Book Update: The 100-Year Toaster

My book Packing to Die: Suitcase Between Your Ears is now available on Amazon for Kindle.  Feel free to buy several thousand copies.

In a few days, the paperback version should be ready, as well.  Amazon’s had a “hitch in their print-along” this week. Not my error! I hear a number of other authors have material cued up, waiting for the glitch fixers to complete repairs…

The focus on getting this book printed got me to looking back at another Peoplenomics book I wrote some time back but never put out for the gen pop.  You can find the pertinent chapters of The-100-Year Toaster on the Master Index pages.

However, this morning, I decided to rewrite the first chapter of that because of more recent observations about the nature of not only product but also corporate obsolescence.   (Do I know how to party, or what?)

So after we clean up from the overnights and from the train wrecks, and a view of how bad this fall could really get in the ChartPack, we’ll focus on getting ahead by looking behind.  While there’s still time.

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48 thoughts on “Book Update: The 100-Year Toaster”

  1. “Ghastly (but profitable!) to contemplate.”

    A couple pulling 150K qualify for government checks. 150K used to be a good pull not even that long ago. (pre/post GM bailout).

    My uncle told me during the depression all the houses were wired for electric, but nobody could afford electric. Houses were packed with people. His grandparents, made it alright because they had rental properties. They had electric, but not an expensive stuff like refrigerators or radios. They used an ice box and nursed a nickle beer all day at the corner bar if they wanted radio.

    But today’s landlords no longer enjoy property rights, thanks GM.

    One thing that’s admirable about the Taliban strategy is for over 20 years they kept notes on who helped the Occupiers. Those are 1776 style patriots.

    Very unlike Trump, “Everyone I appointed doesn’t like me.” Then the chorus, “Everyone Trump appointed doesn’t like him.”

    The Godfather, Part II – “They Could Win”

  2. Hahahah – U funny a Luddite -Gman.. also best read of the dailies – bar NONE.

    Polaroid “swinger” camera, like the buggy whip – I know U still be holding onto to them both.
    Like the green TP in grocery store..err I mean Bank, that scheisse is Old & Busted –

    Bitcoin – new hotness

    good news ? once you get over Ure self, you too can join the financial revolution and own some “new hotness”.
    Until that day comes, overcoming Ure fears, there will be of course – NO Bitcoin 4 U!

    • G – Ure Greatgreatgret GFather – Andrew Ure certainly did not have enough knowledge regards Plasma..but scientist George..

      ? What is a Med bed ? and how does it work ?

      “the truth is out there”

      kinda like a modern day Steve Austin, “Im breaking up, cant hold it”..

    • If you can find one.. get a sand bed..most of the beds today are adjustable..theres a place locally that builds them for your specifications..lifetime mother bought one. It was old and worn.out on the way to the dump i decided heck let’s see..while i waited the rebuilt the bed.. then gave me a full set of sheets for waiting…
      When i can afford it.. our next bed is coming from there..
      In training new techs.. I got to lay in a sand bed.. dam nice.

  3. I just bought a copy for my wife’s Kindle. She’s resistant to talking about what we must be doing, but she will read & learn. I also sent a link to all those I care about.
    Damn Well Done, George.

  4. Comrades,

    What is the . ?

    The Trabant of 2 cycle engine fame, peoples’ auto transport of the former German Democratic Republic preceding as the revolutionary homeland of Gilded Age chemist Charles Pfizer, apparently had a service life averaging 28 years.

    When you live on a round globe and look over the edge, what do you see? Does your matryoshka doll set range from Mao to Xi, Kennedy to Biden, or 2D photograveure to 3D printing?

    How do the victor’s in a zero sum game take their winnings to the next level of play? Biding time, doesn’t want to play by the rules of the House according to the tos from the burning bush? How many satoshis does it take to excite a hunter’s endorphins? Are you feeling lucky, punk?

    Work hard, live nicely, die broke.

    Ride the Wave.

  5. Local new covid cases have spiked up to levels approaching last January. Denial allows people to function when logic dictates that going catatonic is the safest course of action. The case acceleration is simply too high for plausible denial. Deaths are trending up again, though nowhere near as high as last January.
    Eventually the politicos will be forced to deal with reality as well. I favor PPE over forced isolation. Nonetheless, if you are not stocked for a repeat of 2020, you are in denial. Some of the survival supply houses appear to have been drawing down on inventory. Amazon was selling hand disinfectant again a few weeks back. I don’t know how long that will last. Take advantage of available inventory while you can. Be wary. Covid rev 1 was on the ground in this country in October 2019 according to the congressional report, months before it was detected. The relatively mild rev 3 outbreak (at least compared to the rev 2 killing machine) will eventually give way to something which may seemingly arrive out of nowhere. Don’t succuumb to aggravated normalcy bias.

