China Lights it Up?

Nature abhors a vacuum – and the Biden mess in Afghanistan is creating a huge one.  With the Chinese having said – almost forever – that reunification with Taiwan will happen – the pending debacle still in the early stages of unfolding in the Middle East may offer China an unprecedented window of opportunity.

Will they take their time and await next year?  Or, will this fall (and we’ll give you a date to circle) be simply too much for them to pass up?

A chance for a two-fer?  Get  for China and hobble the U.S. for years to come?  We shall see what we shall Xi, we figure.

Meantime, the market seems to prepare for a fall rollover as new data still holds the line, but looking at new Fed numbers, trouble lurks.

A few headlines to warm up the brain cells and then into the thick of it.

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53 thoughts on “China Lights it Up?”

  1. I agree with Pathfinder Bob, but in the sense that China seems to be pointing out the U.S. in general, our unpopular presidents, constant political infighting and internal racial and economic animosity, are quickly eroding our global superpower status. These elements of chaos have alway been a part of the nation’s DNA, but with the economy uncertain, military spending high, regional conflict growing, new threats are arising and now, throw in the chaos that is called Covid, and America appears wounded to the rest of the global community. If we cannot pull together to protect our status, our security and our economy, others will all too quickly move in to pluck the American dream right out from under our feet. Their is a time for retread. The Roman historian and politician Tacitus famously said “ He that fights and runs away, may turn and fight another day; But he that is in battle slain, will never rise to fight again.” The Taliban seem to have embraced that wisdom. What will American do from this point in history moving forward? Can the nation survive its incessant infighting to rise up and face off with our various adversaries, “foreign and domestic?” I’m thinking that since the nation is politically and philosophically split 50/50, with each half convinced that the other side is the enemy, we are facing turbulence ahead. Strap in. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

    • Maybe this is one reason the Taliban are playing nice.

      The U.S. has frozen their gold assets in the U.S.

      • They also began purchasing oil from Iran. I’m sure they are currently flush with cash courtesy of uncle Sam, i.e. US taxpayers. So much for embargo.

    • Is not what you write about, i.e. the division of the USA 50/50, China, Taiwan, about fires in Turkey, Greece, is not beautifully presented on the cover of The Economist – World in 2021? Covid relapse, masks, overturning Canada, Australia, vaccine approval earlier this year etc etc. Take a look at this cover

  2. George. Your China/Taiwan war analysis is well thought out. I continue to believe the April 2022 timing is more probable because of the Winter Olympics in February. If China moves on Taiwan before then, I think the Olympics are kaput and China would suffer politically and financially. But then again, maybe it doesn’t really matter to them.

    Could you comment on this?

      • They don’t care about the money in the least. China could lose a hundred billion on the show, and never blink.

        Think of Hitler in 1936.

        The Olympics is an enormous prestige and publicity event.

        Xi is a megalomaniac.

        Remember my post from a couple weeks back. The important thing for China is that the takeover be complete before our (likely) Republican House and Senate are sworn in on January 2nd, 2023.

        We cannot fight an accomplished fact.

        Not that it matters, since with either Joe or Kammy (or Pelousy) in charge, the CiC would refuse to act on a Declaration of War against China…

      • “The important thing for China is that the takeover be complete before our (likely) Republican House and Senate are sworn in on January 2nd, 2023.”

        I think you are right Ray….. It isn’t a secret that our infrastructure has been ignored for decades and is on the verge of a domino collapse due to multi sided failures. On top of it all Our countries people are basically bankrupt.
        The only thing I see that is keeping this country afloat is them shoving money in the pockets of those that spend.. ( we spend to much money everywhere else rather than here at home and constant wars has brought us to the level of total poverty. Our medical industry is extremely poor at best for the average laborer on the scope of healthcare coverage worldwide. where the health of our nations people sits at the level as one of the worst in the world..) I think once it all begins, they will use the weather and winter flue season to help finish their objective.
        they already control our industry.. own a great deal of our companies..and our supply lines are completely at their mercy.. a massive cluster F@@k at best guess..
        I still see The poison pawn trap.. ruffle some feathers with the pawns.. get us to pay attention to the right while the left does what they have planned.. That doesn’t even consider the open border..

