Kabulshit while the Markets Line Up Suckers

Whether Joe Biden is a traitor, or merely incompetent, will likely be judged in the future.  Not our job.  We don’t ask about blackmail, control files, and such.  

However, we have to call Kabulshit on the release of ANY names of Americans or Afghan workers who supported our efforts in the sand/rock box.  NOC lists and such are supposed to be sacred.

Whether the Biden administration is totally incompetent, or all those anti-America embeds in government are simply screwing us from the top, is an open question since  “President Biden says US ‘could very well have’ given evacuees’ names to Taliban, as he faces criticism after deadly Kabul attack.

Or, after reading Biden admits admin may have given Taliban ‘kill list’ of Afghans who aided US.  Or, for that matter, Biden Says U.S. ‘Could Very Well Have’ Given Kabul Evacuees’ Names To Taliban.

Nor would it surprise us to see the Taliban claiming innocence as Biden gets played again, shortly.  We’re not the only ones worried: Pentagon Expects More Attacks After One of the War’s Bloodiest Days for US Troops, warns Military.com.

A Policy Note

UrbanSurvival has traditionally given sitting presidents the benefit of the doubt.  We’re doing our damnedest to live happily ever after out here in the woods making a few cents trading and writing.  But, here’s how Biden’s record shapes up so far:

  • Lied about vaccines working.  He should have STFU.
  • Lied about following the “Trump plan” for withdrawal.  NO.  Trump would have retained military bases and would not have left billions in arms (and people) behind.
  • Ongoing and repeatedly lies about the border – where military aged OTMs continue to flood in – aided and abetted by traitors in government who are making a semi-disguised effort to take-down America.  Dumping OTM’s all over the country.  Biden “policy.”

While Joe fiddles, America’s future burns.  So poor is his performance, we’re not sure if Kamala could be any worse after this week.

China: CV19 a LIHOP-MIHOP?

Seriously ignored in the U.S. press is the story in China about their… Request to probe Fort Detrick reasonable: FM.

See, gain of function is in China’s sights, too.  They’re demanding access to additional information and  “…an investigation into Fort Detrick and the University of North Carolina (UNC),”  Yeah…it’s a bioweapon as we told you in February of last year.

We also have been saying gain of function research is a Mengele-like medical nightmare (in case you haven’t noticed!) and all Americans involved should be facing the strongest possible criminal charges.  That’s why I mentioned the coming RFK Jr. book on Fauci, Gates, et al.  for your reading list in Thursday’s column.

Key:  This is what came out of the Chinese foreign ministry this week:

“By calling for an investigation into Fort Detrick and the UNC, China hopes to show the world with facts whether the lab leak theory claimed by the US is tenable and credible. With this call, we also hope to rid global origins study of the disruption posed by US politicization so as to create enabling conditions for science-based research. Should the US refuse to cooperate, it would only further expose its true intention of politicizing origins study.”

Now, this is NOT to make any claims here, but we recall that around the time of 9/11 two of the most popular terms on the Internet were LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) and MIHOP (made it happen on purpose).

Our Strategic View:

The idea that China is attempting to plant via media is that if the U.S. wanted plausible deniability for Covid-19, what better way than to set if off on foreign soil (China’s) and let the blowback land on them.

As to how you want to process that, remember China is out to “rule the world.”  They’ve declared this the Chinese Century.  (And American libs decry a little American Exceptionalism?  GMAFB.)

We’re reminded of an old concept in law:  It’s called “clean hands.”  It’s when two parties show up in court (in this case the court of public opinion) and one (or both) have “dirty hands.”  Misdeeds abound.  Pants on fire and all.

While we want to give the U.S. government the nod, there hasn’t been a voter-responsive U.S. government since its merger/takeover with Corporations underscored by the the runaway corruption within both political parties being held hostage by Big Tech which can tilt the world at will.

So who the hell knows?  Did the US-gov have clean hands in 9/11?  (Wanna talk about Building 7 before answering?)  Why would we believe ’em now?  Especially after a week of Biden’s Kabulshit?

Think back:  The U.S. economy was set to implode in March of 2020 anyway.  Just like the decline in progress in 2001.  So yeah, no telling what’s really going on. A scapegoat and economic stimulus was needed.  How are you enjoying it so far?

However, then we need to ask “Why the desperation to get all US citizen’s jabbed?”  

See, it’s like crime:  If we stopped all crime, what would we do with all the unemployed cops, lawyers, judges, buildings?  Same with terrorism:  What do you do with the “security industry” (not to mention TSA and control freaks and massive domestic spying) if we didn’t have “terror?”  Maybe the ‘Stan is the plan, huh?  Problem is?

All the puzzle pieces just aren’t fitting, yet.  No slur on Denmark, but Shakespeare seems right, again.  (Review Hamlet, Act 1, Scene 4 for further elucidation.)

Notwithstanding, if China plants and develops this idea (U.S. economic coverup crimes as the underlying fault for CV-19) we would offer that wars have been fought over less.  So, is that the plan, too?

Not joking here: We can make out a long-term “issue migration path” where China decides to impose an economic embargo on the U.S. (which might be our only avenue of revenge when China takes Taiwan).  And China knows a counter embargo (by them) including a total ban on exports to the U.S. would level us as an industrial power.

They would leave just enough of America to have a kangaroo court system to enforce property laws and they’d simply make millions buying a Second China from what was once America.

Ugly – and very long-term –  international 3D chess game.  If you don’t see the moves, enjoy sheepdom.  Ignorance truly is bliss.  (At least someone gets to sleep soundly.)

Line Up the Suckers

Measured by M1 money supplies, the stock market should be up by at least 16% this year.  But when you mix in greed and leverage, it’s actually up 1.62% for the week.

Another week of fires, “no it’s not a bioweapon, just take this shot” and we got our asses kicked in the ‘Stan.  ‘Scuse me, WTF?

Do you realize that this week’s gains pencil out to a 92% annualized rate of increase in stock prices.  Someone’s lying…and since it’s a crooked casino, we simply won’t play.

How Stupid Are People?

You wouldn’t believe.

Take the GDP number happy-talk.  “Oh, the American economy is growing!” say the pundits.  Yet, we read the latest rail traffic statistics from the Association of American Railroads.  And you know what?

“For this week, total U.S. weekly rail traffic was 501,273 carloads and intermodal units, down 2.6 percent compared with the same week last year.

Total carloads for the week ending August 21 were 230,754 carloads, up 0.4 percent compared with the same week in 2020, while U.S. weekly intermodal volume was 270,519 containers and trailers, down 5.1 percent compared to 2020.”

Here’s how you pull the wool over sheep’s eyes:

  • Virtually ALL the happy-talk is based on comparisons with (locked-in, shut-down) 2020.
  • The picture changes when you benchmark pre-pandemic 2019.

As an example, you can see it in the number of people actually working:  We had more people working FOUR YEARS AGO than in latest figures!

Top yellow box?  March 2017.  Bottom July 2021.

I don’t mind that we’re trying to keep spirits up while the Fed tries to paper-over the Second Depression, but enough Kabulshit, already.  We’ve had it for the week.

No?  Want More?

Here’s another couple of happy-talk numbers then:  International Trade Deficit just out from Census:

The advance international trade deficit in goods decreased to $86.4 billion in July from $92.1 billion in June as exports increased and imports decreased.

And then we have the BEA Personal Income and Expense claims:

Personal income increased $225.9 billion, or 1.1 percent at a monthly rate, while consumer spending increased $42.2 billion, or 0.3 percent, in July. Compensation increased and new advance Child Tax Credit payments, authorized by the American Rescue Plan, began in July.

What these figures do is lie to you in three ways:

  1. Virtually all claims are compared with 2020, not the generally MUCH better 2019 results.
  2. No one points out all the funny-money washing around the system.  There is 4.83 TIMES more “slosh” at M1 now as there was in March of 2020 per the Federal Reserves own accounts.
  3. Percentages are like crack cocaine for statisticians.  What matters are units made.

Notwithstanding, I’d sure hate to be the strategic finance guru making a million a year guessing how long before the last Greater Fool has opted into the fairytale.

And speaking of fractured:  BTC around $47,353 early.  Oddly, Lumber was up 6% Thursday.  Was there a “When bombs go off, let’s build a house” lecture I missed in grad school?

So Let’s Look at Units

We’re shopping for a new server.  So we tend to notice stories like HP, Dell Earnings Show PC Market Hamstrung by Chip-Supply Woes.  If you want to play privacy roulette with a phone, have at it.  We prefer our financial details at the far end of a VPN on a current desktop that’s not even connected to the internet when not in use.

The climate “hysterians” will have to deal, too.  Since SciAm this week revealed that chip shortages were about to hit electric vehicles.  At about the same time as Ford to cut F-150 pickup truck production due to chip shortage.

Won’t be over any time soon, either.  Oh, and coming to phones next as TSMC hikes chip prices up to 20% amid supply shortage.

US West Coast Port Congestion At Record High Amid Transpacific Trade Route Disruptions” is also on point.

We’re thinking carefully orchestrated pre-Taiwan “re-unification” plays by China somewhere in the background.  No worries for them, though.  America, once founded on equality, values, and hard work is now based on divisive splits and Kabulshit.  It’ll be a walk for ’em.

But, don’t bother waking Joe.  He’d just blame Trump, anyway.

The Rains

Tropical soon-to-be-hurricane Ida is zeroing in on Loosely-Anna:

Katrina-Rita Replay, anyone?

The Fires

With fires coming down to lap at the shores of Lake Tahoe, we’re now over 2-million acres of fires.  Among them:

Most places, we get into fall a month (*or longer) before the fire season officially ends.

Loose Ends

Wrong-way Liberalism.  Proven again as the, Supreme Court Ends Biden’s Eviction Moratorium.  Libs don’t really care if the people with money, families, and credit at risk, on the ownership side of rentals get screwed or not.  They simply don’t give a shit being crooked-thinking commies who want to seize power with their runaway revolutionary screed.

If you can’t understand how crooked communism is, try out this Jordan Peterson video over here.  Jordan Peterson’s Critique of the Communist Manifesto – on YouTube.  Really good.

Environmental Disasters that keep on giving:  Asian giant hornet nest destroyed in Washington state.  We can at least be pretty sure this one didn’t come from Wuhan…

Off to let Outlook run the rest of my day.  Peoplenomics tomorrow and be sure to drop in for ShopTalk Sunday where we get our hands dirty on something other than filthy lucre…

Write when you get rich,


125 thoughts on “Kabulshit while the Markets Line Up Suckers”

  1. I have decided that I just needed to ‘move on’ from entire Afghanistan quagmire. I was a young boy during most of Vietnam, but I certainly remember the era. It was a terrible quagmire for America, but eventually we left (kicked out, actually), and America just moved on. By the time I was in collage, the world just moved on and no one really talked about Vietnam – or cared.