    • “Denial allows people to function when logic dictates that going catatonic is the safest course of action.” “Don’t succuumb to aggravated normalcy bias.”

      I see a lot of that here at this tourist destination. People are stupid… locals AND tourists. Hey! Let’s go party just like we USED to. And now the hospitals are full (again) and the pols are threatening to close the public beaches and parks if the numbers don’t come down. (The numbers won’t… people are stupid)

      I remain a socially isolated member of the vax ‘control group’. And I ain’t missing a thing… except a lot of sickness & stupidity.

    • Dr. Chris Martenson’s latest video has some honest evaluations (Data) on the current situation with this. In all honesty he feels you’ll have a better time with the virus if you’re vaxxxed (I think you’ll see a hint of reservation, though) but you’ll also have some 200+ TIMES more virus particles in your body and shedding them everywhere. The best immunity, according to the data, is to have natural immunity – get it, get over it – period. Also, according to the data, the Delta is far, far less deadly than last year’s variety. Reason? Perhaps last year’s victims were the “low hanging fruit”, the easiest and weakest among us so they went first or, as Martenson says “It just pulled their deaths forward a few months or years”. Other reasons may be the vaxxx itself, more people are vaxxxed or, as the DATA is strongly suggesting – the Delta is just not that deadly. Iowa Dept. of Public Health has declared that the virus is “endemic”. It’s just like the regular flu virus as being part of our natural microscopic flora and it’s going to be here for quite a while. It’s not going away.

      One other point he made was debunking a news article on how Austin’s available ICU bed count was almost exhausted. The entire bed count for the Austin area with its millions of residents was something like 180. It’s a business decision based on population on how many of such beds a hospital or group of them will have because – they’re a business. I do remember someone, somewhere out there saying “Everything’s a business model”. Eh? Dig into the numbers and find out what’s behind them.

      Also one more thing at about the 8:15 mark is where he makes the point that nowhere else in human history have we ever needed a constant update on the “subscribed into, NO opt-out, needing a constant software update in the form of an m-RNA injection” every 6, 8, 12 months to remain healthy, especially from an endemic disease that has an IFR of .05%. Norway has basically said the “pandemic” is over with.

      This video is only part 1 on YouTube (and there’s much, MUCH more in it) where he skirts as much of the language that will get him banned as possible but there is a part 2 that I haven’t decided whether or not to part with $30 to subscribe to his Peak Prosperity website in order to see. I’ve expounded in great detail of what I think the vaxxx is (poison) and I suspect that Dr. Martenson has considerable reservations about it but can’t go into the details in public, hence the behind-the-paywall second part where Free Speech can be maintained. He does hint at such reservations toward the end.

      I heartily agree with the stocking advice mainly due to all the other things coming our way of which this Plandemic is only a small part, though. According to everyone I’m watching we’re going to go through unmitigated Hell out to January as our country literally falls apart due to gross mismanagement. Look for a major “gut punch” coming our way in the next month or so and may have something to do with the soldiers we’re sending over to assist in the evacuation in Afghanistan. They may not make it back, or, at the very least, become stranded themselves. My prayers are with them.

  6. Not PN related, but I’m hearing over the last 48 hours some chatter that there may be some BIG news coming soon about the health of the current occupant of the WH. I’ve heard enough now that it might have some actual basis in fact.


    • Great…so now we get Prez Kameltoe and Veep Piglosi?

      At what point do people finally just start ignoring everything that vomits out of DC?

    • Standby…. for President Kamal toes. God help us all. And if she fails, it’s President Piglosi. We are well and completely f#@ked.

      • “And if she fails, it’s President Piglosi”

        Lol lol I think if Pelosi got in you’d see people leaping from tall buildings..
        Now imagine for one moment.. Nancy Pelosi’s face on the 1 dollar lol lol

      • “Hillary’s gonna end up in the White House, yet…”

        I read somewhere that she was really sick Ray..

      • @LOOB

        “I read somewhere that she was really sick Ray..”

        Based on the PTB’s selection of President, I’d have to say: Neither physical nor mental health, nor possession of functional intellectual capacity or acumen is any longer a requisite for the job…

    • Jean-Claude, JSnip and Penny Kelly had a joint video recently that mentioned just that possibility happening in a few weeks. I think it was on Jean-Claude’s BitChute channel but I can’t find it otherwise I’d post a link.

