Preview of Coming Attractions

Between events in the shop this week, and Biden pulling troops before others, we see a vision of the future that looks horrific.  This will come out on Urban in pieces, but this morning for subscribers a high level overview of what’s likely to come from America’s simmering calamities.

Along with the ChartPack which is turning into a nail biter on its own.

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73 thoughts on “Preview of Coming Attractions”

  1. The remote views and, dare I say his name?, Juan O’Savin, are both saying we’re in for a “Gut Punch” around the end of September to mid October. Penny thought it may have something to do with getting all of our troops out of Afghanistan, especially after we sent so many back.

    Bottom lining this whole predicament they’ve been saying the U.S. has been steeped in this corruption for so long that we’re going to have to hit the bottom for people to realize who the real enemy is – and rebuild from there. The breakup of the U.S. is still a real possibility.

    • “they’ve been saying the U.S. has been steeped in this corruption for so long that we’re going to have to hit the bottom for people to realize who the real enemy is ”

      could it be that we have been flying in tens of thousands of illegal refugee’s and dispersing them all around the USA.. ( with only 13 percent telling anyone where they are)
      Even though the Taliban and Isis etc.. came right out and told everyone that was the method they would use to get warriors into the country to defeat us from within with a Jihad….

      then you take the poison pawn trap.. the oligarch’s want the oil in the Balkan sea’s and the pipeline from Iran to the coast.. they also want the lithium in North Korea and the leviathan gas and oil fields off of Syria.. so .. What if.. china goes after Taiwan and Russia is already stepping up the game in Poland and area.. do we do.. the Saudi’s gave a couple of our air strips to Russia I believe or was it china.. anyway the middle east is pretty locked up..
      We neutered our police with BLM and Antifa…and we destroyed our industrial advantages.. we dumbed down our children.. and left the cities poorest areas open for criminal control..
      Foreign lobbyists have spent what three billion alone in less than ten years on seven hundred people..
      there are billions spent yearly on the same group.. and by the way what does ten million a year buy you.. our judicial system has been hiding activities of the people in power.. even though its all spread all over the world..
      NOW.. say what you will about Kammy but consider this.. she may have slept her way to the top to escape the ghetto.. Her kids are decent and law abiding.. she was a judge for many years.. IF….. she believed in even ten percent of what she swore to uphold.. she has to be doing flip flops.. you don’t see her speaking up about how great everyone is.. you rarely see her next to them at all.. my guess is she is just as mortified over what is going on as much as the general public.. everyone knows that laws are different depending on your social class and how much money or power you wield.. but what is being tossed at everyone has to shock even her.. that has probably seen a huge variety of issues through the years.. IS it a failed endeavor.. absolutely not.. everything is going on just as everyone was told it would..
      What would ten million buy a normal family.. forget the yearly donations or any of that other horrible stuff that is supposedly been happening.. how much does it cost the American public to hire a complete team to follow around behind the kid hiding his actions.. then the team of people it has to take to spin those actions into a positive story..

      • What “OR”? – that’s what I’m talking about. The corruption is so systemic the system can’t go on and is responsible for all of the bad things that have happened outside of our borders, too. We’ll have to be rebuilt for the most part from the bottom up – starting at the local level and probably seeing a shut down of the legal side of the government to begin with while the military maintains what it can. We’re going to have to make sure the rebuild (NOT the “Build Back Better” infantile rubbish) parallels the original Constitution as much as possible.

      • Well….LOOB, all of what you say is real great, but you miss the OBVIOUS. Kamalah, has a handlah, her hubby.

        It’s so amazing how powerful the people you cannot name, a race all of its own, a country all their own, the real supremacists owned press and banking cartel is in all the developed countries; they run the world and they tell us all what to think each day. They keep all of the borders wide open in those same countries. NONE of the citizens in any country can fight back without being called names.

        “Sticks and Stones Can Break My Bones but Names Will Never Hurt Me”; unless you care about your family and your job, your words will HURT you BIGLY, BAABY; cause your words will NEVER DIE; they can get resurrected to live until eternity and timely take you down!!!!!

        But THEIR opinions are opinions and unimpeachable, their lies are misunderstandings and hardly rescinded. BUT YOU, YOU WILL BE NAILED FOR WHAT YOU SAY!!!

        In case you haven’t looked to see who owns the six corporations who own all of the press (media, tv, commercials, movies, newspapers, book publishers, tech companies including amazon, instagram, facebook, etc.) Oh, and let’s not forget who owns the banking structure, which of course owns the politicians! And that explains everything that is happening today.

        You know the women and children raping, plundering, murdering, racist Tali Ban can be on Twitter but President Trump cannot!!!

