Collapsing into Fall

Since there isn’t much in the way of hardcore economic news today, a really short column is in order.

Markets: Short-term Glum

Things will suck again, at least at the open.  At least so say the futures.  The market high in our Aggregate came on Monday, the 16th. So we will have to fiddle our Crash Alert window out to October 10.  55-days from the market peak.

However, since that is a Sunday, the concept to at least think about would be October 11th for a Black Monday kind of event.

Meantime, the Aggregate has been chugging along like this:

In  the short-term (90-day) outlook, we continue pessimistic.  But, that’s just the beginning of problems.

Where to Pack Money?

At the current rate of monetary (fiat currency) inflation, we need to think in the 7-10% annual gain terms.  Just to break even. And that’s really getting difficult.

Once upon a time – when America still had the vestiges of an honest government (not the woke/lefty kluge now in power) you might have bought a rental home.  Forget that.

Sure, the tax benefits are there, but when the Federal government just makes-up not paying rent – and sticks it to the property owner to force them to (in effect) adopt people?  No thanks!  Not a business we want to be in.

Another use of small-investor money would be to park it in a money market.  But thanks to contrary trends in finance this one is almost a certain loser, as well.,  Remember, 7 percent is the answer we’re looking for.

We scratch our heads every day wondering “Where are we going to keep up with inflation – 6% is what Social Security looks like – plus a little bit for our trouble – and 7% SEEMS like a not-unreasonable number.

Rental houses are off the table for another reason, too:  In the “woke world” where people don’t pay bills and cheat honest risk-takers, rent control is spreading as the communist insurgency’s latest “we’re special!” (free lunch pitch) in some formerly traditional places.  Example Rent control will appear on St. Paul ballots in November.  Limit rent hikes to 3% per year in a 6-10 percent world?  Pass!

We aren’t the only ones grappling with where to park money: World’s Largest Sovereign Wealth Fund Made $111 Billion In H1, Warns High Inflation ‘Could Spark Losses Like Never Before’.

Get Rich in Digital Tulips?

Cryptocurrencies are a big hype game – the likes of which haven’t been seen since Tulips (1634-1637) and the South Sea Bubble of 1720.  I’ve been pushing the numbers around on BTC and here’s how it’s feeling to me:  using the data set from which ought to be a bookmark for anyone with financial savvy…

As you can see (and this is not a recommendation, hell, we don’t even own a wallet…still!) looks to us like something north of $55,000 could be in the works going into fall.

Those vertical bars are how we visually “see” things.  Under Elliott theory the C wave is always as large (or larger) than the A wave.  So draw the “a” bar (the left one) and then wait for the bottom of “b”, align the bottom, and slide it right and read the target range.   Since we can see larger retracements, Bitcoin might even put in something close to a double-top. $60,000?

But then what?  BTC is already at $47,000 so a move to $52,000 would net maybe 10% (which would meet objectives) BUT to do that, you have to shoulder a lot of unpalatable risks.

  • Like the risks of internet disruptions.
  • Like the risk of checking the Crypto trading box on your 2021 tax forms.
  • And the risk the Federal Government won’t just outlaw all crypto trading which (in a sense) competes with  their all-paper, 97% debt-laden dollars.

But you already know that one.

Hard Reality of Econ History

This graphic is more for our children than anything else.  Family discussion data set.  We start with the long-term USA employment in Manufacturing data (when people actually made things here).  Then we annotate history a bit:

It seems pretty clear to me how the sequence of events has rolled since World War II:

  • During the War, we ramped up and kicked ass.
  • People came home and there were fears the Depression would resume where it was (technically in the 1937 ‘echo depression’.
  • But not to worry, along came the war in Korea.
  • There was a period of semi-stable growth under President Eisenhower, but he warned the military-industrial complex was on the rise.  His own Cold War fueled it.
  • And they hornswoggled us into Vietnam.  Same tune as Afghanistan:  There were initial reasons, but that turned into a cash cow and that’s when legitimacy fell apart.
  • After Vietnam, it’s like the Power Behind the Scenes figured out the American System was too good to beat.  So let’s strip it down and sell off its manufacturing assets.
  • Soon, politicians and the corporate greedsters did just that, selling whole factories off to China,.  Which triple crooked Nixon owns.  Triple crooked?  Yep.  Watergate.  Opened China.  And stopped the exchange of paper for gold by the Fed.
  • Rinse and repeat.  Clinton sells China super computers.  Great for modeling bomb yields.  Slick, Willie.
  • A home soil terror attack launch a “recovery war series” and even when Housing burst, Obama faked his way along.  Print, Print, and Bail.
  • Trump saw the asset stripping and went with MAGA but the radical left answering to the Soros types and international communists (all by now filthy rich having asset-stripped the former Soviet Union) wouldn’t hear of it.,  The communist/radical left press  bashed and cheated Trump into a single term.
  • Since this wasn’t a sure thing, along came Covid to keep America on her back.  Insurance?
  • And the latest insurance policy is a stumbler and bumbler who lies through his teeth.


