CFNAI, Invade Australia? And “What Do You DO?”

Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator is just out.

Led by improvements in production-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) increased to +0.53 in July from –0.01 in June. Three of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made positive contributions in July, and three categories improved from June. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, moved up to +0.23 in July from +0.01 in June.

Result? Market hype and happy-talk abounds.  Things could be worse, maybe?  In Afghanistan, along the border, and in the making up money department.  “OK. How, exactly?” you’re wondering.  (Besides thrills and shills…)

Dow futures are up 165, Bitcoin is holding just over $50,000, and the sycophant press  is love-festing Old Joe.  Gushes the Washington PostAfghanistan: Biden says safe zone around Kabul airport to expand, as Pentagon enlists commercial airlines to aid evacuations.”

We can’t believe people’s stupidity:  Trust no one and keep your eyes on the news wires.  Afghanistan is just waiting for ignition as comes through clearly in Kabul airport firefight breaks out involving US forces, says Germany.  The NY Post commentary Joker Joe Biden can’t laugh this Afghanistan debacle off is also worth a look.

Keep an eye on Old Joe to see if he reprises Obama’s cash lift to Iran and sends American gold to Afghanistan.  You didn’t know? Afghanistan’s Gold At The New York Fed: 1,731 Bars Held Since 1939. Wait for it…  To us, sure looks like spoils of war.  But, these are lefties we’re talking about.

Doesn’t getting our collective asses-kicked just make you want to run out and invest your entire life savings in more paper?  (Watch your answer or face another lockdown…)

News Flow Dumpster Diving

Yes, it’s raining:  Storm Henri: US East Coast warned of significant damage.

It’s pouring:  Smoke to keep pouring in from Western wildfires.

Or not:  California fires: 9 national forests close as state grapples with drought-fueled wildfires.

Hey!  Let’s make this about “Climate Change!”  Tropical Storm Henri Is Bringing High Winds, Heavy Rain And Flooding. Is It Climate Change?  (No.  It’s weather.)

Self-fulfilling prophesies? Everly Brothers: US rock ‘n’ roll star Don Everly dies aged 84.  “Bye bye love; Bye bye sweet caress; Hello emptiness; I feel like I could die; Bye bye my love goodbye.”  From an era when people, lyrics, and even limited government made sense.

The Big Tech Coup of Socialist Media continues unchecked.  While Parler wants an apology from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg after a report said the FBI found little evidence the Capitol riot was a coordinated attack, we figure there won’t be one. Social Media is a coup turned shake-down racket, you see…not an industry.  Which is why we want nothing to do with it.  Foundation rot of the Republic.

Two stories that explain California:  As the socialist libs continue pressing their digital uprising,   Barack Obama gets San Jose boulevard named for him.

Yet everyone seems surprised when common sense tries to come to the rescue:  ‘A complete shock’: the rightwing contrarian leading the California recall race.  Notice how in recall coverage, the (tilted) press, doesn’t mention Larry Elder is Black?  You see if Elder was a leftist we’d bet his race would be headlined, cheered, and marketed with “checkbox gusto.”  Except since he’s not a lefty – just smart and capable – the anti-Elder slant abounds.  Racism games of the left, if I need to clarify further.  The left’s Reinventing Racism depends on people being programmed to react to labels not performance and brainpower, get it?  If Elder was a lefty the headlines might be “Elder leading recall to become first Black Governor of California” or some-such.  (The late great Tom Bradly ran twice, ’82 and ’86 but didn’t make it…so much for California, huh?)  But since he’s not a lefty, the fix is being worked.  Voting machine fix if all fails?

Blame Game Deluxe

Major talking point on the weekend blatherbox was blaming Donald Trump for the Biden-Harris cluckerfugg in the ‘Stan.  

Laughably, no one speaks of  “ultra-linkage” in complex systems.  Notice how Donald Trump was booed for talking about getting vaxxed?

In a sense, we see the rest of the circle formed as Vaccine resistance in the military remains strong, a dilemma for Pentagon as mandate looms.  Speaking of which…

Time to Invade Australia?

Send in the Vaxspeditionary Forces! 

Most American’s can’t do math very well.  It was a checkbox in school and replaced by a calculator app on the phone. (Or not at all in Oregoon.)  But in Australia – hand me the Johns Hopkins data, citizens (supposedly with Rights) have been locked down while the ultra-controllers have their way.  Neo-Ozzies, we call ’em.

The problems with statistics becomes apparent on  reading Australian PM Morrison defends lockdown strategy amid record daily cases.  Their “record” was 914 cases.

Go with me here:

  • Population of Australia (2020) 25.5 million.
  • Population of the USA (2020) 331 million.
  • Oz daily new cases:  914
  • US average daily new cases: About 700,000
  • Odds in Oz: .00003584313  (which is .003584313 percent)
  • Odds in US:  0.0021148036253776 (which is 0.21148036253776 percent)

Australia has had only 45,000 cases so far (per JH data).  While the US has had 37.7 MILLION cases resulting in 648-thousand dead.

Problem  we’ve been grappling with –  since the bio weapon popped a year and a half ago – is most people don’t understand the science going on.  Based on the massive economic displacement in America (and a lockdown with very little results) over-hyped based on PCR testing that is so inaccurate it can’t distinguish flu from Covid (and is being phased out at the end of the year) people in Australia are learning to read and think.

