Rally Hopes Fade, Fall Debacle Looms

We might have made a little lunch money this week.  The reason is the market declines from Friday the 13th have been amazing.

I mean besides Damning pic of a weak leader: Devine (nypost.com).

The real driver is taper talk at the Fed.  Seems the party-punch spikers have figured out that sobriety has to come along some time:

“With respect to the path of net asset purchases, respondents to the Open Market Desk’s surveys of primary dealers and market participants expected communications on asset purchases to evolve gradually, with signals anticipated over coming months regarding both the Committee’s assessment of conditions constituting “substantial further progress” and details on tapering plans. Almost 60 percent of respondents anticipated the first reduction in the pace of net asset purchases to come in January, though, on average, respondents placed somewhat more weight than in the June surveys on the possibility of tapering beginning somewhat earlier. With respect to the pace of tapering, respondents continued to anticipate that the Committee would take a gradual approach. While market participants discussed the possibility of an earlier or faster-than-proportional reduction in the pace of net purchases of agency mortgage-backed securities (MBS), most survey respondents appeared to expect the timing and pace of tapering of net purchases of agency MBS and Treasury securities to be similar.

With the Fed making up $1.5 trillion a year in this market (and GDP), making them the virtual sole reason for “all-time highs” their action wags the dog big-time.

Elliott Wave Disaster in Charts

Saturday on the Peoplenomics side of the house, we’ll dig into this a little deeper, but here’s how our graphical Elliott visualization looks based on the early pre-open futures today:  (90 min to the open, Dow was -350 in addition to Wednesday’s 382 point slump)…

While you can study Elliott wave counts all day (and this is a good starting point, as well as over here) my one bitch about Elliott has always been the numbering system.  Numbers versus letters are used to denote wave counts and in the era of graphical processors, that seems like a real waste.

So back when, I simplified by…well, skip this…we’ll save that for the PN  report.

Just look at the chart and learn:  Three yellow (large boxes) and under that are three light green, then within that are three darker greens, and then, within that the fifth wave (which wrapped up on the 13th) was comprised of three red waves.

How Far is Down?

The second tool is our Elliott wave estimator spreadsheet which may be found in the Peoplenomics Master Index.

The idea is that wave relationships are definable.  Whatever the first wave down is, the second wave bounce is usually (insert matrix with values from .31 up to .8)  From there, the third wave declines must be larger than wave 1 down.  Which bounds things off the wave 2 rally.

When three down is done, the wave 4 rally comes, and then the five down.  Which must be greater than the 1 down, with the exception of a failing 5th wave and so forth.

This doesn’t mean keeping your meager trading dough is any easier.  I think of it as insurance.

When I look at the headlines (Kabul, economic, viral) and rumors (Joe’s job, shortages, supply chain  collapse) the wave boxes give me an idea where things will head.

Unless we get a nearly miraculous Wave 2 going into the holiday weekend in  September (something muted is reasonable to expect, I think) and it puts in new all-time highs, then the odds of us just being at the middle of a Wave 1 down increase.

So, what’s the Point?  Simply this:  In historical terms, the time from all-time high to crash lows often runs about 55-days.  That means the nail-biting, ready to panic (shit bricks) decline could come around Thursday October 7th.

Even if you’re not a subscriber and don’t read the litany of disclaimers, this ain’t investing advice, and all that?  Just circle it as one way the Future could come to slam us.  Which means that’s a prepping window to be extremely mindful of.

New all-time highs will round-file that outlook.  But, until then, plan for the worst and pray for the best.

U.I. Claims Data

We were expecting things to level-out in this area.  That is, the four week averages might have started to stabilize.  Here’s what we got.

Aha!  Right in range.

The unemployment problem isn’t entirely the fault of people sitting at home not wanting to go back into the workplace agar dish.  Part of it is supply chain issues and chip shortages.

