ShopTalk Sunday: Lathe Work & Shop Prepping

As I advised Peoplenomics readers Saturday, the direction of writing around here has gone wandering off on its own.  Tied to the keyboard, I’m forced to follow but the destination is becoming clear.

Let me back up a ways and tell you the story from the top.

Remember the Lathe Project?

A week or two back I mentioned my hare-brained plan to build a shaft extension for my favorite electronics work light.  Too short, it needs to be 18-inches higher in order not to crash into my electronics computer’s LED screen.

In that first episode, I’d come up with the plan, material arrived, was cut down to size, and the first piece was chucked up.  Then time ran out for the week.

Mid week this week I got a time block so I wandered back to the lathe.  Finished turning down one end of the piece.  Taking it over to the vise, and pulling out an easy 5/8″ x 11 coarse die, finished the end off (pardon the grease spots) to where it would screw into the other section:

Made a prepping note in this process:  I am out of cutting oil!  OMG…goes on the Amazon list, right?

So this end pops in the chuck (I’ll do the face finishing last, of course, and might even use the knurler to add some texture to the project).  Into the chuck goes the other end and I start the process of turning down this end to a 50 mm long by 15 mm shaft to go into the existing light base.  I got this far…

…when  DAMN IT!  The piece stopped turning.

Busted lathe?  Popped open the gear housing and what is missing?

The drive belt!    The drive belt which is 10-years old, or so, and now looks like this:

I bet you recognize this, right?

“OMG George, a Gates 5M710 belt.  3/16th’s wide at the top and about 28″ inches stretched out a bit!”


Now here’s where it gets interesting:

My first stop was on Amazon where I was able to find the right belt, but at the wrong price.  Sure, there was a $16 make-shift, but one reviewer said it lasted 2-hours before fraying.  The real Gates 5M710 wouldn’t ship for 6-10 days.  And that meant a 2-week project delay.  And $52-bucks for two belts.  Grainger had the belts, too.  But now we’re in the $65 range.  So did an outfit in Canada for CA$31, but they wanted CA$33 for shipping one belt.

Off to eBay. where for a stick of chewing gum less than $35 two 5M710’s were had – and should be here in a week or less.

Tooling Matters, Too

Again, while Amazon used to be the go-to place for things like 1/2 inch shank lathe bits, as long as there was a break in the project waiting for belts I decided to get a fresh set of carbide tipped cutting tools.

I usually buy these in a 20-tool pack because the Chineseums are usually OK for quick home projects.  While I was able to find a suitable set on the Zon the problem with it was there paint color on the shanks was the same for C2 and the C6 bits.

On the other hand, same price point on eBay, I picked up an equivalent set out of an importer in Los Angeles.  Tipping the sale in that direction?  Different color tooling for C2 and C6.

If you’re not-yet walking around with a few hundred hours of lathe time under your bits, the C2 carbide is best for things like copper, bronze, and cast iron.  The C6 tends to chatter a bit on non-ferrous.  (Sometimes a lot.) On the other hand, the harder C6 carbide runs way better on steel of almost any type.  So it’s the cat’s meow.

As I was sitting there contemplating, something just didn’t seem right…and then all of a sudden…

Alarm Bells Went Off

Understand Amazon is our go-to click for most things out here in the woods:  UPS and the Post Office have worn ruts in the road.  Seldom do we find a better price on eBay. In fact, for a lot of radio parts, people buy in bulk on Amazon (or from Digi-Key or Mouser up in Dallas) and then resell onsies and twosies on eBay.  Too much work for my business model tastes, but there you go.

Point is, I got to poking around in belts and small hoses and the like and was shocked to find that there are big delays on a surprising amount of goods coming out of China now.

This – coming on top of the near zero attendance at the Japan Olympics – and with president Slow showing our military to the flying life boats first –  I begin to wonder (in Peoplenomics Wednesday coming up) whether Biden’s going to be China’s “Force Multiplier” when they take Taiwan.  When is key.

I’ll expand on the details (should be a 72-hour takeover if China does it the way my nightmares run) in PN Wednesday.  But it gets me to a much more important discussion we need to have right now.  While there are still bolts at Tractor Supply, gas tanks in the welding yards, and oh yeah… Gates 5M710 belts to be had.

Prepping the Resilient Shop

I keep between 10 and 30 rolls of various printable plastics on hand for small parts.  Because I have a pretty clear vision of what UrbanSurvival will have to offer/trade when the crap hits the fan.

We will have solar power – so for a few calories or a can of Coke – you will be able to get a cell battery charged here.  Bigger battery, more calories.  Maybe a beer or two.  Dozen eggs will work.

There’s also a great deal of ham radio equipment so the first half-dozen customers will be able to get some well-restored tube or solid-state HF comms gear.  Bring food and drink to trade.  Rum if you have it.

Then Friday of this week, Sainsmart had a kick-ass sale on, so I picked up another Ender3 3D printer (clone) for $135.