Which accounts for Hundreds arrested, fined during Australia lockdown protests.  Two cases led to the lockdown  of New Zealand, as well.

Sketchy testing?   

You bet (see next story).  But if a government places all of its citizens under “lockdown” for a public health strategy that hasn’t worked particularly well, maybe we should invade and liberate the oppressed?  What, not PoC?

What Oz needs is N95 or KN95 masking – on everyone in public.  CDC should be ashamed (and Fauci fired) for bullshitting America about cloth masks.  Study finds N95 masks more effective than surgical, cloth masks.  10% or less versus 50-60% (and more).  Sheesh.

Want another Reality Leak?

Goodbye Flu

Basing public health policy on  deeply flawed (PCR) testing is a sure prescription for bad policy.  As we have said, the PCR tests are so inaccurate that flu and other communicable infectious goodies, can’t be differentiated.

CDC – again to their shame – has FAILED to back out flu from Covid hype:  It’s all lumped into Covid.

See what’s missing?  Flu cases.  Seems to have disappeared from the planet.  Bet a dime pneumonia has disappeared, too?  Maybe even lung cancer for all we know…

When there’s money to “code Covid” it’s like we constantly preach:  Everything’s a Business Model.

Still CDC shouldn’t feel bad:  They owe us better public health management (firing and indicting gain of function conspirators would be nice, too).  But then we’re “owed” honest money, un-crooked elections, equality in ALL social programs, and real borders, too.

Wanna tell me how any of that’s going?

Rant:  “What Do You Do?”

With Afghanistan gone pretty much to shit – and the failings of America’s pseudo-leadership being revealed almost hourly – there’s an important lesson to share with the young while there’s time.  World’s on a short-string and quick spin now.  Lockdowns and suppression of freedom are on a track that could easily lead to martial law.  Being prototyped in Oz right now

Take this scenario from a 70-something “old man of the web” who was doing data over RF back in 1982 – probably before you were born – as something to be ready for if if comes.

Imagine that the world has hit the fan.

This fall, next spring, doesn’t really matter.  Afghanistan has blown, Israel and Iran have popped a small mushroom crop, and knowing Slow Joe is just that, China has taken Taiwan and South Korea has been invaded by the North Koreans.

American casualties are everywhere, Chinese forces have embargoed Anchorage and airborne supply chains to Asia are out of business.

Somewhere along in his, big powerful people – yet to expose themselves – come out of the woodwork and impose martial law.  They’re trying to save what can be salvaged from the soon-to-be remnants of America.

We listen-in now as two survivors go through screening interviews.  Whether they realize it or not,  the interview will determine whether they remain free or go to reeducation camps.

Interview #1:

Interviewer:  So tell me, what did you think about antifa and BLM leading into the crisis we’re now in?  Think they had anything to do with it?

Urban Detainee:  Hell yes I supported them.  They were right.  America has a poisonous history of systemic racism and it’s also totally unjust for Latinx and gays and lesbians…

Interviewer:  What did you do prior to the institution of martial law?

Urban Detainee:  I was a social service worker.  I was also a teaching assistant.

Interviewer:  Tell me about your skills, your hobbies, and what you do with your time?

Urban Detainee:  I write a lot of movie reviews. I’m a social activist and political organizer.  I volunteer every 6-months at a soup kitchen.  I’m an OK musician.  I hike a lot.  I can type pretty well. My clients give me great reviews.

Interviewer:  Anything else we should know about you?

Urban Detainee:  Um, I’m super good with animals.  I’m vegetarian.  I know CPR, and I’m a good swimmer…

Interviewer:  Excellent.  Go ahead down to gate #1 there (gestures) and give the doorman this note and they’ll let you in.

The Second Interview

Interviewer:  So tell me, what did you think about antifa and BLM leading into the crisis we’re now in?  Think they had anything to do with it?

Rural Detainee:  Goddam bunch of anti-American nincompoops.  Might as well be waving commie flags, if you want my real opinion.  Subverted America from the inside – divided us against one-another.  Real shitheads.

Interviewer:  What did you do prior to the institution of martial law?

Rural Detainee:  Worked oilfields for a while, did a stretch with the railroad. Welding and fab.  Lots of repair work.  Went and got my EMT ticket, too.  Plus HazMat operator.  Worked in a manufacturing plant for a spell and put myself through school as a line cook.  In the military I washed out of BUDS with a busted ankle…

Interviewer:  Tell me about your skills, your hobbies, and what you do with your time?

Rural Detainee:  Skills, huh?  Well, got scuba before washed out of BUDS.  Not a bell-ringer, though. Skydiving, marksman, can run damn near anything in a machine shop – or a wood shop come to think of it.  Got a CDL – did a little long-haul driving.  Good on the short-order line.  Hobbies?  Like rebuilding mid 70’s MOPARs especially Charger engines.  Got a greenhouse and the wife and I grow all our own organic food….

Interviewer:  Anything else we should know about you?

Urban Detainee:  Um, I like making sausage when we go deer hunting in the winter.  Go for dove and occasional duck hunts, too.  Long-distance bike rider…oh, and I speak a little Chinese.

Interviewer:  “Excellent.  Go ahead down to gate #2 there (gestures) and hand the doorman this note and they’ll let you in.  Welcome aboard.”

In a world where the supply chains still work, barely, everyone has the luxury of talking a good game.

When the supply chain completely breaks, though, it’s not the talkers who’ll get shit done.