    Within a few years, people will have just passing thoughts about Afghanistan and within a decade, few young people will know or care. Unfortunately, every generation has a group of ‘suckers’ who sacrificed their precious lives for globalists and their wet dreams. Hey, I was a Marine Corps officer, so I could have been one of those suckers, but fortunately served in the 80’s when little was going on. Many people who were killed in Vietnam were not drafted – they volunteered. They could have had college deferments or even just did the Mahammad Ali approach and say – ‘I am not going, I am not going to be your stooge.’ I never really cared much about Ali as a boxer, but hell, I love the fact that he refused to be a stooge for the US Army (he would never made it to Vietnam).

    But life goes on and stooges are born everyday. Like the stooges who are advocating covid vaxxes while themselves and their colleagues fall ill from the effects. It’s part of our duality here on spaceship earth – but you have a choice – IF you KNOW you have a choice. For some people, that’s a big IF.

    • “Within a few years, people will have just passing thoughts about Afghanistan and within a decade, few young people will know or care.”

      That’s not going to be the case in this instance. The Vietnamese just wanted to be left alone. In Afghanistan, the Taliban just want to be left alone, but also in Afghanistan, every Muslim or “Hate America” terrorist organization on the planet will have a home base, training facility, and cheap arms & munitions, as long as they respect the social precepts of Sharia. THOSE organizations will bring the suicide bomb and the beheadings to CONUS, because they hate our guts, and never forget. I can see suicide bombs going off simultaneously in a hundred different football stadiums — not this year, or next, but in two years, 4-5 weeks into the season — then again in stores, to start Black Friday with a blast — um, you bet’cha…

      • I see it coming sooner Ray..
        They came right out and said how they would accomplish a Jihad within our borders… Did anyone besides our politicians actually believe they were lying..

      • “I see it coming sooner Ray..

        I don’t think so. Offtimes when people picture themselves in a fight, they don’t consider that the other person is fighting, and fighting to defeat THEM, also. Because we see the fight as inevitable, we want to see al Qaeda in the U.S. next week.

        There’s currently about 70,000 Taliban and between 7000-9000 al Qaeda. Biden’s debacle is the greatest possible recruitment tool for any nation or paramilitary organization which doesn’t like us. I expect al Qaeda’s membership alone to swell to 2-2.5 MILLION within two years. The Taliban are going to run Afghanistan, and politically-infiltrate the surrounding nations. The other sixty-some known violent Islamic fundamentalist organizations are going to flood the (now) safe haven of Afghanistan. They’re going to train, organize, learn, and build ranks — tremendously. When they get done with both basic and AIT, not before, is when they are coming HERE. If you were running an ISIS, would you come to North America with a couple thousand disorganized fighters, or would you wait until you had 300,000 trained soldiers?

        The reason our allies, the Brits especially, dressed Biden down, is MI-5 and MI-6 know this. They know they’re going to see a 40-fold increase in attempted attacks once the terror organizations “mature,” and they know they’ll be less-successful at attack-intercession than they were in the past.

        “Did anyone besides our politicians actually believe they were lying..”

        Everyone but the politicians believes the terror groups are — not “lying” but blustering. The pols know better, at least the ones on foreign or intelligence committees. They will pretend not to, then feign horror and indignation when shit happens, because it makes for better (vote-winning) theater than to not be indignant, and if someone suggests they had prior knowledge, their vote counts will go down.

        Paris, Berlin, and Stockholm will burn before any American “news” media even pretends to take the threat seriously. When we start burning, and dying, it will be Americans trying to fight back, who will be locked-up.

      • “we want to see al Qaeda in the U.S. next week.”

        I actually think they are already here RAY ..they said they would sneak in trojan horse way posing as refugee’s.. and I think they have been filtering in for years.. the same with the Klub K..When our congress sold off our ports and with us only checking a very low percentage of incoming containers the same with tole roads.. how fast the transportation industry could be upset over a few orange cones of repairs….Then again I don’t think they have to do anything at all..Just let us implode with our economy and our countries poor infrastructure that is so bad from our lack of attending to it.. that anything could start a domino collapse..https://www.businessinsider.com/asce-gives-us-infrastructure-a-d-2017-3

        From my perspective they have just been waiting for the proper time to act out..
        Just look how long it took for the USA to go to extremities with the BLM and Antifa movements.. within a very short period of time all major cities were inflamed with riots and damage it swarmed world wide.. reports of people running around offering cash for different acts of damage and violence.. and the defunding of the police.. over just a few unfortunate incidents of criminal behaviors by a few police officers working in the highest crime area’s of our major cities..
        Then again.. it is so hard to follow because you don’t know what is true and what is the story spin..

      • “I actually think they are already here RAY”

        “Then again.. it is so hard to follow because you don’t know what is true and what is the story spin..”

        I didn’t follow your links, but in looking at them, I’d guess they are more-recent commentary on stuff which used to be classified, and to which I was privy, ~20 years ago. The reason I mentioned the al Qaeda training camp between Tucson and Phoenix a couple weeks ago is because I could…

        To respond to your comments:

        1) Yes, they are
        2) Unfortunately, it has been made deliberately difficult to search a period in history, and any common search will return so many recent hits as to hopelessly clutter results (I REALLY miss Alta Vista…)

        The deal is, there were roughly 23,000 terrorists in CONUS four years ago. Very few came in during the last 3 years of the Trump Administration. I’m guessing there are close to 100k today because when Biden became Prez, they rushed the border, and unless we finish the wall, will probably number upwards of 300k by the time the Biden nightmare ends.

        Even in conventional warfare, a motivated army that’s 10 full combat divisions strong is a formidable force. It is a downright scary force when it is stashed behind enemy lines, and when trained in asymmetrical warfare…

        I’m not going to finish that sentence.

        Instead, I’ll ask you and the other readers of this post to count the ways we’re hopelessly fux0red…

  2. George

    Some bread crumbs:

    DARPA has developed a device that can allow an external signal to mess with a human brains neurons. The system requires that a metal in the form of microscopic dust cross the brain blood barrier and imbed with the individual neurons. Gold is the best choice for this system.

    In the early days of the Covid vaccine introduction an independent research lab found that samples of the vaccine contained small amounts of Gold.

    Recently it has been noticed that once a person is vaccinated with the Covid jab they exhibit magnetic properties such as lightweight iron objects adhearing to the injection site.

    It has been postulated that the G5 cell phone system could be employed to emit control signals that could affect humans. No proof on this yet but it’s may be possible.

    Now we have governments around the world frantic to get everyone jabbed with a vaccine that does very little and kills a lot of people. Shutting down everything to force this to happen is being considered!

    So with enough bread crumbs we might be able to serve a ham sandwich to Mr. Big sitting at his conference table stroking his white cat!

    Where’s 007 when you need him?

      • I see you are easily amused, I am not!

        Go here:

        Look up:
        Real-Life-Mind-Control Technologies Governments Are Actually Working On

        They are planning to use nano particles to interact with human neurons.

        You need to get hip to what’s being planned or you may end up being part of the Borg Collective!

      • Easily done Ray.. I actually made a microwave gun out of an old microwave a few years ago just out of curiosity..One of those old man garage lab project’s. It’s Not something I’d play with again anytime soon.. it’s way to dangerous play with..

    • Since the beginning of Earth time…as the NRG levels (Ki) has been steadily rising on planet Earth, since annuna warriors (annunaki) and mil. leader Enlil quarantined here – they, the annuna have had a very hard time dealing with the “pressure”. Annuna was created race of warriors (Negative), Iggigi – Enki’s creations (positive – see Thoth in Egypt.

      This is where the monoatomic Gold myths/rumors/legends come from, all the ancient Gold mine sites in Africa…they had to mix this “monoatomic gold” with the Female (goodness/virtuous)Usymgal/dragons (reptilians) menstrual blood.

      Very powerful/”magical” the menstrual blood of the Usymgal – all Females = priestess class. SO powerful – when a Human ingested ..transformed..looooooonger life, supernatural power (s), Kingship.

      See Mayan glyphs of “Reptilian” looking creatures – look like standing on head&arms – with a”Flow” depicted coming out of reptilian looking creatures frontal private region… towards the leader/shaman figure.

      In plain site..if in U know what Ure looking at/for..

      So twisted is the christian bible – Enki creator-father of Enlil, in bible known as Satan – for Giving Human Slaves knowledge of Metallurgy..thereby helping Humans to lift themselves out of Slavery. Evil,Vicious, white hot Anger, sexually perverted Enil – destroyer of Life, destroyer of ancient Planet (s) in our solar system = Mulge/Venus – causing galatic storm like never before seen ..carved up grand caynon, chesapeake bay ect, killed queen Tiamat and planet Tiamat..almost Destroyed Humanity, more than once, and yet He is christian judeo god/”our father”..TWISTED at best.

      ..That struggle/battle is ongoing….

  3. Great article today George. I feel like we are under attack on many fronts. An all out blitz. Regarding Covid and the Shot folks……..

    Are you going to get a shot because some senile old groper that doesn’t know anything about biology, or vaccines tells you to? Hey China Joe, get those vaccines through the same trials as all other medicines, without leaving out steps like the FDA did for Pfizer, and honestly quantify how many people die or suffer horrible side effects like Bell’s Palsy over 5 years and more people might consider it. The film of Dr. Arnold Monto a University of Michigan Epidemiology Professor, in charge of the approval advisory committee at the FDA is the most obvious whitewash in history. He wouldn’t even allow committee members to ask more than one question regarding the approval of Pfizer’s vaccine.

    And Fauci is spouting off again about how everyone should get a 3rd “booster” shot and WEAR A MASK. Apparently, Pelosi and Obama did not get the memo at their high dollar recent parties where everyone there was unmasked except “the help”. The sorry frauds don’t care about the common man or woman. Lockdowns and unproven vaccines and masks for thee, but not for me.

    Would you take a polio vaccine if you knew that thousands that took it got polio? NO! Vaccinated people are getting COVID by the thousands!! Why take it if it doesn’t work? They are already coming out with the 3rd shot. That means the 1st and 2nd shots DON’T work anymore, but they are loading your body with who knows what and the long-term effects. Look at the Germans microscopically analyzing the blood of those that have had the shot. Scary!! Red blood cells aggregating. Unknown bodies in the blood. https://rumble.com/vldaex-vaxxed-patients-blood-examined-horrific-findings-revealed-by-german-physici.html

    They haven’t come up with a vaccine for the Common Cold since the first vaccine was used in 1796! The common cold is a coronavirus!! How can they come up with a vaccine modifying a person’s messenger RNA within a few months to keep everyone safe from SARS-CoV-2, a coronavirus? THEY CAN’T!!! IT IS A FRAUD. They came up with a virus to fit the Treatment AND Vaccines they already had waiting. BIG MONEY!! Documented below. And lockdowns to manipulate mail-in ballots.