Combined with a couple of Linux laptops, open source software, and so forth, I should be able to gin-up metal replacement parts for almost anything.


No, it wont be cobalt steel, drop forged.  It will instead be recycled 6061 aluminum, mainly.  The workflow would go like this:

  • Receive a critical part (that’s broken)
  • Rough out a design in CAD
  • Convert to .STL and print  (near empty fill if possible)
  • Have customer take the (*light infill to save material) part home to test fit.

When the customer comes back (with or without changes) then:

  • Use the plastic part as a mold
  • Ram up green sand…
  • Step outside the shop to the two garbage cans…

Which – when opened, reveal about 300 pounds of 6061 ready to melt:

Wait!  Those look like already-fabbed parts!”

Quite so.  Easy to melt, easy to clean up in the shop.

My buddy Jim Lewis of offered me the scrap which was aluminum parts that didn’t past their (strict) tolerance testing! (Didn’t need to wait for an  answer, lol…)

There’s a wide variety in the scrap, too:  Made some faux spears for the Trader Vic’s themed (Polynesian looking) dining room a few years back.  (Elaine had me dip the ends in blood red paint, too…and yeah, they are that sharp…).  In addition, the gizmo’s and odd pieces of plate (anything from 22 gauge and up seems) to come in handy for all kinds of projects.

Metal cutting blade in the bandsaw and it’s cake!

eMachineShop Sidebar

Speaking of Jim’s place (the ideal place to get parts made online!) got a new finishing option announcement from them this week:

“Black oxide is a functional surface finish formed by immersing parts into a hot alkaline bath. Typically matte black, this coating reduces glare and enhances corrosion resistance.  Get your next batch of parts black oxide coated or finished with one of our many other options….”

Worth a click over to just to download the free software and design that new Hummer or replacement barrel for that Barrett 50 you’re restoring for your “reach out and touch” plan…

Now the Deadly Serious Part

One of my next purchases will be another 70 or 100 pound propane tank.  Plus there are a number of $200-$300 class small melting furnaces available on Amazon.  Some with tools and a crucible.  Add propane and you’re good.

While there is still a supply chain, I figure it might be worth it to have a backup to our Lionel’s Backyard Metal Casting furnace kit.  I don’t think these are available any longer, at least that’s my sense from reading Lionel Furnace Build | over at The Home Foundry.  Home Foundry dot org is a goldmine of metal casting knowledge.

Our tasking list around here still has a number of big projects to run with before we get to the highest risk window of “stuff hitting the fans” in March-April of next year with Taiwan.

But, if there’s a 10-day string of good weather in the South China area in mid to late October – assuming the ‘stan will be in full blooming blow-up by then thanks to the genius-in-chief, then an earlier start to festivities is possible.

Close as we can figure it, we’ll want all the materials on hand before market crash time for such diverse projects  including:

  • Two years worth of all filters, all belts, all hoses for all vehicles.  Which would include the lawn and big tractor.  Lube oil, hydraulic jugs and filters.
  • At least 250 gallons of long-duration storable gas and 300 gallons of diesel for the tractor.
  • Parts to build a squirrel-proof 12X 16 (or larger) greenhouse adjacent to the house.
  • Replacement of the old deck done by then.
  • Maybe another freezer and the possible addition of more solar assets.
  • Plus the ultra high performance ham antennas.

Seems like a pretty ambitious run, to be sure.  But, it’s better to spend and have than save  than have-not at this point, we figure.

Of course, we’re nuts, live at the end of the string, and at our age, could be early onset something-or-other too.  Causing delusions, perhaps?

No…we just checked the TV.  We’re not crazy, but we won’t comment here on the rest of the world!

This morning’s key takeaway is?

When the crap hits the fan, should it do so, there will be high value people and no value people.  No value people are presently mostly expert at dividing people, at yammering social justice, at pontificating and rabble-rousing.  All of which becomes instantly useless overhead when the meals stop. Bullshitters lose out.

When order leaves, hunger, thirst, and medical issues arise, the people who will be high value in [whatever comes next] will be those who can supply tangible deliverables.

For these refer to the seven major systems of life:

  • Food:  Can you grow it?  Experienced?
  • Water:  Can you harvest and filter? (subset of food)
  • Shelter:  Can you improvise something out of the rain?
  • Comms:  Can you communicate?  Handle basic radio, Morse?
  • Transport:  Got a ride that still works. Need a road? EMP proof?  Stored fuel?
  • Energy: Can you come up with clever sources of power?
  • Environment:  Medicines and toilet paper are more useful than CRT, right?
  • Finance:  Got items you can barter?  You can’t eat a bitcoin.

That’s our big picture strategically:  If you can’t run a good assortment of shop tools and don’t have other required skillsets, you don’t want to fall into the disposable human category.  That’s a group that the “news” seems to tell us is growing by the day.  You don’t want want to be one.