Got it?  Most important question you can answer every day of your life is “What can I actually DO.”   Then ask if there is rising demand for those skills?  Was there in the Wild West, or back during the fall of Rome?  During WW II, then?

Supply Chains Matter

Whole civilizations rise and fall without street corner “social activists.”  Read the headlines closely and you’ll come to appreciate that supply chains are always critical.  So are the people that make them  work.

When things get sketchy?  Like now? A grocery chain says it’s receiving just 40% of the items it orders from suppliers, and is making its own version of Lunchables because it can’t get hold of the real thing, for example.

Volvo announced today it’s idling capacity due to the ongoing chip shortage.  but it’s not just in Europe.  We have supply chain issues all over America now. Where is my kid’s school bus? Driver shortage has schools around the country scrambling.  Yet there are people who think their social media time wasting is more important than helping to solve America’s real issues.  We beg to differ.

Ego addiction is a bitch.  Toss in a vaccine monetization industry and what’s left?  Eyes wide shut?

Around the Ranch

Made a resolution recently:  Since I designed and built Super Antenna IV last year, I haven’t fired up the ham radio often enough to really appreciate it.

So Sunday the vow was made:  “At least one CW (Morse code) contact per weekend.”

Low end of the 20-meter band 14011.25 KHz with 100-watts into it.  SP8ARY – Ron in Poland – comes back with a dandy signal report. 599 and S9.

I’d have been happy with that kind of report off the 3-element beam.  But now, I can hardly wait to build the next antenna model which promises an additional 3  to 5 db of gain.  Super Antenna IV has made ham radio like shooting fish in a barrel.  Amazed that none of the ham radio publications were interested in doing the free article on it… go figure.  Offer’s still on the table, though…

Write when you get rich, /ac7x

69 thoughts on “CFNAI, Invade Australia? And “What Do You DO?””

  1. With all the news from Australia you mentioned, George, I can’t believe you missed the one about the authorities shooting all the dogs waiting to be reclaimed by their owners at the Pound just so the owners wouldn’t get out in public. That’s what happens when your government only allows you your rights when they feel like it.

    AmRev II coming soon Down Unda Leonard? Too bad they took your guns but you do have a few pea shooters, don’t you? Ever hear of the Butter Knife Brigade?

  2. Good column, George.

    During the American Revolutionary War, General Washington was among the first to deploy the guerrilla warfare tactic, doing so against a far superior British opponent after losing several early ‘force on force’ battles, Washington used quick moving, small units of patriots and employed quick hitting surprise attack, then outrunning the British, then hitting them again and again in the flanks with expert skilled marksmen possessing rural farming and hunting skills. These men were craftsmen by their upbringing, self sufficient when out in the open country. The ‘hit and run’ tactic worked as Washington held on until America could gain enough victories to bring in the French as a critical major power ally.

    Fast forward to Vietnam. The Viet Cong paid Gen. Wm. Westmorland a humbling modern lesson in the efficacy of Guerrilla warfare vs. a major powers armored tank, artillery and air forces. Their ingenious use of tunnels, booby traps, ambushes and head fakes paralyzed the ‘superior’ U.S. forces for well over a decade. As American casualties mounted, and U.S. media broadcast the carnage nightly, the country and its soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines lost their will to fight. Yes, the Viet Cong massacred entire villages for helping the Americans, much like the Taliban in Afghanistan today, who – by the way – proved quite resilient in resisting superior U.S. firepower for 20 years, ultimately emerging victorious.

    So were today’s ‘backwoods’ rural and semi-rural Americans to put up armed resistance against a ‘hypothetically’ corrupt and oppressive U.S. government, which current foreign nation do you think would come to their aid as an ally? It would be a sweet twist of irony if the UK was among that group of nations. Interesting stuff to cogitate over. But as each day passes, I worry some type of storm will come.

  3. The “ham radio publications” tend to be a stuffy lot. Their ball, their rules. I prefer the salty crowd, the kind who work the world on scrounged parts and cobbled together gear from decades gone by.

  4. Re:Two stories that explain California: As the socialist libs continue pressing their digital uprising, Barack Obama gets San Jose boulevard named for him.

    And here I thought that naming a public ‘ediface’ after someone still living was illegal. Except, of course, Rich’d Arrington in B’ham. But then, he was dead when he was first elected. Perhaps OhBama was too. Just goes to show what football’s worth.

  5. One more time – cause repetition, repeating a slogan or meme over and over and over leads to implantation of that idea/information in Ure brains.

    The bidness of Bidness IS BIDNESS! which goes hand in glove with “everything is a business model”…

    Only $150 USD for Rapid Antigen Test in Belize – required for Entry into the un-United States of Murhica. Can you believe this utter bullshit ?!

    1000’s of dirty, infected, disease carriers , literally pouring across US southern border Everyday – receiving FREE healthcare,food and housing – AYFKM ? How many each day are coyoting up some Meth/blacktar in there personal belongings/lower intestinal tracts. “ohh si, barriguita dolor!

    How all the low wage earning, High TAX Paying AMERICAN Workers feeling about those UNREPRESENTED Tax dollars in action ? They get better “care” than unskilled workers and in many cases better care than some “skilled” workers.

    Washington DC – The SWAMP and all who inhabit that cesspool – HATE YOU AMERICANS —- IS IT NOT OBVIOUS NOW ? Tell me I’m Wrong..Show me Im Wrong.

