Turnaround Tuesday? Fixing the “Confuserator”

A short sit-rep because honestly, not much has changed overnight.  A number of readers are worried about the Covid Confuserator so we’ll get a wrench after that, here in a sec.  But first?

Global Theater Review

Let’s walk through a somewhat abbreviated “threat board” this morning because pre-holiday doldrums loom.

Push Back Crash Worries to Oct. 18th

Our Aggregate Index closed at a new high Monday: 39,811.47.  Previously the high (Aug. 16) was 39,715.64.  Minimally, the 55-day historical distance from all-time-high to crash window would put us into later October.  Around October 17th.  Since that’s a Sunday, Black Monday on October 18th.

A date that doesn’t change if we drift a little higher in markets today.

Commodities have firmed a bit:  Oil was $66.62 when I looked and the price of lumber is back over $500 (barely). But it looks like “lock and stock for fall projects” may be at hand.  Retail prices should be favorable through mid September, for now.

Bitcoin slipped back under the $50,000 level earlier, which leads us to sense a little softening of the global asset bubble.

Afghanistan Woes

Main thing to be looking at is in the NY Times this morning:  Taliban Reject Extended Deadline as U.S. Races to Finish Evacuation.  This after CIA Director William Burns held secret meeting in Kabul with Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar.  So much for “let’s make a deal…”

Since the Taliban have literally tons of US arms, there’s virtually  no incentive for them to be patient past month’s end.

What American liberals may overlook – quick to skate on due diligence – is the advise from Russia which has also been through an Afghanistan withdrawal of their own years ago:  Putin Warns of Influx of Afghan Militants Disguised as Refugees.  We fully expect the Biden administration to “muff” this, too.  Which would add to our growing “Joe Blow” file.

Open Borders

First, we need to be clear:  Border walls really work.  Ask any Israeli.  Or, have a read of this piece: Explained: Why Greece has built a 40-km long wall on Turkey border.  In fact, everywhere we see people moving *(except the US border) we see walls are understood to work well.  Even a fence is a good start:  Poland to build fence on Belarus border.

Fortunately, America doesn’t have to deal with either reality or the lessons of History.  Were we less me-me and more smarty-smart, we’d notice China had to build a Great Wall, too.  Still think they don’t work?

Here?  Federal judge settles lawsuit on potential environment harm at border.  Essentially, the judge in the case (based on a 2017 democrat suit claiming additional border enforcement would harm the environment) agreed.  This was one of those suits to stop the Trump border wall work.

Taiwan Watch

Since we will be doing a serious look at the potential for the Biden Administration to become a Force Multiplier for China – when they decide to take Taiwan, here’s the latest swagger for the region:  Taiwan lashes out at Beijing in global call to stand by Lithuania.  Like it matters?

Meantime, Taiwan is trying to reassure the US on the chip shortage.  Taiwan seeks again to reassure U.S. over tackling chip shortage.  But you can’t run a production line on “reassurances.”

Vax Confusion – Surprised?

Besides Dr. Gaffe, I mean (referring to Anthony Fauci apologizes for latest gaffe in COVID analysis – remembering we’ve called for his replacement and charges against gain of function researchers…)

Time for Dr. Ure to huff-up some whiteboard marker, and give the short lecture “Understanding Bureaucracies” because a lot of people have let their pro-vax or anti-vax filters become involved in their news reading.

To begin, let’s roll with the official FDA statement (from here): Please note the part I’ve highlighted…

“On August 23, 2021, the FDA approved the first COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine has been known as the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, and will now be marketed as Comirnaty, for the prevention of COVID-19 disease in individuals 16 years of age and older. The vaccine also continues to be available under emergency use authorization (EUA), including for individuals 12 through 15 years of age and for the administration of a third dose in certain immunocompromised individuals.”

When you have been reading press releases for 50+ years (sheesh!) the word ALSO is the weasel-word of critical importance.  It means “in another” or “secondly” in this instance.

Here’s the Confusing Part

What is nuanced here is summed up in the FDA letter to Pfizer here:

“On August 23, 2021, FDA approved the biologics license application (BLA) submitted by BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH for COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) for active immunization to prevent COVID-19 caused by SARS-CoV-2 in individuals 16 years of age and older.

On August 23, 2021, having concluded that revising this EUA is appropriate to protect the public health or safety under section 564(g)(2) of the Act, FDA is reissuing the August 12, 2021 letter of authorization in its entirety with revisions incorporated to clarify that the EUA will remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and uses, and to authorize use of COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) under this EUA for certain uses that are not included in the approved BLA.”

