Markets: Pause for Data, ‘Stan Mess

Data, huh?  Mean like the weekly unemployment claims and the GDP report, or the corporate profits report?

Well, let’s take ’em one at a time, starting with U.I. filings:

So does this mean things are really that good?

No.  Take up the question of people whose bennies have run out as a side discussion.

Then there’s the GDP which is always stated in self-referential idiot statistics (percentages) which are totally useless unless you back out inflation.  Which, as of this week’s Fed confessional (which they publish a month after the fact because it’s too embarrassing to report real-time) is running 12.51% at M2 and 16.12% at M1…so if someone tells you “Something has grown 6%” what they’re really saying is it has shrunk about 5 percent with the difference being the jerked-around money supply.

Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased at an annual rate of 6.6 percent in the second quarter of 2021. The increase was revised up 0.1 percentage point from the “advance” estimate released in July. In the second quarter, government assistance payments in the form of loans to businesses and grants to state and local governments increased, while social benefits to households, such as the direct economic impact payments, declined. In the first quarter of 2021, real GDP increased 6.3 percent.

Eventually, they cop to:

Current dollar GDP increased 13.2 percent at an annual rate, or $693.2 billion, in the second quarter to a level of $22.73 trillion.

Which with M1 up 16% and M2 up 12.51% sounds close.  So where’s the growth except in the ink and paper industry?

The way we figure out how we’re really doing is to look not only at 2020 GDP as year ago, but also consider 2019 because ANYTHING will be an improvement over shut-in GDP, right?

Profits, Nevertheless

The whole point of working (U.I. filings aside) and slaving away to boost GDP – with such things as the CRT and Climate industries to make up revenue and idiotic spending levels of nonsense out of D.C. – is to make more money!

What does the Corporate Profits Report reveal?  (Come on, with this much Fed juicing, relending, and money printing you can’t really expect anything other than a Stalinist “always ahead, comrades Never better! “ can you?)

Real gross domestic income (GDI) increased 1.6 percent in the second quarter, compared with an increase of 6.3 percent (revised) in the first quarter. The average of real GDP and real GDI, a supplemental measure of U.S. economic activity that equally weights GDP and GDI, increased 4.0 percent in the second quarter, compared with an increase of 6.3 percent in the first quarter

NOT corrected for monetary inflation!  Get it ?  All easily remembered with our UrbanSurvival motto:  Everything’s a business model!

After all this, they ran the Dow up 44 but the S&P was flat.  BTC was down to $47,150, so who the hell knows.

U.S. Department of Happy-Talk

Who’s missing in the Reality Gap today?

Her:  Kamala Harris Pledges U.S. Help for Afghan Women and Children – The New York Times.  Expect to see a lot more Kamala hype in coming months as questions swirl around Old Joe.  We’ll be amused to see what Kam’s “help” is?

Trump Lawyers:  Total over-reach as Federal judge in Michigan orders pro-Trump lawyers disciplined over lawsuit seeking to overturn 2020 election.  You can read the full decision here.  Just because the Left can use the courts for policy, don’t think the Right can.  Didn’t you learn anything from the NLG?

Ring-a-Ding Dinged:  FCC proposes $5 million robocall fine against right-wing operatives.

But our Top Out of Touch goes to the U.S. State Department for setting up failure: Americans warned to get away from Kabul airport over ‘imminent’ ISIS threat.  No shit?  NY Post outs ’em for this:

“The US Embassy in Kabul sent out an alert early Thursday, Afghanistan time, telling US citizens not to travel to the airport “because of security threats outside the gates.”

Amazing they didn’t send it out in, oh, July?

And this is no way to go:  Indian man used epoxy adhesive instead of condom, died: cops – New York Daily News.  Leave it to Gotham papers to “stick” to the best of the worst headlines imaginable.

Saved from Shredding

With no one in buildings, when will property taxes go down, then?  Schools Across the U.S. Are Already Switching Back to Remote Learning Amid COVID-19 Surge.

