Trump, Covid, Complexity, Aging: Bait & Switch BS

Sorry for the long headline, but this is may turn into something of a long rap before we get to the latest job figures just out.  Let’s see how well the “Prince of Shorter Columns” can do on his verbal diet today, shall we?

Trump Has Covid

About here, I need to remind all my friends of two things:  Elaine and I have been diligently wiping  everything coming home from the store down with Clorox.  Only one of us goes to town.  Masks around people.  Still wearing gloves in public places.  

I’m saying this again – for those slow on the update – this is NOT a  political problem – it is a  Medical Problem.  

President Trump and first lady Melania will be quarantining in the White House – but we think this is merely going to add a level of complexity to what is already an electoral train wreck in process.

Vice President Mike Pence and second lady test negative for coronavirus following Trump’s positive diagnosis.”

Oh – and my expectation of the S&P 500 kissing the 3,000 level by election day?  Well, yah….

Covid and Elliott

Based on the latest figures on the Johns-Hopkins site, we would remind you of several points of “grown up math.”  This first is that we are really impressed with how Nature is filling out the Elliott five waves up in the disease so far.  This, no surprise to people like the Economic Fractalist, whose stock-in-trade is this kind of fractal “news and finance” evolution.  3’s and 5’s are very common in nature…  Behold!

Elliott is not perfect.  Or, put another way, Nature is Noisy.

Notwithstanding, the Presidential Bug will likely cause people to become (momentarily) more serious about precautions.  But, what if this is just a larger-degree Wave 1, we then have a large 2 down into next year, and then a “run for the roses” as we are not near “herd immunity” yet?

Things to ponder…and as long as we’re betting the math books…

The Ugly Side of Complexity

Over on the Peoplenomics side, and this goes back several years and I don’t remember the date, but I took issue with the notions in the book “Anti-Fragile.”  As laid out on the Amazon page for the book (*here):

In The Black Swan (Nassim Nicholas) Taleb outlined a problem, and in Antifragile he offers a definitive solution: how to gain from disorder and chaos while being protected from fragilities and adverse events. For what Taleb calls the “antifragile” is actually beyond the robust, because it benefits from shocks, uncertainty, and stressors, just as human bones get stronger when subjected to stress and tension. The antifragile needs disorder in order to survive and flourish.”

Essentially, the concept of anti-fragility is that  complexity makes things stronger.  My counter is that it  does not

The reason?  Very simple when you think about it.  There’s symmetry in Nature.  That is, the choices (or avenues) by which  Black Swan events may arrive, increases.  At a minimum the complexity-driven increase must be geometrical:

“Geometric growth refers to the situation where successive changes in a population differ by a constant ratio (as distinct from a constant amount for arithmetic change).”

But, in my nightmare case, it’s exponential:

“Exponential growth refers to the situation where growth compounds continuously at every instant of time. “

All that really remains to be solved is the “local exponent” for complexity-driven increasing “swan herds.”  My suspicion is that (due to Nature’s symmetry) that despite the soft-think appeal of “antifragility” in reality, it’s still a zero-sum change due to symmetry.

In short, the hyper-complex world is absolutely as vulnerable as the non-complex worlds.  It’s just that advocates of hyper-complexity tend to narrow their focus to carefully-bounded cases to make their arguments.  Ignoring that complexity doesn’t change any ultimate outcomes – only their timing.  For in the end, we’re all screwed.  It just takes more steps to realize it.

Today is a fine day to reflect on Realized Complexity Solves Nothing.  (Ure’s  RCSN postulate!)

Aging Matters

Donald Trump’s  74-years old.  Won’t be 75 until next June.  As such, reported in reasonable health, he still faces possible comorbidities simply due to his age.  Joe Biden – 77 now, and 78 just after the election – is also in the high risk category.

So our simple observation of the day is (as we’ve been kicking around at cocktail time here) is “We should all look at the election as a choice between Kamala Scare-us and Mike Pensive.

If Trump’s health is – as represented (***string of disbeliefs inserted) – good, then he should come through fine.  If not?  Well, remember I’ve had my S&P 3,000 bet in place for a while, however painful the recent rally has been.  In the end, symmetry of change rules and Swans multiply in complexity, not the other way around…  Pending, that is, nailing down of the “Magic Exponent” which I’d offer to Taleb as a dandy book title.  Surely he ought to be able to lay out the future implications of what I propose is “The Conductivity of Chance.” Which all gamblers know about experientially already.  Yet it hasn’t been articulated in formal theory that I’m aware of.

Gamblers “know” that the more  people they interact with the better their chances seem to run.  I’d refer Taleb to Max Gunther’s classic on real-world chance: The Luck Factor: Why Some People Are Luckier Than Others and How You Can Become One of Them.