The critical point here is to see that there are two tracks for the product to get into your arm.  The first, under the EUA, is for the jab to be sent to the local health departments where people (like son G2’s health districts) are administering to high risk people in nursing homes, for example.

The OTHER way is to get your primary care provider (PCP) to get you a prescription for Comirnaty and then get the biologic (which the GmbH hints may be made in Germany).  Even so (the deal point) in the FDA letter is that “…clarify that the EUA will remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and uses, and to authorize use of COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) under this EUA for certain uses that are not included in the approved BLA…”

Not quite full approval.

Fine Print on Inserts

For us, the key part of the (21-page “vaccine”) package insert was:

“8.5 Geriatric Use
Of the total number of COMIRNATY recipients in Study 2 as of March 13, 2021 (N = 22,026), 20.7% (n = 4,552) were 65 years of age and older and 4.2% (n = 925) were 75 years of age and older [see Clinical Studies (14.1)]. No overall differences in safety or effectiveness were observed between these recipients and younger recipient…”

Which sounds to us like “not much difference ” between 65 YO’s and 75 YO’s.  We’d be much more interested in a 35 YO cohort vs. the geezer crowd.

Also?  Be aware from the package insert that:

“COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) is a sterile suspension for injection for intramuscular use. COMIRNATY is supplied as a frozen suspension in multiple dose vials; each vial must be diluted with 1.8 mL
of sterile 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP prior to use to form the vaccine. Each dose of COMIRNATY contains 30 mcg of a nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (mRNA) encoding the viral spike (S) glycoprotein of SARS-CoV-2.”

Two points:  CoV-2, not 19?  (Close-enough?)  And, if we were to step out of the control group, we’d want to know the person drawing the dilution…

Pages 6 through 8 of the package get into Contraindications and management of adverse reactions.

For now, we will just continue to self-quarantine, since we don’t have anyone visiting, anyway.

Bottom line as close as we can figure it: A Pfizer shot today is still under the (new and improved) EUA. A similar extension was given the Janssen (J&J) shot in June (extending shelf life from 4.5 months to 6-months).  With less hype.

We don’t see much has changed with the EUA extension nor the approval of the BLA for Comirnaty.  The shot just has a tradename, now.

OK to remain skeptical, but be equally so of Ivermectin: FDA warns against ivermectin as COVID treatment and our dear friend in Oklahoma who recently died was using Ivermectin.  Not a silver bullet.

Scratching Our Heads

Sure, video games are a total waste of time and resources.  But, can’t have everyone actually working on solving the woes of Earth when we can pretend to bash the shit out of baddies with laser weapons.

But, is the really a business in using AI to decide when humans should intervene in runaway anger in multiplayer GAMES?  ayfkm?  Unity acquires AI chat analysis platform OTO, launches toxicity in gaming report.

UrbanSurvival’s “game toxicity” report:  Crooked money supplies, Afghanistan, the border…yada, yada…  Wanna IPO us?

The Good Old Days?

Pictorial on the New York Daily News website might be a reminder: Peep shows, porn theaters and sex workers of 1970s and 1980s Times Square.

We’ll keep Alexa, non-smoking rules, electric vehicles, and universal microwaves plus smart phones and the UHD Internet speeds, thanks.

We may be old, but gotta keep up with stuff.  Which is why we have two 3D printers and voice-controlled everything.

Of course, we could do without civil asset forfeiture laws, monetizing of racism and radicalism, social media, and ever-higher taxes as a fraction of income.

Here’s my point:  We could also throw out the last $28-TRILLION in public debt.  In 1975 US public debt was about $533 billion.  This morning?  $28,427,625,037,837.37.  $28 trillion doesn’t buy what it used to.

Sometimes, self-delusion doesn’t pencil-out, either.

Write when you get rich,


65 thoughts on “Turnaround Tuesday? Fixing the “Confuserator””

  1. The less than astute were swooning over the FDA vaccine “approval” (not) and several reports of mandates coming out shortly after it’s release. I would imagine some of those will be quietly walked back, purged and thrown down the memory hole. It’s both fascinating and a bit unsettling to watch the throes of a doomed government as it tries to solidify power over it’s subjects. I just wish I had the health and resources to watch from afar.

    • Thanks for the link. Lots of info and so little time! People survived since prehistoric times without masks and without injections(or despite them). If we don’t push back, we’ll be led to the slaughter. I’ll give lip service to masks, but injections are the line in the sand. Nobody has yet come up with an effective way to get unvaxxed.