    I know hardly anybodys cares about SANCTITY of Life anymore – NOBODY in Govt., Nobody running a Big Business/Medium Sized Business, gives a ratz ass bout LIFE and the sanctity thereof.

    All anybody in Business, Wallstreet, Banking, Govt.,Cares about is MONEY – and will willing and Easily trade/exchange Human Life for MONEY.

    USS Satanic is picking up speed, as it rushes headlong into an enormous obstacle –

    Humanities Great AWAKING!
    ? sniffsniffsniff

    U can see the globo’s FEAR in action, the smell thereof has becom unpalatable. Watch the repo rate rise as Fed sucks in Treasuries, and hoses green TP.

    Wanna see panic in action – look in camela’s eyes and listen to her cackle, just like the hildeadbeast used to..odd cowinky that? or not.

    • “How all the low wage earning, High TAX Paying AMERICAN Workers feeling about those UNREPRESENTED Tax dollars in action ?”

      Must be ok.. it doesn’t matter..we keep voting in the same ones..

  6. The gravest news of the day:

    The Pfizer injection has been “approved” by the FDA, though their long term studies have well over a year before they’re complete. The Moderna injection is being fast tracked, and I’ve yet to read anything of note regarding the J&J, even though the J&J is arguably the safest and least invasive of the bunch.

    It’s yet another battle I’m being forced to engage in to maintain my own bodily integrity. I expect far more entities to try to force their will on me and my family. I need very little from society, though I can’t speak for my family or others. They’re far more engaged with society at their various stages of life.

    Yes, I’m, angry! Words don’t begin to express what I feel about this creeping incursion on our medical rights and personal freedoms. I’m not good at lying about my own beliefs, though it’s probably in my own best interest.

    It definitely feels like 1938 in Germany.

    • It looks to me like the media jumped the gun. Check out the verbiage from the FDA website. …”On August 23, 2021, having concluded that revising this EUA is appropriate to protect the public
      health or safety under section 564(g)(2) of the Act, FDA is reissuing the August 12, 2021 letter of authorization in its entirety with revisions incorporated to clarify that the EUA will remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and …..”
      The EUA stays in place…..not full approval.

      • New EUA. FDA requires a new EUA be issued whenever anything of substance changes, WRT any approved medicine.

        Pfizer trademarked a name for their CV-19 vaxx — “COMIRNATY.” The vaxx has been approved through clinical testing for 12yos, including 12yos who’ve had an organ transplant. The vaxx has been approved for a third shot, to be given ~28 days after the second shot. Pfizer updated the vaccine “Fact Sheet” to mention myocarditis and pericarditis Were significant potential “adverse side effects.”

        “On August 23, 2021, having concluded that revising this EUA is appropriate to protect the public health or safety under section 564(g)(2) of the Act, FDA is reissuing the August 12, 2021 letter of authorization in its entirety with revisions incorporated to clarify that the EUA will remain in place for the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for the previously-authorized indication and uses, and to authorize use of COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA) under this EUA for certain uses that are not included in the approved BLA. In addition, the Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccine (Vaccination Providers) was revised to provide updates on expiration dating of the authorized Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and to update language regarding warnings and precautions related to myocarditis and pericarditis. The Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers was updated as the Vaccine Information Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers, which comprises the Fact Sheet for the authorized Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine and information about the FDA-licensed vaccine, COMIRNATY (COVID-19 Vaccine, mRNA).”

        Ralph’s link is good, at least for the moment, and leads to the revised EUA, sent to Eliza Harkins who’s the “Global Senior Director, Regulatory Lead” for Pfizer, from Denise Hinton, who is the “Chief Scientist – Food and Drug Administration…”

        I’m NOT going to pull the May or August 12th reissuances of the Pfizer EUA to learn the chronology of their updates (because it’s not important.)

        What IS important is this revision is being spun by damn’ near everyone, as an “approval,” which it most-certainly is NOT.


        Because nobody read it, even though it is 13 heavily-annotated pages (so, only about 8 pages of text…)

        Every “known” “newscaster,” politician, and wannabee pundit on RTV or Internet is going by what they’ve been told…

        A lot of them will be the first ones to bitch about Congress’ passage of unread laws and appropriations.

        RTFM isn’t that difficult…

      • Right, I’ve been posting it everywhere I can along with the one The Gateway Pundit, or at least a doctor they quoted, touted as the Full Authorization letter that I posted below, yesterday. Neither are Full Authorizations and I’m deeply disappointed with TGP for doing that. We’re totally awash in nothing but propaganda.

