Nine Critical Failures in Afghanistan, Plus a Data Point

Going short the market near the close Monday didn’t take a genius.

The speech in the movie Patton delivered brilliantly by George C. Scott sums up the feelings around here:

Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser. Americans play to win all the time. That’s why Americans have never lost and will never lose a war. The very thought of losing is hateful to Americans.”

Things change.

We’re not Patton’s Third Army.  But we will not tolerate a loser and the very thought of losing is hateful.  Especially the money part.

If you’re in the dark, the quickie is Biden’s speech on Afghanistan fact-checked – BBC News.  Unsurprisingly the former leader of the (also former) Soviet Union distilled it perfectly: U.S. Invasion of Afghanistan Was a ‘Bad Idea’: Gorbachev.  You think?

Our analysis goes a few miles deeper.

Nine Steps to Losing ‘Stan

1. Make a war of unspecified length.

When the war in Afghanistan began it was nominally to deny al Qaida a refuge,  After that, a 40-nation league of followers decided to try “nation building” in Afghanistan.  The place has resources.  But it also has a male-dominated (and brutal) tribal culture.  Which is why this morning we see headlines like Taliban reign of terror begins as fighters go door to door in Kabul with ‘kill list’ as women face torture & execution.”

And this may only be the start.

The Taliban are pissed – long-term anger – and the “rescue mission” Joe Biden sent in may be set up for a vicious ground engagement in coming weeks.  I’d score at least even odds that the Taliban will fight to the last man.  Ours.

Joe Biden, and the political hack class that owns this clusterf**ck obviously doesn’t read history.  If they did, they might have come across this important lesson on

“On January 13, 1842, a British army doctor reaches the British sentry post at Jalalabad, Afghanistan, the lone survivor of a 16,000-strong Anglo-Indian expeditionary force that was massacred in its retreat from Kabul. He told of a terrible massacre in the Khyber Pass, in which the Afghans gave the defeated Anglo-Indian force and their camp followers no quarter.”

To be clear:  An  all-powerful British-Indian group was trapped in Afghanistan.  One survivor out of 16,000 seems unthinkable today.

Pray to God it will still seem unthinkable a month from now.

2. Fail to Assign Leadership

Anyone with exposure to management science has been brainwashed with
“matrix management.”  This is a set-up for failure when powers to conduct a war are split between the House, Senate, President, State Department, Army, Navy, Air Force, C.I.A. and N.S.A.  Infiltrated partisan Media, too.

Complexity results in “flexibility to meet the mission” is usually implied.  But to a clear-headed traditional-style American manager, it sounds a lot like what happens in a blender, too.  Every time one agency fails, the buck is passed and the he-said, she-said goes around.

The results are being evacuated even now.

3.  Purge the Military

A few under Bush, a ton under Obama, the national “Yes Persons” festival was decried at the time.  A 2016 Washington Post article explained one of the high-level Obama firing moves this way:

“President Obama had been in office for only five months when he relieved Army Gen. David McKiernan as the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. The new president made the move on the recommendation of Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, who told the president that he wanted “fresh thinking” and “fresh eyes” in Afghanistan. McKiernan was the first top wartime commander to be dismissed since Harry S. Truman’s removal of Gen. Douglas MacArthur in 1951.”

“Fresh thinking” and “fresh eyes” sounds remarkably like a typical flailing progressive cover story.  To this day, I believe McKiernan could have won except for two Management Problems related to the matrix:  What was the objective and who are all these other people sticking their noses in?

4.  Protect War Materiel of the Enemy

The Council on Foreign Relations explained the goals of president Obama in 2009 this way:

The core goal of the strategy, as outlined in an interagency white paper, is “to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat al Qaeda and its safe havens in Pakistan, and to prevent their return to Pakistan or Afghanistan.”

The problem?  Well, Pakistan has continued to give safe quarter to Taliban yet we have noticed a lack of cruise missiles back to the source of war materiel and safe harbor.

Which, in turn, was seen as a green light by Pakistan to continue feeding the conflict.  Obama talked a good story, but the results – with key Pakistani support and influence – now speak for themselves.

As recently as this morning, Pakistan continues to play America for fools.  Afghanistan: Pakistan calls for ‘inclusive political settlement’; to work with US for peace.  Pakistan’s diversions have been incredibly successful.  America’s?  Not so much.

5.  Respect the Enemy Cash Flow

American attacks and drug interdictions run in cyclical fashion.  Earlier this year, the U.N. Office on Drug Control released its Afghanistan poppy report for 2019.  Among its findings:

Millions of US$ taken in taxes by Taliban and other insurgent groups
More than one-third of headmen in poppy villagers reported that their farmers paid taxes of roughly 6 per cent on sales of opium, and mostly to the Taliban. At the farm gate, this corresponded to roughly $14.5 million paid in opium taxes. If the revenues from manufacturing and trafficking of opiates were taxed in the same way, it could have yielded a total of $61 – 113 million for non-state actors in 2019. And these opium taxes are not the only source of income for insurgency groups. Most headmen reported that farmers paid the Ushr – a traditional Islamic tithe on agricultural production of about 10 percent. While the most common recipients of the Ushr were ‘poor people’, about one-fifth of headmen also named the Taliban as beneficiaries – almost double the rate of the previous year.”

The “good news” – which doesn’t matter now is that the area under cultivation in 2019 was the lowest since 2013  Which goes to our point that drug enforcement is a cyclical event.  As soon as it becomes effective, the distribution channels will torpedo their effective use.  See matrix management discussion above.

6. America Sold Values, Not Liberty

The matrix mess  running this conflict on the American side made so many tone-deaf and outright stupid decisions it’s truly an embarrassment.

Not that the American-style new Constitution (*Value this morning? Zero.) was specifically bad.  It sounded good.  Here.  Not there.  But the fact is there wasn’t enough buy-in around the countryside.  So much for that go at it.

Biden’s own State Department massively screwed the pooch in June.  When the U.S. flew an LBGTQ flag over the American embassy for the whole month.  This received some attention on Twitter.  What the incurably stupid “woke” people don’t understand is the Taliban hate gay people and to wave the LBGTQ flag is like waving something in front of a bull.  You better be prepared to run like hell.

Which, we are now doing.

Key Takeaway:  Don’t waste energy on “virtue signaling” to heavily armed bearded male forces who don’t want anything to do with  weak America’s “woke” bullshit.  Pragmatists live;  idealists get buried.  Read history or repeat it.