      Interestingly, it seems most universities are doing all they can to force face-to-face classes even for seminars which can be done as well or better over zoom. They can even be replayed for detail. I believe that 80% of classes would be done as well or better electronically, expecially when people are mandated to wear masks AND remain six feet apart. If you can’t be intimately close, you might just as well be on the other side of the world.

  2. George, I love your columns! I have some information that may help clarify a few items. As a clinical laboratory professional who will be retiring early if my vaccine exemption request is not approved, I have spent the last year and a half running Covid PCR tests. Sars Cov-2 is the name of the virus and Covid 19 is the name given to the disease. In yesterday’s column you mentioned the lack of Influenza cases. In my laboratory we had three different PCR tests from different manufacturers all able to detect Sars Cov-2 and Influenza that were validated with previous years’ positive Influenza specimens from our freezer. The tests performed as designed. Despite running these multiplex tests on every Covid19 test request from three ERs and two hospitals in a medium sized city fall and winter 2020-2021, there were no positive tests for influenza A or B. I have no explanation and neither does anyone I work with.

    • Dr. Kary Mullis was an interesting character having a brilliant mind (which he credits LSD for in his college years at Berkeley).
      He had three powerful strikes against him:
      1. Long time critic of Big Pharma.
      2. Long time critic of Tony Fauci.
      3, Developed concept for a technique to ‘trick’ ones immune system to use ones immunity against an existing virus to fight and overcome a new virus. NO VACCINE NEEDED!.
      I.E. “It is a method using specific synthetic chemical linkers to divert an immune response from its nominal target to something completely different which you would right now like to be temporarily immune to. Let’s say you just got exposed to a new strain of the flu. You’re already immune to alpha-1,3-galactosyl-galactose bonds. All humans are. Why not divert a fraction of those antibodies to the influenza strain you just picked up? A chemical linker synthesized with an alpha-1,3-gal-gal bond on one end and a DNA aptamer devised to bind specifically to the strain of influenza you have on the other end will link anti-alpha-Gal antibodies to the influenza virus and presto!–you have fooled your immune system into attacking the new virus.” [6][31]”

    • If Paula is being sincere and accurate with this comment, this is a data point that needs research.

    • One explanation is that the Flu shots spread the Flu just like the Covid shots spread Covid 19.

      Maybe Flu vaccinations are down in number, so the FLU didn’t spread like wildfire through the population. No hot beds for the FLU because there were only hotbeds for Covid 19.

      Then again, it could be FAULTY PCR tests, you know those pesky FALSE/POSITIVES.

  3. Thank you for this link Andrew. I find it helpful when George’s readers provide links to solid verifiable information. I have always wondered why India’s COVID cases soared and then plunged just as rapidly in the absence of vaccinations.

    So much of misunderstanding today is when statements are made with no hard factual backup. “I heard it from a guy that heard it from a lady who has a doctor who claims” is not scientific fact. This works for both pro and anti-vax and pro and anti-mask positions.

    Good science requires verifiable facts preferably from peer reviewed studies. The truth between the extremes is in there somewhere.

    • Peer review can lead to “firm” science, though even that is often in flux. Anecdotal information is a good jumping off place from which to design good experiments that may lead to good science. We need to start with a hypothesis and test it. This is quite difficult in a time of great flux such as now, so we must often go to the preprint sites for actionable information, noting the qualifications of the researchers and their methods/materials, etc. In business as in war(and medicine), timely decisions will usually have to be made upon insufficient facts. One thing I learned when young was that the range of physiologic variability among humans is enormous – it literally took my breath away. One size does NOT fit all, and this leads to confounding variables, no matter how well we try to match control and experimental groups. Peer review is definitely useful for exposing bad science and sometimes novel valid interpretations. Unfortunately, it rarely happens in real time and tends to be a lagging indicator, not to mention that many of the peers have their own agendas. Sussing out info from data is an art!

    • Many of us have been providing LINKS all along.

      But do your OWN research, do not rely on us. Yes, many of us just state the truth because we know the truth. IF you don’t believe it, do your own research, don’t wait for the LINKS.

      Here is an update; Dr. Zelenko’s Protocol for treatment for Covid. I got this from the Zeta Talk website:


      And no, BIC, his initial reach out to the NIH was REFUSED because he didn’t have the ‘preferably peer reviewed studies.”


      BUT, he was blocked by our government and all the NGO’s that leach and dine on the USA Taxpayer.

      He just had REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE in saving lives.

      Don’t you know that the Pharmaceutical INDUSTRY is in BED WITH ACADEMIA?