Which brings us our morning headlines to gnaw for fundamental analysis:

The owner of a seafood trailer in Washington says he’s stockpiled supplies, changed his menu, and hiked up prices due to supply shortages (msn.com)

Toyota To Cut Sept Production By 40% As Virus Hits Supply Chain (ibtimes.com)

And I found this one interesting because of how it could impact housing: Supply Chain Disruption has Potential to Impact Building Finishing Businesses | Monitor Industry Risk with BizVibe | wfmz.com

That Was So Much Fun…

Why don’t we look at the Philly Fed outlook, while we’re at it?

“The survey’s current indicators for general activity and shipments
declined from July’s readings but remained elevated, while the new orders indicator rose. Additionally, employment increases were more
widespread this month, and both price indexes remained elevated”

See here’s what’s going to happen (we think):  The Fed will have to raise rates earlier than expected.  The backlash to Jabs will increase.  The fear-mongering will grow, Afghanistan will get worse.  China is set to take Taiwan pretty much at will.  And the House busted all hope of economic progress by overspending on leftist favorites instead of reindustrialization which is what we need.

So we likely get a crash this fall, a tiny recovery in January-February, then China takes Taiwan in March or April (if not October this year), all the fine pitch chips go away, and since Biden has killed energy independence, energy costs will scream higher and that will drive food up, too.

At least that’s the simplified libretto read du jour.  Only question is whether a bear-killing rally on fake good news can be ginned-up going into Labor Day.  Since we’re in a wave 1 down in markets now, the wave 1 down will scale the wave 3 debacle in mid or late October, give or take the pre-Labor Day rally hype.  And Taiwan weather.

Wait for it…

American Idiocracy

You’ll get sick of me telling you this, but I will say it until someone else in the media starts talking straight with us:  America – having sold-out its core manufacturing base to China – is faced with a dismal mess because we don’t make the goods consumed here.  China sneezes, America gets Covid kind of thing.

Which we’ve “addressed” by re-inventing racism (RIR) and handing over our capacity for critical thought to left-wing stooges in colleges an universities.

In THEORY, universities are supposed to be supply source of the best and brightest ideas to lead us into a better future.  That’s NOT happening.

I know this with certainty because?  I track the MIT Solve competition.  Used to be lots of useful ideas there.  Not any more:  Industrializing hate is the order of the day as ALL the highly touted “solutions” offered in the present crop’s highlight page are social justice warrior issues.

Click over here and see for yourself.

Makes me, oh…you know…not too excited about the future.  (We have owned our tree farm since 2003, after all.  Not like we don’t grok the environment…)

I don’t see life extension, food production, colonizing the Moon, going to the stars, fresh free drinking water and organic veggies for all on the list.  Don’t see border control, how to rebalance the exploding federal budget. No signs of a global universal language or consciousness research.  To our limited gray matter, these seem a better use of the best and brightest.

Nope.  What I see is (pardon me) social justice woke bullshit that at the end of the day looks like Re-Inventing Racism and capitalizing the weather in the midst of a biowar.  Your view may be different, of course. When you’ve made it to the 70’s a lot of childish behavior’s pretty obvious.

Social Justice is the prime mover towards Civil War II.

Dennis Prager’s assessment last week was uncomfortably on point: Dennis Prager | The Left is Destroying Western Civilization | YouTube.

Is there no hope?  To find out track San Francisco DA faces second recall effort as residents ‘fed up’ with progressive ‘zero consequence’ policies.  But don’t hold your breath.  Lot of “canary stories” – like the Gruesome recall.

Sorting Through the Trash

Just freaking jabulous: Nursing homes will need to get staff vaccinated or lose federal funds, Biden says  CNN.  Communicable news network?

You’re an America Idiot and you can’t see bullshit.  Try this anyway: Gen. Mark Milley Addresses Questions About Afghanistan Intel (mediaite.com).  But don’t you dare read Russia was ready for Taliban’s win due to longtime contacts (apnews.com) because that would mean the Russians are (a lot) smarter than our own fried agencies.

Blow now available in Cancun:

Fred’s Wet Spot  is worth mentioning too for the NE-centric MSM, anyway.

Climate Change Histrionics:  Court Blocks a Vast Alaskan Drilling Project, Citing Climate Dangers -(nytimes.com).  Which part of an Obama appointee killing energy independence is surprising to you?