7.  Ignore Systemic Corruption

From an extremely savvy “sandbox” viewer,  some insights into how the Accounting profession failed us.  I’ll do my best to paraphrase here…

Here’s how it worked:  Corrupt senior Afghan military officers and civilian defense leaders, law enforcement chiefs, and “elected/appointed” political leaders simply made-up thousands of “ghost police officers” and fictional military positions existing only on paper.  However, these were  paid real salaries by the US Treasury.  Those salaries were then pocketed by those military and other leaders who created the non-existent personnel on paper.  Endemic corruption flowed everywhere.  When faced with an advancing force of 75,000 Taliban, the hollowed-out (and made-up) forces either disappeared or rapidly collapsed.  Afghanistan is not united as one people, one nation.  There’s no way to unify against the Taliban because there’s no unifying history, philosophy, or national pride in that country. It’s still very much a loose collection of 19th century tribes surrounding a few cities.”

Which underscores our fear that the bloodbath there might just be beginning.

8.  Clay Feet of American Leadership

Maybe you missed the story last week, so here’s a reminder:  Hunter Biden nude video: Russian thieves, hookers, and other NAKED truths in explicit new footage | MEAWW.

If you have a misbehaving “first son” and if another laptop has gone missing, wouldn’t that be a HUGE lever to pull if you worked for a foreign intelligence service?

Control files  and pulled levers are very real in that world.  Like it or don’t.

9.  Repeat Previous Mistakes

Fall of Saigon all over again?  No, not hardly.  That was a masterpiece of planning and inter-service cooperation in comparison.

Slate offers a comparison you might want to read: Afghanistan “fall of Saigon” comparison: Why the right really wants to link Kabul to Vietnam.  Blame the right?  GMAFB.

On the Positive Side?  There Ain’t One

Biden owns this.  Less positive is any chance of him resigning over it.  Besides, if that were to happen, Kamala Harris would become president.

Still, the reality is neither has been able to stem the flow of illegals from Mexico and all those unvaccinated OTMs streaming in from south of the (once-upon a time) border.

Biden is setting up Civil War in America with his crazy open border with Mexico, as we read it:  Suspected terrorists crossing border ‘at a level we have never seen before,’ outgoing Border Patrol chief says.

And if that’s not demented behavior, how about the leadership void around Debate rages over flights carrying undocumented children from border?

Quite rationally, then, Arizona AG Urges Biden to Replace Mayorkas: ‘Unmitigated Disaster’ for Border Security.

But don’t hold your breath for Biden to do anything to stem  Mexico’s assimilation of the U.S.  Just like he couldn’t stop Pakistan’s assimilation of Afghanistan.

I’m torn between whether he’s deliberately destroying America or he’s been so insulated from reality for so long, and fed so much bullshit by his colleagues and lobbyists on the Hill that he just doesn’t know Truth when he sees it, anymore.

I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and go with the latter.  But he’s building his own case for treason on a near daily basis, flaunting the Constitution along the way.

Meantime Kamala Harris is the best Impeachment Insurance Plan we could imagine.

We’ll just keep hiding out in the woods.  With toilet paper and Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Bore Cleaning Solvent, 1-Quart Bottles.

If Biden can’t hold Afghanistan, can he hold America?  Or even Austin?

A Data Point: Retail

Here’s something to keep an eye on:  I noticed this morning that the futures on FinViz were showing the Dow down 204 at the open.  Yahoo Finance was saying down only 144.  Thick this is a sign of m.a.n.i.p?

Then we have the Retail Sales report from Census just out:

“Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for July 2021, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $617.7 billion, a decrease of 1.1 percent (±0.5 percent) from the previous month, but 15.8 percent (±0.7 percent) above July 2020. Total sales for the May 2021 through July 2021 period were up 20.6 percent (±0.5 percent) from the same period a year ago. The May 2021 to June 2021 percent change was revised from up 0.6 percent (±0.5 percent) to up 0.7 percent (±0.2 percent).
Retail trade sales were down 1.5 percent (±0.5 percent) from June 2021, but up 13.3 percent (±0.7 percent) above last year. Clothing and clothing accessories stores were up 43.4 percent (±2.8 percent)
from July 2020, while food services and drinking places were up 38.4 percent (±3.0 percent) from last year.

On this last point, the statisticians disingenuously don’t mention everything was locked down last year.  So when we read from (xx) 2020, we label it “Instant BS” and move along.  Slapstick and vaudeville isn’t this funny.

All of which warms us up to the idea the market MAY be about to roll over into the end of the Typical Summer Rally.

What this week being options, and all, on Options Friday last month our Aggregate was 39,715.64  while last month on options day it was 38,632.79.

Now, ‘lemme ask you sumptin:’  Tell me one thing – any one – that has gotten (on average) 2.8% better in the last month.

Maybe being old, fat, White, privileged, college edumacated and all, I just ain’t seein’ it.  Other than hyperinflation doing war with deflation?  Well, look at lumber which was down to $465 yesterday.  Year ago it was sailing around the $800 level.  So down at least 40%?

Maybe some enlightened Wokee can straighten me out.  Thanks.

Sorting Through the Garbage

Interesting: Or spending like there’s no tomorrow (since there may not be…)  Americans are spending $765 more a month than they did in 2020, survey finds  How many are making that much more a month after tax?  Near zero, betcha.

We’re not clear whether Afghans will have to get CV vax to come here, but did you see NPR’s To Lie Or Not To Lie: Our Readers Debate The Ethics Of Unauthorized Vaccines?

Still, the vaxpidity grows:  New Zealand to enter nationwide lockdown after single coronavirus case found.  Not sure how they’d react if there had been two cases…nuke a city?

We’ll make this easy for yah:  The Human Behavior Academy Launches Online Course How to Spot a Liar in 7 Seconds or Less.  Easier?  Turn on MainStream  Media,  Presto!!!!

My golly.  This has been so much fun.  I better stop now while I’m behind.

Our Old Man Thought of the Day

“Pick up, after yourself.”

Yes,  Joe, you too.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Afghanistan is a planned distraction,,,!!! to keep your ATTENTION /AWARENESS off the election audits. Elections are where we the people have a voice,, that has been stolen,, we want our stolen elections BACK, We want leaders that represent US and not the Corporations
    “Gold will end the Fed” 17, but how is my question

    • “We want leaders that represent US and not the Corporations”

      And those leaders are? Please, not DJT ;-((.