Hell yeah.  Joe Pags, WOAI had Trump on for a radio interview last night.  For a day or two, you can hit the Pags website here and listen to the interview here.

Trump is pissed at Biden because Trump plans called for bringing the military out LAST, not FIRST.  Biden’s plan was to bring the MILITARY OUT FIRST.

Which the left-wing press has been having a field day with because people want to believe their biases, not what the facts reveal.  Nothing changes.

But at least now, you can see the timeline of America’s crack-up, see how the country has been sold out from within and then read the crap that passes as news, but it’s better labeled brainwashing.

Let’s Wash

On the right side of my graphic, let’s pick up with the woke joke and lefties reinventing racism,. shall we?

On  woke:  Woke Capitalism: An Update | National Review.

On RIR:  Toddlers are racist and other insights from woke Bank of America training (

Not enough?  How about the Victor Davis Hanson post in The Merc this week? “Hanson: Woke nonsense is warping everyday life.”

Or…the weak defense in Afghanistan Disaster Blamed on ‘Critical Race Theory and Woke Generals’ by MAGA Weirdos (

So flying the LBGTQ flag over the U.S. Embassy in Kabul the month of June this year was…er… a good idea?  Virtue-signaling to radicals with guns?  It’s going to get worse.  Remember to thank the woke cranks when it does.  Meantime, where’s the unedited ‘Snapping Joe interview?  Biden Snaps In Interview When Asked About ‘Afghans Falling’ From Airplanes.

If your idea of progress in the woke world is Naked man stabs another nude man on Seattle sidewalk – New York Daily News, have fun with the socialists and their stabber’s paradise and don’t come looking for tax revenue when the shit all blows up and people want a square deal out of life…

Trash Bag

As long as we’re heaping it on:

Breath deep the gathering gloom:  Fabio reveals he sleeps in hyperbaric chamber to avoid aging.  Fabio…read my new book, dude!  Packing to Die: Suitcase Between Your Ears on Amazon.

What?  A clear thinker in Hollywood?  Michael Keaton says celebrities talking politics often ‘do more damage’.  NSS.

Covering up corruption never goes out of style:  Senate Republicans demand Durham report be made public | Fox News.  Nasty and the razor wire cretins won’t have it, though.

What do you mean, America’s out of money and broke?  Stocks drop as investors sense an end to economic stimulus measures..

And so begins a nice quiet weekend here in the East Texas Outback.  Nearly 10-inches of rain this week so I’ll be mowing the (what looks like a fairway) first thing in the morning.

Have a great weekend and drop by for Sunday ShopTalk and coffee…

If stupid was a technology, America would have a revolutionary product.

Write when you get rich,

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    • LOL LOL LOL….Well they just had a news show on CNN disgussing this whole thing.. NOW we know for sure who is the one that made all the disastrous decisions.. and it wasn’t the JKam administration.. of course we all knew it all along.. the history books will print another analogy of the situation and how it played out..

  1. the way i read and learned all this elliot wave mumbo jumbo is you get anywhere from 3 to 5 alternatives . then it happens and bingo !! they tell you see thats what we saw !!! yep a real guruictic money making paradise . throw in a bit of revisionist history and throw it in as socioeconomics and you got $$$$$ coming in . bit perplexed at applying old RN stuff to sheetcoin

  2. I haven’t heard any thing else about certain folk’s health issues. So, who knows.

    I haven’t said anything about the rent moratorium and I’m not a rental property owner, but I don’t see how anyone other than the low IQ non-rent payers could think that was a good idea. It’s basically asking private citizens to provide public or government housing. Except that is usually subsidized. To the people benefiting from this, you should recognize that if gov has the power to force its will on the property owner it’s only a matter of time until it forces its will on you, too. Slippery slope and all that.