The woke will get buried.  The producers will survive.  History teaches us this never really changes.

Horrific as it is to “think like the Taliban” look who they keep and who they don’t.  Ideas don’t matter, much.  Actions speak louder. Calories and water scream.

Wednesday we’ll give PN readers our one-decision investment of a lifetime that’s now in view with all these pieces swirling around the bowl…

Oh, and Lucky Gunner had the best prices online this week for our shopping and topping-off the “reach out and touch” tools.  Subsonic 22s remind me of cap guns when the Major and I were kids…

Those were better times.  Before corruption became an industry.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. now march april next year ? goots love you guys . anything to be a patriot . really screwed up psyops . unfortunately now i am an old timer and old gold bull . we see straight through it

  2. Well, it had to happen I guess …

    A guy I call my liberal mechanic friend in LA sent me a YT link that had Madcow talking about how people were being “poisoned” by taking Ivermectin from the feed stores. The RSOE-EDIS map has a big question mark over Mississippi state that says a lot of people have been calling Poison Control after taking it with nausea symptoms and such. It said no one’s been hospitalized yet. I have no doubt that if you have a parasitic load and that hits your gut and body they’re (the parasites) going to have a reaction to it as this medication will clean that problem out quite effectively and your body will have to do the job of clearing the “refuse” out. Also if you can’t read, can’t figure and read that the overdose level is extremely high and took the whole danged bottle then you deserve what happens to you.

    I posted on here when my physician told me his personal dosage was 12mg/week and he used pour-on topically on his kids that THAT was the dosage. It can go up to 20mg per oral dose for my weight range – 102kg – but if I miss and slop a little extra into the orange juice it’s not going to matter. Always R-E-A-D the box or flyer that comes with the medication to make sure there’s nothing else in the product as companies often do mix it with other drugs. I really doubt any of the readers here will have this problem but tell others that you suspect would and may be “reading impared”. (And quit listening to Madcow) If anything good comes out of it perhaps the greedy dolts on The Hill will tell the FDA to allow Ivermectin to be prescribed early as it should be as this little problem is, again, laid directly at their feet since India and other countries have been prescribing Ivermecin for years with no problems.

    • I live in southern Oklahoma. Hardly anyone is wearing a mask, yet there is a three to five hour wait to get into any med express in town to be tested for Covid ,if you can get in. School has been in about a week and my preK granddaughter has already been exposed to Covid. She has a negative test but mild Covid symptoms (a cold) and has to quarantine for 10 days.

      • You bring up a good point: The PCR test is notoriously unreliable. So much so it is being replaced in Dec.
        Yet people still get colds and flu which have all but disappeared this year.
        My guess is disease is 50-70 percent overreported unless there is confirming blood work…. just saying

      • A cold is a cold, it’s not covid. PCR tests cannot tell the difference between covid, a cold, the Flu, a variant….

        The PCR tests are dangerous. 99.6 percent of people survive. If initial symptoms go from cold to flu including high temps, need to get help in first 48 hours. If in high-risk group, AND get help in first 48 hours, 85 percent survival rate. The problem is there is NO treatment protocol allowed outside of a hospital setting in first 48 hours, which is a pre-planned bunch of BS. Stock up on anti- viral, Vir C, Vit D3, and the other 2 big hitters, one mentioned above, cause the CDC is a for-profit organization and doesn’t care if you live or die.

        Remember, natural antibodies better than the shots. Not recommended to get shot if have natural immunity.

  3. “Because I have a pretty clear vision of what UrbanSurvival will have to offer/trade when the crap hits the fan.”

    Lol lol.. for me and items to trade its wine and beer..
    For milk.. I know a farmer with a dairy cow that will gladly trade raw milk for cheese

    • Although I can make pretty much what I need..or want.. I have my share of C creative R eadily A vailable P arts laying around..

      • Creative Readily Available Parts or CRAP.

        It’s only CRAP when it’s somebody else crap. When it’s your CRAP it’s raw materials not available or useful to just anyone else. Only those who know how valuable their really CRAP is, know if something is really crap. Now there are exceptions to this CRAP rule. Say you drive down the road and see someone who has some crap laying around and in this pile of crap you see a really nice piece of CRAP. You just don’t go up and start picking up this CRAP. That would be rude. The neighborly thing to do would be to politely ask the owner, “Hey, would you like to swap/trade something for this CRAP?”. So if anyone comes around and starts looking at your CRAP tell them “Keep your hands off my CRAP!”. Which when you think about it why would anyone want to touch someone else CRAP?

        Sorry, I had to channel some Geroge Carlin there.

