The Reaction Speed Diet

Want to live 30% longer?  Stick around. There is a trick hidden in plain sight which I haven’t see discussed anywhere else.

With markets in their pre-election confusion now – likely to last until inauguration – we focus on physical optimizing one’s wetware platform today.

Gone are the days of “optimizing for weight” for us.  Instead, an assortment of widely available home measurement tools can be brought to bear if one chooses to use them.

Not medical advice – goes without saying.  But we do like to think in unconventional ways about unconventional things.  For that, we need a high-performance carrier for the brain.  Liquid cooling, latest drivers and system updates, to put it into computing terms.

First though, a check up on markets, and how the president’s doing…

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38 thoughts on “The Reaction Speed Diet”

  1. I sometimes discuss credit deflation as a primary effect of a depression economy, as opposed to consumer inflation or deflation. This article delves into some of the mechanics of credit deflation, even if they fail to call it by that name:

    When inexhaustible cheap credit is available for the elites, and none available for ordinary citizens and small business, then you know that rules have been adjusted to support credit deflation. These changes are made by the lenders, not by public policy.

    With credit cut off to Mom and Pop, I expect the hammer will come down after the election, when the loans start being called in in mass, with no possibility of obtaining alternative financing. This is the 1930 – 1932 scenario.

    I expect this to start happening the second week of November, regardless of the election outcome. I also expect the apartment owners to follow suit with mass evictions.

    A public change in the partisan attitude toward the newly unemployed and homeless will signal the start of phase two.

  2. George,

    Thanks for linking my Post about the war between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Not only is that a concern, but I am highly suspicious of Trump under lock and key in Walter Reed hospital.

    As well as a war between Azerbaijan and Armenia being on my radar scope, so is a coup d’état against Donald J. Trump. Trust nothing.

    Stay frosty.

    • Stew.. what is the link to the predictions of the president on your site.. I for the life of me cannot remember in which section it is in..

  3. One thing we do around here…..

    Ever get up and feel (and do) all klutzy? Spill the vitamins, cut yourself shaving, trip over the carpet edge, go into the kitchen to make bean juice, and fiddle-futz with everything inefficiently — seemingly all slightly clumsy and uncoordinated? “Having a Bad Day?”

    Happens to everyone now and then…

    Well, around here, when we detect a Klutzy Day beginning, we declare an Official No Power-Tool Day.

    And we keep all things simple, easy, safe, careful, and thoughtful for the rest of the day as much as is possible while living a normal life.

    No high ladder work, no table saw work, no firearms practice, nothing complex or dangerous that requires top level physical coordination.

    Any heavy, risky, unusually difficult, or complex or demanding an Ultra-Fine precision detail work, we just do tomorrow, and do the simple, low-risk non power-tool work for the day.

    One sleep period seems to reset the Klutz Factor to normal.


  4. G –

    Outstanding as per usual – as with Parents raising “Chillins”, they dont come with a Operators Manual. I find real value in sharing and learning from ‘more experienced” folks about their experiences with “Hacking the Aging Process”.Thanx

    In regards the eyesight issues – could that be the reason for Ure difficulty in Reading Charts?

    To my in-experienced eyes – the S&P and DOW Charts look similar – they both start at the Lower Left Corner – and R I S E – Up towards the Right hand corner of the Chart/page – since the beginning recorded stock market history – it alwayz goes up.

    Fact: CDC website contains No Images of SARS-CoV-2 Viruses, NONE.(artist renditions=BS), Substantiating the Evidence that the virus that is ALLEGEDLY causing Covert19 in the US has NOT been ISOLATED from verifiably-infected patients, nor has the Industry been able to SUCCESSFULLY Culture SARS-CoV-2 virus in living cells – Which is the1st Step in Mass Production of Anti Viral Vaccines. Not to mention AGAIN – PCR Testing can NOT Differentiate between Covert19 and the Common Cold. hmmmmm

    Just like Falsies Claim that HIV cause AIDS – Proven it does NOT.
    How many Pharmaceutical ads do U see PER commercial break on ANY TV channel ? More than one per break..”ask your doctor about Adadictome Female whoremoan enhancer. How manyVaccine Patents does Falsie own ?? Pharmaceutical Mafia ?

    Perchance there is moar than one Game afoot ?

    Shout out the Police..

    “theres a little red channel on the charts today’
    its the same old thing as yesterday.
    Theres a black cat caught in a high market top
    Theres a flagpole rag, and the wind wont stop.