    In other news, TGIF.

    • Renters have been subsidizing landlords ever since Congress saw “It’s a Wonderful Life” and assumed that all non homeowners lived cheaply in Ma Bailey’s Boarding House.I’ve been paying rent since 1968.Had I been able to deduct rent,I’d be on Easy Street as well.

      • I doubt it. Landlords need to be able to make a profit or they’ll sell the building if possible or demolish it if not. How many building have been razed or burned simply to limit taxes on valuable property? Hint: More than most realize.

        I’ve owned rental property and it’s not only a PIA, but it’s a serious legal risk too. I’ve seen property get rent controlled from something as simple as a town board vote, without any advance warning. Of course the insiders knew what would happen, but few others did. A landlord has to constantly juggle vacancies, repairs, new laws, inspections, violations, and lawsuits. Like every letter agency, if they want to, they’ll find pages of violations at will. If you don’t cozy up to the local politicians, you can go bankrupt. Laws mandate that landlords are responsible for tenants’ actions in many cases, yet there’s a very limited ability to control tenants or even evict them. This goes double under rent control, where the best tenants leave and the dregs can’t be evicted. It only takes one bad tenant to ruin a building. One of many reasons I respect Donald Trump is that he was able to stay afloat in the most rent controlled city in America. Yes, you can make a lot of money(sometimes), but its a full time(24/7) job. Anyone that thinks it’s “passive income” is deluded.

        If you’ve been paying rent for 53 years, you have no idea what it’s like to be a landlord. Renters pay to avoid the risks that landlords take daily. That’s a fact.
        Of course, the middle ground is owning your own house and being neither a tenant nor landlord. You get sued less than landlords and still get deductions.

        Contrary to popular belief, you can’t insure against most risks. All you can do is minimize them. Life insurance doesn’t insure that you remain alive, and most ins. companies would rather pay their lawyers than pay you.

      • You don’t deduct rent. You deduct expenses from your rent and sometimes, especially Section 8 landlords, LOSE BIG TIME, as the renters demolish their properties, which they have to spend their own money on (which comes from rents) to fix up their places to rent them again.

        So, say again, Tom?

        Why don’t you buy something and start earning some equity, so you can then rent it out and start deducting your expenses and reporting your rents.

        All homeowners USED to get to deduct their tax bracket in INTEREST paid on their mortgage payment (Principal, Interest, HOI) each year, and their property taxes on an IRS form called Schedule A.

        It was hardly a bonanza, but it was a help.

        Those rules have now been changed.

    • The bottomless federal government purse is showing signs of having a bottom, and the Gangs are scrambling to raise revenue by bypassing the established legislative systems of taxation with representation, and returning to the old system of looting by the King’s men. The moratorium on evictions is really taxation without lawful representation, and the King’s men (the CDC in this case) are engaging in public looting of lawful landowners with an unlegislated and onerous tax. This started under Mr T, and continues under Mr B, so it could well be termed the B-T Landlord Looting Tax. And believe me, finding myself siding with the landlords is almost as appalling as the idea of unlegislated taxation without representation. You let the Gangs think they are ruling under a Party King, and the issues revert to pre-1776.

  3. USA just announced it is extending the Canadian/US border closing until September 21. I am sure it will be tightly enforced. Meanwhile fully vaccinated Americans are welcome to enter Canada.

    My American family and friends are safe from us crazy dangerous Canucks for another month.

      • Comrades,

        Loonies of the Snowbird flock have figured out that the amended business model for successful travel to the USA entails shipping one’s automobile south by third party ground transport, and then themselves hopping on an aeroplane to enter Fortress America. It’s not inexpensive. But that’s what rules are for, right? Helps filter out the wheat from the chaff.

    • Detroit, Buffalo, Seattle, and of course Niagara New York are THANKING the US Government for protecting them from the Hoards of Canadians descending en-mass upon their cities.

      Shoot those Canadians would propably start demanding Poutine be served by Detroit and Buffalo street food vendors. All the Canadians coming across to get the much better view of Niagara Falls from the American Side would overwhelm the American viewing locations. Seattle businesses would have to start printing all signs and menus in English AND FRENCH!!