Baited and Switched

We will only pause here and wonder what the election would be like if it turns into Pence-Harris in the final few weeks.

God help us.

Has Harris denounced BLM, Antifa, and Marxists yet?

We already know (*having heard the tape of Trump denouncing the KKK and white supremacist’s in a 2016 interview with with him that Chris Wallace is a tool or fool. Say, he doesn’t have memory issues too, does he?

You may not like Alex Jones (InfoWars) much, but the video of how BLM is a bullshit 2-bit Marxist hate organization is clear in the video of how they interrupt people peacefully trying to have dinner...

I can’t speak for you, but if a clown posse were to yell at me during a “nice dinner out” they might be able to move me from solid progressive on civil rights into reactionary… angry reactionary at that!

BLM obviously understands that if they piss off enough people they can create racists to argue with…old line communist treachery.  See Hegelian Dialectic.  No idea how they’d react to being called “Un-American Community A-Holes…”  Bring your bullhorns to dinner?

Bullhorns are weapons of mass disruption… Free speech doesn’t include ruining someone’s dinner out.  That’s theft and breach of the peace.  Where were the cops?

The Jobs Data

Statistical Roulette (ok, denial then) continues:

“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 661,000 in September, and the unemployment rate declined to 7.9 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. These improvements in the labor market reflect the continued resumption of economic activity that had been curtailed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and  efforts to contain it. In September, notable job gains occurred in leisure and  hospitality, in retail trade, in health care and social assistance, and in professional and business services. Employment in government declined over the month, mainly in state and local government education.”

Our usual skeptical review:

So, they just “made up” 37,000 jobs (after killing 695,000 people formerly in the labor force).  This is a statistical nightmare because of Taleb’s beloved “complexity.”

No, he didn’t create the mess at Labor.  But, soft-think is contagious and it happens in business all the time.

A number comes out management doesn’t like.  So what happens?  Excuses fly.  Season adjustments.  Special Adjustments for CV-19.  Where does all this (bullshit) adjusting stop?  Special adjustment because it’s the first Friday of the month, anyone?

Delusions are like that.  Deal with the effing numbers – they are what they are.  Total number of people likely working is 275,000 more less than 37,000 made-up in the CES Birth Death Model (which, oh God, I can hear the pitch-fork statistical justifiers at the gate, already…).

Embracing Reality is not a popular path these days, but 238,000 people (roughly) more working sounds way more real to us… 

News Dregs

You know our view on the lack of “real news” and the excess channel capacity of the MSM is true when you read…

Flashback: ‘Waiting for the waves to give up their dead’: Lady Elgin disaster sent hundreds to their deaths.”  News from 1860?

Will we see another round of demonstrations?  We wonder as CNN digs up A North Carolina man overdosed in police custody. He was alone and crying out for help before collapsing.  Well, he died three days later.  But, we can almost hear it now:  “Don’t arrest people drugs!”  Sunset of sanity, anyone?

Gender-change marketing sensed inPetra De Sutter, Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister is Europe’s most senior transgender politician.”  They’re selling what?

No less credible thanConnecticut assault, robbery suspect, 38, claims DNA planted at crime scene by airplane.”

Yet Another White House HR Disaster

Who the (‘f’) is  NOT running the HR Dept. in the White House?

Out comes the story today about how “Leaked Calls Reveal Melania Trump’s Private War on Christmas: ‘Who Gives a F*ck About the Christmas Stuff’.”

Which reads like a Melania hit-piece to us.

Oh, and the source of the leak?  From the above story – and we quote –

“Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, a former senior adviser to Melania Trump, appeared on CNN Thursday night to promote her new book on the First Lady — and she came armed with surreptitiously recorded tapes of their conversations.?

Wait!!!   Is this the same woman who gave $10,000 to “DNC Services Corp” in 2014???

And who isn’t checking on the obvious shit like this?

We are so lost anmd screwed as a country, it’s  breath-taking.

Off to count profits as our short position turns green…

Write when you get rich (or just get sick of it, too, lol)

70 thoughts on “Trump, Covid, Complexity, Aging: Bait & Switch BS”

  1. We should recall that at the first of the year, when these PCR tests we beginning, reports noted that a number of PCR swab kits were recalled as the swabs were “contaminated”. What were they contaminated with? COVID-19!
    These reports quickly disappeared. The disposition of these kits was never disclosed. Methinks they were resent to the District of Criminals (DC) for ‘special purposes’. There is no way that the recipient of one of these tests can know what’s being shoved up their nose! A perfect tool for one or more three letter agencies to have in their ‘quiver’.

  2. “Where were the cops?” Maybe double the funding for police.

    Trump has planted the seeds of suspicion and a corrupted vote if he loses.

    If the election is contested Biden would be the weakest of the two challengers.