      • I never cared for the TV personality of Donald J Trump, BUT the President Trump changed that. When the deep state and the damn satanists attacked him with all they have, I saw light, stared voting again
        You are free to not like him but you got to admit the last 8 months under Biden is turning America into hell,,, Trump was building a wall, building America,, Biden’s handlers are tearing US down
        You want positive results with your negative attitude? Trump has done more than all the others combined since Kennedy and I WILL VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN
        The Trump presidency has brought all the boils to a head,, PAIN,, time to pop some infections to GITMO. When I am sick, I seek to kill the infection, period

    • We have no legal or Constitutional remedy for a fraudulent election. Mr. Biden is our Prez until 1/20/25, assuming any of us live that long.

      Election audits are worth noting, to see how States’ Elections were gamed, then patch the holes to ensure they can’t be manipulated in the same manner, in future elections. They are not worth devoting a serious amount of attention to, until and unless the audits are completed, and show how results were cooked.

      Afghanistan is serious — life and death serious, to all of us. We just don’t know it yet…


      • So, you’re advocating we rescue ourselves from 3rd world status, via a 3rd world military junta…?

        Relax, Darrell. If’fn you blow a gasket now, you’ll be of little use later. Things will happen as they happen. My concern is to not succumb to a bioagent or a murderous religious fanatic before I can be of use. I hope that you see the logic in my concern…

      • Election audits ARE worth noting.
        It’s how the gamers will learn how to evolve to the next level of gaming.

        …and the games continue!

  2. Smile, this is punny. Female dog orders her own muzzle from amazon
    “Dr. Michelle Fiscus was at the center of a nasty political battle after she advocated for vaccination of some teenagers against Covid without parental consent.

    Fiscus said she received an anonymous package from Amazon containing a dog muzzle (photo below) one week before she was fired from the Tennessee Department of Health in July.”

  3. My TDS friends have been amazingly quiet the past week or two. A year ago I got daily texts, emails and cartoons about how bad Trump was. Today – crickets!

  4. When I was last deployed to that wretched place NATO forces could not trust the Afghan soldiers. It was practically a form of suicide to turn your back on them. There were constant killings and warnings about them and what procedures to take in interacting with them. They were also not allowed to freely move around any of our installations and bases.

    This was a well known reality all the way up to the top. So, anyone telling us that they believed for a second that we could turnover the country to “Afghan forces” and this not immediately happen is a liar. Orderly withdrawal or not, this was baked in the cake. That’s why we were removing all of the infrastructure that I described yesterday. Denying the Taliban the use of those things was literally the point of the whole exercise.

    So, here we are living in this clown world. These are the same people that are planning a one world government. A system whose foundation is corruption and falseness is doomed.

    Another serious mistake is betraying the people who took risks to work with us. This is how a country creates real enemies and is exactly how we ended up in this mess to start with. Ironic. As this plays out, somebody is going to see their parents, brothers, sisters, children or friends executed and they will remember who left them high and dry. Some day they will act on that righteous anger.

    A note to Len Daquino: I’ve worked with the Aussie army several times in my career and it was a pleasure every time. I hope the people down under get control of their government back from the clowns that are running it now. I hope we do, too.

  5. Holy Cow Paddies ! Ure spilling beans – tells the Truth to POWER in the modern world.

    Good on U – Mr Editor – they CAN handle the Truth .

    ” control files and pulled levers are very real in that world”

    Yeah – just ask the Donald bout that Mossad file – the one his close friend and confidant jeff epstein help compile/record..

    See Mogilevich – Di man when comes to “sensitive” information….if in U gotz the fundz.

    Why couldnt the DEA do their job in trashganistan ? Those unconditional Hating Humans over at langley – alwayz “got in the way” every single time/op..

    truly we have become the thing H. Kuntzler describes as “clusterfuck nation”.

    Civil War ?? …very uncivil- very fast, as DC, State Gov, Loc Gov will crumble fast. Who is going to Protect Piglosi, Schumer, Rhinos, Trumpettes et al, Neocons/Israhell 1sters ? Think anyone will be looking out for Cumo,Gruesome, Twitmer..?

    Personally – the aforementioned will be a the TOP of my list – Yes “WE” do Know where they live, vacation and hide..

    • Civil War? Is “President Biden” and company seeing how quickly they have lost their control on America? Destroying our fossil fuel infrastructure? Their lack of Border Control? Their destruction of law and order in Democratic States and Cities? Their attempt to destroy our Constitution and Bill of Rights? Their destruction of Small Business and jobs they create? Their COVID mismanagement on so many levels it cannot be even be seen? Their destruction of the American Dollar and the Creation of unknown Trillions of Dollars of debt that cannot ever be paid? When and what will it take before we see OUR United States change direction? Or will we become Afghanistan?

  6. Interacting with tribal people is sketchy at best. Best to be limited to trade and killing a few here and there to keep borders established & secure. Bringing them in en masse as “refugees” is an even worse idea.

      • “What we have is more delivery options. They don’t.”

        After Afghanistan.. well I think that they now have the delivery systems LOL

  7. Hey Chief,

    Presented to community as a learning opportunity, free edumacation- history like they NEVER teach..

    Prolly the best “intel analyst” alive today – dude understands, deeply, the “spiritual” side of Life on this planet we call Earth – “they” call Uras.

    After perusing the above article – keep asking Ureself – “who in their right mind would contemplate and commit to making War on the Pashtun “Students” in this part of the world where they name the Mountains – Hindu Kush (hindu death)..just push em over the side of trail..aaiiiieeeeeeeeeSPLAT!

    Rinse and Repeat..Geniuses.

  8. The one good thing about China’s ascent toward the top power in this world is that Afghanistan will soon be their problem. It will prove to be just as big of a cluster f**k for them as it was for the Soviets and ‘Merica.

    From the time of Alexander the Great the region now known as Afghanistan has served as a deadly blender to foreign troops – “chops, grinds and purees” any occupying forces. And if you think about it, a ‘take no prisoners’ strategy avoids having to dump critical housing, medical and food resources on problematic POWs.