      God help us!

  7. There really is a Podunk!

    It lies on Michigan Rt. M-43, about half way between Kalamazoo and Hastings.

    I’ve still never been to Hell.
    But I’ll pass within 50 miles of it.

    That is all…

  8. An excellent article in “The American Mind” by Michael Anton titled Afghanistan: Doomed From The Start

    It is a a 10 minute read and perhaps a bit long for some readers but it is a great analysis of 20 years of misplaced, expensive and deadly effort. I would like to know what front line soldiers like MAJ13 think about it.

    Here is one excerpt from the article.

    “The Romans,” Machiavelli says, “made their wars short and big.” We Americans have taken to making our wars small and long. We inflict pinprick strikes over decades rather than getting the whole thing over within a matter of days or weeks.

    A better strategy, right after 9/11, would have been to do what we did, but finish the job at Tora Bora—and then leave immediately, with a note on the fridge saying “If you do anything like that again, we’ll be back quickly with overwhelming force, and we’ll leave just as quickly. We will do that as many times as you make us.”

    But then again, that takes tough “unwoke” leadership.

    • Tora -Bora..more bullshit about a MOAB

      once again – thye were testing low yeild “mini nukes” -successful
      as witnessed recently in Yemen, Syria, Beriut.. pixelated “sparklies” on iphone photo’s of blast = dead give away…

      Did they ever find colonel Osman ?

      Nope !

    • Mr. Anton has a firm grasp of the situation. I don’t know what else could be said about this. They don’t call that place the “Graveyard of Empires” for nothing.

      It’s one thing to punch someone who has done you wrong in the face…it’s another to try to move into their house and become their new dad and take over their lives.

    • “better strategy, right after 9/11, would have been to do what we did, but finish the job at Tora Bora—and then leave immediately,”

      From what I read BIC is it was about oil.. and it took several years to get the construction done..
      Theres a book written called Taliban and a slew of other reports studies etc. That discuss the business model. The story given to the people to gain the support needed varies greatly from what is written.
      Who’s buying and controlling who..

  9. George,
    Read the Empty Planet,The Shock of Global Population Decline,
    Read some of Peter Zeihan, Accidental Superpower, Absent Superpower,and Disunited Nations. Demographics , falling population in Europe, China, Japan, Italy. Baby Boomers in USA had babies, so we have another growing generation larger than boomers. Few countries in world have that.
    We have explored 25% of our world,75% is barely touched.
    There are Vast amounts of Iron,Copper, Gold Silver,Rare Earths
    untouched by Humans.
    We have limits imposed by our own imaginations not by our planet. Limits by those afraid to explore further or who do not want change because it threatens them and their position/wealth.
    We have enough Thorium for a billion years of power..
    Our population my not get to 9 billion,our human arrogance may cause a large popultion decline thru war,bio war, genetic manipulaton,Nukes..
    I do not believe in limits. We have replacements for energy.we can grow soybeans to produce plastics,cloth,
    Peak oil was 1980’s. Fracking developed. Natural gas cheap almost a waste product,for refining,agriculture,clothing, synthetics.. All Cheap..
    Our Future s only limited by our imaginations, engineering and
    human daring, arrogance and making a Buck..Cannot stop us might slow us down,might kill us but changes will happen,we will
    progress and reach the Stars..

  10. Bob, we had one of those “short and big” guys once. His name was Sherman, and history books still revile him for the swath of destruction he carved across Georgia, during our Civil War. He got the job done, ahead of schedule and under budget, freed a couple hundred thousand slaves, and damn’ near singlehandedly broke the spirit of the Confederacy (but he was “too bloody” and did he HAVE to burn Georgia?)

    We’uns is “civilized,” and want “war” to be as sanitary as the gunshots in an old Western movie. That’s one of the problems facing us (and you) because we live in North America, and haven’t experienced “war” firsthand, on our own soil, within the collective memory of our peoples, and even when we did, there was a class of East Coast Society Mavens who’d whine to their hubbies or parents, and write books or sponsor authors to write books, and express unrealistic life-opinion until the only people who knew better were the ones who went overseas to fight in somebody else’s war…

    I expect this generational naivete to cease being an issue now, within the next 3-5 years…

    • (but he was “too bloody” and did he HAVE to burn Georgia?)

      I think they did that because it’s the shock that was used to break the back of the has been done for thousands of years..