      • “It’s only CRAP when it’s somebody else crap. When it’s your CRAP it’s raw materials”

        Lol lol so true Jim..I am not allowed to go to the landfill lol.. when I hauled trash .. we would get so many vacuum cleaners..I would scrap them out.. just walking the.length of the truck I’d pick aluminum cans..I got half of my air nailers and my radial arm saw at the landfill.
        A whole bunk of plywood. The edge was scuffed by a forklift..they didnt even un-band it..
        Its amazing what you’ll see at the landfill. One year a major car manufacturer had brand new cars that had an electrical issue..rather than fix it they ran all the cars through egore the shredder..ground them yo little bits.
        Every week they dump news stand boss use to get irritable because I like to read.. one day we hot a load of books.. he grabbed one big book.. home fires burning.. dome one dumped the books that was their parents..( who had passed on) then said why dont you just read this one..( being a smart but) I ran the load up and later when he left for the day ..discovered every other page was a fifty dollar bill.. lol lol..the book wasn’t anything special but it sits on my paid for that privilege.

    • That farmer’s going to be a rich man when people get used to the taste of fresh milk again. AND if the feds don’t shut him down like they do elsewhere. Hopefully they’ll be too busy elsewhere.

      One thing my friend in the local H.E.B. tells me is that they can’t get enough drivers to get the trucks from San Antonio to our town to stock the dairy shelves. The organic milks are well stocked but the least expensive ones in the plastic bottles have a lot of holes in their ranks.

  4. Sno-Seal for waterproofing boots. Can be used in place of cutting oil. I have an old jar of it sitting next to my drill press to use as a cutting lubricant and an acid brush (with 1/2 the bristle length cut off) to apply it. Sometimes I just shove the drill bit into the jar to pre coat the bit

  5. Hi, George,

    This is off topic, however, I would ask Hank in Hawaii if Hurricane Linda hit any of the north shores of the islands, as Hurricane Linda seemed to just disappear. Thanks.

    • Hi Nancy,
      Hurricane Linda downgraded to a tropical depression and rain remnant. The remnants are passing north of the island chain. It has been a little breezy here on the Big Island, and the islands are supposed to get a bit of rain as the remnants drift in, but nothing serious for storming. Just another day in the tropics here.

  6. Question George
    The purpose of a solar generator is to use it after an EMP when cars, electric grids, and phones are fired and useless. Wouldn’t gas and solar generators also be affected?

    • Depend on type and installation.
      On solar, we have TVS diodes all over (transient voltage suppressors) on on the DC main wiring. the panel wire is below grade except to get into the building (ground up and over wall – low priority to change that.
      And on the AC side (where we tied to grip) there is serious lightning suppression (got another going in soon).
      So no too worried there.

      On gas engines, the car and truck are both kept under metal roofs, more TVS diodes. Ditto the (diesel) tractor.
      And on small gas engines (mowers and chainsaws and such) there’s no risk because of a) magneto type ignition and solid disconnect for the electric starts where applicable.

      But fine questions./

    • First, I would suggest that you acquaint yourself with some of Dr. Arthur Bradley’s informational videos on EMP mitigation, starting with an overview:

      Protecting your electronics against EMP phenomena almost has to become a lifestyle. When you buy new stuff, you buy shielding and surge protection to complement it.

      If you do nothing else, have a licensed electrician install a whole-house surge protection device such as a Siemens FS100 or FS140 on your main breaker panel. You are looking for 1 nanosecond response time. EMP transients can be very fast.

      There are a lot of different EMP scenarios, and not all of them end in being sent back to the stone age. I have regular problems with lightning-induced EMP on the off-air TV antenna box board, and I keep a supply of spare boards for the antenna box, even if I have every surge protection device known to man hanging off that antenna feed. UHF/VHF off-air antennas are notoriously vulnerable to EMP phenomena.

      Keeping a couple of AM/FM/SW battery-operated radios, 12 VDC battery consumer chargers, and a wire antenna in an improvised shielded faraday enclosure is a good back up plan. I usually keep my portable battery power system in EMP shielded dry bags, and recharge it weekly. I have a few solar panels and cables which I can use to charge that device if the grid goes down.

      Next item is individual 1 ns surge protectors on electronics such as TV’s, Audio and computer components. The key specification is the response time, which on the newer surge protectors runs about 1 nanosecond (ns).

      I have individual surge protectors on the HVAC units which were installed by my HVAC subcontractor. They probably aren’t really as fast as 1 ns, so I rely on the Siemans FS-series on the main panel to stop E1-type transients. I also use Arthur’s whole-house ferrites on the main service feed.

      I could go on and on with this, but Arthur probably has a video for every subject you might think of, including surge protection on the car, solar systems and portable generators. I use his devices to protect the car and portable battery power systems.

      The technology is available and relatively inexpensive, unless you are trying to do everything at once. Prioritize, and get in the habit of protecting new stuff as it is purchased.

      • Good info! The whole house surge protectors are trivially easy to install IF you’re comfortable working in a main panel, so the “licensed” electrician thing is more about potential insurance or municipal issues. Either way, what matters is that it’s installed as close to the main breaker as possible – 1 ns is 8″ of copper.