    America’s exit from Afghanistan, retreat is the accurate military term, was conducted hastily and exceptionally poorly. I agree with George on many points, one of the chief ones being that Biden probably had no clue about the real situation on the ground when he decided to withdraw. Joebama was pandering to the progressives. His military and intelligence advisors had no clue either, being focused more on wokeness and diversity in the ranks. Essentially, most diplomats and politicians ‘flying their chairs’ (i.e. sitting at desks instead of serving in the theater of operations) in Washington were deceived by our Afghan allies. Even‘Merica’s once vaunted and now incredibly inept senior military, intel and diplomatic leadership merely told the Prez only what he wanted to hear.

    There is no way to play recent events back and rethink a better strategy. Pandora’s Box has been opened and demons are let loose. History will record the consequences. Anyone good at purging demons?

    • How long before the soviets left before the ruble collapsed? Anyone taking bets if the Fed Note has much longer? its all a design pattern here folks…

    • They knew; they did it anyway, because it was their plan. MAG 13 confirms this. There was no excuse, but there was a purpose. Spiritual defilement of America; think of the cascading emotional/physical/spiritual/financial/boomerang effects of this illegal 20 year war.

      Look at 911; pretending they had never heard of a loaded plane being flown into buildings. Okay, that’s a level 4 lie, since they were easily flown via remote control. Yet, the 20 year PRE plans of 911 are out there for all of those to see. Now that we are 20 years POST 911; does anyone still believe it wasn’t an inside job; absolutely planned, executed, and delivered right on time.

      Ya’ll are living in and through another one of their pre-planned events; it’s called Covid; the Great Reset, and it is going to turn your whole world upside down – IF you let it.

      Whatcha going to do? (Plenty of hints on this website these last many years.)

      • Covert19 is/was prematurely executed Op..

        Not exactly sure what made them “rush” this frankenwienie of a bioweapon into circulation before everything/everyone was “ready”. Got a couple clues…

        USD has hit the proverbial iceberg ala the Titanic – flase flag, this time signifying funeral preparations for USD.

        The US Govt is OUT OF MONEY . See Palantir Corp most recent moves/actions w/Gold/Crypto..calling out pending Black Swan event (s) =false flag (s)

        Where the hell did I put that case of jiffypop?

        Need/want to find the ECUngovernable – I ll be out back the boathouse sharpening & cleaning di tools. Sighting In longs, checking/replacing batteries – sights/lasers/IR. Tropical weather wreaks havoc on steel, electronics, good grounds..taking care of the equipment that takes care of ECU.

  9. Greetings George,

    Regarding the Complexity results in flexibility to meet the mission statement. That also was part of Hitler’s calapse?

  10. There was a theory bandied about that stated that the only reason we stayed so long in Afghanistan was that Goldman Sachs had the heroin money flowing through them.I’d like to see the GOP gubernatorial candidate make that charge against their former employee Murphy in the upcoming NJ debates this fall,assuming he returns from his villa in Italy while the hospitals fill up in the Garden State.

    • Crock of conspiracy theory crap…

      Afghanistan produces nearly 95% of the world’s opium poppies. The entire poppy crop is worth between $350mln-$500mln, depending on the growing climate.

      For a few hundred yuan, A wildcat drug lab in China can brew enough fentanyl in one day to displace the net yield of refined heroin (in individual “highs”) which could be produced by all those poppies. China has a number of such wildcat labs…

      Would YOU pay a million dollars for person “A” to get you stoned, when person “C” offers you the same “fix” for a buck? Therein lies a huge part of our “fentanyl problem.”

      • “Afghanistan produces nearly 95% of the world’s opium poppies. ”

        Maybe now that we are gone from there.. the Medical and govt. system will get off of their either you take OPIUM or nothing kick.. and yup that is what I was told.. when I asked to be able to get cbd instead of the opiates as a treatment.. the cbd works just as good and doesn’t have all the harmful side affects..

  11. One thing that seems to be lost on everyone about Afghanistan, is who has benefited from this 20 year long fiasco and how can we prevent it from happening again?

    • You mean ban lobbyists, K street law twisters and term limits of two terms?
      All money any member of family being reported?
      You’re a hunter of truth, lol. So it ain’t gonna happen.

      • “I think you forgot military contractors?”

        They’re a complete non sequitur. Contractors don’t make dime one, until somebody in CONgress pushes through the funding.

        Don’t blame some dude who’s trying to pay his bills, blame the person who hires his organization…

      • Can’t do that without the approval of congress.. and a few years ago they tried to put limits on gifts and donations. Jow fast did congress get together to get that one fixed..
        Prying that private jet and crew from a Senate’s hands would make them squeal…or the vacation to a plush resort..won’t ever happen.. notice how they gave themselves an extra day off from their grueling tears schedule of 28 days of work.. lol .. taking on that .. well peeing in the wind would get you further..

    • Yeah yeah – and dont forget/overlook our very own Christians In Action..Ya dont think for one minute the Taliban is not an creature of clowns agency ???

      Watch how they will brutalize the muzzies over there – at least there will be Ton more jobs/positions the Bachi Boys..
      go ahead maj13 – tell em about young boys with such abused ____ they look they have tails…
      Afgan “hellhole” description does not do it justice in the least bit.

  12. 20 years ago… Remember the yellow ribbons. Anthrax vaccinations. There was the “If you ain’t with us you’re agaisnt us” cat calls. The “Go out and spend!” tax rebate checks; up to $600 for individuals and $1,200 for couples. So much political capital.

    “My belief is we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators. ”

    – Vice Pres Dick Cheney

    Pat Tillman. The Giant of Kandahar. Now it’s just legal bills.

  13. Here is what I don’t understand…Bush started the Afghanistan war..Obama and Trump wanted out but didn’t do a damn thing about it and Biden does..and he gets blamed for the mess? Obama and Trump have killed their leaders, and that did nothing…we have tried to maintain control of their government, but that too was hanging by a frayed thread. I agree with Warhammer and let it be China’s problem now. The Afghanistan war cost America $300 million a day for 20 years…Fleeing the region…that’s money saved the way I look at it. That region isn’t going to change…ever…so why try? It’s like trying to solved the homeless crisis. No matter what you do, give or provide, there are going to be holdovers that just don’t want help and end out in the streets again and again. The tribal culture of Afghanistan are the same. We may have rehabilitated a small percentage…mostly women and some men, but there are staunch supporters that will never give up their beliefs.

    • Believe it or not, there is a difference between a staged withdrawal and pure panicky cut run.
      You know the difference.
      Now you can see it first hand.
      As my favorite writer said, the fall of Saigon was a highly effective exit in comparison.