        Some people sold out some people. It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby!!!

        IF the press had not been biased all of these years, the USA would NOT be in the position it is in. Where do you think the dumbing down begins? Who harps by the minute, by the hour, by the day, by the month, by the year?

        Then there is the:

        Department of Education
        Homeland Security

        Double Speaked Sick Yet?

        Whose that whispering in your ear?

        But, oh vey, let’s change the channel before I get accused of being something not nice.

        Let’s let someone who just may know what he is talking about; I mean we’ve had to listen to all manner of people in this country, the Squad, we’ve had the rest of the Democrat minions (yeah, haven’t heard from Schumer baby, Feinstein, Pelosi, and those heavy heavy war mongering hitters that have spent their lifetimes in politics SERVICING the American people, have we?), we’ve had the military and CIA/FBI/NSA ad infinitum that can’t FIND ANYTHING or DO ANYTHING except WRAP the AMERICAN PEOPLE UP IN all manner of surveillance and control (Patriot Act, etc., ) wiretapping (phones copying/tracking/tapping, computer controlled spying/tracking/tracing) etc., America is toast; we’ve had 30 years of neo con Republicans (and 3 generations of Bush Baby’s), we’ve had the Clinton Dynasty (influence peddling baby) we’ve had hollyweird, we’ve been told here and yonder by everyone all of the time, including Qops, but the TRUTH is always just a LIE AWAY.

        Just a LIE AWAY.
        Just a LIE AWAY
        YEAH, YEAH, YEAH.

        THE LYING PRESS who hasn’t nary said a bad word about any LEFTIST until he actually gets caught raping girls and women….and then only under DURESS…

        The Lying LAWYERS who will protect anyone from their lies, especially the LEFTIST.

        The Lying Politicians who make bank ever day in every way and have already given themselves a raise WHILE THEY CONTINUALLY SELL US OUT.

        But now, that media, that terrible, disgusting biased media has ganged up on Biden; WHAT DO YOU MAKE OF THAT??? They IGNORED HUNTER BIDEN and OLE 10% JOE with CHINA, and HUNTER BIDEN’S LAPTOP STOLEN BY RUSSIA. (The real colluders ARE THE BIDEN’S.)

        And now they are turning on Biden? Ahahahahah, just to make the American people think they are working for us.

        They aren’t.


        What a crock of crap!!!

        Here’s another one for the barn burning party.

        Take your venom out on him in his comment section if you must. He has been fighting for what America WAS even AFTER it was conquered from within.

        Me? I’m stocking up on alcohol.

      • The “Devolution” program that Clif talks about, the simpler life that comes out of this we’re heading in to is what other cultures’ faith keepers are telling us about as well. How we treat each other determines our path to oblivion or to continuance in a manner that produces real happiness going forward. But we’ve come so far down the path of Devolution that we’re going to have to feel a lot of pain before it gets better. Prosperity without attention to our spiritual health produces the crass, cynical society we have today and allows those corrupt people to have access to power they never should have had in the first place.

      • “Well….LOOB, all of what you say is real great, but you miss the OBVIOUS.”

        Sadly AOTM.. you are absolutely correct.. no matter what our opinions are.. what we read in the news or what is happening in our cities.. we have no control over what is going on, we cannot stop it or influence them to make difference choices…. we just need to accept what they are doing and be happy with it and pray for the best….

      • Like one of my uncles I was so blessed to have used to say “We’re all a bunch of piss-ants riding a cow chip down the river and every one of them think they’re guiding the danged thing”.

      • There is a lot that could be said here. The deliberate distractions are necessary. The two part interview below[made over a year ago] are instructive[in present terms they are spot on]. Make sure you are covering the gaps in your personal tribe. This is all just getting started. And a Mini Ice Age is arriving just in time to accelerate the logistics crisis, the latter being another “symptom” contributing to the $collapse.

  2. I think all your readers agree with you on China taking Taiwan especially with a feckless US president in charge of freedom. The real question is the timing. China very much wants the Winter Olympics in February 2022 for both political and economic reasons. For these reasons alone, the Taiwan timing is probably well in to 2022.

    There will be mounting pressure for Olympic boycotts and along with the crapshoot of new COVID variants appearing as well as the lack of games interest in the Western World (note summer olympics TV viewer ratings), it could get interesting.

