2 Part Report: My Crypto Patent Filing & Tech Waves to 3D

Two concepts to kick around in today’s report.  One is a proposal which would overcome one of the major objections to crypto currencies.  Namely that they are more notional than fungible.  We propose a fix.

Second part of the report which is out there now because a lot of our subscribers “give large at Christmas.”  And I want to explain why the Ure’s gave away a 3D printing rig.  All about economics.

Then there’s the ChartPack – after a few headlines.  A small splash of nog and something for the noggin…

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35 thoughts on “2 Part Report: My Crypto Patent Filing & Tech Waves to 3D”

  1. I would like to throw out a couple of suggestions around voter fraud.

    A movie called hacking democracy and a website called blackboxvoting.org which is been around for a long time as well as that movie.

    I like the idea of having to go to a place to vote, but again electronic voter machine fraud has been going on for a while. I was going to get a bumper sticker that said Diebold Cant Count.

  2. Dam Dude – what do U think QiGong’s fundamental physical practice is?
    Super subtle – breathing thru skin pores – Deeep breathing exercise..

    Short the SPY – picking up Gold/Silver on the CHEAP! Trade to win!

  3. “In our view is the report that Hyperbaric oxygen treatment: Clinical trial reverses two biological processes associated with aging in human cells.”

    Keep in mind that pure oxygen is not good for you.. it is like hydrogen peroxide on a cut.. and the body is a bacteria and viral collector.. which is why when I ozone a room or the house.. I do it one room at a time then give it an hour to degas…
    I do have an ozone generator on the laundry and on the drinking water..

    this unit is what I had gotten for water coolers.. when I had suggested it to the boss he thought I was nuts.. because it would save money on repairs.. but we put them in and he was amazed.. now all of his stores have them..
    this one I have for under the sink and for the laundry..

    then of course if you want to buy in in america..

    it is exactly like the one that I use but in a different box..
    when I worked in the hospital we had them to sterilize equipment and I of course have the room ozone generators similar to the ones we used when cleaning commercial passenger airplanes. I am a big supporter of ozone generators.. just be careful if you plan on using it to breath with.. always give it time to degas..

  4. I finally decided on what to get my friends for xmas…. a sweatshirt.. with this picture below the video of the president on it.. or maybe a ballcap.. dam.. a red ballcap to boot…
    the perfect gift idea….

    except I wonder.. if the kid was selling his contact info to others just to say howdy doo.. would they throw a fit if his picture is on a sweatshirt.. maybe I shouldn’t do that.. they might send a bill LOL

  5. “Remember when the shape of an ambulance and a hearse were roughly the same? ”

    Lol lol.. the kid that had the coolest party car bought one.. painted it pink.. on the back hatch where the ambulance sign was , was the graphics. The pink panty wagon.. the side compartments he made into a small bar..had it all carpeted and on the other side and along the back hatch he made a conversion couch.. where the instruments were a radio and stereo system. You could almost stand up in it and lots of leg room..

  6. Also, other questions like “Is use of an oxygen concentrator” a good idea?  Or, “Is there a way to make welding oxygen safe to breathe?”

    Oxygen concentrators work OK, but one is advised NOT to use them in a closed-room situation because they (obviously) suck the oxygen out of the room air. Use a long hose to put the machine out somewhere with a constant supply of fresh air, open window, etc.

    The difference between medical oxygen and welding type is primarily the contact and storage materials for the corrosive gas. Welding oxygen picks up oxidation byproducts from the steel it is stored in. Don’t know if you need a little more iron in your blood, but I imagine there must be a microfilter of some type for that. Probably not cost effective.

    “In particular, as we have discussed before, when printing food really takes off.
    All that’s missing is the “multi-flavor print head” so you can dial in the exact flavors you want.”

    YUCK! I’ll pass. What would the raw materials be? 100 percent synthetic stuff that will fit thru the print head? I cannot imagine a spool of thread-fine, real, raw meat for printing out a steak.

    • “Is use of an oxygen concentrator” a good idea? Or, “Is there a way to make welding oxygen safe to breathe?”

      Yes it is safe to breath.. the difference.. I have a child that scuba dives and in the past has gone globe trotting with her husband to far off lands to dive the waters there.. well to make things easier for them .. I have a system to fill the tanks.. the difference between them is the filtration system.. I actually paid more for the filtration system than I did for the air compressor system.. the air in the welding tanks has not been filtered and there are trace amounts of oil..
      The purity standard for welding O2 is higher (99.5%)
      than the standard for medical O2 (95%)
      basically this is how the concentrator works.. 1. Takes air from the room.
      2. Compresses the oxygen.
      3. Takes out nitrogen from the air.
      4. Adjusts the way the air is delivered.
      5. Delivers the purified air.
      the pump blows the air through the filtration system then into a delivery tank then out.. some of them even have an ozone generator on it.. you can use them in an enclosed room… they are pretty simple to .. there again the biggest part of it is the filtration system.. I took several apart once to get the air compressors out of them.. I have a three way filtration system.. one place only uses one filter.. but I put extra on it.. just in case.. I also use the system for rescue air.. around the house and shop I have several rescue air tanks..
      these are a lot cheaper than the medical rescue tanks..
      Now I am anal about this stuff so I keep one for every one in the household.. along with fire blankets.. etc.. you never know and just like having a good spare tire.. it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it..