    • I look at it like you’re flying a plane and experience problems requiring you to land; two options present themselves: 1) A controlled descent gradually slowing, while looking for a level field to land in. When one is found the pilot lowers the landing gear and guides the plane to a safe landing. OR 2) The pilot corkscrews the plane into the ground. Both options end up with the plane on the ground but the repercussions differ significantly.

    • Now the illegals and refugees are going to cost 300 million a day. Those NGO’s are going to make bank. The sponsors are going to make bank. And so much and many more are going to make bank. And on and on it goes, where it stops, nobody knows.

    • clueless in SF, as usual.

      Rothchilds – No War ever gets started without Rothchild “authorization. In all of “modern” recorded history – every single one is brought to by the “backheads’/masters of the Game”.

      U Need to know who Ure Enemy/Oppressor is – before you can begin to start thinking bout fighting for YOURSELF/Soul -its all you were, all you will be, after our current meatsuits /”Lemons” prematurely breakdown..

  14. Sleepy Joe is a literal fact at this point. Man is totally detached from reality. His blundering administration of progressive hacks and elitists is nothing short of the birth of the Politburo in the USA….
    This is the Carter administration on steroids x 1000%.
    The swath of ruin and destruction they’ll leave this country in when they’re booted out in four years will take years to repair.
    History does repeat itself. See the 3rd century of the Roman Empire with it’s continual succession of weak rulers, devalued currency, over-taxation and foreign incursions.

    • Will, you’re right and what concerns me is the fact we may NEVER recover from 4 years of Bribe’em, because this is just the entree, the full course is still in the barn, or eh, silo. And he’s a big enough idiot to fire a few off!

      • Thanks for the props Westcoast. Unfortunately you might be right if the line of succession continues to deal us either leaders totally immersed in the goo of the beltway or outsiders whom are egomaniacs…
        Considering how we’ll look in 4 years’ time we need a straight shooter who won’t take any guff from foreign countries or internal radicalists from either side of the spectrum. Maybe someone in the mode of a Teddy Roosevelt perhaps…who cares about equality for ALL and for the environment we live in and doesn’t condone handouts….

      • “we may NEVER recover from 4 years of Bribe’em, ”

        Obviously very few have been in a death spiral.. I have and can tell you.. we are in one now.. still at the top but not for long.. Once you get in it.. you have very few options.. what I see is a complete reboot of society.. cash in the chips bankruptcy.. not only did the hasty retreat that showed our allies we wouldn’t even consider them in a pinch with the questioning just how important they are to us and how long should they stand beside us in the heat of the night .. we cannot afford to continue the way we are.. it was a no brainer as well in my honest opinion.. the only reason we were there was so some rich guy could get richer.. we did the same in Nam.. as soon as the oil wells got down to a certain level we pulled out.. here is a good book to read about it..
        there are a bunch of papers from the pentagon that were released showing the same crap.. its always about the business model..

  15. Comrades,

    Seeing the pandemonium unfold on the television at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport is absolute irony. The airport in the moniker of the previously Western-allied Afghan leader now sees its namesake throwing his lot in with a powerful Afghan warlord and a foreign entity to back the Taliban and hasten collapse of the Western tutelage.

    While the UK drew down its Afghan forces a while ago, perhaps this foray in the footsteps of the Light Brigade was the fifth such endeavor following The First through Fourth Afghan Wars engaged in by The Empire.

    Regarding the sole survivor of the retreat from Kabul in the First Afghan War, Wikipedia notes a photograph of the unmarked grave outside Jalalabad’s walls of the disastrous campaign’s leader, General Elphinstone, taken in the late 1870’s during The Second Afghan War. His glory days of Waterloo long elapsed the General’s last resting place picture was filed in a collection of The Firm’s then heir-apparent. The grave apparently remains unmarked.

    • “the Taliban hate gay people and to wave the LBGTQ flag is like waving something in front of a bull”

      I wonder what will become of the American military companies that promoted the bacha boy activities and even supplied boys to the Afghan soldiers..the story I read was they kept asking the US govt. to stop them from doing that..
      Will these industrial leaders have safe passage especially after they kept asking our Gov’t to stop their activities and our political leaders let their requests fall on deff ears..

  16. Thank you MAJ13 for your service in that hell hole and for trying to educate the majority of the population who don’t understand how totally and completely dishonest and ruthless these despots are. My wife asked me how you could tell the Taliban from the general population and I said look for the guns. The cowardly bastards can’t walk 3 feet without one.

    After I retired, I spent 10 years in Africa as a volunteer on water projects. It doesn’t remotely compare with what you experienced but it was always an experience to return home and hear comments like “why didn’t you just do….. ?or why can’t they just…….? When you tell them there is no such thing as running drinking water from a tap or that a shower is something that only exists in your dreams, their eyes gloss-over.

    When you are immersed in a completely different culture, especially when you can’t turn your back or have to sleep with one eye open like you did, you realize that we live in an incredibly privileged society in North America. It is so hard to believe there are people here working to tear it down when they have no first hand experience what exists on the other side of the world. The “build back better” they want may be a total shock to them when they get it.

    Thanks again MAJ. We appreciate you and all your buddies that served in Afghanistan. I met many of them in Amsterdam airport on my trips back and forth to Africa. They are heroes, every one.

    • Thanks for the kind words, BIC. You’re a wise man and you’re one of the fortunate westerners that know both what real poverty looks like and what a wonderful country we have. The world is not like people believe it is.

      • Then you’d better get a permanent perch on your rooftop to shout it out, Maj, because according to Monkey Werx there’s 22,000 of them headed to Wisconsin and Texas. 5,000 per day being ex-fil’d and flown here.

        Besides the people being flown in and from the border every day, day in and day out what Clif is saying about this Winter looks more plausible every day. People are going to snap at some point …

    • “wife asked me how you could tell the Taliban from the general population”

      My brother in law was in special forces..I asked how do you know who to trust..he said… the ones in front of you..

  17. SOLUTION to our Southern Border Problem!!

    The US State Department has been taking 2+ years, with MULTIPLE interviews and a lot of paperwork to approve a Visa for US Entry for people who risked their lives to help US Troops in Afghanistan. The State Department has approved 2,000+- applications with about 60,000 applications pending, average length of time of those pending but not yet approved applications is reported to be over 2 years. Average wait time for the approved applications reported to have been about 4 years.

