Turkey-Hunker Mindset

To Hell with Pseudo Drama

Although Thanksgiving (‘Merican style) is still six-days off, the “tryotophan mood” is already settling in.  Highlights of the next week around here will include:

  • Being on CoastToCoast with George Noory next Wednesday night.
  • Revealing my crypto-related patent filing on Peoplenomics Wednesday.  (Too many details to rush through for tomorrow).
  • A short work week.
  • And best of all, 14-pounds of turkey.  Elaine gets the day off and I’ll be dishing up the bird with stuffing, baked potatoes, corn, and plent of liquids.
  • Taking some reading time, too.  Since to be an  interesting writer, you need tons of raw material – new thoughts.  If you make money writing, research materials are a business expense.

Started the reading Thursday by wolfing down the first seven chapters of “The Time Traveler – by Dr. Ronald Mallett “One Man’s Mission to Make Time Travel a Reality.” May be more than “one road to Rome” in this time travel field.

Mallett’s track is laser-based.  Around here, we’re working on photons at critical angles, but in addition we believe high-density complex sound fields are critical.  Mallett’s one hell of an interesting fellow!

These pursuits matter because?  Well, we’re….

Swimming In Pseudo News

A lot of stock market gyrations are being caused by virus displacements.

Thursday my consigliere called at “mid-martini” to advise, that the prices of soybeans had starting to rocket.  Is this a precursor hinting that the whole grain complex is moving higher?

The story popped on Bloomberg/MSN Wednesday under the slug “Soybeans Edge Higher as China Demand, Brazil Weather Weighed.”

I don’t remember whether it was here, or on Peoplenomics, but had a prescient dream not long ago.  In it, I was a farm hand in Uruguay or Paraguay.  Down thataguay.   CV-19 had become terrible; few farm hands could work.  As a result, exports of beef to the USA were being halted.  Which in the dream went on to cause food shortages here in the USA as cheap beef for processed foods came off the market.

Is this the leading edge of this?  Hard telling.  But, as go beans, so goes the complex – sometimes.

Yeah.  For prices aren’t pseudo.  Like fresh water, food’s on your short–list of gotta-have-its.

The Pseudo-Part?

We’re so sick of Trump-hating and Election challenge Challenges, it’s just revolting

Yet, here we are:  Still not 100% confident in anything with a lever or pencil.  A lone tweet out of Germany does not a US Forces storming of a server-farm make, Louis.  Yet, the right is rife with tales of jiggered software.  Smoke there’s fire or smoldering BS from decomposing sour grapes?

Which gets us to the many election questions.  Such as this Explainer: Can Trump override the popular vote?  Spoiler alert!  Probably not.

Still, there is a chance of software tampering.  Which we would normally blow-off as bluster, except the MSM seems so worried about his efforts to make all real votes count. Methinks they doth protest too much.   See Trump’s history of undermining the law ends with assault on right to vote as an example.

What’s more, when we see ad hominem  attacks (like Drudge this morning headlined  “Ghouliani”) we sense liberal media rallying their own “displaced middle. ”  Then, read “Trump Legal Team Claims Broad Conspiracy to Manipulate Election” and it all moves over into the same box with the never-happened “Russian collusion.”  The Rs do too little, the Ds talk to much.

All the more click bait for that bombshell that somehow never happens.  

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal had nailed one aspect of  The Pseudo a couple of days back in “Rage Against the Voting Machine.”

Like the giblets, neck, and gizzard, this one needs to simmer a while longer.  Next week, then.

The balance of pseudo-news is slipping into minutia as real people make alt. Turkey their central focus.  (And “woof-woof” said the chow hound.)

Licensing of the Internet

We continue twiddling our thumbs waiting for the key prediction of my 2012 book “Broken Web” to show up.  Internet Licensing.  “Patients, doctor.”

Watch as social media, and the regulation-crazed left, embrace of fact-checking (with them supplying approved facts).  Lightly opposed by properly pissed politicians pontificating.  It’s still Crusing toward us. How an Online Attack ‘Brought Twitter to Its Knees’ is just a step on the path to the Great Digital Decline.