    If any vaccine works for SARS-CoV-2, why are they telling everyone that have had the shot to wear masks? If the shot works, they should be safe and not have to wear a mask. They shouldn’t have to social distance! And they shouldn’t then have the disease that can be spread to those that don’t have a mask!! Everyone, including all these school children being forced to wear cloth and paper masks is like putting up chicken wire to stop a sandstorm. They aren’t worth anything except to catch sneezes and coughs. But sneezes and coughs from people that have taken the shot should be OK because they took the shot and cannot spread SARS CoV-2. Right? WRONG!!! IF the shot really worked, there wouldn’t be idiots telling everyone to wear masks!! So why is Communist Kate Brown, Governor of Oregon getting away with her new mandate that all people must wear masks outdoors? Because she wants criminals like Antifa to have an excuse to burn things down and not get photographed and arrested?

    4 Reasons the numbers are going up for the “Delta” variant. 1.) Because people with the Shots are still getting the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 2.)Delta might be more infectious, but it is milder. 3.) 25% of the 200,000+ illegals coming in per month that are caught, and hundreds of thousands that are not caught, do not wear masks, and have Covid 19 or the flu and they can go through the emergency room and get free treatment!! 4.) COMORBIDITY aka the Flu, heart failure, pneumonia, asthma, COPD, cancer, gunshots, knifings, and accidents etc. are being coded as Covid 19. That is why the hospitals are filling up. Run a swab up the heart attack patients nose and if it comes back positive, they mark the ICD-10 code as Covid 19, not myocardial infarction.

    Look at the survival rates from people that get Covid: Ages 0-14: Survival is 99.9998%; Ages 15-44: Survival is 99.9931%; Ages 45-64: Survival is 99.9294%; Ages 65-85: Survival is 99.6297%; and over Age 85: Survival is 98.2499%. Totals deaths from Covid 19 are less than .0006%. This number is so low that it is not a statistically valid number. It becomes a random occurrence. The only difference is you have a Communist Marxist press and Social Media networks hiding the truths and putting out propaganda along with the people driving the agenda that make $Billions.

    Cancer and Heart Disease individually kill a lot more people than Covid. Where are the vaccines for Cancer? Forget it….there’s BIG money in Cancer for the Drug Companies and Medical establishment. Plus, it helps Bill Gates and Soros reduce the population.

    So, China Joe, you and your commie buddies can stick that shot where the sun don’t shine. I don’t trust your lying ass any further than I can throw it. Same with that Liar: Mask, No mask, Mask, Double Mask Fauci. Con Artists.

    The Department of Defense paid Gilead $34.5 million to develop Remdesivir, a potential treatment for Ebola virus. The National Institutes of Health awarded Gilead $6 million taxpayer dollars to speed up its development and sunk another $30 million of taxpayer dollars into clinical trials to observe Remdesivir’s effect on covid-19 patients. Gilead first received a patent for the drug as a treatment for Ebola in 2017. In fall 2015, Gilead applied for two patents for Remdesivir, one for combatting coronaviruses and another for filoviruses, which ironically both were approved in spring 2019. Overall, the U.S. Government has funneled over $10 Billion to drug companies to come up with vaccines and treatments.

    The U.S. FDA granted Remdesivir the agency’s coveted ‘orphan drug status’ so the drug could be fast tracked through the FDA’s drug review process. As soon as Gilead received FDA approval, the company partnered with a drug facility in China called WuXi AppTec, a drug discovery and research facility partially owned by………. George Soros. This connection is revealed in George Soros’s own financial portfolio, which lists the facility at 666 Gaoxin Road, East Lake High Tech Development Zone, Wuhan, China.

    You can see a pattern with Remdesivir that is almost identical with another Gilead drug-Tamiflu. Former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld was once the Managing Director of Gilead Sciences, and Chairman from 1997-2001 . It was an “amazing coincidence” that the drug Tamiflu patented by Gilead Sciences was pushed by the National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases of which Fauci is the top dog as its top choice of drug to combat flu, while Rumsfeld, around 2004, held a multi-million-dollar stake in Gilead Sciences. Tamiflu was reportedly expected to remain in short supply for as long as a year just as the purchase of $2 billion of the drug by the U.S. government got underway using scare tactics.

    Tamiflu was criticized for being ineffective and even harmful. Rumsfeld and Board Member of Gilead, Former U.S. Secretary of State, George Schultz profited millions from a $1.5 billion stockpiling by the U.S. government on Tamiflu leading up to the 2009 H1N1 “swine flu” outbreak.

    Gilead was part of the vaccine lobby at whose behest the WHO faked the H1N1 pandemic in 2009 and kept it a secret from the people until committees were setup which ultimately exposed the entire racket.

    It should now be clear why the Medical Protocol furnished by the U.S. Government FDA, CDC, and NIH’s Fauci to hospitals did not include the cheap drugs Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin originally but did include Gilead’s Remdesivir at $3100 per round of treatment. I know because I kept asking for Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin in July 2020 because it cures Covid 19, but the hospital would not allow it however they did give me 2 rounds of Remdesivir at over $6200. This was a result of lung reaction SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) I developed from a pneumonia and flu vaccine within 1 week of each other which caused a severe cytokine storm and was coded Covid 19. It took 26 days in the hospital to beat it. Don’t let them do it to you.

    If you want Hydroxycloroquine and Ivermectin, you can go here and get consultation with a Doctor and the drugs. https://frontlinemds.com/intakeform/

    Here is a list of Doctors all over the world that will treat you over the phone or video and prescribe the treatment that works. https://principia-scientific.com/contacts-telemedicine-doctors-for-covid19-scripts/

    Biden has made this country look like it is run by a bunch of buffoons. IT IS!!! Afghanistan has now gone past embarrassment to humiliation to cold blooded murder of innocent soldiers and evacuees. He left billions in equipment for terrorists and the Chinese to copy. He gave up Bagram AFB, which was secured with mines, a secure double exterior, guard towers, wide open spaces, and two runways for the sorry excuse of an airport being used in the middle of slums and warehouses in the middle of Kabul. Looking at you Mumbling China Joe, your VP-Cackling Horizontal Harris, your dumb stupid DOD Secretary that thinks the military is a social experiment instead of the world’s best killing machine against evil, your stupid Secretary of State that was just an aide to Benghazi Clinton, lying gun grabbing Senate Majority Leader Schumer, and the Consummate Liar Speaker Pelosi composes the biggest bunch of Dumb Ass Pathological Liars in U.S. history. Mumbling Joe, you and Fauci are NOT God, and I am not your subject. If you or any of the idiots that work for you ever tell me I must take a shot that is a fraud for a manmade bioweapon, or the bioweapon itself after looking at what it does to a person’s blood under a microscope…I will fight it.

    As a whole, the American people are getting more dumbed down every day as we are being invaded with millions of eaters and breeders coming through our Southern states without borders thanks to you Mumbling Joe, but we are not so stupid as to vote in dumb asses like you and your sorry excuse for a VP. Where is our investigative and judicial branches of government? Have they all gone to the dark side? The voter fraud must be stopped! Voter fraud is treason!! Where are the mass arrests? These liars in government must be voted out in audited elections without voting machines with real voter picture IDs like a driver’s license AND a birth certificate or passport proving citizenship or we are sunk as a country!! This is our last hurrah. If the people don’t take a stand and start speaking out and demanding our rights, it is lights out!!!! Our votes are sacred. They ultimately determine the laws we live under. You must be a real alive U.S. citizen to vote, not just living here, or names out of the graveyard like LBJ used! NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!

    Once we allow an opening of the door to tyranny, be it mandated vaccines, stolen elections, obfuscations pertaining to the Bill of Rights including gun ownership, voter fraud, or weakness to our enemies, we are allowing a further erosion of our God given Liberties as enunciated in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Once they are gone, they will not ever be re-established from evil power-hungry dictators like we see now in numerous state governments and in D.C. Look at the Aussies, 1st they took their guns, and now they are under a total dictatorial tyrannical system using this phony plandemic and the globalists behind it that are trying to re-set the world by controlling all citizens on the planet.

    • Excellent post by West Texas Horse Sense, as usual !
      medical tyranny disguised as security(from the disease) is still tyranny!
      ANTI-FREEDOM, UN-American, U.S.Constitution haters has two groups. 1:those who push the lies knowingly, 2: those who are to stupid to think for themselves and eat bait
      MSM is the tool used to mislead the fools, they bait the hooks

    • Damn, son…well done as usual. You said it all. Thanks for the links…bookmarked and passed along.

      • Hello Maj13, Scott, A.G., the other brother Darrell, and Aubrey.
        Thank you folks for your compliments. One thing I didn’t mention that I have mentioned before. If you should have to go in the hospital, please don’t let them put you on a ventilator. They can ring the register more if they do ($14,000), but they can kill you. Happened to a friend even though I had warned him not to let them do it. Hope y’all have a happy safe weekend.

    • Thanks for taking the time to enlighten the rest of us. Those slides were pretty scary! And thanks for the links to the docs. GOOD JOB!

    • As the CCP have said – time and time again – U will bee ASSIMILATED.

      All You are in their eyes – murhican uyghurs.

      like I said – U will be assimilated.

    • While,withholding ivermection plus ..you demand sale of 100,000s $ of hospital bed usage paid for by monthly bankrupting for 25 years.and demand clot shots? And im a irrational toadie..

  4. China can’t deflect the metastasizing Covid stink bomb. A simple outbreak plot clearly demonstrates Wuhan is unequivocally ground zero. Subsequent outbreaks have a direct connection to interactions with entities in and around Wuhan (e.g. Chinese travelers to Thailand, S. Korea, Japan, Chinese clothiers traveling to N. Italy and various individuals flying into the West, including the U.S.). That said, the U.S. and Canada are rumored to have been involved in viral ‘gain of function’ research with China at various locations, including the Wuhan Lab. However, the first documented ‘possible’ Covid related outbreaks are via 3 Wuhan Lab workers who developed ‘symptoms consistent with Covid-19’ in November 2019. These individuals all required hospitalization. China coincidentally reported the first cases of Covid-19 in December 2019. China, of course, rejects as ‘baseless’ claims that the virus escaped from the Wuhan Lab, to which I reply: “Follow the (slowly aggregating) data.” https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20210524/wuhan-lab-researchers-illness

    • While you’re absolutely right, I would be a three-letter outfit could give someone a planting device to be loosed in Wuhan and then promise them $10-million in an offshore account and give then a “total protection shot.”