    Who doesn’t want to live during a final showdown in a Super Power? Push toward showdown. There’s nothing left to save so I think we should vote for Biden.

  3. Regarding systemic complexity, I believe the late James Doohan said it best when he said,”The more they over-engineer the plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the drain.”

    Unnecessary complexity is the bane of any efficient system. However, redundancy (for continuous operation) can be achieved without creating unmanageable complexity.

    Too many times overly complex systems have a single point of failure (Think 737 Max-Only 1 sensor?).

    Keep up the great work George!

    • Even worse – chained or multiple(single points of failure), any one of which can put a system out of action, or worse – destroy it.

      As an engineer, I despise unnecessary complexity!

  4. Best act quick Trader G – cause I am taking the other side – BUYBUYBUY!

    Mr G -Have you ever considered the possibility U might have contracted Naegleria Fowleri, from Ure drinking water? – that would explain Ure Severe Deficit in Understanding of the pristine Bitcoin..

    CLR nat gas play is currently Underwater, had Sell some Nov15’s due HARD Trading Rules.

    Curr: Long Nov 15’s , and Long Nov 10 Calls (14 of each strike), Will Sell (28) Nov 12.50 Calls in and when price improves – or not in which case coot will eat a nice Loss.

    The good folks at Farsight Institute just put out their October “views of October Human news events.
    The report indicates the viewers saw a lot of STUFF going down this month – including an Airliner, event around coastline, land/water inteface. Several of the “viewings” were repeats(2nd,3rd,4th) of earlier viewed events.

    It has been confirmed that we LIVE IN a “world” of Multiple Time Lines – with associated Probabilities being indicative of future outcomes. So who really knows exactly WHEN a “viewed” event is actually going to occur.

    Now lets see – Red October is here, the Hunters become the Hunted.

    – that is going to really piss off the evil at SMERSH/CHAOS/DVD/CIA and their directs at houses of Rothchild & SASSON. The evil Sh*&s will lash out – its all they know how to do really – so yeah Hunker in the Bunker sounds about right as this train is headed SOUTH>

  5. “Out comes the story today about how “Leaked Calls Reveal Melania Trump’s Private War on Christmas: ”

    What does that have to do with anything and seriously who cares.. I see it as a misdirection event..draw negative image just before an election that is splitting the country.. the next thing you will see is JB in an elf’s hat or santa suit saying how important xmas is. Touch all the people and their sentiments.
    I personally am not a xmas fan.
    But then anyone that knows me knows xmas and it’s true meaning doesnt impress me either.. I of course have to keep my mouth quiet when the little kids are talking about xmas..the kids also know I will tell the kids the truth if they ask..

  6. “We should all look at the election as a choice between Kamala Scare-us and Mike Pensive.”

    How would anyone of these two make a difference in YOUR life. or any of our readers?? The POTUS is much further removed from my life than any potential HEAVEN. ;-)

    Methinks, we concern ourselves too much with issues that are outside our control. How do we even know if it’s true, after all these other lies that we’re objected too?

    Try to enjoy your present w/o too much CLOROX.

    • Copyright prior to 1923 is generally considered expired(except for Disney, Inc). This story is free from copyright. I’ll read it as soon as I have a free moment.

      Perhaps I should stop retiring and get a job so I’d have some free time!

  7. Sir,

    Perhaps the Chicago Families have taken note of The Lady Elgin mishap anniversary and adjusted their weather vanes accordingly. Lady Mary Louisa’s art albums and illustrations of international travels are such a welcome distraction from Lord Elgin’s destruction of Chinese cultural artifact destruction. The Canadian border remains closed to non-essential peon entry.

    From what I could see yesterday evening, only the original Bloomberg report made mention of the communications officer being quarantined with covid-19 symptions onboard Air Force One during the return flight to Washington on Wednesday evening. Regrettably, the married scoundrel who has applied in a Manhattan court for custody of the child of his mistress formerly of noble background sired during during the 2016 election campaign remains on the Trump 2020 election campaign team.

    All is fair in love and war?

  8. Expat had an interesting observation on finances yesterday. Contemplating this and minimum wage that if the velocity of pay had kept pace with inflation. It should be around 35 dollars an hour. If you consider the basic necessities affected through deregulation.. it should be someplace about sixty dollars an hour. If your investments havent doubled at least fifteen times since 1980 then theres virtually no growth.. any growth is just an illusion.
    It looks good.. and your life may seen as good but it’s like control.. you may think theres control but in reality there isn’t any control.
    Those people conspiring and encouraging violent riots and hate think they have control yet it could swing ugly in a heartbeat..
    I have heard a lot about BLM and ehire supremacists yet no one addresses people walking up just shooting someone because they are a symbol of authority.. no one has been condemning these actions.
    The next step could bring in Marshall law and a military presence .