    • one of the funny things Hank.. is you could tell my wife.. He is going to the bar.. plans on having sex with any woman that will have him.. and my wife would say.. thats nice I hope he has a good time….. ( really how many young women want an old man anyway.. what we use to do all night now takes all night to get the job done)
      But if someone wanted to really get her dander up.. they would come in and say.. god I just seen him.. he said he is going to home depot and he had that glint in his eye.. she would flip out.. because I am a tool slut.. and she knows I could get myself into a jam at home depot.. LOL…. I am not allowed to go into a hardware store un chaperoned LOL..

    • “they (obviously) suck the oxygen out of the room air.”

      When I met with the fellas I call the TAO master last year for the first time. He said tell me about yourself. So, I began talking about my life of fast cars and freedom, hot women and he stop in the middle of my spiel. He says hold up! I said what? He says I think we need to take this outside. I said ohhhh why? He said I don’t want anyone passing out because your gobbling up all the oxygen in the room.

      Ha ha ha ha. Thanks for the remider of that. :)

  7. I remain somewhat skeptical of 3D printing as the output material remains somewhat limited to plastic parts. Metal printing will require ‘sintering’ at high temps and the final piece will still not have the strength or durability of a casting. So the 3D printer utility is constrained to one-off prototyping of plastic parts. Yeah, there’s a niche there to fill, but I don’t know how big that niche will become. I’ll watch from the sidelines for awhile and see what the kids come up with.

    • 3D printers that print with actual metals (as opposed to metallized filament) are available. Prices start in the $250k-$400k range and go up quickly from there. Dunno if the machine cranks out sintered product, or if (in the case of steel) it can be tempered or hardened, but there’s a facility in L.A. which makes one-off car parts…

    • General Electric is doing 3D printing for much of it’s new Turbo Prop Engine that is to compete with P & W’s engines. It will come in 850 to 1600 HP variations and while behind schedule is now looking to be certified in 2021.

      “…the Catalyst is the first engine destined for mass production with large sections 3D-printed from metal. GE engineers used the technology, also known as additive manufacturing, to distill into just 12 printed parts what typically would amount to 800 components if they were made by conventional methods….”

      see also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Electric_Catalyst

  8. 3D Systems (DDD) is a stock I own to be in 3D. It has really done nothing since I got in @ $6 a share until Tesla advertised for someone for hire who had experience operating 3D Systems products. 3D is going to be big. 3D PRINTING is an absolute necessity if we every want to establish a colony on Mars.

    • Everyone applaud: Some gets it!!!

      I’m happy to solve 500 mile supply line problems. Although the supply line of 53.23 million miles is a little more convincing…

    • they are even making a 3 construction machine for home building.. as wood becomes more obsolete I see 3d building systems using green renewable resource technology to construct buildings..
      there is one company in california that is building homes out of hemp crete.. in the future I can see this being used in 3d construction of buildings.. the same that you can buy construction lumber made from Hemp as well.. just that at this time it is still illegal to transport across state lines..

  9. “What would the raw materials be?”

    They are making fake fish fake meat and a few other things out of vegitable matter.
    For the world traveling executive.. beware sausage in Japan. I will never forget the day I read the story in the world waste magazine.. lol lol I had to carry a copy of the magazine around. lolLol


  10. I’m building a security fence as an inner security perimeter…

    I came up with this as the gate solution:

    Swann DIY Wireless Gate-Open Alert

    …because I don’t need a networked solution, only a waterproof reed switch + transmitter, and this (soon to be discontinued*) toy cost less than it would for me to build one from scratch. Places like Honeywell, DSC, Claire Controls, and Tuya make ’em, both closed and networkable, starting in the $60 range and running into the mid 3-digits. AYFKM? $170 for a reed switch and I’ve got to purchase your hub to make it function!?? I d o n’ t t h i n k s o…

    My old days of doing custom systems built on ADEMCO alarm centers definitely went by the wayside when Honeywell bought out Alarm Device Manufacturing Co. Today’s teevee commercials show some UMC types checking up on their latchkeyers or locking the front door from a beach in Nassau. Is that really necessary? I KNOW how to lock a door [the first time]. Also, it does me no good to check my door lock when someone’s prying my front door open and I’m on the road and 3 hours out. It does me considerable good when someone breaches the outer perimeter, then the inner, and the law is on the way (subject to defunding, of course) before they get to my front door.