    The US Border Patrol is just escorting illegals, at least those they catch, to a holding location and then releasing them in just Two Weeks.

    EUREKA!! Put the US State Department in charge of the Southern Border!! Paperwork those who are coming to death, just like they have been doing to those who risked their lives to help US Troops in Afghanistan.

    MULTIPLE Interviews;
    MULTIPLE Letters of Recommendations;
    MULTIPLE pages of paperwork spread over many months;
    MULTIPLE reviews of all of the above (so as to stretch out the time line)
    MULTIPLE levels of sign off before a SINGLE PERSON can be approved to come to the US
    After they are approved … well THE SAME for EACH and EVERY relative, including children, that they want to come also.

    Voila … our Southern Border Problem would be solved merely by turning the job over to our super efficient US State Department!! Instead of 2 weeks in a detention facility in the US (if they are caught) a 4 year wait INSIDE MEXICO!!

    • I have a better solution: Put the Afghan refugees in barracks along the southern border.

      HIRE THEM as screeners for the border-invaders.

      Tell them there are a limited number of pies, and every person they let in, makes their slice, smaller…

  18. The time has come – for breakup, balkinazation, and in a few places, rebuilding. The fate of America and the western world are pretty grim now. For my part, I will pray, meditate, and live the best I can day to day. Some areas will fare ok – maybe they will have enough food and clean water to get by. But the political system is not returning. That’s broken and will just have to breakup and reform some way.

    The breakup of the former Soviet Union is the only working model that I know of right now – no, it’s far from perfect, but it follows a general theme of breakup, dissolution, reform, and many regional variances as far as how things coming together again – or NOT.

  19. 1) “…and I shall break the pride of your power.”
    (Note: not the power itself, but the Pride in that power.
    The power remains: the Pride is broken.)

    2) “…and great shall be the fall of it.”
    (And when America — a force for good — is finally
    destroyed, who will be the voice for doing the right
    thing? Who else has done enough to try to be a
    force for good, to have the authority to use that
    voice, and speak for that good?)

    “Destroyed,” in this context merely means to be removed
    from the world’s stage. To turn inward. To withdraw from
    The Field. To self-isolate and be silent as others act badly.
    To become irrelevant.

  20. Unbelievable! The liars in the NPR article actually want to get stuck with injections! Even more than they’re trying to require. Good luck with that.

    They’re more than welcome to any injections that had been allocated for me. I won’t be using them. I have a life to live and I’ve enjoyed things so far by avoiding organized medicine – especially known toxins designed to elicit an inflammatory response. The alleged “vaccines” don’t reduce infectivity or transmissivity, they only reduce symptoms, so they’re essentially creating super-spreaders.

  21. interesting data george . velocity of money collapsed . deflation. repeat . debt is deflationary . repeat . all depressions are deflationary . repeat . the longer im wrong the righter ill be . hope you have gotten over that little issue of a couple of days ago . discipline . adversity builds character

  22. “the very thought of losing is hateful. Especially the money part.”

    What was haunting for myself wasn’t a number on a sheet of paper or screen . It was the look of terror in children’s eyes..
    If there are watchers like it says in the book of enoch and other books..ehy haven’t they intervened in all this sadistic madness.

  23. I still can’t believe that any of you who comment here actually believe that any future “election” is going to change anything. If anything the congressional election here in Georgia that followed the November election was even more crooked than the previous one. What “agency” of “justice” is going to set up, much less assure a free and fair election in the future anywhere in this country? The same “authorities” want proof of vacination to do almost anything, but refuse to consider proper proof to be able to vote. Come on folks, wake up and smell the coffee–while you still can afford to buy it. Gray Fox

    • Sadly, I’m inclined to agree.
      For years, one of my business partners laughed at me for backing the candidate of my choosing and mocked my loyalty. Now I think back and realize he was right. Anyone who thinks their vote counts unequivocally after witnessing the last election is either naive or delusional. Remember, ‘if you don’t vote you have no right to complain’! How about if you do vote and the process is overtly subverted? Deep down we understand elections are being illegally influenced by unions, lobbyists, alphabet agency operatives and big tech but many still proudly vote and choose sides. Voter fraud is not a new concept; most notably Tammany hall in 1931 but also countless elections before and since.
      Dipping a finger in ink has much greater chance of integrity than electronic voting with any type of chipped machine.
      Until our representatives realize this is the most crucial and fundamental issue of the next election, I vote to boycott.

    • You nailed it; the secret is out now, and the Genie cannot be put back in the bottle. It’s true; there will never be another FAIR election in our lifetime with the current structure.

      I have to say, I attended a lecture by Alex Jones back in 1992/1993, at the UT campus, where he spoke about the Diebold voting machines and how easy it was to change the vote (can’t say hack). He fired a warning shot. Oh, I’d say the room had about 25 people in it.

      Guess who were the investors in those voting machines?

      So, Dominion Voting machines was like that but on steroids; they have a nice investment group behind them, too.

      Biden is on video admitting the Democrat Voting Machine, Baby!

    • “I still can’t believe that any of you who comment here actually believe that any future “election” is going to change anything”

      It won’t change a thing Gordon..
      I actually believe that we have tipped the edge.. the interest on the deficit is so great that we are like the monkey chasing its tail.. tge only option is dump more money into the wage earners pocket..
      But that’s the least of our problems if you want my personal opinion. We have s lot more serious issues ahead..

  24. Alexander the Great,was an idiot, but the Afgans fought him till
    he took a thousand of his officrrs and married into the Tribes. He was then a Great Man and off he and new Allies went to India, slaves,booty. War,fun suff..They still admire Alexander in Afganistan. Every one else,not so much.. Islam conquered them or they willingly chose it as a way of power for them.
    That is the only way to do that. The chin of China have been dong that for 3000 years. Now they are doing it to the uigurs and Tibetans.. Few call them out about it..
    As a veteran of Vietnam,April 69 thru Oct 1970 the incompetence and political shit of our Officer corps is not New.
    Their excuse in the 60s and 70’s was it was better to work inside the system to protect our troops from the politics.. Yeah Right BS.. Ain’t nothing Changed.. War is a Business Model.. Politics works best when it controls that model and the political family or groups plan long term for the Nation not short term gain..
    War is costly in humans and Treasure. May cost you Your Nation and Life. But no one learns that. So repeat same stupid mistakes
    over and over Again… Today they are so incompetent they do not cover up their obvious false flag actions.. much to plan for and counter..Good Forture to us ALL.

