE DUDE, placing me there.

        I slept 12 hours last night. That happens only on rare occasion. Most of the time I only sleep 4 hours. I just dont need that much. I’m high energy and a positive vibes kinda guy. Always looking to build others up and be helpful. My ability to understand the language of Creation is all Given to me By THE DUDE. Even my ability to remember everything I remember. Because sometimes I have no idea how I can remember the stuff I remember. LOL That is all a testimony of THE DUDE success story in fella like me. Even all my 12 NDE’S are a testimony to THE DUDE ability to resurrect me from the dead.

        Many times a day I say, THY WILL BE DONE! Because it’s always better than anything I can come up with. Still not sure about the owls. And what all that means. The Shaman I met at the Hopi Indian rez said its really good medicine. Who knows it could mean something about Babylon or could mean I’m going to get a million dollars this week. One things forsure. It was a cool experience and I’m grateful that THE DUDE put it all together for me to be a part of.

        Truly I am Blessed and Highly appreciative! It is my hope that you are as well.

        See ya around. I need to be quiet for a while and listen. It’s good Fore me.

      • Oh! Hahahahaha. You know George. I was in the shower. Oh shit I’m late for work. LOL! Good thing I’m the Boss. Hahaha

        I just had one of those “Oh!” Moments. Haha. I only have those when I realize something big.

        My big Oh, is
        About getting bonked in the head with the smily face Baloon.

        You might remember this and maybe I didn’t say anything about the Baloon ritual.

        About 9 months ago I bought a helium balloon from the store. I was breaking up with the SHG (Sweet Honey Girl) and I took a sharpie and wrote all my problems on it. And all my desires as appetites, “I want lots of money” , “I crave love and connection with a beautiful woman whose weird like me” , “I want a good home of my own” “I want to be debt free” , “I would like it if ya gave me a new Chevy truck!” “Please protect my children!” “Help me to understand what your telling me!” “I don’t know what to do about that girl” etc. Etc.

        Then I got out the car at Mukilteo Beach with my Ballon with all my problems, desires, wants and appetites and said Here DUDE! take these! I’m giving all these to handle and I will go help others. These are now YOUR problems to figure out. I’m going to help figure out other people’s problems. YOU handle mine!

        And I let go of the balloon. I watched it float away until I couldn’t see it anymore. Then I got in the car and went and helped someone else.

        I realized in the Shower! That the other day when I said, “Yo God, Give me a Sign DUDE!” then literally 2 seconds later I got bonked in the head with a smiley faced Balloon. That is a sign THE DUDE, is working on my problems, appetites, concerns, and things that I want. Just keep doing what I’m doing. That is OH! Haha moment of the morning.

        Pretty funny. When I let go of the balloon. I didn’t really expect THE DUDE to send one back to me.


    • ya Mr Stewart,

      there is simultaneously two scripts running in creation right now, from my perspective. one is representation of Dorothy in the Land of OZ making her way to The Emerald City. One is Alice in wonderland making her way to the Queen of Hearts.

      it is said, art often imitates life.

      we see things in a multi-faceted situational awareness. tiered layers of comprehension… from the Cmos chip to the interactive gui display.

      competing AI’s for dominance of phenomenal reality?

      ya know i was talking to my good friend the Alchemy Wizard last night. we were discussing the seasons. there phaze of transition where both are present. both fall and winter. winter and spring. if you live in alaska they call it break up. LOL where the tundra thaws and its a mud wrestling event.

      not sure what to make of it at the moment, but it is very much present. that much is certain.

      one things for sure Mr Stewart. you didnt know about my ponder about babylon, it being both a city and a woman. but you mentioned it today and well.. that is very interesting for certain.

    • Zimmel’s distribution of his FREE newletter is 800 or less (may actually be under 500 after he winnowed his list down multiple times over the years), and that is for readers worldwide. His pay service (expensive as hell – think tens of thousands a dollars a year, friend looked into it and the lowest tier was in the tens of thousand of dollars a year) probably numbers less than 50, maybe less than 20.

      I have followed Zimmel for 13-15 years or so I am probably one of the few around that have watched his projections for any length of time, and his accuracy about both the markets and non-market “out of the blue” items has been amazing in their accuracy, though for non-market items they have NOT been 100% accurate for occuring in the time frame he has forecast.