  4. Just adding my 2 cents on the approved Pfizer vac. If you look at the printed material you receive with any prescription drug, the fine print runs on ad nausum page after page. If you read it all, you most likely would say NO Way will I allow this medicine into my body. I could have a stroke, vomit, poop my pants, die, etc.

    Why you are not getting vaccinated is a result of too much listening or reading or watching, the fine print news outlets. The ones that say, if it works, we can build a case against it & discredit it & lead everyone down the far right line of ITS MY BODY, I OWN IT, NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHAT TO DO. Sounds like you are all listening to a bunch of attorneys talking who we all know abuse the truth & are the ultimate Spin Doctors. Since someone posted Fox News is out of favor on this site, I am not sure what you are watching.

    • How Masonic of you to attack our precious rights and then try and turn it, as listening to attorneys. You sound like Orwellian double speak
      How do you feel about women killing their unborn babies that use your “it’s my body” when in fact the life inside of them is a separate life, that they are entrusted to care for and raise
      Fox does double speak well, they have employees leading you both ways on the same network. I shut my TV OFF and shut off my cable. A confused man can not make up his own mind, like a fearful man is easy to lead astray, he will swallow anything if you offer him security. The father muckers give you the covid and the vax. Did they put the blue pill in your pudding? Fauci and Gates, family friends and behind the scene business partners for mulitple generations. Fauci is the virus creator $ Gates is a vax pusher $

      We freedom lovers do not deny you your vax,, go take it,, but you can take your forcing us to submit to your will, straight to hell
      The US Constitution gives NO power to the FED to force vax or shut downs or to stay home. only the commies at heart believe it ok to force their fear on US. Nazi Germany used fear to control people like you, show me your vax papers, No Jews or unvax allowed, the BEAST wants to see his Mark on you

      • Thank you; you saved me some effort in dispensing with his most recent BS. Oh wee, looks like we got a new Jon same as the old Jon, he just hasn’t gone effervescent yet.

        Effervescent: Coming from the Latin efferv?scere, the original meaning was more boiling than bubbly, thanks to the ferv part, which means “hot.” The word literally refers to bubbles giving off gas.

    • “It’s MY body” has been the rallying cry of LEFT wing feminists since the 70’s! If you allow unknown substances into your body unexamined via edicts from bureaucrats and politicians, it implies that you trust those people. Do you really?

      You can delegate responsibility for your life and health to others, but it’s you who will bear the consequences – good, bad, or disastrous. Inflicting an experimental procedure on the bulk of humanity seems reckless at best. Then again, we supposedly “elected” biden and company.

    • We are watching you and your sudden arrival with the same disingenuous mantra and disrespect. You’ve popped up like a human bot. Truly transparent.

    • Why Geo is not getting the jab is just plain old common sense. Why inject yourself with a concoction known for killing over 10,000 just here in America, plus 10s of 1,000’s of “adverse reaction” such as Bell’s Palsy, loss of muscle control in the legs, blindness, etc. etc. in order to guard against a virus that’s 99.75% survivable?
      My wife & myself are with George and Elaine. No jabs for us!

    • Even Trump gets booed if he suggests getting a vaccine:

      HI’s covid cases taking only 12% of hospital beds (due to high vaccination rate), Hank let’s see a link on the vaccinated being in HI’s hospitals:

      95% of Hawaii’s covid hospitalizations are unvaccinated, 5% of vaccinated are hospitalized:

      • I don’t have a direct link to what I have seen on the local TV news, but I derived 25% approximately from the numbers they did disclose from the local hospital. The news continues to push the narrative that this is a surge of the ‘unvaxxed’. But the numbers leak, if you look at the data. As far as hospitals full… it’s real. See my rant below.

      • I also have ohana working at the local hospital who tell me it’s much worse than what is reported. I know health technicians who will sacrifice their jobs before they will take the vax, and they are very well educated and informed.

      • Your links are two and three week old publishing, with data even older than that. Things change fast here. It’s much worse now. Yesterday’s newspaper headliner is linked further below from me.

  5. “voice-controlled everything”

    I have a Citi Mastercard. The other day I had to call them. They stole my voice print. I had no option. Fidelity stole my voice print in the past.

    It’s a matter of time before our voice prints are out there.

    T-Mobile recently did a data-dump of client information, they called it a “hack”.

    The Internet is consuming us. We’ve been reduced to an Excel spreadsheet cell…. packed with metadata.