    • “Alexander the Great,was an idiot, but the Afgans fought him till
      he took a thousand of his officrrs and married into the Tribes. ”

      SHOOT Jesse.. I totally forgot about that one… and even today.. if you marry into a tribe or family tree.. your value rises.. LOL LOL LOL.. anyone that has married into an asian family can tell you that.. you just married the dad and mom the aunt and uncle kids cousins etc.. LOL LOL I have three nephews that married into asian families.. ( great cooks I will tell ya super nice kids to.. LOL and you all know how I like my food) shoot the family member that married a Mexican woman.. dam she is the best cook.. I carry my own plate and utensils when I see them all LOL LOL make sure I show up at meal time LOL LOL..
      My daughter was asking me once about home teachers and how the church only see’s the ones they see as important members LOL I said you have everyones address.. why don’t you stop on by.. I would at mealtime LOL LOL LOL… quick way to get a daily invite..I am here to discuss our religious beliefs LOL LOL LOL

  25. Introducing a large amount of Muslim believers into a so called Christian Country will lead to Bloodshed in time,, Take note of Europe when they let mass immigration of Muslims in Note what is Happening in Africa to the Christian Tribes there even the Northern country’s such as Sweden who now are under Shara law in most areas. The USA is their next target for conversion to the True faith, I don’t see any of their refugees crossing the Boarders there to escape just thousands of them want to come to our Nation where everything is free except the citizens who get to pay for all of it,

  26. somebody tell the goose in vegas . one of the chosen yellow dog gurus .. all 4 have sold out . i repeat all 4 indexes

  27. Comrades,

    Remember back 40 or so years when the ayatolla Khomeini returned to Tehran from exile in Paris and the Shah’s regime fell apart.

    Now a founder of the Taliban, Mullah Abdul Ghana Baradar, has been returned to the birthplace of the terrorist organization, Kandahar, from exile in Qatar. The BBC has posted a wonderful Twitter video of the triumphant leader in a motorcade of minty new white vehicles from the airport with Brother Abdul riding shotgun in a splashy-looking Landcruiser. It was difficult to tell if holy music was playing amidst the celebratory gunfire like Chicago on a hot, summer night.

    Why did Zalmay Khalilzad, the ethnic Iranian Pashtun Afghan, former US Ambassador to Afghanistan, Iraq, and the United Nations dating back to 9/11 times, lean on Pakistan a month after his appointment in 2018 as Envoy to Afghanistan for the terrorist Brother Abdul to be released from imprisonment and help facilitate the peace process from Qatar. Perhaps this is where real Americans and Ure esteemed “Urban” publisher say: “AYFKM!!??”.

    Why did Mr. Khalilzad’s brothers in the Pashtun tribes sit on their asses, not to be confused with intelligent donkeys, while terrorists swept into Kabul against the most anemic defence seen since Hitler rolled into the Sudetenland?

    On a positive note and according to Wikipedia, proposed Austrian charges of alleged money laundering against Mr. Khalilzad did not gain traction due to shredded documents.


  28. Afghanistan is a really, really serious problem.

    We have given the Taliban an Air Force, all of our advanced surveillance technology, all of our encryption technology (and probably our encryption keys), all of our secure communications technology, a significant amount of our advanced missile technology, and we’ve demonstrated to the entire world that we’re a paper tiger, completely lacking in testicular fortitude and the glandular ability to manufacture same.

    There are ~40,000 Americans in Afghanistan. There are ~70,000 Afghani who directly assisted our war efforts. There are another ~400,000 relatives of those Afghans. These 510 thousand people are going to die, on-sight, at the hands of the Taliban.

    Mr. Obama established the timetable.

    Mr. Trump’s plan for its implementation was to filter the Afghans’ families, the American (mostly contractors) civilians, the Afghan translators, interpreters, scouts, and other aides, and the American nonessential Embassy staff, all over a period of months — in that order.

    Then finally, at “withdrawal time,” the American military would “close the door” (burn blow, or otherwise destroy all the materiel we were not taking with us…) on their way out. This way, if it looked like the Taliban was going to overrun the country, we could extract our Embassy staff in a matter of a couple hours, counting the time necessary to incinerate the Embassy computers & documents.

    The “Afghan” “military” was trained to “U.S. spec.” What we’ve given them, militarily, over the past 7-8 years is principally air support and intel. These were the things which gave the Afghans a tactical advantage, over the Taliban and a fighting chance against them. Without this support they would have no chance against highly-motivated religious zealots.

    Mr. Biden withdrew our air support and intel first, before doing anything else, thus denuding the Afghan Army and creating the Taliban rout.

    • “We have given the Taliban an Air Force, all of our advanced surveillance technology, all of our encryption technology (and probably our encryption keys), all of our secure communications technology, a significant amount of our advanced missile technology, and we’ve demonstrated to the entire world that we’re a paper tiger,”

      Boy I think you are absolutely RIGHT on that one.. besides the cut and run I am fairly positive that it has made anyone that would be our ally question our sincerity..
      I believe that since china makes our technology they already had most of it to.. what was the secret is how it all goes together.. they had shipped us a bunch of guidance chips with a hidden programming that allowed them to get in small increments the total program for controlling them.. I read that is how Iran was able to take control over a drone and land it..
      We did have to leave though.. we cannot afford to continue to spend 7/8ths of our yearly budget on other countries needs… Wars we get involved in have a business model that allows the very wealthy string pullers an opportunity to make more..

  29. Mr. Biden will compound his colossal error in lifting our air support, with the even bigger error of scooping up whomever they can, when they finally can, and transporting them to the U.S., in an effort to salve Biden’s negative press. I expect the number of Afghan “refugees” which will be airlifted to the U.S. and settled (legally and without vetting), to number around 1mln people…

  30. Shhh.. ECU..

    “the Bachi Boys..
    go ahead maj13 – tell em about young boys with such abused”

    Just like The kid his hard drive and the constant rubbing everyone nose in the fact that he’s untouchable.. we aren’t suppose to know about that..
    Then who’s to say our ways are better.. see how fast they buried the child sex and abuse rings when it was discovered that powerful people were involved. Over night in the political arena.. HB has been a bigger challenge gor the protection crew though.. he keeps doing it..