      While he has talked about the upcoming “times of change”, as I will term it instead of “war”, for many years he really began to concentrate in his FREE newsletter comments on that upcoming time frame starting just three or so years ago though he has regularly talked about it over the last 13-15 years.

      Is he “Crazy”? Is he “Brilliant”? or Does he himself have the “Gift of Prophesy”? I can’t say … but I will say I have never read anybody quite like him who writes in the financial realm and have been fascinated by his writings now for many many years. Having seen him hit “home run” after “home run” on his seemingly outlandish projections over the years I do take his projections of events /markets seriously even if I myself can NOT see the how or why of them.

      Also … you can NOT understand Zimmel unless you come to him understanding that he firmly believes to the core of his soul in the old religious concepts of Evil Spirits, Evil Beings, Good Beings, and the age old conflict between those competing entities (which he believes are now about to break into an open viewable worldly conflict) – that are beyond the grasp of understanding and belief of most who live in the tangible physical world.

      I am NOT going to say that Zimmel is 100% accurate, but he has been accurate enough that his projections are WAY ABOVE that of any other person I have read over the last 13-15 years and WAY ABOVE any sort of statistical odds you would try to measure him against.

      (G.A. fwiw I doubt Zimmel would even reveal HOW he comes up with the data and information he writes about)

      OH … and he has said that his June letter is the last one he will ever write for his non-paying readers after pumping them out religiously for the last 13-15 years.

      Stephen 2

  6. not one veg saw what i saw yesterday . not one . but i get that feeling that im flicked again like every other swami sweat shop in economics . any takers still ?

  7. “Newsweek is asking a rational question: Could the Next 9/11 Be Caused By Drones?

    (Well, duh…)”

    I am right with you George on that train of thought.. cheaper and more efficient..
    How much money do they give now… HMMM
    Wanna have some real fun now.. LOL LOL LOL play follow the money game.. and see how many of the industries that are involved in producing the stealth defense systems for china are donating cash to the pay to play people.. LOL LOL
    that will be an eye opener .. guaranteed.. well maybe not since its all been a right in your face situation for years.. ( for those it will be a DUH moment) ..

  8. the preview of the next war – has already been played.
    Aberbijan and Armenia. Saw a special on NHK world Japan
    on how Aberbijan used AI drones against armenia- very scary.

  9. In no particular order:

    1) A Great Quake would occupy and distract America during the
    brief window of our weakness currently extant. We will be
    unwilling and unable to respond to challenges in Ukraine,
    Taiwan, or anywhere else. Key capabilities are off-line, and
    others (SpaceComm) will be PUT off-line. We’ll be blind.

    2) The Bad Guys — all of them — were (are) probably planning
    a Distraction of their own — possibly in concert; but equally
    possibly in secret independence, hoping to keep the secret,
    and not trusting the others to not leak. Each of The Big
    Three are in pursuit of their own Primary Agenda, “uber

    3) A lot of “staging” is taking place. When one moves suddenly
    and perhaps unexpectedly, the others will see Advantage of
    jumping in on the chaos as a facilitator and Great Distractor.
    They’re all essentially ready now.

    4) America will not (cannot) act decisively amid this chaos. We
    will do nothing, hoping the shark(s) will eat us last. At best,
    a futile and dangerous hope. We’ve lost our gutz in the
    pursuit of comfort and chimeras. We don’t Dare any more.

    5) You cannot “trade a few cities” with nooks. All big parties
    subscribe to Massive Retaliation as doctrine, and the idea
    of “use ’em, or lose ’em,” will require all-out response as
    the only prophylaxis to an unknowable schedule of
    escalation or discovery of a stopping point. Forty-five
    minutes (tops) between “missile away” and a bright light
    flash somewhere far away doesn’t allow for any reflection
    and creative thought. Only implementing existing
    warplans will be possible.

    6) Drone strikes don’t need to be large and powerful.
    A pin-prick in Just The Right Spot will light the fuse
    on the string of firerackers. Small ones can do it.

    There’s more, but it’s a “snug puzzle” with little latitude
    for flexibility. It’s a potential runaway train, only awaiting
    the release of the brakes to get rolling.

    If you have eyes, you can clearly see the dominos aligned.


