A Silver Lining to Bond Disintermediation

Bond market isn’t growing as fast as the stock market. In relative terms, it’s shrinking. Which, we think offers a novel opportunity to offload the Federal Debt onto individual shareholders.

The process takes a wee bit of explaining, but our point is that while the Federal Debt screams toward the $30-trillion level, there is a way to “IPO it away.”

The time to offload would be when, ideally?  How about in the midst of a massive stock bubble…like right now?

Which we will table after we first roll a few headlines and review our unorthodox view of the stock market this week.

Which was even more irrational than usual – Losing Afghanistan, but let’s run up stocks.  Why, it’s almost a harbinger of Buy the Rumor – and God forbid what the Sell the News events in the wings might be…

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39 thoughts on “A Silver Lining to Bond Disintermediation”

  1. Good news. If your employer mandates taking the xav here are some places currently with no mandate that you can work at:
    1) The White House
    2) The CDC
    3) The FDA
    4) Moderna
    5) Pfizer
    6) The WHO
    7) Johnson and Johnson

  2. satanic pedophile demonrats BONDing with others children, scroll up, look and judge for yourselves, NOT a dinner subject! try the 56 sec video just above John Podesta photo.
    is this real or a deep fake


    • Holy Scheisse ! TOBD

      lil barkie in san fran going to have an apocalyptic shit fit!

      You guyz shouldnt expose the EVIL shits of the demoncratic party..must be deep fakes, right markie?Now I know why they are in bed with the neocons.r

      yep “next 4 years most productive and sane in recent memory”
      “so busy with pletora of new, higher paying jobs”
      “and an actual plan”

      Guess I am one of the “anti American jerks that supported our present(past) facist President”…”Get used to Peace, Love and Understanding”

      Think any of the CHILDREN (dead&orAbused) in those pictures have ever felt LOVE ?
      how about Understanding, Markie, No? Peace ?

      Guess not, huh superstar?

      100 Percent Dead Wrong..as alwayz.

  3. Comrades,

    Oh, the irony. Billionaires blast off into the edge of space for a quick selfie to the woke. Others settle into the Nautilus with a good Verne novel.

  4. Mr Ure,

    I can dig the concept, just cant imagine who would buy stock in AmeriShares.

    1) Leaderless (alzeimers posterboy/0 EEG activity)

    2) Deeeeeply In Debt/InDebted

    3) Zero Military Leadership(lets make our stand at surrounded on 3 sides with hills kabul airport! neva mind highly defensible, secured bagram airbase -GENIUS. oh wait isnt that site of christiansinaction interrogation ctr/prison?? hmmmm

    4) Congress ? bwahahahhahahahahahhaha Solution: Lottery w/all Taxpayers eligible – 2yr term Max.
    Senate – same lottery – 4 year term MAX. – Employment in ANY Government/Government Related job thereafter – FORBIDDEN .

    5) Un Supreme Court – disgusting Appointees, disgusting Individuals, all forfeited SOULs.

    6) Negative Earnings – hello, ever seen positive earnings here in the Angry States of America?

    I KNOW I would be Selling SHORT any and all AmeriShares, aka selling shit U dont want or have.

    Better yet – How about DAM Futures ? DAM ?

    very Dangerous

    very Angry

    very Motivated

    after perusing the below link – u should be too..
    I will take 100,000 Futures on dick cheney, please


  5. Comrades of Fortress America,

    Amexican Brothers and Sisters who wish to make their sabbatical journey across your northern frontier to this fine province, please do be advised a mandatory face covering is required inside all public places as of Aug. 28th.

    Effective Sept. 3rd, entry to sporting events, movie theaters, museums, indoor and outdoor dining establishments shall be restricted to those presenting government-issued digital or hard copy ID specifying fully vaccinated status against covid-19.

    These Public Health Orders shall remain in force indefinitely until such time as they are rescinded, inshalah.

    Thank you for your co-operation and we hope you enjoy your stay.

    God save the Queen!

  6. “money at rest”

    What is that supposed to mean? Our FDIC bank account is someone else’s working capital.

    When we buy a 30 day bill, the money is loaned out to serfs through payday lending stores.