        I do believe that the EMP commission figured that it was about 2 billion to harden the national grid(s). I didn’t look, but I’m guessing that the Biden infrastructure bill/law has nothing in it to harden the grids, regardless of the amount of money wasted on pork, and the irrelevant stuff snuck into it.

  7. “tiny c hick” – U bee getting worked up over whole lot of manufactured bullshit lately.

    Our current world affairs situation is EXACTLY the same as it has ALWAYS been – UnSettled and Distracted – the desired State which must be maintained in order bakheads/reptos to prosper..

    * Ures Rule #1 on Human Existance on Planet Earth – Everything Is A Business Model.
    -in other words YOU, Me, G, is a Business Model for someone/thing/backhead..

    The One’s in hiding (hidden ones) have been and are – actively Exploiting
    Human beings from “hiding places” since the “reptilian aliens” were blasted off the Egyptian plateau – ending the outright Brutal Enslavement of the poor unfortunate “workers” ..hahahahahaha sure they were artisans..working at Mars Camp=Cairo.

    These “exploiters” have been working behind the scenes forever to Keep Humanity from ever Stopping – Thinking about Who and What we are, and/or, How the Fuck We got to this god forsaken planet. – AND Why THEY never ever want Humanity as whole to ever come together.
    Realize every one and everything is MANIPULATED Psychologically,Monetarily, Physically and most importantly Subconsciously- especially the “leaders”

    Please learn about some eye opening PROOF of all the above – “The Red Symphony: X:ray of Revolution” family is still at it, and why they still set a place setting for “ole Scratch” at the family dinner table..

    Not All Over the all..Dead Ballz Accurate…hahahahah the chosen ones..

    THEY Chose All Right – Who/What to Serve/Whorship.

    Humanity has ALWAYZ been on the Menu, as the main course.

    ? How Do You Escape a Psychological Prison?
    (You are just Intelligent NRG, NOT a meat suit you think are every time you pinch Ureself, though the Illusion is that STRONG)

    “They”are ancient – they already have everything, invented everything they need/want..Creative, Free Thinker Types are Dangerous to the “Establishment” – lock em up on the prison farm planet.
    Now – just Imagine 10% of Earths population sitting down and Meditating on Peace and or Love – whatever that looks like in Ure minds eye (color/clarity,ect) for just 20 minutes same time and day every month for 2-3 months.

    Hard to imagine -so beaten down, repeatedly, repeatedly “ZAPPED” and damaged, mentally harmed so as to have NO Memory of ANY F-ING THING from an Early Age On and Prior to .
    Sayz Here – Would Be Most Powerful Energy System in the Known Solar System.

    Dont need Demon hunters,exorcists – NRG levels on Planet Earth keep rising, those “types” cant handle it on the surface..and is why majority of their “Work” is on our Subconscious’s…the rising levels in the Ki dimension here on Earth workx in other direction as well (see Isaac N.) making it more comfortable/possible for the “higher” etheric types to drop in/down/walk-in. . not much of a plan, but as Caesar said “A Bad Plan is Better Than No Plan Plan at All”.

    Wonder why “they” Bush-CIA-DVD ASSASSINATED him? – listen to the Title -its important.

    Peace , catch ya on the flipside..

  8. “Plus there are a number of $200-$300 class small melting furnaces available on Amazon.”

    I’ve had a forge/melt furnace on my eBay watch list for months — haven’t yet decided whether I’m going to buy it or just use it as a general pattern from which to build one…

    • 4 sacks of refractory mix – old garbage can as a form, lid form from the lid.
      hunks of rebar. Chop saw – blowtorch nozzle and high pressure regulator…hmmm doesn’t sound like $300 when you put it that way/. $150? And with one that big you could melt a buick.

      • “hmmm doesn’t sound like $300 when you put it that way”

        …and that’s the rub. Do I want it in four business days, or do I want it (over) engineered to my specs? Can I build it after the SHTF? Is the cost better spent elsewhere? You can make the fire out of charcoal, if necessary, but it’s gonna require oxygen to make the fire hot enough to melt, smelt, or cast, iron and steel. Where’s that oxygen going to come from?

        Etc., etc…

        It’s not just a matter of having the tool or device, but being able to find an alternate energy stream by which to use that tool or device. It doesn’t have to be an easy thing. It just needs to be possible…

      • Ray, have you considered buying or making an O2 concentrator? They’re available on the secondary market, though the new ones are supposed to require a “prescription”. Supplies are paperwork free(for now). I’m not sure if you’d be able to get the required flow, and pumping or pressurizing O2 requires serious care. I keep at least one large welding/cutting cylinder around as insurance, though I mostly use a grinder or plasma cutter for cutting, and arc for welding.

        The real question is: Is this the end of the world, or is it temporary, like 5-10 years? Ultimately, we’re all temporary, I suppose.