Talking to God or practicing medicine?  In A Message To Americans, Pope Francis Says Getting Vaccinated Is ‘An Act Of Love’.  I’m still a hater by this measure.

And Amazon seems to have figured out the paperback issues with my newest book…

Buy ’em by the thousands.  Cheaper on Kindle, though.

ATR:  Move Over Seattle

Around the ranch:  We just passed Seattle’s average annual rainfall (36.2 inches) by blowing through 45-inches here in the East Texas Outback.  Turns out, one of our long-term strategic decisions (made in 2002 to move to where there’s enough rain for farming) has been a “winnah, winnah, chicken dinnah!

We do pretty damn well at being right.  But it’s the “timing of rightness” that’s the bear.  Gotta work on that one, next time around.

Write when you get rich,


47 thoughts on “Rally Hopes Fade, Fall Debacle Looms”

  1. “In historical terms”

    Remember when “gaps” meant something? There’s a gap all the way back in 1933 that wasn’t filled.

    China/Taiwan. China said they’ll make a first use ‘exception’ for Japan. If Japan is smoothed over, that would justify the market filling the 1933 gap.

    You posters are probably familiar with the missile map.

    15 surface burst 50Mt Tsar Bombas (largest tested) and Japan is flat as glass. Less Bombas if fallout is considered or 100Mt are used.


    O/T – an interesting picture book showing historic drawings of now extinct animals.


    • “O/T – an interesting picture book showing historic drawings of now extinct animals.”

      No thanks. I’d be afraid that I would see “Homo Sapiens” on the last page…

      • Lol lol lol that’s what I thought to lol lol lol..
        Whats interesting is I read a study where they discovered a species of human where the genetic structure showed two distinct species interbreeding… it was really interesting… not boring like the study done on the genetic mutations achieved with prozac on the earthworm lol that one made me sleep lol..( yup that interesting)

  2. One 15Kt device detonated 250 kilometers above the center of either Japan or USA would essentially destroy either country due to HEMP. One year afterwords there would be an estimated 10-15% survivors due to disease, starvation, and civil unrest (i.e. people killing themselves over the last can of beans). In today’s times living in a net food producing region away from cities is not such a bad place to be. There’s around 5000 acres of corn and 500 cattle within a 3 mile radius of my house (not counting soybeans, hate the stuff).

    James Johnson, ex-nuke

    • Yeah i read the studies done.. scary is not the proper word to use.. terrified.. is..
      The book the sixth extinction event is a great book.. gave em away for gifts one year..
      We as a society have grown accustomed to the luxuries we take for granted every moment of every day.
      I’m at the bottom of wage earners and listening to the harrowing life experiences of those living homeless.. I doubt I could survive as well as them..they are the ones that i think will survive in a SHTF scenario..

    • Assume Greece was Wave I, Rome Wave III, Britain was Wave V and the U.S. held 5th wave extension.

      Note: Some people believe in Tartary. If Tartary was real, the Tartarians were the 3rd wave while Greece and Rome was the first wave but Britain is still 5th wave with the U.S.A. being the 5th wave extension.

      The Grand Supercycle is ending for the West. In terms of real estate Britain has retraced from “The sun never sets on…” to a locked down island. The U.S. is following.

      If this is the case, a wave retrace minimum would mean electricity is going away… along with most other stuff that was honed during the last 500 years.

      • Actually I would put Great Britain TOGETHER with the US and call it the “English Language 5th Wave” NOT a 5th Wave extension for the US portion.

        I say that because the Brits with their Empire took the English Language and English “Systems” (legal, economic, governmental) to many parts of the world and as the US replaced them as the predominant country using that language and those systems the use of the English Languaga and English “Systems” continued to experience Geometric Growth way beyond what the British had taken it to with their “Empire”. The United States, NOT Great Britain, has made the English Language THE SECOND LANGUAGE for use in most of the world, yep even in China!! (where it is universally taught as THE foreign language to learn starting in grade school). (ah the poor French … their noses are still out of whack with English becoming the predominant second language throughout the ENTIRE world, something they firmly believe should be the role of FRENCH!!)