  3. Wait until Afghanistan is called to testify against Saudi Arabia in the big 911 lawsuit.

  4. NBC Uncle G – NBC,
    it is the way of War nowadaze. Mini neutron bomb those breakaway rebel bastards back to carbon..then quick clean up and restart the Fab machines.

    Bastards didnt listen when I suggested raccon city solution to Wuhan, China..

    No likey neutron radiation ? Whats amatta, splatta?

    – Biologic – re-tweaking covert19 to attack the Taiwanese geonome ? Cant imagine they are that good at Genetics yet – so having everyone on mainland take antidote prior to bio attack – not a feasible option, nor is Chemical.

    One wonders if they only made one DumbShitMofo Bomb, like the one rothchilds detonated over the entire CONUS on December 23rd, 1913

    Truely f-ed up times for all – as it seems our Collective Conscious aint so “connected” right now due all the assaults on our Individual Counscious’s..which in the final analysis Is All We Bee – U know its digital ? fractals inside of fractals , recursive it is.

    * Come on man!
    OBVIOUSLY – when “they” cant come to Conclusion on Who Dunnit, it is because “they” dunnit and are covering their 6’s ala 9/11.

    -See Avril Ames career – follow- connect dots..BINGO!

    Sure they Turned OFF all the cameras/camera system at Pentagon for maintenance on day of attack..bwahahahahahahahahahahaha

    yes – have copy of Dept. of Defense only surviving frame of cruise missile nose approaching Pentagon on 9/11 -frm veterans today. same with pictures of the molten granite underneath twin towers..massive attacks on our collective conscious. To remind me how DEEP the MALFEASANCE in this Government/Media is – Satanic

    How does any of the above help improve my Conscious = Our Collective Conscious ?

    ?why do we tolerate “them” at all anymore? “them” = intel agencies

  5. Why does any of this matter? It’s well established that COVID is a global scheme to wipe out 7/8 of the population. Why would Taiwan or chips, planes or ships, matter after this plan is complete? Should be only a few days now.

    What do we know? 100% of vax recipients will die. I read that somewhere on the internet.

    What else? It’s a global plan. 100% of nations are on board. This can only mean a few things that might surprise you.

    * Nuclear war is never going to happen. Borders and nations are meaningless. It’s all been a big show this whole time presented by the true global leaders to keep you busy.
    * Banks and monetary systems, currency, exchanges, markets, etc. are meaningless. It’s a made up system to keep you busy and working hard for the true global leaders.

    What are the implications? Well according to the internet, nearly everyone is going to die. Why this hasn’t made every one of you liquidate your monies and fly off to enjoy it for these last remaining days of “the grand illusion” is beyond me. You all sound so certain of the inevitable culling, so what are you doing sitting around commenting on Urban Survival?

    • “working hard for the true global leaders.”

      Do they have names?

      “everyone is going to die.”

      So certain, and it’s the only TRUTH, IMHO.

    • Oh Vey Ahead Of You!!!

      Eating, Drinking, and making merry.

      Realized the shot is pushed cause they don’t need you to work, they don’t need your taxes, they don’t need your made up money in the bank, stocks, bonds, or IRA’s, 401’ks, etc. They don’t need you to pay your mortgage or property taxes or car payment. They don’t need you or your family; they don’t even need your kids.

      They actually need you to avoid the shot so they can FIRE you, and then you can roam as outcasts as you can’t pay your mortgage or your car payment or feed your family.

      Roaming as outcasts gives them a purpose; quarantine camps, gotta fill those beds!

      Your Money or YOUR LIFE!!!

      WinWin for Them.

      Whatcha going to do, when they come for you???

      Time to get conversing with like-minded people and hoist a posse, build a community, and have several back up plans. But…as long as millions are asleep, you will be ahead of the game and looking a little like the Lone Ranger until the Cavalry comes.

      Cause that is what it’s going to take; RESISTANCE.

    • “It’s well established that COVID is a global scheme to wipe out 7/8 of the population.”

      ???????… which 7/8 of the population Might I ask.. I don’t buy the covid vaccine issue..

      (Joke: When The Body Was First Made, Who Was the Most Important
      One day, all the parts of the body were talking about who was most important.