      • “Ray, have you considered buying or making an O2 concentrator? ”

        Dude, you have no idea! I built my first dozen (or so) when I was attempting to make a car that would manufacture its own fuel, back in the ’70s. Hydrogen was my thing, and it is both utterly stupid and wasteful to split hydrogen from water and not also capture (and use) the oxygen.

        I may have acquired an oxygen-specific gas pressurization rig last fall, which may or may not go well with my surplus fire department issue SCBA units. If I were to have done so, I would probably describe it as a glorified air compressor. I might also comment that hospital “whole building” surplus equipment is selling for less than dirt, as in less than $40 counting the petrol to retrieve it, because nobody knows what it is.

      • Ray, I’m impressed! O2 seems to be one of the trickiest things to bottle under real pressure(except perhaps H2, and for different reasons). Too bad you’re in the rust belt instead of the sunshine belt. I need to be paying more attention to the liquidation markets than I have been. There’s still only 24 hours in a day.

      • Mike, as far as commercial concentrators and rebreathers go, fire departments turn theirs over every few years (based on hours of use, I believe.) Buying one is always a risk because it may have burned bits. EVERY part in the things is EXPENSIVE, so I’d look for the “three to make two” deal. Find out through whom ABQ and SAF dispose of their surplus.

        FWIW a sale I’ve been waiting for, for years, is that of a FD dumping some canvas hose. I see these sales all the time, but I can’t justify burning $40-$50 worth of petrol to acquire a hose for which I spent $10.

        As “The other Scott” commented, further down this page: “Machines used to be run with flat leather belts…”

        They also used to be run with DIY canvas belts made from cast-off fire hose, especially “on the farm” when you didn’t have money for a store-bought belt, 11 months of the year.

  9. So, who’s got the cheapest cigarettes? It used to be Kentucky and North Carolina…

    I haven’t laid-in “trade cigs” because they’ll go stale, and I haven’t cared to build a humidor, but it may be just about that time…

      • I DID have an actual Sub-Zero freezer at one time. I had no idea what it was, and when its compressor motor went tango uniform, traded it for a little Frigidaire.

        As for freezing smokes? Not gonna happen. In a poopy world, food is considerably higher on the survival totem than barter goods, especially since within a couple months of the crap hitting the fan, most people will have quit the habit (Ooow, can you imagine how many people will be nicotine withdrawal bastards, one week post crap!?? ANOTHER reason to not be in a pop center when the SHTF…)

    • So, there -is- another smoker out there. . . 2 lbs. tobacco and 5 pkg tubes is, of last week, under $50. That works out to $10 carton, $1 a pack. The machine is <$50 and I have been using mine for over 10 years. Made a brass bushing to replace the plastic one, 1 time. 3 pks/hr if things go smoothly. I have ~50 lbs & tubes stashed in airtight bags. All in all, I smoke a pack a day for <$35/mo. Been doing so for over 60 yrs & ain't dead yet.

      • That’s another thing the government never really made clear to the “questions in passing crowd” which includes me.
        Of the cases of lung deficiency and cancer from smoking, how much was from the honest tobacky and how much was from additives, fillers, filters, additive, smoke enhancers, aromatics, and so forth?
        I gave up my pack a day Tareyton 100’s back in 1984 at my children’s insistence. (Seems like all reporters smoked up until about 1980-1985 or so. I keep thinking back to hanging around outside various courthouse proceedings and asking Bryan if I could bum a Kool… I totally botched marking his retirement form KOMO back in 2012. for which I apologize. Still a giant among Journos… 53-years at one station and the only guy I knew who (rumor had it) turned down the ABC Moscow Bureau chief job… but enough of my yammering…)

      • Not no mo’…

        I’ve been an ex-smoker for quite a while. I smoked cowboy-killers — wasn’t a cowboy, so I figured I could smoke Marlboros forever. Unfortunately, the habit started to affect the amount of disposable income I had at the end of the month, so… Tired of being broke, I broke the habit, instead.

        I was speaking strictly of having cigarettes on-hand as barter goods. ISTM of our crop of “luxury and sin tax” items, booze and tobacco are the only ones that’d have a real market in an EOTWAWKI scenario. Any intrepid survivalist could tap-off the still (s)he is using to make motor fuel and bottle a little “corn vodka,” so that leaves tobacco as a wide open market (and yes, I may have some Virginia Bright and Kentucky Burley seeds laying around, but I haven’t yet tried to sprout ’em…)

  10. Hello, Off Topic Sunday (sorta off topic).. More Afgan speculation.. First is an article by Matt Taibbi, who is an excellent author (G, You are peerless in your diversity of topics and experience,, Thanks as always).

    less than 5 minute read.. best stat is back of the envelope calc,, 2 TRILL blown,, approx $300,000,000 A DAY!!! for 20 YEARS!!! a dollar a day for each of us?? My tiny city could have used some of it to pave our Main St.. It really needs it.