  31. :Interesting: Or spending like there’s no tomorrow (since there may not be…) Americans are spending $765 more a month than they did in 2020, survey finds How many are making that much more a month after tax? Near zero, betcha.”

    Gor the hourly wage earners.. raises are frozen..and jobs are mostly part time with a slightly higher wage..
    The reason everone those that I know are spending more.. is because the supply chain is broken.. if you need it or may need had better get big box store grocery and general merchandise can’t get dairy products the reason containers come from china and they cant make enough of them…the appliances are six months back ordered.. and the vast majority of the hourly wage earners see everything collapsing in the near future..

  32. Quick hits:

    How Biden Plans for ‘Every Contingency’… Except Getting Americans Out … and Getting Afghans Out

    Our Zachary Evans reports that the Biden State Department is telling Americans stuck in Afghanistan that they are on their own. Our fellow citizens have been advised by their government both that they should make their way to the airport and — in capital block highlighted print — that “THE UNITED STATES CANNOT GUARANTEE YOUR SECURITY AS YOU MAKE THIS TRIP.”

    Terrorists worldwide celebrate Taliban’s Afghanistan victory
    ‘The greatest jihadist glory against all invaders’ in history

    The return to power in Afghanistan of a group that seeks to establish the rule of Islamic law is a cause for celebration among groups such as Hamas and governments such as Iran and Turkey.

    What the Taliban’s interpretation of Sharia law means for Afghanistan

    The Taliban on Tuesday said they were working to form a government that would be centered on Sharia law and urged Afghans to live “within the framework of Islam.”

    Democrats to hold hearings on Biden’s mishandling of Afghan collapse, evacuation

    House and Senate Democrats said Tuesday they will hold hearings on the Biden administration‘s mishandling of the government collapse in Afghanistan, a rare inquiry of the president’s actions by his own party.

    Rep. Gregory W. Meeks, New York Democrat and House Foreign Affairs Committee chairman, said he has asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to testify at a hearing “as early as possible.”

    This last is likely going to be a CYA for the Administration, and a means of deflecting any possible blame which tries to affix itself to Congress.

    • “House and Senate Democrats said Tuesday they will hold hearings on the Biden administration‘s mishandling of the government collapse in Afghanistan, a rare inquiry of the president’s actions by his own party.”

      Now That one got a chuckle out of me.. the Main stream news networks have been having constant discussions about how wonderful his administrations are working the whole debacle.. and the month of August is vacation month the whole month.. is there anyone in DC right now.. Oh yeah the skeleton congressional crew they keep there to tell everyone we are hard at work LOL LOL. I will never forget the day I thought heck I will go up to the balcony and watch congress in session debate issues etc… got up there.. and thought.. oh they must be at lunch or something.. a couple around the desk doing nothing much at all.. and a housekeeper with his cleaning cart LOL LOL LOL it took a few hours of me sitting there to realize that was congress in session LOL LOL the housekeeper did more work LOL LOL and he wasn’t that busy…..It was an eye opening experience for a young teenager LOL LOL

  33. After Massive Fraud and Corruption in the 2020 Election, Fulton County to Vote on $570,000 Contract with Soros Connected ‘The Elections Group’

    This may be the most insane activity in Fulton County since the 2020 Election steal.
    CDMedia is reporting that Fulton County is looking to spend more than half a million dollars on the Elections Group – the same group that was involved in the election steal in the county in the 2020 Election.

    We’re so much more stupid than the Hungarians…

  34. Rising Democrat candidate Kevin Paffrath creates recall headaches for Gavin Newsom

    California Democrats have hammered the gubernatorial recall election as the illegitimate spawn of die-hard Trump Republicans, which means the left now has a Kevin Paffrath problem.

    The 29-year-old real estate millionaire, whose financial education show is a YouTube sensation, stunned politicos by topping the recall field in an Aug. 4 SurveyUSA poll, promptly complicating the anti-recall message by offering voters a seemingly viable Democratic alternative to Gov. Gavin Newsom.

    Odds Gruesome is recalled just went up — odds California improves its ratio of suck have not…

  35. US lab stands on threshold of key nuclear fusion goal

    The National Ignition Facility uses a powerful laser to heat and compress hydrogen fuel, initiating fusion.

    An experiment suggests the goal of “ignition”, where the energy released by fusion exceeds that delivered by the laser, is now within touching distance.

    One bright news spot for an otherwise crappy week…

  36. Sure glad I’m not the only one with blood shooting out of their eyes on the comments section any more. My keyboard needs replacing on this old laptop and I’ll bet it’ll be hard to find a replacement given its age.

    PMs are getting a beat down almost as bad as our country’s reputation now. It gives those at the top of the food chain time to find the last remaining physical metals out there and squirrel them away before and against what they know will happen eventually. Not that it helps us on the bottom of said food chain. Premiums remain high but that doesn’t matter to true believers that keep stacking. My local dealer said what people are bringing into their store to buy are mostly family heirlooms and small collections like mint sets. Rarely do large amounts of junk coins or bullion show up.

    Our country around here was nearly washed away in a deluge yesterday. Weather predictions were all over the map saying we’d get mere tenths but finally settling on about an inch or so. We got about 5 1/2″ or better all over the area. In August. Which just doesn’t happen other than Fall and, maybe, Spring. Bad time for the truck to be in the shop but I probably wouldn’t be able to get to the parts of the outside fence line we worry about until the ground dries out enough to drive on it anyway. This year’s weather isn’t just “unusual”, it’s record breaking in many ways. We’ll see if it’s a real trend in another year … if we’re still here by that time. The Trail of Tears may make a come back the way things are looking.

    • Bill, I’m still using my IBM (circa 1985) Model 1391401 “clicky” keyboard. When it gets dirty, or fills with coffee or soda, or gets gummed up with blood, vomit, or brain matter when I accidentally follow a link to MS-LSD, I just chuck it in a dishwasher and a couple hours later


      good as new!

      These old mechanical keyboards rock, and at 7.1 pounds, can make a formidable improvised weapon. They’re so reliable, they can completely remove one layer of “life-frustration,” thereby making one facet of life a little less hectic… ;-)

  37. When you see people clinging to an aircraft in desperation and falling off at 2000 feet in the air, and others crushed up in the landing gear, you know those left behind will suffer a horrendous fate. – If tptb do it over there, don’t be surprised when they do it over here.

    Eyes wide open.

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