    The good news is none of this has affected congresional recess . Actually I thought they were still on recess lol..they cant do anything anyway why not just stay home..

    • Crowd Control – Energy Weapons – Marshal Law…nahhh – never happen here in the US of A -NEVER.

      Of course the US Department of Just-Us – could shut ALL this down within 24hrs – but they dont – WHY NOT?

      Take a peek at the Maps of Cities where Protestors have raised HELL, is it cowinky dink that most of damage is occurring in Opportunity Zones?

      Perhaps there is moar than 1 Game afoot…

  9. George,
    -Will Conservatives please just go buy a vibrator and some porn flicks? And get their pig noses out of everybody else’s bedroom?
    -And, oh by the way, it turned out that the the “Umbrella Man,” the guy who triggered the looting in WI, was NOT a BLM guy at all. Oh no. Rather he was a [redacted – unsupported by facts] White Supremacist. You guys do understand [redacted, unproven assertion] infiltrating protests to incite violence and crime, right?
    -Does Conservative nonsense know no limit? Next, you’ll be telling me that your brilliant President says it’s OK to go maskless at a public gathering, like say at a rally.
    Best, Mike.

    • As usual, Mike makes assertions that Umbrella Man was a “you know who supporter” with no basis for such claims in fact. He was not been proven as the perp, but to claim he was a supporter of a cv-19 prez…that’s just more left wing made up stuff

  10. Is it possible that the administration, RNC, Trump and post debate polling were not favorable to the President so this is an out for any further debates?

  11. for us conspiracy theorists(it is what they call us) that follow the Q posts, there have been several references to Red October, on Oct 1 the White House was lit with red lights, there have been references to red castle ,green castle, and castle locked, it is like it is all planned. Castle is in a quarantine/locked now.
    Now WHAT IF this is President Trump’s plan show the public that HCQ works,,I do not know but we will see, what he gets for a treatment. It sure is a interesting movie.

  12. I forgot, isn’t Pelosi next in line if Trump and Pence are both hospitalized? Or is it the senate majority leader?

    If Biden/Harris win with only 25% of eligible votes, will the dems stfu about ending the electoral college?

  13. Three things George.
    On Trump denouncing the KKK in 2016. That was 4 years ago. Why couldn’t he just say the words…”I denounce white supremists” at the debates in front a 75 million people….I will tell you why…Trump is calculated TV Ratings whore. He has to measure first, how that will move the Ratings needle. He knows that if he says nothing, it will get huge ratings..,and…that he can either deny or deflect or have his minions spin…Either way, he gets 10x more exposure, than if he says “I denounce White Supremacy”. That’s boring to him…and he also knows that if he says that, CNN and the left leaning media won’t give it much play. They hate Trump…for good reason but hate him nonetheless. Trump strategy is good if you are a reality show producer…but, it’s not genuine by any stretch and proves that he only cares about media metrics and him…Policy? Not so much.

    On Melania’s former advisor. She was thrown under the bus by the Trump administration. And yes, she did contribute $10k to the DNC…Trump contributed over $500k to Democrats…If you question Stephanie Wolkoff based on her past contributions, then hell, let’s throw Trump out too.

    On COVID and POTUS…Isn’t it ironic that…Just 48 hours after Trump mocks Biden and his “Biggest mask I’ve ever seen”, and another 24 hours after yet another maskless rally, he contracts the disease. It was bound to happen. And…it’s probably the best thing that ever happened to America in an odd way. I hope Trump, Melania, and the rest of his staff get better…but I hope that this sends a message to the “Base” to quit being idiots and please…”WEAR MASKS”. I also bet that he will reverse his stance on mail in ballots And poll location closings. If his base takes this seriously, then polling Places will Social distance and cause Lines to be miles long in places. Mail in becomes a necessary option and more polling places will also have to be set up. You see folks…it’s all about HIM.

    • “Why couldn’t he just say the words…”I denounce white supremists” at the debates”

      What should have been said.. I denounce white supremacists , black militants, BLM, Antifa,ang violence and anyone willing to do harm ,violence, destruction of public and private property..
      Evil comes on many forms sizes and race heritages and religions not just caucasian.

      • He should have looked at Chris Wallface and said:

        “Look – you asked me that in 2016 – you were the 18th guy to ask then. What did I do? Renounced it all. Do you have dementia? I renounced it then – my view hasn’t changed – and I am not going to say it again for this sock puppet commie or for reporters with shitty memories who didn’t report it the first time. I am DJT and I don’t bark on command…especially for the Biden of B Roll crowd who lie anyway…”

      • George, you just contradicted yourself. Just because he said it in 2016 doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe in it now. People change. Trump was a Democrat. Trump used to embrace redlining too. Trump has said a lot of things that point the other direction. It was a fair question and Trump needs to be the better man and answer the damn question. He reports to us..not us to him!!!!!