      After they loose the genie in Wuhan, the slow-release poison takes out the delivery mechanism, the wire reversed.

      Cost? One super-dumb agent. Return? Well, we’re still counting./ Just like the return/ROI on 9/11 keeps compounding, too

    • I kinda have to wonder why anyone who has read the August 2021 House subcommittee minority addendum report on the origins of covid would be wondering who dunnit and how it was done:


      Main points;
      -Covid originated in Wuhan, and Rev 1 was brought to this country by the US military largely unnoticed in third quarter 2019.
      -The Chinese and WHO mounted an enormous campaign of cover-up and propaganda which derailed containment. Had that propaganda campaign not occurred, Rev 2 would not have made it out of China.
      -The Wuhan fish market story was a 100% cold-blooded propaganda fabrication.
      -Public figures in the US have been active participants in the cover-up, and continue to flood the media with propaganda, acting as malicious agents of a foreign power.
      -Claims that there is no evidence of genetic engineering or propaganda are misdirection, since Wuhan lab personnel were trained on how to edit the viral genome without leaving trace evidence by university researchers in the US. The US academic community provided technology, and has actively engaged in cover-up.

      The document is long and the middle section which outlines evidence is extremely technical. I would suggest reading the initial introduction and the conclusions first, then maybe attempt to go through the details of the evidence. My first exposure to biotech was 35 years ago, and I acknowledge that the evidence is a very difficult read. I am familiar with some elements of the technologies, but I am not a gene splicer.

      The answers to 95% of the questions all of you keep asking have been made public by the GOP House Foreign Affairs subcommittee, you just need to take the time to read it. The answers have already been made public. The report ties together all the details. The latest media effort which claims that US intelligence agencies reject the Wuhan Lab origin are knowing and willful propaganda on behalf of a foreign power.

      • The “third quarter 2019” should have read “fourth quarter 2019”.
        And to address G_____’s point, Americans who parrot the leftist propaganda line are collaborators, whether their motivations are political, economic, are just plain sh!t stupidity.

  5. “Kabulshit”

    That’s a good one.

    So is Taiwan and Korea. Think back to the 60’s; Peace, Love and Outsourcing to China. South Korea, Taiwan…. are friends of the U.S. now because 1970’s U.S. loaded them up with jobs. 1990’s U.S.A. buried the Agent Orange with Vietnam and loaded them up with jobs.

    The other side of the con is 1950’s Hong Kong. “Side with us” the Europeans said. “We’ll protect you.”

  6. George,
    The USA stands for the proposition that you can be as stupid as you want to be so long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else.
    So, when it comes to COVID and having taken the vaccine, my bottom line is that I want there to be a staffed ER bay and hospital room for me if I need one due to accident, stroke, heart attack, etc.
    But in many parts of the country, the hospitals are booked up with people who – against the advice of public health officials (insert favorite conspiracy here) – refused to get the vaccine.
    I propose that if it comes down to a triage situation, the refuseniks have to go to the back of the line (including being expelled from the hospital) regardless of the severity of their COVID cases.
    Be as crazy as you want, just leave me out of your drama.

    • Mama told me to go jump off a bridge, so I did. Mama was wrong. This is the land of the free, everyones choice. Vaccinated people catch and give covid. So tell me what’s the use for the jab? Oh that’s right you won’t be as sick as others. It doesn’t work

    • I am afraid that your fear goggles tricks you into accepting anything at closing time
      Did you not ever read Thomas Jefferson’s Quote?
      “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
      Remember that 90% of MSM is owned by 6 corporations that seek to FULLY OWN YOU. They have you hook, line, and sinker
      And you believe that the conspiracies are just theories because the CIA(clowns in America) told ya so. R you a catfish?
      For every public health official that is given the MSM microphone there are numerous medical professionals that are silenced/ignored by the major news sources. Shut off the damn TV and seek knowledge. They don’t call it the boob tube for nothing.

      you want to be left out of the drama, but yet you brought it here
      most of the UN-vaxed covid cases are symptom free, not sick, and are decided by faulty covid testing, all of the vaxed covid cases, so called break out cases are people that have the symptoms ie: sick people
      another George,
      The USA stands for the proposition that you can be as fearful as you want to be so long as it doesn’t infringe on our liberties and rights in the constitution
      there, does that help clarify

    • Another George,
      And what about the 1000s of people that took the vaccine and are still getting COVID? Do they go to the back of the line? And the people that took the vaccine and are suffering strokes, heart attacks, and internal hemorrhaging as a result? Do they go to the back of the line ?

      A recent case study of a woman from New York shows that at least one recipient of the Pfizer covid vaccine experienced Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, which doctors have attributed to the vaccine and resulted in these horrible pictures of her skin rotting? Does she go to the back of the line? https://www.dailyveracity.com/2021/08/19/covid-vaccine-causes-womans-skin-to-rot-according-to-doctors/?fbclid=IwAR06iwkmefvDOOeHS9v9lKllkcTQ_PR3uzzH41DWRtgrfpw2BYC135gvKYo

      VAERS is the CDC’s primary mechanism in the U.S. for reporting adverse vaccine reactions, but historically only reports 1% of the total actual adverse events according to a Harvard study. According to the latest data released by the CDC, between Dec. 14, 2020, and Aug. 6, 2021, a total of 571,831 total adverse events were reported to VAERS, with 12,791 deaths. This was an increase of 425 over the previous week. There were also 77,490 reports of serious injuries, including deaths, during the same time period — up 7,385 compared with the previous week. Multiply these numbers by 99.

      You got the shot. A shot that hasn’t been approved including the Pfizer con job. You call people refuseniks that don’t get the shot and stupid. Personally, I think that your premise of people without the shot having to go to the back of the line is stupid. And like they say, Stupid is a Stupid does. Not stupid doesn’t (as in not taking the shot).

      When they turn on the switch and all that Graphene Oxide circulating in peoples bodies from the shots starts aggregating, and people start falling over dead from strokes, heart attacks, and internal hemorrhaging should those people still get to be at the front of the line?

    • What happened to ‘my body, my choice’? And I thought health care was a universal right? Isn’t that what the leftists said for years? Of course, I know how much the left loves to stomp on rights of those they don’t agree with.

    • Americans without covid or the covid vaxx have just as much right to ER experiences(if desired) as those who are vaxxed. Many of us have natural immunity or just remain apart from humanity(or both). My understanding of the American vaxx options is that they’re not even fair to middlin’ with respect to either safety or efficacy.

      Perhaps we should ban those who are suffering from vaxx effects from the ER too. After all it’s “safe and effective”, so the person must be faking illness.

      Until we have better prevention and treatment options for covid, we’re best off staying away from the ER anyway. Home care and treatment is much cheaper and more effective. IMHO, the deliberate and extreme effort to coerce people into taking “voluntary” jabs is criminal. If they want to make it a forced jab, it may still be criminal, but at least it’s honest criminality, and it may be a wakeup call.

      • NM Mike, you’ve previously said you don’t bother paying for health insurance.

        So you have the right to go to ER and end up with a $100k+ bill (which you may have to declare bankruptcy and/or sell your house to cover), the rest of us have a right to paying our yearly deductible amount (deemed by our health insurance), while self-righteous morons like yourself preach the criminality and scapegoating of a free vaccine that millions over the world would love to get…..

      • If Mike was here illegally from S.A. that would all be a given. Say, you’re not a part-time racist who (*gasp!) differentiates White people, are you?>

      • George, average educational cost to be a Dr in U.S. is $170k.

        For your next Dr appt, ask the Dr’s and Nurses if they’d care to work for free…lol regardless of their or your race or citizenship.

        Here’s what your High Priest of Polarization (Jordan Peterson) is really all about:

      • I wouldn’t someone a high priest of polarization – unless, of course, I was a commie sympathizing free-luncher who wanted the benefit without the sweat behind it… just saying…
        And Peterson still has a lot more psych creds than, oh, Hunter has art creds.
        You just don’t happen to agree with him – and that gets to value judgments.
        And – unlike FB or Twits – we actually honor free speech provided its respectful to some degree.
        My bottom line is being hated by the Guardian is kind of an honor.
        They’re idiots.
        Need some backup?
        For example, no cite for their slur “(basically the “alt-right” without the sieg heils and the white ethnostate)” [which presumptively, brainwashed readers will buy into such tripe as “fact” though it’s not ] for example. Fine on an op-ed page – cuz that’s not really how news is done. It becomes propaganda when judgments are loaded in.

        So yeah, that’s woke propaganda at work. Which is what the Guardian seems to appeal to.

        Another example? The paper swings with what I’d have to call “Popular racism” because in the story https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2021/aug/25/its-time-to-free-black-revolutionaries-from-us-prisons. Break laws, go to jail was soft-peddled.

        The term Black (46 occurrences says my deconstruction software) was capitalized. And white was not – when used in context of ‘white supremacists’.’ Yet the story was sympathetic to a Black criminal “…sentenced to life imprisonment in 1972 after being convicted of murdering a police officer.” Sucks to be in solitary, but would the needle be better? Could he be in solitary for inside offenses? Seeing how this works? Advolism ain’t journalism.

        Would it be ok with the self-appointed political correctness gestapo if we referenced Black without caps? Heavens no. Which is why around here – an honest hangout for actual equality not of the me-tooness variety, we capitalize all the racial identifiers.

        Insight into another policy change we’re noodling? We might even start capitalizing Stupid which is well on its way to being a protected class, too. Why, Joe’s pack the high court with this class if he could.

        The sad fact is anti-racism ain’t popular. Treating everyone the same doesn’t build a go-fund-me or line some activist’s pockets. When any class of people is treated ANY differently than another, that’s a racial decision – and the honest clarity of the Cap key reveals who the real racists are.

        And if this isn’t clear? Well, it’s ain’t Jordan Peterson.

      • “George, average educational cost to be a Dr in U.S. is $170k.”

        I don’t know about there.. but here.. they also are paying about three hundred a square foot.. have to buy all their own supplies and equipment.. pay the salaries and benefit packages of their staff..
        in consideration though.. the ones that have been my doctors.. I also worked with while they were going to school.. they found communities that needed a physician . got free rent the community paid for the equipment and their schooling.
        a great deal of them around here also use VA hospitals to teach and to work.. they make less than they would in a personal clinic but they also don’t have to pay the rent utilities equipment and staffing costs..
        I am not sure how much my one grandchilds costs were.. she just graduated last week and now has a job in a big city but I seem to remember her mother talking and saying.. it was considerable amount…. One of My other grand children is still in med school..