  6. Hay Chief “Big Ears”,

    A little hazy on non smoking rules at Ure Plantation Station. Seeing as how Pennsyltuckians have so much in common wit Texicans, and how future self org co-ops will be developing – brightening our potential trading /barter opportunities. I wanna make sure I know Ure rules.
    Does Vape pen violate Ure no smoking rules? How about Cubanos ..nice Ramone Allones or Romeo&Julliette wide Churchill….MmmmmMm. Surely Ure not banning Cuban sticks” one of life’s great simple pleasures..blissfull they are!

    ? Becomes ..can I get a waiver ? Purty please..

    Comeonman! Don’t be dogface pony solider- be a real Soulider

    *bigears=antenna San Diego-pt Loma..scheese.

  7. “F.D.A. Fully Approves Pfizer-BioNTech’s Vaccine, a First for a Covid-19 Shot”
    New York Times headline today

    I’m appalled at the lack of integrity and intelligence. Thank you George for being a voice of reason.

    • This isn’t the first time I’ve read of the animal reservoir for Covid. If it came from bats in China is that the same source for it on this side of the World? Bats are much farther removed from the human population here than they are in China if they’re still eating them.

  8. Comrades,

    Was the CIA’s Mr. Burns recent failure to persuade the Taliban leader foretold on “The Simpsons”? Here’s hopium for the best.

    One imagines that you ‘Merican commoners have been keeping up with the going-on with the Qatari ruling House of Thani, descended from a son of Abraham, and their personal broadcaster to the uncivilized world – Al Jazeera.

    Perhaps the Emir has not forgotten glorious times of millennia past when his pearl of the Middle East ruled the islamic world from Libya to Afghanistan. Just as Rome peopled its legions with subjects of its indentured realms, so do the wizards of Doha gaze at their Centcom remote control unit?

    As proof-positive that US presidents answer to a higher authority, according to Al Jazeera, it wasn’t the US State Department that gave Taliban co- founder Brother Baradar “a get out of jail card free” from captivity in Pakistan in 2017. His subsequent flight to Qatar to help with Afghanistan peace talks was the most audacious diplomatic move since the nazi Albert Spear flew to Scotland allegedly to help the Axis/Allies peace process. Of course we all know he was not rewarded with the Chancellorship of Germany…

    Oh, well, back to watching how Neville’s elephant gambit game holds up under Persian pressure. God help our bishops, as he’s abandoned his knights.

  9. George my “reply” still ain’t working. Got the repairman coming tomorrow morning. No joke.

    Anyway, Mason posted above,

    “Sounds like you are all listening to a bunch of attorneys talking who we all know abuse the truth & are the ultimate Spin Doctors. Since someone posted Fox News is out of favor on this site, I am not sure what you are watching.”

    My and my family’s choice to not be vaccinated didn’t come form a recommendation by any news outlet. If anything, Media in general is advising it for the most part.

    Our choice was made after years of healthcare experience, I’ve worked in facilities and my wife is a highly regarded RN of almost 30 years. She’s held some lofty titles, as she does today. If there were no FOX NEWS or CNN or Facebook or Twitter, we would still adhere to this choice of not getting the jab. Experience, knowledge and common sense dictate here.

    We have reviewed publications from the CDC, NIH, The Salk Institute, Harvard University, … and from Immunologists, and Virologists who submitted letters to the FDA regarding concerns … and more.

    Also, speaking with colleagues who were and still are Front Line workers, (those Heroes who are being treated as Zeros these days,) who tell a different story than what the media portrays.

    I won’t go into all the informations content or discuss what “people who know” have said but, I will say, this is why we stand out ground and refuse.

    Personal research and knowledge, personal choice.

    Kindest regards.

    • Bob do appreciate your research but after reading everything could find on internet came to the conclusion that me at 86 needed to do something. The only thing available seemed to be the poke

    • It’s not working for anyone who’s using Mozilla.

      Vivaldi is the only browser in my stable which is working correctly on Urban Survival, today. I’m posting this with Pale Moon, but I have to hit [Page Refresh] before Pale Moon will find the “Reply” link, and once I post or reply, I have to refresh again before I can post again…

      I have not been able to jigger Moz into finding the links here, regardless the “tricks” I have attempted. Other browsers have been hit-or-miss.

      I suggest you grab Vivaldi, and maybe Opera or Edge (Opera has a built-in VPN now) to use when some software company decides to push a new feature out into the wild, for 40mln (angry) people to alpha-test. It’s less than convenient, and a PITA, but sometimes “communication” is more-important than principle…

  10. Dear George;

    To show you how we do some of our research around here, we heard today the new name for the Pfizer Vaccine is, “ Comirnaty “

    First thought was, “What the hell does that mean?” …. So we read the article and learned its simply invoke the word, “Community” as you’ll see here


    Well, that’s all nice but when you break down the word “Comirnaty” in scientific terms, it kinda takes on a odd implication.