    • Hey Mark –

      check out Governor Wolf and State Representative Wendy Ullman – discussing wearing masks for the camera for Political Theater on a HOT MIC today..

      Sucka or Bald Faced LIAR..wondering.

      Think U really need to get a better Team dude, picking up a wiff of something not so nice coming from over Ure side..smells like, like….DAFEET!

    • Excellent analysis, Mark, Trump’s buddy DeJoy getting a big contract from P.O. for his former employer,

      and the shenanigans are stopped for now (we hope):

      For those that have kept their sense of humor intact,
      Weird Al’s Yankovich’s take on the debate (hysterically and not politically corrrect):

      btw, my friend who had cov19 has lingering problems after recovering, including ‘ability to think’ (one of Trump’s BIG problems before Cov19!).

  14. Yo G –

    Wolkoff trying to sell her book – Violated some serious scheisse – will be in Court over this BS. Low life schmear campaign -one of demonrats only pastimes.

    Are poles shifty ? no not the 10 footers, or the 9 foot Romanians, nor demonrats&rebugnicans.

    Talking bout the North Pole specifically – turns out ALL Ancient Temples/Pyramids are Oriented towards where ever the North pole was at the time of construction – many were Celestially Aligned as well.
    Oldest known location of the North Pole was the Yukon/Bering Sea – that is direction the really Ancient ones are oriented towards – turns out.

    2020 = YEAR 0 – The Great ReSet..does everything get ReSet including the North Pole..”hey where did the runway go &%$#@! ?

    Its time ! Buck Bagging Season is Here ! Check the fletchings, sharpen the Rocky Mountain Razors, breakout the fox urine and rattle them horns…”ohhh U smell like a MAN, whats that Ure wearing, Hoppes #9 grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”.

    I wonder if we stuck some of dem fake, costume horns on Antifa militia members – if the Game Commission would be okay with ECD Bagging and Tagging a few fascist brown shirts.

    Gonna need some extra Doe tags – as these soy boyz would NEVER QUALIFY or Rate a BUCK Tag. bwahahahaha

    ECD does advocate Violins.

  15. I had an epiphany last night after (during?) a lucid dream. The insane rioting we’ve experienced is the same as that of Cuba under Batista (check out the old wire service file footage.) It was told to me that the winner of next month’s Election doesn’t matter, because we’re already lost. To analogize my dream:

    In a firearms face-off, the decent person will always hesitate.

    Eventually, there comes a time when there are no more decent people.

    For years I’ve favored connoting political ideology to a 10-point number line, where zero is totalitarian socialism (all control to the State) and ten is total anarchy (all control to each person, as an individual.) I’ve sometimes drawn the line as a circle, because until the State exercises its power, there is little difference from an individual’s perspective, between zero and ten. in an internal socialist revolution, individuals are allowed to exercise their anarchistic tendencies until the regime is in power. The anarchists run amok because the powers that be are “decent” and don’t recognize their threat to the ordered society until too late — if at all.

    Only after the socialist regime is secured are the anarchists reined-in and culled, then exterminated as “threats to the System.”

    For reference: The pre-Constitutional United States operated (poorly, BTW) under the Articles of Confederation — roughly “9” on my number line. “Libertarians” are at about “8” and this is where the government the Founding Fathers gave us was designed to function at its best. Prevailing ideology today amongst the American population lies between 4-7; prevailing ideology amongst the American “political elite” lies between 2-6. “Right wing” outliers like Rand Paul sit between “7” and “8” on the line, while “left wing” outliers like Bernie Sanders are planted firmly at the “1.” The AOC crowd are at damn’ near zero, and Kammy Harris is to their left (based on her voting record…)

    Oh yeah, my epiphany? I saw George Soros, still alive (the dude’s 89), sitting in an office meeting room, about 3-4 stories up in a brick building, laughing his ass off when we fell…

    • All the many wings is like the genders there’s just to damn many to count,but they all have the same agenda and that’s to keep the working class down and immigration high,for as George says its a business model thus making it a heads up I win tails you lose.!!!!

    • The street freaks ushering in regime change, who we are currently labeling as anarchists, will be the first to go to the camps. If the winners are brown shirts in social justice drag, that will be a short detention stay before being processed (permanently). If the black shirts run the camps, expect gulags and multi-generational stays.
      Most of these young folks are walking casualties of an economic system which has shipped their future to China, while importing foreign whiz-kid overseers to tell us all how to be ‘mericans. All were screwed from the get-go, and they know it. The

      • They may know it
        But they sure don’t show it
        That why they goes it
        It’s how they blows it
        On social crows it
        Till the bosses mows it

        There ain’t no slaves alive today
        The Civil War was just a play
        Old overseer’s gone away
        The Corporate Man? He’s here to stay

        That’s why Lincoln got put down
        The corporate men – they runs dat town.
        Played fo show a national frown
        but much more to it, or you’re a clown

        The trip it’s hard – it’s in your head
        But best catch on ‘afore you’re dead

        The sound of war is hard to hear
        But it starts right now.