      THE BRAIN SAID – “Since I control everything and do all the thinking, I am the most important therefore I should be boss.”
      THE FEET SAID – “Since I carry him everywhere he wants to go and get him in position to do what the brain wants, I am the most important.”
      THE EYES SAID – “Since I must look out for all of you and tell you where the danger lurks, I an the most important body part.”
      THE HANDS SAID – “Since I do all the work and earn all the money to keep the rest of you going, I am the most important.”
      Of course, everyone got into the arguments and the heart, lungs, and ears all say the same thing.
      Finally, the asshole spoke up and pointed that he was the most important even though the others didn’t know it. All the other laughed and laughed to think of an asshole being boss.
      The asshole decided to prove the point and refused to function. Blocked up tight.
      Soon the brain was feverish, the eyes crossed and ached, the feet were too weak to walk, the hands hung limply at the sides, and the heart and lungs struggled to keep going.
      All pleaded with the asshole to relent and agreed that the asshole was the most important and so it happened.
      Moral Of The Story
      The MORAL of the story is that the network is the most important part of IT infrastructure but not everyone realises it. )

      Nuke.. .. Why would they want to nuke .. why would anyone want to nuke.. except for a few extremists .. they need what we have.. we need what they have.. if nothing else was realized by covid we sure did realize they control our distribution system.. without their goods we were a mess.. we still are a mess.. and we have thirty percent still on an eviction list..
      so if someone was to set out to destroy they would want to keep as much in place as possible not destroy it.. pop a few off in outer space let our grid go down.. our infrastructure is antiquated and obsolete.. we put everything we had into wars.. our medical system is ineffective.. our grid is set up to have the maximum control.. we put all our eggs in one basket.. to keep control.. rather than construct it for security of power we set it up to fail miserably in an emp.. all the studies say it.. someone really wanted to take down the usa.. keep us busy then pop a few off.. most people wouldn’t want to walk three blocks much less down the street.. the ones that would survive are those living under the bridges.. the colonies that work together..
      most of us .. I am included in this .. are reliant on having the trash picked up the power on and a tap with running water.. Heat and electricity.. gas and a car

  6. This 15 minute video is really worth a watch.

    Dr. Campbell has been a strong supporter of COVID vaccines but is enough of a truth seeker to present facts that concern him and don’t fit the media narrative. He shows a glaring flaw in the FDA vaccine approval statement of August 23. He also presents some Israeli statistics that show the FDA statistics to be questionable. Finally, he shows some numbers on how many billions the pharmaceutical companies are raking in. Staggering.

    • I want, very much, to like Dr. Campbell. He does strive to look at this subject from all angles but what bothers me is that he does have a strong “conventional wisdom” bias that I, personally, feel doesn’t allow him to explore some of the critical accusations of how the governments have approached and managed the information for this “crisis” – not that I’ve seen all of his videos, however. This video has been a long time coming in that regard. We here on George’s site have gone well beyond his conservative considerations, of course, forming our own opinions on this subject, but, as he says or implies somewhere in this video, he’s only one person and can only cover so much ground. That may be true (and I would never expect to see him admit to ever viewing one of Clif’s videos, LOL) but perhaps his ferreting out the curious timing of the various reports will lead him down a path of discovery that will point him closer to the views expressed here. I did see that he transposed the numbers in the 79.8% protection rate at the 9:08 minute mark but I think he figured it out a little later.

      Just out of curiosity I was wondering if there is anyone here that might identify Dr. Campbell’s British accent? What part of England would he be from or would it be one of the accents common to the “Professional Societies” rather than any region?

      Something my wife just read to me was one of her FB friends said he went to, talked to a doctor who prescribed HCQ for him but I don’t know if it was for prophylaxis or an actual infection. Go to their website and see the price schedule that pops up when you try to book an appointment. Rumors abound that Ivermectin will soon require a Rx from a vet in order to buy it in the feed stores. If so this is going to be interesting how to go about this when I want to buy gallons at a time (BIG $$$) for drenching the herd at the ranch.

  7. I am not able to reply to individual comments for some reason…so this is in response to Warhammer…Warhammer, you are spot on…This in-fighting started with Newt Gingrich, the father of political division. It was a well thought out strategy for the purpose of securing power and a base to demonize the Democrats. Up to that point, there was more across the aisle deals done, but no loyalty to party. The best man won…what a concept huh?