    If the lending store doesn’t have our money after 30 days, the FED overnight repos and makes everyone whole.

    Deposit 3K and the bank leverages it up to $1,000,000 in loans by Friday.

  7. In my view the most important concept to frame what is happening in the world right now is “nothing is what it appears to be”. The stock market has nothing to do with the economy and the worse the economy gets, the higher it goes.
    The bond market is distorted because the fed has been buying debt assets continuously since 2008. The stock market is actually a derivative of the bond market since companies keep borrowing money to buy their stock back.

    There is no pandemic. The pandemic is created by the WHO which redefined the term pandemic by removing the “high death rate and severity of illness” to simply “illness in many places”. Such illness can easily be created by a flawed PCR test. WHO also redefined herd immunity to exclude naturally aquired immunity. Remember this is a illness that 99.7% of the people that get it recover. It would probably be 99.9% if vit D complex, hydroxychloraquine, ivermectin, zinc and all those other banned treatments would be freely available.

    I also want to comment that the pandemic AI program sucks up all the comments in as many open forums as possible to determine the effectiveness of its psyop operations and determine the next illusion to keep the public running toward mass psychosis. Mass psychosis is required to make the people of the US accept things like what just happend in Afghanistan. Nothing is as it seems. The US military is not that incompetent!

    The internet is now infested by AI programs with capabilities similar to the linguistic analysis of the Cliff High software. Easily pick out the trends in public comments and modify the psyop parameters to get the desired mass behavior. Didn’t C-19 start with the Event 201 simulation in late 2019? Whoever is controlling this network are our rulers.

    • “The US military is not that incompetent!”

      Sadly wrong. And yes, they are. They didn’t see the Big Tech Coup. And the neutering of the military with pseudo wars and soft fights with one hand tied are how this has rolled.

      The Commander in Chief – the half past ones since Ike – should have loosed the dogs of war to win. We didn’t -instead playing politics. No one should die for politics. Freedom, control of our bodies, property rights, honest government? Well, then where the front and the Hoppe’s?

      • “The US military is not that incompetent!”

        I’ve got an uncle who was in the 1940’s U.S. Military. He’s amazed we won any wars. He said when he was at Fort Wayne, before deployment they had everyone take an aptitude test. He was in the top 10 smartest people. He couldn’t believe it. They put him on radar.

        My uncle also explained that foreign armies aren’t much better. When the U.S. was fighting the Koreans U.S. personnel would neutralize incoming troops. The
        Korean troops following behind them didn’t always have boots or guns. The ‘warriors’ would strip the boots and rifles from the now dead then continue the attack against the Americans.

    • Obvious U have never Served, Studied War/Warfare. Indeed the US Military leadership (pampered princes of the pentagon) are in fact cowards to a Man/Women. Not one war fighter among them, just fat assed desk jockey’s. Mil intel services – same thing, just more practicing Satanists – makes for truely low life individuals.

      *Notice any real War fighters will soon be seeing a JAG & judge – disrespecting the cowardly idiots with stars and scrambled eggs on hat brims that are leading our troops into Dishonor in Trashganistan. Such a hellhole now, our boys&girls on ground are calling kabul airport area worldwar Z.

  8. For some reason my browser will not allow me to reply directly to posts. This reply is for ‘freedom dog wicky’s post above:

    First, I am a nuke weapons guy. This post is total, 100% total and unadulterated B.S. pushed out by a Kremlin-fronted, anti-Semitic, disinformation oriented website. No Vet I know believes one word on this site, let alone lends it any legitimacy by visiting it or reading what’s on it. I can sum it up in one word – conspiracy!

    The most laughable of the ‘facts’ presented is that EMP from a small yield blast could be ‘hidden’ by turning off WTC bldg power. Dude, as George can attest, the phyics just doesn’t work that way! And all that mini-nuke stuff – such weapons are totally unnecessary. If you want a relatively small, contained blast, use plastic explosives. Those give off no post-blast radiation. Do you really think the Secret Service would’ve let Dubya stand on radioactive ground during his post-attack appearance at the WTC?