    • I see a multi sided event BIC…
      Our country is in what a couple hundred different countries.. just read some of the reports that those in the oligarchy has written up.. take a map of the world and put stick pins in it..
      several years ago.. the hospital I worked for hired some refugee’s from Afghanistan.. the one that worked besides myself and one other male.. was appalled.. he thought we should be put to death because we let women tell us what to do.. the only reason he was working in the USA was so he could go back home and buy twelve wives.. when questioned the price for a young wife was less than twenty dollars.. ( yup it is how it is.. and look at the headlines yesterday.. taliban killed a woman because she was a bad cook )
      Just take a look at what has happened in other countries that opened the borders.. there is a reason why we had a vetting process..
      what I see happening is a divide and conquer..
      what are the steps by old sun tzu..
      1. Choose your country. Select a country that has been consigned to the trash heap of history
      2. Find a warlord and co-opt him. Taking over a small country can be exhausting work, so don’t do it alone. Local knowledge (and muscle) is best. Win a native strong man to your side. ( or buy their obedience)
      3. Secure funding. Unless you’ve got oodles of cash in unmarked bills lying around the chateau, you’re going to have to find someone else to pay for your king-making enterprise.
      4. Create a shell company. To get people to give you huge amounts of cash, you need the pretense of legitimacy. ( already done)_
      5. Raise your mercenary army. More likely than not, there is a huge labor pool of raw talent in your country’s neighborhood.
      6. Develop a propaganda campaign. You can count on the international press not caring about your country
      7. Stage your coup.
      8. Cement your position. To your surprise, you will find that the citizenry will continue on with “business as usual.” However, you will have to act immediately to establish your authority among pesky rivals by eliminating the opposition entirely and making a few examples of ambitious allies
      9. Do some nation building. In order to avoid a coup yourself, you will need more than repressive secret police
      10. Bask in your victory. You will find that ruling a country is akin to being a rock star. Give yourself a new name
      Oh Sun Tzu.. great book.. to bad those that should don’t heed what he says.. you can see a lot of this already taking place in the press and on MSM

      we have the congress and administration shipping in refugees by the thousands.. which a portion of them could easily be enemies of the state.. so once the action begins.. what do we do.. head to taiwans defense and leave the Ukraine or some other country.. then while the cats away.. those that have been transported and dispersed within our borders rise up game over …. especially if they get a gun grab.. that would be a horrendous mistake..

      • My understanding is that a vast majority of the Military aged illegal aliens in this country are being sent to US military installations (were they former military? Maybe) I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a gun grab it will be military supervised aliens with the promise of citizenship to do the job – just a guess – they will be used for something we won’t like I’m pretty sure …… Monkey Werx has been on this for quite a while now … lastly I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if we aren’t a couple of weeks away from Joe being removed from office for health reasons …Maricopa audit information Monday?

  3. I’m out on the deck with my dog, just now. I hear a (tap) on the wood floor and see a very narrow yellow beam come down and a small bright blue light flash where the wood made the tap sound. This all happened within a second. It startled me and my dog … I immediately reflexed, closing my eyes and moving away. No damage to the deck but the dog keeps looking at the spot. Missed me by about a foot.

    Any physicists out there know what the hell that was ?? WTH??

    • Not to repeat wild conspiracy theories P-Bob, but there have been claims that a lot of the fires that have gone off in the WUSA have been started from space. Idea being that a space-based laser could light up the ground and start fires on command.
      So what the a burn mark associated?

      • Hmmm space lasers.. that is a good one.. I hadn’t heard that one.. but could it actually happen from the voids of space…. how much does light disperse over a mile.. the laser you can buy at the grocery store.. ( and I am betting they have a lot better ones than that.well seriously I know they have better lenses than that.. LOL when I was in the service during a training exercise we took a picture of the presidents golf ball from a hundred miles and was able to get the printing on the ball clear.. LOL…) but with a laser the light will disperse almost an inch in diameter in twenty feet..So what is the focal point now take that by lets say fifty miles or ten miles even.. I am willing to guess that the fires Probably are not started by lasers.. the intensity of the laser would have to be noticable.. now from an airplane.. or a ship.. that would be possible.. but in my opinion not from the voids of space.. could be microwave.. that would do it with a focused microwave even that is extremely iffy from my perspective..
        the if/ga..

      • “Yepper right on georg”
        Many of us gave dish network .. a small 18 inch dish.. uses I think the k band that can process weak signals better.. the old c-band satellites took a minimum of 3 meter dish.. the satellite transmits it’s signal and you try hard to make sure it’s as close to right on as you can..1/64 of an inch correction was within what I was told a 500 mile range.reverse that a laser transmission of a beam from that high up would have a footprint of roughly a five hundred mile diameter.. there would need to be a group of lasers similar to Harp and a light beam strong enough to strike a fire would be noticable.
        A study was done on Archimedes and the same thing. It took several hundred mirrors to start a boat on fire..
        Of course that is just my opinion and I didn’t actually do the math to get a footprint of a laser in was a rough estimate..