      The horror of it all … !! Thank goodness the US Government is staying ahead of the curve and protecting us from those Poutine Loving, Moose Riding, Plaid Shirt Wearing Canadians … EH … !!

      (OH …. and keep all that snow and cold weather on YOUR SIDE of the border too!!)

      • Now can we do something about the hordes of American tourists that fly into Hawaii, thinking it’s safe or something? Our hospitals are full, covid numbers are spiking huge, and the Big Island mayor wants to close beaches and public parks and severely limit group gatherings. The only thing Hawaii is apparently unable to do is limit airline arrivals in any way. People are stupid.

    • Fortunately, for our northern brothers and sisters, nobody here in states retires and moves up north!

  4. the 8 facist state regions of australia under the power of chief genaral dictator morrison are all closing borders to each other, mandating kill shot to cross border with papers for stazi police . everyone remains indoors and receive handouts from sheetcoin finance . lost entirely

  5. Sue Cook @SueC00K (Twitter)

    “There might be a 2.5 times higher incidence of myocarditis in those who get the Moderna vaccine compared with Pfizer’s vaccine.”
    Anna Brees @BreesAnna

    The real question that they absolutely don’t want to ask is “How much higher is the risk for myocarditis with any of the vaccines as compared with unvaccinated????”

    • Well, let me tell you a little story.

      Sister #1 did her research and she tried to share with all of her 4 sisters to not take the shots.

      Sister #1, was very worried about Sister #2’s heart and cryingly begged her not to get the shot. Sister #2 listened to Sister #3 and they both ignored Sister #1.

      Sister #2 got the 2 Moderna shots; after the 2nd shot, within a few hours, got sick. Within a few days, thought she had a heart attack. Within another week, had had 2 heart procedures as the doctors thought she had a blocked artery, cardiomyopathy, etc., the doctors did not know so off they went to the tune of thousands of dollars to try to find out. They found out nothing more than the known issues she already has. She now has Nitroglycerin for emergencies along with her other medications. She missed a lot of work.

      Sister #1 asked Sister #2, did you tell your doctor that you had the shot. Sister #2 says yes, but Sister #1, doesn’t think so because Sister #2 had classic already known symptoms of side effects from the Moderna shots. IF the doctors knew what those symptoms were they should NEVER have put Sister #2’s heart through the tests they did.

      Sister #1 also believes the ONLY reason Sister #2 is still alive is because she was already on blood thinners.

      Sister #3 got her shot, Oxford Astra Zeneca, within a few months started bleeding (post-menopause). Now Sister #3 has very large tumor on her ovary, plus other issues, and is getting a full hysterectomy next week.

      Sister #4 got the first dose of the 2 shots; she is a breast cancer survivor, and should not have taken the risk, but she doesn’t see it that way. Sister #1 is waiting to see what happens after Sister #4 gets the 2nd shot. No one listens to Sister #1.

      Sister #4 has a beautiful young daughter who has already been through and has immunity for Covid. The current understanding is that those people who have had Covid, have the BEST NATURAL IMMUNITY and it is NOT recommended that they get the shot. Sister #4 has already gotten the daughter, Shot #1, and is waiting to get her Shot #2. It is now known that these shots affect fertility. Sister #4 will not listen.

      Sister #5 has not revealed whether she has had the shot or not, and they all refuse to read, listen to, or hear anything Sister #1 emails, texts, or tries to tell/warn them about. All four sisters laugh behind Sister #1’s back. THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED.

      Sister #1 thinks most doctors are dumb and ignorant about KNOWN shot side effects and risks as they keep pushing the shots.

      Sisters #2 and #3 and #4 and #5 think most doctors are Gods.

      Sisters #1 and #5 have had no health issues since Covid hit the streets.

      Sister #1 works at an essential business and has been in front of the public (thousands of people) the last 18 months with not even a cold.

      That’s the current Tale of Five Sisters.

  6. Mr Editor & Chief,

    Clarity it is – Trashganistan..several weeks after 9/11, headline in Washington Post – “Bush Rejects Taliban Offer On Bin Laden” Right F-ing there ! The evil lil chimp wanted to be re-elected as a War Time President – wanted,planed and got WAR..dont forget his daddy was known as the gruppenfurher..1000 pts of light” bwahahahahahahaha
    Not very funny is it Sheeps ?