      • “Because nobody read it, even though it is 13 heavily-annotated pages (so, only about 8 pages of text…)”

        I think that is what irritates me the most about our government Ray. I think your a lot like myself.. you catch yourself reading everything trying to understand it doesn’t matter if your at work or at home.. in the car.. the sign that says you just proved this sign works etc…..but as a whole we have maneuvered ourselves so much towards making it difficult and those writing that crap fill it up with so much shizt that no one wants to read it. the average is just seeking to get the new toy in the corner… the real problem is they just don’t have time and won’t read it..( have you read the privacy policy of your cell phone.. I did they can do pretty much what ever they want monitor it sell your photos etc. even worse with the FB one) ..Then consider .a govt. worker compared to an hourly paged worker.. has more time off.. WHAT.. those that work govt. will say.. I am a hard worker.. Yes but.. govt workers get the guaranteed two days off our of every three days .. that is basically one in three and everyone knows how govt is.. you have a policy then you have the study groups and research groups etc.. it is all going in fifty different directions at the same time…. plus a lucrative every federal holiday off.. ( if they have to work during a federal holiday then they get a plus day off.. and a really nice vacation package and the golden goose health care policy decent wages and a great retirement fun .. plus all the other little perks.. so in essence they get just shy two of every three days of the year off and that doesn’t take into account for mandatory meetings etc… so being an aid to a congressman.. He doesn’t have the time to sit down and read it for the congressman or exec if the congressman or woman doesn’t give a hoot why should they..they aren’t there.. .. shove a few thousand pages with paragraphs and sentences referring to another publication all written in really small print and in legal language where they have to open a dictionary ever other sentence . the aide simply won’t read it people quit reading…. he will do what the vast majority of the population will do and skim over it… (blah blah blah yada yada yada oops they slipped it in the wrong hole ) and only read the one page opening paragraph written in language that a high school grad can understand.. the congress man or woman on the other hand has even less time working than the aide that is suppose to read it.. .. they only work 27 days a year now that they have junteenth off it will be even less when they pass the Jack off in July holiday( I was going to say masturbation Mondays lol lol but they don’t work Mondays so in essence its already been passed LOL LOL LOL LOL).. ( cute story about the work schedules that they have..So when I ran a cleaning crew.. this came up in a conversation with coworkers that were complaining about not having enough time off.. so since we did a self schedule I suggested we would do a congressional schedule. I made it out why not.. we worked six days a month and had the full time in.. What.. Worked pretty good for a couple of months until the boss realized we had three weeks more time off than than them and wouldn’t let us self schedule anymore LOL)Congress doesn’t write the crap.. they sure don’t read the crap.. and those that do do the writing of the bills realize this and fill it up so much just to keep them from reading it and then toss money gifts and luxury at them hey there is a wine bar.. you sure have been working hard and look tired wanna get laid after a nice meal..(when I lived in DC a two piece chicken dinner was a hundred dollars.. Now that was fifty years ago.. I wonder what a chicken dinner goes for now) .. and congress gets their fun filled holidays and vacations to the point that hey he just paid for me to go on a hundred grand vacation fact finding mission.. he has to be ok.. and my kid gets that lucrative job at Billie’s butt barn.. ( when I worked for the county dump..yup the trash man.. a vendor came in and brought xmas gifts.. a really nice columbia coat, coffee cup, t-shirts etc.. pen and pencil sets.. all for the boss.. I said.. what no coffee cup .. Nope your just the help.. well I maybe but I use the products.. he never sold another thing to us.. a couple years later he was asking the boss why we weren’t buying anything.. and the boss says we still have plenty.. as he was leaving I said.. I sure bet you wished you had given me a dam fifty cent coffee cup huh.. lol lol lol )
        in the end it is all about the Benjamin’s.. I personally don’t care if they vote yes or no I don’t care if butt buddies of the world gives them a few million a year either..( I am a little jealous sometimes LOL but hey I do understand it.. ) .. If they would just read the bills and quit being so F@@King stupid.. if you get a loan or a gift there is usually something that is expected in return..

      • “those writing that crap fill it up with so much shizt that no one wants to read it.”

        That’s the point. Aside from his politics, one thing for which I admire Rand Paul SO MUCH is he reads every page of every piece of legislation or appropriation which hits the Senate floor. I wouldn’t be surprised to find he’s the only one…

        “the real problem is they just don’t have time and won’t read it”

        They DO have time. They CHOOSE not to read it. NOTHING except a Declaration of War or a disaster declaration after a sudden Act of God (like an 8.0 out of New Madrid) is of such importance that it must be passed immediately.

        “have you read the privacy policy of your cell phone.”


        I read privacy policies for devices and services for which I have an option of opting out or refusing service. Reading the EULA or privacy policy on something I MUST have or use, is pointless. I DO read every TOS though.

        ~15 to 30 years ago, I was a computer security wonk. 20 years before that I was a hard-wire security wonk. (I’m using “wonk” here to mean: “I have decided to take money to deliver this stuff, so I am going to read and study every sliver of data and information I can find on the subject, until I’m confident I can deliver the best possible product to my customers…”)

        I have active Twitter and Facebook accounts. I GUARANTEE that unless you hold an advanced degree from the College of 2600 you can not find them, and even then, it’d be highly unlikely. I also guarantee that neither Facebook nor Twitter has made, so much as a damn’ dime, off of me…

        I KNOW what their “privacy policies” are. I know what their user policies are. My disposable Yahoo accounts became just that, when Yahoo pioneered the concept of: “If you put your stuff on our server, it automagically becomes our stuff, to do with as we choose. If we choose to sell it, you get nothing…” That would’ve been in about 2002 or 2003. I was involved with a whole bunch of geekly, mostly non government-related alphabet organizations at the time, most centered around Internet freedom and network security, so I got the “heads-up” on this, AND knew what it meant.

        I would not bother reading a cellphone privacy policy because I treat my cellphone as if it were a tapped phone on a party line. I don’t do pictures, or contracts, or stuff like that. It contains no financial information of any kind. I have a smartphone specifically so I can run the flight app for my photo-drone, and I do so with the understanding that my photo-drone sends both its GPS location and everything it’s marvy 15Mp Hasselblad camera sees, back to China.