A bit more light-heartedly: Pope Francis: Vatican investigates Brazilian model Instagram photo like.  Regrettably, the BBC “virgin of the story” didn’t include the object of the Like, so here’s a Google image search.  Always trying to help, Ure Likeliness!

Holiday? Wrecked ‘Em

Stay seated.  At Ure place.  We need to talk conspiracy in plain sight today.

The CDC wants you to X-out travel and gatherings.  Notwithstanding, people are pissed at such government intrusions into life.

But let’s game this our military-like.  Put on your “conspiracy head gear”  (dunce cap or tinfoil) and follow along:

IF CV-19 were really a Globalist plot, what would it be intended to do?

  • Allow “compliant people” to survive.  If you shutter-in, odds of getting the virus are low.  In a biowar, who would you want the “dream weapon” to filter out?
  • Renegade people wrapped up in values and flags, right?
  • Then, who are the people you’d want to save.  (Grim stuff here, but when we analyze from the standpoint of War Objectives…).  You’d want to reduce the number of medically dependent (check) and
  • You’d want the young to return to health quickly (check).  And people who run in packs – sports fans and gangs (joiners) – would be infected and reduced (check).  And old people who may not be contributors so much as “overhead on society” would be reduced.  (Check.)
  • Then, who would give the vaccines to first?
    • Medical People who treat cases?  (check)
    • First responders? (check)
    • Essential service providers? (check)

Now, in the scenario that keeps me up all night, the “vaccine” is given to these groups first (a kind of first responders and children to the life boats first).

Then, just as hope dawns?  You’d find something  wrong with the vaccine and oh-well.  Lotta old dead people as the disease runs its course.

That’s the “novel plot line” that could, in fact, over a generation or less, reduce the global pop to the 500-million level.  A second dose, of a different disease may be needed, but there’s a path…

Joiners? Rising Up – Anti-Lockdown Protests Spread Across Europe.

Worse if you’re a mink because A mutated COVID-19 strain that spread on Danish mink farms is ‘most likely’ extinct, authorities say, as Ireland starts its own mink cull.

Making news by stating the obvious? Famed chef says COVID could cause “extinction” of many restaurants.  We wonder how long before culinary schools lock-up and to home.

Next pandemic weorry-watch: PRO/AH/EDR> Yellow fever – Africa (18): Nigeria (EN,BE).  Maybe one of these alerts will be used to de-pop resource rich low income zones…

Frightening dots to connect, but we’ve got enough pencils for all.

Place Your Bets

While Dow futures were down 40 and the S&P down one and change, it’s hardly the kind of trending market that would make us lunch money today.  

Instead, could we commend the Fortune article ” The biggest risks and opportunities for investors in 2021” for your reading list?

Adventures in Tax Land

We pay Texas Sales Tax on income on our Peoplenomics.com subscribers.  Yet, when my Q3 tax return was sent Oct 21 instead of Oct. 20, Texas sent me a bill for a $50 late charge and $3.87 in  penalties.

I called and protested  (Oct. 12 was a government holiday), but to no avail.

Told that to a buddy of mine of this outrafe and he said there’s an even more egregious case of “Covid Tax Mining” going on at the federal level.  Deliberate?  Probably not, but functionally?  Yeah….

Seems that a LOT of companies are discovering that IRS has sacks and sacks of mail (corporate returns) that haven’t been  opened in a timely manner. Including mail with returns and checks.

In one case, we heard of a Midwest company that had sent in a $27,000 quarterly payment that was put in the wrong bag.  Took almost a year to open.

So they were billed because when the IRS finally got to the check (a year later), their tax payment check had past six months (the “stale time” under the U.C.C.).  So the company was hit with a HUGE tax bill:

  • $27,000 for unpaid tax  (though they had tried in good faith)
  • Penalities totally a further $25,000+

Lesson is?  Since no one sends in taxes certified delivery receipt requested (the only way receipt by a taxing agency can be proven), the story goes that government is “padding tax bills” by not processing everything in a timely manner.  Arguably (and bureaucrats always have the high ground in such debates) they can’t.