    [Editor note: This part part is bullshit: Obama was the release agent ] Dont forget Israels bitch -the donald, he who wanted sooo badly to be re-elected, had the 150 WORST taliban criminals released – AGAINST the Afghan govts wishes..extremely upset about one mullah in particular – same one who is At Large and In Charge now. It is one big GAME, we have all been gaslighted..

    Which of course leads to ????? Why the Rush, Why was the Military evacted 1st?

    Ya dont think coming covert19 Restrictions on InterState Travel, Universal Mask Mandates, nationwide Vax Mandates gonna start a civil war where US troops will be needed to qwell UnRest ?

    – Nah,as long Ure and all the other sheeps be good dumb little slaves & Comply and Give Ure Consent..this “beastly “MRNA (Mark Representing Negative Agenda) or is it (Mark Representing NO Ascension) “vaxx” is sure to INFLAME .

    Blood boiling yet ? no ? get the vaxx for that low temp/0 temp blood boiling “mark”, its good 4 U ; )

  7. Clif was telling Greg Hunter that CNN has had fewer views than Greg’s site over the past month or so. Don’t know where the stats are on that that one can see but if the MSM is ever more rapidly sliding into the vortex circling the drain then I’m all for it. Crash, burn, rebuild according to real market demands, not command/planned economies with fake news.

    Using the charts to map Cryptos is one area I’d have some faith in Elliott Wave theory because that’s one market that is almost free and clear from manipulation – everything else being captured smoke, mirrors and fake money producing exactly what its masters want for the moment. Gold and Silver OUGHT to be paralleling Cryptos if it weren’t for the paper markets but at this point, according to Clif, “They’re practically PAYING you to own Silver!”. I honestly think that if we had honest markets the PMs would have trounced the digital currencies outside of the convenience aspect in an inflationary environment – unless you had a 100% PM backed crypto out there to use on Amazon. All the Remote Viewers are seeing BC in the area that you predicted, George, and going much higher. The other problems they’re seeing, though, are the inconsistent power and, therefore, Internet service in which that “commodity” exists upon and within entirely.

    • As does the Entire world Financial System..Electronic,Digitized – 100% dependent on electricity. You cant even Print green toilet paper (USD) without da juice, let alone Move a Decimal point, cant Mine PM’s, Oil, Steel, Copper ect..

      There is NO Point to the Internet down discussion, argument – It Is all the Same Difference..


      No Bitcoin 4 G -eniuses

      • There was a big point to it when pretty much the entire state of Texas went down back in February. Good luck trying to squeeze a pile of electrons out of a dead computer or phone who’s battery is kaput. G-enius.

        In all honesty I’d love to play around with the cryptos but I don’t think we have that much time left to get our collective [stuff] together before things really run off the rails – but here’s an honest question for you digital financial geniuses out there: when the U.S.$ that BC and all the other currencies that it can be valued in goes completely South what are you going to value it in after that? Is there any path of migration to “BIS bucks” or some other “O-ffishul” digi-currency? Do you think a wounded animal like the Fed will allow any rival to exist in that dystopian environment that’s practically upon us?

    • I still think that the government knows exactly who owns cryptos. There will be a lot of taxes to pay when they drop that shoe. How did the government get back the random from that hack awhi!e back?

      • I don’t have a lot of cryto, but I am not buying it to avoid paying taxes. I am buying it because I don’t trust the dollar and as George mentioned cash is losing 6-7% minimum per year in purchasing power. I also don’t have any good ideas to secure physical precious materials. If/when I sell some of my crypto, I will pay capital gains against it if that is the law at that time. If you have precious metals you would be under the same obligation. If you are making any investments in the hope the tax man won’t catch you, you are a fool. The regulators have nothing better to do all day to spend unlimited public funds to make your life miserable and they have massive databases tracking all assets.

        The blockchain is not there to completely hide identities, though it can be manipulated in ways to do that. If you are converting fiat to crypto, it is even less transparent. It is there to confirm beyond any doubt how much crypto is out there and in what wallet.

      • Indubitably. It did not take long, did it? UN-less it was a false flag. Did they ever actually catch and incarcerate the perps?

    • And why does Clif High’s opinion matter? Spent hundreds on BS Web Bot reports. Spent thousands on “The Great Coastal Inundation” that never happened.