    • Dust speck from a cobalt/iron meteorite. It went through the crack between boards.


      A space-based laser would be a 2-3mm near-infrared beam, and would diffuse in a couple hundred miles to where it was an inch or so in diameter. It would certainly not be yellow (takes more energy to produce less light) and it couldn’t change color. It would also require a tremendous amount of power to fire — power which would not be wasted on a random discharge.

  4. No marks at all. And we have clear blue skies here today, but it had been raining for days, so the deck is still wet. Nothing was flying over that I could see and I had a very good view of the vicinity it would have came from.

    I’d say it was a laser. Scared the hell out of me.

    • Near miss from a small lightning stroke?
      Smart @ss neighbor with a new drone?
      Practice run from a low-orbit Ure admirer getting sighted in for his new deck?

      I’d vote for the static discharge phenomena. No point in p!ssing off the flyboys again.

      • “Smart @ss neighbor with a new drone?”

        Lol lol ..I was a smart azz neighbor when I was a young man lol… back in the seventies i came home and the wife was all upset.. the neighbor was watching us with binoculars lol..irked me.. so I intensified my tv remote ( they had the same television) and would switch channels whenever he would get up.. then I made a laser listening unit.. and when we’d visit I’d bring up crap that they would talk lol .you know I was thinking about this what do you think lol loll. it was fun for a couple of weeks.. I had more fun switching channels lol even though that was over 40 years ago..we are still friends and He got rid of his binoculars lol…

    • This is what I brought up in my post a few days back quoting Dr. Chris Martenson when he explored the story about Austin almost being out of ICU beds. There’s never a whole lot of them around – ANYway, so running out is not that big of a story. It’s fear porn.

      We did hear about an acquaintance who’s husband is in the hospital with Covid this morning and pretty bad off. The co-moribidity factor figures heavily in his story with damaged lungs from some other disease and prior surgeries on his back. We’ve inquired as to whether or not he was able to get some HCQ or Ivervectin early on in his infection but it appears that he had not. This appears to be one of those “low hanging fruit” incidents that Covid goes after so be sure and take good care of yourselves out there!

      • Yes, Sir, I can completely confirm your analysis on beds in Austin. During the 2017/2018 flu season, all the hospital ICU beds were full, too. DID YA’LL HEAR THAT??? 80,000 PEOPLE DIED THAT YEAR, but actually the nuber was higher, but the CDC did it’s magic manipulation trick and lowered the number.

        Anyhoo, when I presented to the ER, I was told, “WE ARE FULL.” Right there at the bullet proof window where you slip your id and doctor’s report.

        Ahahaha!!! So, I was too sick to register what that meant, and sat there waiting, and said out loud to God, “well, at least, I am in the right place now.”

        Less than 5 minutes later, Eureka! The ER door opened up and a man came to get me, as I was by now in a wheelchair. And I spent the next 2 days in the ER, waiting on an ICU bed; I was out of my mind breathing at 56 breaths a minute, panting like a dog, in and out of consciousness, 105 degree fevers, and on the brink of death.

        So, full beds in Austin has happened before and NOT that year, nor any other year’s flu season, was it ever called a pandemic.

  5. First of all Marjorie Taylor Green is 10 times dumber than the dumbest politician on earth…known as the Former Guy. Stop giving her press.
    Second…Now that the Taliban have emerged from their caves and into the spotlight, government buildings and positions of power, don’t you think it will be easier to seek and destroy? Strategy? Just saying.

    • Mark, unlike socialist media, we don’t censor the right. All censored or none. My vote is none. And this isn’t a democracy.
      As for Bungler Joe? He might need help remembering what strategy is.
      I know force protection people who have about given up on the admin. I mean seriously…throwing hands up.
      Old-school people who care about winning (not flags, sensitivity training, CRT indoc and such).

    • Mark said, “Now that the Taliban have emerged from their caves and into the spotlight, government buildings and positions of power, don’t you think it will be easier to seek and destroy? Strategy? Just saying.”

      Now that is just plain DUMB. I would expect that from Trump. “Now their in our crosshairs.” Tell that to the Afgans being raped, tortured, & murdered. When we left Vietnam, did you use the same logic? How did that work out when the NV came out into the open? Just like in Afganistan, the NV took over so fast, we had to evaculte the last people using Helicopters from the top of the embassy building. The Taliban are in control after 20 years of US control & who is stupid enough to invade Afganistan again. Two superpowers, Russia & the US, left accomplishing nothing positive, & left families on both sides with heartache & misery. The only thing that changed, was that nothing changed, & you are still DUMB.