        And it starts with fear…

        (Hmmm…just have looked at a poetry book in the Realms last night)

      • The new overseers are corporates flying coach in from offshore. Debt slaves have traded monthly payments for iron chains. I like the poem, nonetheless. Author?

    • Ray, when a person wakes up to what WW1, WW2, Vietnam, 911, etc., were all about, it is not such a long shot to see what the future for the USA is. Once the ‘Nouveau Bolsheviks’ are done with us, they will throw us away like a cheap hooker (they kill hookers, don’t they?).

  16. “Leaked Calls Reveal Melania Trump’s Private War on Christmas”

    Based solely on her background and Nation of origin, I find this highly-doubtful.

    “and she came armed with surreptitiously recorded tapes of their conversations.?”

    In 1975, armed with cellophane or mylar tape, a razor blade, and a pair of headphones, I could make ANY taped conversation say anything at all, undetectably, and make it appear original. In today’s age of digital recording it is MUCH easier to do so because you can timeslice the recording to thousandths of a second, and there’s no generational loss…

    Give me data with no monetary component, please, or spare me the insult…

    • And this from her SUPPOSED Friend, Ms. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff – her name tells you ALL you need to know. SNAKE.

    • Ray. That’s crazy talk. When are you people going to realize that the Trump show is the $h#t show. Dumbest group of morons ever to hold public office. For once in your life read Bolton’s, Woodward’s Mary Trumps, John Kelly’s, and evening his long time personal Lawyer Michael Cohen’s Books. The latter while shady in his own right is actually more believable given Trumps stupidity himself. Dumb attracts dumber.

      Also, funny how Trump isn’t demanding that Hydroxychloroquine or oleandrin he touted as so effective isn’t being used on him?

      • “Dumbest group of morons ever to hold public office.”

        I still haven’t heard how JB is going to fix the ill’s of the USA.. his plan of action.. so far all I have seen is I am going to open the borders to anyone wanting access to the usa.. give out aid and attendance to all illegal’s, dump two chickens in everyone’s pot and hand out money to get us by and show support to illegal and criminal activities by subversives demonstrating in the streets.. excuse me I don’t care who is giving out cash for violence and destruction.. I do care that we allow them to do it.. It doesn’t matter if it is white supremacy, Antifa, BLM, Black militants, gang warfare,illegal refugee’s or just mean nasty vile people.. It is wrong to hurt others and do damage to private or public property.. . He has how many worthless years in office where he hasn’t done a dam thing.. at least.. as big a jerk that DJT can be and his fascination of grandeur, narcissistic disorder. has still done more than any other president in my lifetime.. and he is one of the two of the best that the USA has to offer..

        the disturbing part for me.. is we already know that he cannot control his son’s affairs.. but when they were brought up for investigation and in the public view.. he used his power to bury them and when it came time to see if he had any involvement all of that dissapeared like a chili fart in a wind.. rather than come right out and say.. I cannot control my son’s behaviors and actions I will try to lead him down the path of good behavior but in the end that is his responsibility he buried it all of it..had the departments sworn and put in place to protect the people of the USA hide his son’s actions and make them a myth rather than deal with it…. NO I would never vote for him at all just because of that.. Now if he had actually accomplished anything while he rode that horse on the publics dime doing nothing.. maybe.. Unfortunately all I see is a guy that doesn’t have a clue on anything at all and no plan on how to deal with any of it…. with as many faults as DJT has.. he has at least given a goal and a proposed plan of actions.. whether its a good one or not.. at least he has one..
        Now if you know JBs plan on how he can solve this financial death spiral that the USA is in.. please let me know.. I do a little scanning of the news and haven’t seen one at all except from DJT…

        I take that back about not having a plan.. he did have one that I seen in the fool..

        but that pittance of taxes that the wealthier people would be paying is not enough to cure the problems we are facing.. they should also impose taxes on goods imported tax increases on companies manufacturing outside the usa and tax services that are hired out to out of country … talked to anyone in America lately on a service call.. I doubt it LOL.. when I was using quickbooks I got to know some of the people in the Asian countries pretty good.. ( quickbooks has a hard time reconciling numbers. most overlook it.. it upset me enough that when they said all financial records would be kept on their servers over in another country I quit using it.. )

      • Now,now Mark don’t rile up the water for after all all of those that follow him need their security blanket to make it thru life.He’s failed in every aspect both at home and abroad, while blaming it on someone else,even sang his swan song thru the virus,and now is trying to blame someone else for it , its the China virus.Tell a lie and rinse and repeat and in time people will believe it.Interesting how people will cling to someone thinking that in some strange way that he is different then most of the rest corrupt to the bone but as long as they have a good line of bullshit the people will follow,really don’t say much for America but then again America is fading another twenty years it probably won’t exist in its present form.!!!! .!!!