    • An interesting phenomenon related to vaccine acceptance seems to have parallels to a religious conversion. People who were otherwise ambivalent to getting a Covid “vaccine” seem to attain a fervor for wanting others to convert with them. This syndrome has characteristics associated with something between a Superiority Complex and Stockholm Syndrome. This may sound a bit out there but if you are paying attention, you will notice there is a definite pattern.
      It seems likely that upon surrendering to pressure to receive the Jab, people are inclined to over-compensate for what they realize is weakness of character by proselytizing others to get the “vaccine”. This has become tiresome to those of us who still have objectivity and analytic powers. When I hear the unvaccinated referred to as ‘refuseniks’ by a vaccine tool the irony makes me laugh but there is a certain sadness for those who have lost the ability to think along with their futures.
      I think we should come up with an appropriate label for the Vacceptor Disciple Syndrome (VDs for short) but not sure that’s it. Any ideas?

    • You’re buying into mainstream media lies. The actual situation is VACCED people are catching the coof about 2/3rds to 1/3rd for the UN-vacced!
      And the reason they’re hospitalized in the first place is the lack of a “bona-fide” outpatient treatment policy. Tens of thousands of C-19 victims could have survived if the Fedgov wasn’t dead set on getting everyone jabbed.

    • ” the hospitals are booked up with people who… refused to get the vaccine.”


      My local ER is booked up with illegals, and with people who get a boo-boo or a splinter and don’t have the Bennie to drop on a walk-in clinic.

    • How about other “stupid” people who willfully inject drugs,get in gunfights,drive recklessly etc.Or the hordes of border crossers who use the ER as their only medical care.I could go on and on.Plenty of fully vaxxed hitting the ERs in my area outside of chiraq.You could have a heart attack and lay on a gurney for hours waiting for gunshot toddlers to be treated first,which is the way it should be.There is no getting out of this drama.Every day is a gift.This aint our grandfathers America.

  7. Yo G,

    Got to pop that lumber price for the coming hurricane season – baton down the hatches = board up the windows. Like popping the price of gas prior to summer/holiday driving season. EIABM

    * Shocking- just shocking that Israels Secret Intelligence Service w/cia (ISISk) would “terror bomb” our own Marines (bullet catchers) and some hadji’s at kabul airport(sewage canal). So Mossad = bombing a sewage canal.

    I could have wrote this script – its soo OLD, Soo Tired – and yet NOBODY in DC saw this coming?

    Do you really think Any of the globo’s care about all the Billions of $$$ worth Weapons & Tech looted in Trashganistan ??

    – THEY R Laughing all the way to the Grand Cayman & Liechtenstein private Banks .

    How many FUCKING Times do Humans have to see something happen again, again and again, before you RECOGNIZE A Plot line ?????

    Hello ? more Zanies, Crack, Herione ?

    How many Survivalites have participated in planed chaos events since at least the 60’s.?

    …I am 59 yrs young and can still see mental images of US planes bombing the hell out of Vietnam – Every Night on the nightly news..that is what I doodled on school papers as elementary aged student – jets dropping bombs-shooting rockets.
    I cant imagine the f-up mental conditioning going on with today’s youth – I grew up wanting Kill commies 4 Mommy…who are kids today growing up wanting to Kill?
    Muzzies ?

    Nahhh – in the ECU household its still commies, we just added Libs – same difference.

    Except wit the current CIC (clownincharge), they bee destroying themselves..

    – a painful, yet brilliant plan..

    • “THEY R Laughing all the way to the Grand Cayman & Liechtenstein private Banks .”

      I guess don’t get it…
      So… what good is a number on a sheet of paper or a computer screen.. if there isn’t anyone to cherish it..
      The same with gold or silver..diamonds etc. Now if it was rose quartz I could possibly understand the value.. but then rose quartz is a stone that I like..
      In a real SHTF scenario..I think the world would be thrust back to tribal law.. I doubt seriously that A number would have any value whatsoever.. and some joker wearing thousand dollar shoes would just be that. Just some self appointed snob with little or no real world life skills. Like an old boss.. ye was a master at manipulation of the market and sales but didn’t have a clue how his companies products were made..
      I would think that the global elite would want to keep their status by keeping the same structure in position where numbers matter..

    • Your idea on who did the bombing answers the question of who has the most to gain. That pesky little #1 ally in the ME has been too quiet lately. Surely, the fall of “A” would be detrimental to US and THEM.

      “But, on the other hand, lies a golden band …..”

  8. Batteries for solar and wind systems cost too much to support the Green left’s agenda. So how do we get production up and prices down?

    We are not on track to meet the TT guide stone agenda, so how do we get’er done?

    Native born Americans tend to be more difficult for the left to manipulate than impoverished refugees. So how do we increase the susceptibility of the general public to central authority?

    Joe and Kamala aren’t steering the Titanic ship of state, but if you think things through a bit, it becomes obvious who and why we are seeing the destruction. Look for the trend to continue. Biden made a pact with the most sociopathic political segment, and he isn’t capable of controlling his own political and social engineers. And make no mistake, the current destruction is being guided from just below the top.

  9. Agnut
    “Screwing us at the top”. How many at the top have dual citizenship with Israel? One estimate is 59, starting with SEC of State, AG, Homeland Sec, heads of the “spook”agencies, three on Supreme Court, etc.
    The Russian Revolution was the Pharisees against the Christians. Rabbi Stephan Wise said “some call it communism, I call it Judaism”. Jesus said of the Pharisees
    “You are of your father the devil and you love to do his will” John 8:44
    Phariseeism = Judaism = Communism and they have infested the “top” since
    Col House advise/ran Pres Roosevelt’s administration.
    How soon will it be “the Pharisees against the Christians in the USA”?
    WAKE UP AMERICA. Israel is not our friend.

    • We know, but they got Wilson and the non Federal Reserve, and the rest is history. Few current Christian’s even know that the Pharisees killed over 100 million of them in WW1 and WW2. But we all grew up on the 6 million number, it is taught in third grade. There are no monuments, museums, TV programs, classes, or non stop reminders of those Christian’s. We call them by other names. “My people perish from lack of knowledge.”

  10. Another George “But in many parts of the country, the hospitals are booked up with people who – against the advice of public health officials (insert favorite conspiracy here) – refused to get the vaccine.”

    No “public health official” should be making blanket health advice for every person in the country. Especially when they have practically no data on contraindications. There are always contraindications for medications. Many times even natural ones.

    Also, saying that individuals shouldn’t receive medical care when in need is just plain mean. Whether you believe it or not, people are just making the best personal decisions possible while being bombarded with data. I don’t insist that people who eat fast food shouldn’t receive medical care. It might be slower, but it still does damage.

  11. If anybody’s interested in where it goes from here.

    From the book page 589. Not quite as I pictured it, but close enough. There’s more to come… Think Iraq and Syria.


    Nostradamus Quatrain II-44
    L’aigle pousée en tour des pauillons
    Par autres oyseaux d’entour sera chasée,
    Quand bruit des cymbres, tubes & sonnaillõs
    Rendront le sens de la dame insensée.

    Nostradamus Quatrain II-44
    The eagle driven back around the tents
    Will be chased from there by other birds,
    When the noise of cymbals, trumpets and bells
    Restores the senses of the senseless lady.

    • Conversations with Nostradamus Vol Pg 289. Century II-44

      ‘He says this refers to some of the defeats the U.S. will suffer while fighting against the Anti-Christ. He says it also refers to the deterioration of the political situation inside the U.S., before and during the time of troubles. But after the time of troubles are over, people are celebrating their victory and freedom. This celebration will reawaken in the U.S. the concept that is embodied by the Statue of Liberty (my personal note, not in the quoted text: welcome low paid immigrant labor lol??). The concept of liberty and rights and such which may have been dead because of the situation of war and the Anti-Christ. They will come back alive; people will have their rights again and things will be better than they were before.

      Michael Rathford’s Nostradamus Code WWIII 2006 book also says the same thing about II-44. Page 67. ‘the people will regain their rights and the way of life will improve from the dark times.

      Could also refer to ending of Japanese internment camps, Russia’s national bird is also the eagle

      so be careful in interpreting literal meanings from figurative phrases.

  12. While,withholding ivermection plus ..you demand sale of 100,000s $ of hospital bed usage paid for by monthly bankrupting for 25 years.and demand clot shots? And im a irrational toadie..

  13. George,
    I have been ruminating on all the chaff in the sky and what to do about it. This might be the universe giving me advice or just a little woowoo. Last Tuesday I was surfing YouTube when a totally out of left field suggestion appeared in my recommended list. It was to an audiobook of Epictetus’s Discourses. Book one, chapter one, “of thing’s under our control and things not under our control. ” Ok. Same thing happened only it was George Carlin “Imagine how stupid the average person is, and realize that half of them are stupider that.” Anyway back to the advice, as a lurker I see a lot of time and psychic energy spent (wasted) on issues “not of our control”.
    Covid observation: Covid vax is now more like a religious sacrament. It’s taken on faith. There is every indication we are going to have a period of religious persecution. Neither side can put forward any data that the other side will _belineve_.

    Observation: I have seen discussions about Covid as a population reduction event. Please read Barbara Tuchman’s “A Distant Mirror”. (You can borrow it from your local library) This book gives us an idea of what a population reduction event looks like. There were entire villages in France that were wiped out and never repopulated.

    To echo other comments, I also have stopped watching all msm . It vexed my soul. (I am mindful that reading/watching sources that only agree with you is not healthy either). I dropped my subscription to my satellite provider for a one time purchase of an Amazon fire stick. Saved a nice piece of money in the process. I enjoy more control of what I watch.

    As an aside, mainly for those in George’s and my cohort, lookup a video on YouTube ” The Wrecking Crew “. It’s about the session player of the LA music scene in the sixties.
    Time to go back to my seat on the sidelines.

    Keep up the good work.


    The Food and Drug Administration is pushing to approve Pfizer-BioNTech’s two-dose Covid-19 vaccine on Monday. If this push is accomplished by Monday, hide your kids & yourself if un vaxxed, if you don’t want yourself & your kids (grandkids) mandated to get the vaxx on Tuesday.

    Once it obtains the approval, Pfizer-BioNTech is planning to quickly ask the F.D.A. to approve a third dose as a booster shot, which is good news for the vaccinated as we all should be.

    Bought Dogecoin at $0.2862 on Coinbase. On the Cash App where I bought Bitcoin, you can only buy Bitcoin. On Cash App, you can buy Bitcoin by the $1.00 Just like Coinbase, but Coinbase offers more services & Coins.

    • The FDA is supposed to insure the purity of food, drugs, and cosmetics.