    Ever see a large aircraft fully loaded with jet fuel (JP-4 or JP-7 usually) crash? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=182AepOJjMs
    Fireball. Big fireball. Hot fireball. Softens or even melts steel. Please read up on the science behind nukes, conventional explosives and airplane crashes before you venture into this territory. You are WAY out of your area of expertise, sir.

    People falling for this stuff become unsuspecting minions for nation-states which despise all that America is and attempt to turn ‘we the people’ against our ‘land of the free.’ America definitely has her warts – LOTS of ‘em – always has. That’s what happens when you let the common people speak their minds, vote for who they want to and live in 50 distinctly governed but amazingly ‘united’ states. But there ain’t no place better. If you find one, I highly recommend you move there ASAP.

    • truth hurtz, alot – I can feel Ure pain.

      yes Anti Semetic ! eeeewwwww sooo scared!

      Why do you really think all the car radiators parked outside twin towers IMPLODED ? think about the pressures involved..oh wait You dont think, for Ureself, my bad

      Nuke Weapons Guy – sure you got load and unload some Nukes. Dismantle- Disarm ?
      You seem to have zero concept mini nukes – size of cell phone..not mini suitcase nukes from Ure era. Size matters, genius.

      I may be WAY out – but I am deadly accurate. You are the one severely lacking in knowledge modern weaponry.

      DOE 9/11 Report
      Pommer Report
      IAEA Report – mass spectroscopy dust sample analysis at all big blast sites.

      Zero proof jet fuel can melt steel I beams, let alone melt Granite.. You of all people – what a clown and a fraud .. Airfarce

      Bet YOU can FLY a Boeing 737 at altitude BELOW the top twin towers & hold that altitude for 2 minutes. Yeah sure you and ALL the Airfarce pilots can do it no problem. Cant even do it in a Stratofortress – which you should be somewhat familiar with. Yes have video of that failure..

      Nobody can use conventional nukes nowadays – or havent you noticed?
      Did ever you noticed the ball lighting at blast sites in Syria, Yemen, Beruit lately, the crazy pixelation on phone screen vids from blasts ?

      Jeff Smith – Able Danger – last Surviving Member , Guess he is a Conspiracy Theory too.

  9. “No one should die for politics.”
    Schwarzkopf and Powell got it: meet ’em with overwhelming force, beat ’em and leave.
    No one defined “winning” in Afghanistan other than getting OBL. It was all about the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld neo-con nation-building wet dream that successive Presidents have tried to clean up. Now THAT is definitely not worth dying for. Thanks, W.

  10. eney meney miny mo catch a stock market crash buy the toe . eney meney miney mo . this week

    • That broker sounds like a keeper. The time to stock is when there is stock to buy.
      I just bought a week’s supply of tee-shirts. I have a new rain jacket on order. I am laying in a small stock of FR items. I am taking things I will never use to Goodwill.
      In addition to procuring storage food, lay in a stock of canning supplies. I concentrate on dry canning. I need to lay in a new stock of oxygen absorber packets. You can practice by home canning a year’s supply of breakfast grain food from a 25 lb bulk sack.
      If you don’t already have ammo, you haven’t been paying attention.

  11. Old keys dont unlock new doors.

    We are the end of one real (MWI) and the beginning of the new REAL. If anything history has taught us. Those who were oppressed later rose to great power. I will give you a few examples. Weimar republic forged Hitler, the Colony’s became the United States, The persecution of Christians forged the Vatican. Native Americans and now their Casinos which make billions.

    This should indicate the future of the Next Real.

    • btw, Did you notice that VP Harris said l, you had better buy Christmas presents now, because there may not be any at Christmas time? Like how Andy didn’t get any presents for Christmas for 5 years. Hmmm… And I’m mindful that the longer im held back, the more the pandemic rages? The stronger he gets physically. Same with the above examples.

      I mean look at Christ. Whipped, beaten, hung on a Cross and became the best selling Author of a Book he Never personally wrote the words. The Most Famouse and loved, celebrated Man for over 2000 years.
      Credited as Son of Most High.

      So, we shall see the same in the New Real. It is the way of things. Sept 13, the old real ends. Paradigms fall and the forge will produce the New.