        If you conduct your life like you’re being surveilled 24/7 (if you are in public, you are), mere privacy policies can do you no harm…

      • “I admire Rand Paul SO MUCH is he reads every page of every piece of legislation or appropriation which hits the Senate floor.”

        I am with you.. I totally admire Rand Paul and his dad Ron.. I still have their yard signs.. he tried to get a read the bills act passed.. and was laughed off the floor. What was it five or six supporters..
        I have Facebook and Twitter but rarely post anything at all. If it wasn’t for that being the platform the kids prefer I would dump it all..
        I actually get a tickle out of messing with the kids.. they have a blue tooth speaker that hooks up to their I’ll randomly add a few choice songs
        I personally want to get rid of cell phone ,cable and internet..

      • ALL vaccines were let off the hook for lawsuits several years ago, so covid vaccines, with or without full FDA approval, will always have immunity from lawsuits.

      • “Not FULL approval turns out”

        That’s how the confuserator works. Truth and lies are blended into a right answer is perceived by everyone smoothie.

        Once the healthcare workers concede it’s over. Like the ‘starving time’ after one keeps down they’ll vaxx-up over and over. up. New diseases w/new mRNA vaxx’es will come and go. Then another.

        Eventually we’ll be seeing animals w/human faces just like the book showed.

  7. “Keep an eye on Old Joe to see if he reprises Obama’s cash lift to Iran and sends American gold to Afghanistan. You didn’t know? Afghanistan’s Gold At The New York Fed: 1,731 Bars Held Since 1939. Wait for it…”

    Lol lol lol..a cute story about that news coverage.. someone I know gas mild dementia.. anyway that story hit the news.. I was out picking.peppers..and it was a full moon… I came in.. they were all excited.. I can’t get an armoured car.. hih..why for might I ask.. well while I was out picking peppers.. they imagined that the secret service had came by told them they were bringing them a pallet of gold bars from the department of the treasury.. lol lol lol.. they was up all night waiting for it.. OMG.. not as good as the one that imagined he was voted in as lol please turn off CNN..mone of that crap is worth listening to.
    Lol lol..

  8. Reminder:
    When STHF…

    7.299 LSB by day, 3.999 LSB by night.

    (Note: these are often busy frequencies in normal times.
    One survey indicates that fewer than 10% of hams have
    any form of emergency power for more than one hour.
    So, busy frequencies will be much less so when the balloon
    goes up. ID Codephrase: “Everything’s a business model.”
    use only so it sounds like an innocent comment. DO NOT
    ever refer to it as being a codephrase.)

  9. EVERY English Speaking country in the old British Empire has strong Marxist tendancies … as in a CLONE of Stalinist Russia.

    That Belief System by the ELITES should be understandable to anybody who remembers that Marx himself was British and the British Government’s history of NATIONALIZING most of it’s heavy industry (and subsequently running most of it into the ground). If not for Maggie Thatcher Great Britain today would be a political clone of the USSR under Stalin and an economic clone of Argentina

    [“By 1910 . . . Argentina was one of the foremost countries in the world. It was one of the most important grain and meat exporters. Its GDP represented 50 percent of all Hispanic America, ranked 10th in the world’s economy, and its trade amounted to 7 percent of the world’s total.” (See José Ignacio García Hamilton, 2005. “Historical Reflections on the Splendor and Decline of Argentina”. Cato Journal, vol. 25, no. 3; 528.) In 1913, its per capita income was higher than that of France, twice that of Italy, and almost five times that of Japan. Is is now ranked just 44th of top 51 countries in per capita GDP!! and ]

    Austalia, New Zealand, Canada, and similar though LESS draconian Great Britain itself, have ALL gone to ridiculous Lock Down EXTREMES for a disease that is now permenantly embedded into the human experiece and will NEVER be going away (once a disease gets into the wildlife population, as Covid has, it will ALWAYS exist in a reservoir of hosts no matter what humans do). The DESIRE of those Elites to CONTROL every aspect of each and every human’s life down to the littlest detail of daily living is unfortunately a continuing narrative among Socialists /Stalinist Wannabes everywhere.

    IF the US’s leftists from Boston /New York /San Francisco-LA /Seattle /Portland /DC could get their way they would have done the same thing to the US as New Zealand and Australia have done wrt lockdowns … and the same thing Argentina has done wrt our economy.

    There really are TWO Americas now: The Coastal Liberal Elites, who also populate the Universities and parts of the biggest interior cities, and Fly Over Country excepting those University and Biggist Cities areas. Two ways of thinking. Two ways of living. Two ways of thinking about HOW MUCH the government – controlled by those Coastal Elites – should control the day to day lives of everyday people

    • You forgot the Gulf Coast, which is the new left coast, as opposed to the other two left coasts.

  10. Australia is experimenting with a watermelon pizza…using barbecue sauce, mozzarella cheese, & pepperoni & then baking it just like a regular pizza. Dominoes went with the coventional tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, & pepperoni & baked it. No definitive taste test results are available as of this time. Since I just bought a Watermellon yesterday, I guess it is time to fire up the barbie.

    Also, I would like to thank all our young hippies for nothing who failed to get a COVID Shot & are now flooding the hospitals with Covid due to their carelessness. Responsible seniors got their Covid shots & are doing well Covid wise. You youngsters still can learn from those with life experience, & this is the pudding in which the truth lies. If you haven’t got your Covid shots yet, Pfizer just got FDA approval, so roll up your selves.