      Nothing more. Anything else is/was mission creep, by creepers.

      My body is me, and I’m not an object to be injected according to political whim. Vaxx mandates are immoral and contrary to both science and human decency.

      You are welcome to be injected with anything you wish.

      • I am not in favor of MANDATES. Unfortunately, our Polititions look at the populace as sheep who took the COVID handout money in exchange for their right to not get the VAXX. They see MANDATES as bought & paid for. Just like GWB II with the Patriot Act which is still in effect. No need to explain ourselves to the masses or even be truthful. Now that we have mail in fraudulent voting, you vote no longer counts. Watch out for men in black approaching your house with tasers. That is where all this is going to & I am not a fan.

  15. Hey George ;

    I wrote Mr. Miguel Escobar PA-C and asked for information. And he sent me a treasure chest of info. Instead of picking through it to send pieces of it, this is the entire email reply.

    Here ya go ….

    Hello to everyone who has responded to my public comments at the Edinburg School Board meeting! 

    I am very humbled by the kind words and thoughts that you all have expressed to me, although there are some that probably don’t think so highly of me. To those I suggest that you do not shoot the messenger, as I am not responsible for the misinformation going around, I’m simply trying to keep everyone informed and spread the TRUTH! 

     I have received A LOT of emails, so to be more efficient I am compiling most of the information that people want to see onto one email that will be sent to all of you. I implore you to share this far and wide, especially to other medical professionals that think what I have previously said is false information. 

     I am being viciously attacked for simply stating my opinion and what I feel and know to be the truth in a public forum. So I would appreciate any prayers my way. 


    ??? I have a new website, PLEASE subscribe for updates on how to fight legally, covid information, health and community growth and outreach. ???


    Please also email me at freedom@txlightguardians.com from now on. 

    First off, and most importantly, I recommend using these websites for factual and proven information that comes directly from doctors who are actually researching and treating patients. 

    – This group of doctors and lawyers is literally on the Frontline of this battle, I highly encourage you to donate monetary funds and search through their trove of information. They offer a tele-medicine portal for treatment and give LEGAL ADVICE

    – This is another group of doctors that is constantly updating people on medical facts, news and treatment options

     Here is a great website that has an extensive amount of FACTS/information from multiple different sources that is constantly being updated. I HIGHLY encourage everyone to read this in its entirety and click on the hyperlinks (on some of the links you may have to type in the web page to see the actual website or image that is being mentioned). This website alone has enough information to prove the misconception of this so-called “pandemic”. I could literally stop this email here with the amount of information given below:


     Here are a few of my favorite videos that I recommend everyone watch:






    Cases & Deaths: 

    Please remember that the survival rates for covid, without treatment (which there is),  are the following:  

    Ages 0-17 – 99.998%

    Ages 18-49 – 99.95%

    Ages 50-64 – 99.4%

    Ages 65+ – 91%

    There is absolutely no reason for shutdowns, social distancing, masks or to live in fear of something that will most likely not kill you.


    Inflated case numbers: 







    Don’t forget that the FDA recently recalled the antigen covid tests that have been used under emergency authorization use since the beginning of the “pandemic” because of their inaccuracy. So we don’t actually know how many people ACTUALLY had covid, or not. What a joke. Asymptomatic covid cases are MISINFORMATION. 


    Recalled RT-PCR tests

    Recently, under the table the CDC changed how it is counting covid cases, it is not including covid cases if a VACCINATED person is infected. Wow. 


    – scroll down to “Identifying and Investigating…”, you can’t even make this stuff up people

    Masks & Lockdowns:

    Here is the best summary I’ve seen so far, 


    If you are not familiar with reading research papers, I suggest that you scroll down to the conclusion/discussion part to read what their findings were for the following papers. 


    – they know cloth masks don’t work, they just want you to wear it


    – keep in mind that this study is looking at influenza pandemics but covid is a much smaller particle size than influenza. So if it doesn’t work for influenza, why would it work for covid? 


    But the more important question is, if officials say hand hygiene and surgical masks actually work, how is it possible that in 2020 the flu decreased by 98% but covid continues to increase, WHEN THEY’RE BOTH AIRBORNE ILLNESSES?!?!!!



    – talking points, open schools in Sweden, out of 1.95M children 15 had covid, 0 died



    The biggest lie of them all. The NIH knew SINCE 2005 that chloroquine, similar to HCQ, worked as prophylaxis and treatment against covid and the FDA/CDC wouldn’t allow it to be used as treatment. Dr. Fraudci even quoted this drug as being a miracle drug against coronaviruses.



    Other published research (look at the dates they were published): 





    – this is a HUGE trial that was conducted globally, comparing many forms of treatment with HCQ and of course they found it to reduce death and hospitalization by 65% when used early

    – largest compilation of ALL the trials on HCQ

    – largest compilation of ALL the trials on Ivermectin

    How dare any medical professional say there is no medical treatment for covid and insinuate that these medicines are harming patients! 


    Here is a good resource of different treatment protocols: 

    – also, budosenide (Pulmicort/Symbicort) is hardly mentioned but it also seems to be very effective and safe in all ages. Please make sure you also seek advice from a health provider if using treatment. 


    First off, it’s technically not a vaccine, even by definition. The patent most of them are filed under is a MEDICAL DEVICE. 


     Honestly my biggest issue with vaccines is that they should not be MANDATED onto anyone, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN. Especially when there is a 99% recovery rate for most people! There also shouldn’t be any restrictions if you choose to get vaccinated or not either. We all have free will and it should be your choice if you want it or not. Consent and transparency should also be given about any drug or vaccine and that is not currently being done. 

     Personally I would never put another vaccine in my body or my child’s, after what I have learned about all the ingredients that are placed in them. I would also not recommend it to any patient knowing that there are different treatments out there that work. 

    Nothing will ever be as strong as your own body’s immunity. Take care of your body, eat healthy, exercise, be spiritual and everything will be okay. 



    A lot of information about the different vaccines can be found in the nojabforme article above but I will list some of the misinformation that is being told in the news. 


    Adverse effects reporting: 
    – here is the Harvard report showing 1% reporting of adverse events

    – learn how to use the VAERS system


    You can still get or give covid even if you are vaccinated: 




    The vaccine can cause immunogenicity which is not good for the body: 





    For more vaccine info, follow Dr. Robert Malone (an inventor of the mRNA vaccine) on his Twitter page. He doesn’t necessarily agree with how the vaccines are being used either and posts great information. 


    You don’t need a Twitter account to see what he posts, just click on the link: 


    These explain why the CDC, FDA, and WHO act as they do and not as we expect that they would. 

    CDC and WHO Corrupt Financial Entanglements with the Vaccine Industry

    FDA inspections: Fraud, fabrication, and scientific misconduct are hidden from the public and doctors.

    FDA Depends on Industry Funding; Money Comes with “Strings Attached”

    Anatomy of Corruption: WHO Public Health Guidelines – Alliance for Human Research Protection

    How a Terrorist Became Head of the World Health Organization

    Most recent news: 



    – this is HUGE news, follow this case and use his strategy to use the law in your favor to overturn the tyranny in your community! More info provided in my new website

    THERE IS NO ISOLATED VIRUS, it seems unreal and unbelievable but it’s true!!!

    – CDC admits they haven’t isolated a virus either (although I have been updated by Dr. Richard Fleming that there IS a virus – so not sure what to think) 




    – learn more about graphene oxide from Dr. Roth who also offers supplements to remove it from your body below. 




    This is a small recap of what happened around the world this past weekend on 7/24/21, people ACTUALLY standing up for their RIGHTS: 











     In conclusion, I hope you all see that we are being lied to by our government, major media networks (pretty much all of them), CDC, FDA and even prestigious medical journals/institutes, that have to literally make up false information to continue their agenda. 
     I did not provide the 1,000 articles I had mentioned in my speech but I think I gave you all enough information to sift through. There is much, much more information out there that I have not presented here. If you really want more information, email me back and I’ll send you more. 

     I really do hope this helps you all to be better informed. There is a lot of information out there that can be misleading but I have found that the first 3 websites I listed give good reliable information. It is imperative that we all join together to be unified in this fight against tyranny, we all need to Stand Firm & Be Strong.

    May God bless you all and this awesome planet! 


    Miguel Escobar, PA-C

  16. To G.A. Stewart,
    I own Age of Desolation but none of your newer books. Which book are you referring to when you quote the page numbers?
    Thanks in advance.

  17. George,
    I enjoyed your column and the added information. First, the culture that Biden Harris brought to the WH is the creation for the current military problem. They and there team feel we are a nation in decline. We aren’t exceptional, and we owe the nations of the World repayment for our atrocities. We are after all from both Biden snd Harris a systemically racist country.
    Do they care about the military, not in the least. This is all just snd act and show to keep from being removed. But that will come before year end. Biden will be out!
    Second; the vaccine. COVID-19 is real. People are snd we’re getting sick and dying. But never have we had anything pushed do hard and required so much faith than this! For those with conditions that attract COVID they should consider taking it.
    What the powers that be have really done is create another divisive tool to pit citizens against citizens. Racism, then BLM and ANTIFA last year. This year snd into the future is the vaccinated versus the unvaccinated. Mack wearers verse nonwearers. It’s the dividing of a country where the elites in charge can rule without responsibility! It will be the death of our nation if not fixed!
    The good news is the nation is seeing much of this for what it is; Slow Joe is beyond slow or capable. He is an embarrassment and disgrace. Kommie Harris is a vacuum, without any ability to lead or be a leader. So we wait and see the fallout of all this!
    Heaven help the US!!

  18. “If anybody’s interested in where it goes from here.

    From the book page 589. ”

    Thanks Stu.. I knew I had read someting about the eagle retreats..
    Did you find anything on a fool leading.. or did you I read that in another for see’ers predictions..

  19. I hate leaving my thoughts, since they are just a thought and personal, but I am upset someone I know passed from COVID recently and was not vaccinated. We all make choices in life. I’m bothered since the hospitals where I live are all booked up. Some of my thoughts must stem from: a few years ago I was diagnosed with Cancer. Talk about soul-searching, gut-wrenching. I took chemo, radiation, surgery. The whole ball of wax. Some people told me about the “poison” chemo was–don’t do that! It will kill you (like cancer won’t?). Radiation-oh, that will cause another cancer. It’s horrible to hear when you have cancer and you have your own thoughts to deal with. What is the worse thing, I was horrified to hear people who REFUSED chemo (they’ll “just eat vegetables and take vitamins”) and sadly, they passed. We all make the best choices we can for ourselves and, perhaps try to help others without being too vicious. Please stop telling someone they’re foolish for taking a vaccine. I’ve never said it before, but I will now… signed “Cancer Survivor”

    • I lost my Dad to Melanoma when I was 13. This was back in the late 60s when the doctors still had not hung up their witchdoctor masks quite yet. He was a human guinea pig as they irradiated and shot him, and other patients, up in California with all kinds of crap that infuriated him and my Mother. Thank God I didn’t see him before he died but my mother did. He was a living corpse with blue feet and unrecognizable as my father.