      • Virtually all of the people you cite and seemingly worship ARE the problem in D.C.

        The remainder are out to make a buck.

        I have seen almost nothing good come out of anything they’ve done for (or to) the country.

        I have seen nothing bad which Trump has done intentionally, and very little he’s f’ed up to ill effect. I’ve seen lots of good stuff he’s done, for which he’s gotten no credit. I’ve also seen crazy, insane, inane attempts to depose him in any and every way possible.

        Use your head! We’ve had bumbling Presidents before. Congress simply works around them. The “Party Establishment” of the Republican and Democrat parties have both actively and surreptitiously worked to remove Trump. The only reasonable explanation for this is he’s a danger to these, singularly corrupt establishments.

        …And don’t give me any crap about “the Generals.” You may have forgotten that Obama “retired or fired” EVERY General Officer who refused to pledge fealty to him.

        I HAVEN’T…

  17. We should all just get this Bullshit flu and be done with it already. I keep trying but no luck so far.

    • With what would you replace this “entertainment?” Some people’s live·li·hood depends on gossip of this kind, IMHO.

      • It’s reported that a soldier with the “nuclear suitcase” is always near him ;-((, and that worries ME more than COVID-19!!

        It’s more than likely the “nuclear option” some day will create more victims than COVID-19.

        It’s bound to happen some day in the future; However, few people seem to care because COVID-19 is the current flavor. AH once said:
        “People general are no smarter than geese.”

    • You might have had it already. You could get tested(bad idea), but if you have T-memory cell immunity, it won’t get found through antibodies. It’s generally not a good idea to fool with Mother Nature, and we’re not even sure that she created this virus.

      I’ll stick with enhancing my immune(and other) systems. If I get it, I’ll deal with it. If not, then I’ll just keep working with my pounds of prevention.

    • Glenda, Very irresponsible thing to say. Believe Me…My very good friend in High school is fighting for his life right now. Been in the hospital for over 10 days. He will never get his lung capacity back. He was in terrific shape…and took precautions. Lives in Midwest.

      I know two that have died and six that lived that had it …two in Midwest, one here in Bay Area and 3 in Southern California that told me it was the worst experience of their lives. They all said they thought they were going to die.

      So, be careful what you wish for. It’s people like you that end up like the idiots in the a White House. I hope they all get better, but it could have been prevented. George gets it. Listen to him

      • “Glenda, Very irresponsible thing to say. Believe Me”

        I totally agree Mark…. I to know people working with it.. people loosing loved ones from it and people that have gotten over it.. and some that are loosing lung capacity.. it is one nasty mother.. but..
        I think just like poverty.. if you haven’t experienced dire financial stress or the journey to the pit of despair.. or the truly daily struggles to just be able to eat a meal make sure your kids have a coat for cold weather shoes socks..the basics of life..then in their mind its an illusion that doesn’t exist and those in that situation are just users and looser’s looking for a free ride..
        If the virus hasn’t affected you personally or to the state of desperation it then becomes a made up story..
        I have a future grandson in-law that has the opinion it is a non existent made up virus.. same thing it hasn’t affected him personally.. and he doesn’t know just how truly bad this thing can be.. to him its just a bad cold blown out of proportion and will be gone the minute the election is over..

  18. Oct 2, 2020
    “My suspicion is that (due to Nature’s symmetry) that despite the soft-think appeal of “antifragility” in reality, it’s still a zero-sum change due to symmetry.

    In short, the hyper-complex world is absolutely as vulnerable as the non-complex worlds. It’s just that advocates of hyper-complexity tend to narrow their focus to carefully-bounded cases to make their arguments. Ignoring that complexity doesn’t change any ultimate outcomes – only their timing. For in the end, we’re all screwed. It just takes more steps to realize it.”

    Live your life as simple or complex as you can, or try your best to carve a notch onto the world, earn and spend to influence as much as possible. Soon enough (or often too soon) no matter how hard one tries, no matter how much one spends or how many favors we are owed in the greater or lesser complexity we call life, no one escapes its end.
    The good or evil works one produces in their lives and any control over it ultimately ends for them at death. The complexity we spin to do these things and occupy the time we are here will not change that fact that for us, it all ends when we end. It matters less what we do or accomplish while we live than WHY we do those things we do. That is realization, no matter how many steps we take in finally arriving at that point.