        I had never thought about using Elliott Waves in such a manner, but it does imo make perfect sense.

        There are other languages that have more people as Native Speakers than are Native English Speakers … but in the role of a “Common Language” for the entire world because of it being the predominant 2nd Language virtually everywhere English is “IT” as the common cross language method of communicating.

        (which makes the US Government’s abandonment and shutdown of virtually all worldwide shortwave broadcasting in English so maddening to me … not everybody has access to computers and the internet, but every remote village in the entire world CAN receive a Shortwave Broadcase for just a little bit of money – $10-$15 for a SW receiver in much of the world … I guess the US’s news and information to those inside of China will just easily pass throught the Great Chinese Firewall, since that is the ONLY WAY now that Chinese inside China can hear or read US news!! – sheesh!! … ditto every other country that controls internet access into their country)

  3. Hey G,

    You see that fuel tanker from Iran headed to Lebanon loaded with Iranian fuel ?

    That there Iranian fuel is under US Sanction (s) – and will be sailing/passing very close to Israhells coastline..rutrow.

    Obviously obongo2.0 presidency will not even be aware of the pending conflagration with Iran..nothing to see here, move along.

    Only one piece missing from globo-chessboard..da Norks. Something has got to be popping off with Yo Kim Fat and his Israhell supplied nukes..via S.Africa..dam Nazi’s.

    What did anyone expect from lil barkies wet dream of a liberal progressive adminstration ?

    This progressive demoncrat admin is exposed-clearly as the most ARROGANT, SelfServing, Mentally Deficient, Satanists the World has ever seen in Power.. Aussies are noticing at least..

    At this point can no longer deny the loser in chief is a FRAUD.
    a Fraud of Mental Acuity, a Fraud of an American..a feeble, swisscheese brained lackey of the obongo “network” of global satanists=elites…man do they like the young ones. t Ask the hildebeast, or her state dept supplied security detail (s) about nightly entertainment (govt. agency supplied kids) while on foreign travel junkets. Hell clintonistas rumored to have a couple “dirty” seals liquidated/silenced.

    EIEO is what we got ourselves – Evil In Evil Out.

    Leave it to an Ausssie to point out the obvious clusterfuckery that is the US Government in TOTAL..https://youtu.be/YqYK_g23z6I

    Think some Aussies see it – wonder whats a matta with the USA populace ?https://youtu.be/YqYK_g23z6I

  4. So this from MSN this morning:

    The Washington Post
    Vaccines show declining effectiveness against infection overall but strong protection against hospitalization amid delta variant
    This from
    The Washington Post today:

    Three studies published Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that protection against the coronavirus given by vaccines declined in the midsummer months when the more contagious delta variant rose to dominance in the United States.
    Data from these studies persuaded the Biden administration to develop a plan for additional doses to bolster the immune systems of people vaccinated months earlier. The Biden administration will begin offering coronavirus booster shots to fully vaccinated adults who received the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna shots the week of Sept. 20, top health officials announced Wednesday, after concluding that a third shot is needed to fight off waning immunity.
    The trio of reports, published Wednesday in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, the CDC’s scientific digest, also reinforce the idea that vaccines alone will be unable to lift the nation out of the pandemic.
    “Masks and other precautions should be part of a layered approach centered on vaccination,” wrote researchers from the New York State Department of Health and the University at Albany School of Public Health in their study of vaccine effectiveness across New York state.
    Standard practice is for the FDA to assess the safety and efficacy of vaccines and for the CDC’s outside advisers, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, to recommend what vaccines Americans should get, and when — not the surgeon general or the National Institutes of Health. After the advisory panel makes its recommendation, the CDC director decides whether to accept it.
    For me, the stupidity of this hurts my head. Where is the “layered approach” these idiots write of? NOWHERE!!! This is just more lies and manipulations. They remain stuck on stupid by the refusal to accept a honest “layered approach” using EVERY SINGLE RESOURCE AT THEIR DISPOSAL AND NOTHING LESS!
    Some of those resources have a small effect. Some are documented to have very large effects in saving lives and avoiding hospital admission. The ‘EXPERTS” better learn to accept every speck of improvement they can muster.
    Those mRNA vaccines are full of surprises-especially when they start pooping out so soon. Savior of the world? Not hardly!!!
    Israeli doctors have learned of about 200 existing medications that can be used ‘Off Label’ with varying levels of improvement to Covid victims.
    Ivermectin, Hydrochloroquine/ Azithromycin and others showed improvement in the conditions of Covid victims. Some will still die but WHERE is that “LAYERED APPROACH” and all out effort to prevail against the virus???
    It just isn’t happening. So far, all off label use is being forbidden by our government.
    Handling this as our government is doing, makes this mess look all the more like a population reduction main event.