    7.299 day, 3.999 nite. 15 & 45. spot exactly and wait.

    • Additional:

      The Big Three (if it isn’t obvious) are:
      Russia, China, and Iran.

      All have the motivation and the means. Only opportunity
      still lacks. They’ll be opportunistic and jump their plans
      early if somebody goes first. A preemptive strike from an
      unnamed fourth could be the trigger. (Israel?)


  10. It’s so bad here in oztralia. They have vegetated and nuted the masses. Still some left those that beleive in the eureka stockade and southern cross our moments in time. I turn my eyes to the east to the once greatest nation America in hope eternal that those that sing to old glory from fort McKinley will rise and win again.please

  11. November 12th ? Last Friday ? Have you searched for anything significant that happened ? Would be interesting to know.

  12. Looks like it’s “National Free-Floating Anxiety Day”. And to think I almost missed it. I wonder if Hallmark has a card….

  13. “nuclear war jitters? Why, it’s even better than the plandemic”

    The Cuban Missile Crisis resolved nuclear war jitters. Any jitters after (on the people) is a con. The threat was probably a psychological needle created to lull people into debt fueled debauchery. “Eat, drink and be merry…”

    We’re conditioned to look at nuclear war as U.S. Vs them. But we’re also told a bunch of countries have nukes. They don’t nuke each other or others. For some reason no country uses nukes. The Ukraine has nukes. Their nukes just sit. Historically all countries used all weapons at their disposal but atomic WMDs were only used twice 75 years ago and never again. Weird.

    And another thing! The people who we are led to believe would use nukes, Saddam or Bin Laden, were always ‘just’ prevented from obtaining them. We were led to believe NORK would use them first chance they got, until they got them. It’s a cartoon-like joke really.

    Iran has been working on nukes since the 1970’s. C’mon 40 years. NORK got them and they’re broke compared to Iran. Pakistan is a good friend and neighbor of Iran and has had nukes since 1972. They never once slipped one through the fence in Iran’s time of need?

    All the world cooperates on the Plandemic.

    There seems to be more cooperation than antagonism.

  14. A few weeks ago, I ALMOST posted the Selective Service registration information; I went there to see if women had to sign up for this, and the answer was no, so I did not post it. So, much to my spiritual surprise, THIS has been on the back to front table all along:

    I am not for this at all.

    Volunteer but no for drafting women.

    This is a side shot to the CLOT SHOT; if you can’t get the women vaccinated, then call the women up for war where they will be vaccinated. By any means possible, destroy fertility.

    Women are not equal to Men, and Men are not equal to Women; never have been never will be AND that is the way we were created.

    • Comrade did,

      The second runway at Narita would never have been built had tptb not realized they had to bring impacted landowners’ wives to the forefront of decisions being undertaken.

      All the world is a stage. WHO Ambassador, Major General Peng Liyuan, actress and soprano singer of high note, first broke through the glass ceiling by serenading PLA martial law troops in Tiannamen Square with patriotic hymns following the 1989 massacre. Her service to the socialist cause continued by providing singing lessons to her future spouse and President of China, Mr. Xi. She must be a role model to the women facilitating communication operations between members of the CCP Patriarchy at Channel No.1.

      China loves Mama Peng!


    • During WW2 Russian women fought and died alongside Russian men in the trenches of the Eastern Front. The Germans were flabergasted that Russian women would FIGHT as military soldirs in a War since they tried to keep their women out of the fight (little good that did them as shown by Dresden and the rest of the bombings of Germany … Germany women died from those “battles” just as German men did).

      In this day and age of “TOTAL WARFARE” women are as much combatants as men are, and will die just as easily even if they want to, and try to, live as in days of old where the rules of engagement often spared women from death (though there are plenty of stories of Wars of old where the women were executed after a battle was lost just like the men were)

      Women today INSIST on full partnership with men wrt the spoils of success so imo they should also bear the burden of being Cannon Fodder during the times of sacrifice.

  15. “Which only leaves us with radio in the skies.”

    I had an interesting ham radio contact on 20 meters the other day with an aeronautical mobile 700 miles west of Honolulu. Air Force tanker pilot based out of Okinawa, apparently shuttles across the Pacific and uses the onboard 300 watt HF radio on the ham bands to relieve the hours of boredom in the cockpit. Lookup KN6IPA.