    I have stood here before inside the pouring rain,
    with the world turning circles running round my brain.
    I guessI’m alwayz hoping that you’ll end this reign,
    But its my Destiny to be the King of Gain”

    Wont ask the Bitcoinz, already know the answer from the that “Genius”

    • Looks like ‘the coot’ has been suckered into the conspiracy theories without doing his homework. He sez, “Substantiating the Evidence that the virus that is ALLEGEDLY causing Covert19 in the US has NOT been ISOLATED from verifiably-infected patients”

      Well, Coot, you are WRONG! HERE:

      Simple web search. I did it… you could have, too. An independent biolab in India was the first to isolate and do a genome sequence on the new virus. They were the first to tell the world that the core was bat SARS RNA and the shell had genetic sequence snips of human HIV virus. Coot fails the fake news test.

      • Easy Tiger – not Ure enemy, U R still be being lied to regards this “election infection” jabroni virus.

        That is lovey “color enhanced” (artist rendition) of electron microscope transmission.

        “successfully culture” – in a Petri Dish. Well aware of Indian study/findings months ago – it was debunked, taken down and refuted by multiple Research/ Science Centers.

        No worries hoa, if it is a Bio-weapon – “They ” obviously would not set it lose without First having a viable Antidote/Vaccine.

        But be my guest – when Baylor Med Ctr develops their Vaccine – be to Ure the 1st one to take the new JAB!

  5. Another excellent column on aging and health issues. One challenge comes when two partners are aging at dramatically different rates. I speak from experience. It makes the mental part of the process even more important.

    I wish President Trump a full recovery from COVID. I think he has put to rest the debate on the importance of masks. My sincere hope is that this situation will tamp down the ugly rhetoric on both sides and we realize we need each other to defeat this virus and the growing global intolerance that is destroying us all.

    Be well

  6. Oh, yes… I overlooked….

    In Industrial Psychology, there is actually a study area called “accident prone-ness.” One of my college profs, a Doctor Hans Hahn, of Transylvania College (Yes, there IS such a place, and I HAVE suffered ALL the jokes for decades– so don’t even start with me.), did some published work in the 1960s on it.

    I’m sure he’s long gone now — but the core idea is that some people are MUCH more accident-prone than others, and that this varies by the day, and with the personality type.

    Simply put, impatient people are worse at this, and most people’s impatience level changes from day to day.

    You my recall the (somewhat silly) study of “Biorhythms” some years ago, that claimed three basic body capability cycles ran on 28, 31, and 33 day cycles. Biorhythm believers further claimed that on days when one was at either end of the cycle a “day of criticalness” happened either to the Physical, Emotional, or Intellectual cycles, AND that so-called “double-critical days” were particularly dangerous.

    They never suggested WHAT, exactly, it was that was “critical” ( a portentious word), or WHY the cycles were neat sine waves — as opposed to some other waveform. (Squares, Triangles, Saw-tooth, etc.)

    Hookum, put simply.

    Anyway, Dr. Hahn thought there might be something real and measurable under all the Marin County Horseshit, and — Lo, and behold, there WAS. His work suggested it was more a matter of variances in impatience due to frustration levels — which certainly seems more rational.

    But Accident Proneness is a Real Thing, and I suggest Official No Power-Tool Days might not be such a bad idea.

    Works for us…


      • Lol lol .. I once went into an ethnic restaurant and wanted one item.. I held up one finger… I got 3.. they went by the segments of the finger lol lol.
        The waitress explained to order one you hold a finger pointing to the segment..

      • I have 9 and a crooked one. Cut it off using a portable ban saw to cut all thread for the roof drains in Paul Allens (Rip) private hanger working for McKinstry as a utility man for local #32 The plumbers and Pipe fitters union.

        Dr asked if I wanted to keep it or just take it off. Only had a piece of skin holding it on. I said I’d like to keep it. But either way in a jar or in my pocket its coming with me. Lol

    • Recent reading on current astrology indicates that you might want to avoid dangerous situations and arguments and chill out for the next several weeks. There is a “pernicious interaction between Saturn and Mars” through the end of the month, and Mercury retrograde from 10/14 to 11/3.

      Saturn is all about stern limits and Mars is all about action, forging ahead and aggression. A “pernicious interaction” means strife and struggle between the two. Wars on various fronts could be precipitated.

      Mercury retrograde is all about Murphy’s Law in action. If it can go wrong it will. Miscommunication, missed deadlines, missed calls.

      This is a real lay low, keep your mouth shut, and be ready to apologize time period. Put your pride on ice to save your hide.

      • About that Mercury retro — going direct right on Election Day.
        That is exactly what we had in 2000, for the Bush v Gore fiasco.
        We are gonna get it again.