    By politicizing and dividing, and using media tub thumpers to carry on the message, we have created arch rival tribes and nothing is accomplished. This division has also made the media very wealthy with both sides profiting off of the hatred of each other. The beast to defeat right now is the media and it’s intent to continue to divide us to save and enrich themselves. Bottom line…did Trump some good things? …Well no…he can’t tie his own shoes…but his policy wonks did some great things..however sadly, the left will never admit it. Did Obama do some great things? Yes…along with some stupid things, but the right will never acknowledge the good. Has Biden done some good things? Yes…the infrastructure bill the Senate has passed is a step in the right direction…now Pelosi needs to get the hell out of the way and pass it in the House …as-is. Afghanistan is a blunder, but the process is not quite done yet. If we get all of the Americans that want to leave out by next week…then mission accomplished. The political meltdown in that country can’t be put on Biden…it’s the $2 trillion dollars spent over the past two decades and 6 presidential terms to herd the cats that is the decentralized tribal system in Afghanistan that is the problem.

    If Afghanistan is any indication, tribalism can’t be governed and our media here in America is pushing a tribalistic agenda. FOX, OAN and Newsmax on the right and CNN, MSNBC on the left. There are no winners (that are ordinary taxpayers) in that tribal war. We need a cooperation party that puts you and me first…not a bunch of extremists on both sides that a majority of Americans loathe, but the media profit off of.

    • The withdraw from Afghanistan is going quite smoothly compared to the last 20 years there. One thing that the right and left can agree on is pissing away money by funneling it to “wars” that we have no intent on winning, only to make some fine Washington insiders very wealthy!

    • If all parties cooperate, then the professional middle men cease to be relevant, and lose their jobs. Therefore, lawyer-gang fueled tribalism will continue. Where there is confusion and conflict, there is political profit to be made.

    • Mark:

      Nice guest writer from the #1 Trump basher on here for 4 long long long years.

      I see you still couldn’t give him any credit….

      Sorry I wasted my time reading your conciliatory MONO TONE.

      Looks like you are Riding With Biden until the Bitter End.

    • Dear Mark,

      I cannot confirm if Mr. Trump ties his own shoelaces. However, there is anecdotal evidence to indicate that he wears elevator shoes. Tall people stand a better chance of success? That’s the long and short of it.

  8. If China moved this very day, does anyone believe the U.S. would raise a finger against it?

    China is opportunistic, but also thinks long-term. There is a moment, an optimum moment, when rapid and bold action will stun an enemy into hesitation. By the time they eventually react, it will be too late by far.

    The U.S. is now very much in a divided and confused state. A weakened and hesitant state. This window might not last long.

    Soon, very soon, may be the optimum moment for China to move.

    Since there is little doubt China means to gain Taiwan, the only question remaining is when, and to their “management” now might be the right bold and swift moment.

    If I ran China, I’d go today.

    • no…as I was getting to in this morning’s piece: Night of Oct 9 in Asia – when china is b ack from national holiday and Taiwan is doing a 3-day weekend by the economy implodes…

    • US should not care one way or the other.
      US have enough problems within USA.
      China/other countries should not be enemies.
      But, who will listen. ;-((

      Countries don’t have problems–individuals do!

  9. Yes, people split 50/50 thinking each is the enemy, while economic and national security grow more unstable each day … making us vulnerable. More so, while everyone claims to be or is, down with the sickness.

    Even terminating strong healthy, fearless workers who don’t join the agenda. Guess if it ain’t broke, break it anyway. It’s outrageous.

    Sheep don’t see it … too busy looking at the free (money green) grass and listening to the shepherds of the media. Not knowing sheering time’s a com’in.

    Good Book says, “A Kingdom against itself will fall.” – So true. No matter where that bit of wisdom came from, it’s sadly true.

    Behind every good idea, there’s some idiot saying, it’s not. And because we allowed ourselves to get lost in the woods because of that way of thinking, we’re lost … China is one worry, while “who knows” just walks across the boarder or is being flown in, are also concerning.

    And don’t forget when you’re in the woods, there might be a Bear out there too.

    There is no Leadership … just allowances. Not cool.