      Was once a fan, until I figured out his “Business Model.”

      Way done with most of the Alternative Media, including Mr. Greg “comment censoring” Hunter.

      Want to buy some gold or vitamins?

      • I still have most of his reports on my hard drive (somewhere – I run across them now and then) and at $15 each, if I remember correctly, your credit card must have been hacked if you spent THAT much G.A. His learning how to interpret what he divined out of his web bot returns, especially the timing, was an ongoing learning experience just like your divination of Nosti’s Quattrains. And to top it off our esteemed host here has spent some time putting a site together that emulated Clif’s word studies to a significant degree so George must have thought there was something to it as well. I have the deepest respect for all your efforts on your site but if you and the Woo-Woo group have come to the same conclusions from different directions then it’s a pretty darn good bet we’re all in for it this Fall/Winter. To be blunt I actually have a difficult time making sense out of your website so I haven’t been there in a while.

        What I wouldn’t give to see a two or three-way conversation between you, Clif and, perhaps, Penny on a BitChute video comparing notes. That’s something I’d pay for! And up until now Penny’s Patreon site is the only time I’ve paid for any of their words, the rest has been free – you’ve got a paywall don’t you?

      • Well, I won’t defend Clif because he caused me and others some significant grief over the whole predicted “coastal event”, but you could just as easily blame me for taking his prognostications too seriously at the time. I will say one thing though. There was always a glimmer of clairvoyance in his words. I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone really knows, how his “software” actually spewed out these “visions”. I know, I know, it was all about “predictive linguistics”, but who actually really knows anything aside from Clif? Anyway, in almost everything he wrote, there was always something that held up. Not all of it by any means, but there was always just something. Just enough to continue to tease you along. I have always wondered that if Clif was able to come up with this, and that maybe there was really something substantial to it, then what could someone in the deep dark part of government which never shows its face develop? You know, completely unlimited money and resources to throw towards divining the future. I suspect that Clif wasn’t operating on mainframes and would have been really rather underwhelming in terms of the sheer data processing ability for his exercise. There was never any conversation about things technical with Clif to speak of aside from generic comments. If someone were really running an enterprise level data processing operation, they’d be proud of it and they’d talk about it. From Clif, crickets.

        What is frightening is the thought that this deep dark part of government potentially could have this ability.

        Or maybe it was all bullshit. Lol.

      • In that case, gentlemen, we shall all see where we stand when we get into next year, shall we not? Beware of the blue helmeted “peace keepers” on our soil that have a strong tendency to speak Chinese.

      • I would go out on a limb here, and say the Web-Bot was viable, but only in a very limited manner. As I told George many years ago, it is a percentage-booster. Its prognostic ability only shades things by a few percentage points. Web-Bot, IMO, also sank to a level of near (or complete) irrelevance because such a sampling device only works when people don’t know they’re being sampled. Between c2cAM appearances and the History Channel specials, Web-Bot and its function became known.

        Also, Clif offered Web-Bot to the US Government intel community, for free, and they turned down his offer.

        The gummint doesn’t do that unless they already have their own, similar system. As I’ve told people WRT RV, the CIA didn’t end the RV project because it lost its usefulness; they ended it because they stumbled upon something that works even better…

  8. “The communist/radical left press bashed and cheated Trump into a single term.”

    He was COMMANDER IN CHIEF, after all! It would have taken fewer soldiers than have perished in Afghanistan to start our Democracy from scratch.
    Just some opinion of an old man who’s seen it all.

    • The last piece of legislation Trump signed:

      “President Trump rescinded an executive order early Wednesday morning that had limited federal administration officials from lobbying the government or working for foreign countries after they leave their posts, undoing one of the few measures he had instituted to fulfill his 2016 campaign promise to “drain the swamp.””

    • “start our Democracy from scratch.”

      Like citizens entitled to vote ONLY IF YOU PAY INCOME TAXES, no lobbying, term limitations
      4 years, no election campaigning and/or money contributions, election program as 1 full page in major newspapers, the listing would go on ;-).