A “little birdie” of a source says there are returns in the Utah region that haven’t been opened for up to two years.

Our Word to the Wise from all this:  Mail all government correspondence  certified with a return receipt.  Which we will be doing when our (idiotically punitive)  tax owed is mailed out.  They had their money not more than 3-days late ($62.51) which garnered $53.87 in penalties.

Bureaucracies are crooked at their core.  Take the term “20-days.”  If they weant something from YOU, it’s every day of the week including weekends and holidays.  Should YOU dare want something from them?  20-days becomes 5-government days a week, can’t count holidays, weekends, or, oh yeah, emergencies like CV-19.

Asymmetric warfare on We the People and highest order Bullshit.  Not surprising because Texas has an ample supply of what?

Kafka’s New America is: Live it, own it.  Even if your vote may – or may not….

My Community Service Project

Frequent Commenter Andy’s new website is up over at https://doorfore.com.  Give it a whirl.

Write when you get rich (or everyone else dies of stupidity),






45 thoughts on “Turkey-Hunker Mindset”

  1. Time Magazine should name Lou Costello as Man Of The Year as the Democrats have paid tribute to him by using Lou’s math theorems for their election returns.Earlier this year for a primary,they conducted a trial run in Lou’s native Paterson,NJ before they went nationwide this month.

  2. What chU Talking bout G ?

    THETA IS the Internet of the Future – it is Done! U can partake in owning a piece of the Future (3rd tip) or not.
    Like buying a piece of WWW hard pipes in Infancy.

    Will be availble to purchase on Coinbase soonly – in meantime running out of time to get THETA – as Chinese Co is closing access to US customers -currently around$ 0.67 per – will go dark for short period to US based customers..
    Got Litecoin ! C’mon recommended at $60, 2 weeks ago now $82 – like 30 % return for very lil work..

    The Tyrannical covert19 Bullshit is killing our Societies around the world – while half of the world population is entranced/distracted into worshiping Dr Ben Dover.

    Lockdowns, Social Distaning, Masks are to make you SUBSERVIENT to Ure “Superiors”
    – they ALL R absolutely 100% are INEFFECTIVE in Stopping Virus Spread.
    Have you EVER seen a Virologists wearing a Mask and Shield ? Of Course NOT – its F-ing Ridiculous.
    Even frontline Medical peeps in Hospital settings (in N.E.) wear a plastic Shield/a N97 & cloth mask – and they are still getting A virus..if not loaded with VitC.

    covert19 has Nothing to do with getting sick – and everything to do with getting the dam “herd” under control..again. One World Governmet – just made the markxist squirt!hahaha

    Never mind that Trump just took control of all Special Operations Forces in US yesterday!
    – they now Report to Mr. Miller No more fed bureaucracy(D.S.) control/oversight/leaking.

    SOG has been elevated to their own Department( fullfilling JFK’s vision) with a newly minted Secretary – Hello Mr Watnik !

    Things seem to be lining up for a Rocka Rolla goodtime – lock&load , they B H&King on a private estate near U soonly – Hi Johnny.

  3. George

    ” A lone tweet out of Germany does not a US Forces storming of a server-farm make”

    During yesterdays press conference by the presidents lawyers Sidney Powell verified that the sever event did take place. She chided that she was not sure if the good guys or bad guys got the server.

    Hurry up and build that time machine as many of us may want to jump to more pleasant times!!

  4. First, there needs to be some kind of “id” showing someone has had CV-19 are are immune and non-infectious. A badge of honor. Wear a green CV-19 button. Be free to do and go anywhere without limit. Same when a vaccine is used.

    Ure is a farmhand, is he? But, “CV-19 had become terrible; few farm hands could work”.

    Few can work? I am so sorry to have to say this, but most with Covid-19 are hardly impacted and most at worst it’s minor flu which you shortly get over.

    Sorry my friend, but at your age not only are you unlikely to be hired, but also susceptible to a 1 in 7 chance of Covid not making it from the hiredhands.