    Notice the word “algorithm?”

    NAT? hmmmm, maybe this


    Still trying to figure out the wh “Y”

    There’s no coincidence in naming a vaccine as they did and, computer language … there’s always a reason. But yeah, “Community” … I guess the coincidence is, well, it just sounds nice. Be crazy as hell to think all those vaccinated people were (somehow) a community.

    But, as always, I’ll just leave this stuff here for you and your readers to either ponder or pitch in the trash. Lol.

    Have a great week George. :)

  11. Comrades,

    Have you considered revisiting the NIH/University of Chicago study published this past March that showed certain properties of cannabis to hold promise in resistance to covid-19. I haven’t conducted any personal experiment in the matter, but it might be of particular interest to the ordinarily more narrow-minded wishing to engage from loftier perspectives.

    Mid-term vaccination efficiency reputation could gain legs here in Manitoba as 80+% of the provincial population has had one jab, and 75% have had two. The positivity rate is 1.4% in the city, and 2.3% province-wide as of Aug. 23rd according to the government “Shared Health” ? website. The lowest vaccination rates are in the southern Bible belt where hospitalizations of allegedly unvaccinated people are now increasing with delta variant covid19.

    Another bee to put in your bonnet is why were Pfizer doses not being set aside for the exclusive use of youth 12-17 years of age. Pfizer is the only one approved for youth in Canada. We’re potentially in a “Titanic” situation with adults hogging the lifeboats while leaving the kids to sink or swim!

  12. I do not get it . What happens in 24 hours george for you to talk like this today . Why bag ivermectin ? Why promote kill shots ? Why play facist economist ? Do you really think you or any Elliot psychic can pinpoint a crash date? See your yellowdog . Was the real bull right ? I was trained by the guys in the mountains of Colorado not greedy salesman

  13. Dr. John Campbell has a new video up about the “approved” vaxxx. He does address many aspects of concerns but the numbers he’s dealing with are, as he points out several times, just the numbers that have been given through the approval notice by the FDA. He does mention the blood clotting events and the myo- and pericarditis events pointing out the phrase “Data demonstrate increased risks, particularly within the seven days following the second dose”. He said this tended to hing on when the recipients were actually exposed to the virus in the wild. No exposure before the first dose, no problems, but the problems occurred after the second dose. Exposure prior to the first dose then the myo- and pericarditis had a tendency to show up.

    The numbers he’s working with coming from the FDA are quite small (which makes me have very little faith in them) and he did express disappointment in how little information was coming with this document.


    Dr. Campbell did put out a video where he went over the Ivermectin question as well in June. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3j7am9kjMrk. I am sorry about your friend, George, and I’d be interested in knowing when he was given his first dose of Ivermectin in relation to when he began to feel bad or was actually diagnosed with Covid. The main thing about getting either Ivermectin or HCQ is dosage EARLY in the disease onset and not later as well as how much was given. Campbell’s information indicated quite well the higher the dose the better the Ivermectin worked on the patients – but there were always the outliers. This disease is a mystery as to who it attacks and who has a bad time with it. Why did my wife, who did not maintain any distance between us, indeed, slept in our bed with me while I had all the symptoms presenting themselves, not get it OR the other two family members living in my house? Comorbidities tend to figure in to this as well but my son has definitely had it and his wife has, most probably, had it and they are, unfortunately, what one would describe as morbidly obese and borderline diabetic due to this condition, both in their upper 30s. It seems the more we study it the less certain we are about anything other than the government’s official reaction to it such as Cuomo’s policies of housing the sick in nursing facilities.

    Dr. Chris Martenson hasn’t put anything out about the “approval” but I’m sure it’s forthcoming.

  14. I’ll say it again, loudly… DO NOT COME TO HAWAII. The Governor is saying the same thing, and is unable to stop the airline flights bringing in the ignorant hordes. We have a genuine health crisis happening right NOW. We have persons who have been in Emergency Room beds for days because there is no more room in the main hospital. Staff is overworked and burning out. If you have a heart attack, it can take many, many hours before they know where to send your ambulance to someplace that still might be able to take you in. People will soon be dying of non-covid reasons because they cannot get medical treatment. The system is overwhelmed NOW!
    Just a minor example… last week I had an ear infection and my PCP was not available. I went to an ‘Urgent Care’ center just to get an ear drops prescription. I waited in the parking lot for four hours after registering.