  10. There is little reason to fight china if they invade Taiwan. We want the semi conductors. If china invades and somehow the conductor plants are not damaged, then China gets to decide what will be made for who. Probably sucks for us. If we fight China there does anyone imagine these giant easily damaged factories would not be torched? So what would be gained? The first way, we might have access to the semis, the second probably nobody gets access to them. We should learn valuable lessons on how we suck at fighting (because we don’t want to) and spend any money we might have spent on a military response into a Manhattan type project to get our own factories going. China would have their own civil war to fight, many countries would implement trade restrictions and almost certainly these semi assets (if they survive an invasion) would be under constant attack from natives. I don’t get the upside for the invasion of Taiwan for China, what do they gain? Maybe they are maniacs and just don’t care. But like MAD, there is no upside for them.

  11. See how Mark’s coming around to what we used to preach years ago and looking out of the box just can’t get in the box of anything that he can’t get access to,but he never gives up,Good man he is,remember me talking about the top of the pyramid,, there are other pyramids of people that don’t live on this planet and they don’t have the pedophilia rulers that we have,,,, they rejoice in good emotion,,, but our rulers rejoice in bad emotions,,,and as our future progresses and your technology that you have been denied access to is revealed,,,, striking it will be and then the picture will be clear, you have the ability to stop time with your thoughts,, thus giving you the ability to change the whole universe that you want to live in,, this is the true magic of who you are, opening your hand and making things appear comes from your emotions,, and this is why kids have no idea that they are being used for pedophilia ,oriented people use these kids emotions for adrenochrome,, so don’t think about the economy or whether you have another meal to eat or whether you’re going to be blowing up by nuclear or whether you’re going to drown from too much water coming down or too much heat or from meteorites meteors or anything that you can imagine because it’s nothing compared to what these kids go through, now it’s up to you to deny these shots do you have any idea what they’re going to do to kids these shots compared to what they’ll do to you,, if what I’m saying does not bring any emotion to you then you are one of them of the top pyramid that rules this planet,,BEFOREFINDER.COM

  12. The Vaxx propaganda commercials are becoming more stern. “The time has come/is now.”

  13. “Not too hard: Conflict in Afghanistan lights up a day or two into September.”

    Maybe, maybe not. Biden’s “leadership” philosophy is: “Whatever Trump did, we’re going to do the opposite.”

    I honestly don’t think he has the stones to say or do anything which might offend the Taliban, and I am darn near certain that nobody in NATO will do anything without the U.S. leading the way.

  14. “Tearing down the overnight wires, the story gets almost no play (bigger fish, etc.) but we pay close attention to the Chinese ratcheting up talk of nationalism and patriotism. As in Country Now Comes Before Profit For Companies in Xi’s China.”

    I haven’t found the quote (or source) yet, but Gordon Chang commented the other day that a Chinese tactical officer (senior colonel perhaps?) had stated publicly that China was at war with the U.S.

    • “‘Love Meijer stores — Since Fred died I have no use for most of the Meijer family. (Fred Meijer, like Sam Walton, often showed up as a stock boy or checkout clerk in one of his stores, to ensure they were being run as he wished…)”

      So True.. the same with the company that my father worked for.. the colonel.. ( don’t know his real name) would just show up.. He knew all my brothers and sisters.. helped me unload a semi of merchandise and sack groceries.. visited.. my dad was a delivery boy that worked for them for over fifty years..
      My Sam Walton story was I was working for a local grocery store.. they built the first walmart in our town.. one of my coworkers went to work there.. they were paying six dollars an hour back then.. great money in comparison .. anyway I seen her a few weeks later and asked how she liked walmart.. she started to tell me the horror stories about the manager.. she was a single mom and he rode her butt.. horrible.. his daily ride her butt campaign over stupid stuff.. well early morning he just got finished with his daily ass ragging and she went back out to stock.. and started to cry.. this little old man stocking shelves with her asked her.. whats wrong honey.. having had as much as she could deal with she poured her little heart out.. the old man says.. OH HONEY thats not walmart quality.. who she poured her heart out to was Sam.. he showed up and went to work stocking shelves.. no fanfare or big announcements.. just went to work.. a local company I worked for.. the old mad did the same thing.. he would pick a store and just show up to help finish cleaning in the middle of the night.. then have coffee..when he died.. the kid took over.. not being of the same caliber as the old man.. I quit and don’t do a lot of shopping there.. the kid was only interested in how much money he could get.. the employees were not a part of the family but just a floater on their way to a new career..