      • “we had to evaculte the last people using Helicopters from the top of the embassy building”

        I worked with a refugee from nam special forces south day it was do hot.. we were out to sit for break on a bunk of wood.. he took his shirt off.. the remnantsof several bullet wounds.. I had to ask dam what happened..anyway when we left they were in a fire fight on a small hill.. tge chopper came grabbed the Americans and left.. it was just him and a handful of other vietnamese..he of course was shot and put in a prison camp.. tortured he escaped was another story..gruesome to say th he least.. crawled by night and would hide in the bug trenches of dead bodies by day.. got out through Cambodia..made it here.. I’m pretty sure we will hear similar stories from the survivors of Afghanistan..

  6. Cosmic NRG – would b a lil gob smacked for awhile if U took the Hit. Better than THC I’ll wager.

  7. Yesterday I went to the Indian (from India) gold shop. All they sell is 22K gold and it’s priced by gram. Their ask is $79.00 a gram, about 50% over gold content. I don’t know if that is high/low or just right. I looked on Ebay and there 22K seems to hover around $90/g.

    Anyone got the Cliff notes on what a good price over spot is for plain gold jewelry, like a plain chain?

    Gold cost/work cost/mark-up.

    When spot price is $1,782.53/OZ that makes 22K spot at $52.54/g and 14K at $33.44/g (link below).

  8. “If you ever feel useless … Just remember that the United States took four presidents, thousands of lives, trillions of dollars and 20 years … To replace Taliban with Taliban.”

    • My First Five Gold Star Comment Award goes to YOU, “H”.

      You’ve had a lot of competition over the years; but yours is succinctly the best.

  9. Hey Ben Dova Ure,

    Alwayz with the TAX – WTF ? Over..

    Can you name one single thing this “representative government has done: any program, regulation, law that was in any way representative of Ure/American Values ?
    DUMBING DOWN our Youts,.. Math & Science smience – yuo dont ned thet kynda nawledge to bee membr of the nu, pendin Slave Classes..

    THE GREAT SATAN/USA – Slaughtering innocent Women and Children around the World, Destroying country after country. Giving legitimacy 2 Evil, Twisted, Upside down Ideas/Lifestyles/ behaviors – Hello TALKING to YOU Kilbilary, Onbongos, SchumeredShiftyPelosers,tRUMP and Bribems ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    How would you TAX Sex Bots ? At what rate for instance ? Per Inch Pipe Laid ? Per Sweated Joint, Per Turn ON, How many “Bells Rung” ??

    Like she said..

  10. As we approach the anniversary of 911, it is a good reminder of the strong bond we Canadians have with our American friends. For those of you who didn’t see the Broadway performance of “Come From Away” when a small Canadian town in Newfoundland welcomed planeloads of Americans and cared for them like close family, here is a worthwhile read.

    And yes, we would do it again and again – eh!

    • “it is a good reminder of the strong bond we Canadians have with our American friends.”

      I would love to be living in Canada.. beautiful country good fishing.. ( even though I hate to catch any.. but I love to dangle my feet in the water and read a book LOL)

  11. October has always been the bad month for my family. Several deaths due to a spectrum of causes, several BAD hurricanes — ever shovel 6 inches of mud, stinky black tidal muck and fuel oil from a ruptured tank, out of a cellar? (No power. Bucket and shovel the only tools available.) I have. Twice. Not fun. Moved away from near the sea for that reason. Now 180 miles inland in North Carolina, and at a bit under 500 feet ASL. I may get a lot of wind and rain someday, but not a flood again.

    Still… With “all that’s going on” I view the coming of October with some trepidation and a fluttery tummy.

    Prepped up as best I can with the available budget and best logic I could summon. Hoping for the best. I’ll be very happy to see spring come in 2022.

    Gonna be a BITCH, I’m thinkin’…..

  12. Looks like the U. S. Afghan experience is very similar to the USSR experience. Hoping that doesn’t have the same end result. Otherwise GUre and I might end up in the 2nd Republic of Texas.

  13. I’ve enjoyed George’s blog for too long to cite accurately. I like his data oriented approach to global economies, which IMO tethers tightly to a nation’s foreign policy as well as military strategy and force structure.

    But George also has an impressive, I believe innate visionary side: He shares his interest in futurism, no matter the source, as well as his acceptance of space/time ripples which seem to underly many of our dreams – particularly his – at least those that he and we can remember. George is also into exploring what many call pseudo-science possibilities. Reading of his various exploits is like a refreshing blast of non-status quo air.