    I don’t see any other choice. Full lockdowns are coming to Hawaii again. We have strict limits on public gatherings again, and they are requesting more legal authority to fine people heavily who ignore the gathering rules. But people are ignorant and stupid, and some are looking forward to the labor day holiday to party…. and share more covid.

    Any day now we will have people dying on the street because they are unable to get into the Emergency Room at the hospital. And still the public shaming of the ‘UnVaxxed’ continues, with coercion and threats of ‘Vaccine Passports’ that will do no good. The Lt.Gov. Dr, Green, MD, still says everyone needs to get vaxxed, completely ignoring that 25% of covid hospital cases are ‘fully vaccinated’ people. Any reports of direct vaccine injuries are buried and not reported publicly. Mason said the doctors have learned to deal with the clotting issue of the vaccine. I call BS on that statement. A blood clot to the heart or brain can kill you before you ever get to tha doctor…. especially in Hawaii right now. No doctors avaiable… so sorry.

    The only way to live through this is what George and I are doing… avoiding ALL people and social isolation. Anything less is deadly.

    • Sure hope they get a leg up on VR systems, maybe go full-on with a Holodeck model. That’s probably the only way I’d get to make it back to Paradise.

  15. “Main thing to be looking at is in the NY Times this morning: Taliban Reject Extended Deadline as U.S. Races to Finish Evacuation. This after CIA Director William Burns held secret meeting in Kabul with Taliban leader Abdul Ghani Baradar. So much for “let’s make a deal…”

    We have the greatest fighting force in the history of the World, and we’re letting the Taliban tell us what we’re going to do. This is the difference between a civilization which has two sexes and one which has 112, and whose leader has no clue which one is his (other that it’s one on the low side of the testosterone index…)

  16. “Putin Warns of Influx of Afghan Militants Disguised as Refugees. We fully expect the Biden administration to “muff” this, too. Which would add to our growing “Joe Blow” file.”

    We have a moral obligation to rescue the Afghans who provided us aid, and their families.

    We have NO OBLIGATION to bring them to the United States.

    Where do y’all think the majority of the few refugees we get out, will be resettled…?

  17. “Here? Federal judge settles lawsuit on potential environment harm at border. Essentially, the judge in the case…agreed.”

    “Brian Segee, the center’s legal director for endangered species, calls the decision “a win for wildlife and communities along the border.”

    I’m certain the invading horde doesn’t trample any desert flora or displace any hares or rattlers… :rolleyes:

    There’s a simple fix to stop the invasion, though:

    Build that wall 50 feet high, with no gates, and build it right down the south side of the I-8/I-10 right of way. The environmental studies have already all been done. Leave the wildlife and communities south of the wall strictly alone, to fare as best they can. If the locals living below the wall whine because they will lose access to Tucson, let them know THEY chose the location where the wall HAD to be built when they hired America-hating Representatives.

    [No sympathy for stupid]

  18. “Meantime, Taiwan is trying to reassure the US on the chip shortage. Taiwan seeks again to reassure U.S. over tackling chip shortage. But you can’t run a production line on “reassurances.””

    You also can’t run one well when you’re trying to figure out how to keep your family from getting dead, and knowing that that could happen in an instant, at any instant…

  19. I think I have this figured out. You guys constantly post about vaccines on the web, ’cause if you bring it up in the common area, the orderlies haul you off and nurse Ractched jabs you with big, long needle filled with happy juice ;)I-<. Have a good nap.

  20. If ANYONE doubts that our country will be in a state of chaos by the end of this year then you’re either willfully ignorant or working to accomplish that goal. Our Southern border has officially collapsed and the majority of “Poppies”, as Monkey calls them, being flown in by the thousands daily are military aged males from Afghanistan. Not women and children but men. Monkey is done mincing words – we are under a state of invasion and the “Poppies” and the “Bananas” are just waiting for the word to go active. They’re not here to simply vote.


    I keep wondering how the civilian pilots and crew can do this to their country.

  21. Pathfinder Bob my reply function is not working either. Started same day yours did, I thought it was Mr Ure’s doing…. I know we both made comments to that day about it. But others don’t seem to have any issues. I use an iPad but checked in on my MS computer and it’s not working there either. Please share what you learn.

  22. The most hilarious thing is watching people post links to articles and videos as if any of it is true.

    First – it’s the internet. Suddenly this is the most trustworthy source of information, uh huh.

    The internet is a giant confirmation bias machine. But since nobody can explain their own thoughts and lazily rely on articles and videos produced by strangers for the purpose of getting clicks… it apparently suffices to say constantly “see someone else did the thinking for me” without so much as a blush. Tell you what, next time you disagree with the bank or your spouse, send a link, that’ll explain all the words too complicated to explain yourself. Geezus.