      America is the great Melting Pot. Now that the world is united through technology? The World is the Great Melting Pot.

      When they scream peace peace peace. Terror will strike them suddenly.

      If His personal life is truly a reflection of things to come.. let’s hope he enteres the prosperus golden erra soon. The longer he walks in poverty the longer everyone else will eventually. All things being relative.


      • “It is in vain, sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace– but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the north will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our brethren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”
        Patrick Henry, 1775

        People keep making the same mistakes over and over throughout history.
        “When will we ever learn?
        When will we e-ver learn?
        Where Have All The Flowers Gone? The 60s was a hugely inventive and innovative time in music that I didn’t really appreciate until 20 years later.

      • Bill ~ repetitive cycles in history prove poor stewardship ~

        We are witnessing the pre echos of the expamples provide, in Afghanistan. Where as an occupying Nation removes itself, that which was oppressed rises quickly to power.

        To the thinking Man, how is dos this apply to the pandemic? How does this apply to social structures? How does this apply to the family unit? National of United States, and others? The loosh farm? If is it is real. Etc etc. How does this apply at the personal layer? Correctional level? Main Street? Wall Street? Make no mistake, the Muslim religion has been the most persecuted religion in the last 200 years. Especially in the last 30 years.

        Rumor has it, and it has been a rumor or fact that the “Bloodline Elite’ who are Venus origin, remember the ancient name for the moon is “Sin”, it is the original “Venus”
        of another name, from antiquity, have closed shop and there has been a transfer of power to another group as a little bird on a branch, told me. How does this relate to that? It was primarily due to a delay im the Harvest which caused a great loss of many crops. The Ruling Higher Powers decided to release them from their duties and advance on a new direction. I’m uncertain as to why the large crop loss and as to why there was a delay in harvest.

        It is my experience and understanding that we have jumped timelines. That most will not notice because there two reels (MWI) or Reals, running simultaneously until September 13 when the old reality is no more an the new reality takes hold. Moving humanity in a new direction. The only thing I can tell ya is that if the water mark (the cue: letting projectionist know to start the other reel/real/ reality was a smiley face.

        Remember the physical eye recognizes smovement at 60-80 frames (still shots) per second as dynamic life. Most do not notice the water mark. Or notice any change in the reels. However it is present.

        What shall life become in the new real? Quite the ponder.

        Wonderful song George. Thank you for your Que. All is well. It’s beautiful day to be alive. So excited to see what is in store. Every day, Anything is possible.

      • George, the audio is awesome, as it was back in the 60’s, but the video is heartbreaking – again.

  12. VIDEO: Former Marine Says He Helped Evacuate Thousands In Afghanistan. The US Military Told Them To Stop


    Operation ‘Pineapple Express’ – Rogue Team of Retired US Vets Rescue Afghan Allies During Secret Missions Conducted BEHIND BIDEN’S BACK


    • look up (Biden made a deal with the Taliban to run pipe line thru afghan to India.) I also heard they my be another for burisma also tied to crooked joe and his family, going up to Europe. burisma and bidens seem to be tied at the hip

  13. Really quick note, I am unsure if you covered this or nor George. Your readers may also not be aware of this as one person witnessed tonight found out.

    A little known, Fun fact about the Vaccine:

    The Vaccine doesn’t protect you from getting your ass whooped any more than wearing a mask will keep you from your nose broken by being a Vaccinated mask wearing asshole towards someone who strongly doesnt believe in the vaccine or wearing mask for that matter.

    I think this a lesson we all should take note on. Duely noted.

  14. It’s actually earlier than that. There is a lag tho in time for the rest of reality to catch up. These things take time, due primarily of dynamic linier progression.

    I, actually get the keys to the kingdom tomorrow as the Head Honcho. The entrie staff at *Quest Direct” was fired due to theft, miss use of available resources and imbezzelment. So I am hiring a entrirely new staff to work for me. We staff all events and
    pro sports games and concertrs and most non union manufacturing and construction in the area. Venders, clean up crews eveyone from the hot dog venders to the purse checkeres and security and surveillance for all events in the area.