    • Who was offered the vaccine first? First responders …police, firefighters, EMTs,…hospital and nursing home workers, teachers, military, government employees, and old people.
      Who did the Germans kill off when they occupied other countries? The old people died off of starvation, but all the rest were people who could think and make independent decisions.

      Just an interesting parallel.

      • Not to mention who did the Germans put in camps..

        The Wealthy class….

        many of whom didn’t suspect they were targets.. Germany was coming out of the great Weimar depression and there was a great deal of hard feelings about the class separation which is what got Adolph into office.. they got rid of the old and the lame and imprisoned the wealthy taking all their goods.. much of which hasn’t been found to this day..

        “‘We demand equality of rights for the German people in respect to the other nations; abrogation of the peace treaties of Versailles and St Germain [between the Allies and Austria].

        “We demand land and territory (colonies) for the sustenance of our people, and colonization for our surplus population.

        Only a member of the race can be a citizen. A member of the race can only be one who is of German blood, without consideration of creed. Consequently no Jew can be a member of the race.’”

        What is really scary is you can see this happening now on any news station..

    • The delta variant and the vaxxes create the ideal environment for super spreaders! The infected vaxxed people won’t be nearly as limited and will go walkabout infecting everyone that’s susceptible. The only good side of this is that we’ll move toward natural herd natural immunity except possibly in those that are vaxxed.

      Wildcards include newly released bioweapons, ADE, and spike protein pathogenicity.

  5. “That means the nail-biting, ready to panic (shit bricks) decline could come around Thursday October 7th.”

    I take it that maybe I should have the pantry stocked by then…and finish paying off the air compressor I have on lay away.. and if I can do it.. get the new bed mattress

      • Snares kemmosabe, wire snares. can get sets of already made on the internetz. The sound of gunfire attracts no goodniks, when heard going off in certain areas of the boondocks.. Situational awareness – skill worth practicing..

        Not waiting for October – seems there usually a nasty “October Surprise” lurking off in the dark corners of market, just waiting to spring into action..

        Short August Expiration, Short September, Short October, overall defensive posture – can take away the insane valuations, as long as I get to “clip my quarterly coupons” …Is that Cash ? dividend ? Yes please!

        Side note – trading wit the scumbags/bankers – Short Paper Silver..wait I 2 got sell some moar ! ..
        Okay back for more Selling – Whats that Bid ?? – SOLD!
        I look at it as SHORTING the US Presidency – U know Camela is..

  6. “For me, the stupidity of this hurts my head. ”

    Ed… I can tell you my secret now……



  7. “Just freaking jabulous: Nursing homes will need to get staff vaccinated or lose federal funds, Biden says – CNN. Communicable news network?”

    That’s not something new.. Its always been like that… staff gets the shots or you don’t get to be on the floor working.. Its the same with hospital staffing as well.. I think the only ones that it may vary for are the doctor’s and the clinic staffing.. I am not to sure about that.. the Nurses I know at the clinics got the shots.. and when I got mine.. a couple of doctors I know were in the same line up as myself.. One I totally love to debate with.. ( Stanford grad smart.. I love to make him go read LOL .. theres never enough reading.. ) the rest from schools around here..
    The smartest woman I have ever met.. she is close to ninety met her in the stacks at the LOC.she was a secretary at the capital back then… still reads a book and a half a day average.. no cartoon sheet on her wall either and she is like myself loves to garden and she sews…..