    Listen to the video.

    “Top Pathologist Claims COVID-19 Is “The Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated On An Unsuspecting Public”, Tyler Durden, November 19, 2020.


    Our Rulers & Minnesota’s Dr. Michael Osterholm are beyond belief. They declared war on the groups that are impacted very little and cause very little. The under 50.

    BTW, Osterholm is Biden’s chief Covid advisor:


    And to make it so, they create irrational hysteria, “consider this a 1918-level public health emergency, because Americans will begin “dying on the streets”‘, the good(?) crazy doctor says.

    The bought and paid for brain dead media repeat a script without a cynical thought.

    Of course the Powers are not going to allow public disagreement:


    “Facebook, Twitter, and Google are uniting to stop vaccine misinformation from spreading online”, November 20. 2020.

    Here’ the Minnesota experience -much like everywhere else.

    Conclusion: Keep the elderly and the fat out of the loop. End of story.


    Age Cases Deaths % Cases % Deaths Deaths % of Cases
    0 – 4 4,016 1 0.2 0 0
    5 – 19 30,058 0 13.9 0 0
    20 – 29 45,940 5 21.2 0 0
    30 – 39 36,200 21 16.8 0.7 0
    40 – 49 31,089 41 14.4 1.4 0
    50 – 59 30,038 143 13.9 4.9 0.005
    60 – 69 19,577 327 8.8 11.4 1.7
    70 – 100+ 19,101 2,336 9.6 81.3 12.2
    Total 216,019 2,874 1.3

    BTW, BTW, vaccinations will not slow the spread, nothing can do that. Vaccinations will save elderly and the fat vulnerable lives.

    However, since they are already lockedup and isolated and apart from the younger groups, those people will not be affected, not impacted.

    Like any flu, Covid-19 it will spread of its own accord. The vast majority of people who catch it are not impacted.

    Good news is that widespread immunity will be sooner achieved from the use of the vaccine but not from the vaccine.

    Masks are almost useless. No one under the age of 55 need wear one, while those 70 and over should wear a mask whenever near other people, or better watch the game on TV or walk in the park with a camera, but stay away from people unless vaccinated.

    • dell,,your statement: “First, there needs to be some kind of “id” showing someone has had CV-19 are are immune and non-infectious. A badge of honor. Wear a green CV-19 button. Be free to do and go anywhere without limit. Same when a vaccine is used.”
      HELL NO! Do you want it tattooed on your forehead, so everyone can see? make it a hexagram, put a chip in it, dont let anyone without it buy or sell using electronic money exchange(bank card, credit,paypal or other), make it scanable!
      bad road to start down, but you are ahead of the awareness game compared to a lot of others.
      Jefferson said “those who prefer security over freedom, deserve neither” and you want to mark other humans for your personal security. I hope you see the problem with this, it is just giving up a little more freedom,,small steps in temperature and you can boil frogs alive,,small steps on a dead end road
      And it is nobody’s business what medical treatment I receive,,medical privacy laws do exist

    • If masks are ‘useless’ why do those who work in hospitals wear them during Covid and, btw, those who have been working with Covid patients in hospitals are fully geared in haz mat suits)? My neighbor works hospice providing care for those in their final hours/days – she has been dispatched to hospitals around the county to do just that. She says 90% of those in her care now are covid. And whenever she goes into their rooms, she has to put on full haz mat gear. Maybe they don’t realize that masks and such are a ‘useless’.

      • The mask protects others from you.

        The hazmat “bunny suit” does not protect completely, because the virus is small enough to pass through the fabric. What it does is limit the number of virus cells that can get to your body during an exposure.

        A rebreather doesn’t protect completely, because the virus is small enough to pass through the filtering medium. What IT does is attenuate the number of virus cells you can suck into your lungs.

        The only way to be around CV-19 or any other microvirus, and not have ANY cells reach your body is to wear an enviro “hard suit” with a self-contained air supply, and detox by immersion, both before and after leaving the affected area, through a sterile air- or water-lock.