Say Lifehacker: About your story How to Start an Indoor Vegetable Garden,  there is another way.  Turn on a television or get on social media.  Instant veggies, fruits and nuts, too…

Coming Attractions

Something on Amazon to have a look at – and maybe pre-order, though it won’t be cheap:  New book due out in early November from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense)” is on our Thanksgiving reading list…


The National Weather Service is keeping an eye on the Caribbean because of a likely tropical storm expected to see development today:

“…locally heavy rainfall and flooding will be possible over portions of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands today and tonight, and will likely spread across Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula on Friday. In addition, this system could bring dangerous impacts from storm surge, wind, and heavy rainfall to portions of the coasts of Louisiana, Texas, and the Mexican state of Tamaulipas late this weekend and early next week. However, uncertainty remains large since the system has yet to form.”

The Gulf Coast- West – has had an easy go of things so far this year.  Question is whether this one will develop and snap the streak.

Around the Ranch

We’re not too sure about when summer will end, exactly.  Maybe because of the Caribbean weather, our forecast has been all over the map the past few days.  Everything from flood watch to heat warnings.

The one thing people who live in cities really miss, having lived in both camps, is the annual variability of weather.  By this time of year here in Texas, being outside when it’s 94-97 (and dry) isn’t a big deal.  At the start of the summer, though…wow.

CNN continues leading the Climate bash with stories likeClimate change be damned. More Americans are moving to high-risk areas…”  So, Climate News Network?  We know how Clinton News Network worked out…

So as long as we’re pawing through my reading list, here are two additional books that may provide useful contexting of current affairs.  One is Bjorn Lomborg’s False Alarm: How Climate Change Panic Costs Us Trillions, Hurts the Poor, and Fails to Fix the Planet.

The other – which is also by Lomborg – is actually up first on my reading list because it’s much more data-focused and less so on the crazy, hysterical monetizations (which really are scams) versus the hard-headed science.  Which is why The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World is in line first.

Pondering Climate

Lomborg – formerly active in Greenpeace – isn’t the kind of author you would expect me to be reading, perhaps.  But he’s likely in a more “kindred headspace” than the alarmists (who are fund-raising and riding corporate jets around).

What we’ve always held, when comes to the climate, weather, and such really isn’t that hard to figure:

  • Climate has been warming since the last Ice Age.
  • Climate change was not an issue prior to the Internet.
  • Misinformation is a communicable disease, because of it.
  • Yet basic Native American tenets (“walking lightly on the Earth”) make great sense.
  • Which is why we probably make (with our solar gear) more than half our electricity, and so forth.

Solving the issues facing the environmental is a “near and dear” topic to me.  Which is why now that Packing to Die is finished (waiting for Amazon to let me update the manuscript so the page numbers show in the print version!) isn’t critical: it is.  Because we all die.

But there’s the matter of living responsibly – and thoughtfully.

One of the conundrums, for example, demonstrating how the primacy of financial over common sense works, is in 5- MPH bumpers and crash crumple zones.  Great stuff if you don’t want people to live more responsibly, no question.  But if “walking lighter” was really the goal, the overall weight of autos would be halved (reducing emissions by half in the process).

Thing is, the modern Nanny State doesn’t want solutions.  It wants monetizations.  Which is why cars are still too heavy, costly, and polluting.

I don’t know how many generations it will take before some of these simple answers (R50 insulation and ultra-lightweight vehicles) become “common sense.”  But since we’re in our 70s, might not arrive while we’re still around.

That’s why the a Peoplenomics report recently focused on the next book which will be along:  “The 100-Year Toaster” subtitled “Obsolescence: Our Global Addiction.”

Driving a shell-on-a-go-cart that has five horsepower and can travel 100+ miles on a gallon of gas seems totally logical – unless you have insurance company stock.  Which is why certain mornings I wake up and size up shorting the market.

Individual people are not stupid.  But, agglomerated into a politically contrived pure edifice of finance?  Well, yeah.  Then we get a  “cytokine storm of stupidity” spread contagiously by dueling monetization factions on the web which sure seems like something to avoid investing in.

So bad are things now, we’ve implemented five-hour daily blackouts of servers here.  So we can live a “cleaner and clearer-thinking” life.  Think of it as the digital version of periodic fasting.