  8. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/top-google-engineer-abandons-company-reveals-big-tech-rewrote-algos-target-trump

    Everything you thought was happening writ large. Now, with this as a subset of the larger op: “What to do when attempting to mitigate Weinmar style hyper inflation for your end of life for the fiat world reserve currency”. Item 1) Maintain Bankster free operating cash flow, and cash settlement of the CME naked shorting apparatus. 1.1) To avoid Weinmar style hyperinflation and buy time to pivot to the new system [read blockchain tech]. 1.1a) Reduce consumer demand for goods, dampening product demand and pricing pressure.

    How would you accomplish that? …… I would just ask people to practice frugality like our silent generation. Woke. LOL. not so much…

  9. George
    Do you have any suggestions for an inexpensive solar system that would power a dehumidifier. I just realized that I would need one to run the dehumidifier.

  10. oh almost forgot. To hasten said timeline, cancel fracking, cancel pipelines, cancel ANWAR and Gulf Oil leases, cancel everything supporting a petro $. Seems anti MAGA no? Space Aliens are next on the reveal, look here! look away from the crumbling infrastructure and empty storefronts. Kunstler called this so many years ago as did Mr Ure. Kudos. Turning bank storefronts into Cofeffe shops is such a productive activity in an already saturated market. Vente half soy Lattes made in USA. Can we export that?

  11. I overheard an interesting conversation while I was at the gas station there was a bunch of old farmers having coffee and were yacking about the situation where congress and the administration
    is transporting and harboring illegal refugees that are being hauled in by the tens of thousands.
    Anyway…the question was.. what if those illegals being harbored and transported, financially sustained were in fact enemies of the state and did exactly what they told everyone that they planned to do..sneak in illegally posing as refugee’s
    Would members of our government that openly approved transporting and harboring illegal refugees that could potentially be enemies of the statw then be in trouble for the crimes the illegals committed ???..

    • I thought it was an interesting conversation.. they of course were debating half thought no they wouldn’t be subject to the laws of the united states and half thought they would.. I don’t have a clue.. members of government are usually exempted

  12. ha-HA!!!!!! Here ya go. The latest slap in the face for American citizens – it just came across the local news agency web site that the Obiden administration, after flying untold numbers of Afghanis out of their country for free will charge each American $2,000 each and maybe more to fly out of there on planes their tax dollars paid for!!! They can charge it but they won’t be able to get their passports renewed until it’s paid back. Guess that’s how this administration gets a new transfusion of blood into our America.

    Biden Administration Charging Citizens ‘More Than $2,000’ Each for Evacuation Flight Out of Afghanistan

    KABUL, AFGHANISTAN — The Biden Administration is charging U.S. citizens for their flight out of Kabul, a U.S. State Department advisory states.

    “Repatriation flights are not free, and passengers will be required to sign a promissory loan agreement and may not be eligible to renew their U.S. passports until the loan is repaid. The cost may be $2,000USD or more per person,” states an Overseas Security Advisory Council notice posted on August 14. The OSAC is part of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security at the U.S. Department of State.

    To be fair, the same agency has been warning U.S. citizens to get out of Afghanistan for days prior to the announcement containing the fee amount on repatriation flights. On August 12, the agency was offering “repatriation loans” to citizens in order to book commercial travel that ended very shortly after that message was published, Kabul fell to the Taliban. The notice also contained a warning that, “You should have a plan of action for crisis situations that does not rely on U.S. government assistance.” And, the notice reiterated, you are responsible for paying for your transportation.

  13. Now that is a bad day…. Taliban taking over the country torturing and killing.. no way out stuck at an embassy.. and find out that your military contractor fires you the same day and your no longer employed if you did survive the ordeal….”Most of the 125 security personnel employed by GardaWorld – some of whom have worked at the embassy for a decade – have been given notice that they no longer have jobs, the report says.”