      • I don’t want to stop citizens from voting, but at least in national elections, I think the number of votes you receive is based on your net tax payments. So every citizen gets one vote, then government gets your tax forms and see what you paid, after subtracting whatever benefits you receive including, medicare, SS, welfare, student loan forgiveness, etc. Your net tax payments minus all benefits, enhance your vote count. So every 10K-20K net paid, adjusting for inflation every year, you get one additional vote for federal office. People that pay for government should have more of a say in how it runs. Maybe that could help stop folks from trying every legal trick in the book to limit what they pay, as that would also reduce their influence. I would have little pain also to come over to your way of thinking that if you are not a net tax payer after subtracting benefits, in the most recent tax filing, you don’t get a federal vote.

      • Problem here Joe is people who work for government are the issue. When I proposed that federal workers not be allowed to vote (they would be in effect voting for their own interests every time) I was soundly booed by everyone.

      • Our legal framework is a Representative Republic, not a “democracy’!

        Democracies(aka “mob rule”) become autocratic within a generation. They’re a terrible form of government if the masses can vote themselves anything. Sadly, we’re seeing the results of people treating our system as a “democracy”.

        The only system that’s relatively stable, other than that of a hard line autocracy, is a system where the rules are few and absolute, and rational in the minds of most citizens. Today we have none of that. We can’t even figure out what sex someone is!

        Regarding voting and election laws, I agree.

  9. Seems the target from 55 day all time high ‘crash’ on Oct 7 may be right on target: “further good reasons to listen to the recent insider prediction by Nouriel Roubini, a.k.a. “Dr. Doom”, who is infamous for “predicting” the 2008 crash. Since Ruoubini literally shares the stage with Mr. Soros, we can safely presume that his “analysis” is in reality a script, a plan, a scenario when he predicts the coming crash:
    Years of ultra-loose fiscal and monetary policies have put the global economy on track for a slow-motion train wreck in the coming years. When the crash comes, the stagflation of the 1970s will be combined with the spiraling debt crises of the post-2008 era, leaving major central banks in an impossible position.”

    Both are worth the read –

    Further info provided by:

    Thanks for things that make you go hmmmmm…
    All the best to you & yours George & all here at US community.

  10. George

    Stumble Bumble the Football!

    Who’s got access to the Nuclear Football?

    Having been part of the last link in the chain that releases a nuclear armed missile I am very concerned about that question.

    NO, I am not concerned I am F…..G Terrified that Crazy Joe is anywhere near a Launch Release Authorization Device!!!!!!!

    If the launch order sent to a missile crew authenticates they insert keys and try to launch.

    No if’s, and’s or but’s you try to launch!

    And once you get the engines lit off it’s gone, gone, gone!

    No Recall – kiss your ass goodby!

    • Don’t be surprised if you see it on Ebay. Oct. 1 is the fiscal D-Day and they have no money after that.

  11. Lots of things are happening and no one even attempting to stop it. These aren’t the good old days when ya called a spade a spade and dealt with it accordingly. Back when the country stood together and the government (seemed) to do what was right for the good of America and Americans.

    Watching some old footage of past Presidents commenting of the assassination of JFK, as those videos seemed to flood my YouTube home page recently. For some reason, they were trending. – But I got a reminiscent sense of what The United States of America use to be. Tough, strong, resilient, compassionate and proud … United.

    Things just moving along now … pedestrian and unchecked. Seems that’s the way (someone) wants it to be. If not, we’d change it. Nope, somebody wants it this way, like it or not.

    Made me think back to 2009 when this appeared. Yep, sign of the apocalypse. One Chief. The circle ain’t plural.

    Wonder who the man is, this represents …

    • Enki/Nuddimudd/Osiris …having tired of constant attacks/battles frm annuna warriors (annunaki)& enlil/marduke/el/zeus..on Egypt – migrated to found Atlantis – djed towers protecting shores from water/waves/attacks – broke apart..migrates to central/south america – known as the feathered serpent – representing his iggigi (feathered reptos-white)..the guys who DUG the Tigress and Euphrates – Dug them to support outpost at karsag/edin/fields of edin..
      Dug them under duress for years from evil “god” of the judeo-christians – evil outrage hateful – outraging even his own granddaughter..repeatedly..Anna..known to mankind as Innana..

      truth – stranger than fiction..original sin = riddle of steel, turn to tools society progresses, turned to weapons..

      anyway – dude is fast asleep and he is not awaking any time soon – as they do not have TIME..

      Secret of the Dark Stars

  12. “What do you mean, America’s out of money and broke? Stocks drop as investors sense an end to economic stimulus measures..”