      If your afraid enough you will do what they tell you..
      Vlad Tactics..
      Vlad the Impaler was a little guy. . the neighboring countries were after him.. he impaled his own people on spears on the paths to his castle.. the scene was so horrifying that they turned and left..That is how the Taliban work as well. the laws of the Quran and the islamic laws.. Have they read the Torah or the old testament.. Islamic laws were inspired by the ancient our country we only pick and choose.. they live it page by page as they have for thousands of years..
      IN theory.. IF.. they were not joking and They really did sneak in Jihad Warriors into our country like they said they would, with the blessings of the present administration and by spending money on our seven hundred of our countries best voting in laws designed to give them the freedoms to go Jihad on everyone. the poison pawn trap.. get us busy on the pawn and a few thousand of those let in go to work.They have the funding and the support.. How many people would it take to get the vast majority of the USA to back off if they went Jihad ..
      in recent history We balk at the people that they sent into the highest crime areas rioted and pushed and then over two or three rare incidences.. made it tough enough on them that they don’t want to work there anymore and got the support to defund the police in the highest crime area’s of our country. why should they continue to work in and protect those that don’t want them there… leaving the high crime area’s open for the gangs.. the most vulnerable subject to their rules and laws.Then consider the affluent and powerful openly show the whole world that they are not subject to the laws of the land.. then keep shoving in everyones faces. considering that just how much trust do the people then have in those that lead them…. crime runs rampant and those cities are now showing a high crime area.. Then take singapore.. and their caning laws..
      Low crime..
      Our Military uses the same tactics.. break the will of the recruits.. then rebuild them up to their way..

  11. Y’all will be happy to note, the goings-on in Kabul have not derailed Kammy’s plans to visit Saigon next week. She gave Joe her consent to pull out on Tuesday, and hasn’t been seen nor heard from, since.

    The British tabs are starting to refer to Biden and Harris as “hide and seek…”

    • Does Kammy have an SC judge riding shotgun to administer the oath? Having her take the oath on Vietnam soil would be an interesting twist.
      With regard to her qualifications, constitutionally speaking, it is what it is. Having Ms P as a second should be good insurance. Kinda like with Joe and Mr O.
      And if denial is what it takes to keep you from going fetal in the kitchen floor, please indulge yourselves.

    • Ray did you notice how MSM is switching the blame for the hasty hide and seek withdrawal onto the previous administration.. I am betting history books will show that it wasn’t the jkam admin but the DJT admin as the one responsible.. I knew it.. a quick game of hide the sausage.. OOPS that would be the kids game.. the one of slap the past would be more like it..

      • “The next thing we’ll see from the Biden apologists in the Press is that he was just continuing the policy and timetable of Trump. ‘Thing is, it was the policy, timetable, and commitment of Obama, which Trump was compelled to follow, and so Trump made it workable. Biden, in throwing out “everything Trump,” and having nothing better than thoroughly modern Millie to orchestrate military policy, made it what we see, today.”

        BTW, I’m starting to wonder if somebody at FOX or at The Daily Caller reads George’s site. I had dinner with my daughter tonight. Tucker Carlson was on the tube. HE referred to the JCS Chairman as “thoroughly modern Millie” which I guarantee y’all is an original “Ray-ism…” Not to say Tucker or one of his staff couldn’t have come up with the insult independently, but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen a Ray-ism on FOXNews.

  12. Congratulations on your book George . Please advise when I can buy a hard copy on amazon . As advised yesterday I never seen what I saw yesterday in indexes . But hey stay fit strong , plenty music , genuine food and of course beer

  13. And so it begins…….

    Just heard from a family member that works in the ISD here. Many, MANY new students are enrolling from the “Southern Region” that have not been in school for a year, at least. What will be the ramifications of the culture clash, the trauma that they probably experienced on the way through Mexico, discipline, heck, even the level of civilized behavior of these young people??? What I want to know is where are they living because I don’t see them or have heard of them up until now?

  14. Old fears from a former PM are resurfacing about EU breakup –

    EU on brink of collapse as even ex-French PM admitted ‘Things could fall apart in months’

    “THE EU was on the brink of collapse and given just months left to survive, according to unearthed comments made by France’s then Prime Minister.”

    “Talk of the EU splitting up has grown since the UK left the Union last year, with several member states lined up as potential nations to emulate Brexit. This year post-Brexit Britain’s swift COVID-19 vaccine rollout has been compared to the sluggish distribution of jabs in the EU. The pandemic has further exposed Brussels’ bureaucracy, as well as the fault lines that exist between some member states.”

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