    Now that is a bad day…


  14. ” I track the MIT Solve competition.”


    What business has any polytechnic institution, discussing liberal arts disciplines? When John Q sends little Johnny to MIT (or Cal-Tech, RPI, Rose-Hulman, or any other school designed to build scientists and engineers) he expects Johnny to learn Einstein, not beer-stein, and certainly not that once Johnny graduates, institutional racists will demand that he needs to cede his job to a POC because he was privileged to be accepted to, and then excel at MIT.

  15. “Eleanor
    August 19, 2021 at 19:14
    That is more complicated than what I need. I’m thinking 1 appliance and maybe phone recharging. Something with it’s own portable solar panels. Any other suggestions?”

    Thanks Ray for fixing the links…

    Eleanor..that’s why I suggested the Hub..I got mine from an engineer in trade.. he had his stacked and hard wired.. but you dont have to do a thing but plug it in.. like a computer backup power supply its plug n play.. plug it in plug your dehumidifier in the front and depending on what batteries you use depends on how long your power will last..
    Great unit… he had 4 of them and a couple kw’s of solar solar hooked up. Hooking that up is a snap to.. a positive post and a negative post..
    Or no solar just grid..like the tesla powerwall it’s all self contained.
    The only thing I see wrong with it is that it isn’t a pure sine inverter ..but really well thought out.. check it out young lady you’ll see the real beauty of this system

      • its more of a backup system.. kicks in when the power is off so depending on if you want solar to power the unit or just use it in a what if depends on how many you want to get.. one solar panel would do nicely to keep it topped off.. how he had his hooked up is he had two kw of solar on his roof.. then down to a battery bank and plug in’s for each of his units.. when I got this one I put it on a two wheel cart and one solar panel.. then could take it and use it for power tools in the yard and let the solar provide the power for the tools.. Now it sits in the laundry room just to run one small circuit ( what I plan to do with it is use it as a master power..with grid tie once the grid is down grid tie inverters kick off.. so by using this it will trick the grid tie inverters into thinking that the grid is still up.. and turn them on to power the house then disconnect from the grid so there isn’t any back feed..we produce 32 to 37 kw a day with the system we have.).. so really as a backup you would only need one panel for the one item as a backup.. if you wanted to have it so the solar run’s the dehumidifier.. then how many watts does the item you use take.. most dehumidifiers run six hundred at startup then a hundred and twenty to two hundred watts ..if running watts are all you need.. one solar panel will keep it topped off.. if it is hard wired into a circuit.. then what does the circuit run.. to just plug it in for one item and a cell phone.. you wouldn’t take much.. I suggested the used solar panels because for the cost of a couple you can get around six kw of solar for the price of a half kw.. my last three kw system after all the rebates cost me a total for equipment of two hundred fifty something odd dollars..
        you can easily keep this cost down below a grand .. and as a plug n play.. no worries.. the grid will keep the batteries maintained.. solar if it comes to that.. wholesale also sells small solar mounts that will hook onto an apartment balcony.. simple bolt on nothing permanent.. or set it up in the yard..
        I personally want to do a tower.. I personally believe that is the way the utility companies should go.. but can’t afford to build one until I win the lottery.. and they can’t seem to think outside the box .. want to keep it all in one massive controlled unit.. when they should be thinking the wings of a butterfly.. power doesn’t care where it comes from.. like water it flows..
        I would love to get a power wall.. nice to have.. I would need three to keep us moving with a constant power supply..


        I just can’t afford it.. I had to get rid of my battery bank last year.. they were old and needed to be replaced.. good luck young lady I hope that this answered any questions..

    • LOOB, just delete everything after the first question mark. I c/p into a text editor, delete the tracking garbage, then recopy the new URL and paste it into a browser, to ensure the link works, before posting it. eBay is consistent, and easy. Some of the news links I post actually have to be checked because not everybody uses the same tracking/monetization scheme…

      • thanks Ray.. I didn’t know that.. sure makes for a shorter web address LOL…
        I do like ebay and aliexpress..

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