Write when you get rich – and boycott social media.  They’re a monetization, not a solution.

51 thoughts on “Markets: Pause for Data, ‘Stan Mess”

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    • I can not find the nitric oxide spray for sale, amazon lists it and is unavailable at this time.
      I can find pills/tablets, but in searching, I found that the red beets are the best source of it but that doesn’t make for a pleasant spray. From my garden, beets were on the menu for tonights dinner already, did the universe just wink @ me? the ncbi is a good link for learning,, thanks
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      it was a quick dispatch, no needless prolong suffering, dropped in his tracks not even a flinch. Highly accurate little gun

    • What’s your thoughts on Dogecoin-USA: DOGE $.27

      DOGE was created with the vision of being fun and easily accessible. It’s a crypto that’s attractive to the investing masses because of its lower price point.

  2. Anyone else notice $100.00 bills just don’t last? The Camry went to E the other day. 15.778 gallons of push water, $53.00. Two bags of fertilizer, $60.00. No money left for minutes on the burner phone.

    “when will property taxes go down, then”

    Bring back residency laws. You collect the Illinois or Detroit pension, you must live in Illinois or Detroit. If you move to Florida or elsewhere, the pension is chopped 85%. That’ll lower taxes in Illinois or Detroit. Get caught using a fake addy, lose the pension all together.

    • Earlier in the year MI had a Supreme Court justice legislating from Israel. Israel is so great!! Too bad all U.S. lawmakers couldn’t be based out of Israel, Trump Heights even. Anyway…

      – Justice Bernstein worked from Dubai for nearly three months

      Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein has been working from the Middle East for nearly three months as part of an effort to spread cultural and disability awareness.

      The 46-year-old blind justice has been participating in Michigan Supreme Court hearings and deliberations remotely, spending most of the last three months in Dubai.

      – Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein says absence from state has not hindered his work

      Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein confirmed Thursday he has been working from outside the country for the past three months — first from Dubai, and now from Israel.

      Imagine if Obama ran the show out of Kenya. Or if Tulsi Gabbard gets elected and runs the show from Calcutta.

      • US Government has ALWAYZ been run out of Jerusalem..least for past 50 years..

        Wanna know who controls YOU/World ?

        Just answer the question Who-What Government Cant Be Criticized ?

        not so hard was it Bunky?

    • The pension money/assets should be divided up among the participants as 401k. It is morally wrong to force some citizens to pay the retirement of other citizens. Private companies did this a while ago, you don’t save, you take on the risk of being destitute come retirement. All municipalities should stop any new pension participation today, if you hire on, you get a 401K and your money and any matching by the municipality is allocated to you in your managed account. These games of pension based on last year of salary needs to end. Pension should also be capped, no pension to exceed the average citizen of that realms previous year salary. If you were successful and smart and were highly compensated, you should have saved your own money, not depend on the surfs to fund your lifestyles.

      You also might have thought 2020 might have had a bit of windfall for pensions as more elderly people expired a bit earlier then expected.

    • Was it here I read that in Zimbabwe during their hyperinflation (is it over yet?) there was a sign in the bathrooms that read “Toilet paper only”? Z-notes don’t flush that well and I’d bet they were printed in the U.S.

  3. It’s easy to get information overload in this environment. What makes thing worse is that 99.9% of the info coming at us from every direction is negative in nature. That has a corrosive action on our health and our spirits.

    I spend at least 12 hours a day in my home office with work and with a near constant flow of bad news coming in. I don’t watch television and haven’t for a long time and I have taken additional measures to reduce the amount of bad news inflow over the last year by ditching all the socials. I also limit my screen time once away from the office. Unless the weather is too extreme, I spend a lot of time outside on the deck in the evenings just enjoying God’s creation and maybe a cigar and some Kentucky medicine. I recommend that if you can get it.

    On the weekends, I almost never set foot in my office if I can help it. That’s why I rarely comment on the weekend columns. I read them on my phone, but typing a comment through the phone isn’t worth the irritation.