    Put the pragmatic and the Woo together and we all get to enjoy Urban. But honestly, coming from the kinetic/nuclear side of the USAF (the Old Strategic Air Command motto was “peace is our profession,” to which we borderline psychopathic B-52 crew dogs glibly added “and war is just a hobby.”), I sincerely admire George’s grasp fo geo-political dynamics.

    When you think of it, predictions of any kind are like a scatter plot – lots of potential data points. Most folks simply draw a best fit straight line to fit all the wildly spread data points. George amps it up by developing a data scatter plot matrix or mosaic. This makes the prediction part, using many variables, a hell of a lot more interesting. It adds dimensionality to the process. So it is when divining the future.

    If a bunch of USAF ‘zeros’ (aka field grade officers of Maj, Lt Col. or Col. rank) can predict Space Weather as a Force Multiplier in 1996 or that China will ascend to the top of the super power heap, then the straight line scatter plot part or prediction can be learned by others with some training. But it’s a whole ‘nother thing to pin down event specifics and timing. Admittedly, this becomes easier the closer the event gets to the present time. But putting ones marbles out on the pavement and making the right shot involves more than luck. IMHO George minimized chance and aggregated the data to form a best fit scatter plot matrix for ‘Merica and China during the coming months. I salute George for his focus, his irreverence, his focused processes and his teachings.

  14. “Oh, and did I mention his focus! :-)”

    He drives a Ford? I thought he had a Lexus. ;-)

    I’ve been reading G’s stuff since around 2010, back when he and Clif High nailed the prediction of diaspora. Not long after that, half the world’s population developed wanderlust, and they’re still at it.

  15. “Lesson from having a belt break on my Jet BD950N belt drive geared head lathe? Yep – with scant exceptions – the wearing parts on most machinery in America today comes from what country that has its eyes on South Korea and Taiwan?”

    Try to always source belts from Continental. Goodyear got out of the belt biz by selling it all to Conti. Continental belts are made principally in the US and UK. Gates belts are now a “world” product. Most other industrial belts are clones or private labels from one of these two. “V” belts are sold by circumference and belt profile. Profile is determined by top width / bottom width / depth, or top width and length of hypotenuse — circumference may be in milimeters, centimeters, or inches, irrespective the unit used for belt profile.

    The Conti belt will run quiet and outlast the Gates belt by 4x It can be preserved, nitrogen-sealed in a bag, and will have a shelf-life of functionally forever…

  16. “I take a hard-nosed look at whether Taiwan can be defended and the simple answer is “Likely not…” Because China has the upper hand.”

    IMO China cannot take Taiwan without a huge “boots on the ground” presence. Said another way, Taiwan will not fall as long as they can deny the Red Army and Marines a secure beachhead on Formosa.

    The main island of Taiwan is Formosa. Formosa’s coastline is 973.3 miles. Its west coast is ~110 miles across the Taiwan Strait from mainland China. That entire 973-mile coastline must be defended. Taiwan would need a LOT of rockets and cruise missiles. They would need to sink every Chinese vessel before it got within swimming distance of the island, and kill or outfight thousands of paratroopers. We are currently sneak-selling Taiwan a LOT of rockets, but no one knows how many.

    China WILL win eventually, because even if Taiwan fights them off and cripples their military this time, that’s only going to piss Xi off. ?Infuriating Xi is probably even less of a good idea than pissing off Mao, because of Xi’s oversized ego.

    Unless, of course, Taiwan has matured a stealth nuke program…

    Israel did it. So did both Pakistan and India. Living under a Sword of Damocles that’s suspended by a rice-paper thread, were I Chiang, I would’ve gotten that ball rolling long before I died.

    Were I modern-day Taiwan, I would’ve set aside 25% of the American missiles they periodically receive, for reverse-engineering, as soon as they began to arrive. The classic conquering military tactic for islands and fortresses is the blockade. I’d want the ability to make my own munitions. Patent infringement? Those who don’t survive, don’t pay out…

  17. I love MTG. She’s so new to Congress she’s not yet afraid to speak truth or criticize other pols.

    The Dems will throw $100mln at her district in 2022 if need be, to get her out of Congress. In an honest election in a very conservative district in Georgia, that won’t be nearly enough. In today’s election climate? Who knows…

  18. “Meantime, back in the disaster zone – having given the Taliban a week to move key U.S. military assets – abandoned by the politically correct genius survivors of the Obama defense purges and such – we see now Biden administration considering airstrikes in Afghanistan targeting American-made equipment: report. We are appalled.”

    You bet’cha!