        Ain’t practical…

        THIS is why nutrition and nutritional supplementation, specifically vitamin D3 and zinc, but also vitamins A, C, E, and selenium play an important part in the lives of health workers who have to care for COVID patients. They’re gonna absorb CV-19 cells every time they work. The trick is to attenuate the flow, so as to not absorb them faster than one’s body can kill ’em off.

      • P100 masks are rated for viruses. N95 masks provide some protection, but your immune system has to make up the difference. Knowledge of handling the PPE comes into play. It is all about duration and intensity of exposure. A single mistake at the wrong moment is all it takes.

        Procedure masks provide some protection from getting overwhelmed by large spittle particles carrying a gazillion viral particles, but again, your immune system has to make up the difference.
        I use a minimum of an N95 mask in grocery stores, pharmacies, big box stores, malls, and other high traffic public venues. I have a few P100 masks in reserve for medical scenarios. For work and restaurants, I use procedure masks.
        No cloth mask is rated for much of anything other than fantasy protection. Trying to use masks in a work environment with no real professional logistical equipment support is mostly a fantasy protection exercise anyway.

        I go for the liposomal vitamin C, quercetin-spiked vitamin C and vitamin D3. They seem to have protected me from previous exposure(s) which required me to isolate. Short term use of zinc and selenium have their proponents, but both are rather toxic, especially the selenium.
        I do use bleach solution on the soles of my shoes when I come home. I am generally opening packages outside, and only bring contents in. I ruined so much mail with bleach solution that I gave it up.

        I went to a local breakfast hot spot this morning, and it was pretty much deserted at 8 AM. Traffic at the grocery stores seems to be running hot and cold, based on the news or posts of the day. People are getting fearful again. My work is slowing down, and I will probably be on reduced hours after Thanksgiving. I can live with reduced hours if I keep benefits, which will likely be the case. I prefer the PPE over the fear, even if much of the PPE use is Protection Fantasy Equipment (PFE I suppose).

      • You even read/think thru what Ure saying? Of course they R Useless – Hazmat Gear is the proof -statement.

  5. Yo G,

    the door for the chickenbunny needs a one them thar fancy smancy Crypto QR’s – aint nobody gonna be able help his ass out if he dont have a frigging Address (secure) to send Crypto (s) to.

    Yo Andy get thee self a Crypto Account and link that puppy up on the door. Chop chop Homeskillets – U gotz to move FAST in business brother man – keep hammering bitch – its a comming..I know..”thats what she said!”
    No wishing – working..big ups!

  6. She was so forthright in her remarks many are saying they were outright defamatory to Dominion and should result in Dominion suing for such – that of course entails “discovery” – and because of that Dominion will not sue as they would be exposed as well as their “ownership”

    • Powell is a highly-experienced and successful ex-Federal trial prosecutor. I doubt she ever says anything WRT a client or action unless she can prove it with an overwhelming preponderance of evidence.

  7. Butterball Turkey @ Aldi is .87 cent /LB around here. That’s a good deal for a Butterball. Regular house turkey is pulling .33 cent /LB. That’s a Masonic number. Perhaps the .87 cent Butterballs are counterfeit and the .33 cent turkey is telegraphing a message.

    “software tampering”

    We can’t care about software tampering. Conspiracy legend states Diebold helped Bush by tampering with software. Republicans cheered during those days. Opposing views were not considered. You call it “Mob Rule”. I call it “Screeching Monkeys”. Team Red “won”. Now the mouse is in the other hand. The time for investigation slid away…. like the Chinese container ships taking WTC steel bye-bye.

    “sound fields”

    Two links below. One is an interview with Lucy claiming she heard car radio and Morse code in her head. The other a sound beaming company, Noveto.

    Lucy thinks her lead fillings picked up radio and Morse code frequency. She explains she had to be in a certain place to hear the sounds, a sound envelop. Lead is soft and has a low resonant frequency. Perhaps she drank some “bad” water that had metals which changed the resonant frequency of her brain syncing it to the radio/Morse code frequencies.