    The final things I’ve been doing for a couple of year is, at bed time, I turn of all of the WiFi routers in the house and the phones go on airplane mode. Plus, there’s no bedside phone charging at night. I figure it’s a good practice to give our minds and bodies a break from constant bombardment from RF and strong electromagnetic fields.

  4. G,

    BBQ news alert….the LOOB watermelon pizza ala Pizzaslut AUS is fo real.

    Cooking note – U gotz to “fry” the slice of actual Watermelon – to reduce water content – prior to putting on the BBQ sauce, Motz, and Pepperoni – then bake that bad boy in da oven – see tik-tok for vids.

    Dont be a fudster this end of summer – spice up Ure the End of Summer backyard/deck festivities with a new cooking adventure – da bbq watermeleon pizza

  5. Kabul airport suicide bombers.

    These low-life, sub-human, scumbag pieces of sh*t, have no respect for human life including their own.

    What a polar opposite are the pictures of American soldiers lifting babies over barbed wire, fist bumping young boys, giving water to women and girls. Must make veterans like MAJ13 want to cry.

    I am sure Biden’s negotiations with these bastards is going well!

    • The real horror is that the Taliban leadership has no control over fractious divisions – and they will issue official denials until Biden hands over the 22 tons of gold that rightfully *spoils of wears long ago* belongs to Americans.
      That Biden can be played by the Taliban is not surprising. Maybe they learned from Hunter?

    • Just heard on Dan Bonjino’s show that the price of all this has cost us 12 soldiers now and don’t know how many civilians. The ones I listen to told us we were in for a “gut punch” but didn’t think it would come until the end of September or first part of October. Let’s hope this was it and nothing else happens but one of them said it would be a drawn-out affair lasting at least a couple of weeks. If this attack was about the gold Afghanistan has on deposit in the States I’d say give it to them, keep track of it and when everyone’s out melt it where it sits into the sand and everything for a mile around. God help everyone, all GOOD people, over there until this thing is over and may God damn those on this side of the pond that aided and abetted this debacle like The Lennin/NAMBLA Project.

    • It’s a demoralizing situation because it doesn’t have to be this way. I’m beginning to think that this mess was planned.

      • thanks for sharing that Ray… I hadn’t read that article.. but it did bring up a question for STU…

        “A plague shall fall upon the world. After, a feeble man shall rule the Western World with a jezebel. The people will be damaged and subjugated by a fool ruler. The great eagle shall suffer and fall.”

        That prediction is suppose to be from Nostradamus.. Now it has been a while since I read the quatrains but seems to me that I never read anything like that in the quatrains but there was something about a fool…. but I did read a prediction similar to that someplace else at some point in time, I just don’t remember who wrote it….

        It brings up the question.. did they do modern industry standards.. years ago I worked in a manufacturing plant.. they had a really nice setup.. then one day a man got seriously hurt.. it was the head of the companies fault and the courts took them to town.. got the hurt man what he needed to be taken care of.. but the head of the companies name had been dragged through the courts … so.. there was the one guy.. didn’t have any skills whatsoever.. he was the guy that pushed a cart.. it was the only thing he was qualified to do and he had a tough time doing that job.. the big thing is .. he did everything he was told to do no matter what it was…. very obedient.. the court jester the fool… after the court date there was a notice that they would be getting a new plant manager to handle day to day operations.. then one day we came in and there he was with the new office and the label of plant manager.. the only reason he got that position was to take blame if something serious came up again.. he was the company fool.. No skills..couldn’t hardly read eighth grade level material and had to have everything explained to him.. …
        So after that article..
        could it all have been planned this way.
        Now I kind of agree with this…
        “I’m not buying the “Biden is incompetent” story because it is too simplistic and it doesn’t take the bigger picture into account. Biden is a muppet, a mascot, a front-man for the public to love or hate, and that’s all he is.”
        He has been in office almost his whole life.. he doesn’t know anything more than that.. never really had a real world job. probably never got his hands dirty except for dipping into the fish bowl of DC cash flow.. his kid Has been accused of getting ten million a year and countless young kids to play with and drugs.. and in other countries overseas there are hundreds of news articles and photos showing such actions along with the story line that the US people support this kind of behavior from their leaders..
        another story..
        SO…. why are they hiring Internment/Resettlement Specialists is there a more sinister endgame scenario..and who is it that is really pulling the strings behind the curtain..