      Things HAVE changed since then but “Cancer”, which is a term that applies to several hundred different illnesses, is more of a managed care money-maker for the medical establishment that, all too often, eat their own when real cures are found. You don’t say what kind of cancer you had but, with the Internet, people are becoming aware that the treatments the doctors automatically go to need to be re-evaluated when dog de-wormers like Fenbendazole get rid of late stage small cell lung cancer. At least the doctors interviewed for that news clip have enough humility to at least consider they ought to learn what rid this man of that disease.


      Given that this animal medication is also an anti-parasitic drug like Ivermectin that the medical establishment is doing all it can to suppress information on says that there’s something these people are missing and the big question is W-H-Y!!??

  20. It was my understanding that a vaccination would help you from becoming severely ill or requiring hospitalization, not prevent you from becoming sick. I may be wrong, so be it.

  21. To Those Commenters in regards to Nostradamus Quatrain II-44…

    That’s from my 2019 book. Lots of questions with a complex answer. That Quatrain is part of a Triplicate Series.

    All your questions inspired an Update, because I think that the “Games of Slaughter”, which is in that same book and such a key indicator on my timeline, and which I did associate in that same book with the 2020 Summer Olympics, was in fact COVID-19.

    The dead, did in fact did “come out of their graves”. They were placed in temporary morgues all over the world.

    And this is how prophecy sneaks by you.

    And so now we are down to the “senile leader” kicking off the big one. And that should scare the shit out of everybody.

  22. “Not joking here: We can make out a long-term “issue migration path” where China decides to impose an economic embargo on the U.S. (which might be our only avenue of revenge when China takes Taiwan). And China knows a counter embargo (by them) including a total ban on exports to the U.S. would level us as an industrial power.”

    I don’t think so. As dependent as we are on Chinese goods, China is much more dependent on the U.S. market. If we stopped buying their stuff, China’s entire economy would irretrievably crash. Therefore, their “game” must be to either expand their market elsewhere, or wait until they can institute a hostile business takeover of the U.S. — essentially “buy us out.”

    Run the numbers from the ChiCom side and you’ll see…

  23. New server, eh?

    How ’bout this one:


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  24. great headline george !! kabulsheet !! love it !! i hope you guys realise on 4 up how dangerous the markets still are . not even close to a bottom in yellowdog as well . a long long long way away . anyway do as you please . get the ouji board out and ask rn between drinks . i prefer william diebert .

  25. Dr. Chris Martenson speaks even MORE plainly about what he thinks about the vaxxx approval, what the vaxxx is doing to women’s menstrual cycles and the confusing, if not meaningless, information the FDA is putting out justifying the Cormirnaty, or however you spell it, vaxxx that isn’t even available yet and the Pfizer product. In other words he’s talking about everything he can’t talk about on YouTube. Any nation-wide mandate coming out of this is going to go about as far as the door-to-door campaign which lasted, what?, a week?

    If you’ve had Covid you’re probably going to have a rough time with The Jab, AND he says “if you have natural immunity you’re in the most protected class of immunity”.

    This is a very comprehensive conversation on Covid to date.

  26. Heard this from many that The Flag should be lowered in Honor, World-Wide. {Should be removed from Pentagon and W/H till reconciliation occurs.}
    Where did explosives used originate? ; apparently we left behind much C4, Claymore and thermite based products. Pray tell whom had access. Cant pray enough for victims families and loved ones.

  27. Here’s one more video of a PhD who believes the government is lying to us on many fronts but especially vaccines.
    Dr Christina Parks testimony for Michigan HB4471 on 8 19 21

    YouTube has taken Dr. Martenson’s videos down but others like this one can be readily found. Interesting. Their application of censorship seems to be as consistent as who has a hard time with the Covid virus.

    • “Things are about to get mighty expensive for Joe Six Pack. Get your supplies now.”

      EXACTLY Steevo….
      JOE SIXPACK Here and the upward trend has begun..not on the luxury stuff though but on the necessities.. can of beans the other day that sold for sixty cents always is now at ninety to 1.40 beer went up almost twenty percent…

  28. WTF, Len…?

    VIDEO: Australian Broadcasting Corporation Airs Weird Satanic Scene During Botched Broadcast


    New Zealand and Australia’s ‘zero cases’ policy continues to crumble as both nations see record numbers of Covid-19 infections


  29. A note to “cancer survivor”.

    You are a brave soul. Glad your survived this awful health experience. I walked the journey with a friend. He also survived the chemo and radiation nightmare and is cancer free. It was about the same time Steve Jobs was taking the “health food and vitamin approach” to cure his cancer. We all know how that ended.

    George. Here is some Canadian data about COVID outcomes from vaccinated vs. unvaccinated that you requested from “survivor.” Figure 5 gives the data summary.


    • What junk science! Look as I walk you through: (Table 2)

      Unvaxxed Column 1: total in sample: 559,688
      Deaths of unvaxxed: bottom col 1. 5974.
      Death rate: (5974/559,688=) 1.0673 percent death rate of unvax

      Fully Vaxxed cases column 4: 5,112
      Deaths of fully vaxed 104
      Death rate: (104/5112=) 2.0344 percent death rate

      Wanna help and old man how this is helping the unvaxed?

      (The tipoff was column 1 (bottom) where the death rate was 82%!!! Sloppy bullshit statistics.
      Blinding the public with science. You don’t need to work out n. You need to look at the data and don’t let crooked statistics lead you astray!

      Get a calculator and go for it.

      I spotted at a glance these were wrong. Because
      “n” represents your usable sample size . The unvaxed sample size is x men and y women which is 559,688.
      Unless there are gender uncertain not listed, where did the column 1 n of 562,343 come from? Help a brother out!

      If you bget that far, WTFG is 82% Deaths at bottom of column 1 from? I only got a dimer-store MBA but this looks like bullshit to me.

      • George, sorry you have a problem comprehending stats and bar charts (look at Figure 5 bar graph. 1.4% of all Covid deaths are unvaxxed.)


        Obviously linear regression and linear correlation are above your IQ capabilities, I got an A in statistics at an accredited college. The confidence interval for relying on your dimer MBA as a primer for math interpretation is zero…It falls under your chi square tail curve of brainless auto bashing of Democrats.

      • You’re an idiot. Statistics are being used to lie and you’re too freaking arrogant to understand the data. Even my dime stop MBA taught us how to get to right answers. Mixed cohorts is NOT statistics. It’s propaganda.

        YOU CAN’T MIX COHORTS and reach a useful decision. Sorry. Some other planet, maybe. But a cohort-wide analysis only applies to persons who can be in two cohorts or more and sorry, not in this Universe. The decisions are binary not statistical. Statistics is the language of liars.

        Data is the language of professional decision-makers.

        IF you had a brilliant faculty advisor (as I did) and if you KNEW mixed cohorts was crooked, you’d have deserved the A in stats. But you don’t. (Want a refund?) I got that basic clear-thinking lesson at the Dime Store school, too. But unlike (some people) I’ve actually run companies (and colleges). In those settings, we don’t make amateur hour mistakes.

        Repeat after me: NO MIXED COHORTS IF PEOPLE CAN ONLY EXIST IN ONE. (mind boggling shit, huh?)

        Go return now to the document (forget figure 5 which is convoluted bullshit) and stick to the DATA in Table 2 – which they bury because lazy people don’t think. (See class?) Throw all the rest out. Look ONLY at the INDIVIDUAL COHORT data. Vertical columns only.
        You can not in the physical world be in more than ONE cohort. If you figure it out, I will second your Nobel nomination!

        I am in the unvaxed. Elaine’s unvaxed. Simple Excel Calculation for column 1 of table 2:

        287045 men in cohort
        272643 women in cohorty
        559688 n for cohort
        28575 hospitalized from cohort
        5974 Deaths from cohort.
        (If you studied excel at your high end school?)
        5.11% Chance of being hospitalized (# hosp / cohort n)
        1.07% Chance of being dead. (# dead / cohort n

        Unless you’ve read Wolfram’s Mathematica, don’t interrupt.

        Let’s see how your vaxed cohort did – same table, next far right column
        Fully vaxed cohort (You may not like this but you’ve had the Kool-Aid now…)

        1775 men in cohort
        3337 women in cohort
        5112 n of cohort
        329 Hospitalizations (again hosp / n – I’d like bigger numbers >395 for a higher ci but wtf, right?)
        104 Deaths in cohort (ibid except dead divided by cohort n)
        So if YOU fully vaxed get the Rona:
        6.44% Cohort chances of being hospitalized
        2.03% Cohort chances of dying.

        Now, there’s a reason republicans don’t trust democrats. You’re posting it for us. They can’t do math. Please!
        Use excel and stop listening to bullshit mixed cohort swindlers pretending to be statisticians.
        Get real.

        And I hope you don’t get Rona because your odds of dying will be at least twice as high as mine.
        Says so in the data. And that’s before long-t5erm micro clot data.

        As I see it, You stupidly bought into a statistical fairytale and didn’t get a faculty advisor who taught you hard-headed understanding of statistics. “Never mix cohorts unless there’s an “all cohorts decision” – For the Fed gov and the shot monetizers there is a mixed cohort view. But real people are in one or the other.

        Again, we are – and can only be – in one of two cohorts. One with a 1 percent chance of dying and one with a >2% chance and that’s before the longitudinal follow up which will also be baked.

        Your statistical ignorance is appalling. DON’T MIX COHORTS. DATA DOESN’T LIKE. STATISTICIANS DO.

        Learn to run a spreadsheet AND ASK HARD QUESTIONS and skip any pretext of data analytics without it. Leave MATLAND and SourceSafe for us grownups.

        Hope you enjoyed this long “tale analysis.”

        You deserve a refund. You parrot and can’t think. Never to late to learn, though…

      • Brother George, help yourself and read the footnotes.
        The whole sample is 632,203
        of which 562,343 had NO shot. (Your figure of 559,688 doesn’t match the 562k because as it says in the footnote, cases with missing gender data were not shown in the M/F only count.)

        Of those 562k unvaxxed cases, 28k cases went to the hospital. 6k died.

        Partially vaccinated cases were 65k of the 632k.

        Fully vaxxed ‘breakthrough cases’ 329 of the 632k were hospitalized.
        104 ‘breakthrough cases’ died compared to the 6k unvaxxed cases.