    • The fine print: their tests aren’t in, the inflammation issues, still no word on the warning labels and paperwork and oh yeah – the studies won’t be really complete for a year.
      But if you have enough stock and or money, anything can be moved…

    • I’m older than George, had covid(no worse than the flu), have natural immunity and absolutely no intention of taking the vaxx, and I generally avoid people other than intimates. If I got sick enough, I’d die at home rather than go to a hospital! I’ve shown this several times in the past, though I’ve survived, even when I broke my wrist. I can still play piano as badly as ever. I’ll engage with the medical establishment on my terms or not at all, which today means “not at all”.

      The intention for whatever reason is to force the vaxx. The excuse is covid. The real agenda is still uncertain. I do believe that the Deagel report for 2025 may be a clue.

    • Nearly all COVID deaths in US are now among unvaccinated. After careful review of the additional data, doctors have decided that there is no evidence at all that the vaccines contributed to the other patient deaths excluding the 3 deaths from blood clots from the J &J shot. Note: Blood clots are now under control since Doctors now know how to treat them.

      610,000 + US Covid deaths vs. 3 vaccine deaths. Pick your poison folks. My advice is get the shot & maybe get $100 if that is still being offered. People…the shot is free & works. Stop being a paranoid, no one is out to get you. There are 321 million people in the US. You aren’t that important.

      • 3 vaccine deaths?? HA! What are you Walking Buzzard with another moniker? Try well over 12K and that’s about a month back.

    • Mason , you are a sack of hammers, blaming covid on young hippies who fail to submit to your ignorant, msm directed, untrue, belief.
      I am an old hippie 69, no mask no vax, got the fever and chills one night last winter while those around me were sick for a couple of days, some loss their smell. Last time I donned a mask was to spray paint the interior of a garden shed, to make it my grandson’s fort, 2 years ago. I rub a lot of liquid vit D on my skin every winter, go figure ;-) and I take carbon 60
      the vax would kill me, I had a history of blood clotting, ten days in hospital ICU,near death. A local cancer Dr (50’s) died from stroke caused by blood clot, you know she had the vax
      graphene in the vax causes blood clots. You want the vax have at it, hell get two or three maybe every 6 months. How long till Dr fauxie and Bill Gates get enough people killed to meet their desired population level? Georgia guide stones on my mind

      The majority of new covid crap(supposibly covid, so says the horse-pitol) is by those who got the VAX!
      you and Biden can stick to your pudding, together,,, “what flavor did you get this time Joe?” he answers, “knock knock, who’s there? banana”

      • Is Mason replacing Mark? Is Mark on vacation? Is Mark and Mason teaming up to be a crowd.
        I miss Mark, when I see his name I know to skip the BS, am grateful for less reading from a reading addict.

      • That’s why I gave Mark the nick name “Walking Buzzard”. He so full of it he can’t fly. Looks like it’s as contagious as the Delta.

    • NOT likely. If you bow to all the lies we had thrown at us last year take your own injection and be happy with a 200+ times increase in virus particles while shedding them everywhere you go. Believe as you wish but leave the rest of us alone. My bet is all you got was saline solution. Have you seen the video of the Moderna insert that had NOTHING on it? Every page of it says “Intentionally left blank”.

      Put your dentures under your pillow tonight and see what happens if you believe this rot.

    • The highest spikes in new covid cases have been in the most highly vaccinated countries/areas, some of which are even reporting that the majority of hospitalizations and deaths have been of vaccinated people. The obvious conclusion, which was forecast by loads of non-compromised medical professionals, is that the vaccinated are spreading the disease, and are actually breeding the new variants. Of course, the MSM is not reporting these situations, and their so-called statistics are merely exercises in political creativity.

    • The left cranked the Covid knob to 11 before the (s)election and broke it off shortly after. Too many sketchy details. Myself, my family and tens of millions others are not getting the clot-shot and whatever it comes to, so be it.

    • If you think FDA approval ensures safety and effectiveness, do a search some time for the story on how aspartame was approved.

    • Interesting flawed thoughts, responders. I have a friend who participated in the COVID vax testing. At the end, he found out he received the saline placebo & not the vax. He was given the real vaccine at the end of the trial & is still alive & kicking. For your edification, we are Fox News people so we are not part of the crazies or great American unwashed, but concerned men & women who do not panic in a crisis, but analyze the situation & do the responsible thing for Country, Mom, & Apple Pie. We do not fall for the the Bill Gates, etc conspirisy propaganda. That type of propaganda is noise to confuse the situation & cause irrational thoughts & behavior (like not getting the vax). Now that I explained it, please get back to being normal & stop whining.

      • Not long ago your very own Tucker interviewed a woman who gave her own daughter up to the vaxxx testing program and now that little girl is in a wheel chair or was a few weeks ago. Trip on down to Tucker’s office and ask him about it. He’s about the only good thing on Fox now anyway.

        If you haven’t taken the “Bill Gates, etc conspirisy propaganda” (your spell checker isn’t working) into any consideration because it falls outside your paradigm then you’ve nullified your position as fact checker. It happened, in public for all to see that will see. If you dislike what we see as truth and belittle us for it then who’s the intolerant one?

        You know which side of the toast your butter’s on so go back to your federal teat.