      • Needless to say.. the problem ended for her and she actually just retired from walmart not that long ago..

  15. “Two Congress members make unauthorized trip to Kabul amid evacuation efforts”

    Dunno anything about Moulton. Meijer is a “freshman” liberal Republican (he’s too young to be called a RINO) semi-billionaire from Michigan. He’s another spoiled little rich kid. Grades and money got him a West Point appointment. He dropped out after a year, to pursue snowflakes in the Ivy League. His Army Reserve unit got sent to Iraq, where he served as an office suck-u, er, I mean an intelligence advisor.

    He first attracted attention by announcing on (Joe Scarborough’s ego-stroke, I think) that he’d purchased body armor after the Capitol riot. This is because the Capitol Riot, although it happened hundreds of feet, and many walls, tunnels, & security people away from him, was the closest he’s ever come in his lifetime to uncivilized behavior, and it scared him.

    To be fair, he’s too young to completely write-off, but I suspect his time at Columbia and NYU communized his head to the point that when the Grand Rapids voters retire him next year, his family will pawn him off to Amway or Steelcase, to keep him away from Meijer’s boardroom. I could be wrong. 24 hours in Kabul may have eddicated him. I shan’t hold my breath….

    ‘Love Meijer stores — Since Fred died I have no use for most of the Meijer family. (Fred Meijer, like Sam Walton, often showed up as a stock boy or checkout clerk in one of his stores, to ensure they were being run as he wished…)

  16. Poor farmers depend on opium crops for survival:

    U.S. wasted a lot of $ trying to eradicate heroin in Afghanistan (supplies 90% of world’s heroin)

    China, Russia, Iran, Europe and more still dependent on Afghanistan’s opium and/or heroin:

  17. Comrades,

    The CBC has a report in its Alberta section about a regulator-ordered shutdown of a (chinese?) containerized crypto-mining op near Edmonton. It was powered by a 5 mW plant using methane from an otherwise uneconomic oil well. Their undoing may have been setting up less than a kilometre from an exclusive bedroom community of million $ + new homes. It seemed the 24/7 crypto op was throwing off idling jet engine levels of noise pollution. The operation’s leader holding credentials from a BC woke institute of higher learning had no idea public review and due diligence was necessary. Apparently his conpany figured because otherwise locked-in methane was the power source, any such “green” project was good to go right out of the box.

  18. Australia’s origins as a prison colony has had a heavy influence in its modern expression of its governmental bodies. Britain never liked giving its subjects too many rights and always reserved the “right” to take them away at will. This is what Australia is doing today – returning to its prison colony status and Canada is doing all it can to follow suit. Imagine our Federal Government imposing these restrictions on us – and, rest assured, they’re looking at any and all ways in which to do so.

  19. Dr. Chris Martenson has put out a video explaining what the “fully authorized” issuance actually is. It’s about two different vaxxxes entirely and you can’t get Comirnaty, or however you spell it, now or for the near future. Yes, it’s another Big Lie that this vaxxx was fully approved as the only thing you can get is Phizer’s experimental drug under its EUA. Since he’s publishing his videos on Odysee he can speak more plainly about what he thinks –

    Also Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA, explains what is going on with the “approval”. He says the Comirnaty will have the liability protection waved but not Pfizer’s vaxxx that is currently being given and Pfizer will NOT sell its vaxxx to countries that won’t give it full indemnity. Wonder why?

  20. I’m no military guy, but I gotta wonder…
    What if Tiawan is not China’s initial target?
    Perhaps China sends out their fleet to idle in the Pacific while ramping up the noise on Tiawan. Then at the proper moment its flank speed to California.
    I gotta wonder…

    • Calif would be of only passing interest. The main puzzle piece is that refueling stop.
      Where Hank in Hawaii writes from.
      {People I know who work for our uncle on Oahu do worry about such things…believe me!}

      • There are, fortunately or not, a lot of military assets in Hawaii, primarily on populous Oahu. The ChiComs would have a helluva fight. Fortunately for me, I’m quite distant from all that out here in the volcano jungles. Despite Hawaii’s draconian gun control laws, there are a lot of loose firearms among the population out here. The local guerillas would have a field day.

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