    • Of course our media give out the positive images our government wants released. Not trying to say these people are not human garbage, but we had no business over there nation building a democracy. Their population had no desire for such a thing, and that objective was not worth a single American son to be killed. How would we react if China invaded and bombed saying only we were 6th century uneducated people and they just want to help us see the light of communism. I am pretty sure there would be suicide bombers and more among our own people to stop the aggressor. Maybe we try 20 years to leave other countries alone and protect our borders and take actions internally to help our citizens. We offer other countries that are not democracies only food and medicines and of course only what our citizens voluntarily offer not stolen through taxes. WTF were we thinking? Russia never settled this godforsaken area, and they didn’t have the morals that we have in using force. Does anyone believe we will learn this lesson for more then 1 generation as we learned in Vietnam.

      • But, but but the cash flow from the Heroin – why do you think the head of the CIA was talking to the Taliban and not the head of the joint chiefs ……

      • “over there nation building a democracy.”

        Hmm..I thought it was a pipeline..

      • “But, but but the cash flow from the Heroin – why do you think the head of the CIA was talking to the Taliban and not the head of the joint chiefs ……”

        Because for the first time in the history of political withdrawals such as this, the STATE DEPARTMENT, not the Military, is running the show.

        Further examination would reveal that from Susan Rice on down, EVERY SINGLE PERSON of Obama’s “foreign policy advisory corps” who was involved in Libya and in Benghazi is a prominent member of Biden’s “advisory corps…” and before anyone says “Hillary?” — don’t. Just don’t.

        Hillary was SecState and a callous bitch WRT Benghazi, but if’fn you go back and examine the history (or read MY stuff from that time period) you’ll discover that it was not Hillary Clinton, but Victoria Nuland, who directly caused both the assassination, and the lack of consular support troops &or the presence of a SEAL extraction team.

        Eventually, someone will notice my disparaging commentary from when Biden cut the chains that Trump had used to take Vichy off the world stage.

        There is a reason I’m so down on Vichy Nuland.

        Oh, and if people here haven’t figured it out yet, guess who’s baaack and manipulating the State Department for Creepy Joe…?

  6. “cytokine storm of stupidity”

    I used to work for ATT back in the day. Tons of really smart people. Amazing how you can get a group of really smart people and together they will make the dumbest decisions. And the more smart people you have, the dumber the collective decisions are.

    It’s not “lowest common denominator,” because none of them are individually that dumb.

    It’s a mystery.

    • It is not a mystery. Same as the expression to many cooks in the kitchen. You put people with proven experience in the field in charge and they rely on a small number of trusted advisors, and give them the authority to move forward. In a large group, decisions are to slow and you get to many people with risk aversion so you will almost always get the least risky decision and has the least amount of change and therefore not likely to solve the real problem.

      I worked with ATT for a while as well. What a bureaucratic mess of people with business or social degrees running the company. Their recent vision was to buy DirectTV and TimeWarner to become a giant cable monopoly company at almost the exact time everyone was abandoning broadcast media for streaming entertainment. They recently spun those mostly back out taking a +50B loss on the transactions. Imagine that 50B invested in fiber to neighborhoods or the cellular networks?

    • Nah, it’s money and the government, AT&T sold itself to the devil when it allowed all land lines to be tapped after 911 (and cell phones). Now they are greedingly allowing their land line infrastructure to fall into disarray, and charge way too much for that old home phone line.

      The criminals in government (the cabal) sewed it up by writing laws that made it top secret (National Security) so the programs couldn’t be revealed and AT&T (and others) went right along with it.

      MOST all cell and land lines and internet phones process through hubs that go straight to Israel.

      There is NO privacy.

      One more brick taken out of the wall; the wall of JustUS.

      I’m with MAG13; turn it ALL OFF and go enjoy your family, nature, yourself, and get back to the basics. SHUT EM OUT and OFF.