    Sometimes, simpler is better…

    * In searching, I found nothing, other than the Swann, which was waterproof, functional at low temps (-20°C, it gets below -4°F here, but beggars can’t be choosers), used a reed switch (motion and IR sensors always give false positives), and didn’t require a hub &or Internet connection. Because of its price and utility, Swann will d/c it and replace [it] with a networked gate-sensor, at 3-5x the price. This is how manufacturers always “upscale” their price, once the manufacturing is optimized and the marketing has exhausted profit-headroom. Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, Wal-Mart, Target, and other department, building materials, and home improvement stores have already d/c it (although H-D had 301 of ’em warehoused, as of yesterday.) I bought several, so I have one to dissect, if need be…

    The way Ring, Blink, SimplySafe, et. al. ad nauseum work is the sensor detects motion, then starts recording. The motion can be a bird, or a tree branch in the wind, or anything else. The recording is uploaded through a hub on your full-time Internet connection, to cloud storage somewhere (Ring and Blink, both Amazon Companies, use Amazon Cloud). After the complete video capture is received into the cloud, the corresponding app sends a notice to you that “motion has been detected” and if you choose to see what the alert is about, the cloud then downloads the vid to your phone, at which time you can judge whether you wish to call the Law on that stray cat who just perused your yard. The fancy setups, like DSC, use multiple cellphone accounts as redundant communications backups, in case yer power or Internet cable gets cut. They still use the same cam-hub-Internet-cloud-Internet-cellISP-smartphone sequence. Can anyone see the weak links in THIS chain…?

    My camera surveillance goes onsite first, and is THEN uploaded. I can access the DVR direct, or via the Web, and there are NO links, other than cabling, between the cams and the recording. It’s the same type of security monitoring that’s been done for 50 years — only the cams have improved. ‘Know why? Because it just works…

      • Always excellent, but only for indoors. I could find indoor reed switch units all over the place but nothing that’d take outdoor elements. (When I was designing/building, I used 30mm reed switches, hardwired and embedded into a biscuit-joiner sized slot in the window frames, with a thin layer of Plastic Wood over them, and a cylindrical magnet bored into the window. If you can’t find my alarm system, you can’t defeat my alarm system…)

        I recommend you get a glass-break sensor. The motion sensor is IR and good at what it does. The glass break sensor detects the 26-60kHz “sound” and overtones specific to a glass pane being cracked. If you never need it, you have it. If you ever do, you don’t have to worry about it becoming unobtanium.

        BTW my DVR is housed in a fireproof safe with its own, dedicated UPS. I live in a “near-zero crime zone” but like Russian Roulette, it only takes once, and I’m still pissed about having that Karcher stolen, nearly 20 years ago. I would much rather “overbuild” than have to do the job twice…

      • “(on the UPS power sys)”

        I seen where one gentleman on youtube took the UPS power sys and placed it in a utility box then had Lithium iron batteries instead of lead acid.. I have been contemplating doing that for a couple of places that are not on the backup power system..

      • @LOOB

        Probably not a bad idea. UPS batteries are typically SLA, but if one could build a simple ccer so the lithium batteries got charged at -15% (or every certain number of days), so as to not prematurely expire them through overcharge-cycling, a UPS might live for decades without further attention…

        What’cha think, George?

      • “Probably not a bad idea. UPS batteries are typically SLA, but if one could build a simple ccer so the lithium batteries got charged at -15% (or every certain number of days), ”

        I think that’s what happened to my last battery bank. I cycled them wrong. Sucks to ..that was twenty four two volt absolyte batteries.. I’ve been considering a couple of teslas as well then wonder..a five kw tesla battery runs a grand if you buy them outright or if you go to a junkyard and take them out the cost for those are a couple hundred.. the issue with them is they are 24 volts..
        Then when I check out you can pick up some pretty nice ups systems cheap without batteries.

  11. I think listening and reading media today they have won . there are just 2 many vegetables on earth now that obey and cant process or think . yep it will be the most horrific , devastating time to live , call the garbage that . never surrender to evil , but satan is firmly in control . war was 2 years away then got out to 5 years with china and Russia joining in the club of satan. don’t know now but I hope someone breaks ranks goes rogue and goes for it . cant believe how quiet it is in the middle east , especially after that nuke at Hezbollah headquarters . I think all the types of bad buggers in middle east are also vegetables now. imagine after doctor death ,fauci the little slimey insipid sewer rat rolls out the numb juice to the sheep

  12. steve munichin the porn maker turned ussa treasurer tells Jerome we don’t need your loans anymore , we are maxed and will issue our own junk bonds . so funny if it wasn’t true .. is there any sanity or morals left ..

  13. May all beings be lovingly fulfilled, May all beings be financially fulfilled, May all beings be readily fulfilled, So be it.

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