    As long as they keep the flow of water (cash) on the table the noodle can be pushed along.. if the water starts to dry up.. the noodle starts to stick and pull apart.. if theres to much eventually the noodle becomes water logged and dissolves.. we are screwed either way.. to keep the stock market up and the economy moving along.. they have to shove more money in the peoples pockets..
    Take money out of their pockets and see how fast it falls apart.. time for another stimulus..or watch humpty dumpty fall.. not even a year in and its falling apart at the seams.. allies upset because we showed them just how well we would stand beside them..on top of it they are flying thousands of potential enemies of the state over our borders daily.. there is a reason we have a vetting process for refugees to enter legally.. it just keeps getting better…

    • “.. we are screwed either way.. ”

      Since we’re “free to choose” what does it say about the majority of US? No answer needed.

  13. Rocket Mike,

    The nuke football is comprised primarily of the following two sets of documents:
    – The infamous ‘Black Book’ of nuke response option (by country or actor)
    – an authentication system of one time use codes used to verify the person giving the orders and for arming weapons
    – Other sensitive items are also in the briefcase to assist the President in making his or her decision.

    There is no push button device, no master switch, just information alternatives to send commands over encrypted voice comms using multiple systems (use Ure imagination) plus text communications over other various ‘in the clear’ systems. The emergency action messages are simultaneously blasted out over multiple various frequencies and phone lines.

    Not only is the ‘football’ kept close to the President at all times, but comms equipment is kept near as well so that the president (or his lawful successor) can quickly communicate with necssary agencies on the nuke response proceedings (e.g. Russian ICBMs take appox. 30 minutes from launch to impact. Ballistic missile subs can strike the U.S. in less than 15 minutes, depending upon their patrol location).

    Most importantly, rest assured that solid measures are firmly in place to prevent a ‘madman’ or ‘senile’ President from initiating a nuke war without proper validation of an attack and justification for an appropriate level of response.

    But you are correct in that once and ICBM or SLBM is armed and let loose, there is currently no way to recall them or initiate a self-destruct sequence. Manned bombers, on the other hand, can easily be recalled.

    • Great Info!
      I am familiar with the PAS, Primary Alert System, Looking Glass Airborne Control System, 487L Low Frequency Communication System for Subs and Silos, HF radio coms, and the hypothetical Girl Scout who delivers a Launch Message using the top side gate phone.
      No bull! Any way you got a message if it authenticated you acted on it!
      We practiced this over and over again on our Missile Procedures Trainer and in the Crypto class room.
      Supposedly the HF radio received a message via a rocket carrying a radio and tape recorded message. I vaguely remember an article about this in the monthly newsletter of The Association of Air Force Missiliers. It was only used if the other comm systems were down.
      If our antennas got knocked out of action we had backup antennas that could pop up from their own silo via remote control.
      Our communication systems were fairly elaborate and were the province of the Deputy Crew Commander.
      My area of concern was the electronics on the missile and launch control system.
      Thanks for the details about preventing a mentally challenged official from directing a launch! I will sleep a little better!
      BMAT Mike, 373 SMS, LRAFB

  14. Yep as I have said for years . Behind the curtain. Heard Armstrong use the same term many times the other day

  15. More quick hits:

    Biden to nation: I’ve seen no ‘questioning of our conduct by allies’

    Biden claims ‘no question’ American credibility hasn’t suffered, 2 days after UK Parliament condemnation

    Biden Flees Podium, Ignores Reporter Asking Why He Continues to Trust the Taliban – Then Immediately Calls a Lid (VIDEO)

    Biden Administration Proposes Making It Way Easier For Migrants To Have Asylum Claims Heard

  16. Hits-2:

    Top Google engineer reveals their anti-Trump algorithms

    Pennsylvania GOP Senate Leader Jake Corman Is Preventing Sen. Doug Mastriano from Issuing Subpoenas for Forensic Audit

    DOJ Shuts Down Investigation Into Capitol Police Shooting Of Ashli Babbitt

    Maker of Popular Covid Test Told Factory to Destroy Inventory

    Pointing at delta variant, DHS extends Canada and Mexico border closures at least a month

    The Mexican Border is closed? Really?
    Does that mean we can shoot anyone who attempts an illegal entry, now…?

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