    Next is a Tucker interview snippet with Lara Logan (rest is behind paywall),, 7 minutes,, at about 4:50, she finally asks the BIG question.. (and she has the chops).

    Tucker has gotten pretty bold (Friday, finally called out our pretend prez as not there). He is the last MS news I’ll even think of watching (besides local weather). I always DVR, haven’t seen a commercial in years…

    Thanks again, and again, Mr. Ure

    • I have contemplated burning the FOXNews free month offer for their online thingy, just to snag that Lara Logan interview.

      She lived in Afghanistan under the Taliban,
      speaks fluent Arabic, Farsi, and several other sandbox dialects,
      has covered nearly every “war” in nearly every shithole around the world, since 1990,
      are you kidding me?

      The first I knew of her was when FOX did the Geraldo lifetime ego-stroke special, a couple years back. Geraldo and the guys with which he was imbedded, rescued her and her crew from an IED or RPG hit. (Didn’t see the special — did see the trailers & teasers. Logan was in the truck behind Geraldo’s. She shook off the hit like somebody dumped a bucket of sand on her — literally! She shook her head, brushed the shrapnel out of her hair, and grabbed a camera.) ‘Point is, here’s this gal reporter who’s ballsy enough to chase stories into a live-fire battlezone.

      -=Instant fan!=-

      She’s earned the cred, both as an IJ and as a warzone reporter, and probably knows more about the Afghan Taliban than anyone in this country, including the CIA’s Afghan assets.

    • Re: Tucker’s interview = Clif’s “Secrets Revealed”. As Paul Harvey used to say “Stand by for News!”. Real news this time.

      Thanks Joe.

    • “Much differently than it did for the endless war in Afghanistan, which on some level every American understood was a massive welfare program for contractors.”
      From the Taibbi link. Thanks JoeNKs for the link! I wish more were aware of the depth and real reason for the 20 year quagmire!

  11. “same time and day every month for 2-3 months.”

    If the same time every day be sunset or sunrise (depending on your where you live, your job, your family situation, bla, bla, blah) would there ever be an end to this very special prayer for humanity around the globe.

  12. I have never been a fan of Amazon, except as a last resort. Bezos doesn’t need more money. But I have always found better comparison shopping and deals on eBay, where I go to first. And thanks for the tip on the belts. Just ordered a couple more for the lawnmower cutting deck.

    I have been getting my fill of the ‘unvaccinated’ shaming by our Lt.Gov…. Dr. Green… the Hawaii State covid ‘czar’. Today I shot off this letter to the local newspaper editor. We’ll see if it gets published:

    I am not Covid ‘vaccinated’ and here is why. These are facts that social media would surely censor because they do not adhere to the political narrative.
    1. Big Pharma insisted on complete freedom from liability of any kind in relation to the Covid ‘vaccine’. They could be pumping poison in their shots and be immune to any liability for injury or death. In fact, there are indications that the shots contains certain toxins, but the Pharma companies will not admit this nor list their ingredients publicly.
    2. The Covid shots are not a ‘vaccine’ in the normal sense. They are an mRNA genetic experiment that has never before been tried on human beings. They are NOT approved by the FDA. They are an experiment. No one knows what the long term effects will be… but those who ‘volunteered’ for the shots will be finding that out.
    3. There are emerging indications that the mRNA gene therapy are neither safe, nor particularly effective. The government VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System) is listing deaths and injuries from the Covid shots that far exceeds the adverse effects of ALL other vaccines in use worldwide..
    4. Persons who have taken the Covid shots are still getting sick, and still spreading the virus. The political narrative is that vaccinated persons do not get as sick, or die less frequently than non-vaccinated persons. This is pure speculation to support the political narrative. There is no proof, no double-blind medical trials to support that assertion. The fact is… ‘vaccinated’ people still get sick, and still spread the virus. So why get ‘vaccinated’? It is a false sense of security.

    I rely on my innate immunity and avoid sick people. I also believe in wearing a mask around other people. It may not be perfect protection, but it is one more level of protection that helps somewhat. I treat everyone as if they are infected, and keep my distance.

    I am particularly disturbed by talk of ‘vaccine mandates’ and requirements to show proof of vaccination to enter public places. First, HIPAA medical privacy rules still apply, and I may not be ‘required’ to disclose my medical records or conditions publicly. I may not be discriminated against for failing to disclose my private medical record. Secondly, I may not be forced to take an experimental Covid shot against my will. The Nuremberg trials prohibit medical experimentation on human beings without their consent. It is against international law. Thank the German Dr. Mengele for that. Yet the politicians continue a campaign of coercion and threats against unvaccinated people like me. When a person may not enter a grocery store to buy food without a ‘vaccine passport’, then we have become like Nazi Germany. This is truly the “mark of the beast”. And the politicians who mandate such a travesty have become war criminals under international law. Are you listening, Governor Ige and Doctor Green?