        George, are you missing the ‘breakthrough case’ data?

        Basically, you have a 6000% better chance to be alive with the vax then without it….and a 900% better chance at staying out of the hospital with the vax.

  30. “When they turn on the switch and all that Graphene Oxide circulating in peoples bodies from the shots starts aggregating, and people start falling over dead from strokes, heart attacks, and internal hemorrhaging ….” YIPE!
    And yes, my proposal may appear mean, but it’s tough love.
    I’m not a public health expert and I’ll bet neither are you. Sorry, but surfing the web to fuel your confirmation bias doesn’t make you one.
    The public health experts that are in positions of authority overwhelmingly advise that the benefits of the vaccine outweigh its risks. You may disagree with the legitimacy of the authority and the advice. Fine.
    All vaccines have risks, which is why I didn’t jump in right away. I’m grateful for those who did because their bravery validated the science behind the vaccine for me.
    I may still get COVID or have some vaccine side-effect but at least I’ve done what the mainstream of society – which (like it or not) we are all a part – thinks is the right thing to do.
    My proposal simply asks that having done so and should I be in need of ER/hospital services due to getting COVID anyway or some other health issue, the health care system OF THAT SOCIETY give priority to those who followed that its mainstream advice.
    Disagree if you want, but please have the courage of your convictions on this point and don’t try to have it both ways.
    Thank God that the Internet wasn’t around when Salk and Sabin were fighting the polio wars.

    • Another George,
      You just can’t let it go. You should go back and read what Rico and An old librarian wrote. I have a feeling that you have buyer’s remorse for taking the shot. And you know the old saying: Misery loves company!

      Get in line with all the other ducks. Anyone that takes an experimental injection of that has never been tested long-term, gives legal liability to the manufacturer’s and that will modify their God given genetic makeup and immunity, doesn’t have a lick of common sense unless they have bought into the high risk group paranoia.

      You will make a good little Commie Socialist. IF YOU want to make sure mommy government has a place for you in the ER like you keep writing about because you took the shot, then call that dumb SOB sitting in the White House or his Tranny in the Dept of HHS and tell them you were a good little boy because you took the injection and you want a place in the ER that all those illegals the idiot is letting in that go to the ER to get free services are taking up. It is not the Unvaxxed!!

      Like other people have linked, an Israeli study is showing that Natural Immunity is 13x more effective at stopping the Delta variant than the Experimental Injection. And that the people with those injections (or as the subjects of that injection like to brag by saying “Fully Vaccinated’) are at a greater risk of hospitalization. So no wonder you are worried about being at the front of the line!

      But to make ANOTHER ignorant statement like your first one: that the unvaxxed should have to get in the back of a perceived line at the ER is what is wrong with this country. Ducks…dumb Ducks that follow right into the traffic. You stated: “Sorry, but surfing the web to fuel your confirmation bias doesn’t make you one.” You don’t have a f..king clue what my background is, nor my advanced educational credentials, nor where I am from or have been; however, one piece of it does involve very highly advanced mathematics and outcomes, and I do not need the internet to back up my knowledge or beliefs. Got it?

      And what Salk invented was not anywhere near this injection that you apparently took. You should study it more rather than listening to a bunch of buffoons on the propaganda networks, or that Jack Ass in the White House and that 80 year old idiot crook named Fauci.

      Pfizer estimated they will make $33.5 BILLION this year on their injection. Now like I said, enjoy the Graphene Oxide and the other deadly ingredients within the shots, and don’t forget your 3rd injection that the crooks are telling you to get because the 4th/5th/6th and 7th won’t be far behind if you live that long.

      I am done with you. Like I have always said, You can’t argue with Stupid, and you damn sure can’t fix it.

    • Another George,
      You just can’t let it go. You should go back and read what Rico and An old librarian wrote. I have a feeling that you have buyer’s remorse for taking the shot. And you know the old saying: Misery loves company!

      Get in line with all the other ducks. Anyone that takes an experimental injection, of a drug that has never been tested long-term, gives legal liability protection to the manufacturer’s and that will modify their God given genetic makeup and immunity, doesn’t have a lick of common sense unless they have bought into the high risk group paranoia.

      You will make a good little Commie Socialist. IF YOU want to make sure mommy government has a place for you in the ER like you keep writing about because you took the shot, then call that dumb SOB sitting in the White House or his Tranny in the Dept of HHS and tell them you were a good little boy because you took the injection and you want a place in the ER that all those illegals the idiot is letting in that go to the ER to get free services are taking up. It is not the Unvaxxed!!

      Like other people have linked, an Israeli study is showing that Natural Immunity is 13x more effective at stopping the Delta variant than the Experimental Injection. And that the people with those injections (or as the subjects of that injection like to brag by saying “Fully Vaccinated’) are at a greater risk of hospitalization. So no wonder you are worried about being at the front of the line!

      But to make ANOTHER ignorant statement like your first one: that the unvaxxed should have to get in the back of a perceived line at the ER is what is wrong with this country. Ducks…dumb Ducks that follow right into the traffic. You stated: “Sorry, but surfing the web to fuel your confirmation bias doesn’t make you one.” You don’t have a f..king clue what my background is, nor my advanced educational credentials, nor where I am from or have been; however, one piece of it does involve very highly advanced mathematics and outcomes, and I do not need the internet to back up my knowledge or beliefs. Got it?

      And what Salk invented was not anywhere near this injection that you apparently took. You should study it more rather than listening to a bunch of buffoons on the propaganda networks, or that Jack Ass in the White House and that 80 year old idiot crook named Fauci.

      Pfizer estimated they will make $33.5 BILLION this year on their injection. Now like I said, enjoy the Graphene Oxide and the other deadly ingredients within the shots, and don’t forget your 3rd injection that the crooks are telling you to get because the 4th/5th/6th and 7th won’t be far behind if you live that long.

      I am done with you. Like I have always said, You can’t argue with Stupid, and you damn sure can’t fix it.

  31. Thanks for the math lesson. It never was a strength for me. It is the lack of analytical skills that has most of us confused these days. Not sure if such information is presented out of ignorance or bias but it misdirects 90% of the population. Where do we go for the truth?

    • You’re there!
      Frankly something 33-years of newsing has taught me: Good reporters don’t care about which side a story or data comes down on. Their job is data reporting. That’s where amerimedia went off the rails on
      Trump. What the man said and did mattered less than engendering hate.

      If that data was clear by a good margin then we MIGHT get the vax. But when their own figures don’t add up, we wonder what else is fishy?

      Anyone, anywhere know what the 82% in table 2 bottom of column 1 of data (ujnvaxed) frigging MEANS?

      • 82% of all deaths were from the unvaccinated sample.

        The skew _in_perception_ enters in because 88.9% of the survey sample was unvaccinated. Since the unvaxxed was at 88.9%, the distribution of all deaths should be 88.9% toward the unvaxxed. Note, that’s not a skew, but a proportional distribution. A higher death percentage than that may, or may not be statistically-significant, but a lower death percentage is ABSOLUTELY statistically-significant, if one is arguing for the veracity of the vaccine.

        Note the table defaults to “distribution” and not “number” (as in “raw numbers?”) The vast majority of people who drop in on that site will never look at the numbers, and then they’ll pontificate the State’s half-vast propaganda.

        These are the only two significant data points:

        1.0673 percent death rate of unvax
        2.0344 percent death rate (of fully vaxxed)

        and they’re yours, not Canada’s.

        What the actual numbers say to me is:

        “You’re less-likely to get COVID if you’ve been jabbed, but if you DO get it, you are


        — Still in the control group.

      • You have the patience of Job, brother Ray. I was in a time pinch but we both go to the Truth in the data.
        Still in the control group here, for likely sim reasons

      • I’d be just as happy if we ever find a definitive answer or decent pattern as to who this bug has its way with and why with others it doesn’t – the vast majority of others.

        One other thing I’d like to know is whether or not the medical community is still getting their $13K for each Covid diagnosis and other substantial reimbursements for the treatments like ventilators? Where would you look that up or what program was paying out those funds?

      • Not patience — A really low tolerance for people, organizations, or especially governments, who play “fun with numbers” to dupe the naïve.

        People who drop in on that website are actually trying to learn something — They’re making an effort. Some asshat at Health Canada put up the page like that on purpose, to fulfill a legal obligation to post the information, while at the same time make it difficult for people who aren’t used to reading legal or bureaucratic doublespeak and BS to glean relevant data, and easy to be misled.

        It pisses me off…

      • Yeah – totally with you. They bury the data and if you disagree with their wrong-found “conclusions” you’re a Threat to Us All. But the asshats in gov’ts couldn’t get away with it if people learned simple math instead of placinig liar’s language on a pedestal.

  32. Great video of Dr Christina Parks the jab is to lessen symptoms and will not prevent reinfection in fact symptoms will be worse with a new variant – Geert von der Boesche (so) said from the get go any vaccine would be useless as the mutations will have been by the 1,000’s by the time a vaccine was available for COVID-19

    • I posted that up above. I know I’m as cuddly as a porcupine but it’s generally pretty safe to read my posts. There’s a link in the post and that woman is a credit to her race!
      How’s that for pulling the race card?

      • Or is your browser another one that doesn’t work with the “Reply” link? That is a real head scratcher of a problem. Mine has been working all along.

  33. “saying that individuals shouldn’t receive medical care when in need is just plain mean.”

    Unfortunately…that’s a common thing Aubrey….see if a thousand times.. insurance companies dropping patients because of health issues and hospitals and clinics turning patients away..
    People self medicating because they can’t afford their medicine it’s very common, you either eat or pay rent. Seventy percentof our gross income goes for medical insurancefor just the wife. If you’ve been sick before your targeted for high rates and not being able to be seen without it.
    One gent living in an assisted living center would go out and buy a small bottle of nighttime tylenol..we would go confiscate it policy..medicine had to come from their pharmacy ..then one day the gent showed me his bill for one tylenol a day..just shy 17.00 per tylenol.. one of my medications twice a day was 1250.00 a month..we could still get medication from canada.. with shipping doctors visit etc was less than two hundred..same medication same company and lot number made the very same time.. generic way less than a hundred..
    One of my doctors picks up things for patients because in India the cost is less than a dime and here it’s over a hundred for the same thing..
    Its always a business model and that’s also why the USA has one of the poorest medical systems in the world.

  34. “To echo other comments, I also have stopped watching all msm . It vexed my soul.”

    I am with you on that one..the only thing I watch is the weather.. I personally can’t trust what MSM saying is true..There was so much made up crap that was broadcast constantly that it just nauseated me. I don’t buy products from companies that advertise on those stations either..

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