        The top of the market in Feb came with a Jupiter sextile Neptune alignment. All about expansion and inflation beyond reality. Days later, we were hit with Mercury Retro and a nice, sudden drop. Of course Mercury retro is 2-3 times a year, so that alone won’t pull down the market (and of course it doesn’t all the time) but this one is in a real nasty period with other alignments.

        And let us not forget — the reason anal-yists are dumbfounded as to why we get crashes in October (specifically on the 19th) is because that is when the Earth passes the NYSE Natal Saturn position. With Mercury retro at the same time, the week of Oct 12th onward might see some fireworks.

      • what fun would that be? I mean get out there and live a little. Don’t let Mars or Saturn tell ya what to do or how to live.

        Mars aint paying my bills, saturn aint putting food on my table. Mars aint paying my taxes. Saturn aint doing my laundry, washing my dishes or taking out my trash. Mars aint changing my oil.

        So tell them to mind their busines. My life aint about them. Lol

      • “That is exactly what we had in 2000, for the Bush v Gore fiasco.”

        thinking about that.. you just have to read the book double crossed.. the Sam Giancana story..

        I had a friend that said.. wanna read the scariest book ever.. I said sure.. he suggested the book double crossed.. I of course got it..

        I use to be able to get a link to it on archive.. but they no longer have it available.. you still can get it on audible though or buy a copy..

        anyway.. I was reading the book during the election and I could follow page by page the proceedings of the election in the book.. the same way you can follow the daily proceedings of Congress in adolphs second secret book.. it scared me.. and for a long time double crossed was on the scariest books to read list.. what was funny was a lot of the names that were in the book .. still held offices in the govt.
        take a listen or drop down to the local library and borrow the book.. you won’t regret it.. I still have a print version I think around here.. or maybe I gave it to someone to read a while back..
        my guess is .. since the play books seldom change.. many of the puppeteers are still using two thousand year old play book techniques to control the world.. that you will be able to follow the book and the newspaper at the same time during the election..
        If you want to read adolphs second book.. that to can be seen and followed in the daily news right now..

  7. Where is Andy?

    On August 8, 2019, here is a quote from one of his past predictions: “I got the next President to be elected dialed in; however, there is an 89% chance he won’t take office.”

    • Andy is in Alaska – taking care of family.
      Had a nice picture from him t’other morning, though

      Sent me a note: Read “Guess who dropped by for my morning meditation?

      I sent a note back: ‘A TREE?’ For there was a by-God picture of a tree.

      He replied “No!”

      Perhaps he was referring to the moose standing under it…but one can never be too sure.

      But he’s in a less crazy place up there. A man can say “Whoa! Look at the rack on that one!” without being brought up on charges. (Provided it was a moose ref. Let’s see if Biden and Harris can stomp out that scourge, as well. Perhaps someone should patent “Bluenecks.” They may have already IP’ed PencilNeck.)

  8. Lest someone gets the impression that I do not respect COVID-19 here is my true story. End of June I thought I had caught COVID-19 because I went through hell. It started with severe pain swallowing my spittle, and uncontrollable coughing.

    I believe in self-healing, therefore I checked into the US 4th “best ranked hospital” weeks later where they did keep me for a few days on account of pneumonia and they promised to make me well before sending me home. They succeeded half ways because I still get bouts of uncontrollable coughing spells. That is almost 4 month after it all started.

    “VITUSSIN” proved to be an effective medicine against coughing but my doctor refuses to prescribe it anymore because it contains a controlled substance.
    Some doctor!! ;-(

  9. I’ve found biorhythms are actually quite interesting for many decades now. There’s some good biorythym progs on the web you can use and they’ve actually added some more waves plus some graphs that add certain of the waves together.. I’ll often look back at my rhythms for the past week and then compare them to how the week actually went; they usually line up quite well with what went down that week. Check it out for yourself. They’re a bunch of them online – I’ve been playing with this one for a while now ymmv

  10. I’ve found biorhythms are actually quite interesting for many decades now. There’s some good biorhythm progs on the web you can use and they’ve actually added some more waves plus some graphs that add certain of the waves together.. I’ll often look back at my rhythms for the past week and then compare them to how the week actually went; they usually line up quite well with what went down that week. Check it out for yourself. They’re a bunch of them online – I’ve been playing with this one for a while now ymmv

  11. “Maybe it’s why some of us don’t have a tolerance level for “slow people?”
    Yeah, I know that feeling well. Nothing more frustrating than waiting for someone to ‘get it’ after you have already explained things and know what the outcome will be.

  12. George, I have a whole new Identity. New numbers, emails, address etc. Only a few have my new cell number. Nobody on here. I had 1278 contacts in my old phone. Lmao. Now I have 33 but im going to add 6 more.