    Next to Israel and Egypt, the Taliban is now the best-equipped military in the entire sandbox. BTW, Taliban were flying Blackhawks on the second day of this bum-rush, so the apologists who said the Taliban wouldn’t be able to use the materiel we left have proven themselves not the sharpest knife in the drawer…

    I heard it said tonight by one of the Generals Mr. Obama “retired” that: If an actual competent military combat commander (hint: 3-stars or fewer) were given laissez faire and a blank check, then given a microphone, he would have one million volunteers within 24 hours, ready to go into Afghanistan and break & kill as much as necessary, to completely remediate the current situation.

    • On the brighter side, Sikorsky/Lockheed Martin will now have another place to sell spare parts to. Not to mention replacements. So some military contractors will be able to proceed as if nothing has changed.

  19. “When we get around to Monday morning early – like 5 AM – there will be a lot more additional data and the news flow out of the sand box will be sortable.”

    There WILL be a lot more data. I’m not at all sure it will be sortable though. I expect the spin doctors and apologists to work overtime to put a band-aid on Biden’s Afghan withdrawal policy.

    There are whispers that Kammy has been in hiding, to distance herself from Joe in case the media commies can’t save the day. She’s not that bright, and she’s another spoiled, shielded rich kid so she’s been tucked under the wing of either Soros or Willie.

    I’m going to break down and watch her Saigon speech, live, simply for its irony value…

  20. “They’re not going to pin this shit on me!”

    she reportedly screamed.

    VP Kamala Harris discussed invoking the 25th Amendment against Joe Biden after refusing to stand with him during his address to America over his bungled pullout of Afghanistan, according to reports.

    Sources inside the White House told Human Events editor Jack Posobiec that Harris had been avoiding doing a presser on Afghanistan on Sunday, and wouldn’t stand next to Biden while he delivered a humiliating 10-minute speech on Monday.

    Shade War going hot – Kamala refused a request to do a presser today. Said she was focused on Haiti not Afghanistan. Now staffers for the rival teams have been openly fighting all day, per WH official

    — Jack Posobiec ?? (@JackPosobiec) August 16, 2021

    After Biden’s tepid speech blaming Trump and the Afghan Army for the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan, Harris then reportedly broached invoking the 25th Amendment, which would allow the removal of Biden from office if his Cabinet declared him unfit to serve.

    Hearing K discussed the 25th tonight in a non-joking way for the first time

    — Jack Posobiec ?? (@JackPosobiec) August 17, 2021

    These reports are corroborated by BeckerNews, who reported that Kamala screamed to her staff, “They’re not going to pin this shit on me!”

    Harris was reportedly pressed to give an update on Afghanistan to the American people but refused.

    White House source says Kamala Harris could be heard screaming today: “They will not pin this shit on me!”

    — Kyle Becker (@kylenabecker) August 16, 2021

    This comes after Harris confirmed Sunday that “she was the last person in the room before President Joe Biden made the decision to pull all U.S. troops out of Afghanistan,” Politico reported.

    Hearsay, but hearsay by a lot of people, and different reporters/journalists talked to different people, all of whom conveyed the gist of the conversation, but didn’t necessarily agree on the exact verbiage. I, myself, have been hearing about how much of a b!tch Kammy is, and how loud & abusive she gets when she’s on a roll. She’s like a louder, nastier Hillary…

    BTW, FWIW I really don’t blame her for refusing the presser. Were I she, I wouldn’t have done it either, although I would have refused because it is the CiC’s job, where hints from D.C. say she bailed in an attempt to keep her political career afloat.

    This is a – mostly linear – c/p hack-up from [your] news

    Entire article may be read here:

    • All theater for the masses, MSM has been touting 5+5+5+5+5 amendment for over a year now(getting your subconscence to be accepting as not a new term/normalcy). the key to all this is the death of fiat dollars, where if no longer fungible, a whole host of stuff that has been kept under wraps with hush payments goes full out into the open. The defenders of the old paradigm will scramble with distractions , noise, grid down space aliens, (use your imagination here) all stops will be pulled as members of the old paradigm scramble to escape being noticed.

    • On CNN they had a program on that they were basically saying that it was the previous administrations plan that they followed..

      • Of course they would blame Trump. Can’t have ’em crucify savior Joe who brought us the vaccine (lol) can they.
        And is the Kammunist still in Saigon?

  21. Still a little on edge about yesterday’s yellow light and blue flash from above. I’m gonna go with what n____ said, “static discharge phenomenon.” Just for peace of mind’s sake. But I’m keeping a memo in my pocket about it, in case it becomes more common.