    Edgar Cayce and Nikola Tesla, as example, both said they would move into trance-like states and heard/interacted with entities. Perhaps these people ingested something that temporarily changed certain metal makeup in their brains. The change allowed them to link-up with resonant frequencies from a different dimension.

    Noveto can beam sound. Perhaps beings from other dimensions can beam sounds into our frequencies. Cayce/Tesla may have been directly contacted… or they may have been accidental eavesdroppers who were treated respectfully by the entities.

    We’ve heard of the crystal skulls. Perhaps they are a message that we must change our resonate frequency.

    Dick Cavett – Lucille Ball fillings

    Transforming How We Experience Audio.

  8. A signed return receipt doesn’t document what is inside the envelope. They could still deny getting forms or payment by separating the contents from the envelope. Paying through a tax preparer would at least add a witness and another layer of documentation. The local post office sends mail halfway across state for sorting, which adds another day to get a postmark.

  9. Internet licensing may be in the future, but it’s barely necessary with the de-facto track and trace capabilities of the larger tech/media/marketing companies. Between IP geolocation and tracking, referrer and browser type, browser fingerprinting, ‘utm-source’ and other string info, third party calls and cookies along with many other deceptive trackers,your internet identity and utilization is traced and recorded. VPN’s may help, but their presence is noted. Of course, ISP’s have absolute access to any activity not encrypted, including most DNS lookups. Most times this data is ignored(maybe) except for marketing and national security purposes, but the data is still stored for possible future use. Data aggregation is a clear and present danger to our privacy and in the USA, it’s essentially unregulated.

    Very few people consider this prior to clicking on a link, and those who are really careful may still get flagged for anomalous behavior.

    • It is said that with the COVID outbreak in Wuhan, the first thing the Chinese medics did was bring in truckloads of Vitamin C. Visual reports of such. It seems strange, and some if it attributed to their lack of transparency, but the Chinese at least SEEM to have recovered rather quickly from an intense outbreak of the viral disease. Something they know that they are not telling the world?

  10. Seems like everyone disagrees today George and while I don’t disagree with you so much, I just wonder how 500 million could be achieved. That’s a huge drawdown in capability and the world runs on capability and the ability to pass that down.

    After reading Patriots by Rawles, it’s obvious that too much too fast will burn everything down into mad max world very quickly. In that scenario US and EU are decimated and places like Africa and central Asia are not. Because the first world countries live on the web of dependency on capability.

    So is that it? The earth becomes a human zoo of relatively independent small scale civilizations? Living as they have for all history, plus or minus some technology like plows or solar panels? The US and EU and SE Asia are empty radioactive shells?

    Starting with that idea, google a map of where the nuke plants are. There are 440. How many people does it take to support them as you either plan to use them indefinitely (along with solar and wind) to power life for 500 million. If that’s the plan, then flip what I said above. Africa and Asia must be emptied. Life becomes centered on the 440 nuke plants.

    How long does it take to decommission a nuke plant, is that easy if 15/16 the people that run it are dead from disease, or eaten by the hordes of mad max world? (500 mil. left from 8 billion) Can you do that in 20 years, who knows.

    But you’d have to deal with the power plants and the missiles.

    So 500 million means that many aborigines or that many high tech slaves. And neither scenario, or anything in between, is easy to achieve without wiping out everyone.

    • 500 million educated and civilized people might be able to keep the current civilization running, but that’s keeping only the cream of the crop. Some would need to do the physical work of maintaining infrastructure too. If such a thing were to happen, most of the population would have to be concentrated on two continents at most, since in the end, heavy industry and high tech fabs need to be built and maintained. The number might work, or it might just be too low for even minimal advancement in the sciences and tech.