    I havent had a fixed address in 3 years. I like people not knowing where I live. Speaking of which im hunting griz in the morning Monday. Then taking off grid for a while. Not sure how long. Like really really off grid. Like the Amish people and prudhoe bay off grid. I may take that Ice road trucker job up there. Making roads for the ice road truckers out of the mines up there. Gets 70 to 100 below zero in the winter. 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. But i may stay in the village up there. Idk yet. Just disappear for a while. And I may get on a plane and head back to idaho and just drift for a while. Work on ranches in Wyoming or Oklahoma.

    No internet, no Facebook, no Instagram, non of that shit. I dont even have the apps on my new cheep ass track phone I paid cash for and made sure I have the most regular number a person could get.

    Everyone who has my cell number knows not to give it out. Have a generic email not related to me in any way.

    Be fun. Been a long run. I need a break from it all.

    I faced the Monstor of Monsters friday. The Man who did the most horrible mean shit to me as a child. Locked me in a freezer after stripping me down naked at 5 years old and beating me with a belt until his arms couldn’t move anymore. Then yanking me out of the freezer and leaving me lying in the mud bloody, broken, bruised and passed out from lack of oxygen. That is just one thing he did. I lived in that from age 4 to 15 years old. He was a Giant compaired to me. Hard core black out drinker. Loved to just beat me to no end. I grew up fighting Giants. Broke my jaw with a pipe wrench when I was 9 years old. For not taking the trash out. The day I got my first kiss.

    Im 6’1 250lbs I put up 160lb dumbells in each hand on bench flys 8 times today. I have a 375lb bench press. I took him to his doctors appointment and to lunch. He is old, little, can’t hardly walk to the bathroom, wears an adult diaper and shakes there standing with a cane. He just shakes. He said to me when we got back to the house. I dont remember much because I have had so many strokes and heart attacks. My mind is kinda broken. I dont remember much of when you were a kid. Was I good to you? I looked at him and said, I turned out all right. Im a good father to my kids, hard worker, honest and i keep my word when I give it. Im a good friend. Stand up guy. You did well. He had a single tear fall from his eye. I knew he remembered something. He aske me to help him in bed. I picked up his frail body laid him in his bed, took off his slippers, pulled his blankets up on him, handed him his TV remote. Said ya comfy? Ya need anything else? He said No Sir. You have just given me everything I ever wanted. I said, well if ya need anything else? You let me know. And I walked out of the room. We haven’t spoke since. Im leaving in the morning.

    When I was a kid. I promised him one day. One day, im going to beat you to oblivion. I can’t count how many hours of pain that man caused me. How many hours I spent living in fear of a beating I didn’t deserve or know why I was even getting beat. When I turned 11 years old I started fighting back because if I was gonna get a beating? I might as well try to get a lick in of my own.

    That day came yesterday, and i faced the Monster of Monsters. The scarest thing i knew in my entire life. I granted him kindness and mercy instead.

    Because F that! I win!

    Facts, yo!

    See ya when i see ya G!

    Click 116!

    Que the song: I dont even know your name by Alan Jackson.

    • Just saw Henry the Bear. He is a big boy. Ahh hell maybe i will just back to the Union Hall and grab gears. The world is not my problem to fix.

      I already wrote the next 4 years.

      That girl in the lime green underroos. Well, I told her not to leave her dude. She gotta a good life here and I have the Great work to finish. It was a nice thought though. I can’t stay put if I want too. As soon as I’m unpacked and settled? I’m off to somewhere else. Been like that for almost 2 years now.

      This mac, ip address, cell number and email address has expired. Be safe out there. Who knows, maybe I will be holding the door for ya as ya walk in the store or returning ure cart to the bin for ya.

      One last time.

      Infinitely NOW!


    • Andy, you showed courage, strength and integrity. Those are the most powerful tools we have to fight oppression and abuse. I am sorry about what you endured, proud of how you handled it. Many of us could not have done that.

  13. Gee there is some bs doing the rounds.. it’s a depression. Get used to it . Lots and lots of people have germs in their brains . Nobody wins in depression. Get used to it

  14. George,
    This reference is for your curious mind and regards a subject not often mentioned in polite company. None the less, it is worth hearing about. I actually do know a person that underwent the procedure. It turned her life around from one of chronic pain and discomfort to that of a normal healthy person in all respects.
    This is sent for your perusal only. When I first learned something about this I was skeptical. After becoming friends with the person described and seeing the changes brought by it for her, I have lost my skepticism.
    Anyway, it seems to be one of those unusual ideas that turned out to possibly be more important than anyone else thought until now. Since you are tuned in to maximizing quality of life over quantity, I thought you would find this interesting.

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