    • The sound [ “tap”.., pop?] and the blue colored flash were probably the sudden, explosive evaporation of a small amount water on the deck. The color of the initial light – yellow – is kind of puzzling. I have not seen a yellow laser.., and static discharges are usually bright white and leave a small mark.
      I have no ‘real’ explanation.

    • I’d think it a safe bet, Bob, that if they were after you there wouldn’t be any subsequent postings here. One bullet, one man. Interesting phenomena, though!

  22. Biden screwed up Afghanistan bad. How bad?

    U.S. ‘fly ’em in’ Red States are welcoming Afghan refugees. Even Texas.

    ““We have never seen this kind of increase in people wanting to volunteer,” said Jacqueline Buzas, a program supervisor for Refugee Services of Texas. “We have people calling to say, ‘I have an extra bedroom.’ Or, ‘I’m retired and have this extra house.’ People understand the human aspects of this, having to flee this life-or-death situation. And they just open the door.””

  23. 55 Days in Peking – ever see that movie ?
    Markets tend to crash from their highs 55 days later. [ 37 trading days.]
    My Aggregate Index topped on Friday the 13th / confirmed on the 16th., that following Monday.
    55 calendar days / 37 trading days – Oct 6th
    I got to wondering if anything was happening globally in early October.
    China – Chinese National Day is celebrated on October 1st every year to commemorate the founding of People’s Republic of China. On that day, lots of large-scaled activities are held nationwide. The 7-day holiday from Oct. 1st to 7th is called ‘Golden Week’, during which a tens of millions of Chinese go traveling around the country.
    Covid may interfere with this year’s celebration, as it did last year.., but I do find the coincidence., the timing., interesting.[ Taiwan triggers the crash? ., maybe? ., possibly? ]
    It’s all a wait-n-see.., isn’t it ?

  24. Unfortunately I only see three waves down from the top. They are overlapping, thus corrective. It was a simple ABC, C=1.1618 x A and once the retrace exceed 38.2% without a B wave, it was a sign the bottom was in. However, ES closed Friday with equal wavelengths up, so there was/is a remote chance it would come back down, but if so, my guess would have been only one more move to about 4290 or so. Possible we get it, but I doubt it. The other clue was Nasdaq failed to make a new high and top properly before the dip.

    That being said, I don’t think we are too far away. A double top can do it, or another measured high slightly below 4500 for the S&P500.

    This chart is looking eerily similar to our Feb 2020 top. We had a 3 wave move down toward the end, then a slight new high, struggled sideways for a little, then came down. Interestingly enough, in that 3 wave drop prior to the top in 2020, it became known insiders were selling. There’s some speculation going around (I can’t verify it) that Pelosi, Zuck, and the rest of the crew started to unload.

    I was short in futures, but exited 1/3 at the low (which was very easy to calculate), another third after it retraced too high, and holding on to the last 1/3 for S&G with a stop at entry near the high (which was also not too difficult to measure).

    Look for 4480 in ES (about 9 points higher in SPX) and if it doesn’t turn there, we’re likely going to 4490ish. I haven’t opened an option position yet, but plan on doing so shortly. Starting out if/when we get to a new high then will add in after I see a first wave down and retrace to either 50% or 62%. In 2020 all we got was 50% & it was sloppy all the way. Target somewhere between 3600 and 3900. It can’t go into a previous wave up (or shouldn’t). I don’t believe this impending drop will be the big one. That’s likely to come early 2022, after we see another new high after the next correction.

    If it doesn’t top early in the week, I’m guessing we creep sideways and up until labor day. Keep in mind, I’m looking at the top of the market, not the actual 3rd wave (which the layman folks refer to as a “crash”). Obviously we’re going to head south, retrace partially (this is where everyone thinks everything is okay and the folks on teevee say “we’ve already recovered 1/2 (or 2/3) and things look good”) then bamn, our third wave strikes.

    DXY has been climbing for weeks, gold has been a downtrend, Oil looks like it topped weeks ago as well. Meanwhile (with the dollar stronger and oil lower) gas and prices for everything else continue to rise… We’re screwed. It will be worse after this next correction is over and oil goes up with the dollar getting weaker.

    • Very astute view! This notion that we could have one more run at a higher high is encompassed in the largest of the trading boxes – the biggest of which is not filled – yet. So for this reason, we’re expecting a bad fall, but depending on how much denial can be ginned-up, perhaps a new high – which couple be a double top – and then looks bad to us. As I’ve said many times, looks to me like there’s a large 3 completing (the pending down would be a 4) but a final run up in early 2022 and a screaming inflation rally next year seems possible.
      People on Main St don’t like inflation, but from an equities or commodities standpoint, those are assets that can be repriced skyward all day…

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