      The collective insanity of building nuclear plants all over and generating high level “waste” is beyond belief. Most such plants can’t passively fail safe, and without humans and external infrastructure, the will be spewing radiation just like Fukushima Diachi did and still does. It’s been mitigated to a degree, but cleanup work will take decades. There are better options than classical fission reactors, and such options must have the ability to fail to a safe state if all humans disappeared from the earth without warning. That’s the least we can do to preserve God’s earth. Our current reactors are totally dependent on two isotopes, and when they’re insufficiently concentrated or contaminated, we throw them into salt mines or other caverns and mine brand new ore! This is crazy – using only two percent of the energy and leaving the rest as high level nuclear waste, along with their expensive containers.

      • Fukushima clean-up is coming along. The problem with dean-up was the clean-up robots had to be created. Clean-up will speed along.

        The reason for any die-off doesn’t matter.

        We’ve seen the phrase “4th industrial revolution**”. Humanity is handing task operations off to the machines.

        500 million folks on Earth would be awesome. That’s 1600’s style living with vast, clean open spaces.

        100 million folks on each continent +/-.

        – Remove a lot of the concrete from the land. Let the Sequoias and redwoods recover along with the golden valleys.
        – Remove all the dams and restore all the river systems, from snow pack to ocean.
        – The great herds of North America could recover. Bison, wolves, owls…. all would be natural again.
        – Clean out the polluted seas allowing the great whale and dolphin pods to recover.
        – Clean out the skies. Clearly see the crack in the dome. Watch 1,000,000 bird deep flocks of Flamingos flying around.

        “Removal is to begin in 2021 at Unit 2, where robotic probes have made more progress than at Units 1 and 3. A robotic arm was developed to enter the reactor from the side to reach the melted fuel, which has largely fallen to the bottom of the primary containment vessel.”


        ** The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond


      • Nuke business model of “managing radioactive waste ponds” was/is Genius- an “immortal” stream of revenue from the Rate Payers. Not about generating Electricity – Never was..

  11. Interesting some of the free money spigot may be getting closed. If this stops the backstopping of stocks and bonds from finding a real market value, this will be a good thing.
    “The Trump Administration is to shut down the emergency lending powers of the US Federal Reserve, taking extraordinary action to block reserve funds for the incoming Biden Treasury and prevent a Democrat bail-out of state and local governments”

    I appreciate Trump taking this step, hopefully this is a trend, that backstopping these companies and municipal failures with federal tax payer monies is not acceptable. If you need funding go to the open market and seek it by offering interest rates that will entice buyers.

  12. “Started the reading Thursday by wolfing down the first seven chapters of “The Time Traveler – by Dr. Ronald Mallett “

    Lol Dam George that’s one I haven’t read lol.. but it’s on the way..I was just going to get an audio book but I love the feel of flipping the pages.

  13. One more benefit to the DS of the Covid Scamdemic. Induce more and more citizens (and non-) to vote by mail, a much easier way to control votes in the 2020 election.

  14. It’s finished the new commies won . I hope everyone on cnbccussa gets Covid. In Sicily revenge always come . Give em plenty of revenge. Scum . Where’s Steve la la la . Yeah Fark give em asteroids

  15. Comander G ,

    Did U see where mnuchin stuck his “blade” in jerome kerPOWells back yesterday !
    Score that : Team Trump – 1 , Deep State Evilists – 0
    Taken back control/oversight SpecOps: team TRUMP +1, D.S. Evilists -0
    Ohh noo ! Dominons lawyers just backed out of Discovery Case in PA ..

    As long as Team TRUMP has Control of USD/$$$ & S&P – market should remain upwardly biased-flat..Till they finally pick up Johnny, then will we see Captain Chaos appearing on the scene..

    YES – “We” have more Weapons, Better Fighters..

    In the meantime a nice musical ditty – to help ease Ure mind from globalist induced Stress..https://youtu.be/ShADx4MNSp4

  16. I can’t remember where, because I just saw it while researching another facet of CV-19, but…

    Would now be a good time to mention that a sharp decrease in seminal sperm-count levels has been noted in male CV-19 survivors…?

      • Absolutely detrimental to overall health. Seminal fluid is one of the most valuable commodities in the Solar Ssytem. Why ancient Daoists practiced “no leak” Method. Mind blowingly powerful stuff..