  11. As we all know, FDA ‘approval’ of anything should be taken with a grain of salt…and maybe a shot of Kentucky bourbon.

    My question for the readership: If you don’t have sovereignty over your own body then do have it over anything? If not, are you someone else’s property?

  12. “Australia is experimenting with a watermelon pizza…using barbecue sauce, mozzarella cheese, & pepperoni & then baking it just like a regular pizza.”

    Lol …YUMM…LOL

      • Thanks for clarifying George. There was so much fog around this issue it was driving me crazy, and the university is hounding me to get vaxxed regardless. If they won’t give me an exemption, I’ll be giving them the boot. I can use some spare time anyway.

        I’ll be leaving the $100 bribe on the table. My personal integrity is worth far more than that.

    • First, I am not a Ma`am. Second, we are talking about adults. Third, I am just speaking my First Amendment rights of free speech, which I am sure as a Dragnet fan you are a believer in the 1st Amend. Except, by your post, the 1st Amend only applies to you & not me. Just like the liberals, you allow no dissenting opinions. Only your opinions are true & there will be no debate about the correctness of anything I say…it is bile. You sound like 1938 Germany? Also, a debate is not posting a link to foolishness as you provided in your comment. Think & speak your mind, not what someone else filled your head with. You thoughts may be media controlled. Think about it. That type of control is what is dangerous to us as Americans.

      • I think most of us quit watching Fox when you people went with The Lie in November. Haven’t been back in any way other than to watch Tucker on YT. Guess you’re the new Walking Buzzard.

  13. One way people are circumventing supply chain problems is (ironically, perhaps) through specialized groups on social media. One such group in Kansas exists solely to connect producers directly with consumers. The number of members swelled to thousands shortly after it formed.

    Posts range from asking the availability of something to advertising products for sale. The usual political crap is forbidden. One producer with around 40+ hogs sold them all directly to consumers in a day. They had to be processed, of course, but those who still offer that service post on the group also. Sadly, those kinds of facilities are more scarce than they used to be (when I was growing up, every small town had a locker plant), but there are more of them still around than you might think. They are swamped with business.

    Obviously, such groups are more effective in areas that still produce things. The book of faces also manages to impose some of its wackiness on the proceedings – pictures of live animals aren’t allowed, just finished steaks, chops, etc. Similarly, in another group created to share gardening advice, posters must use alternate names for a plant whose most common name references a group of people who wandered the desert a few thousand years ago. Overall, though, these groups are sharing some useful information – unlike the traditional social media channels.

  14. “That’s what happens when your government only allows you your rights when they feel like it.”

    But, you don’t have any “Rights”, you have privileges that can be taken away from you at any time. You gave up “rights” when you agreed you were a US Citizen, i.e., the property of a federal corporation cited in the city of Washington that was founded in 1871.


    • Potatoe, patahto. People with criminal records are probably the most free people around because they have nothing left to lose. Those in authority are creating criminals every day by declaring our rights null and void. We, in turn, declare perfect possession of those said rights with a flip of that special digit in their direction.

  15. There are two .pdf files on the FDA website.

    This is a file that is just an extension of the EUA, not full authorization –

    This is a file that gives authorization for a company in Germany to make a Covid vaxxx under the name COMIRNATY but says nothing that I can see about importing it to the U.S. Got it from the Gateway Pundit article that said the full authorization was given today.

    BOTH are dated August 23rd.

    From what I can tell the “Full Authorization” didn’t happen as Ralph said above. What happened was it’s merely an extension of the EUA.

    • Sorry, missed a comma up there – “From what I can tell the “Full Authorization” didn’t happen [comma] as Ralph said above.”

    • Ok, the second document says “We are issuing Department of Health and Human Services U.S. License No. 2229 to BioNTech Manufacturing GmbH, Mainz, Germany, under the provisions of section 351(a) of the PHS Act controlling the manufacture and sale of biological products. The license authorizes you to introduce or deliver for introduction into interstate commerce, those products for which your company has demonstrated compliance with establishment and product standards.
      Under this license, you are authorized to manufacture the product, COVID-19 Vaccine,
      mRNA, which is indicated for active immunization to prevent coronavirus disease 2019
      (COVID-19) caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)
      in individuals 16 years of age and older.

      Ok, so why issue both of these documents on the same day?

    Hawaii announced new restrictions on gathering sizes today, and the Governor is pleading with tourists to NOT come to Hawaii just now. If the numbers do not come down, they will have to resort to severe lockdowns again. The pandemic has exploded here and the hospitals are operating at capacity. Staff are working double shifts and nurses are getting ‘burned out’. We have a real health crisis in the islands right now. Don’t come to Hawaii.

    Nothing like a party crowd of stupid people to share covid.

    And Mason, approximately 25% of our covid cases in the hospital are FULLY VACCINATED people. Tell me again how good those ‘vaccines’ are?

  17. Oddly the Emergency Use Authorization for the Pfizer jab remains in place which I think continues to protect them from liability –

  18. “The Taliban have been in Greece for years and after their domination in Afghanistan, “horror scenes” are coming for our country.”

    I know Ray scary to…. Just look at the other countries that have opened their borders.. even now there are neighborhoods that we could not walk down.. and we are flying them in at what ten thousand a day with only thirteen percent letting anyone know where they are.. Not a good sign..

  19. “are you someone else’s property?”

    An interesting question…

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