    I also wonder why there is not a more effective treatment regime for those who get sick with Covid. Why are effective treatments like HCQ and Ivermectin not being supplied to people in early stages in mitigate the damage done by the disease? The medical excuse is “they are not approved for that use”. Well…. the mRNA shots are not approved either, so what is the difference? The answer is money. Big Pharma sees big profits to push their experimental shots. And hospitals get Federal payments for every Covid patient placed on a ventilator. Medical stuff is a business model, and big money talks louder than innocent victims. Let the buyer beware.

  13. As a regular follower, I am somewhat disappointed that you didn’t have a couple 5M710s hanging on a shelf hook. I’ve got 3, plus a number of random sizes. I like the size for small contraptions. And lots of other machine parts. BTW, I thought Gates were U S made. . .

    I have plenty of ideas, but need an able body to do much of the bull work. Being in a wheelchair is a bit of a damper. I do thank God my mind survived the strokes. Just be nice to walk to the corner and back. What I set in place back when will have to do. At least I’ll eat, until ‘they’ burn the house down.

    • ” BTW, I thought Gates were U S made. . .”

      Used to be.

      If you take yer Ford or Chevvie to da local shop to have its serpentine belt replaced, you will receive a new Gates belt, which will squeal, FOR YEARS.*

      If you get the p/n from your manufacturer and cross it to a Continental belt, then purchase the Conti online and have da local shop use it, instead, your new belt will squeal for a few minutes, or not at all.

      Regardless of where it is manufactured, the Gates belt is made from Chinese synthetic rubber.

      Regardless of where it is manufactured, the Continental belt is made from natural rubber.

      I no longer purchase Gates-anything, unless I can get my hands on NOS. It is entirely likely that an industrial belt like a 5Mxxxx will be NOS if off the shelf, for some time.

      * After listening to my daughter’s car squeal for more than two years, upon an alternator/belt/idler change-out, I ordered a Conti belt off of Amazon and made her squeal go away instantly. I’m not exaggerating about the duration of the squeal, or the lack of longevity (from my post of the other day…)

  14. Machines used to be run with flat leather belts, just cut to size and link together.
    Not so good for tiny machinery, but should technology make a giant leap backwards it’s a good option.

  15. “Because I have a pretty clear vision of what UrbanSurvival will have to offer/trade when the crap hits the fan.”

    This is something everyone needs to consider. Or rather should have a ways back. We don’t do those sort of tools here. I am an herbalist, so our supplies run into gardening tools seeds, beeswax, vodka, small glass jars and bottles and a variety of about 150 different herbs. I’ve been making medicines for nearly 20 years, plus candles and soaps. And more than proficient at sewing and quilting. So I have enough needles to last me a good 20-30 years, lol.

    My husband is medical also, and has a good supply of allopathic supplies. We even have an ultrasound machine.

      • Who knows, it might happen! After all of our military moves, we just don’t know where home is, though we do want to put down roots somewhere. A bit cooler than San Antonio and more rain, friendly people, good soil. We are running out of time to figure out where home is.

  16. George, regarding your primary belt drive for your lathe and similar applications, you might consider using serpentine belts that are so common these days in the automotive industry. Pulleys can be adapted from scrap cars, or cast/machined as needed. They’re a natural for a normal or reverse idler pulley(s), so the length is hardly critical. They have an incredibly long life – I have one on my daily driver with 360K+ miles on it already(I have spares). These would be a natural, and you can get more than enough from a junkyard at cheap enough prices.

  17. “they can’t get enough drivers to get the trucks from San Antonio to our town to stock the dairy shelves.”

    Around here they can’t get containers Bill. dairies are dumping the milk.. they can’t sell it.. I suggested that the grandkids raise one I’ll buy the cow and the milking machine and cream separator pasteurizer..
    So far no one wants to be bothered..
    The store can’t get any cream .. they’ve been out for a couple of months.. the only store that has it is one that had made arrangements with a small dairy farm.. they have the reusable glass jugs..
    Just like the old pay a deposit and get it back when you return the bottle..

    • Gor myself aluminum cans has increased in cost.. all of that is produced in china.. I’d love to be able to buy the clear plastic pet beer cans.. like the instant chill cans you can’t buy them in the usa..

      • Only the “fill ’em yourself” variety. :-)

        If you go buy a soda pop or a beer, chances are that you’ll see a tiny little “Ball” script at the bottom-left of the front label. Ball Canning Corporation (as in “Ball jars”) makes over 60% of all commercial aluminum cans used in North America, I believe in Boulder, Colorado.

        American aluminium, American manufacturing…

    • LOOB, you’re innovative. I wonder how difficult it would be to quickly create a heater/dehydrator for the excess milk to make a powdered product. If it didn’t meet whatever standards there are for human consumption, it would still be a useful feedstock for glues or other products, such as a bonding agent for concrete and stucco.

      Just a thought. I hate to see stuff go to waste.

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