    This is my new job. I saved a man’s life 20 years ago and he asked me. WTF are you doing moving furniture? A fella like you? With a brain and copacity like that? I said well it’s better than being slack jaw puss stuck on the government tit. I said honestly it’s humble and honest work. Then he said I got just the perfect job for you. We just giress everyone who was running the Stadiums, manufacturing, construction and shows. You wanna run the show, and hire your own staff to work for you? I said I’m honored that you would consider me. My answer is F yes!!!! He laughed and said. Well. You saved my life 20 years ago. I would have my kids, home or anything if you didn’t come of nowhere and save my life. I owe you my life. It’s the least I can do.

    Should my life be a reflection of as .. Clif pointiantly said back in the dayyyy ~The Shape of things to come. ~?

    Then we can most certainly expect a regimen change in the future.

    Stay blessed. Stay humble and buckle up, we are not in Kansas anymore. Welcome to the yellow brick road.

    Well. There ya go. I heard you. So I thought I’d check in. Don’t get used to it tho. I need to focus on what is in front of me.

    • Uhem. The just fired everyone who was running the Stadiums, manufacturing, construction and shows. So now it my job to ensure those facilities are run correctly with the right people in place.

      I’m very honored to have my new post, to ensure the transformation of people’s lives and that the whole show runs smoothly, or I will swing the axe and find someone else to get the job done. I am a honest man. I dont mico manage. The problem with a fella like me is I see the issues from reading the world around me before they happen. So I will know if someone is going to steal before they do. And all things work to THE DUDES advantage, which only assists me in my new place.

      From lowly begger no one could even remember at Christmas to the dude who ensures everything runs smoothly behind the scenes in the Emerald City.

      I’m so humbled by some people’s generosity and kindness. Truly a remarkable chain of events. Not sure if I will be back to here to post. I had left. And not looked back. I heard the call, so I stopped by to say hi. I’m always around, if you wonder what I’m up to? All you have to do is look at the world around you. Because that is a reflection of were The DUDE has brought me before.

      What a wonderful life. Where I end. God begins. And I ended along time ago.

  15. I am astounded at how much physically healthier I’m becoming. I lost my glasses and someone pepper sprayed my car. Which I thought was odd. And my physical eye site returned fully like 3 days later. I don’t even need glasses anymore. Lol. And I just did 4 sets 100 push ups and 4 sets of 150 crunchss in 30 minutes flat. How the hell is that even possible? I don’t hardly ever eat much anymore. I was practicing that chi gong about drawing energy from the world around me. I only eat like fruit and nuts and some steak sometimes. But mostly fruit and nuts. I’m becoming unbelievably stronger. I mean is magic is magic. But really?! I don’t know how my physical eye site could return after someone pepper sprays my car and I loose my glasses. 3 days later I have perfect 2020 vision. The f?! I bought some glasses that are clear so people wouldn’t ask. But I don’t need them. At all.

    Any ideas George? I’m 51 years old and it seems there is no end to how much stringer and healthier I can get. Maybe the Chi Gong. I never sleep more than 2 hours at a time. I don’t know how all this is possible. I mean I absolutely love it. I feel better than I did in my 20’s. Better than ever physically in my life. Other than now being down to 218lbs which I’m not used to being this small.

    I don’t know how this is happening when the rest of the wold is worried about being sick and not healthy. It’s a trip dude.

    I had tests done and all my vitals and blood work came back and my lungs are perfectly pink and like a 15-16 year old athlete. Perfect as a 15 year old athletes blood pressure, cholesterol etc. Etc.

    And evey day I get stronger and stronger. With no end in site. I can now bench press double my own body weight. Trippy.

      • Yes. I think that is 100 percent correct George. I am so very humbrd at THE DUDEs works. Marvel at HIS great deeds.
        It is my greatest hope to emulate all that HE does. To be just like HIM in all my ways.

        Picking up the Keys to the Kingdom in an hour. Time to be the King of the Jungle that I am.

        I am truly Blessed and Highly Fortunate. It is my hope that you are as well.

        Cue: ~ Pretty Woman ~
        Roy Orbison.


        Infinitely NOW!

      • “Dude takes care of his own.”

        And stupid me was believing that we were ALL HIS (HER) CHILDREN?? ;-(

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