    Here are some rules for you
    1. Do NOT USE random all caps in your posts. Horrible to read. If you can’t use regular words, your idea is not an idea.
    2. Do not post links to videos or news articles when you can explain yourself in your own words. If you need someone else to explain it for you, it’s not an idea.
    3. Explain your idea with a sentence and back it up with a few points. If you can’t it’s not an idea.

    • Re – #1: Due to the lack of Bold, Italic, Underlined, Strike through and other textual punctuation in the comments section here random caps is about the only choice there is for bringing attention to a most salient point in one’s composition.

      Re: – #2: Videos are the most concentrated and persuasive media available outside of text articles from first hand experienced writers or professional (using that term lightly in today’s World) journalists. The best way to pass information on is to let the more experienced people in the field do the ‘splanin’ and not play that old game of “Pass It On”. Are you gonna slap George’s hand every time he posts a link or embeds a video, Phil?

      Re: – #3: Sorry, some of us are just more adept at communicating and have a talent for drawing out a composition for a better over-all expression. Yeah, it gets tedious and I rarely have the time to read it all when I’ve done my early morning run-through of the News and my hair’s beginning to smolder with a good slow burn lighting up but it’s just some peoples’ writing styles.

      I’ve had friends tell me that their families don’t want to watch videos or read articles that contradict their paradigms and this will go on until each person’s little world is squeezed to the point of NOT HAVING (see what I did there?) any choice but to acknowledge the fact that we’re never going back to “normal” unless you plan on dying in the next few days (God forbid). For all too many people it won’t dawn on them until they wake up in the middle of our own version of the Bataan Death March or get loaded into railroad cars in our own country on the way to a FEMA (It’s an acronym! GET OVER IT!) camp while being guarded and hustled by a bunch of swarthy people that don’t speak English.

      …but we’ll do our best to accommodate your limitations Phil.

  23. Food for thought:

    I’ll once again mention (from my comment last week) your crash date targets are likely W3 tops, but actual market tops come earlier (obviously).

    34 years ago (from today or yesterday) the market made its final peak for the October crash in 1987.

    On Sept. 5, the market made its final high before the 1929 crash.

    I’ve got two areas to look for in SPX:
    4530’s if we’re going to start sooner, rather than later, and the potential for one more burst a 100 points higher if this gets dragged out. What matters now is whether this market is in the middle of a third wave right now, or pullsback in a 4th to make it’s final top sooner. I pointed out we were not done last week, but don’t get caught with your pants down waiting for October either. On average, September is the worst month of the year.

  24. Surely everyone is aware of the pharmaceutical merry-go-round. The drugs you take cause side effects, which necessitate the need for additional drugs. Well here we have it in the works for the vack scene:


    Regarding FDA approval, the FDA has also approved a bunch of stuff which is been recalled, along with things which haven’t, which I’d be hesitant to put in my body. Cigarettes, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and artificial sweeteners for example. Perhaps we should all start smoking and drinking sodas (both diet and regular) on a daily basis if we’re going to assume everything put out by this mafia-arm protection agency for drug companies is true.

    I don’t see any long-term studies (which would theoretically be impossible), would still be skeptical anyway, AND this shot in no way resembles how the traditional Polio, DPT, etc… vax’s work. But to each his own. I’m not here to discourage anyone from being a human lab subject, but damn while demand I have the freedom to decide for myself.

  25. Reposted from above:

    Vivaldi is the only browser in my stable which is working correctly on Urban Survival, today. I’m posting this with Pale Moon, but I have to hit [Page Refresh] before Pale Moon will find the “Reply” link, and once I post or reply, I have to refresh again before I can post again…

    I have not been able to jigger Moz into finding the links here, regardless the “tricks” I have attempted. Other browsers have been hit-or-miss.

    I suggest you grab Vivaldi, and maybe Opera or Edge (Opera has a built-in VPN now) to use when some software company decides to push a new feature out into the wild, for 40mln (angry) people to alpha-test. It’s less than convenient, and a PITA, but sometimes “communication” is more-important than principle…


    Last night I had to scrap a large order of vintage tractor parts, then re-make the order in Vivaldi, because (Moz) Firefox puked on the vendor’s ecom page.

    The problem is not George’s. The entire Internet is wonky because Microsoft, or Cisco, or Apache, or some other software dev crew pushed an update onto the Internet that our devices can’t handle.

    Complain to your ISP.

    It’s likely not their issue, either, but they are in a position to make noise at whomever or whatever is fux0ring up da program — we are not…

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