    • Ed C: It doesn’t end at death, Ed C, I was at death’s door, and I can guarantee that it does not end at death. What you should add to your well thought out comment, is regrets, and making amends. Making all wrongs right is to all people’s benefit that you encountered. Each person is responsible for that exercise/task/action. The ancient Egyptians had this understood, with if your heart was as light as a feather, when put on a scale, your soul could pass to the other side. This is done by forgiving all, and making amends for all wrongs. This can be done in person, and in prayer, asking God to intercede so that that person’s soul gets the message.

      I realize, nothing that I say, will change anyone’s mind, but just wanted to add more to the rest of the story.

  19. trump covid was in the early hours of dow futures trading to test their little scam with the dollar , yellow dog and infinite qe with no bond market.. didn’t go well with the robots .. hell .. the gates have swung wide open , come on in !!! enjoy madness and chardonnay socialism with the elite .. don’t catch a cold , most are already veges now

    • “enjoy madness and chardonnay”

      I’ve never made chardonnay but was just looking at a kit to make it..

  20. your being suckered if you aint just short .. if you are do nothing .. keep away from yellow dog here .. its got covid

  21. Complexity and simplicity are in the eye of the beholder. Which category does a home solar system fall into?

    I find that complexity in the form of redundancy and alternate technologies reduce fragility.

    Otherwise, Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS).

    The grid connected home, with solar back-up for critical loads, provides for enhanced reliability, but is a complex system which can fail if stressed sufficiently.

    Matches, candles and kerosene appliances are simple devices from an earlier era. A cabinet stocked with such alternate technology will help keep the home livable when the complexity all tanks.

    Canned foods in the pantry are more complex to prepare, but are simpler to maintain than those simple frozen foods which spoil when that complex chest freezer system fails. That doesn’t mean that I don’t covet a solar powered freezer installation, it just means that I understand it’s limitations.

    Another approach to this analysis is to kick the simplicity-complexity arguments to the curb and concentrate on finding solutions that work 24/7/365. A can of pork and beans probably fits in this category, as long as you have a manual can opener. I have quite a few manual can openers. I like the bare metal kitchen can openers for emergency use. The padded ones stay in the kitchen. I don’t have an electric can opener. I have some of those GI can openers, but I can never find them, and they are a pain to use. I’m using redundancy and alternate technologies while keeping it simple AND stupid (KISAS). There, I feel safer now and less a cheapskate. Besides, electric can openers attract dangerously ravenous feline carnivores.

    If you haven’t really thought about what you need to get through a week, then a month, and last a year without electricity, I would invite you to think those three scenarios through this weekend. The manual can opener might be a starting point to consider.

    I love modern conveniences as much as any of you. These guys who maroon themselves and eat grasshoppers and worms to prove something or other have my respect, but not my voluntary participation. Dry canned lentils or beans is about as primitive as I am ready to go for.

    I recently read an instruction to “brace yourselves” in an alternate venue. I haven’t seen anything in this first week of the 4th quarter that contraindicates that directive. The parade of black swans continues to get more cold and deadly serious.

    • My house had a Swing-Away when I bought it. I went through about nine electric can-openers before I bought a Swing-Away — Made in China, and junk — The family which built the company suffered an old-age death, and sold out to a conglomerate. The conglomerate moved production to China in about 2000.

      I dug around and found the original can opener which came with the house. It was made in the 1950s and looks identical to the Chinese one I bought. ‘Been using it for the past dozen years. It is simple, elegant, and it just works… Oh, and its blade and piercing mechanism are made out of real steel.

      I’ve got both an Edlund and a Dazey commercial packed- away. I hate the GI-issue can openers…

      • If you’re really in a pinch, scrape the can across the concrete sidewalk or driveway until the friction wears away the lip securing the lid to the can. You’ll get an open can, some fresh air and exercise, and you’ll start getting a return on your investment in the sidewalk.

        My old-world MIL knows how to open a can with a fork but I’ve since forgotten how.

        I’ll just rely on the couple of GI-issued P-something can openers I have stashed away for just in case. If I ever find myself in forage mode, you can’t beat their efficiency.

      • P-38’s are the small ones issued with the C-rations. There is a larger one, the P-51, issued with the large T-ration tins (the ones heated in trash cans with heated water. Think MASH mess tent.) They both fold flat and can be put on a key ring next to the (beer) bottle opener.

      • P38… wonderful.. I have mine on my keyring since I was in the great for an emergency screwdriver to..

      • “If you’re really in a pinch, scrape the can across the concrete sidewalk or driveway ”


        Any EDC knife will open a can 10x faster than a P38, and with a lot less effort. I am NEVER without a knife…

  22. I went to the court house in Lawton, Oklahoma and the security team took my p38 away. I thought it was really odd since I’ve flown with it numerous times on my key ring. Hard to imagine cutting someone with such a small item.

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