      We had a shock electrical outage in Texas last night; turned everything off for about 45 seconds, then came back on. Nice reminder that the grid can go down at any moment AND NEVER come back up again in our lifetime.

    • “Amazing how you can get a group of really smart people and together they will make the dumbest decisions.”

      I’m with you on that..people that know me usually ask me to think about it for a while.. because the tight off the top thought is going tobe a dosey lol.. lol… they need time to contemplate it from different perspectives..

  7. Afghanistan was deliberately planned to divert attention from the vaxx problems so they can get a few million more dosed with the fake Pfizer approval.

    And for those who do not get the fatal versión, the graphene in the blood can be irradiated by modulated 5G frequencies to create the symptoms of any disease targeted down to the individual level.

    After the first wave in China, they chose another frequency for their 5G.

  8. “Yet basic Native American tenets (“walking lightly on the Earth”) make great sense.”

    I self-taught when I was about 13-14, the premise that “If someone can see where you passed, you’re leaving too much sign…”

  9. “So bad are things now, we’ve implemented five-hour daily blackouts of servers here.”

    I’m doing the same, also feathering lights, but because it’s so damn’ hot/humid, and every computer power supply and processor, and light, is a heater…

  10. Mandates for Hilo Medical Center now. Full up and operating in crisis mode now.

    DO NOT COME TO HAWAII NOW. You will NOT have a good ‘vacation’ experience. We have ‘community spread’ of the Delta covid now, averaging about 150 new cases daily on the Big Island alone… among a population of 200k.

    Family sister just returned from ‘Vegas, tested negative, and returned to work at a dental office. She is part of our elder-care group that takes care of 90 YO Papa. Three days at work and everyone there got sick and the Doc closed the office. She has a nasty cough and cannot talk as it makes her cough more. I suspect Covid ran thru the office, although she has not been further tested. So brother and I will be staying with and caring for Papa for several more weeks. Sorry that the ham radio projects are all on hold, George.

  11. My wife’s Twitter feed had a question come across it about lots of military helicopters flying low around Manhattan. Anyone see that or know about it? Taliban playing with their new toys?

  12. U.S. officials provided Taliban with names of Americans, Afghan allies to evacuate

    ‘Nothing like expediting the Taliban death squad’s job. I don’t know who’s running the Executive, but giving the Taliban a “kill list” of all the people who’re trying to hide until they can secret themselves out of the Taliban’s reach, is a level of “stupid” and “incompetent” that I would never have believed I’d see demonstrated from people who’re allegedly “grown-ups…”

  13. Voter fraud concerns mounting in tight California recall election

    ‘Cuz when da po-po find 300 recall ballots in the back seat of a car in which the driver is passed out in the front seat, armchair pollwatchers gets antsy. (It’s be kinda nice if officialdom took notice. I personally get really pissed when Leftists laugh in my face, admit they cheated, then challenge me to prove it. That level of smug conceit is something I find intolerable. M’Fers had better hope my toolkit and I never get access to a jiggered voting machine…)

  14. Watchdog: 75,000 U.S. vehicles, 600,000 weapons, 208 planes left in Afghanistan

    …Also The Taliban now have secured US Military ID printing equipment including cases of ID blanks. They will be able to print actual military CAC (Common Access Card) ID’s, so now they have US uniforms and US ID’s.


    -2,000 Armored Vehicles Including Humvees and MRAP’s
    -75,989 Total Vehicles: FMTV, M35, Ford Rangers, Ford F350, Ford Vans, Toyota Pickups, Armored Security Vehicles, etc.
    -45 UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopters
    -50 MD530G Scout Attack Choppers
    -ScanEagle Military Drones
    -30 Military Version Cessna planes,
    -4 C-130’s
    -29 Brazilian made A-29 Super Tocano Ground Attack Aircraft
    208+ Aircraft Total

    At least 600,000+ Small arms M16, M249 SAWs, M24 50 Caliber Sniper Systems,
    1,394 M203 Grenade Launchers,
    M134 Mini Gun,
    20mm Gatling Guns and Ammunition
    -61,000 M203 Rounds
    -20,040 Grenades
    -Mortars +1,000’s of Rounds