      • Dunno — Might be a way to get to 500mln WorldPop in a generation or two, though.

        I’m thinking the article did one of those “under 45” or “under 55” things, but I really didn’t notice. ‘Might have been at Orthomolecular or NEJM, might have been at a London Tab or off one of our propaganda wires. It’s 40 and rainy, with 27kt gusts, so I may actually get to waste some time on my personal confuser today…

  17. Have noticed a lot more new commie ideas and commies posting the last couple of days. And vaccinators. You can shove vaccinations so far up your rear mouth it comes out of your other mouth. Never . Plenty of parachutes and masks

  18. yah know I blame salty moriarty for this . getting involved with wall street and selling us out to the new commies led by dagodalio . greedy hippy commie . fools

  19. no signal and getting real dangerous .. last one I saw was in 2002 for all you new gold sheep . hope you survive this one . watch . learn . we did in 2002 . we were nuked and evaporated in a flash . those that saw it coming survived . took shelter . no I got no email george

  20. The whole Government is starting to resemble a cage full of Monkey’s with Rabies, we are going to have one huge upset before too much longer.

  21. Ok this is only part or my quarterly report Im given away for free. LOL

    What EYE see in the future ( maybe as soon as the next 6 months) is congress going to pass a law requiring websites to carry liability insurance. This will pave the way for licensing.

    I actually saw the first indicators of this about 4 months ago and filed it in the data storage vault in my pea brain. The Insurance companies new source of revenue. Ive been saving Ure books for a read once you have passed from this world. So, im not sure if you wrote about that in Broken Web.

    I will be sure to set aside some time on Wednesday for a listen. Yes sir, Fresh material. I have a huge fat storage of material… however as the saying goes.

    we must not rest on our laurel’s. The future waits for no one.

    ohhh i like that. “The Future waits for No one.” new tag line. i like it very much.

  22. “Our Word to the Wise from all this: Mail all government correspondence certified with a return receipt. Which we will be doing when our (idiotically punitive) tax owed is mailed out.”

    WOW.. that is a Damed good tip George…KInd of like the insurance companies.. with the dissability policies… they wouldn’t accept the claims unless they were sent out sign for.. of course you had to send those every other way to just to get an acceptance of the claim.. and that is all I need is to have a huge tax penalty at the end of the year..

  23. “Bureaucracies are crooked at their core. Take the term “20-days.” If they weant something from YOU, it’s every day of the week including weekends and holidays. Should YOU dare want something from them? 20-days becomes 5-government days a week, can’t count holidays, weekends, or, oh yeah, emergencies like CV-19.”

    I wanted to se Antarctica… real bad.. I seen photo’s of the place that had my mind in a twirl.. ( Now I wouldn’t go even though I still have those curiosities.. because there are just to dam many people visiting there) I had done a lot of favors for out congressman at the time and I wanted one in return.. went to his office the lazy butt was not even in DC… laziest city in the world.. and congress.. well they are the hardest working of all kids…
    Or when you have a question about something.. they send you a box of crap that doesn’t even pertain to anything there is about the question you have..I have no faith in politicians at all

  24. Here’s an interesting problem regarding bureaucracy: I have a dear friend in New Jersey who was laid off and applied for unemployment insurance. She’s supposed to call in and “certify” looking for work by calling a certain number every week within a given time frame. For the last three weeks, she’s been unable to get through on the number at all despite calling every day at different times. Most times it was a busy signal and just once she got on a queue and waited 15 minutes, at which time she was hung up on by the machine on the other end. Their offices are closed and there seems to be no real way to contact them!

    Of course, unemployment is for short periods between jobs. Nevertheless, it’s something that you pay for, as does the employer, and should be handled effectively. If a government can’t even provide its claimed “services” such as handling its own procedures effectively, it’s not much of a government. I’ve heard of similar situations regarding DMV in various states, with people being unable to get licenses due to a scarcity of appointments. I agree with the certified mail approach for now. That is, until the post office stops offering the service.

    I’ll be paying my real estate taxes in person if at all possible.

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