  16. George sorry I meant. wed report, Im old never matters what day it is so get them mixed up, Old dude, or kook Tim as they call me,

  17. Hmm.. I have had quite a few ask me the past few days how to make soy sauce.. so anyway I will share the contents recipe here to..
    10 lbs of soy bean
    5 lbs. Of wheat berries
    2 cups of salt..( no iodine .. just salt)
    1 packet of koji spores..
    Five gallon bucket with fermentation lock.. one tore we with fermentation lock
    First soak the soybeans over night.. take either a popcorn popper or flat cookie sheet and roast your wheat berries. Till they turn a medium brown.
    Crack the berries either in a grinder or food does not have to be fine just cracked or crushed..
    Now take the soaked soybeans mix in the roasted wheat and slow cook for two hours till the beans all get tender.. take a potato masher and mask the beans.
    Now line trays up with cheese cloth that will fit in the tote.. pour your bean mix in the trays sprinkle your spores on top.. then cover with a damp clothe and set the trays in the tote..use cake towers to keep the trays separated.. place the top on with vapor lock in it let ferment and the spores grow for a minimum of seven days..
    Save one cup of the fungus bean mix in a zip lock baggie and freeze it .
    Break apart the rest of the cultures beans and put it in the bucket.. now make your salt brine and cover the bean a weight to hold the bean mix under the brine just like you would for pickles or sour kraut. Put the top on the bucket with the fermenting lock on it and let it age ..6 months to a year. Filter the sauce then press the rest of the sauce out of your bean curd.. bottle and enjoy.
    You can can the sauce like you would in Mason jars or bottles heating it up to pasteurize it..killing the active spore actions..

  18. Comrades,

    You may be aware that it will be mandatory at month end in Canada to present an approved proof of covid19 vaccination along with matching picture ID in order to board public transport such as a plane or train.

    The required federally issued pdf document creates in moments online after liasing with the provincial health authority website and instantly reaches the recipient by email. It contains a substantially more complex QR code than its provincial counterpart. Out of natural curiosity, I proceeded to the vaccine maker website to punch in the lot numbers. One response appeared to point to a vaccine vial shelf life of at least 8 months provided proper storage conditions were in place. [I found it in the US Government allotment ;) ].

    Maybe it’s been mentioned here before but the vaccine maker fact sheet writeup on clinical trial 3 with some 30000 participants divided between vaccine and placebo showed a curious breakdown by ethnicity. Ignoring the tiny fraction who declared as multi-racial, the total of the remaining ethnic groups summed to around 115%. Of that 115%, slightly more than 79% were White, and slightly more than 20% were Hispanic. Consulting the US Gov. statistics web page covering ethnicity, 58% of the US population was White, 18% Hispanic and 12% Black in 2020.

    The vaccine manufacturer document also outlined the data supporting a booster shot at least 6 months following the primary. The study 2 gave the booster shot to 149 subjects of whom 95% were White and none had pre-existing medical conditions. The study 1 control group numbered 1055, the over age 65 demographic was 10% higher, 39% had pre-existing medical conditions, and 53% were from “communities of color”.

  19. Do any of you buy the tokens?

    4chan500 token is a real gimmick going. Anyone want to discuss?


    Night before last (11/15) I was driving and I had to stop for a deer crossing the road from left to right, two deer were already off to side of the road on the right side presumably waiting for the one. Later in the drive I had to stop for two deer crossing from left to right. The car behind me almost rear-ended me. Still later in this drive a possum crossed my path from left to right.

    How do I group the animal experience into anything coherent?

    Crossed paths of 1 deer, Saw 2 standing to the side.
    Crossed paths of 2 deer.
    Crossed paths with 1 possum.

    The 1, 2 and 1 could be grouped as moving animals while the one 2 were standing. 1-2, 2 (January 22) But how does the possum fit?

    Is the sequence 1,2 then 2, 1 (December 21) possum fit? Or 3 moving deer, 2 static, 1 odd animal (3/2/1). Or 4 moving, 2 static.

    Or by type. 5 deer 1 possum…. I was driving first east > south > east… 51ESE doesn’t make much sense. Could it be E1/2S2E1?

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