    –162,000 pieces of Encrypted Military Communications Gear

    -16,000+ Night Vision Goggles

    –Newest Technology Night Vision Scopes

    –Thermal Scopes and Thermal Mono Googles

    -10,000 2.75 inch Air to Ground Rockets
    -Recconaissance Equipment (ISR)

    –Laser Aiming Units

    -Explosives Ordnance C-4, Semtex, Detonators, Shaped Charges, Thermite, Incendiaries, AP/API/APIT
    -2,520 Bombs

    –Administration Encrypted Cell Phones and Laptops all operational

    –Pallets with Millions of Dollars in US Currency
    -Millions of Rounds of Ammunition including, but not limited to 20,150,600 rounds of 7.62mm, 9,000,000 rounds of 50.caliber
    -Large Stockpile of Plate Carriers and Body Armor
    –US Military HIIDE, for Handheld Interagency Identity Detection Equipment


    -Lots of Heavy Equipment Including Bull Dozers, Backhoes, Dump Trucks, Excavators

    There’s more. Much more.

    In fact, there were several high-security storage warehouses that were so important, only military with Top Secret Security Clearances could even enter them. Inside those storage warehouses were things like shoulder-carry STINGER anti-aircraft missiles and a host of other “special” equipment.

    Those warehouses and everything inside them, is now in the possession of the Taliban.

    It gets worse:

    The Taliban also secured US military drone jamming equipment which is disastrous if true. The reason it is disastrous . . . this gear can jam U.S. Drones.

    As you read this story, members of the China Communist Party and their People’s Liberation Army, are on the ground, inside Afghanistan, negotiating with the Taliban directly to BUY whatever US military technology they find interesting.

    This will set back US force superiority so badly, our nation may actually no longer be able to defend itself because our own high technology is now fully in the hands of the Communist Chinese. Our technology can JAM our technology. Our jamming gear can be used to stop OUR drones.

    Our Laser aiming systems can be analyzed, and China can develop ways to jam that too. All our laser-guided bombs would be re-steered away from targets in a conflict with China.

    Our communications technology encrypts in such a way that the encryption has no back doors and cannot be broken. If China begins employing it, we won’t be able to spy on them or monitor their military activities . . . . even if they are invading OUR country…

    America may literally not survive what Joe Biden has just done in Afghanistan.

    And for the rest of the world . . . Every terrorist organization on the planet will now have encrypted comms. Can’t be hacked. Can’t be monitored. All of them will have the ability to jam our intelligence gathering. All of them will have weaponry that can defeat actual standing armies.

    Once the supplies of STINGER shoulder-carried anti-aircraft missiles gets loose, civilian passenger airlines won’t have a chance, anywhere on the planet. All those planes can be hit at-will and without warning.

    This is the legacy of Joe Biden.

    • Everything is going as According To The Plan – everything.

      This IS what the American Public WANTED – Having Voted for Joe Biden and Kamela Harris..U Get What U Deserve! Just ask lil Barky bout his lovely Guv gruesome..

      How Do you Like Ure Government Now ? UPSET – DISTRACTED -Disgusted?

      PERFECT – Exactly how we DARTHs (Service2Self) like to keep you the HERD Under OUR control..4 U must be Under Control at all maximize our profits. Dumbed and Dumber Humans…

      * You should be happy for the scraps(knowledge&tech) we allow you to have

  15. 6pm Friday sheethole oz . And you creeps are into it . Burn in hell USD treason terrorists. Shove yellow dog in creeps

  16. Heads up : Very possible false flag attack on the US in the next 5 days or so. Will be blamed on Afghan rebels. Pretext to martial law, since COVID clotshot agenda is being unveiled. More credible now, given the info expressed in Ray’s posts.

  17. Speculation is that the powers that be want new management of the poppy fields and lithium mine(s).
    When management or labor aren’t getting the job done, either bring in the despots, or ship the factory to a place where despots rule. It worked for ‘nam and the US, so why not for Taiwan and Afghanistan?

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